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Sweeping Plan for Global Censorship Exposed

By: Greg Reese
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Sweeping Plan for Global Censorship Exposed Greg Reese

Uncovering the Global Censorship Agenda: Insights from Greg Reese’s Latest Video

Author: Tommy Truthful

In the latest eye-opening video by Greg Reese, recently released documents obtained by Public on Substack from a whistleblower paint a chilling picture of a global censorship agenda orchestrated by the US government. This revelation details the formation of the Cyber Threat Intelligence League (CTIL), a coalition of NGOs and private individuals, and their role in manipulating public opinion.

Cognitive Security: The New Censorship

Under the leadership of military contractor Sarah Jane Turp and Pablo Brewer from U.S. Special Operations, the CTIL’s primary mission has been to redefine concepts like propaganda and censorship under the guise of “cognitive security.” This new terminology is not just a rebranding but signifies a deeper, more insidious form of control over the public’s perception and understanding of information.

The Ethos of Misinformation and Disinformation

Cognitive security, in the realm of cybersecurity, is likened to combating pollution across the internet. Misinformation and disinformation are seen as contaminants that must be cleansed from the digital environment. However, this initiative goes beyond simply removing false information; it aims to dismantle the platforms that amplify these narratives, essentially silencing voices that diverge from the approved narrative.

Mind Control Through Narrative Shaping

This strategy extends beyond making people believe outright lies; its core objective is to subtly shift internal narratives and belief systems. By leveraging pre-existing social and cognitive biases, the CTIL aims to reshape the way people process and understand information, effectively engineering consent on a massive scale.

Cultural Customization of Cognitive Control

Brewer elaborates on how this form of cognitive social engineering must be customized for different audiences. The approach that might work in China, where citizens view internet restrictions as protective measures by the government, would be vehemently rejected in the United States, where it would be seen as a blatant violation of First Amendment rights.

Public-Private Partnerships: A Loophole in Constitutional Rights

To circumvent the legal limitations on government censorship, the CTIL has employed public-private partnerships. This arrangement allows private citizens to do the government’s bidding under official supervision, thereby bypassing constitutional protections.

The Role of NGOs in Censorship

Turp and Brewer admit their roles in establishing a private NGO to execute this censorship plan on behalf of the U.S. military. This organization, operating under the guise of a non-profit, targets dissenting voices, particularly those opposing lockdowns and vaccination campaigns, under the pretext of maintaining cognitive security.

The Broader Implications

The CTIL’s strategies include subverting social media companies, reporting website domains to registrars, creating fake accounts, infiltrating private groups, training influencers, and even pressuring banks to cut off individuals’ accounts. Their tactics reflect a disturbing trend toward manipulating public opinion and suppressing dissent under the guise of maintaining cognitive security.

Call to Action

As Greg Reese concludes his report, the question remains: who will hold our elected officials accountable for these revelations? It’s time for a deeper examination and public discourse on these alarming strategies employed by governments and their private collaborators.

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➡ Documents received from a whistleblower reveal a U.S. government-operated web comprising NGOs and private individuals, led by Sarah Jane Turp and Pablo Brewer, aiming to influence public sentiment under the guise of ‘cognitive security.’ Using a blend of censorship, social engineering, and covert operations, the scheme aims to subtly modify individuals’ perceptions and beliefs by working around First Amendment rights through ‘public-private partnership.’ This includes targeting lockdown protestors, anti-vaccine campaigns, and manipulating social media platforms and financial services to control narratives.


Public on substac have received documents from a whistleblower who was recruited to participate in the Cyber Threat Intelligence League, or CTIL. Through cybersecurity meetings hosted by the Department of Homeland Security, these documents reveal how the US. Government recruited a web of NGOs and private individuals to do what the government cannot lawfully do censor and subvert the American people. Led by military contractor Sarah Jane Turp and Pablo Brewer of U.

S. Special Operations, a primary objective was to replace words like propaganda and censorship with the term cognitive security. In the ethos of the cybersecurity industry, cognitive security is the thing you want to have. You want to protect that cognitive layer. Basically, it’s about pollution. So misinformation disinformation is a form of pollution across the internet. And just because we’re going to get comments about this, my position on this is clear, has always been clear.

We don’t want to remove people’s voices. What we’re trying to remove is artificial megaphones. They wrote that the third pillar of the information environment should be the cognitive dimension, which is just another way of saying mind control. You’re not trying to get people to believe lies most of the time. Most of the time you’re trying to change their belief sets. And in fact really deeper than that, you’re trying to change to shift their internal narratives slightly or at least use their internal narratives.

Brewer explained how this cognitive social engineering needs to be customized for Americans. Different audiences are going to require different methods of delivery and different messages, and that’s because they’ve got these pre existing social and cognitive biases. So certainly if you talk to the average Chinese citizen, they absolutely believe that the Great firewall of China is not there for censorship. They believe that it’s there because the People’s Republic of China and the Chinese Communist Party want to protect their citizenry.

And they absolutely believe that’s a good thing. If the US Government tried to sell that narrative, we would absolutely lose our minds. And no, no, this is a violation of our First Amendment rights. So the in group and out group messaging have to be often different. Another term they used to justify their crimes against the American people is public private partnership. To work around violating Americans’constitutional rights, private citizens did the dirty work under government supervision.

Turp and Brewer openly admit that they are set up as a private NGO to censor American citizens for the US. Military. I wear two hats, and I mentioned the one hat is the director of the Donovan group or the military director of the Donovan group, which is that future studies and Think tank. In my other hat, I’m what they call an innovation officer. I’m one of two innovation officers at Softworks, which is a completely unclassified 501 nonprofit that’s funded by US.

Special Operations Command. And that’s so that we can get after non traditional problems and nontraditional tactics and work with non traditional partners. They targeted people who were protesting the lockdowns and developed the Disarm framework which was employed by the World Health Organization for countering anti vaccination campaigns. They subvert social media companies and they report website domains to registrars to influence public opinion. They create fake accounts and infiltrate private groups.

They train influencers to spread their messaging and they pressure banks to cut off people’s accounts. For more of this, go to Public on substac. Who will be pressing our elected officials with these documents? Greg Reese reporting. .

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5G Danger

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One thought on “Sweeping Plan for Global Censorship Exposed

  1. The corporations, who made the major environmental pollution, needs to clean up their messes all over the world, with their profits they made trashing our world! They will try to make us pay, but we need to be together and act as one

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