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Texas Wildfires and Directed Energy Weapons

By: Greg Reese
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Welcome back to the blog, where we peel back the layers of reality to reveal the truths hidden beneath. Today, I’m tapping into the swirling currents of speculation and concern triggered by Greg Reese’s latest video. But before we dive into Reese’s revelations, let’s tip our hats to our very own Tommy Truthful, who’s been ahead of the curve, sounding the alarm on the eerie trend of wildfires and the shadowy whispers about directed energy weapons.

Tommy Truthful, not one to shy away from the uncomfortable or the unexplained, has been our guide through the smoke and mirrors surrounding these catastrophic events. He’s been connecting dots that many would prefer remain disconnected, especially when it comes to the Dragonfire directed energy weapon. The timing of this weapon’s introduction, aligning with the year of the Wood Dragon in the Chinese zodiac, isn’t lost on us—a synchronicity that feels less coincidental and more like a carefully chosen moment in time.

Tommy’s insights into the use of such technologies during the devastating Maui fires, which he posits as a sinister testing ground, shed light on a potential blueprint for future disasters. These fires, according to Tommy, are unlike anything we’ve seen before, with an unnatural selection of what burns and what survives. It paints a chilling picture of precision and power, raising questions about the true capabilities and intentions behind such weaponry.

The conversation doesn’t stop with the fires. Tommy Truthful draws a line connecting these events to the broader agenda of reshaping human settlement into so-called smart cities. He warns us of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 and Vision 2045, plans that seem to dovetail disturbingly well with the occurrences of these advanced technological fires. It’s a scenario that prompts us to question the narratives fed to us and to look beyond the surface of these global initiatives.

Even political figures like Joe Biden have cryptically commented on the resilience of certain roofs against these fires, a snippet that Tommy Truthful seizes upon as a hint towards a deeper knowledge within the corridors of power.

This blog serves as a platform not just to echo Greg Reese’s concerns but to amplify the tireless work of Tommy Truthful. It’s about engaging with these ideas, challenging the presented realities, and encouraging you, the reader, to dive into your own research.

Hey guys, Tommy Truthful here. The above blog was written by a new AI program that I built myself and programmed to take the transcript and summary of our brother Greg Reese’s video and write a blog on that information.

The AI studies every video that I’ve ever done and every video that’s ever been on It’s unbelievable how accurate it was in writing this blog. This is my first time trying this; it was a cool feature. Of course, I will always let you know when AI writes a blog, but I’m writing you because they took down my big YouTube channel, Truth Mafia podcast, on Pi Day, 3/14/24.

This is fitting because when I started originally, it was on Pi Day, 3-14-22. So, on the second anniversary, they took down my monetized YouTube channel, but it’s OK because we started a new one. Here’s the link to our new one, guys:

They will do whatever they can to try to hurt us financially. People don’t realize how much it costs to host these websites a month. All the work I have done to get everybody’s videos up here, now, of course, is my technology pooling these videos and transcribing them. That’s how I can do it so fast in real-time, but no other platform on the planet does what we’re doing.

We built relationships with some of the biggest content creators in the game, tried to cross-promote each other, and helped each other out. I think they want us to give up, but we will never give up; that I can promise you. Between my big Facebook Truth Mafia podcast and my Instagram, tommytruthfulTV, we reach over four million people weekly. No wonder they’re panicking.


➡ There are claims that directed energy weapons, which can accurately destroy targets from a distance, might be causing the unusual fires in Texas that burn buildings but often leave trees untouched. Some people think these fires are part of a plan by the United Nations to clear land for “smart cities”, with evidence pointing to similar incidents in Maui and Vina del Mar, Chile. However, there are also cases of arsonists starting fires in traditional ways. This period of rapid, disruptive change is seen as a crucial time in human history.


Some are saying that directed energy weapons are being deployed to spark the largest fire in Texas history. And we know that these weapons exist. This newly released footage shows the dragonfire laser directed energy weapon system in action, and it could be in the hands of military personnel in five years time. It destroys targets with an intense beam of light and has pinpoint accuracy. It’s able to hit something the size of a one pound coin from a kilometer away.

The fires we have seen in recent years, including the fires in Texas, are very different from what we have seen in the past. They often selectively spare the trees while burning the infrastructure into a powdery ash footprint. I have witnessed and observed some extraordinary damage in our state. Could be caused by hurricanes or tornadoes. And frequently, when you see the aftermath of that damage, there’s some semblance of a structure that is still there.

When you look at the damages that have occurred here, it’s just gone, completely gone. Nothing left but ashes on the ground. After the Maui fires, many people believed that a blue roof was able to deflect these directed energy weapons and spare the home from destruction. And Joe Biden recently alluded to this twice. If you fly over these areas that are burned to the ground, you’ll see in the midst of 20 homes that are just totally destroyed.

One home sitting there because they had the right roof on it. And anyway, by the way, you notice you fly over in the helicopter, those places with roofs, they didn’t burn with the right material. Yeah. Joe Biden is clearly not a reliable source of accurate information. But why would a roof save a house from burning? And while there is plenty of circumstantial evidence that suggests directed energy weapons are being used to start these recent fires, arsonists have been arrested, starting them the old fashioned way.

And there is a clear motive. The United nations, who have been orchestrating the open border policy of America, and several other countries, have openly announced plans to clear the lands of people and move them into smart cities, starting with Agenda 21, a map which shows designated off limits to human areas lined up with the 2008 California fires. Nine years ago, planning was announced for smart cities to be built on Maui.

But the most coveted property was owned by natives whose families have lived there for generations. Prior to Hawaii being annexed by the US in August of 2023, Maui was devastated by highly suspicious fires. Roads were blocked off to keep residents from escaping, and the US government gave survivors a mere $700 per household. A conference in April of 2023 met in Vina del Mar, Chile, to provide the municipality with support in the transfer of knowledge about the theory and solutions of smart cities.

A year later, Vina del Mar was ravaged by fires. It was blamed on climate change, but local officials claimed arson. And in 2022, Amarillo, Texas was reported to be the number one area under the radar for the Texas housing market under the United Nations Vision 2045. On February 26 of this year, the biggest fire of Texas broke out in this same area. Vision 2045 is the latest iteration of the United nations plan to seize control of 90% of the land and limit people to 15 minutes.

Cities like to think that change happens in manageable ways. It doesn’t happen like that. It happens in punctuated equilibria where we have periods of stability and then periods of massive, radical, disruptive and transformative change. And that is where we are right now. This is the decisive decade in the history of humanity. We who are here now have a responsibility that no future generations will have. Reporting for Infowars, this is Greg Reese.


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