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By: Jacob Israel
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5G Danger
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➡ Jacob talks about his deep study of the Bible and how he uses it to understand the world better. He discusses the Mandela effect, a phenomenon where people remember things differently than they are. He mentions changes in the Bible that he finds strange, like Jesus being a stonemason instead of a carpenter, and the phrase “wolf and the lamb” instead of “lion and the lamb”. He believes the Mandela effect is real and shares examples from movies and the Bible to support his view.
➡ The speaker discusses various topics, including the Mandela effect, which is when a group of people remember something differently than how it actually happened. They also talk about their interpretation of certain Bible verses and how they believe some of these interpretations have changed over time. They mention their Patreon page where they share behind-the-scenes content and future plans for live shows. Lastly, they promote their merchandise and discuss their personal beliefs about God and religion.
➡ This text talks about the concept of being ‘born again’ in Christianity, comparing the first man, Adam, to the last man, Christ. It discusses a verse in the Bible that uses the term ‘regeneration’ instead of ‘resurrection’, causing some confusion. The author also mentions that the Bible has been translated and altered over time, and encourages readers to rely on their personal faith and relationship with God. Lastly, the author asks for support for their channel and promotes some products.


Hello, my friends. Jacob’s here one more time, and I’m glad that you’re all here. I’m just a meatball. So the following show that you are about to watch, though it may be freaky and wig you out and get you all freaked out to go look into your bible, you may say, oh, it’s a terrible thing that the evil in the world has changed the words of these pages.

I’m just a meatball. But I do know that I’ve studied the scriptures for a long time, and there are a lot of things that are just that they don’t make sense. Things that are there now that maybe just weren’t back when I remember, which is like, it’s been going on for a long time because I’ve written, like, hundreds of essays that you can find@jacobisrael. com. Go there. Subscribe.

It’s free. I take the script. This is what I do. This is what I do. I take things in the world, and I use the scriptures to kind of extrapolate a deeper, significant spiritual message. But there’s this thing called the Mandela effect. Now, if you don’t know anything about it, okay, for whatever reason, they say this lady, Fiona Broom, that she was like a paranormal investigator and she discovered this.

But let me tell you something. There are a lot of people that have been talking about it for a long time. I have video after video after video. I’m actually kind of an expert in this field as I will be featured in the Mandela effect movie that is coming out very shortly. Don’t ask how that happened. God has a sense of humor. But as I’m getting ready to do my show, the big Super bowl prediction show, which is coming up, as I’m getting ready to do that, there is a specific passage in the scripture that I was digging into that relates to this super bowl that’s coming up.

Don’t miss that show. Make sure you’re subscribed and you hit the like and you share and you do all that stuff so you don’t miss that show. And it blew my mind because a word that I thought was there, no longer there. And then I start digging in a little bit more, and I’m like, well, what else has changed since I last did my Bible? Mandela effect. I’m just, I’m shook.

I’m shook to the core. You know, on the channel, we talk a lot about the secret societies, the Freemasons. Well, you probably saw the thumbnail, and you were probably thinking, wow, that’s weird. Well, it’s not weird because I just found out that most historians believe that Jesus was not in fact a carpenter, but was a stonemason. That’s what the Freemasons are. They’re stonemasons. And this is evidence because, of course, in Nazareth there was like a stone quarry.

And then they say back in the day, most of the houses were built of stone. So that’s their justification. But let me tell you something. The spiritual message of being a carpenter’s son is incredibly profound and deep. I probably would have stumbled on the fact that Jesus was like the first freemason. I probably would have figured that out long time ago. I think this is a new thing for me.

It’s not found anywhere in scripture. If you look at the actual word in the original language, if you use the strongs, it comes out as a woodworker, somebody who’s a carpenter, a builder, a joiner. But if you go to, like, the Munzes, these are different translations, these are different interlinear Bibles where they go with the original text. Munz says, could be a stonemason or somebody that works with stone.

I see the symbolism there as well. But this is new to me. Is it new to you? Is it new to you? Did you know that Jesus was a freemason? You think he was posing for selfies back in the know, covering the eye and making all the weird hand gestures? You think he was doing that? Or do you think he was a carpenter’s son? You gotta tell me in the comments.

Lot of weird changes to the Bible, right? I’ve covered a lot of know. Probably one of the most famous, of course, that’s going around is the lion and the lamb. Never happened. It was never the lion. The lamb. It’s always been the wolf and the lamb. Even though there’s plenty of evidence, plenty of pictures, plenty of books written, plenty of tattoos with the lion and the lamb. But now it’s the wolf and the lamb.

Now, before I go any further and talk about all the other weird ones, which there are a lot of them, I want to tell you something. I, for one, believe that the Mandela effect is like a real thing. I do. I do. Because when I started covering it back in the day, I saw two very significant, what we called effects back then that had plenty of evidence to back it up.

Flip flop. I would say, well, do you remember the movie Apollo 13? Do you remember the line, Houston, we have a problem? And they would say, oh, yeah, I love that movie. I said, okay, well, that’s not what he says. And they would immediately say, well, what do you mean? That’s not what he says. So now what I would tell people is, well, years ago, it was this.

You remember, Houston, we have a problem. And that’s right now. But let’s go to some movie misquote places. I would look up articles online like Buzzfeed, top 20 movie misquotes, 2013. Whenever it was back then, the number one that Buzzfeed had was Apollo 13, and it said, houston, we have a problem. Misquote, actual quote, it would say, houston, we’ve had a problem. So that’s just strange, because now we have evidence of big name online magazines doing top 20 movie misquotes, and they’re number one.

They don’t get it right. You. I remember studying them, and they were one way, and then they flip flopped. In the Bible, for example, there are essays that I wrote about Paul’s thorn in particular, which was very important to me because it’s a very important passage we’re given the thorn in the flesh. And Jesus, he had a crown of thorns. Thorns are very significant. Thorns are. They equate to the cares of the world.

So I did this whole essay about it. But in the scriptures, it used to say that God sent a messenger of Satan to buffet me. That was Paul, doesn’t exist anymore. God wasn’t in charge of this God. It actually repeats. So I knew there was something to it. Then I stumble upon the know because I talk about on the channel how important the tongue is that the tongue is a mighty instrument, right? It’s a sword.

You take your words, take the s off the end, put it in the beginning, you got a sword. It can bring life and it can bring death. You could speak blessings. You could speak curses. The tongue in scripture was compared to what of a ship? Do you remember? Tongue is as of a ship. What is it? The rudder. Right? Because it’s small, but it can steer you into the rocks, can steer you away, but no longer is it the rudder of a ship.

It’s the helm of a ship. Now, the helm is a lot bigger, right? The helm is a lot bigger than the rudder in relation to the ship, but that’s the way it is. We, of course, know that a lot of people got that tattoo of judge not lest ye shall be judged. Great passage, right? Don’t think things to be a certain way unless you want them to be that way.

See things better in the future. Judge not lest ye shall be judged. A lot of people have tattoos. A lot of people still, to this day, believe that that’s what it said. But it was never written that way. Never written that way. These are like ones that stood out to me. The ones that stood out to me the most were like the ones that were just ridiculous. Like the fact that Easter is in the Bible now, back in Jesus’s day, back before Easter wasn’t a thing, it was Passover, okay? That was the whole thing.

It’s very strange. Very strange that now we’ll find these original texts from like the 1611 King James. They’re no longer what I remember them to be. Some of the most famous paintings, the Michelangelo’s of the world and the Leonardo da Vinci’s of the world. Everything’s a little bit different, especially this famous picture right here. Let me give you a close up right there. That’s the creation of Adam.

Now what looks different? I put this out on X. If you’re not following me on x, you probably should. It’s at Jacob 71. I share a lot on there and I try to help people to see how it is that I get this information. People are always saying, how do you figure this out? So I’m kind of like trying to teach people and train people here. And especially on Patreon.

I even do like these little videos. If you want to hook up with the channel and you want to support the channel, Patreon, it’s like you could do a dollar a day, $5 a day, $10 a day, you could do anything you want, right? But if you want any of these little, what I call like little daily breadcrumbs where I do like videos, you get me behind the scenes.

I share thumbnails ahead of time. I share things that are a little bit deeper. Go to Patreon. Soon I’m going be to doing live shows. I’ll be doing dream interpretation shows. There. Once we hit a certain mark and it actually works out and I can figure out how to actually do it. But I put out that picture right there, this one again. And I said, well, what’s the Mandela effect here? And do you notice, take a look at the wrist of Adam.

Do you see that? It kind of looks like God is pointing towards Adam, pointing up to Adam, like to touch Adam, as if Adam is somehow elevated from God. That makes no sense at all. I could remember it wrong, but I’m telling you, that’s the day we’re in, where man thinks he’s above God. Most people know you’ll meet. They probably don’t even really believe in God. Maybe they have an idea, a cursory understanding or they go to church, but they’re not seeking every day, they’re not praying every day.

They’re not looking at the world and saying, wow, it’s all coming together. This is a most important time. So of course we’re going to see these famous works of art sort of differently, where man is above God somehow. Like, God needs to touch Adam as opposed to Adam needs to touch God. It’s weird to me. I think it’s a Mandela effect. I don’t know. You got to tell me in the comments.

Know, some people ask me, they say, why does it say that God is a jealous God? And how does he explain that to me? And I do. I’ve written about this as well. But it wasn’t until today that I realized that that was his name as well. Now I remember God being a jealous God. And it’s a translation and it really just means that, look, if the truth, the truth only can have the truth.

So the lie is it’s not going to be good. It’s not going to be good for you. So of course God is a jealous God. Just like I would be jealous if someone I loved and cared for was somehow totally ignorant of who I was and was following after a bunch of lies. That’s really kind of what it means. It’s not like a terrible thing where you’re doing everything to serve God in your best interest and he’s still jealous.

He’s like, what were you doing out last night? You said you were at work. What happened? What took you 15 minutes to get home? Thank God Danielle is not like that. But you all probably can understand what that’s like. But now in Exodus chapter 30, 412 14, it says, take heed for yourself, lest you make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land. Whether you go, let it be a snare in the midst of you, because you shall, but you shall destroy their altars, break their images, you’ll cut down their groves.

For thou shalt worship no other God. For the Lord, whose name is. I always thought it was like Jehovah. For the Lord, whose name is. I always thought it was like maybe Yahweh. I always thought it was Jehovah. But it’s actually for the Lord whose name is jealous is a jealous God, which doesn’t make a lot of sense, right? Because it’s like saying, is jealous. My name is jealous.

No, that’s not God’s nature. God, according to John, is love. So that doesn’t make sense. That’s a weird thing. That would be another one of those things that. That’s kind of the way people think God is today in the world. So everything’s twisted. Everything’s a little weird. That, for me, Mandela effect. Do you remember it being God’s name, being jealous? Do you? I don’t. Now we got the merch, right? We got the merch, which you can still get till the end of February now, because everybody loves the meatball hat.

I am a witness, right? I’m a witness. And where to or what’s the next word? Are gathered there. God is in the midst, where two, or. I always thought it was more, and I always thought that it was more. And I understood the more to just be like three people, like the Lord adding to a conversation. But actually the word more. For wherever two or more are gathered, that doesn’t exist anywhere.

And I studied the scriptures, so, I mean, maybe I’m just missing it. But I also know that the Mandela effect is real because I soft a flip flop. So I know I’m fully persuaded in my mind whether we’re in some weird simulation or whether there’s some crazy stuff going on where our memory is being messed with. Like we remember things a little wrong. Maybe it’s some big experiment.

Maybe. But there’s something. There’s something. I look at it in a positive light because I know that this isn’t our home. Jesus said, this is not my home. This is not my kingdom. Right? Jesus came here to set the people that were know from Noah’s day to set them free. I kind of look at us like that. Like we were sent here. We’re here now to lift everybody out of this madness.

And madness it is, because it’s not two or more. It’s two or three. Three. I don’t remember it. What do you know? Got to tell me in the comment section. Now, I got to be honest about wearing the hat. It’s also because I’m having a terrible hair day. So instead of trying to do my hair and trying to make it all look pretty, which it never looks pretty, right? Let’s face it.

Yeah, I’m 52. I’m going to be 53. My hair is. We’ve seen. It’s gone white. It’s gone white, and it’s all over the place. So I put the meatball hat on. That’s another reason to get it. Support the channel. I’m just a meatball. I’m just a meatball. No one can say I’m just going to believe it because this guy is saying so. He’s wearing a meatball hat. Believe it when you seek after it and ask God to reveal it to you.

I think there’s something going on. But hey, look, maybe I’m wrong. Just like I was wrong about whose ear got cut off in the New Testament. That’s a good question, right? That’s a good guess. Like a Bible question. Like they came for Jesus in the garden, who got their ear cut off and why? Well, you remember the story where know he took a knife? I thought it was a knife, the word sword, because it says sword in scripture now.

I always thought it was a knife back in the day. I’m not saying that’s a Mandela effect, because I know that word sword also translates into a blade that cuts meat. Could be like a survival knife. But Peter, I always thought, lopped off the roman guards. I thought it was a roman guard, like even the passion of the Christ. I believe they depicted a roman guard. I don’t remember that so much because I haven’t seen that movie in a long time.

But I always thought it was a roman guard. Yet turns out people are saying, no, it’s a slave. But then I go to the scriptures to look that up, just to back it up, and it was a servant of the high priest got his ear lopped off. Servant of the high priest. I don’t remember this. I remember it being the roman, but once again, once again, I see the symbolism of both.

But what do you think when Peter cut the year off, who was it? Was it a guard, like pictured in this old movie? Or was it a high priest? The servant of the high priest? You got to tell me. It’s all weird, right? It’s all weird. That’s why I can’t wait for the Mandela effect movie to come out, because I think it’s going to be huge. I hope it’s going to be huge.

I hope it’s going to be huge. That’s new to me. But it may not be new to me once again, because, look, see, that’s the thing with the mandela effect. That’s why it’s easy to discount it, because I could be wrong. I could remember things differently. I know the scriptures pretty well, and a lot of people will say things like, in the scriptures, it never said two men in one bed.

They’ll tell me this. I’m like, no, it did. I’ve written essays on it. There are times where we could just remember things wrong. But when I was doing the research for this super bowl show, and I was looking up a specific passage about how the last shall be first. Well, I was blown away to find out that it’s not at the resurrection, but it’s something else. There’s a great message in this, too.

The last shall be first and the first shall be last. And it’s an idea of who we were, who we thought we were. The first idea of us, which was formed in the dust of the earth, formed by the people that gave us a name and gave us an identity and gave us politics to believe in. And we were literally formed to be this person that we call, hey, this is Jacob, this is Beth, this is Joey, this is know.

That’s who we begin to think that we are. That’s the first idea of us. That’s the first man in the Bible, which is Adam, who eats of that tree and knowledge of good and evil and dies, spiritually speaking, thinks he knows it all, decides that he’s like God, sees God as someone who serves him and points up to him. The first Adam is going to be last in the kingdom of heaven, and the last man, which is Christ from heaven above, which is what the scriptures say.

The first shall be last, the last shall be first. That which is earthy, which is first is not heavenly, but that which is heavenly, which is next, comes down from heaven above. That’s the second Adam, that’s Christ. That’s first into the kingdom of heaven. It’s a picture of being born again, having Christ being resurrected, Christ in you, the hope of glory. And yet in this one passage, this is what just blew my mind.

And I reached out to a couple of people that I believe that are very, very well skilled. One of them, right off the bat, didn’t know, thought it was resurrection. The other one thought it was resurrection, but then looked it up and said, oh no, it’s something else. And then the third, I don’t know if they checked to make sure so they didn’t sound stupid. You know how you do that when someone says, what is it, this or this? You want to be right? So I’m asking you in the comments section, give your first idea, your first answer every time.

But in the book of Matthew, chapter 19, verse 28, it says this. Jesus said to you, truly, I say to you, those that have followed me at the something, when the son of man shall sit on the throne of his glory. So this something happens when Christ sits on the throne, you also shall judge the twelve tribes. But the word that’s used is not what I thought. I thought that it used to say.

I thought it says, truly, I tell you, if you followed me at the resurrection, when the son of man sits on the throne. But it’s not resurrection. It’s regeneration. I don’t remember regeneration being in there. But once again, I could be wrong. You have to tell me. Regeneration Regen sounds like some kind of, like a computer thing. In this translation, it actually says renewal. It doesn’t even say regeneration because that’s kind of what it means.

But to be resurrected and to be regenerated, I think they’re different things. So you got to tell me in the comment section if you think that even the Bible, right, even the Bible, which people say, by the way, they say this is the word of God. This is not the word of God. The word of God is truth. Your word, O Lord, is truth. These are the scriptures.

Jesus called these the scriptures and he says that in these you think you have eternal life, and they’re the very things that testify of me. But you don’t know me. The word of God cannot be altered. The word of God is truth. Truth can’t be altered. It can’t mislead you. It can’t misguide you. But the scriptures, they’ve been translated. Things have been added. Things have been taken away.

It’s just that man and religion has gotten you to believe in this because it’s tangible as opposed to believing in what’s in your heart and what’s in your mind. When you pray and you’re asking God, God wants to teach you. God wants to lead you. It shouldn’t bother you if things don’t appear the way they used to appear, because in the grand scheme of things, God’s in control.

So do you think the Bible’s being changed? You got to tell me. And if not, you got to tell me. And you got to do me a favor and share this video around. Will you, will you hit like, will you hit subscribe? If you’re not subscribed, will you check the bell for notifications? Tell people. Everybody’s telling me, oh, I got unsubscribed. I got know, make sure you go and check.

You may be unsubscribed and not even know it. Do it. Do it today. Do it now. Tell your friends. Share the channel around. Do that stuff. Get yourself a God’s champion mug. Uranus is a planum mug. Get any of the merch in description of the video below. There’s links to trulyfreehome. com. They’re running a special right now on, like, vegetable spray. I’ll put a link below. You could check that out too.

Live without the toxins that are trying to rob you from everything. It’s like the whole world seems like it’s out to get you. But believe me, God’s delivering us, and God’s doing something wonderful. So be excited. I love each and every one of you. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye. .

5G Danger

Spread the Truth
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5 thoughts on “New BIBLE MANDELA EFFECTS You Wont Believe

  1. Idk man.. I feel like Mandella Effect is a psyop. Shazaam was for sure a movie. Sinbad even put out a video of him explaining what happened. Its on YT. And it was Berenstein Bears. I used those books to learn how to read. I sounded out every single letter to learn. It’s either a psyop or there is some very advanced technology being used to manipulate things. Was CERN being used when Mandella died the first or second time? Or any variation of CERN? Well, we wouldn’t know. They keep stuff like that a secret for a minimum of 10 years before releasing anything to the public. Personally, I don’t believe it. Another theory (just came up with it now), someone from (whenever Mandella Effect was discovered) travelled to the past and killed a mosquito and it changed the rest of iut timeline? No, that wouldnt make sense because our entire past from that moment would also been altered. So we wouldn’t even know it. Damn, I’ve smoked too much. Lol.

  2. YHWH was Jesus’s Real Name. Cuz BC and AC there wasn’t a J and other alphabets. I agree on The Mandela effects. I also think CERN / HAARP has a lot to do with Mandela effects. I feel Time is sped up. I heard China is rewriting the Holy Bible. Elon Musk trying to destroy the Firmament and Hillary Clinton saying they Supposedly Cracked the Dome. But the Dome repaired itself. Project Fishbowl/ Project Fishbowl. They’re trying to get through the Firmament. Why can’t us Humans know the truth. We all are Waking up at least most of us. I believe in YHWH Jesus Christ. God Bless you. 🙌

  3. I was trying to say also Project High Jump. As well as Project Fishbowl. Just like all the weather patterns going on all over the world. Mark Zuckerberg and all the other elites selling their homes, building Bunkers like you cannot hide from God’s Wrath not in a bunker. I also Heard Supposedly Godzilla is Real and headed to the United States of America. Megalodon Is Still Exists. Really don’t know..

  4. I remember even watching Indiana Jones (3rd one) and he described Jesus as a Carpenter and thats the reason they were able to find the right glass he drank out of….because they knew he was a carpenter!! LOL This is just ridiculous what’s changing.

  5. Profound article I touch bases with this like everybody else does. The phenomenon is a true reality and we observed it. And I’m not surprised. The easiest form of time travel is gravity and it happens everyday in every place. Most places on earth have different degrees of gravity, mountains are the most, the none structural areas are the lowest and time is effected differently in each spot. So NASA says it has to install a clock on the moon to travel there because of the large amount difference in gravity and of the course of the time manifesting different the clock would follow it’s gravational projection of it’s time line which would be real time travel. If you spent an earth year near a black hole could be as much as eighty years would pass in one year. It’s the safest way to time travel with zero energy where traveling near light speed consumes energy and the faster a mass moves the more it expands the more energy it requires to keep the mass moving. So there’s never going to be enough energy.

    Now the non-biblical M-E phenomenal effect I clearly remember is the Shazam movie with comedian actor Sinbad. I’m a little older so I never actually wanted to see the childrens movie although I clearly remember the commercial advertised on our antenna television for the movie and I thought it was a kids show so I didn’t go to the time they advertised for the show. But it was the comedian and not the basketball star. I’m like everyone else I thought a remake of the Shazam movie with a basketball star was odd.

    So college humor remade the movie based upon this Las Vegas video owners memories. This man is on Reddit and this is what he said on Reddit.


    3mo ago

    Edited 3mo ago
    I was 30 years old when I ordered two VHS copies of the movie for my Las Vegas video store and as far as I know the film was only ever available on VHS from a distributor for rental (MVC in my case).

    In other words it was never for sale to the public and saw a limited release to various video rental stores around 1993/4.

    It’s been my “white whale” for years and I actually remember quite a bit about the movie which is how I was able to help out the College Humor writer of the Sinbad April Fool’s day video with the scene description and some of the dialogue.

    The reason I remember it so well is that it was a children’s movie that didn’t really appear to be a finished product and a lot of customers returned it claiming “there was something wrong with the tape”, and I had to watch it looking for the supposed damaged portion.

    There was never anything wrong with it, it was just that the renters were expecting a 90s Sinbad comedy and this was a film for small kids more appropriate for Nickelodeon or something like that.

    It had a really promising start actually that was genuinely funny and had some decent production values but the rest was unpolished, poorly edited, and like I said looked unfinished.

    My suspicion has always been that this video was originally filmed in the 80s for a “direct to video” release, shelved, then acquired in one of the many independent studio buyouts of the 90s and released “as is” to make a quick buck.

    End of discussion.
    So if you watch the movie on YouTube it’s from memories of the show.

    Biblicly who can forget about how the sparrow doesn’t toil god takes care of the sparrow and not one sparrow falls to the ground without God there. Now it’s raven but ravens are associated with death, ravens don’t occupy graveyards, but in the movies they do. And the relatives of crows are great smart birds, they make good pets but Ravens in nature eat dead things that have been dead a long time. Guess Christian are looking at a new meal from God.

    Love the website.

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