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Man in the Box – The Decode

By: Eyes to See
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5G Danger

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to ‘Eyes to See Decodes,’ where we peel back the layers of the ordinary to uncover the extraordinary. Today’s episode, ‘Man in the Box,’ is all about exploring a concept that’s as intriguing as it is mysterious.

Today we’re diving into the symbolism behind the squared circle and the enigmatic Black Cube of Saturn, using tools like the Chaldean and English Ordinal cipher, Strong’s Concordance, and even the periodic table of elements to crack the code. And to bring this to life, we’re looking at two fascinating examples: a quirky 2005 Wendy’s hamburger commercial and the iconic song ‘Man in the Box’ by Alice in Chains. So, if you’re ready to uncover hidden meanings and see the world in a new light, you’re in the right place.

Let’s get started!
As always much love to All,
Eyes to See Decodes


I was not able to embed this music video from Alice in Chains without a Codec violation, so please watch the link below.

Link to Alice in Chains – Man in the Box (Music Video):

  • Eyes To See

    Eyes to See is a prominent member of the Truth Mafia, known for his exceptional decoding skills. He rose through the ranks directly under the legendary Tommy Truthful. With eyes that perceive beyond the ordinary, his abilities are truly extraordinary, making him an invaluable asset to the organization.

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5G Danger

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2 thoughts on “Man in the Box – The Decode

  1. Chris I love your decodes and your voice resonates with calmness. Is there anyway you can do a deep decode on me. I’ll gladly cover any fees. I’ve started to decode myself. It’s crazy but I don’t have your knowledge or experience. My name is David Daniel Bergin. I’m a life path seven. My name equal 53. Which is tied to my wife, a book I wrote and my email. This stuff is so fascinating can you contact me ASAP. Thanks a million.

  2. Hi David, yeah I would definitely be interested in doing a personal decode. Are you able to message me on Telegram and then we can direct message each other?

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