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Superbowl 58 Ushering in the Antichrist – Eyes to See

By: Eyes to See
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5G Danger

Dive into the mysteries of Super Bowl 58‘s halftime show with “Usher” in my latest video, “Ushering in the Antichrist.” In this in-depth analysis, we unlock the hidden layers and biblical symbolism embedded in the performance, employing numerology, including the Chaldean and English ordinal ciphers, alongside Bible numbers from Strong’s Concordance. Discover how this seemingly ordinary halftime show might be more than meets the eye, with symbols and messages that could be hinting at profound spiritual and occulted esoteric themes. Whether you’re a fan of “Usher“, a numerology enthusiast, or intrigued by the intersection of popular culture and ancient prophecy, this video will offer you a fresh perspective on one of the year’s biggest musical events. Join us as we decode the signs and explore what it means to be “Ushering in the Antichrist.

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Eyes to See

  • Eyes To See

    Eyes to See is a prominent member of the Truth Mafia, known for his exceptional decoding skills. He rose through the ranks directly under the legendary Tommy Truthful. With eyes that perceive beyond the ordinary, his abilities are truly extraordinary, making him an invaluable asset to the organization.

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5G Danger

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3 thoughts on “Superbowl 58 Ushering in the Antichrist – Eyes to See

  1. Everything red and yellow (CCP) just like the E in SupEr Bowl (cc) and the R in SupeR Bowl (cockeyed P) are CCP. All people need to see to confirm is a meme of a fat lady singing. lol

  2. great job on the decode
    big props for including the serpent painting and giving credit to Johnethan Kleck.
    great work


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