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Major Events Surrounding the April 8th Solar Eclipse

By: Greg Reese
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➡ On April 8, there’s going to be a big solar eclipse and lots of people are expected to come see it. Some people are worried about earthquakes because of a similar event in 1811 that caused a lot of earthquakes. There’s also talk about this eclipse being part of a bigger pattern that could mean big changes are coming. Some people think these changes could lead to a new world order, but others think it’s all just symbolic and not something to be scared of.


The solar eclipse on April 8 is becoming a major event. The National Guard is being deployed and the people are being advised to have two weeks of food and to fill their fuel tanks. This could all be explained due to the fact that tens of thousands of visitors are expected along the path of totality, but many people believe that they could be preparing for possible earthquakes due to the devil comet aligning with the April 8 eclipse and due to the fact that in 1811 a comet also appeared in the skies during a solar eclipse on the same path and was followed by the biggest earthquakes in american history.

Known as the New Madrid earthquakes, around 10,000 earthquakes occurred in just three months time, the biggest being measured at 8. 8 magnitude. They were the most devastating series of earthquakes in recorded history, but it was a different comet, and while some claim that a solar eclipse can trigger earthquakes, this scenario seems unlikely. This eclipse season is, however, a very rare event. The recent eclipses in August of 2017, in October of 2023, along with the upcoming one on April 8, forms an Aleph and Etav over the United States.

The Aleph and Tav are the first and last letters of the hebrew Alphabet, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. These eclipses mark the end of the great year, a 26,000 year period that starts anew with the dawning of Aquarius and a new golden age. Manly P. Hall wrote that high level masons designed America for a peculiar and particular purpose, a secret destiny to bring about a new Atlantis or a new world order wherein a king descended of a divine race will rule over all.

In rituals. This king is symbolized as Apollo, Horus or Nimrod, the father of freemasonry, and is thought to be a descendant of the biblical nephilim or the sumerian anunnaki. According to Thomas Horne, this will happen in 2025, which corresponds to several documents published by intelligence agencies such as global governance 2025, global trends 2025 and the 2025 deagle forecast on World population. NASA is notorious for performing masonic rituals based on the egyptian mystery schools, Apollo being the same character as Horus, Sirius representing Isis, and Atlantis being the new golden age they hope to restore.

And during the eclipse on April 8, NASA will fire three rockets named after Apep, the egyptian serpent God whose goal was to devour ra, the sun. And when the sun reemerges after three minutes of darkness, it will be likened to the rebirth of Horus, their new king of the golden age. CeRn, known for practicing occult rituals at a statue of Shiva, the hindu God who symbolizes death, destruction, and the end of an age will be firing up their large hadron collider to full power during the solar eclipse.

And Israel, who is in the midst of committing genocide, is preparing to sacrifice a red heifer, a ritual sacrifice, to prepare them for taking back the temple mount. Red heifers, to be precise. Some Jews and Christians believe they’re the key to rebuilding the historic jewish temple in Jerusalem and to beckoning the Messiah. To understand, you have to go back nearly 2000 years when the ancient Romans destroyed the last temple in the city.

To rebuild it, these believers point to the Bibles book of numbers. It commands the Israelites to sacrifice a red heifer without defect or blemish. And that has never been under a yoke. Only then can the temple rise again. Those sacred cows were showcased in Washington at a recent prayer gathering. Many evangelicals believe these red heifers will usher Christ’s second coming. We need the messiah to come, right? So for me, the red heifer is red for the blood of Jesus Christ.

A massive altar already awaits where the heifers are to be burned. According to some believers, the ceremony needs to be performed right here on the Mount of Olives, looking directly into where the temple once stood. But something else now stands in its place. Once they forcibly take the temple mount away from billions of Muslims worldwide, it will predictably thrust the world into the peak of chaos that these secret societies have been designing for centuries.

And their plan is to bring order out of this chaos with their divine king to rule over the world. But these are just rituals. And fear is an illusion. We can always choose love. Reporting for Infowars, this is Greg Reese. .

  • Greg Reese

    Greg Reese, a devoted member of the Truth Mafia, can be found sharing his insights on the dynamic platform alongside Alex Jones. This distinctive soldier is always ready to provoke engaging conversations that are one-of-a-kind.

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