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False Flag Warnings For Martial Law in the USA and War with Russia

By: Greg Reese
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False Flag Warnings For Martial Law in the USA and War with Russia By Tommy Truthful & Greg Reese. 

False Flag Warnings For Martial Law In The Usa
Created by Tommy Truthful, I believe that they are planning to strike San Francisco with a nuclear weapon, which would bring down the Golden Gate Bridge.

False Flags: A Deceptive Tool for Conflict Escalation

In a world where truth often battles against manipulation, the concept of false flags becomes a critical topic to address. A false flag operation refers to a deceptive act where perpetrators carry out malicious activities disguised to appear as if another party is responsible, usually for political or military purposes. The aim is not to predict horrific events but to prevent them by exposing the lies that fuel such operations.

Victoria Nuland’s Alleged Plan and Its Implications

Recent rumors have emerged about Victoria Nuland, a notable figure in U.S. foreign policy, allegedly planning a false flag attack on a Ukrainian nuclear power plant. This information suggests that there is a push for NATO’s involvement in Ukraine, potentially escalating the proxy war against Russia. Such an act, if true, could lead to catastrophic consequences, including the loss of innocent lives through a radioactive cloud, wrongfully blamed on Russian forces.

Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant

Historical Precedents: Operation Patcon and Beyond

Documentary filmmaker Chris Emery highlighted the historical precedents of false flag operations in the U.S., particularly referencing Operation Patcon. This operation reportedly involved plans to blow up the Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant in Alabama, an act intended to criminalize American patriots. The plan was halted as the operatives involved refused to commit such an atrocity against innocent civilians.

Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant In Alabam

This historical context provides insight into the strategies sometimes employed by certain elements within governments. Such strategies are not only unethical but also pose grave risks to national security and citizen welfare.

The Southern Border Situation: A Potential False Flag Setup?

Discussions with Michael Yon, an expert on false flags and the southern border crisis, bring attention to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s recent actions. There’s speculation that the heightened measures at the southern border, after years of inaction, might be setting the stage for another false flag event, potentially leading to a conflict similar to the January 6 Capitol incident.

Greg Reese

A Word of Caution: Avoiding Traps

The consistent advice from experts is caution against walking into potential traps set by those looking to instigate conflict. The encouragement is to remain vigilant, informed, and critically analytical of unfolding events, especially those that could lead to escalated conflicts or serve as pretexts for political or military actions.

The Role of Citizens: Awareness and Prevention

Citizens are urged to stay alert to the possibility of false flags and to critically assess news and information, especially when it leads to significant political or military decisions. Awareness and the spread of truthful information can be powerful tools in preventing the success of false flags and maintaining peace and stability.


False flag operations, cloaked in deceit and manipulation, have historically been used to initiate conflict and target specific groups. Awareness and critical analysis of such operations are essential in preventing their success and safeguarding against unwarranted escalations in conflict.

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Truth Mafia


➡ This article talks about the fear of “false flags,” which are deceptive actions designed to start conflicts. It mentions rumors about Victoria Newland, who is supposedly planning a false flag attack in Ukraine to blame on Russian forces. The article also discusses a past event where a group of commandos refused to blow up a nuclear power plant in Alabama. Lastly, it warns about a possible false flag situation at the southern border of the U.S., urging people not to fall for it.


We do not warn of false flags to try to predict horrible events. We warn of false flags to try and prevent them. They are the norm for starting massive conflicts. They are based on lies, and so we only hope that the truth will make them futile. Last week, I reported on rumors that Victoria Newland was planning a false flag attack on a ukrainian nuclear power plant. There is now talk in Kiev that the real president of Ukraine, Victoria Newland, has become so desperate for NATO troops to enter Ukraine and continue this U.

S. Proxy war against Russia that she is willing to murder innocent locals with a radioactive cloud and blame it on russian forces. After that report, documentary filmmaker Chris Emery, who has spent years researching Patcon, the US intelligence operation, to use false flags as a way of criminalizing american patriots, reached out to me with some information that shows how this is standard operating procedure for the black hats in our government.

We had done our first movie premiere in March of that year in Salt Lake City with an attorney that we actually interviewed on the film by the name of Jesse Trinidou. He was approached by a command team leader that was in charge of ten, including himself, basically commandos to blow up the Browns ferry nuclear power plant in Athens, Alabama, under the Operation Patcon. And then Jesse went into detail about what Patcon was, which would later morph into the Waco attack and then the Oklahoma City bombing, and then our current present day ramification of that was J Six.

That nuclear power plant is still standing today because this command leader says no, that violated their rules of engagement, that they were taught in their special operations ever since he was a rookie commando. And he says, we are not killing 27 innocent US civilians, no matter how much money you’re paying us. Each of his partners, there were ten commandos altogether, were given duffel bags full of cash. Each were given $5 million.

They left it in the parking lot in the wee hours, he said, between 230 and 03:00 in the morning. They literally left these duffel bags in the parking lot, in the far end of the parking lot, away from the nuclear power plant, and drove away. And they basically told their commanding officer at the Pentagon to f off. We are dealing with people that are of the occult, are in a dark corner of the universe that we can’t even imagine, and Newland is in that pack with Barrett Garland and several others.

Without a doubt. She needs to be brought up on treason and indicted, put on trial, and thrown in prison and the key tossed away. We also spoke on the subject of what looks to be the beginning of a false flag being set up on the southern border with World Economic Forum puppet Greg Abbot now calling for a civil war. What in the world? Why did it take him almost two and a half years to gear up? I think it’s disingenuous what he’s doing this poor ranchers and the private citizens within 50, 60 miles of the border have gotten their land, their homes robbed, their ranches decimated, trash, human waste, windows broken into, property damage.

He could have put the thumb screw on that a long time ago. Why he chose to do so now is beyond me. They’re much more keen. They have the operative radar on high alert now, and they’ll be able to hopefully weed out a lot of these operatives that, whether they know it or not, are being paid by the feds to be the flying the ointment and get a lot more people in trouble.

It’s just going to be a reincarnation of j six all over again. Expert on false flags and the southern border crisis, Michael Yon is also warning people not to fall for the trap. And we already know that the so called, I call it ogus, the occupational government of the United States. We already know that it’s out of control. We already know that the only rules that it plays by is anything it can get away with.

It will do, right? We already know that. We saw January 6. We see Americans have to show their id and get searched and whatnot to get on airplanes. Meanwhile, they got illegals, I mean, straight up invaders coming across the border by the thousands every day that can board aircraft without any id. There are no rules. We are clearly being hunted. And the american citizens, patriots are clearly being hunted.

They’re looking for any excuse to go to war, and they will do it. I mean, obviously there’s going to be a very serious war. It’s clearly coming. Don’t walk into their traps. Do not do it again. Why would you go to Eagle Pass, which is so baited, when Abbot clearly could close the border if he wanted to? This is clearly a wrestling match. This is clearly a show.

That’s the thunderdome. Don’t go. Reporting for Infowars, this is Greg Reese. .

  • Greg Reese

    Greg Reese, a devoted member of the Truth Mafia, can be found sharing his insights on the dynamic platform alongside Alex Jones. This distinctive soldier is always ready to provoke engaging conversations that are one-of-a-kind.

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