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Mysteries of Antiquity – Earths Strange Secret Past!

By: JayDreamerZ
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➡ This text is about the adventures of a knight named Sir John Mandeville. He wrote about his encounters with strange creatures and people, such as one-footed beings, giant rats, and people with dog heads. He also described places with magnetic rocks and giant snails that could be used as shelters. Despite the fantastical nature of his accounts, Mandeville insisted they were true and certified by the king and the pope.
➡ The text discusses various mythical creatures and legends from history, suggesting that these tales might have some basis in reality. It talks about humanoid tribes with elongated body parts, possibly due to exposure to radiation, and creatures that resemble modern-day skinwalkers. The text also mentions pygmies, who are skilled workers and occasionally go to war with birds, and other creatures like giants, centaurs, and griffins. It suggests that these stories could be interpretations of terrestrial energy affecting life on earth, and ends with a discussion on the reverence for the number nine in Tartary culture.
➡ This text describes a fantastical world filled with griffins, mountains, and a river full of precious stones. It talks about a mysterious valley where trees grow and bear fruit daily, but no one dares to touch the fruit as it’s believed to be a fairy’s work. The text also mentions strange creatures, including horned wild men, giants, and other monstrous beasts. Lastly, it describes a paradise with three wells flowing with milk, wine, and honey, and a wall enclosing it, with only one entry guarded by fire.
➡ The text talks about four rivers: Pishon, Nihilus, Tigris, and Euphrates. Pishon is a meeting point for many rivers, Nihilus is known for its troubled waters, Tigris is fast-running like a tiger, and Euphrates is fruitful with crops. The Euphrates splits into seven parts, creating a fertile delta. However, reaching this paradise is impossible due to wild beasts, high mountains, dark places, and the rough waters of the rivers. Many have tried and failed to reach it, suffering from exhaustion, blindness, deafness, or even death due to the harsh conditions.


So tonight we’re talking about the. The travels of a knight, a knight named Sir John Mandeville. When it comes to these firsthand eyewitness accounts, oftentimes I found that modern academics, surprise, surprise, usually just cast them aside. They just say, oh, that’s just a fantasy. They just wrote it like it was true. But it’s just. It’s just fiction. This is a true story. This is definitely real. And Sir John Mandeville, the end of it, he says, like, hey, I had this certified by, like, the king and the pope and everybody. So this is all, you know, this is all accurate.

You’ll see. Watch. You’re going to meet monsters. Legendary tribes of people, weird, strange mutant humanoids, stuff that this guy wrote about in great detail. This is a huge book, so I’ve condensed it down. These are all the j’s notes of the book. He says, in Ethiopia, in that country, be folk that have but 1ft. And they go so bleevy that it is a marvel, meaning they move. They move about quickly, even though they only have 1ft. And the foot is so large that it shadoweth all of the body against the sun, when they will lie and rest them, so they’ll lie down and put their foot up above them, blocking, using it as like a parasol.

In ind be full many diverse countries, and it is clept ind for a flom or a river that runneth throughout the country is called ind. And that flom men find eels of 30 foot long and more. And the folk that dwell nigh the water be of evil color green and yellow. This reminds me of the shrieking eels from the princess bride. Remember that one? Those are the shrieking eels. They always grow louder right before they feed on human flesh. In that isle. Isle means island. In that isle be ships without nails of iron or bonds for the rocks of the adamants, for they be all full thereabout at the sea.

That it is a marvel to speak of. And if a ship passed by those marches that had either iron bonds or iron nails, anon he should be perished, for the adamant of his kind draweth the iron to him. That means that the rocks themselves have magnetic properties that pull the ships that are just floating on water. They pull the iron and the nails and the magnetic stuff towards these lodestone mountains. And the ships, they just keep getting faster and faster and faster because it’s just being pulled in, basically. Right? And so it would draw him to the ship because of the iron, that he would never depart from it.

No, never go thence. Right. So the people would get sucked into these lodestone mountains, you know, at the top of the world, and they knew not to make their ships with metal, or they would get stuck there. And there are many legends and writings and histories of people who have been stuck there. In that aisle be many great lions and many other wild beasts. Beasts. And there be rats in that isle as great as hounds here. And men take them with great mastiffs, for cats may not take them, because back then, the world was full of monsters.

And this says, there be rats in that island as great as hounds, rats as big as dogs. Which also reminds me of the princess bride, the Rousses. This is a historic account, okay? This is not some gigantic fictional book that someone was trying to trick everyone in the future, you know? Listen, books were a big deal hundreds of years ago. The trolls they had were real, actual trolls, okay? They didn’t have humans that were just screwing with each other. I think I’ll take years to write, like, a travelogue book. Hundreds of pages, and I’ll just trick the world and make lots of money they didn’t have that.

You would die. And whoso drinketh three times fasting of that water of the well, he is whole of all manner of sicknesses that he has. This is the well. This is the wishing well. And it is what I call the plasma volcano. Mount meru rupus nigra. It is the fountain of youth, which is physically a real, actual place. The fountain of youth, for they often drink thereof and seem always young like, and live without sickness. And men say that that well cometh out of paradise, and therefore it is also virtuous. Goes on to say, and ye have heard me say that Jerusalem is in the midst of the world.

In the midst of the world, okay? Jerusalem today is not in the middle of the world. It’s not in the middle of the world. It’s, like, off to the side, you know, up there. It’s definitely not in the middle. There’s a true Jerusalem. There’s a real Jerusalem. And that’s not to take anything away from the modern city or whatever. I’m just saying, like, those people came from somewhere, which was a place called Jerusalem. And when they settled in the new. In the new land, the promised land or whatever. Or the place they thought was a promised land when they settled there, then they renamed it after the old land, which was the city of peace.

There be also in that country a kind of snails. Snails that be so great that many persons may lodge them in their shells as men would do in a little house. Snail shells so big that humans of our stature can use them as shelter. Like little houses. Right? This sounds like something out of a fairy tale. The brilliant thing about it is that it’s 100% real. They stem from a reality that we’ve just simply forgotten. It’s. We’re not used to it. You know, we live in the modern world, as did they when they. When they told their stories, sitting inside of their little snail houses or whatever.

They told stories about how people would stare at crystals and see visions and be able to speak to one another the world across. That was their stories. That was their. Those were their weeds are their campfire stories. Other snails there be. That be full, great, but not so huge as the other. And of these snails, and of the great white worms that have black heads that be as great as a man’s thigh, and some less as great worms that men find there in the woods. So there’s also giant worms, too. And a lot of times these are sandworms.

Not all of them. There’s different kinds of worms and stuff. But when giganticism returns to this world, there are sandworms just like you see in betelgeuse, just like you see in Dune, just like you see in these, you know, Star wars and stuff. Like gigantic worms that live in muddy, swampy, marshy areas that will freaking eat you. And all the men and women of that isle have hounds heads and they be clept cynocephalies. Now that’s interesting. That is the land of werewolves. Okay, I’m just. I’m translating into modern language. That’s. Those are werewolves. Like, that’s a damn werewolf.

I don’t care how, any way you slice it, that’s a werewolf. They said there’s an entire land full of humanoids that look like they have the head of a wolf. About these dog people, it says they be full of reasonable and good understanding, save that they worship an ox for their God. So they’re reasonable, they’re understanding. They have a human like mindset. So these are not just dogs that turn into people, you know, or animals or whatever. And they go all naked, save for a little clout that they cover with their knees. And their members, they be great folk of, well, fighting.

And they have a great targe that covereth their body and a spear in their hand to fight with. And if they take any man in battle, anon, they eat him. These are the sworn travels testimonies, okay, of a knight, a middle of the middle ages. But everywhere he went, he wrote it all down. Things that he witnessed in one of these isles be folk of great stature as giants. And they be hideous for to look upon. And they have but one eye that is in the middle and the front. And they eat nothing but raw flesh and raw fish.

There’s different types of giants as well, right? Just like there’s different types of humans, different races of humans, different races of giants and stuff. These ones seem to be of the cyclopean type. In another island towards the south dwell folk of foul stature and of cursed kind that have no heads. Their eyes be in their shoulders. This is a reference to the blimmies that we have, you know, talked about on occasion as well. They’re headless people. They look like they don’t have heads. Whatever they are. They seem headless, okay? Like, they don’t have any heads at all.

Like, imagine if my shoulders went up this high, you know what I mean? I’m gonna share some more other types of travelogues like this. There’s a really interesting irish one, but it’s the same type of thing. They go to all these different islands way, you know, beyond the edges of the world or whatever. And every single island is vastly different from every other island. So there’s strange sounding. This sounds like, you know, something you would see in a horror movie, right? Where do you suppose the ideas for those horror movies come from? History. Real history. We just want to forget the old world.

Why? Because it’s right around the corner. That’s the world that is about to creep up on you. And people don’t want to lose all of their comforts of their modern world. In another island, be folk that have great ears and long that hang down to their knees. Now, here’s another thing I will point out, okay? Many of these legendary tribes typically are just humanoid, but there’s some features that are different for some reason. And oftentimes they’re elongated body parts. I have talked about how that may be possible for body parts after the apocalypse to stretch, you know, depends on how close you are to certain, you know, radio, radioactive materials or radiation, cosmic radiation that comes down and, you know what I mean, how it affects you.

But it has the potential to activate all of your collagen, your skin cells, basically to regenerate them very quickly, but to make it so that the elastin in your skin makes your skin extremely stretchy. In another, I’ll be folk that go upon their hands and their feet as beasts, and they be all skinned and feathered, and they will leap as lightly into the trees and from tree to tree, as it were. Squirrels or apes. That kind of sounds like what they call skinwalkers today, actually. I don’t know about the feathers except for maybe they’re humanoids so they decorate with feathers or something.

And in another isle be folk that go always upon their knees full marvelously. And at every pace that they go it seemeth that they would fall and they have in every foot eight toes. I think this is the people that have the backwards legs. The legends say that they’re extremely fast like you would think that since their legs look like they’re all backwards they would have a hard time walking. It actually makes it so they can run and jump incredibly further than we can and faster than we can. Now, the pygmies. That river goeth through the land of the pygmies where the folk be of little stature that be but three spans long.

And they be right fair and gentle after their quantities, both the men and the women. And they marry them when they be half a year of age and they get children and they live not but six a year or seven at the most. And he that liveth in 8th year men hold him there being right passing old. These men be the best of workers of gold, silver, cotton, silk and all such things of any other that be in the world. Much like the dwarves. Like the story of the little people they tend to be, you know, very good at metalworkers.

And they have oftentimes war with the birds of that country that they take and they eat. So if you don’t know the legends the pygmies were known oftentimes to go to war with storks and herons and storks and those types of birds. Right stocky legged birds they’re oftentimes shown riding them too. They subdued them. So it sounds to me like their war was them going on the hunt, you know, because these birds were very useful. They could fly on them. And this is probably, if I were to guess the origin of babies being delivered by the stork.

Oftentimes they war with the birds of the country that they take and they eat. This little folk neither labor in lands nor in vines. But they have great men amongst them of our stature that till the land and labour amongst the vines for them and those men of our stature have they great scorn and wonder as we would have as giants among us. Nimrod, the giant that was the first king that ever was in the World. And he began the foundation of the Tower of Babylon. At that time, the fiends of hell, underworld beings, hollow earth creatures and entities.

And people came many times and lay with the women of his generation and engendered on them diverse folk as monsters and folks disfigured, some without heads, some with great ears, some with one eYe, some giants, some with horses feeT, and many other diverse shape against kind. There’s different ways you could interpret this. One is physical, actual creatures from the underworld, like monsters that come up or human or giants or whatever. But another way to see this is it’s describing terrestrial energy that’s being released from the earth in particular areas at particular times. Comes up, charges up, you know, the DNA of individuals, even impregnating virgins and women and stuff.

And, you know, really kickstarting life. And you get a lot of, you know, strange results from that. And all the men of Tartary have the number nine in great reverence. And therefore, who that will make the chan any present, be it of horses or be it of birds or of arrows or bows or fruit or any other thing. Always he must make of it the number nine more benignly than though he were presented with a hundred or 200. So to get something that was, you know, collected and put together in nines was seen as being a greater gift than something that was given in the hundreds.

For him seemeth the number of nine so holy because the messenger of God immortal devised it. Think about the number nine and how that what letter that relates to or correlates to in Phoenician or ancient Hebrew, right. And there groweth a manner of fruit as though it were gourds. And when they be ripe, men cut them in two, and men find within them a little beast in flesh, in bone and blood, as though it were a little lamb without wool. And men eat both the fruit and the beast. And that is a great marvel. So there is some sort of gourd that looked like a fruit, possibly could be.

Possibly could be something else. But whatever it was, they cracked it open. And there was some sort of delicious fruit on the inside. And a creature of that fruit I have eaten, he says, although it were wonderful. But that I know well that God is marvelous. In his works in that country were long apples of good savor and have great long leaves and large of two foot long and more so leaves 2ft long. And there be vines that bear so great grapes. Grapes so gigantic, regular old grapes that a strong man should have enough to do for to bear one cluster with all of the grapes.

This is mentioned in the Bible, in the Old Testament, actually. So there’s a story of the hebrew people were looking for the promised land. The problem was that they heard that the promised land was full of giants. Anyways, they sent these two spies, Caleb and Joshua, into the land to spy it out, to see what was going on, how dangerous it might look. To prove that there was giant people walking around in that land, which was their story. They brought back. They also brought back giant fruit. One of the things they brought back was a cluster of grapes that was so big, the Bible says that two men had to carry it on a stick just to carry one.

One cluster of grapes in that country be hippotanes that dwell sometime in the water and sometime in the land. And they be half man and half horse, as I have said before. And they eat men when they make, when they may take them. Centaurs are not all known for being the wisest. Okay, I know they’re shown like that in the movies all the time, but they were very wild. They had a wise leader. But you better be careful around the other centaurs. Now, in that country be many griffins. More plenty than in any other country. That’s interesting.

They just did just that. He says, like, hey, there’s Griffins there. But it’s not just that they have griffins, it’s that they have way more griffins than the other countries of the world, which Griffins were depicted on ancient maps. Some men say that they have the body upward as an eagle and beneath as a lion. But one griffin hath the body more great and is more strong than eight lions. And such lions be of this half and more great and stronger than a hundred eagles such as we have amongst us. For one griffin there will bear flying to his nest a great horse, if he may find him at the point, or two oxen yoked together as they go at the plough.

For he hath his talons are so long and so large and great upon his feet, as though they were horns of great oxen or bugles or of kind. So basically, the griffins were so strong and so big that they could pluck up a couple of horses and take them up to their nests. They’re not the only gigantic birds that are, that are mentioned throughout ancient, forgotten history. There’s the rock. Remember the rock giant bird that was said to scoop down and pick up elephants, pulling them high up into the atmosphere and then dropping them so that the fall would kill them.

Anyways, interesting that they just talk about griffins so passively, right? And a three journeys long from that sea be great mountains. Out of which goeth a great flood that cometh out of paradise. And it is full of precious stones without any drop of water. And it runneth throughout the desert on. On one side so that it maketh the sea all gravelly. That central island that is no longer. There was a valley with huge mountains. Steep mountains, right, that are. Are seen as being impassable because they shoot straight up out of the ground and they grow moss, and they’re all wet, so they’re slippery, they’re hard to climb, like.

It’s difficult to get into this place surrounded by just nature’s walls. Also beyond that phloem or river, more upward to the deserts, is a great plain, all gravelly between the mountains. And in that plain, every day at the sun rising, begin to grow small trees, and they grow until midday bearing fruit. But no man dare take of that fruit, for it is a thing of a fairy. And after midday, they decrease and they enter again into the earth, so that at the going down of the sun, they appear no more. This they do every day. And it’s a great marvel.

Could be a plant, possibly, but it says it’s a thing of a fairy. People don’t want to touch the fruit of these trees because it’s a thing of a fairy. There’s many types of fairies, but the quintessential fairy is plasma, electricity, electrical phenomena that floats about and flutters and sparkles and stuff. You don’t want to touch it. So these trees or electricity comes up out of the ground during certain times, right? As it’s following the currents of the earth, comes out sprouts these little fruits or whatever. But people don’t want to touch it because they will be electrocuted if they do.

And then whenever the sun goes away, the circuit is broken. And those electrical trees or vines or whatever you want to call them, they go back into the earth because that’s where they come from. Because the earth is electromagnetic in nature. In that desert, be many wild men that be hideous to look upon, for they be horned and they speak not, but they grunt as pigs. Many times I’ve shown you guys, humans do grow horns, okay? You live long enough, you’re gonna grow some horns, I promise. It’s another part of puberty. It’s a phase of puberty that we don’t.

We no longer go through because we don’t live long enough to get to that stage of puberty. If you’re an immortal, certain parts of your body just keep on growing, right? And that includes your skeleton and your skeletal structure, horns, tails, all that fun stuff was a normal part of being a human in the ancient times, okay, in the forgotten times, in the legendary times. And he had also let make three wells, talking about prester John’s land. Three wells caves, basically fair and noble, and all environed with stone, of Jasper, of crystal gold, and set with precious stones and great orient pearls.

And he had made a conduit under earth so that the three wells, one should run milk, another wine and another honey. And that place he called paradise, there’s three conduits, there are three wells under paradise, three cavernous systems, an anode, a cathode and a central well. These are the three roots, I believe, of Yggdrasil, which is said to have three roots that go down deep into the earth, that lead into the underworld. Beyond this valley is a great island where the folk be great giants of 28ft long, long or 30ft long, they have no clothing but the skins of beasts that they hang upon them.

And they eat no bread but all of raw flesh. And they drink milk of beasts, for they have plenty of all bestial, and they have no houses to lie in. And they eat more gladly men’s flesh than any other flesh. Into that isle dare no man gladly enter. And if they see a ship and men therein, anon, they enter into the sea for to take them. Man eaters, right? They’re huge, gigantic. These ones are up to 30ft tall. But he goes into great detail of even taller ones. He’s very good at letting you know if it’s something he himself experienced, or if it’s a story that he heard when he visits these strange lands, he says, I saw none of those, for I had no lust to go to those parts, because that no man cometh neither into that isle nor into the other.

But if he be devoured, meaning if you want to go there, you’re going to get eaten. So, yeah, I don’t want to go there. And amongst those giants be sheep as great as oxen, as the oxen are here, and they bear great wool and rough of the sheep I have seen many times. So he has seen these giant sheep, and men have seen many times. Those giants take men in the sea, out of their ships and brought them to land, two in one hand and two another, eating them, going all raw and quick. There’s a land of giants that will not hesitate to eat a person.

Scoop them up real quick. There be also many other beasts, full, wicked and cruel, that be not mickle more than a bear. And they have a head like a boar or pig’s head. They have 6ft and on every foot two large claws trenchant. And the body is like a bear and the tail is like a lion. So whatever these are, are fantasy like. These are monstrous weird creatures from other worlds. Like a freaking giant tardigrade or something, I don’t know. Now he goes on to say, beyond these isles there’s another isle. That’s clept Piton. The folk of that country, they eat no manner of thing.

The people who live here don’t eat. They be of good color and a fair shape after their greatness. But they be as small as dwarves, though not so little as the pygmies. I like how it differentiates. These men live by the smell of wild apples. And when they go any far away, they take the apples with them. For if they had lost the smell of these apples, they would die. They would starve to death because they’re smell eaters. Now paradise, terrestrial, as wise men say, is the highest place of the earth. That is in all of the world.

Now the highest place on the world is the top of the world, which is the north Pole. And it is so high that it toucheth near to the circle of the moon. For she is so high that the flood of Noah might not come to her. That would have covered all of the earth and the world all about and above and beneath, save paradise, only alone. And this paradise is enclosed all about with a wall. That’s the, um. The cliffs of insanity, right? And men wit not, that means they know not whereof it is. They don’t know where it is.

They lost it. Paradise is lost. We went through an electromagnetic shift so they couldn’t use compasses to figure out which way was east or west or whatever anymore. All of the star patterns changed the direction of the lights that moved in the sky. Everything was changed. And the earth was completely terraformed. So people were quite actually lost. For the walls be covered all over with moss. So you can imagine how hard it would be to scale walls that are just covered in slime, right? And the wall stretcheth from the south to the north. And it hath but not but one entry that is closed with fire.

So there is one entry into paradise, into the Garden of Eden that is closed up. One place that you can get past those cliffs of insanity, one port, you could say that’s the garden of Eden. And in the most high place of paradise, even in the middle place, is a well that casteth out the four floods that run by diverse lands. This is the garden of Eden of the which the first is clept pishon, or ganges, that is all one. And it runneth around the land of Ind. In this river be many precious stones and much of lignum, aloes and much gravel of gold.

And the other river is Clept Nilus, or Nilus or Gishon or Gison, that goeth by Ethiopia, after by Egypt. And the other is Cleft Tigris, that runneth by Assyria and Armenia the Great. And the other is clept Euphrates, that runneth also by Media and Armenia, and by Persia and men there beyond say that all the sweet waters of the world above and beneath take their beginning of the well of paradise. And out of that well all of the waters come and go. It describes paradise. And where paradise is. Paradise is not in the Middle East. I know there’s two rivers that share these same names, but those were renamed.

Those rivers were renamed after these, these original, basically. Right. The people who settled that area came from an original land, and they lived between two rivers. And so they, when they settled between two rivers, they renamed it according to their original homeland. Goes on about these rivers. The first river is clipped Pishon, that is to say in their language assembly, for many other rivers meet them there. And they go into that river. And some men call it Ganges or Ganges. The second river is clept Nihilus. Nihilus, the Nile, basically, or Gishon, or it was always trouble.

And Gishon, in the language of Ethiopia is to say trouble, and in the language of Egypt also means trouble, troubled waters. The third river is called Tigris, and this is because it is fast running like a tiger, for he runneth more fast than any of the others. There is also a beast that is called the Tigris, that is fast running. The fourth river is called the Euphrates, that is to say, well bearing, for there grow many goods upon that river, as corns, fruits, and other goods as plenty. Now, I believe that the Euphrates is split into seven different heads, as the Bible says.

And if thats so, it would be a nice little delta, you know, marshy land, not fast running water or anything that you would expect there to be lots of food growing aplenty. Right. And ye shall understand that no man that is mortal may approach to that paradise by land. No man may go for wild beasts that be in the deserts and for the high mountains and great huge rocks that no man may pass by, for the dark places that be there. And that many. And by the rivers may no man go. For the water runneth so rudely and so sharply, because that it cometh down so outrageously from the high places above it, that it runneth in so great waves that no ship may row against it or sail against it.

And the water roareth so, and maketh so huge noise and so great of a tempest that no man may hear other in the ship, though he cried with all of the craft that he could, and the highest voice that he might. Let’s see, he goes on to say, many great lords have assayed with great will many times for to pass by those rivers towards paradise. So many people have tried to go there with full great companies, but they might not speed in their voyage. And many died for weariness of rowing against these strong waves. And many of them became blind, and many deaf for the noise of the water.

And some were perished and lost within the waves, so that no mortal man may approach to that place without special grace of God.

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