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Osama Bin Laden’s Letter to America

By: Eyes to See
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Screenshot Letter To America Page 1 -

Decoding Methods

Welcome, everyone, to a fascinating exploration of numerology and symbols around us. This is my decode of “Osama Bin Laden’s Letter to America”.

I use the English Ordinal cipher. It’s a straightforward system where each letter of the English alphabet from A (1) to Z (26), is assigned a number.  This cipher is simple yet relevant to our world.

I also use the Chaldean numerology cipher, an ancient method closely linked to the mystical number 8. This system aligns with the phonetics of speech, much like musical notes in harmony.

To decipher dates, I turn to the mysterious Cards of Destiny as well as the Tarot Deck to help uncover deeper symbolism and connections. These insights are woven together with knowledge from the Bible, cross-checked with Strong’s Concordance, which offers a wealth of definitions and numbers.

Additionally, I explore the elements using the Periodic Table of Elements, with guidance from the Royal Society of Chemistry. At times, I reflect on the infinite sequences in Pi and Phi.  In some decodes I also turn to Astrology for further decoding.

All these tools combine, opening up new levels of interpretation.  So, let’s begin this investigation and decode with open minds to learn the hidden secrets behind the ‘numbers‘.

Screenshot Letter To America Page 2 -

November 18th – the 322 day.

On November 18th, 2023, Fox News highlighted that Osama Bin Laden’sLetter to America” was gaining attention on the internet, particularly on the social media app TikTok.

Interestingly, November 18th is the 322nd day of the year, leaving 43 days remaining. This is significant because 322 holds special meaning in certain secret societies. For example, Yale University is home to a secret fraternity known as “Skull & Bones,” renowned for its notable alumni including George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. The fraternity’s emblem features a skull, crossed femur bones, and the enigmatic number 322. For a detailed analysis of this number, please refer to my previous decode on the subject.

Link to Skull and Bones decode:

List of alumni here:

Analyzing the headline’s key-words – ‘Letter to America‘ – using the English Ordinal cipher reveals that it sums to 165, a number that intriguingly aligns with the phrase ‘Divide and Conquer.’

Furthermore, with 43 days left in the year, this number corresponds to several significant terms in the Chaldean cipher, including ‘War on Terror,’ ‘Twin Towers,’ and ‘Lynette Adkins,’ among others. These associations suggest deeper symbolic meanings.  Remember the name Lynette Adkins as we will see her relevance below.

The date November 18th, according to the Cards of Destiny, is represented by the Two of Clubs card. This card, the 15th in the deck, correlates with ‘Israel‘ in the Chaldean cipher. In the Tarot deck, the Two of Clubs translates to the Two of Wands, known as the ‘card of Wanting More.’ This is the 23rd card in the deck, aligning with phrases like ‘CIA Agent‘ and ‘Black Magic.’

Copy of the “Letter to America” here: Full text – Bin Laden’s ‘letter to America’ _ World news _ The Guardian

Fox News Article here:

Screenshot Letter To America Page 3 -

Examining the article below we see that Fox News highlighted several numbers related to the errant viral video.  According to the article there was 274 videos posted under its hashtag.  The number 274 in the English Ordinal cipher matches the phrase ‘Because the World is Watching‘ as well as being defined in the Bible as ‘Blamelessly‘.

The article goes on to say that Twitter (X) also spread the information gaining 35 Million views.  The words “35 Million” sum to 119 in the English Ordinal cipher, literally 9-11.  The article also tells us that the views on Twitter surpassed 1.85 million views originally gained on Tik Tok.  The number 185 just happens to match the words ‘World Trade Center‘ in the English Ordinal cipher.

For an additional reference to the number 185, the attacks on September 11th occurred 185 days after Osama Bin Laden’s birthday.

We also see that the words ‘September 11 2001‘ sums to 52, matching ‘A Letter to America‘ in the Chaldean cipher while matching ‘Abracadabra‘, the magic word of spell crafting and Black Magic in the English Ordinal.

The person responsible for all of this is Lynette Adkins, and we saw above that her Chaldean sum of 43 matched the remaining days of the year.Screenshot Letter To America Page 4 -

The words “A Letter to America” sum to 266 when deciphered using the Reverse English Ordinal cipher. This cipher is not normally one I use or reference, however it’s relevance is noteworthy.  The cipher is the same cipher as the English Ordinal, however its numerical order is reversed, starting at A = 26 to Z = 1.

Reverse Order Ordinal Cipher Map -

This finding is particularly intriguing because the phrase “Controlled Opposition” also sums up to 266 in the standard English Ordinal cipher. This parallel draws a noteworthy connection.  Especially when we add Strong’s Concordance for additional insight.

The number 266 in the Bible is defined as “missing the mark“, “sin“, “failure in an ethical sense“, “sinful deed“, some harsh words for a letter likely sourced from a position of “controlled opposition“.

Delving deeper, when we calculate the time span from the publication of Osama Bin Laden’s letter on November 24th, 2002, to the date of the Fox News article on November 18th, 2023, it amounts to 7,665 days. In the Bible, the number 7665 is associated with concepts of ‘breaking down,’ ‘bringing to birth,’ and ‘destruction,’ adding another layer of symbolic meaning to these events.

Screenshot Letter To America Page 6B -

November 19th 2023 – Forty Two

Fox News released a follow-up article on November 19, 2023, focusing on the controversial aspects of the trending topic. The article highlighted the unusual conspiracy theories and antisemitism present in what they termed as a ‘deranged’ person’s letter. This date, November 19th, is significant, as it marks the 323rd day of the year, leaving 42 days remaining. In numerology and symbolic representations, the number 42 holds a special place, often associated with the concept of Pi (3.14), symbolizing ‘Creation’, the masculine principle, and the seed of life.

In this context, the name “Osama Bin Laden” interestingly adds up to 42, matching the term “Conspiracies” when decoded using the Chaldean cipher. This correlation is particularly striking and relevant to the theme of the news story.

Furthermore, the term “Antisemitism” presents a fascinating numerological alignment, showing a perfect match with “Jesus Christ” in both the English Ordinal and Chaldean ciphers. This connection draws a significant parallel, especially considering that Jesus Christ is revered as the King of the Jews. It echoes the warning in Revelation 2:9 about those who falsely claim to be Jews but are instead associated with the ‘Synagogue of Satan’. This perspective adds another layer of depth to the interpretations and discussions surrounding these articles and the events of 9-11.

Fox News Link:

Screenshot Letter To America Page 6 -

September 11th 2001 – By the Numbers

Using ChatGPT, I explored the official statistics regarding the victims of the tragic events that occurred. The analysis incorporated numbers from the Strong’s Concordance.

The data indicates that 125 military and civilian personnel lost their lives that day. Intriguingly, the number 125 in biblical terms is defined as “Egypt“. This reference to Egypt, known for its pyramids and historical association with slave masters, can be symbolically extended to our modern society. It suggests a metaphorical slavery under the modern ‘Pyramid class’, akin to the ancient Egyptians.

Further examination reveals that 246 passengers and crew, including 19 terrorists, were on the four planes. If we subtract 19 from 246, we get 227, a number closely related to Pi (3.14), as the fraction 22/7 is a well-known approximation of Pi. In the Bible, 246 is defined as “manacles” or “chains“, symbolizing enslavement and imprisonment.

The analysis also considers the 2,606 individuals who perished at the World Trade Center and nearby areas. The number 2606 is described in the Bible as synonymous with “I laugh at” and “ridicule“. This raises questions about who might metaphorically be ‘laughing’ at such a tragedy, possibly echoing the entities mentioned in Revelation 2:9 as seen above.

Lastly, the total number of casualties on that day was 2,977. Biblically, this number corresponds to “secretly” and “privately“, suggesting a covert planning and execution of the events. This interpretation aligns with various theories that propose the event was orchestrated behind closed doors.

Screenshot Letter To America Page 7 -

Osama Bin Laden – A Breakdown

Examining the prescribed villain in this narrative, Osama Bin Laden, who was born on March 10th, we find interesting correlations in the Cards of Destiny. This date aligns with the “King of Diamonds” card, the 39th card in the deck, a number which interestingly matches the phrase “Skull & Bones” in the Chaldean cipher.

In Tarot, this card is equivalent to the “King of Pentacles,” associated with terms like success, empire, ambition, manifestation, status, skillfulness, and commitment. These traits and themes are frequently linked to the portrayal of Bin Laden as a determined and ambitious figure.

Turning to the date of his demise, May 2nd, we find it corresponds to the “Four of Spades” card, the 43rd card in the deck. This number has appeared frequently in our analysis and corresponds to the word “Controlled” in the Chaldean cipher.

In Tarot, this card is represented by the “Four of Swords,” depicting a knight lying on a tomb. The card’s themes include faith, confinement, sanctuary, intensive care, and working with the deceased or dying, elements that resonate with the life and death of Osama Bin Laden. This correlation invites reflection on the odds of such connections.

Screenshot Letter To America Page 8 -

Letter to America: A Message from Hell

Looking at an image of Osama Bin Laden in relation to this story, we notice the phrase “Message from Hell” referring to his ‘Letter to America‘.

Analyzing this term using the English Ordinal cipher, we find that “Message from Hell” adds up to 158. This number is a numerical rearrangement of 185, the same total we previously associated with “World Trade Center“.

Delving deeper with the Chaldean cipher, “Message from Hell” sums to 61. Interestingly, this number corresponds to Promethium in the Periodic Table of Elements. An image from the Royal Society of Chemistry (Link: depicts Prometheus, in a hellish setting.

The Chaldean cipher associates the number 61 with various significant terms, including The White House, Al Qaeda Terrorist Attack, Manchurian Candidate, Intelligence Agency, Financial Collapse, The Storm is Coming, Blood in the Water, Nuclear Armageddon, Burnt Offerings, Book of the Dead, Day of Atonement. Interestingly, amidst these ominous associations, it also suggests “Love is the Answer” as a resolution to these intense themes.

Screenshot Letter To America Page 9 -

Thank you for reading and supporting my work.
Links to my social media are found below.

Much love to All,
Eyes to See

  • Eyes To See

    Eyes to See is a prominent member of the Truth Mafia, known for his exceptional decoding skills. He rose through the ranks directly under the legendary Tommy Truthful. With eyes that perceive beyond the ordinary, his abilities are truly extraordinary, making him an invaluable asset to the organization.

    You can follow me on Telegram:
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