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Madonna in Israel

By: Eyes to See
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5G Danger

Screenshot Madonna Decode Page 1B -

Decoding Methods

Welcome, fellow seekers of hidden truths, to a captivating exploration of numerology and symbolism in the world of celebrity influence. this is my “Madonna in Israel” decode.  Come with me as we embark on an exploratory quest as we delve into the cryptic essence of this dark ritual disguised as a pop concert.

My toolkit for this adventure is eclectic yet precise. I employ the English Ordinal cipher, an alphanumeric code that assigns a sequence from A (1) to Z (26), revealing hidden numerical significance within words.

But our exploration doesn’t stop there. We call upon the ancient wisdom of the Chaldean numerology cipher, an arcane system intrinsically tied to the mystical number 8. Its coding resonates with the phonetic harmony of speech, echoing the musical octaves that resonate with our very souls.

To navigate through the complexities of dates, I consult the enigmatic Cards of Destiny, while the Tarot Deck offers a lantern into the caverns of deeper symbolism and linkages. I weave these revelations with scriptural insights from the Bible, corroborated by the authoritative Strong’s Concordance with its rich repository of definitions and numerations.

Further, I venture into the elemental realm, using the Periodic Table of Elements as a guide, particularly through the artistic portals provided by the Royal Society of Chemistry. And in moments of cosmic contemplation, I draw upon the infinite sequences of Pi and Phi, enriched by the celestial insights of Astrology.

Together, these instruments harmonize, unlocking profound levels of interpretation. So, let us embark on this decoding odyssey with open minds and revel in the discovery. Enjoy the unraveling of mysteries that await.

Screenshot Madonna Decode Page 2 -

Madonna in Israel

To begin, everyone here should be familiar with the following video:

The woman the myth the legend – Madonna

Today, we delve into the enigmatic aura of Madonna, an emblematic figure whose impact transcends music, touching the very fabric of pop culture.

Embarking on this esoteric journey, we first dissect the numerological essence of Madonna’s moniker. In the realm of the English Ordinal cipher, her stage name resonates with the number 62—a number steeped in royal symbolism, often interwoven with the archetype of the “Queen.” This connection is not mere coincidence; Queen Elizabeth II herself wove this number into the tapestry of her reign, with dates of significant events echoing the numerical pattern of 62. We’ll revisit this intriguing thread later in our analysis.

Transitioning to the ancient Chaldean cipher, we uncover that ‘Madonna‘ sums to the number 27. This numeral is a mosaic of meanings, ranging from ‘Catholic‘ to ‘Mother,’ and darker shades like ‘Treason‘ and ‘Sacrifice.’ It’s compelling to note that ‘Dark Ballet,’ a segment from her performance, aligns with this very number. Delving deeper, the element Cobalt, bearing the atomic weight of 58, enters our narrative, reflecting the archetype of the ‘Puppet Master‘—a motif subtly hinted at in the allegorical artwork of the Royal Society of Chemistry. This number, 58, also cryptically alludes to 666, revealing a labyrinthine connection when we probe into the mathematical depths of prime numbers.

The timing of Madonna’s birth on August 16th casts its own spell. In the Cards of Destiny, this date corresponds to the Ten of Clubs, which, through the mystical lens of the Tarot, transforms into the Ten of Wands—the 31st card symbolizing burdens and challenges. This number echoes in the haunting refrains of “Like a Prayer” and “Future,” titles that she has brought to life on stage. The number 31 finds its parallels in ‘World War,’ an ominous theme we’ll examine closely in this decode.

Madonna Louise Ciccone, her birth name as chronicled on Wikipedia, resonates to the number 79 in the Chaldean cipher—a number synonymous with Gold, a symbol of both opulence and alchemical transformation. Intriguingly, this number aligns with prophetic phrases like “The End of the World” and “The Day After Tomorrow,” as well as the majestic “King Solomon’s Temple,” hinting at a tapestry of deeper significances yet to be unraveled.

Screenshot Madonna Decode Page 3 -

Israel Declares War

In the intricate dance of dates and destiny, Madonna’s spellbinding performance on May 18th, 2019, takes on new layers of significance within the mystical Cards of Destiny system. That date corresponds to the Ace of Diamonds—a card imbued with the potential for new beginnings, wealth, and material force. But the synchronicities do not stop there.

The Ace of Diamonds resurfaces in our collective narrative on a date of profound global resonance: October 8th, 2023. This day, marked by Israel’s declaration of War, vibrates to the same Ace of Diamonds energy, linking it inextricably to Madonna’s performance. It stands as the 27th card in the deck, a number that mirrors Madonna’s vibrational essence in the Chaldean cipher, weaving a thread of fate between the pop icon and the nation.

This card transmutes into the Ace of Pentacles within the arcane symbolism of the Tarot—a card that signifies the 64th position in the deck’s journey. Here, we encounter the element Gadolinium, with the atomic number 64. Dubbed the ‘G-d element,’ it’s an evocative nod to the divine, yet its artwork pays homage to an idol of modern worship: the television.

The numerological ballet continues as the number 64 echoes the name “Israel” in the English Ordinal Cipher, drawing a parallel that extends beyond coincidence. The Chaldean cipher reveals even more intricate connections: “Crowned Serpent,” “Queen of Heaven,” “God of this World“—each phrase a cryptic piece of a larger cosmic puzzle. It speaks of “The Second Coming” and “Order of the Illuminati,” tying in grand narratives of power, secrecy, and revelation.

We find “The Knights Templar” and “New Financial System” in this cipher as well, alongside “The Number of a Man” and “Hidden Knowledge,” conjuring images of ancient orders and modern mysteries. “Hidden in Plain Sight” and “All the World is a Stage” suggest that the truths we seek may be woven into the very fabric of our reality, while “To Win You Must Die” hints at the ultimate paradox of enlightenment.

Screenshot Madonna Decode Page 4 -

2019 Eurovision Song Contest – The Ritual

Looking at the layers of symbolism and numerology, we uncover the intriguing connections in Madonna’s dark performance in Tel Aviv on May 18th, 2019. Delving into the mystical, her setlist included the evocative ‘Like a Prayer‘ and ‘Future‘, with a captivating interlude of ‘Dark Ballet‘, mirroring her name’s numerical value of 27 in the Chaldean cipher.

Fast forward to 229 weeks later, a significant number emerges up to the date of October 7th, 2023, marking a poignant moment in history. This date not only recalls the echoes of the past but is numerically riveting as the 50th prime number, it is also a date leaving behind 227 days in the year, tantalizingly close to the value of Pi (3.14), which is often 22 divided by 7. This mathematical dance hints at deeper patterns often associated with transcendental numbers.

In this decode, the number 50 surfaces with compelling frequency. It resonates with phrases like “Israel Declares War” and “Israel – Palestine“, as well as “Signed Contract“, weaving a narrative that is as much about historical events as it is about the symbolic undercurrents that run beneath them.

May 18th, not only a date of performance but a numerical beacon itself, carries a primary numerology of 62—a number shared with ‘Madonna‘ and ‘Queen’ in the English Ordinal cipher, reinforcing her queen of pop persona. In the Chaldean cipher, it aligns with ‘Like a Prayer & Future‘ and ‘Tel Aviv‘, is she casting a spell of synchronicity that begs a second glance?

Screenshot Madonna Decode Page 5 -

Venturing further into the labyrinth of numbers and their arcane connections, we alight upon the number 229 and find ourselves circling back to its prime predecessor, 227. This is not the first time the number 227 has surfaced in our investigation.

When we translate 229 into the English Ordinal system, the results are nothing short of fascinating. It corresponds to phrases such as “Fiftieth Anniversary” and “Fifth Generational Warfare“—the former being particularly poignant in the context of historical commemorations. Other phrases like “Really Important Day,” “June Twenty First,” “October Revolution,” and “Nineteenth of November” emerge, interweaving the significance of dates with the unfolding narrative of conflict and commemoration that appears to be inextricably linked to Madonna’s performance and its wartime backdrop.

The number 62 opens yet another door to a corridor of synchronicities. It equates to “1973 War” in the English Ordinal cipher, resonating with “Madonna” and drawing a parallel between the pop icon and historic conflict. Delving into the Chaldean cipher, 62 manifests as “The Scarlett Woman“—an allusion to the enigmatic Lilith and a biblical reference from Revelation 17:3. It shares its numerical space with “The Fourth Reich” and “The Yom Kippur War,” deepening the intertwining of past and present, myth and history.

At the bottom of the slide we see the primary and secondary date numerology for October 7th, 2023, coming into view: 60 and 24. The number 24 vibrates with the essence of “Madame X,” the moniker of Madonna’s album that features “Future.” Meanwhile, the number 60 sums with “A Golden Anniversary,” a term that celebrates half a century—a motif that has recurred with symbolic weight in our decode.

With these revelations, we find ourselves at a crossroads of time and symbolism, where each number holds a multitude of meanings, and each connection invites us to look beyond the surface. Let us proceed, with eyes wide open to the hidden harmonies that play throughout this matrix of our reality.

Screenshot Madonna Decode Page 6 -

A Satanic Ritual for the World Stage

A comprehensive breakdown

In our ongoing investigation to decode the enigmatic, we turn our gaze to a snapshot from Madonna’s dark occult performance at the Eurovision in Israel. The pop icon was introduced as the “Queen Herself,” a title that resonates deeply within our numerological framework. The numerical value of both “Madonna” and “Queen” aligns with the number 62, a number that has surfaced repeatedly in our investigation.

Delving again into the Chaldean cipher, we uncover that 62 aligns with several evocative phrases. It resonates with “The Scarlett Woman” and “Lilith the Deceiver,” conjuring images of powerful female archetypes shrouded in mystery and rebellion. It also corresponds with “Parthenogenesis,” a biological term that describes virgin birth, notably among reptiles—a concept that tantalizes with its implications of untouched creation and ancient symbolism.

The phrase “Deal with the Devil” emerges, carrying with it the weight of centuries-old folklore and allegory, alongside “On Inverted Cross,” a symbol that has long been associated with the occult and the subversion of traditional values.

What’s more intriguing is the number 62‘s concordance with “The Hammer & Sickle,” a symbol potent with political and historical connotations. This correlation becomes even more curious when we observe that the same emblematic imagery is found representing the element Samarium.

This intricate web of numerical and symbolic associations invites us to ponder the deeper meanings and potential messages encoded in Madonna‘s spectacle of performance and pageantry. Could these be mere coincidences, or are we witnessing the deliberate interplay of numerology and symbology designed to convey a narrative far richer than what meets the eye?

The numbers whisper secrets, and it is our challenge to listen and decode. lol

Screenshot Madonna Decode Page 7 -

As we dissect the visual tableau of Madonna’s performance below, our attention is drawn to an intriguing detail in the staging. The scene is draped in mystery, with a somber staircase at its heart. Curiously, the arrangement of the dancers strikes a numerological chord: 20 figures cloaked in darkness stand to the left, with 19 to the right, echoing the year of the performance—2019.

In an astonishing correlation, the number 2019 corresponds to the Greek word ‘epiphoneo‘ in Strong’s Concordance. This term is laden with implications of vocal power, defined as “to call out,” “to shout,” or “to clamor at.” The resonance of this word with the act of calling forth is undeniable.

We are then confronted with the backdrop: a canvas of devilish imagery that looms behind the performers. This spectacle cannot be dismissed, especially when considering that “Deal with the Devil” aligns numerically to 62 in the Chaldean cipher—a figure that has repeatedly surfaced in our numerological investigation.

At precisely one minute and thirty-six seconds into the performance, Madonna’s voice pierces through as she declares, “I hear you call my name,” a moment that seems to transcend the mere lyrics of a song, suggesting a summoning of sorts. The layers of this performance seem to peel back, revealing a potential invocation of the nefarious.

It’s hard to fathom the sheer improbability of these alignments, and one might argue that this choreography of numbers and symbols cannot be the work of human hands alone. The odds defy rational explanation, suggesting that perhaps there’s more at play here, something beyond our realm of understanding.

Could there be a grand design, or an evil consciousness? Woven within the very fabric of this dark ritual, awaiting our open eyes to see its truths.

This question lurks in the air, as riddled as the performance itself.

Screenshot Madonna Decode Page 8 -

Venturing further into the enigmatic performance, we reach a moment of unveiling. Madonna, cloaked in a black hooded robe, casts it aside to reveal her face, obscured by an eyepatch emblazoned with an ‘X‘ over her left eye. Her chest bears a corresponding ‘X‘, a twin to the first, suggesting duality. The numerological significance of this is striking; in the Chaldean cipher, the phrase “Twin Female System” resonates with the number 62. This number continues to thread through our exploration, hinting at the presence of the dual female energy that courses through the matrix of our reality, possessing a shadow aspect.

Adorning her robe, just over the womb, is an intricate and peculiar design. Through the insightful revelations of Jonathan Kleck, we gain a more profound understanding of this symbol. Kleck’s interpretation presents an image of a woman, seemingly in the throes of transformation, emerging from what could be construed as a cocoon. Closer inspection reveals an additional layer: a face that is eerily reminiscent of an insect or extraterrestrial being, subtly integrated into the design.

Remarkably, the term “Locusts in the Pit” echoes the number 62 in the Chaldean cipher, weaving yet another strand into the intricate tapestry of signs and symbols we are decoding.

As we continue on this investigative journey, each step seems to guide us further down a path shrouded in esoteric knowledge and occult meanings. Let’s press on, with eyes open to the concealed connections that await decoding.

Screenshot Madonna Decode Page 9 -

In a striking moment of the performance, Madonna begins her descent down a dimly lit staircase, and a provocative symbol is unveiled on her right leg: an inverted cross. This emblem carries a multitude of connotations, from its association with satanic rituals to its historical reference to the martyrdom of the Apostle Peter, who was crucified upside down as an act of humility, believing he was unworthy to die in the same manner as Jesus. This potent symbol is intertwined with the very foundations of Christian belief, echoed in the biblical passage of Matthew 16:18, concerning the establishment of Jesus’s church.

In the realm of numerology, the phrase “On Inverted Cross” vibrates with the frequency of the number 62 within the Chaldean cipher. This isn’t the only term that resonates with this number; “Supreme Hoodie” also aligns with 62, a term Madonna references in her video. This could be seen as a sly nod to her own dark, hooded attire, or perhaps it’s a more subversive gesture, intended to invert and thus mock the divine masculine—’hoodie’ being a potential euphemism for masculine energy.

As we navigate through these layers of symbolism, each element seems to be a carefully placed piece within a larger mosaic, offering glimpses into the profound and often hidden dynamics at play in our matrix reality. Let’s move on to the next slide.

Screenshot Madonna Decode Page 10 -

As we delve into the six-minute and sixteen-second timestamp of Madonna’s dark visual performance, a cascade of water is unleashed upon the stage backdrop. Amidst this torrent, a crumbling silhouette of the Statue of Liberty makes a striking appearance.

This particular moment might not be a mere theatrical flourish but could carry a deeper, hidden meaning. The number 616, spotlighted at this precise moment, is intriguing. Ancient manuscript evidence, such as Papyrus 115 — a fragmentary piece of the New Testament’s Book of Revelation dating back to the 3rd century — lists the ‘Number of the Beast‘ as 616, not the more infamous 666. This startling discovery, part of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri collection and unveiled in the sands of time, hints at a potential alteration or misinterpretation of the sacred texts over millennia. The concealment of this fact by ecclesiastical authorities hints at a possible deliberate distortion of divine scripture.

Adding another layer to this riddle is the Strong’s Bible Concordance, where the number 616 is described with verbs associated with birth: to bring forth, to give birth, symbolizing the end of gestation. This could align symbolically with the water bursting forth on stage, an allegory for the breaking of waters that heralds childbirth. The improbability of such a precise correlation implies either an orchestrator well-versed in esoteric knowledge or the influence of a sophisticated, perhaps otherworldly, consciousness.

As Madonna’s performance transitions into visuals of smoke and fire, with her lyrics “not everyone is coming to the future” echoing ominously, one can’t help but ponder the possibility of a dark forewarning being communicated through this elaborate stagecraft.

With intrigue piqued, we press forward.

Screenshot Madonna Decode Page 11 -

In a striking act that is as visually arresting as it is symbolically potent, two dancers ascend the staircase, their arms interlocked behind them. Emblazoned across their backs, the flags of Israel and Palestine are displayed, drawing a direct visual link to the contentious geopolitical strife suggested earlier in our decoding efforts.

The performance then segues into Madonna’s “Dark Ballet,” where her lyrics seem to dance precariously on the edge of prophecy and provocation. With a poignant directness, she addresses the audience,

“They are so naive.  They think we’re not aware of their crimes.  We know.  But we’re not ready to act.  The storm isn’t in the air.  It’s inside of us.  I want to tell you about love and loneliness.  But it’s getting late now.  Can’t you hear outside of your Supreme Hoodie, the wind that beginning to howl?”  Lyrics not to be taken lightly considering the imagery, the symbolism and the coding intertwined within this stage performance, or should I say, dark occult ritual?

Onto the next slide.

Screenshot Madonna Decode Page 12 -

As we delve deeper into the esoteric layers of the performance at the 9-minute and 1-second timestamp, a deep puzzle unfolds. Jonathan Kleck’s insightful analysis peels back the veil of the starry backdrop to reveal a hidden image: a serpent’s head hidden among the stars. Flanking this are two pillars that, under scrutiny, seem to morph into figures that could be interpreted as extraterrestrial, demonic, or serpentine.  I had to place the close up image of the ‘pillars’ on the previous slide.

This iconography finds a curious echo in the edifices of the Catholic Church, an entity that has long been perceived as a foil to Madonna’s own controversial persona. Yet, this seeming rivalry may be no more than a theatric smokescreen, a ruse to confuse the masses. The architecture of Saint Peter’s Basilica as well as the Vatican auditorium (also revealed by Jonathan Kleck), both with their serpent-like structures, mirrors the imagery on Madonna‘s stage, suggesting a connection that is more than coincidental.

The enigmatic symbology doesn’t stop there; it extends even to the political arena. Jonathan Kleck’s discerning eye has identified a striking parallel between the onstage serpent and the imagery concealed within the official portrait of former (or current) President Obama, housed in the Smithsonian. An analysis of Kehinde Wiley’s artistry reveals a serpent shape sketched within the portrait’s intricate patterns, conjuring up biblical references (Revelation 12:9) to the serpent as the Devil.  Also seen in the slide, in the bottom right, is an image of the same former President caught wearing a costume of the Devil himself.

What could be the probability of such precise allegorical alignments? The implications are profound,  hinting at narratives far more complex than they appear.  Obama may actually be the hidden Anti-Christ, time will tell.

With each layer we uncover, the web of connections grows denser. Let us press on.

Screenshot Madonna Decode Page 13 -

As Madonna’s stage performance nears its climax, the visual narrative takes a sweeping turn, with the backdrop expanding to encompass a stylized map of the United States. Moments later, the imagery undergoes a metamorphosis, presenting us with a pyramid illuminated by a web of dotted lights. It’s a moment of revelation as Madonna vocalizes her determination to transcend with the lyrics, “but you know, I’ma rise above it all, Yeah.”

The pyramid, a symbol that sits prominently on the reverse of the American one-dollar bill, is accompanied by the motto “In God We Trust.” Numerologically speaking, this phrase sums to the number 50, which has surfaced repeatedly throughout our decoding efforts.

Madonna’s declaration of ascendance echoes the prophetic words from Isaiah 14:12-13, which describe Lucifer’s ambition to ascend above the stars (the angels, the princes) of El the Almighty God (The Most High). The allusion feels deliberate, a fitting piece in the puzzle when considered alongside the hidden symbols threaded throughout her performance.

In our subsequent analysis, we’ll venture further into the labyrinth of symbolism by examining another live rendition of “Dark Ballet,” which Madonna performed prior to this event in Israel. Let’s move on as we continue to decrypt the layers of Madonna’s occulted agenda.

Screenshot Madonna Decode Page 14 -

A Prior Performance – 2018 Met Gala

In the digital archives of pop culture and occult performances, we learn on Wikipedia of a second live rendition of Madonna’s “Dark Ballet”,  at the illustrious Met Gala in 2018. The performance was distinct from her Israel show; notably, she followed “Like a Prayer” with Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” a deviation from her later setlist. Her attire for the evening was a white corset—a stark contrast to the black she donned in Israel. Could this be a deliberate interplay of light and shadow, a visual representation of the battle between good and evil?

A link to the 2018 Met Gala performance can be found below:

The date of this occult performance, May 7th, 2018, resonates numerologically with the number 50, a number that keeps emerging in our decode through a maze of symbols and words. This number aligns with phrases such as “A Beautiful Game,” “Islamic World Jihad,” and “Lucifer’s Agenda,” each loaded with their own contextual implications.

For the analytically minded, this number also correlates with Tin (Sin) on the Periodic Table of Elements. Intriguingly, the Royal Society of Chemistry’s representation of Tin features artwork that alludes to duality, an eternal dance of light and dark, of benevolence and malevolence. The coincidence—or perhaps, the fated alignment—of these elements is yet another thread weaved into the symbols that Madonna uses in her dark performances.

Screenshot Madonna Decode Page 15 -

As we draw the curtains on our deep dive into the symbology enshrouded within Madonna’s Met Gala performance on May 7th, 2018, let’s dissect the date through the lens of the Cards of Destiny. This day aligns with the Queen of Diamonds, the 38th card in the deck, synonymous with ‘Gifted Intelligence‘.

In the depths of the Chaldean cipher, the number 38 is a nexus of potent phrases: ‘End of Days‘, ‘Eruption‘, ‘Nuclear Blast‘, ‘Satanic Rituals‘, ‘God of War‘, ‘Pentagon‘, ‘Wake up Call‘, and ‘Eyes to See‘. These terms eerily resonate with the imagery associated with Strontium in the Periodic Table, which is artistically represented by an ominous mushroom cloud of a nuclear explosion.

The plot thickens when we calculate the interval between the Met Gala and the outbreak of the Israel-Palestine conflict on October 7th 2023—a span of 65 months. This duration, when deciphered through the Chaldean cipher, brings forth phrases laden with apocalyptic undertones: ‘God Save the Queen‘, ‘The Catholic Church‘, ‘The Devil in Disguise‘, ‘The Great Tribulation‘. It’s as if they paint a canvas of the End Times. Other phrases like ‘New York City New York‘, ‘Global Currency Reset‘, ‘New World Currency‘, and ‘You Must be Born Again‘ emerge, hinting at a transformative shift, a veiled suggestion on transcending the constraints of our illusory reality matrix.

Screenshot Madonna Decode Page 16 -

Thank you everyone for reading my decode.
Much love to All,
Eyes to See

You can follow me on my limited social media platforms below.

  • Eyes To See

    Eyes to See is a prominent member of the Truth Mafia, known for his exceptional decoding skills. He rose through the ranks directly under the legendary Tommy Truthful. With eyes that perceive beyond the ordinary, his abilities are truly extraordinary, making him an invaluable asset to the organization.

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