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Did Ryan Garcias Earthquake Prediction Land him in Jail?

By: Jacob Israel
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5G Danger
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Truth Mafia

The Truth Behind Ryan Garcia’s Predictions: Dissecting the Agenda

By Tommy Truthful

In his latest video, Jacob Israel delves into Ryan Garcia’s recent bold predictions about June 6th, 2024. Garcia claimed there would be a catastrophic earthquake on this day, calling it a terrible event. This sparked quite a buzz, with many people alarmed by his statements.

All the content creators in the truth-seeking community were making predictions for that day, but not me, Tommy Truthful. This brings us to a broader issue: the infiltration of all forms of media by intelligence agencies. The military-industrial complex wields immense power, and they have used their intelligence networks to penetrate everything from social media to newspapers, magazines, and websites.

Remember the origins of Facebook? When Mark Zuckerberg launched the platform, it coincided with the end of the LifeLog project, which was designed to harvest data from Americans. At that time, Americans still cherished their freedom and resisted such intrusions. So, the government needed a new approach. They launched a massive PR campaign around Facebook, painting Zuckerberg as a college genius who stole the idea from his friends. This narrative, complete with a blockbuster movie, made it seem like a real-life drama rather than a carefully crafted plan.

Before Facebook, MySpace was the dominant social media platform. It was innovative and ahead of its time. Everyone remembers Tom, the friendly face of MySpace who was everyone’s first friend. Unlike Zuckerberg, Tom didn’t sell out to the government. So, the powers that be created the character of Mark Zuckerberg and crafted a story that captured the public’s imagination. Remember how Facebook just destroyed MySpace out of nowhere? Well, that’s what happens when you have the power of military intelligence behind you—the best hackers in the world.

This isn’t just a theory; it’s a script playing out on the world stage. Figures like Ryan Garcia are mere puppets for the global elite oligarchy that controls our world. They feed us misinformation to keep us distracted and divided.

Until next time, my fellow truth seekers and decoders, stay vigilant. This is your brother Tommy Truthful signing out.

Truth Mafia


➡ Jacob Israel, the host of a show, discusses the predictions made by famous YouTuber and social media influencer, Ryan Garcia, about a massive earthquake on June 6, 2024. However, these predictions did not come true and Garcia was arrested on charges of vandalism and public intoxication. Israel advises his viewers to judge people by their actions, implying that Garcia’s actions may not make him a reliable source of information. He also mentions his upcoming birthday and his excitement about it.
➡ The text discusses a man’s daily life, his religious beliefs, and his anticipation of a significant event. He warns against blindly trusting people who claim divine knowledge, using the example of a false earthquake prediction. He also promotes his social media and Patreon, hinting at exclusive content for followers. Lastly, he introduces a novel about a boy named Thomas James, who experiences hardships and supernatural events, suggesting the story might offer profound insights.


You remember when I couldn’t even do this thing? That’s the horn. It just sounded. The show far! Welcome to the show! Hello, everyone. My name is Jacob Israel. I’m glad that you’re here. I’m your host for the interesting things that are happening. Ryan Garcia. He’s like a famous YouTuber. He’s a famous social media influencer. Oh, good grief, Ryan Garcia. It’s got the world hole up on edge because supposedly he’s got the inside information. He knows the Lord Jesus Christ and Jesus speaks to him! I’m working on a show right now, by the way.

If you’re new to the channel, I would love for you to hit the like button and subscribe. You would like it here. Just a speculator. Just an old man. Going to be 53 years old on June 11th. June 11th is going to be a big day. I’m doing a live show tomorrow. This show right here is almost like a preamble or a tease of what is coming. A tease, if you will. Ryan Garcia made some bold predictions about June 6th, 2024. He said that there was going to be a huge earthquake. He goes, oh, it’s going to be a terrible thing.

He said a lot of crazy things. And this is something that I said to all of you. I said, you know what? You got to judge a tree by its fruit. I said it. The day before Ryan Garcia said that there was going to be a terrible earthquake, I did a show. It’s called D-Day. That’s right. D-Day. And I was talking about June 6th, 2024. 666. A lot of people stressed out about it. A lot of people stressed out about it. Which if you haven’t seen my last live show, you should check it out.

It’s right there. Check it out. Go watch it because it’s going to prepare you for the next show, which I’m not even prepared for. I’ve been loading the show since this morning early, and I’m still blown away by it. But I knew that I needed to, you know, just give you something for Sunday night. Sunday, Sunday, right? Sunday night. A little tease to get you excited about what’s coming. It’s a lot common. It’s going to be very interesting. But Ryan Garcia, he said there’s going to be a terrible earthquake. He said a lot of things.

He actually, even in a roundabout way, kind of sort of exposed James O’Keefe. You know, from O’Keefe Media Group, O-M-G. I did a show about this a while ago. I did a show about who you trust. I did a show about this. And I said, if they be corrupt, things were going to be revealed. Take a look. You know, there’s a boxer. His name’s Ryan Garcia. And he, well, he went on tangents about a lot of stuff. So he has a lot of information. This information, of course, is spoof and has to do with clubs that, well, James O’Keefe visited.

That’s right. We have information about James O’Keefe again. I went to this bohemian club and I upset people. So I just wanted to hear from you and kind of take your temperature and see how you’re feeling, see what you’re doing, like what’s going through your mind. James, I mean, it’s, I mean, how did you even get invited there? And like, it’s the most powerful secret society in the world. Once again, these are people that I talk about that I know a lot of people put their trust in. And, well, it just continues to be revealed that maybe these people just aren’t really the best.

So Ryan, he goes and he tells everybody that there’s going to be a terrible earthquake in Las Vegas and in California. And that was going to, well, obviously nothing really happened. Okay. But except for the fact that Ryan Garcia got arrested. Yeah, he got arrested. Hashtag if they’d be corrupt. He got arrested. Can you believe that? Boxing star Ryan Garcia arrested on felony vandalism charges in Beverly Hills. Isn’t that something? Lord Jesus is speaking to him and he’s acting out all crazy and destroying property. $15,000 worth of damages. This, this goes down.

This is the thing. And then the news that comes out, and this is the most recent news. Boxing star Ryan Garcia arrested California on Saturday. That’s June 7. That would be the day after June 6. That’d be the day after June, you know, June 6 where he said he knew because the Lord Jesus Christ told him there was going to be a terrible earthquake. I told you ahead of time that this was a psy-op. I even did a short about it. Garcia was arrested on felony vandalism charges. Beverly Hills Hotel accused him of causing about $15,000 worth of damage.

Garcia’s lawyer, Darren Chavez told ESPN that Garcia could face a public intoxication charge as well. I wonder, right? I wonder, could that have something to do with it? He’s a young guy, you know, he’s probably under a lot of pressure. Boxer was taken to the hospital after complaining of an issue after the arrest. So he gets arrested and he’s like, oh freaking out man. Take me to the hospital. He had a, he had an event, took him to the hospital. That’s a mental health crisis. It’s what everybody says. This is a quote.

Ryan has been open about his struggles with mental health over the years and at this time, he’s dealing with an immense amount of emotional burden. Now, I don’t want you to think that this shows about like, you know, Ryan Garcia and the, oh, you know, because he’s a multimillionaire. I don’t even know if it really is, but I know that he’s super famous and I know that he like, you know, rubs elbows with all of the, you know, all of the elites and he’s probably in the secret organizations and he talks about the Bohemian Grove and you know, he was supposedly, he saw some terrible things happening.

People believed it. People believed it. So I tell people, I say, you know what? Maybe this guy’s not the best guy, the judge. You know, you look at his fruit. Should you listen to him? No, probably not. I tell everybody, I said, you can judge a tree by fruit. I did this before I did in my video called D-Day where you see Ryan Garcia in the actual thumbnail. Take a look. I’m so excited. I don’t know why this year I’m more excited about my birthday than before. Dan Dan, every day I wake up, I’m like, what day is it? And I’m like, five days, six days, seven days.

I’m like counting the days to my birthday. I don’t know why. I don’t know why. Ryan Garcia though, he was counting the days to six, six. That’s tomorrow, people. Ryan Garcia, he’s a celebrity boxer. He has done and said some horrible things supposedly. He has strung some stories together. I think, you know, in all my honest opinion that I can give to you. And once again, I don’t have any inside scoop. I don’t have any, you know, like legit predictions where I know things. I just kind of like look at the world and I say, I have a feeling.

This guy says on June 6th, 2024, he said, that’s it. There’s no way I predicted it. Shadow of Ezra, you follow him on X. I think he follows me. I think he’s a fan of the channel. He put it out that he predicted this massive earthquake that was going to happen tomorrow in Los Angeles and in Las Vegas. I spoke about Ryan Garcia just a little while ago, you know, because of course, when he was talking about all that, I thought it was strange. I put it in my video with all the other sus people.

Russell Brand just wrote, I did like this whole show about things that just a little questionable. Like who do we trust? That’s the, that’s the whole vibe. Who do you trust? You trust me. Don’t trust just me. Don’t go. You don’t go pray about things. Judge a tree by its fruit. Judge a tree by its fruit. If somebody’s like a crap person doing mean things, you probably shouldn’t judge their opinion. You know, if they’re making up lies and they’re saying all sorts of horrible things and they’re doing dumb things like this guy, you know, it’s, it’s a good call.

Maybe if he has any info, maybe it’s not in our best interest, but if he’s sharing that info, it’s probably cap. You know what cap is? That’s what the young people call lion cap. Is that still a thing? Cap? What do you got to tell me? Casey, is that still a thing? Buzz? Spitfire? Is cap still a thing? I don’t know. I think this is, I think this is cap a little while ago. He, um, in that video, I, I, I reminded everybody how excited he was when he saw Trump and he shadow boxed.

He was, he was making all sorts of noises and he shadow box for Trump. Do you know what a shadow box illusion is? It’s interesting. Now maybe I’m digging too deep into this, but by the end of the show, I’m making a strong case for the susness of this all. A shadow box is an illusion that was originally attributed to Fu Manchu, which involves a frame box covered in cloth and paper. The box is turned around on its base and it’s open to reveal. It’s completely empty. Handheld lights are shown through the fabric to show that nothing’s hidden.

The box is closed and the light is placed inside. It’s a flip-floparoo. You think you, you think you’re seeing something, but it’s empty. It’s not real. It’s not there. Disappears. Shadow box in there. All right. So you just take a listen. I understand that, you know, Jesus is coming back and I have predicted that there will be earthquake June 6th. They’re making like light of it. They’re making jokes and then he’s like, oh yeah, it’s going to happen. How would he know? First thing he starts off is like, oh, the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is all these people with like the Lord Jesus Christ told me, but you got to judge a tree by its fruit. You know, if you know Christ, you’re going to probably live a life that is Christ-like. Jesus said that if, if, you say, you know me, but you don’t do as I do, you don’t know me. You don’t know me. It’s impossible to know Christ unless you’re doing the works of Christ. If there is like, if there’s a trail of un-Christ-like behavior, you don’t know the Lord. I don’t consider myself to be that great guy.

You know, I, it’s like, I, I mean, I have, I’m a very simple man. You know, I, I wake up in the morning very early with the Dan Dan and Ethan, we have breakfast and everything else. I walk her to her car, you know, and I, I start work, start on X, follow the way, follow the way, follow me on X it’s Jacob Israel 71. I have no problem talking today at X,, the old Twitter. Follow me there. I start off by my post and then I go to the gym. What do I do? I pray like this morning.

I prayed. I’m like, what am I missing? Because I was already doing this June six show. This was a big deal. You got Ryan Garcia talking about this and we talk about how, you know, he says, oh, Jesus told them. So there’s going to be an earthquake, right? Whole point of my video was to get you to, to realize you probably shouldn’t put your faith in these people. And, uh, if they’d be corrupt, that was a hashtag that I put out for a long time. If they’d be corrupt, God’s going to show you, he gets arrested.

So maybe he should listen to him. If he’s telling me a terrible earthquake is going to happen and it doesn’t happen. There are some things that are going to happen, people, and it’s happening. It’s happening shortly. It’s going to be very interesting to see how everything kind of just gets revealed. But, um, you know, he, uh, addressed all of his fans on X. He said, so after he goes through all of this, he says, there’s going to be a terrible earthquake. There were like videos that were done. Oh, Ryan Garcia. He knows. Let’s get ready.

And, uh, he ends up trashing a hotel room and he’s gets popped and he has mental health is, you know, crisis. And, uh, he comes to X and he says, this sucks, but I love Jesus. Okay. That’s okay. Listen, I hope he loves Jesus. I hope Ryan Garcia, I hope you start watching my channel. I hope that all of you that are watching my channel, hit the like button, you know, leave a comment, give a little share. I’m a little, I’m a little beside myself because today it’s been one of those days we’ve had like a great day here at the house and I’ve been working and there’s a lot going on and we’re kind of celebrating because, you know, my birthday’s coming.

It’s going to be a big deal. It’s going to be a big deal. It’s going to be a big deal. I hope that you are subscribed yet. You’ve hit the, uh, you know, notification bell because I’m going to do a show either today or on my birthday. I don’t know when and it’s going to, um, it’s going to be huge. It’s going to be huge. I’m not even, I want to, I want to give you like a little spoiler, but I’m not going to give you a spoiler. If you’re following me on a Patreon and you’re a member of Patreon, you already know about the seven 11 connection.

You already know because I shared it with you, you know, this morning. It’s exciting. All right, listen, go to the description of the video, hit like, hit share, leave a comment, tell your friends, become a member of Patreon and you’ll, uh, you’ll, you’ll be on the, uh, the inside scoop of things before I reveal it here. And that’ll be a wonderful thing because then it’ll help me as well. So we’re, we’re in for a shift people. We’re in for a shift. Even the US debt clock is saying so. Take a look, right? Look at that.

Look at that. That’s huge, but you’re going to learn about it tomorrow on my live show or the day after. I don’t know. I’m only one man. All right. I love each and every one of you. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye. September 10th, Mars hangs closer to the earth than it has 6,000 years. Like the light that led men from the east to a child in a manger, it could well be a sign of good things to come. Thomas James shall be his name. The world will change because of him. In a small town of Bethel in a time not unlike our own, a child with a great purpose is born.

Years later alienated by its peers abused, Thomas suffers a devastating loss. When it appears he has nothing left to live for in the world, this is when his true call begins. While trying to escape the sinister powers that be, a terrifying vision haunts him. Miraculous events seem to follow the peculiar young man as he struggles to come to terms with what he was born to do. The stage is set. The time is at hand. The truth will rise and a revolution will begin. The startling revelation of who Thomas James is truly will change the lives of those around him and set off a chain of events long ago foretold.

There is more to this novel than one might think. Inside these pages hides a treasure just waiting to be discovered. So if you’ve ever wondered if there’s more to life, or why it is we suffer, then this story will not only captivate you, it may just open your eyes to a truth that could set you free. Find out what is in us all that makes us heed the call. Click it!

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