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Truth in Movies! #98 STRANGER THINGS (1)

By: JayDreamerZ
Spread the Truth

5G Danger
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➡ Jay Dreamers discusses his new series focused on dissecting the truth in the TV series ‘Stranger Things’, starting from episode one. He’s excited about exploring and interpreting the hidden meanings, including conspiracy theories pertaining to MKUltra to apocalyptic themes, and encourages viewers to seek out the subliminal messages within the show.➡ Jay Dreamers introduces a new series in Truth in Movies, focusing on the series “Stranger Things” and attempting to dissect the symbolic meanings behind various aspects of the show. The host’s breakdown covers a wide range of topics from analyzing specific dates, analyzing the meaning of terms (“Demogorgon”, “troglodytes”, etc.), referencing various poster props visible in the series, and exploring the characters’ real-life counterparts.
➡ The text discusses the deeper themes and parallels in the TV series “Stranger Things” with the comic book X-Men #134, the legend of skinwalkers, and real historical projects such as Project Montauk and MKUltra. It suggests that the series involves manipulating energy forces akin to the spiritual realm and incorporates elements from comic books, role-playing games, and real-world conspiracy theories centered around clandestine government activities aimed at harnessing supernatural powers.
➡ This text explores connections between a game of Dungeons & Dragons, a storyline which includes skinwalkers, demogorgons, and the human followers who are transformed into these creatures, and a comparison to the Navajo belief system. This is paralleled with the ‘Stranger Things’ narrative featuring the antagonist, the Demogorgon capturing Will Byers. The narrative also analyzes comic book ‘X-Men’ issue number 134 and its relevance to the story. It goes on to discuss the real-life aspects of government research into the esoteric, like the Montauk Project, MKUltra, government facilities and their search for immortality, comparing these to the underground experiments mirrored in the series.
➡ The speaker discusses various theories about depths beneath the earth, alleging secret levels and operations including security and communication, staff housing, mind control experiments, alien housing, genetic experiments, and cryogenic storage. The narrator believes these underground facilities could be preparation for doomsday and are connected to alien residence and apocalyptic events, evidenced by constructions at Denver International Airport, and references to underworld entities in pop culture like Stranger Things.➡ The text discusses various underground levels where different kinds of experiments occur and strange, possibly extraterrestrial, occurrences are observed. The speaker suggests this subterranean realm may be a preparation for doomsday, connected to strange creatures, energy anomalies, and omens for apocalyptic events. They also discuss Denver International Airport’s cheeky subterranean claims through construction signs. The text also connects these claims to TV shows like Stranger Things, suggesting that they may be subtly revealing truths in plain sight.
➡ The text discusses a predicted global apocalypse triggered by surges and power outages across the country, symbolizing an electromagnetic pulse from the Earth. This results in global chaos, including falling stars and striped skies due to plasma leakage and societal degradation. The possible re-emergence of superpowers, derived from ancient ancestors’ abilities held in junk DNA, is introduced. Other signs include increased sexual arousal connected to an energetic peak and the opening of portals to another world from underground military installations.
➡ The text comprises a detailed analysis and interpretation of a TV show or story, suggesting symbolic elements within it which hint at an approaching apocalypse, influenced by electromagnetic fields from the Earth. Themes include power outages, societal decline, genetic anomalies that may result in superpowers, and an increase in human vitality and sexual arousal. References to ancient religions, cultures, apocalyptic events, plasma behavior, and symbology like storms and tigers are made. Towards the end, there’s a plot point involving a secret government laboratory experiencing an issue with a portal to another world.
➡ The text explains a theory connecting the reality of our world to elements of fantasy and sci-fi, specifically referencing “Lord of the Rings” and “Stranger Things”. It suggests that the narrative of human life is similar to a grand fantasy epic. The writer also delves into deeper interpretation of the character Eleven from “Stranger Things”, linking her psychic abilities and numeric name to elven race from the Tolkien’s universe, implying that she symbolizes beings from parallel or inner worlds. Such beings existed in a heavenly, magical world until changes happened, isolating them in a harsher earthly realm, mirroring human experience of life.
➡ The text extensively discusses a theory correlating the show “Stranger Things” to “The Lord of the Rings”. It suggests parallels between “Eleven” in “Stranger Things” and the Elven race in “The Lord of the Rings”, interpreting symbolisms and deriving connections, claiming that both these creations depict a larger, mystical reality of human existence.
➡ The text discusses the transformation of Tolkien’s world, Arda, from a flat realm to a round planet due to an event aimed at preventing return to the garden of Eden. It suggests powerful changes in the environment could potentially amplify the human aura allowing telekinesis or telepathy, linked to atmospheric pressure changes and the creation of a fog-like sodium vapor atmosphere.➡ This text explores the idea of a ‘changing world’ with reference to J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ in which the world, known as ‘Arda’, transitions from flat to spherical. The author also dwells on the potential real-life existence and usage of telekinetic abilities, with discussions of how conditions could possibly be altered to enhance electromagnetic waves and possibly amplify telekinetic abilities, including using environments with heightened electromagnetic fields, atmospheric ionization, and neuroelectromagnetic enhancement. The document then speculates about lowered atmospheric pressure and sodium vapor atmospheres’ effects on these potential abilities.
➡ The passage discusses the interaction of electromagnetic waves, particularly involving sodium vapor lamps, with the possible effects on human perception and telepathic abilities. It also discusses government surveillance and data mining, the role of animals in communication, the symbolic significance of the horseshoe, the concept of the magnetopause, and the importance of action over apathy as demonstrated in a fictional narrative.➡ This text contains a detailed discussion about human auras, electromagnetic properties of sodium vapour, thermal properties, and the potential interaction between human auras and this kind of environmental influence. The text further discusses theories of telepathic abilities in animals, ideas of societal surveillance, and speculates on the meaning of symbolism in certain films and stories, such as the horseshoe above a doorway or the Spiderman logo.
➡ The text deliberates about taking action and rising above complacency, examining life in a metaphorical sense using references from the series ‘Stranger Things’. It discusses how we often trust authoritative figures neglecting personal responsibility, touches upon the concept of underworld representing unknown areas of our world, and raises arguments related to climate change attributing it to natural earth functions rather than human actions.
➡ The text is a discourse on taking action versus passivity. The speaker references characters named Mike and Eleven, discussing their choices and correlating their actions with metaphors of a game, Dungeons and Dragons. Certain actions and decisions are criticized as “slave behavior,” referring to blind obedience. The narrative situates an apocalyptic scenario with mentions of methane gases and ghostly communications.
➡ The speaker recounts how psychic information can supposedly be transmitted via electricity, similar to movie depictions, specifically in the context of the ‘Stranger Things’ series. They discuss notions of telepathy, the nature of consciousness represented by ‘mind, body, and soul,’ and highlight the character Eleven as an exploited entity on the run from an unempathetic government. They also continually emphasize a need to ‘wake up,’ which likely refers to an intended increased awareness or understanding of these novel, paranormal concepts.
➡ Jay discusses the theory of communicating with supernatural beings via electromagnetic waves, exemplified through references to movies like Stranger Things and Bukuru Banzai. He criticizes the government for withholding knowledge about these phenomena, expresses empathy for Eleven’s exploitation due to her unnatural abilities, and ends on a repetitive plea for awakening, metaphorically suggesting the importance of realizing suppressed truths.


Don’t make out. I’m awake. Aloha, and welcome to Truth in movies. I’m Jay Dreamers, and we’re going to be starting a new series. Well, it’s still going to be truth in movies, but we’re going to break down Stranger Things. And today we’re starting on episode number one, Chapter one, the disappearance of Will buyers. So I know a lot of people are pretty excited. I’m excited. A lot of people have been asking me to break down Stranger things for a few years.

So I have decided, I’m kind of nervous. I have decided to break it down. My son and I are watching all of it and stuff together, so I thought, why not share my insight with all of you? Stranger Things is a show that reaches out to everybody, the young and the old alike. It’s got a retro feel to it. And I’m going to be breaking down throughout the course of all of this, the truth that is ingrained in stranger Things.

From Montauk to Mkultra to Phantazoids and monsters, aliens to cosmic electrical discharges to the apocalypse and so on. We’re going to talk about telekinesis in this particular episode and a lot of really interesting things to really show you the facts behind the fiction. So with that being said, we’ll start things off. Welcome to the very first episode of the Stranger Things Decode. All right, so, stranger Things, we start off with Chapter One, the Vanishing of Will Byers.

And it starts off, the date is November 6, 1983, in Hawkins, Indiana. And they show you a nice picture of the firmament. Hey, who’s that? Jacob Odson. Welcome. High five, Jacob. So let’s check out this date right here. They chose this specifically. It could have been any time, any date, right? But if you write out November 6, first eight and three is eleven. Right. Now let’s focus over on November 6.

If we write that out, it looks like this, but in the upside down, it looks like this. Interesting, right? So they chose this particular date purposefully. Then they show you the very first thing that they show you, the very first that they show you in this show is the firmament. And I was looking at this for a long time because there’s a lot of stars, this is actually not real, but it’s a lot of stars that have been copied and pasted.

And you can find patterns and happy faces and all kinds of stuff in here. But this is what they show you, because this entire show is about the shift between worlds, the shift between realities, going from the normal world that we’re used to the modern world into a post apocalyptic world where everything becomes our fantasies, it becomes our movies, it becomes our stories. And what we’re doing when we share these stories is we’re really retelling forgotten history or ancient oblivion.

All right, so we start things off. These four kids, Mike, Will, Lucas, and Dustin, they’re playing dungeons and dragons, kind of know, portraying them as, like, the nerds of the school and stuff. And we’ll talk about that, too. They’re playing some D D Dungeons and dragons. The entire game is it’s going to become real. Basically, this game that they’re playing, it’s kind of like Jumanji. Like the game Dungeons and dragons becomes real, and we’re going to follow them along on their quests and side quests.

And what the movie is telling us is that if it’s real for them, it’s real for us, right? It’s fractal. It’s all interchanging. There’s nothing new under the sun, and it’s a never ending story. Take a look at the posters in the background. Keep in mind that they put all these things here purposefully. These are all props. And being that they’re props and specifically chosen props, they act as more information to give us so that we can put together more context for the underlying message that’s being shown to us, which is our reality.

This one is a poster of the thing. And the thing is basically about an alien invasion or an alien entity that comes down into the Arctic areas or the colder areas on the Earth, and it gets into people and it possesses them and it takes control of their bodies. And it’s this sort of alien invasion type of a movie, which is what we’re going to see herE, too.

Now they’re playing the game, and he says, an army of troglodytes charge into the chamber. And a troglodyte, just so you know, is basically a cave dweller. It’s kind of a fancy word for caveman. A troglodyte is somebody who lived in the caves. And this is appropriate because if we go through an apocalyptic experience, we’ll become troglodytes. We’ll become cavemen and cave women, and all of our technology will be lost, and we’ll have to start all over again.

So they’re showing you from the beginning, the Troglodytes. And then he says, the Demagorgon, which, by the way, in Dungeons and dragons, all of the lore in Dungeons and dragons is so interesting. The Troglodytes worship the Demagorgon, actually. So they bring out the main monster, the Demagorgon, who’s going to be the monster throughout this entire first season. Let’s check out what Demagorgon means. I bet a lot of people have been wondering, right? What does Demagorgon mean? Comes from.

If you take a look here, I looked up the word Gorge because it’s directly related. Gorga, right? Garga, Gorga, Gorga. It’s all the same sound. Orphic, metamorphic. Hey, thank you so much. High five to you. Orphic. All right, so this says, it means throat, essentially Gorgia, which is also the name George and stuff like that. But it means a throat. More specifically, it implies an opening that goes down.

Right? An opening that goes down. And this can be applied to the Earth itself too. So let’s take a look at this word gaorga, right? The root of it is G’orga. And we take a look. I did the Phoenician alphabet. This is the letters. This is the letter G. Right here. You see, it looks like a letter L. That’s a foot. And it represents, as it says here, walk, right? Movement, to walk, to travel, destination, things like that.

So the G means foot or to walk or to move. Now, Orga, I believe, comes from Argos, which is the root word for it. And aragos, or arga os just means, like very strong. But Argos means swift. But literally it means shining and bright from the proto IndoEuropean root word. And we’ve covered this a few times, Arg. Just like how a pirate would say it, basically. Otter ga.

So G, Aurga from DemiGorgon, right? We’re going to break down the second half of the Word. First, it’s G, which is a foot, which means movement, and then otter G, which means shining and bright. So a shining movement or a bright movement. It can also mean, by extension and implication, one who does shine. So shining ones, moving, shining ones. And it also implies things like to sHine, to shimmer, to gleam and white as well.

Now, if we look up the etymology here, in the Mycean Greek, it says Demo. So demo Gorgon, right? The GorGon is the Foot that moves swiftly or the Swift, shining Entity. And then there’s a Gu at the end too. So that’s 2ft on either Side, which implies, like a Person or something that’s moving on 2ft as well. So this says the demo from Demo Gorgon. It’s not Demi, but it’s demo, and it’s not demo like short for demonstration, which would also be appropriate because it’s actually demonstration or to reveal the monster, to reveal those things.

But demo means part, so partly right. So part SwifT Mover, part shining walker or Something that Has Skin that shines, that Walks quickly. For example, the modern word for this Is Skinwalker. And the know there’s different Ways that People imagine that a skinwalker looks, and it’s basically A type of monster or a witch from the NAVAJO traditions. And the Navajo firmly believe in skinwalkers or these otherworldly type of monsters, witches, shapeshifters, et cetera, that are from the underworld or from some other realm or place altogether and that are empowered by evil magic.

Right now, YOu’Ll Notice with These types of creatures and monsters and Stuff, they all have a Similar look to them. Typically, they’re very white. They have skin that’s that Sort of off white, grayish, and it has a slimy look to it. You know what I mean? Almost like how a dolphin shimmers. That’s that same type of arg or Argo or G argo or the Swift movement for the GorGons.

Basically, these were the Shining Ones, monsters. And the name can be applied to other things as well. But there’s some pop culture from Creepypasta. There’s another one called the Rake. These are basically types of otherworldly underworld creatures that come up into our world during the Depressurization phase of the Apocalypse. Now, this is actually a picture of a Skinwalker from the game Dungeons and dragons. If you take a look at it, it’s portrayed as a man or as a human.

And in the lore in the game, in order to create a skinwalker who all are subject to the Demogorgon in the game, they have to basically flay the person’s skin, throw them into the fire, and then they throw in this skin of a creature, like a beast, usually a cat of some sort, and it merges, their skin merges together. And if you look at this, you can tell it’s almost like the face of the actual demogorgon itself.

Right? Do I have a picture of that? Yeah. So here’s the actual face, and it looks kind of like that in the game. The underside of the skin of this cat is actually living flesh that moves about, and it’s got all these claws and teeth just like the demogorgon does too. Now, if you take a look at it, this is from Dungeons and dragons. It says skinwalkers are created from human worshippers of the Demogorgon.

So it’s not the Demagorgon itself, that’s like a higher entity or whatnot. But the humans that worship the Demogorgon, they’re the ones that become these Skinwalkers, which is actually what the Navajos believe, too, about the Skinwalkers is that they basically have to get their power from some sort of an evil, energetic force by worshipping some sort of evil or something. Now they’re done playing. Earlier in the game, they rolled the Dice, and nobody was able to see what the role was to see if they beat the Demogorgon, Gorgon or not.

And Will, this is Will Byers. He’s the one who’s going to disappear. He says, the Demogorgon, it got me. So in real life, the Demogorgon is really about to get Will Byers. It got him in the game, and the game is coming alive, just like in Jumanji. All right, so these two, they’re heading back home, and he says, I’ll race you to my place. The winner gets a comic book.

So he’s like, bet, let’s go. They take off on their race, and he’s like, all right, I’ll take your X Men number 134. Which issue is that, I wonder? And why did they choose it? Let’s take a look at X Men number 134. It only costed $0. 40 when it first came out, which is pretty good. But take a look down here at the bottom. Can you see this? On the bottom, it says, the Hellfire Club has transformed Phoenix into their black queen.

This was a specific comic book edition that was chosen to put in the movie because it adds more context to what’s happening in the movie and the esoteric story, which is our story, that’s being retold. All right, so let’s check out the rest of this comic book, see what it looks like. So you’ve got the introduction of the Phoenix, which is basically, this is Jean Grey. She’s a part of the X Men.

She has the Phoenix that lives inside of her, and she becomes the dark Phoenix if she becomes plasma possessed or she know, angry or lets those inner demons get out to her or whatever. But here’s the Phoenix. This is the Phoenix event that’s related to the plasma Apocalypse, as I describe it here on my channel. Oh, and the Hellfire Club, too. So you’ll learn later on that these kids are in this sort of dungeons and Dragons Club together.

They have their own little party they made, and they call themselves the Hellfire Club. And it comes from this says right here, the Hellfire Club is a fictional society appearing in American comic books published by Marvel. Marvel Comics. The Hellfire Club often comes into confrontation with the X Men, although the club appears merely to be an international social club for wealthy elites. And there’s a clandestine inner circle that seeks to influence world events in accordance to their own agendas.

So the Hellfire Club in the comic book is a group of elite of the world who are looking to change the world, not through direct conflict, like wars and stuff, but through manipulation. Right? So it’s kind of like the Illuminati. Basically, there’s these two sides to the Illuminati, the good side and the bad side. All right, so they take off. It’s hard to see right here, but he’s passing by this government facility, which is where you’re going to see a lot of this stuff.

A lot of these problems arise from. You’ve got this government facility that says restricted area, no trespassing, U. S. Government property. And up here it says Hawkins National Laboratory for the US Department of Energy. The Department of Energy. They don’t mean the electric Department to power your house. They’re messing with energetic forces out there that are akin to the spiritual world or realm. Right? They’re manipulating energy, and they’re diving into what we’re talking about right now.

Your governments of the world have been doing this for decades and decades and decades. They allow people to wear tinfoil hats. They allow people to leak a lot of their information and stuff because most of the world does not believe it, because on the surface, they deny that. It’s all ridiculous. They just say, why would we even say anything about that? But this is real, and it’s directly related to Project Montauk on Montauk island over in New York.

Project Montauk was whenever they took people down into Camp Hero, which is shown right here. Camp hero. Right around the time that this episode comes out in 1983 or the end of 1983, the beginning of 1984, they shut this down, and they started trying to sell it off to the highest bidder or whatever, and then they turned this whole area into some sort of park, which is what they do often, I feel, when there’s secret underground areas.

They put a park, like some sort of national park on the top of it for some reason. And you can see they’ve got these huge communication, radio communication devices and stuff, and the rumors, the research and the rumors from independent researchers and conspiracy theorists alike. They have stories of people who have come out of this place, who have been brainwashed, and somehow something triggered them to recall memories that have been erased or forgotten or suppressed, where they have basically partitioned the individual’s minds, usually children, according to the stories, and they have them forget this sort of altar in their brain.

So it was a lot of brain mind control and stuff, but they also focused on, it wasn’t just random people. It’s not like they went and kidnapped random people or whatever for the purposes of their experiments. They chose specific people and then tested them to make sure that they were the right types of people. They were people that had powers. They were people that were known to have and exhibited supernatural abilities or superpowers.

This says the Netflix TV show Stranger Things was inspired by the somewhat dubious Montauk project. And at one time, Montauk was used as the working title. So this tells you this is about Montauk Island. This is about the Project MKUlTRA and stuff like that, and mind control and what the governments actually do and have continued to do, which to some of us is public knowledge for decades, right? They continue to look into the esoteric, into the occult, into the arcane, but on the surface level, they don’t admit that then they never will.

Orphic. Thank you so much. Orphic. Appreciate you. All right. United States government. Military experiments in fields such as time travel, teleportation, mind control, contact with extraterrestrial life, and staging certain events, quote unquote, out in space, framed as developments that follow the 1943 Philadelphia experiment. So they took their Philadelphia experiments, they went underground in New York, and they continued diving into the occult, diving into magic and manipulating energy so that they could open up portals, so that they could figure out things.

I believe that they’re messing with the inner Earth, the underworld, right? Trying to create passages and portals so that they can go down in there and to get up into the heavens. Why? Because if they’re trapped up here on the surface world, the clock’s ticking, they start losing life, which is the most important thing of all. They start dying because of all the pressure and the things that happen up here that make our lifespan shorter and shorter and shorter as we go forward through time.

They don’t like that they’re immortals, and they’re related to the immortals, and they would like their immortality back down under. The Earth is where you can get that up above, beyond the limits of the sky or the firmament is also where you can get that the conditions change to allow for those types of things. Same thing with Area 51, right, which everybody’s familiar with, the Dolce UFO base.

There’s many underground bases that are known by the public, right? And then they make fun of it. They put gift shops. They have stuffed aliens and stuff. They put it out there in everyone’s face. They don’t come out and say, no, this is ridiculous. Get it out of here. Get that sign out of here. We’re professionals. We’re not messing around with aliens. That’s retarded. They don’t. They use this double talk and this double speak when people straight up ask them, blunt and direct, know, are there underground aliens? Et cetera? Are there monsters down there in Dolce? On the top, it just looks like this.

This could be Hawkins. You know what I mean? But underground, there’s level after level after level. This one is Dolce, right? And there’s people who have come forward and said, I’ve been there, okay? Either I worked there, or I was a part of experiments and stuff, just like at Montauk and other places, too. So this one, allegedly, they say, level one is for security and communication. Level two is for staff housing.

And then it gets a little deeper. Execs and laboratory assistance, mind control experiments on level four, alien housing on level five, genetic experiments in level six, and cryogenic storage in level seven. And it even goes deeper than that because their elevators continue on down into the hollow recesses of the world. Or they’re trying to get back to the Hollow recesses of the world, too. Imagine it’s way more top secret as you go further down, deeper into the earth.

Cheyenne Mountain, also also known as NORAD. Here in my neck of the woods, they also are known to having a huge hollowed out mountain that’s super top secret, that has multiple levels and underground areas. Not just a base. Not just a base of operations. And, oh, well, it’s underground to protect us from bombs and stuff. I was in the Marines, and I helped to build bombs that are called bunker busters.

They’re specifically designed to penetrate deep into the Earth and then explode once they hit their target depth. Okay? So just because they hide underground and they build all this stuff, it’s not for war, it’s not for weapons, it’s not to protect them any more than if they were out in the open or whatever. For me, this is a bunker. This is a preparation for doomsday, and that’s why they’re down there.

And plus, they get closer and closer to the inner earth and the things that are happening down there. Which reminds me of Denver International Airport. I don’t know if they’re still going through this construction or not, but they made a huge mockery of all of us who are in the public who look into these things and who do believe and have a stranger type of mentality where we ask about aliens and Bigfoot and otherworldly entities and gigantism and the apocalypse and stuff, and everyone has been talking about DAA, making solid points, okay? Not just tinfoil hat.

Cat 14. Thank you. Not just tinfoil hat wearing wacko speculating down in the basement somewhere or whatever. People who are researching and putting together evidence and saying, hey, this and this don’t make sense. Their story and what I’m seeing and what we’re seeing don’t make sense. The amount of money that goes into this doesn’t make sense. The amount of land that goes into this doesn’t make sense. So Dia put up all this propagandA, claiming it and saying, this is what we’re doing.

Okay, in case you didn’t know, these are, like billboards that were all throughout DiA where they’re doing construction, and they say, what are we doing? Are we, A, adding amazing new restaurants and bars? No. B, building an Illuminati headquarters. Yes. Or C, remodeling the Lizard people’s layer. Yeah. Well, the lizard people, the Reptilians, across pop culture, and especially in television and movies, they show you all the time that they come from inside of the Earth.

And as a matter of fact, many TV shows and movies talk about how the Reptilians or the aliens or whatever, that they’re angry with the humans above because they were here, you know, traditionally, how the story, it says apologies for all the noise. It takes really big drills to get to the underworld. This is down in Denver International, and they just put it up there for everybody. This is a disclosure, by the mean.

It’s disclosure in your face. And it’s not just because they put this up. Okay? There’s, like, thousands upon thousands of different pieces of evidence that I’ve come across that many people put forth saying, hey, there’s something way more to this. They’re definitely not telling us the truth. What’s happening behind this wall? Gargoyle breeding grounds. Yes. Like the Gorgon, the demiGorgon, top secret. And the gargoyle, that’s actually related to the word Gorgon.

Okay, so Garga oil, the gargoyles, they’re the ones. They represent the monsters who were drowned during the deluge. Okay? All these abominations and giants and monsters and stuff like that that existed that were wiped out. That’s what this represents. This is a curse, and this is a reminder. This is an everlasting curse. Gargoyles were not decorations to just put some scary, Gothic, Gotham City, Batman looking stuff on the side of the building or whatever.

This was a reminder. Evil beings like these keep away because you saw what happened to you last time. They were cursed with everlasting drowning, basically. So they put these on the sides of buildings to divert the water when it rains so that it comes down and out of their mouths almost all the time. These little gargoyles, I forgot what the other word for them is. But they put them on the side of the building to divert the flow of water so that it shoots off of the building off the side.

Which means that these things are petrified or they represent petrified beings that sank and died and became rock during the apocalypse. And they’re cursed with everlasting drowning. So they put this on important buildings to let them know we survived. You didn’t. We’re the victors. You’re the losers. Don’t come around, because we won last time, and we’ll win again. Underground construction or underground tunnels coming soon. A secret portal to the underworld or streamlined security or another misunderstood mural construction or cover up.

You see how blatant this is? And they put it right into our faces. What makes us think that the movies are any different when we’re watching something like stranger things, which also is putting everything right in your face? So wills, he’s trying to get home. He goes past that government facility and the light on his bike starts to flicker and go out. Right? Oftentimes in the movies, you’ll see this.

This is a warning. You can learn a lot. Okay. If we do go through these types of apocalyptic events and even the omens that lead up to the apocalypse, which we talk about here on my channel, you can learn. You can learn things that are useful under those circumstances. So, for example, if you’re in some spooky, creepy area and your light starts flickering and going out and you know that it’s got battery power or everything’s good with that, then you could tell that there’s probably some sort of anomalous energy that’s acting up in the area that’s affecting the electronics on your lights.

So will sees this outline of the Demogorgon right in front of him. He pulls off the street, crashes down, and then he sees them again. It’s kind of hard to see right here. LeT me see if I can zoom in. But there’s like this silhouette outline right here of the Demogorgon. And people are starting to see these things the world across. I don’t know what channels you guys watch, but the ones that I watch, they’re constantly showing you viewer submissions of people who are catching strange, otherworldly, monster like, alien type creatures that oftentimes are on the ground.

You know what I mean? Like they’re coming up out of the Earth or whatever, located near huge cavernous systems and stuff. Now, Will gets on the phone, he goes, hello? Hello? And you hear all this static and this crackling and stuff. That’s because of the amplified electrical field, or the electromagnetic field. It’s interfering with the phone lines and it interferes with the lights and stuff. That’s why beings that are underground and some here that are on the surface, and many of them that come down from above, they seem to me to be electrically powerful or power filled.

That they have a strong spirit, basically, is what it is. They have an extremely strong spirit. It’s an amplified spirit. And because it’s so amplified, their auras reach out and interfere with electrical objects. Just like Jason Voorhees, whenever he’s, you know, he’s outside of your cabin door. I’m talking about Friday the 13th, you know, Jason’s outside the cabin door walking around, because the lights will just start flickering and stuff.

You know what I mean? Ghosts can speak to people through flickering lights, just like they show here on stranger things as well. Now, this one, it’s hard to see, but there’s a lock. There’s a chain lock up there. And whatever’s on the other side of this door, which is the Demagorgon, moves the lock. This Demagorgon, which is a physical being in the show, moves the physical lock on the other side of the door magically, right? Well, it’s not magically.

It’s electromagnetically, because it can move metal. It can influence metal. Just like Magneto and the X Men. That’s one of his superpowers, is he can influence and manipulate magnetic fields so that he can move things and work with metal, basically, and change it and move it around and stuff like that. Now, the light intensifies, so sometimes the lights are flicker. Sometimes they may go out. But if something’s really close, then it feeds energy into these things.

And instead of being a fluctuating, flashing light or whatever, it turns on and it becomes extremely bright. Now we move over to Hopper, to the sheriff. Sheriff Hopper, this is his spot, and he’s got the TV on and the news in the background. I’m paying close attention throughout all of it. I’m paying attention. I’m analyzing all of it. But especially when they show you the news, which. That’s an actress.

You know what I mean? It’s not real news. She says, we’re getting reports of surges and power outages all across the country. Okay? This is what happens whenever you have an electromagnetic pulse that comes terrestrially from the Earth. The Earth has the ability to create auroras and electromagnetic storms and stuff, not from the sun. It depends on how you look at things. But the Earth is creating this, and that leads to an apocalypse.

Okay? It’s basically what she’s talking about, these power surges. We go through an EMP, we go through an electromagnetic pulse that will happen the world across, which means magnets fall from the fridges. They lose all their magnetic properties. Electricity turns off, it stops working for a time. And then she goes on to say, in other news, you might want to stay home tonight or at least pack an umbrella.

And she’s basically saying, there’s a storm coming, right? Which is the world storm. There is a world storm on the way. Okay, apart from this movie. Forget the movie. There’s a world storm on the way. There has been evidence upon evidence, stacked in ancient religions and cultures and stories across time that discuss a worldwide storm, an event that today people don’t want to believe. And they interpret it as, oh, that was local.

That was in their area, because people were cavemeN, and they were stupid back then, and they didn’t understand what the world was like. Who is that? Bluto. What’s up, Bluto? Welcome to the good vibe tribe. All right, let’s move on now. We got Hawkins Middle School up here at the top, you can see that the mascot is a tiger. This is kind of just interesting as well, because it got the beam in the circle, but there’s the tiger.

The tiger represents. The tiger is often used as a symbolic animal for the apocalypse, for the plasma apocalypse, I should say. And the reason is because the sky becomes streaked with lines or stripes. You could say the sky becomes stripes because it looks like stars are falling from the sky. Okay. It’s not really stars that are falling from the sky, but there’s all this plasma that comes in through those areas which make the stars, because they blow open and they allow the plasma to seep on through like a cheese grater over our world.

And all that plasma seeps through all of those weak spots up there in the firmament. And it looks like the places where the stars are. There’s all these red, pinkish, magenta lines that come down, and that’s the striped symbolism. Or the tiger symbolism. All right? Now they get to school, and there’s a couple of bullies, right? There’s always bullies in our world. It sucks. That means that they have bully parents.

That means that their parents suck or whatever. It’s terrible upbringing, and that’s the world that we live in, which means the Apocalypse is soon on the way. Every religious source that I have come across, I’ve extensively studied their signs and their omens to look out for prophecies and whatnot, things that are indicators and harbingers that the world is coming to an end. Number one, or high up on the list, is the degradation of society.

Is that bullies and people with jock mindsets and just dumb meatheads or mouth breathers, as they’re called on the show, they are respected in this world. They’re people that others, the general herd, admires in this world. And that’s a huge sign of the apocalypse. When the world is run by these people and they’re looked up to by the general public, when they’re evil and bad, I don’t know what else are words to use, so they get picked on.

Right now, these three are acting as the relatives of distant superheroes that did survive the apocalypse in times long ago. Okay? Because we had superheroes, their superpowers will be restored, as I’ll talk about. But those people, they’re going to have children. They’re going to have children. They’re just going to have children, and it’s going to be locked away in their little genes, right? Which is locked away in our genes.

If the movie is reflecting our truth of real history back to us, that means there are some of you out there who have relatives that have had in the past superpowers. Now, those superpowers have slowly gone away over time as the Earth charges and sucks in all of the energy into the heart before it releases it back to us. But I imagine those who are related and already have this in your quote unquote junk DNA will have your abilities that seem useless in today’s society and in today’s world, have them overpowered and amplified so that you become like your ancestors once were.

Now, he calls it a disease, right? Sometimes these manifest, and they’re acknowledged as, like, genetic anomalies or diseases or things like that. Some may be, but some also are remnant of what the body had in it with your ancestors a long time ago. He says it’s called clydocranial dysplasia. So people that have that, oftentimes they’re missing like, their front teeth on the top right there. And they can touch their shoulders together because they don’t have a collarbone, right? So they’re like, all right, do it.

Do it. So he touches his shoulders together, and they’re like, all, ew, gross. And they’re all freaking out and stuff. And they call them freaks. They say that they need to go to the freak show and stuff. This is where freaks come from, I believe, is mutations, right? And the mutations that once were beneficial because our environment was altogether different. Our atmosphere and the world we live in and on was completely changed whenever the floods were introduced.

And before that, it was completely different. Every other time we go through this apocalyptic event, we have to adapt, we have to change to a different, completely different environment, which means some things, genetically speaking, might become more useful, and some things might become less useful, so they increase or they decrease according to their environments. And he says, it’s like you have superpowers or something, because he can move and dislocate his body and stuff.

And he says, just like Mr. Fantastic and Mr. Fantastic has, you know, one of the less cool superpowers, but it’s still cool. It’s useful. It just depends. Know your situation, right? He can stretch, right? He’s known for being able to stretch his skin and stuff like that. It might be cartoonified, and they might tie him in knots and all kinds of weird stuff. However, whenever the energy comes back from the core of the world and it floods into the surface world where we are, and it’s trapped in here for another millennia, then your collagen and your skin and your elastin and your skin, which allows you to be double jointed or have stretchy skin or to not have wrinkles, right? It all comes back.

It’s the fountain of youth that comes back and restores these things. It’s the story of Jesus, who wipes away every tear and takes away all of the diseases and perfects the body, et cetera. Now we’ve got these two main characters who are, like, making out through the entire first episode. They’re really into each other. And you’re going to see a lot of heightened sexual arousal in this show.

I don’t think it’s just for the purposes of views or anything like that. I believe that whenever the apocalypse happens right now, we’re at a point of low energy. The world on the surface where we live is energetically on low. We’re out of gas. Okay. When that happens, people sleep for, like, a third of the day, which is ridicuLous, I think. So okay. That’s a lot of wasted time to just be sleeping or whatever.

People are low on energy. They have to start coming up with energy drinks and all these things and pills to take so that you can even be intimate with people and stuff. But when energy is restored and those beams shoot up and they fill this world, and you’re so amplified and awake, it’s like I compare it to having a five hour energy or whatever shot of that stuff that wakes you up, but your vitality is restored.

Okay? Which means your sex drive is super restored, and many other things as well. But this is definitely something that’s reciprocated within the legends and the myths of the gods of old, how they were very promiscuous and stuff. Now we get back to this doctor, Dr. Brenner over here, the dude with the white hair. He works for that secret government underground laboratory, and they’re shutting it down. They had a problem.

They had something that happened. He says the entire east wing will be evacuated within the hour. They had a portal open up in their underground military installation. Top secret place or whatever. A portal to another world opened up. We’re going to see that in a bit. So you can see they have these elevators, right? It’s not just some surface or whatever. This goes way down below, just like in those other real installations that I shared with you earlier.

So they go way down into the monster section in their version of Dolce or Montauk or whatever. Now back to the Sheriff Hopper. Over. He says he’s talking to the kids in the principal’s office because they’re kind of in trouble. And he says this isn’t some Lord of the Rings Book. But is it not? Is this really not some Lord of the Rings book? I mean, their story is very much a Lord of the Rings book, and their story is showing reality, our reality, which is very much a Lord of the Rings book.

It’s just that we experience time in our portion of it, so sometimes we don’t recognize things that are happening on the grand scale, on the larger scale of time. Especially since we have such short lifespans, it’s hard for us to pay attention to what’s really happening in the long term. Right, because we’re so focused and blinded by the short term lifespans that we have. But if you look at the long term, our world and our history is the Lord of the Rings book.

It is the never ending story. It is stranger things. Okay. And they actually confirm this and corroborate what I’m saying, because the mom in the very next scene goes to try to find Will. And they’re actually showing you a flashback because Will’s now missing. He’s in the upside down. The mom’s trying to find Will in this flashback. And he built this little fort called Castle Byers. And there’s a password that she needs to say.

And she’s like, Radigast. Is that it? Radagast. Guess what? Radigast is a character in the Lord of the Rings. So you’re familiar with Gandalf over there, right? Well, Radagast is one of the other five wizards that exist within Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings world. Okay, and I’m gonna give you a quick little backstory. Those wizards are actually immortal beings that incorporated themselves into bodies and they became wizards or old men that have superpowers.

I teach this all the time, though these two might as well be Egyptian gods. Okay, let’s pretend that they were. It’s not the person that is representative of the god or the angel or whatever you want to call it. It’s not the person, it’s the staff. It’s their bow, or whatever you want to call it, that represents their power, really. And the other symbols that they may wear or be associated with.

Okay, so Radagast is one of these wizards that came in. And I’m actually going to relate that to eleven right now. So we meet. 1111 escaped. She’s a little girl who was being experimented on. They actually kidnapped her at an early age and told her that this facility where she lived was her house and that the guy who’s in charge is her dad, her papa, or whatever. And she’s got psychic abilities.

Her mom also had psychic abilities. They went in, the Government came in and they put all of these mind altering drugs into the body of Eleven’s mother so that she just became a zombie. Basically. She couldn’t talk to anybody. And they basically kidnapped eleven from her home and convinced her that that was her home. Right. But she’s got psychic powers. That’s why they want her back. And she escaped whenever this portal opened up because the Demogorgon came through and killed all the people that worked there, which allowed eleven to escape.

Now, if you look up the word eleven, right, it’s a number, obviously. One and one the number after ten. But it says here from the Proto Germanic ain Leaf. Let me make this a little bigger. From the Proto Germanic ainleaf compared to the Saxon, the old Thrizian Anlova. And the Dutch Elf right there, old High German Eindleaf. German Elf. Right? Aelifu. In Old Norse, it means elven. That’s what it means.

Eleven actually means elven. And for me, it’s related to the two towers, right? The one and the one. The place where it all begins. There’s a one, there’s a portal, and there’s a one. Or a 101. That’s why that’s always the basics. That’s always the beginning. That’s where you always start off. Because that’s the 101 symbolism, right? There’s a place in the world where people see a beam that acts as the number one shooting up into the sky.

A portal or a zero up there in the sky, which zeros everything out. It’s the zero point and then another one, which is the cathode, the anode, the cathode and the zero point. Anyway, so the elven race comes from that area. That’s the place of emergence. They come from the inner earth or they land down from above on Mount Hermon, Mount. Mount Sinai, Mount Olympus, whatever Holy Mountain.

You’d like to refer to it as those elven beings, or the eleven beings. They come down and they fall down onto that particular region. And that’s where they come from. Orphic just gave me 333. Thanks, Orphic. Appreciate you. You guys are cool. All right, now let’s take another look here. We’re talking about eleven. Now, we’ve made a connection to the Lord of the Rings, right? Which they’ve already done.

Let’s connect eleven and the elven race to the actual elves of the Lord of the Rings and back to that wizard Radagast, that we were talking about, which was the password, right? In the Lord of the Rings lore, it says Elves came from Valinor to fight against Morgoth. Now, Morgoth is just like the devil, basically, all right? He’s sort of like a devil person. It was never actually their real home.

So they came from a place called Valinor. They left their elven world, okay, which for me is like the inner Earth, basically. Or it could be above. All right? Either way, they left that realm. They came to Middle earth, which is the surface world where we live, in order to help to fight in some sort of a great war, which happens every time during the Apocalypse. And then in order to keep them from going back, something happened.

They were cut off from going back to their elven world. They were stuck in Middle earth, like some of them were able to go back, but then something happened. And then the ability to traverse between worlds was cut off. Check this out. Elves actually came from another place entirely. And it’s this place here called Quivinen. You probably can’t see that. Let me see. It’s hard to see, but it’s called quiveny.

You see it down there at the bottom. Now, if we look up quiveny, it says the five Guardians, which were the five wizards, including Gandalf. Right. Were a group of Mayer Mayar. Which is like the word Maya, but plural. Okay. Basically, the five Guardians were a group of Mayar appointed by the Valar to guard the firstborn Elves. So there’s like God, whose name is Iluvatar. There’s like the God Creator.

And then he creates these sort of archangel type creatures or whatever known as the Valar. And then the Valar beneath them. These are like in any religion, these are basically classes or choirs of angels, you could say. Okay. And they help to create this world. Okay. Five of them of those main entities, these archangels or whatever, they were sent down into the earth and they became human wizards.

This is according to the Lord of the Rings. But before they were wizards, they were the Mayar, which is electromagnetic phenomenon in my eyes. And they were here to guard the firstborn Elves. The elves came first and then the humans. The Elves would be akin to like the Reptilians and stuff like that. I don’t like that word, but whatever. Anyways, it says, Iluvatar awoke the first Elves and the Quindi, as they came to call themselves.

Which is another name for elf in the land of Quivinin, which is what we talked about earlier. In approximately 1050 in the year of the Trees, right? This replace the word trees with beams of light. You might as well. Right? So down in the underworld, or the under dark, if you’re a dnd fan, or the upside down or underneath our actual physical world beneath your feet. Right now, there is another world down there.

And it’s like paradise compared to what we’re going through. They go through the world of magic when we’re going through the world of the modern. Right? So down there, the Elves lived during the years of the Trees. They dwelt in Quivenin for more than 50 years. And then it says, after the War of Wrath, where they left Valinor and they came up here to the surface, right? There was an event called the Changing of the World.

You see that? The changing of the world. After that, Quivenin, which was the original home for the elven race in the Lord of the Rings, was destroyed and could no longer be sought out by the Eldar or the Elder or the El, or the Elu, or the Elves. Right. So they were cut off from getting back inside of the Earth. How were they cut off? Check this out.

The changing of the world. This says that the changing of the world was the event in which Arda, which is Tolkien’s word for earth, which is very much the exact same word as earth, Arda was transformed from a flat world into a round planet. In Lord of the Rings, Tolkien put this right. So some event happened, and in order to prevent people from getting back to the, quote, unquote, Garden of Eden or Hyperborea or inner know paradise realm or whatever, the Earth was transformed from a flat realm into a round planet.

And it says, illuvatar utterly destroyed the island of Numenor due to the deeds of its people. So this is very much the Atlantean legend, right? That the people became bad, just like we talked about. That’s an omen of the apocalypse, okay? If the people become bad, the world’s going to end. If the majority of them all become bad, they all become corrupt. And there is none righteous. No, not one, as they say.

Then it’s time for change, and Mother Nature steps in and does what we have lacked the courage to do ourselves. So it changed from a flat world. For example, here’s some actual modern maps that I’ve shown and featured on my channel many different times. It was changed from this and all of these into this. This is what happened. A magical spell was cast. You could say, that, changed it.

Now, in the book, they say that the world wrapped around itself or whatever, or. I don’t know if that’s in the book, but that’s the lore. Okay? So it went from that to that in the Lord of the Rings, right? Now back to El, who represents the Elven race, or the Elu, or those who come from between the one and the one. The Pillars of Hercules, which is the limitations of our world.

The furthest point in our world where you can go, which was the entrance to the West. Basically, it was the gate of the West. And by west, I don’t mean left on the globe or the map or the globular or whatever. I don’t mean left infinitely forever. There’s no such thing. Okay? West was down, east was up. Okay. Those were your main directions there. You had towards the North Pole, and away from the North Pole, you had up and you had down.

Which makes sense, right? All right, so eleven is starting to do her little mind power stare at things trick. And she has telekinesis so she takes a look at this electrical device. She’s able to connect with it and stop it in its tracks. Okay, you might say it’s telepathy, but it’s technically electrokinesis or telekinesis, where you can move things with your mind. Now, let’s talk about the reality of telekinesis, the very real aspect of telekinesis, and moving objects with your mind.

I actually practiced this when I was a child. When I was laying in bed. I would concentrate on different objects and stuff. It was really fun. But anyways, telekinesis is considered just false. They would call it pseudoscience. They would call it fake. They would say, that doesn’t exist, that’s not real, that’s just in comic books. But they don’t want to sit down and have a real discussion, an intellectual, philosophic conversation about how it could be real, how it could be introduced, and how it could have existed if only we changed the conditions that we’re now used to.

Could telekinesis make its way back into what we call normal in the world that we live in today, leading us back into a world of magic? I’m going to share with you now. I’m not going to fix it up on the screen because I didn’t take the screenshots the correct way, but I had a chat with chat GPT, our modern, popular AI, about telekinesis and the very real possibility of it.

So this is what I say. I say, I know that you probably would tell me all of the reasons why telepathy and telekinesis are pseudosciences and that they’re not real. However, I would like assistance in determining what sort of atmospheric changes, especially electromagnetic in nature, could amplify the human aura. Let’s assume the human aura is real and electromagnetic in nature to such a degree as to give humans telekinetic or telepathic powers, right? So basically, I’m asking Chad GPT I already know you don’t believe that this is real.

Let’s be philosophers, let’s speculate on the subject, and let’s see how it could be real, right? And let’s assume that the aura is real and that it’s electromagnetic in nature. What sort of atmospheric changes would amplify a person’s aura so that they can actually move other objects with their aura? Right? So Chat GPT goes on to say, your question presents a fascinating blend of speculative science and theoretical concepts.

It reminds me of time machine, actually, when the guy who made the time machine goes into the future, and he’s talking with the dude in charge of the museum, the hologram or whatever. Anyways, Chad GPT says, your question presents a fascinating blend of speculative science and theoretical concepts. If we assume that the human aura is real and electromagnetic in nature and that it could be amplified to grant telekinetic and telepathic abilities, we can explore several hypothetical atmospheric changes that might influence this.

Goes on to say, number one, increased electromagnetic activity. An environment with heightened electromagnetic fields might amplify the human aura. This could be natural like areas with strong geomagnetic anomalies or artificial, such as environments saturated with electromagnetic waves from various technologies or which I’ll show you in some of these next episodes. Next time, those deprivation tanks, right, where they put salt water in there, which acts as an electrical conductor, and it can amplify your powers and stuff, too, right? Number three here, atmospheric ionization.

Changes in the atmospheric ionization levels, possibly caused by cosmic events or technological means, could affect electromagnetic phenomena, including the hypothetical human aura. Higher ionization levels might create a more conductive environment for telekinetic and telepathic abilities. Number four, localized field manipulation. Creating localized areas with manipulated electromagnetic fields, perhaps using advanced technology, might amplify the human aura. This could involve very precise and controlled changes in the electromagnetic environment surrounding a person.

Keep this in mind. Resonance with the Earth’s magnetic field. If the human aura could resonate with the Earth’s magnetic field, changes in this field might amplify the aura. This could be influenced by natural geomagnetic shifts or artificially induced changes. Neuroelectromagnetic enhancement. If we assume that the brain’s electromagnetic activity is linked to the aura, then enhancing this neuroelectromagnetic activity, possibly through external stimulation or atmospheric changes, might amplify the aura.

So I say, and would lower atmospheric pressure help in our goal, or would it hinder it if the world was depressurized? Right. It says lower atmospheric pressure might have interesting implications in this speculative scenario. Let’s consider how it could potentially affect the human aura and the development of telekinetic or telepathic abilities, assuming that the aura is electromagnetic in nature. Number one, reduced air density. Lower atmospheric pressure means less dense air.

This could potentially reduce the interference and the attenuation of electromagnetic waves. In theory, if the human aura operates through electromagnetic waves, a less dense medium could allow for more efficient transmission of these waves, possibly enhancing telepathic or telekinetic abilities. Number two, enhanced electrical conductivity. Lower atmospheric pressure can increase the electrical conductivity of the air. This could hypothetically facilitate a more efficient interaction of the human aura with its surroundings, potentially boosting telekinetic or telepathic abilities.

Altered biological effects. Changes in atmospheric pressure can affect human physiology. While it’s not clear to chat GPT, this would interact with the hypothetical electromagnetic aura. And it’s possible that the physiological changes that are induced by the low pressure could impact the way that such an aura functions or is perceived. Also goes on to say, interaction with cosmic rays. At lower atmospheric pressures, such as those found in high altitudes, there is less shielding from cosmic rays.

Cosmic rays can ionize the atmosphere, which might interact in unknown waves with an electromagnetic aura. So it’s my turn, and I say, okay, cool, thank you. And if we assume that the introduction of what? If we assume the introduction of a sodium vapor atmosphere similar to fog. Now, keep in mind, when the world depressurizes, it will automatically create a fog because it’s ripping the air apart. Zoe, thank you so much for your donation.

I appreciate you. So, it creates fog, but also keep in mind that the world’s oceans get sucked up due to increased buoyancy, and they go also up into the atmosphere, and we have sodium vapor canopy conditions, basically. So there’s sodium fog up in the air. All right, so Chat GPT says, introducing a sodium vapor atmosphere similar to fog, into the speculative scenario where the human aura is electromagnetic in nature, can be amplified to enable telekinetic or telepathic abilities, opens up another set of interesting possibilities.

Number one, conductivity and ionization. Sodium vapor is conductive and can become ionized. This ionized atmosphere could interact differently with electromagnetic fields compared to a normal atmosphere. The presence of ionized sodium could potentially enhance the conductivity of the air, possibly influencing the electromagnetic interactions attributed to the human aura. It goes on to say, interaction with light and electromagnetic waves. Sodium vapor has unique optical properties, notably its bright yellow emission or emission lines when it becomes excited.

I want to add on top of that, when you turn on a sodium vapor lamp, initially the color you see is purple. Okay, it flashes purple. Then once all of that argon, I think it is, is used up, then it starts to ionize the other elements that are in there, and it becomes red, deep red, stranger things, red. And you have combined that with fog. You combine that with other worldly entities that are now coming down and coming up into our world from below.

Right? And then after that, it becomes yellow like the back rooms. This could affect the way that light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation interact with the environment, possibly influencing the perception or manifestation of telekinetic and telepathic abilities. Resonant effects. The specific electromagnetic properties of sodium vapor could resonate in unique ways with the hypothetical electromagnetic aura of the humans. This resonance might amplify or modify the aura’s effects.

Number seven, thermal properties. Sodium vapor might also have unique thermal properties that could influence the ambient temperature and heat distribution in the environment. Since temperature can affect air density and conductivity, this might indirectly influence the human aura’s behavior. So that was just a quick little. I wanted to bring it down and make it very real and relevant and modern. So I asked Chat GPT, which doesn’t really tend to get into its feelings too much, and tell me the official story.

I bypassed the official story if you took note at the very beginning, made it clear we’re speculating, so let’s talk about it, right? All right. Now, they show you this laboratory. They’ve got all these satellite dishes and stuff like that all up there on the top. All these government agent people. They’re tapping into the phones. They’re listening to every single thing. They’re recording. They’re trying to get information.

They’re sweeping. They’re doing an information sweep, basically listening to everybody’s phone calls. Now, these days, these people right here, many of them are probably replaced with AI, and many of them have been. So the humans that actually have these jobs, that’s just stuff that AI doesn’t do as good as humans can do it, but they’re already doing this. They record everything. I think we all know that. I don’t need to really prove it or anything.

Everything’s being recorded. Everything’s being stored away and placed underground once again, in deep underground installations that have supercomputers that are the size of football fields. Okay? And new ones, too. I’m not just talking about D wave as an individual cube. I’m talking about a football field of D Wave quantum computers that can take all of the information that is going out there, including this broadcast right now, and it sends it throughout all these different avenues, and it stacks it together with its ones and its zeros and its algorithms and its equations, and all they have to do is type in, hey, use all that information to give us the best results possible, to give us a leg up.

It’s kind of like predicting the future. So they’re listening to everybody’s phone calls. They’re totally spying on everybody. Hopper comes back with the bike. He found Will’s bike, but he did not find Will. That’s because Will is in the upside down. So he comes back to his mom, and then he hears the dog barking. Like, the dog just keeps on barking. So he goes outside and checks on it, and he’s looking at the dog, and he’s like, wow, something’s up.

He says, hey, what’s up with this guy? Now, the mom reacts how most people do with animals, that they’re dumb, they’re stupid. They only bark when they’re hungry or whatever. And she says, nothing. He’s probably just hungry. Come on. So she takes him. The dog is clearly pointing at this shed in the backyard, right? I assume that if he’s hungry, he might bark towards the humans. Animals can speak.

That’s what I’m saying. Okay. Animals have language. They’re able to communicate, and then they’re not just cavemen going, all right, that might sound like it to us, but many of the animals still have an element of telepathy. It’s just that we’ve blocked ourselves off from being able to speak telepathically. But all you animal people out there that have pets and stuff like that, if you’re close to your animals, I’m sure you can verify in the chat that they do speak.

Okay, they do communicate. It doesn’t matter. I’m not even talking about their physical mannerisms, which they’re very good at communicating through physical mannerisms, or even barking and stuff like that. But you can telepathically know what’s going on with your animal if you’re close enough to it. So they show you the shed that the animal was barking at, right? Now, Hopper walks up to the shed, but take a close look at what’s right above the door.

There’s a lucky horseshoe. We’ve talked about the lucky horseshoe a couple of different times. The reason it’s lucky is because it keeps away fairies, it keeps away sprites. It keeps away electromagnetic activity that can come into the house and cause chaos and disrupt all of your equipment, like gremlins and things like that. So they put magnets on the doors because plasma is repelled by a strong magnetic force, or by any magnet, really.

You can repel plasma or a ghost. Let’s just say that a ghost is plasma. You can repel it with this weapon right here. It’s not lucky at all. It’s science, it’s knowledge. It’s the way that the world works. It’s chemistry, okay? This is how you can learn to fight ghosts. The Ghostbusters weren’t just a bunch of screwballs that wore tinfoil hats, right? The Ghostbusters were chemists, they were psychologists.

They were people who studied these things. And they studied them just like you see the government studying them too. It’s just when your average person studies it, they call you wacko and stuff, right? Speaking of electromagnetism and plasma being repelled by a strong magnetic force. This is the modern academic concept of the globular Earth that’s flying through space. Disregard. You might also notice that there’s totally the Spiderman logo right there too, which is what it is.

The Spiderman logo is the magnetosphere. Anyways, this right here is called the magneto. Pause. Now, modern academics will teach you that this is three dimensional and that it’s like an egg wrapped around the Earth or whatever. And it’s flying through space or whatever. And it’s shielding from solar wind. No, that’s a vacuum out there, according to their story. So there is no solar wind whatsoever. There’s just vacuum, okay? Period.

Anyways, my point is, under the academic conditions, we can reverse engineer it and we can say this right here is the dome. This is the firmament. This represents the actual firmament, which is what they call the magnetopause, right? Protecting us from solar wind, which is gamma rays and ionized hydrogen and stuff like that. That’s lurking just outside of the firmament itself, waiting to get back in so it can ground itself.

The magnetopause. It says here that it is the abrupt boundary between a magnetosphere and the surrounding plasma. So this is a boundary. It’s a shield. It’s a protective barrier that keeps plasma away. Because the Earth is acting as a magnet. It puts out a magnetic force in the shape of a dome above our world. And it blocks all of that plasma from coming in while it’s up. But when we go through an electromagnetic shift, or pole shift, some people call it, right, then there’s a neutral point where that barrier, that protective barrier goes away.

And that plasma can now come in, that cosmic tentacles can descend from above or whatever. All right, we get back to, I think, whose house is this? This is Mike’s house. So this is outside Mike’s house. And Mike is having dinner with his family. They’re acting like a total douchey, traditional, know, white family or whatever. And they don’t care that Will’s missing. Basically. Mike says we should be out there right now.

We should be looking for him. We should be helping. I’m the only one who’s acting normal here because now they’re starting to say, hey, calm doing. The police, the authorities, they’re doing everything they can. It’s for our safety that we stay home and we don’t help them or anything. They’re on lockdown. They put themselves on lockdown instead of taking action. And Mike says, I’m the only one who cares about my friend Will, right? How do I know? Because my actions prove it.

I’m telling you, I’d like to get up from the table and go look. But the parents are. No, no. Stay here. Don’t do anything. Don’t take action. If you don’t take action, you can’t prove your faith. If you don’t take action, you can’t exhibit your beliefs. Justin. Welcome, Justin. So Will’s saying I’m the only one that cares and I’m proving it. What are they doinG? He’s like, well, we care.

As he sits at his fine dinner table, right? Just eating and chilling and it’s all speculation. This represents people in our very real world. They just talk, okay? They’re talkers. I’m a talker, too. But let’s find out where the action lies, okay? Let’s find out who’s going to take action and do something about the things that are within our power to do instead of non action, instead of doing nothing and just enjoying your little slave dinner.

Know the government’s cooked up for you taking action. Like Mike over here, he wants to do something about it because his spirit is amplified, because he has life running through him. These are eaters. These are consumers. He’s like, oh, we care. Stuffs his face full of food. Everybody leaves the dinner table, right? Mike’s like, I’m out of here. Forget this, right? If you’re energetically amplified, you have less hunger, okay? Basically.

So here’s energetically amplified. Let’s do something. Let’s take action. Let’s talk about important things in life, like, let’s do something. Let’s actually live our lives. And here’s the slave. We care, right? That’s a great portrayal. So Mike takes off, jumps on his little walkie talkie, and he starts talking to Lucas, I think, and he’s saying, will’s the one who’s missing. Will could have cast protection spell last night during his Dungeons and Dragons game, right? But he didn’t.

So they’re going to correlate Dungeons and dragons, which is a fictional game, which isn’t real, blah, blah, blah, to reality in their world and what they’re actually going through. Will could have cast a protection spell against the Demagorgon when they were fighting him in the game, right? Not fighting just protecting him and his friends. But he didn’t. He cast fireball. He attacked. This is the cycle that we go through in this world, okay? Every time, the Demagorgon will come.

Every time, Cthulhu will wake up, every time, Shiva will destroy. Every single time. And they can never be killed. They can only be put back to sleep. THey can only be trapped or hidden away or whatever, right? They will always return. Now, there’s two things that we go through two cycles. One cycle is attack, which is will or the well, right? The well of life. The plasma volcano, the cavernous opening, right? Goes into the Earth.

The well attacks, shooting a fireball up at the sky. The cosmic destroyer. Or when it retreats and those blue beams are already up for an eon, they will pull down into the Earth and they’ll disappear, being seen as sacrificing themselves in order to cast a protection spell, which is the dome going back up or the electromagnetic barrier above us going back up and cutting off all of the cosmic electricity that’s grounding itself, right? So either way, the bad guy loses every single time.

Either way, the bad guy is defeated. It’s either defeated by a protection spell where the blue beam or the savior figure sacrifices itself, usually on a tree or a beam or things like that. And it descends and it goes into the underworld, and it has adventures down there, and there’s a whole different story of what’s happening under our feet in reality, in this world that you live in right now, okay? Fantasy is happening right now beneath your feet, okay? We’re just talking about it up here on the surface, we can only gossip about what they go through, and they can only speculate about the future and the modern world and stuff where we live up here, right? So the protection spell or the fireball, basically, right? Hadouken, he says, my point is, he could have played it safe, but he didn’t.

He put himself in danger to help the party. That’s the sacrificial role. Whenever the blue beam goes down into the upside down under our world, in the underworld. It’s called the Underworld, okay? It’s a world under us now. Eleven, she’s super hungry, so she stops at this guy’s place. He owns this diner, and he’s being cool, and he’s making her some food and stuff. Now, he had called the government because he’s just a regular dude.

He doesn’t know any better, so he tries to do the right thing, okay? Which is actually not the right thing in the modern age, all right? In the modern world. That’s the right thing. That’s what you are told to do. That’s what the slaves are told to do. If there’s any disturbance, call us. Tell the government right away. Call us. It’s for your safety. Don’t do anything yourself.

Don’t be like Mike and take action. Right. But just call us and let us do it all or whatever. So he does that. He does his duty, and let’s see where doing his duty and doing the quote unquote right thing in this world gets him. So he’s like, sorry, we’re closed, lady. And she’s like, oh, I’m Connie Frazier, Social Services. And he’s like, wow, okay, come on. Know, I didn’t realize that you were here so quickly.

It’s funny because your voice sounds a little different than it does on the phone. And she busts out a gun and pow. Takes this dude out, right? He’s gone. This is what he gets. Be careful how we say these things. But this is what that guy in the movie gets for trusting, one, the government, and for two, not protecting his own property and not asking questions like, who are you and can I see some ID and can you prove that you’re actually with the government or whatever? Because people take titles as slaves.

We’re told that if you’re told somebody has a title or if somebody has a name tag or if somebody has a uniform or if somebody has a sign in their hand or whatever, they can assume the role of authority. And because we have a slave mentality, we’ll give it to them. We’ll just automatically give them authority because they exude authority. Right. So be careful out there. There are those who are in charge of this world who act as authority figures and those who will pretend to take advantage.

Right. Those people who are above authority and above the laws and stuff, too. Are we still live streaming? Oh, I so hope so. Hold on, let me just make sure. Got to double check here. Give me a thumbs up in the chat. If we’re still good, I would appreciate it. Just wanted to make sure because I have been having some difficulties lately. Hopefully everything’s still good. I’m not sure if we’re live streaming or not.

I think we are, but I’m totally not sure we’re good. It’s not skipping or anything. Okay, sweet. All right, let’s jump back into the movie. Sorry about that. I just got to make sure. All right, so eleven sees the gun go off. She takes off. She takes off through the kitchen or whatever, and then we go over to these two characters. I’ll have to remember their names another time, but the boy and the girl that are making out throughout the whole thing.

Right. And she’s going to take a test. So he’s asking these cards, and they hold the card to the screen so you can read it. Okay. They chose these questions specifically because they’re related to the apocalyptic event that the characters are going through, which polymers occur naturally. Now, that’s interesting. So they’re asking about polymers. Polymer is a fancy word for, like, a glue type of substance. Okay? Slime, glue, paint, plastic.

Anything that bonds to something else, basically, in certain ways, is called a polymer. Right. Something that has many monomers that join together. It’s very technical or whatever. But then the next question is about Ch Four. They say in the molecule of CH four, the hydrogen atoms are spatially oriented towards the center. Blah, blah, blah. Ch four is methane. So there’s a methane. There’s gases being released from the Earth right now.

Okay? They’re trying to attribute academics, and the world at large is trying to attribute the coming apocalypse to cows farting and pollution from humans. I’m not on board with that. Okay? I don’t believe that cows farting have anything to do with the apocalypse, nor do I believe that our pollution or whatever, the small amount of it, in comparison to the whole world, is bringing on the apocalypse by creating methane.

Basically, the world creates methane. Earth creates all of the gases that the Earth has, including Methane, which is now starting to seep out from the inner parts of the Earth. Not just methane, many different gases, but methane is one of them. Right. Also, you have methane that’s coming out from the permafrost around the Arctic Circle that’s being released. All that decomposing, ancient, nasty bodies that are all frozen permanently, that instantly froze up there, by the way.

They’re all melting and they’re decomposing, and it’s releasing methane. Right. And methane is highly explosive, so it will react with all the increased electricity in the air and stuff. You get wildfires and stuff like that. All right, so the mom jumps on the phone because the phone rings. She gets a ghost phone call from Will, and you hear this. This is white noise. This is how ghosts speak.

This is how we hear the communication of electromagnetic entities. Okay? They don’t have a quote unquote voice box. They don’t have a physical throat to speak out of, so they pulse. They speak and affecting the air and affecting the electromagnetic current. And this is how they speak. And you can. Next time I have my brother on here because he was a professional ghost hunter. I’ll have him talk about white noise and how ghosts communicate and Ouija boards and all that type of stuff because he’s extensively studied it.

So she’s on the phone, she’s like, will, and it’s a ghost on there, right? And pow. You see that? That’s a shock. That’s electricity that goes through the phone into the mom and shocks her. Exactly like how happens in many different movies. But the one I’m thinking of is Bukuru Banzai, right? Bukuru Banzai gets a call from these 8th dimension aliens or whatever, these good guys. And when he gets on the phone, he gets zapped and shocked in his ear.

And that shock sends information because information travels electronically or electrically. Electromagnetically, I should say. All the information goes right into Bukru Banzai’s head. And he instantly knows the entire conversation. He didn’t need to speak and all that stuff, right? That’s telepathy. All right, so it says electricity sUrges, right? So when we’re talking about ghosts and we’re talking about the paranormal and the supernatural we’re talking about plasma and electricity and magnetics and things that we’re barely tapping into that our governments have known about for decades.

But they barely teach the slave class anything about it. If anything, they turn magnets into toys and it becomes a gimmick. Electricity becomes a gimmick. Right? And a shortcut. So now the boys are out looking for Will, their buddy. He’s missing. And instead of finding Will, and you’ll notice the three dots as well, right? This represents, like, mind, body and soul. Basically, these three dots. These also represent the three dots that I talk about that people see up there in the hole in the sky, in the depressurization point.

But these three kids, they turn around and instead of finding will, they run into eleven. So they find another to add to their party. Eleven’s on the run, okay? She’s escaped from the government facility and they’re looking for her because they don’t see her as a human. They don’t have any kind of love or empathy. They’re users and they see her as something to use to benefit themselves.

That is the selfish vibration that’s taking things from instead of adding to things, right. And making the world a better place. And that’s the end of our first stranger Things presentation. Chapter one. Stay tuned. Next time we’re going to get deeper into chapter two. We’ll find out what’s going on with Will a little bit more about him and where he is. I’m sure we’ll be talking about the upside down a lot more and we’ll get deeper into eleven and her superpowers and stuff as well.

Thanks for joining me. This time for truth and movies. Until next time, I’m Jay Dremmers saying good vibes and goodbye. Oh, that was different. Hold on, let’s try that again. Thanks for joining me. Until next time, I’m Jay Jimmer saying good vibes and goodbye. Me. I try so hard to fade away but something for save me to say it’d be easier for me if I can wait to sleep but there’s something holding on the way we escape But I gotta say it’s time to wake up.

Time to wake up. Time to wake up. Time to wake up. Time to wake up. Time to wake up. Time to wake up. Time to wake up, baby. Time to wake up. Time to wake up. I know I should have done this should have quit this long ago can’t send another heartbreak but it’s time to let it go It’d be easier for me if I turn away to sleep but there’s something holding on the way be gone there’s ways to escape But I guess it’s time to wake up.

Time to wake up. Time to wake up. Time to wake up. Time to wake up. Time to wake up baby. Time to wake up. Time to wake up. Don’t you wake up? There’s so many ways to escape But I guess it’s time to wake up. Time to wake up any ways to escape But I guess it’s time to wake up. Time to wake up. Time to wake up.

Time to wake up baby. Time to wake up. Time to wake up. Time to wake up. Time to wake up baby. Time to wake up. Time to wake up. Close Sam. .

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