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#174 | Mindscapes: Aliens Artificial Beings The Power of the Subconscious w/ @projectchaney

By: The Juan on Juan Podcast
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Exploring the Uncharted Realms with Tommy Truthful

Intriguing Conversations Unveiled

Welcome back to another riveting episode of The Juan on Juan Podcast, where he leaves no stone unturned in his relentless pursuit of the truth.

In this episode, Juan delves deep into the mysteries that piqued his curiosity, spanning the spectrum from ancient texts and occult magic to the shadowy world of government conspiracies. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Dissolving the Veil of Instant Dismissal

One thing becomes abundantly clear from the get-go: Juan doesn’t believe in instant dismissals of complex theories without diligent research. He’ll lead you through a labyrinthine maze of interconnected ideas, where threads of truth and illusion intertwine.

Peering into the Abyss of Technology Advancements

Juan’s razor-sharp intellect takes us on a journey into the heart of technology and its influence on society. How are our lives being shaped by the relentless march of innovation, and what hidden agendas might lurk beneath the surface?

Branding, Symbolism, and the Pop Culture Paradox

Prepare to have your mind blown as Juan unravels the enigmatic relationship between branding and symbolism in popular culture. Is there a grand design behind the logos we see every day, or are we merely cogs in a much larger machine?

Media Authenticity Under the Microscope

In an era of information overload, Juan questions the authenticity of media content. How much of what we see and hear can we truly trust? Are we being subtly manipulated by forces we can’t comprehend?

The Dance with Alternate Dimensions and Interdimensional Espionage

As we wade deeper into the waters of skepticism, Juan introduces us to the concept of alternate dimensions. But beware, for these uncharted waters can be treacherous. Are there potential dangers lurking in the shadows, ready to exploit interdimensional travel for their own sinister purposes?

Throughout this fascinating conversation, Juan encourages critical thinking and an open-minded approach to the mysteries that surround us. In a world filled with uncertainty, one thing remains clear: the truth is out there, waiting for those brave enough to seek it.


➡ The Juan on Juan podcast offers ad-free content, early access, exclusive episodes and hangouts for Patreon supporters. They introduce the paranoid American Homunculus owner’s manual, a comic book filled with supernatural secrets. Juan Ayala, a leading homunculologist, created the book. They explore homunculi concepts from Aristotelian, spiritual, Paracelsian, and Crowleian perspectives. The host interviews Cheney from Project Cheney, delving into notions of cloning and the fate of artificial beings. The podcast also examines the potential reality of aliens and UFOs, challenging popular dismissals as a pure government psyop.
➡ The speaker discusses a range of topics from ancient texts and occult magic, to government conspiracies, and the idea of interdimensional realities. They discredit instant dismissals of complex theories without research, address the potential influence of technology advancements on society, speculate on the intertwining of branding and symbolism in popular culture, and question the authenticity of media content. This includes a reflection on subconscious influence, perception of alternate dimensions, and the potential dangers of interdimensional travel being exploited for spying. The conversation leans towards skepticism and encourages critical thinking and open-mindedness.
➡ The speaker strongly argues that voting matters and disapproves of the notion that it’s meaningless, citing instances where cities were influenced by the voting process. They emphasize the importance of participation at local levels of government and stress the need for people to be diligent, research, and make informed decisions. The speaker criticizes those who predict a systemic collapse, arguing instead for unraveling systemic issues gradually to safeguard businesses, homes, and retirements built over generations.
➡ The speaker contemplates the possibilities of information and our realities being manipulated or controlled by artificial intelligence or occult principles, using pop culture or entertainment as indirect hints. The speaker also talks about the impact of voting and is concerned about potential manipulations of this process. The speaker believes in the existence of hidden truths in religions and the universe which could extend to theories about space, alternate dimensions, and profound philosophical questions about reality.
➡ The speaker discusses their belief in multiple universes and more intelligent beings, asserting that numerous theories such as the existence of advanced ocean life often portrayed in movies are closer to the truth than we think. They also highlight their interest in artificial intelligence, and its potential to host life forms, and the use of people as vessels for experiencing reality.
➡ The author highlights their presence on social media platforms and the risk of being deplatformed. They emphasize the importance of subscribing to their RSS feed as a reliable medium that can’t be silenced. They also express frustration about the challenges of communicating truth in a divisive culture with a concluding poetic expression of these struggles.
➡ The text discusses the metaphysical and psychological aspects of reality, suggesting that belief and collective consciousness might shape our perceptions. It explores how our understanding of entities and dimensional existence can change based on altered states of consciousness, like dreaming or astral projection. Contemplation on ancient cultures, technologies, and their interpretations of reality inform these musings. Different substances, such as nicotine patches, are discussed for their potential to enhance or alter dream states.
➡ The speaker discusses a variety of topics, including the concept of dreams in a book, anxiety caused by various distractions, societal pressures about future aspirations, religious beliefs about death and the afterlife, historical customs about bones and ancestral veneration, secretive and influential societies, powerful artifacts and their potential powers, and the compartmentalization of knowledge and societal dependence on technology and western medicine. The speaker also questions accepted historical knowledge, such as the existence of dinosaurs, and references elements of the Avatar movie.
➡ The text explores the concept of whales having spiritual experiences due to their large brains. Other topics include: the nature of God, whale communication, human’s fear of water, human destruction and its impact on nature, and global warming narrative. The text ends with a philosophical debate about transhumanism and societal structures.
➡ The text discusses recent trends in media focusing on controversial figures (like cult leaders and serial killers) as seen in numerous documentaries and shows. Despite its seemingly grim nature, this trend has found a huge audience, comparable to the popularity of fictional worlds like Harry Potter and Star Wars, ultimately highlighting the power of storytelling and its impact on viewer psychology.
➡ The speaker has been invited to a project involving exploring facets of the occult and interdimensional portals, expressing hesitation about participating, citing concerns about dabbling in areas outside their comfort zone and knowledge sphere. They emphasize their interest in observing different mystic practices like voodoo and tarot readings, but refrain from participating due to a lack of expertise and respect for the unknown. The speaker also discusses the real impact of audacious beliefs, cryptids, and the occult seemingly unreal experiences, suggesting that these experiences start mentally but can manifest physically. They end by discussing life as Live Action Role Play (LARP), emphasizing that everything starts as a mental scenario before becoming actualized.
➡ The text revolves around the notion of belief shaping reality, specifically relating to technology and internet. The narrator discusses how the first builders of technology struggled and eventually succeeded in their tasks often attributing theirs success to otherworldly entities. The paradox of needing such technology is also questioned, and the concept of these machines being windows to other dimensions is presented. The narrator also delves into interaction with artificial intelligence and how it collects information which can create digital avatars of persons. The creator and user have become indistinguishable, feeding into the system continuously. Further, it highlights that technology and its purpose may be influenced by external forces, potentially even otherworldly or interdimensional entities.
➡ The speaker discusses his unique learning style, where doodling or working with his hands enhances memory retention, compared to note taking. He also dives into the topic of cults and the manipulation involved in drawing people in by appealing to their ego and the idea of being chosen or special.
➡ This passage discusses the changes in tax and regulatory status of the corporation Disney in Florida, stating that the legislation ended their self-governing status and brought them under the same rules and laws as other entities. Some discussion questions the necessity of Disney’s physical theme parks in the age of virtual reality and digital entertainment. Further assertions suggest a diverse character of Florida cities and a critical stance on the political system and voter efficacy, suggesting that land ownership once determined voting rights and critiquing the idea of land ownership itself.


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They said it was forbidden. They said it was dangerous. They were right. Introducing the paranoid American Homunculus owner’s manual. Dive into the arcane, into the hidden corners of the occult. This isn’t just a comic, it’s a hidden tome of supernatural power. All original artwork illustrating the groundbreaking research of Juan Ayala, one of the only living homunculologists of our time. Learn how to summon your own homunculus. An enigma wrapped in the fabric of reality itself.

Their power at your fingertips. Their existence, your secret. Explore the mysteries of the Aristotelian, the spiritual, the Paracelsian, the crowlean homunculus. Ancient knowledge lost to time, now unearthed in this forbidden tale. This comic book holds truths not meant for the light of day. Knowledge that was buried, feared and shunned. Are you ready to uncover the hidden? The paranoid American homunculus owner’s manual. Not for the faint of heart.

Available now from paranoid American. Get your copy@tjojp. com or paranoidamerican. com today. Welcome to the One on One podcast with your host, Juan Ayala. And think of really like if Geronimo, as recent as a figure is in that history, in history to us as Geronimo, and in reality, we can’t possibly think Geronimo was the most magical person or the most magical artifact. So if the skull of Geronimo retained any power, what other kind of power is being retained out there? Like, what other kind of animals? That’s where I think of things like Game of Thrones, where you see down in their crypt, they have a dragon skull.

If you had Geronimo skull and somebody else could have a dragon skull, like when people say, oh, I wonder what’s under the Vatican, I wonder the books. What if it’s not books? What if it’s a dragon skull and it’s something so much bigger than an idea of knowledge that we could obtain? I don’t know if anyone out there has taken in the Avatar movies, but I think it’s so interesting when we talk about things like a dream or even melanin or virgin’s blood or these kind of things.

They’re draining the it’s almost the pineal gland of a whale in this. That’s the highest, like higher than the tree of life that they wanted to mine in the first one, the penial gland of the whale. Because their philosophy center and their music center and their language center was way bigger than the Avatars on this island and humans were using it to stay young. And so it’s like, we know they study a chrome on rabbits.

We know they do it on turtles. Here’s this thing on whales. So I just wonder, it’s like the levels of things I feel like they know that we don’t know and that they keep from us. Horn of the Hornwood podcast. I’m your us. As always, remember to follow show on social media at the 101 podcast on pretty much any platform. Tjojp. com is the website, patreon. com, the one on one podcast, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, all that stuff.

Make sure to click the links below. And today we are joined by returning guest and friend of the show, cheney from project Cheney. What’s up, Cheney? Hey, Juan. How are you? Word on the street word on the street is you’re a clone. Is that am? Not that I know of. But would a clone know they were a that’s that’s a good that’s what isn’t that what a clone would say, though? If they were confronted for being a clone, I would have all the information up to the point of swapping places with the original Cheney.

And if you were going to have a clone army, why would you ever tell the clones they’re clones? Illuminati confirmed. Well, I mean, what is it, star wars? Attack of the Clones? They all know they’re clones, right? Do they? I don’t know. Oh, man, this is interesting. Like multiplicity. All of them know they’re a different one of the dude. But if I’m the lesser Cheney, like if it’s a copy of a copy of a copy, I’m the lesser version of Cheney now, but it’s like Everybody Hates did you watch the black mirror where it’s like every episode? The first one is was it June? Is that her name? Everybody hates June.

Judy? Jude? Yeah, I don’t remember her name. Everybody hates whatever that Brody’s name is. How creepy was that? Like the concepts in that show, right? So let’s see here. All of them, every Black mirror episode. Did the clones know what they were doing during Order 66? Let’s see here. I don’t know if they know that they’re clones. Can clones tell each other apart anyways? I don’t know. I mean, somebody would have to answer that.

But were they aware that they were clones? How do clones recognize each other? Clone troopers eventually learn how to read individuals by slight differences in facial and behavioral quirks. So apparently it’s a thing they were able to tell each other apart then. It’s not really, because eventually, even if there was like ten versions of me that were all made at the same time, from that point on they would develop their own quirks and personality traits.

Well, have you seen they cloned Tyrone yet? No. You know, I put it on and it was in there. It was on in my periphery, but I don’t feel like I took any of it in. You watched it? Like you sat down and watched it, though? It was on I was sitting, but I must have played on my phone or made a meme or something, because they implant the memories.

Cheney with the lights. When they’re laying on the table, they’re swapping the new one out. So maybe they swapped you out, put you on the table, did the lights, and then you’re good to go. You know what I mean? So I don’t know. And here we are with the maybe clone Cheney or not. You want to plug your stuff for the people. If anyone wants to find anything, they can go to Projectchainey.

com I’m everywhere. You find your podcast if you are on YouTube. I have three episodes up, but I’m planning on getting a lot more video episodes. That’s season two. And they can go to Wonderland on Instagram is where I do most of my ship posting. Otherwise, it’s Project Cheney everywhere. Yeah, you do a lot of shit posting. Chaney and speaking of ship posting, I posted about speaking about clones and speaking about artificial things.

I posted this thing about pigeons not being real. And I had an alarmingly, a surprisingly large amount of people that hit me up, telling me about how they’ve had experiences with baby pigeons. Now, not all pigeons are fake. I’m sure there’s some real ones sprinkled in. I mean, as of the most recent thing I saw was on Joe Rogan, there was a lady on there talking about how they had genetically altered pigeons.

I mean, this is an actual thing. Now, if they’re androids or not, that’s a whole different debate. But the CIA has used pigeons before for spying on people. I mean, that’s mainstream history, if you want to believe that. But as of recently, they found a I think they called it the house of horrors. Now, we can’t say a lot because of YouTube, but there was genetically modified animals in there to spread a certain type of that we all are very familiar with.

So that’s just in California that they found. That right. This House of Horrors with a whole bunch of stuff in it. Now, let’s take that microcosm and expand it, right, and the military industrial complex and what they’re maybe doing with movies like they clone Tyrone. What are they planting in the subconscious of the masses to start to take in? I mean, recently they also talked about the aliens that are the ones that are responsible for the cow mutilations and the abductions.

Well, that supposedly there were lab grown man made entities, but that there are some extraterrestrial entities. And also, I know you just recently posted about Lamb, and I’ve been talking about Lamb recently and the idea that now the whole conspiracy community is talking about how all aliens are a psyop and they’re all fake and gay and they’re all made up. But when I was growing up as a kid, aliens were very real, and Area 51 was a real thing and it wasn’t a government psy out, but from 1947 on.

Cheney because grant attributes and they take responsibility, right? He says that Crowley takes responsibility for the modern UFO age. This is something he wrote about in the Mob zone. But what about all the UFO sightings and extraterrestrials before 1947? Were those all a government psyop? Were those all fake and gay? Like, what was going on there? Because I think that this phenomenon goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years.

If we want to talk about the Mahabharata and the Bhagavitan and all these different texts that talk about these floating ships and all these I mean, that wasn’t a government style back then, right? I find that most of the time that people are just blanketly, like, this thing’s fake, where it’s just like the whole thing’s fake. They’ve done no research on the thing. And it’s an easy, like, you don’t know how many people that are like, fake.

It’s just a psyop. And I’m like, well, you’ve done no research on it, then. Because I have, and I have budies that have even done more than me, and it’s 100% real, and they’ve been researching it a whole long time. So this is what I find with a whole bunch of this magic stuff and occult stuff. They put it in these fictional movies, so it goes into that spot in their head where all of it’s not real.

So, like, the birds aren’t real. If you can go get a drone from Walgreens and you can fly that, and that’s the technology you can buy for $10 from Walgreens. The idea that the government bare minimum has 50 year advancement on that bare minimum, probably 100. So there’s no way any way you could think of as a little kid to spy. The government’s thought of that in tenfold.

There’s bugs that spy on you. There’s birds, there’s dogs, there’s humans. I don’t think there’s pandas. There’s panda display. They have pandas that come into your parks with men in suits. The Chinese bear that people were talking about. Let’s look it up here. What do you think? Do you think that was it’s interesting to me, I just have to add, because today the government, because they spread the propaganda to us, so we settle in that it’s a real thing.

So they’re like, plague, plague, plague, plague, here comes Corona. And they do these things. Aliens, aliens, aliens, aliens. Here comes their ships. I’m more of an interdimensional person, where I think they’re opening some sort of wormholes or something. But today they released there’s a new virus, X, and this new you know, and so we have this symbolism that they keep marking us with, no pun intended. So then you got, like, Elon with X and you brought up the bird.

So I thought, huh, isn’t that funny? Like, X took over the Twitter bird, which was like the mockingbird. And Elon even posted at one point, birds aren’t real. So then it’s like, did he really? Yes, right after he took over, like, one of the things once. He was like, oh, I’m going to rebrand this. He already knew the brand, no pun intended. The brand. I’m going to rebrand this.

So I just thought, will the next be a bird since X over the bird of Twitter? Like, will we get this avian virus? I remember seeing this article a while back about an interdimensional from Skinwalker Ranch, right? I mean, talking about fake psyops and all these things. You have that show of skinwalker ranch. And I remember as a kid watching these shows on the Bermuda Triangle or any bigfoot show or any cryptid show where I went, man, this is going to be the one where they reveal Go.

But then I thought to myself, I go, if they revealed, like, a bigfoot sighting on this show wouldn’t have already made the news if it was like a real big, like The Treasure of Oak Island. That show just went on and on, and every single episode be like, oh, this is the episode. They’re going to find something. They kept just reeling you in. And I would keep coming back to it and keep watching it over and over and over again.

You just don’t ever learn, right? Yeah. But I did see that they’re prepping a new, I think, vaccine for this new I forgot what they referred to it as, but I did see something. I don’t know, maybe it was you that posted it, and I might have seen it from your post. But this new that they’re prepping us for, the new thing is what they called it. And I find that very interesting because maybe, perhaps I would like an interdimensional pandemic.

I think that would be cool if there was one. I mean, that’s a very bad thing to say, but what a cool concept. Like something like out of something out of the thing, right, where it’s like it lay dormant for so many years, and then you break it out of there and it’s like, yeah, what’s going to happen? You know what I mean? Is it going to turn you into we’re in a room full of people we don’t know who has it, right? And then all of a sudden, it catches you by yourself.

His face opens up, swallows you up, you’re done. But then it morphs into you and, hey, where’d Joe go? Where’d Chaney go? She disappeared. Is this the thing Cheney, or is this the real Cheney? Well, we don’t know, right? So no one’s leaving this room until we figure out who the real Cheney is, right? So it’s like that concept to ben in our subconscious. And last time you and I got together, we did the episode of the sorcerers of the subconscious, which the subconscious is a very powerful thing when it comes to the occult, right? The ego is a thing.

The subconscious. And the idea on the idea of interdimensionalism the mundus Imaginalis, where it’s a I still don’t know if it’s an individual dimension that sprouts forth from your imagination or if it’s the collective, right? So the idea being that there’s this autonomous world that comes forth from your imagination, a magnation right imagination. And are we all contributing to that alternate dimension or is it only to each person has their own alternate dimension? You know what I’m saying? Like do I have my own mundus imagination? And then Chaney has her own mundus and then maybe they interact with each other, right? And sometimes mine bleeds into yours because I can’t see the fake lizard people at the back of the plane.

But she could. That was her mundus. Imaginalis sprouting I think that bitch is not real. I would have screamed back at her. She’d be like, that motherfucker is not real. And I’d be like, she is not real. Because I’ve seen other videos pop up too. But my favorite videos are the ones where it’s like something similar but it’s in a different language because they put up subtitles and I go, you could literally put anything up on those subtitles.

I know. I could have been like, that bitch ate my peanuts. It was a Chinese one, I think that was talking about the people, the flight attendants not being real or something like that. And they were putting it on the subtitles. But it’s like you could put whatever. I love when they put like a video of Putin or somebody talking yeah, doing a speech and then they put the America must go down or something.

Or I’m like, how do we know? Can we even trust that this is now especially right, with the deepfakes and all this stuff? Can we even trust these? Because the AI has gotten pretty good at emulating. It might not be spot on, but it’s pretty good at emulating somewhat these people. You have the AI Joe Rogan podcast experience, I think it is, where it’s a full podcast, but it’s AI rogan it’s kind of clunky.

I mean you can tell. But like you were saying, if your space that you can think in mine, I got to think there’s other realms. I don’t know how many, but the government knows there’s other realms. You can look it up in different CIA documents and then I believe with programs that we see on shows like Stranger Things, but we know that’s all real too, that they use children to go in astral travel so that they can listen to conversations.

They use different people to spy. So I think they could send those people into other realms. And the benefit of using children would be they couldn’t be biased and they would give you all the information that you asked. But the downfall maybe of using children was that they had no control of what they didn’t bring back with them. And so I think there could be things maybe loose in this realm if we get into the idea because people always talk about bigfoot and things, but nobody has a reality of Mothra or Godzilla and the ocean being so deep.

And who knows what a child’s imagination could create? Like, if the first rule of alchemy is mentalism, if everything’s mental, none of the other rules apply. None of the other rules apply. They’re just there to fill the void of an ego. If the first rule is mentalism, nothing else matters. There’s no other so this is something that a lot of people that I’ve caught slack for, quote unquote, about taking some things too literally, right? And obviously, there’s, according to Manly peeler, seven different ways of interpreting things, right.

Historical is the lowest of those. And when it comes to alchemy, which we might talk about here in a little bit, the idea of it is a physical thing, how much it is a psychological thing, how much it is a metaphysical thing. It exists on different planes of existence. Now, you touch on a very interesting concept because it is mental. Does it make it real? Is there ways of drawing that down? I’m trying to word this correctly.

What’s real is just 51% of the room seeing it. But Cheney, even if it’s money, if bigfoot is real, where are the good pictures of Bigfoot? But what if there was something like there’s a bunch of ancient cultures all over the world that won’t even allow you to take their picture all over the world because they think it’ll steal something from you. There’s also a whole bunch of things you can look into about magic mirrors and mercury mirrors and silver on the back of mirrors, and now we have plastic on the back of glass.

There used to be deities that maybe those magic mirrors, they could not be visible in. And so I think now we would never know because they’ve destroyed any of the technology that we and it’s different technology than we think of now. Like, it didn’t need all the wires and all the things. But if the first rule is belief, maybe we all believed instead of a fake monetary system, that these crystal balls would talk to each other.

How much of the collective until it becomes a real thing? So everybody it’s like we shouldn’t take things literally, but everything that everyone’s going on is literature. It’s literal. It’s literal. So it’s just like if we don’t take it by what it says, then we can discuss until the cows comes home what they meant. And that’s the philosophy of it all. But even in the philosophy, we have to rely on our tools of discernment personally somewhere that I’m not reading bullshit, you’re not saying bullshit, I’m not watching bullshit.

And what might be bullshit today could be totally true tomorrow, and then bullshit again the day after. To me, it’s still all mental. It’s all totally what I think. I can heal myself with my brain. I can make myself sick with my brain. I believe I could probably move objects with my brain. I’ve done enough different meditations and psychedelics that I know I’ve spoken to people without my mouth.

I know I’ve heard without my ears. I’ve seen without my eyes. So it’s like, I know there’s your heart and I know there’s your gut where people talk or your chakras and these different things. But I think it all starts here. Speaking of cultures, there’s a lot of cultures that have the dot. There the ancient Egyptians had the was it two snakes? I know there was two things.

There was a cobra and something else. But, yeah, the idea of whenever I have really vivid dreams, I think about if because usually in the dream, there’s a person that I know, and I go I wonder if that person saw me in their dreams, if I interacted with them because I’ve been sober. Because whenever I smoke, I don’t remember my dreams. So I’ve been sober for a while now.

And usually that week after you quit that your dreams come back. It’s like it just hits you like a bag of potatoes, and you’re just like, Whoa, that was a crazy dream. And I often wonder, did the other person see me right in this other realm? Because I’ve been reading a lot of Kenneth Grant lately, and they talk about how the deep sleep state is this pretty much different dimension.

And what you were saying with the mirrors that these entities might not they can’t be seen with certain materials, which we know materials are important, right. When they’re building monuments and building buildings and doing all these different things. Well, in a ceremonial setting, especially, materials are important. Well, if we extrapolate that even further the idea that these entities, for example, the Cthulhu mythos, the great old ones, well, they seem grotesque to you.

And I’m looking at it from a Typhonian point of view, okay? They seem horrific and grotesque to you in this waking state. So whenever you witness Cthulhu, you see him as this crazy monster, but in your deep sleep state, you might see him as something else. Now, all of these entities seem demonic in nature, no matter how you put it. So I don’t know what a pretty Cthulhu would look like in a deep sleep alternate dimension.

Mobs right? He’s like fucking Nick Cage. Just like total Nick Cage. Like, fucking just like yeah. Like, who knows? Right? But again, this is the literature that we’re reading about these things, and we’re taking these people’s words for it, although it might be, again, emphasizing on the darker aspect of it because that’s what they were really into. But, yeah, I think that there is something to that. Essentially, it’s altered states of consciousness because the dream is really a funny one because you felt like you were there, but you weren’t really there.

Or were you? You know what I mean? Or is it even more real than here. I know people who they tell me that they astral project and they do shenanigans in the astral realm, and they say it sucks when they get back because they can do all this stuff. It’s like almost like you’re in the game, right? Yeah. I’ve never gotten to that point of being able to control my dreams.

I have a friend who’s working on walking through walls right now in her dream. I thought you meant in real life. Well, your dream state is your real life, that you get so good at your dream state that they tell you to make something in the real world, the quote unquote real world to do something in this time and space so that, you know, like, every time I walk through a doorway, you remind yourself that you’re not dreaming.

Or that’s why some people have a dream totem or something. They can like a watch, because supposedly the time won’t show in your dream. But I have somebody that is. They say to dream map because the people you meet in your dream, you can learn about them and you can know details about their lives and you can map in your dream. Like, the convenience store will always be in the same reference to your grandmother’s, and your grandmother’s will always be in the same reference to like your house will always be the same.

If you draw it, it might be backward, but yeah, the dream mapping I’m not a great dreamer. It’s not my superpower. I am a pothead. And I have quit for periods of time specifically for my dreams. And it didn’t really help, but nicotine patches induce my dreams like crazy where I can become immediately, like, a lucid dreamer. And I know I’m immediately lucid in my head. So the patches that give you nicotine yeah, but they tell you to put them on in the morning, like, if you’re a cigarette smoker, to put them on in the morning and then throughout the day, and then you tear it off before bed.

I am a weirdo because they said it would give you weird dreams. So I was like, cool, I’m going to put this on right before bed. And it really did. What if that’s the secret janie, right? The silica packets don’t eat the silica packets. And you seen that meme where he takes and he breaks out of the oh, welcome back. It was like you’ve done it or whatever.

What if that’s the like, where do you put it on your body? Do you put it behind your neck or something? You have to change spots because it’s weird on your like, you know how sticky sometimes too long on your skin will irritate your skin. And plus it’s nicotine going in there, so I imagine it’s. So what if I put two on my nipples before going to sleep? I know you’ll be milking, like, wake up and people will be sucking your teeth for cigarette drags.

What if that’s the secret? What if all these ascended masters were just like, no, bro. The secret of the philosopher’s stone is chew nicotine patches straight to the nips. Well, I wonder if it was chewing tobacco leaves, because, you know, they’d smoke peace pipes. So if you look into all these ancient tribes that they would sit at night, and what if they just threw a ton of tobacco and sat around the fire and then inhaled the smoke? Maybe the people that were sleeping are inhaling the smoke and they might have had weird dreams from the oh, yeah, that’s a good one.

And speaking of dreams, I recently had on Stephen A. Ross, and I got some books from him today, and we talked about dreams, actually. And he sent me his book, a Grand Design of Dreams. And he’s an interesting individual because he has lived his life. And I did an episode of him, so that’ll be out before this. But he’s lived a majority of his life through following his dreams.

So you’d have a dream, dream about something, wake up, and then follow whatever his dream told him. And he lived a really interesting life that way. I haven’t read the book yet, but apparently it’s about teaching, telling. I don’t know what it’s about, but he’s got some dream stuff in here. The dream I think it was like a dream journal of his. Not sure. I have to check that out.

But again, a grand design of dream. Shout out to Stephen A. Ross. Appreciate you, brother. Thank you. I’m so sorry. Let me make sure my dog is inside. Yeah, you’re good. Okay. It’s all good. How to let your familiar back into the house. No, they were already in, but I kept hearing something past my earphones, and I’m like, Is everything good? Is everything all right? They were giving me anxiety.

So this idea of, again, following your dreams, quite literally not just figuratively, where they tell you, right? They’ve always told us, what do you want to be when you grow up? Make your dreams come true. Is that like that subconscious programming of, like, if you’re able because you have people who talk a lot of shit that they talk about how they figured out the Matrix. They figured out how to do stuff in this reality.

And geez, let me turn off my notifications on here because I just switched my profiles on Google Chrome, and I just had a notification go off, which I never have, that this is so embarrassing. Turn off all notifications. I didn’t hear it. It’ll pick it up on my RODECaster on my end. Yeah. This idea, right, that they’ve always told us, I remember growing up, like, what do you want to be? What do you want to do? All these different things.

And it’s like, that’s a lot of pressure to put on a kid, especially. Right. And then you mix. Everything else in life. For me, it was religion and reading the Book of Revelation. Damn, this is going to get crazy. Come here when God comes back, right? What if one day I wake up and I’m one of those that got left behind? I know it’s so wacky to even say this.

I remember my mom telling me that story, and I was like, I’m okay. Like, Ma, I’m going to get left behind. And I’m okay. I was like, six. Yeah, I was just like, I’m already okay with getting left behind. I’m not even going to try to live up to whatever it is you guys are up to. I did the whole thing. I went to the whole churches. But I just remember really thinking to my head, like, who’s going to save all the people that are left if you guys all leave? It’s okay.

I’m fine with staying. If you guys all have to vanish into whatever’s next, that’s cool. I’ll stay. Like my little kid brain. It didn’t even make sense. You guys are all going to leave. These people down here? Who’s going to tell them? Well, my grandma always told me that you were able to repent. The only thing is that you had to get your head cut off if you wanted to go back up.

It was like some weird stuff. And I’m like, Where are you getting I was like, oh, it’s on the Bible. I’m like what? Where in the Bible does it say that? It’s like, oh, well, it was it the seven years after the fact or something or other. I remember that. I mean, that was 2005 when I read the book, I think. And if you thinking what we think about what potentially a skull could retain and maybe the magic that a skull could retain, all the people that were like, no, I’m not accepting this.

The only way they could accept was to get decapitated. Now, the powers that be had their skull, got some skull and bones going on back again to this indigenous lore, where even in Florida, you had the timakua, you had the takestas. They would keep the bones because the bones held, you know, that they would feed the remains of their ancestors. Like the people who would pass away. When they would pass away, they would at these they call them charnell houses or carnell houses, whatever, however you say it.

They would go to these houses, and they would give a piece of their food as, like, an offering because that family member was still with them, right? And then they would take their bones, they would dehydrate them, put them in a little special box, like this leather box, and they would return them back to the family. And that ancestor wasn’t dead. That ancestor had actually become or the family member wasn’t dead.

He had become like a deity, almost like an ancestor, which was higher up in the chain and also, the deaths of their family members would shift their family outline. So your mother wouldn’t be your mother anymore, right? She’d be something. She’d be your ancestor or something. Again, you can look it up. But the idea that death would quite literally shift their relations, their relationships in their family and their hierarchy and everything, it was crazy.

Like, the craziest thing ever. These ideas are obviously they’re bizarre to us, but to them, it wasn’t. It was a way of life for them. But the idea that these remains hold that I think that right. Skull and bones with skull and bones of Geronimo and who knows what else, because I recently did an episode where the guy who they were fighting over the artifacts at Machu Picchu and the guy who discovered Machu Picchu was also from Yale, right? And who knows if he was into some shenanigans over there with the Ancient Eight consortium or whatever that they refer to them as, like, their secret societies.

These are very influential people. And what a weird connection, Yale with Machu Picchu. I would have never known that if it wasn’t for that episode with mystic Mark. Shout out to him and think of really, like, if Geronimo, as recent as a figure, is in history to us as Geronimo, and in reality, we can’t possibly think geronimo was the most magical person or the most magical artifact. So if the skull of Geronimo retained any power, what other kind of power is being retained out there? Like, what other kind of animals? That’s where I think of things like Game of Thrones, where you see down in their crypt, they have a dragon skull.

If you had Geronimo skull and somebody else could have a dragon skull, like, when people say, oh, I wonder what’s under the Vatican? I wonder the books. What if it’s not books? What if it’s a dragon skull? And it’s something so much bigger than an idea of knowledge that we could were. I don’t know if anyone out there has taken in the Avatar movies, but I think it’s so interesting when we talk about things like or even melanin or virgins or these kind of things.

They’re draining the it’s almost the pineal gland of a whale in this. That’s the highest, like, higher than the tree of life that they wanted to mine in the first one, the pineal gland of the whale, because their philosophy center and their music center and their language center was way bigger than the Avatars on this island, and humans were using it to stay young. And so it’s like, we know they study it on rabbits.

We know they do it on turtles. Here’s this thing on whales. So I just wonder it’s like, the levels of things I feel like they know that we don’t know and that they keep from us, and then they want us buying all into Western medicine and technology. I mean, they even told us if you want to make a living, go into medicine or computers. Why? So when you pull the power grid, all I know how to do is this.

And the only thing I know how to do is this. You didn’t teach me what any of the pharmaceuticals meant in school. You barely showed me the human body, because now you have it compartmentalized so much. If I learn about the vascular system, I don’t know anything about the endocrine system. And if I learn about that, I don’t know anything about muscles. And if I learn about geriatrics, I don’t know anything about pediatrics.

It’s so wild what they’ve kind of done to us. When I used to think this knowledge was just ours to have, and we just passed it down, and you might be able to go sit in the skull of a whale, which, if you haven’t seen the skull of a whale and still think there’s dinosaurs, that’s crazy. You believe in dinosaurs or no, no, I think that’s the most ludicrous thing.

And people are like, well, gators. And I’m like, well, then alligator is still there. So it’s not a dinosaur. It’s a silly thing of humans are wild. They’re wild. A killer whale. Look at that. That looks like a dinosaur, right? Yeah. And then anything you take about a trex, that’s a dragon. Those little baby arms like that are ostrich arms, and they need big wings on them. So the Avatar movie the way of the water, right? Spoiler for those people listening.

Skip ahead if you don’t want to hear the spoiler. And I do use a lot of pop culture shit to talk about big stuff that’s in Esoteric. I’ll read it and then I’m like, how am I going to explain this, that idea? Because the whales were experiencing religion, they were experiencing spirituality, they were experiencing this whole other realm. I think it’s Timothy Leary. I actually wrote about that, about how and I could be getting this wrong.

I’m getting this from donut shout out to him. The idea that whales can have spiritual experiences because their brains are so big, and we’re going to be doing something here soon on whales. But yeah, that’s not too far fetched, that whales can have their own spiritual experience. Now, what’s interesting about that is, do they believe in the same God that we believe in? Do they believe in, like well, I’m saying we but you know what I’m saying that God not insert your religion God here, but maybe let’s not talk about prophets or the Son of God like Jesus, or like, let’s talk about the Godhead, like the top one, right? The one that emanates out reality, the source energy, whatever that is, because you’ll get lost in the gritty.

Like, oh, this guy was a prophet and he wasn’t the son of God. They’ll start to break everything. Me and you could have one whole series podcast and never get to the end of it. Yeah, let’s step it up. The source, right? The one, the god, whatever that thing is. Do they believe in that? Are they connected to that? Who knows? And whales can communicate with like was it miles and miles? I don’t know the exact distance, but miles and miles away.

And they talk in this weird and they have feelings, they have compassion and love and there’s interactions with people in whales where the whale touched the flipper. Be gentle enough to know that that little human being it knows just enough. Let’s pull it up, whale. And people have stories all over of whales saving their boat or saving them or being in a raft and getting circled by different dolphins.

Even that picture, that man holding that whale, that is like a CGI. They take in the way of water with this whale. And one of the avatars what a crazy looking animal. That’s such a crazy animal. It’s so big, all of them and look how they sleep. That’s a sperm whale sleeping. Oh, wait, that’s a humpback. But if you look up the sperm whale oh, the humpbacks might sleep the same way too.

But the sperm whale sleeping is wild. Look at that. You know what gives me the heebie GB like seeing where you can’t see the bottom. There’s a name for that. Yeah, some people get like a sense of height scare when they’re in the water like that. They say you lose it if you’re somebody that gets it when you’re snorkeling. They say if you learn how to scuba dive, you lose it immediately the second you know you can dive down into the water.

But I even believe the scuba dive, if you’ve noticed the last few years, people are swimming all around great sharks or great white sharks and all these animals and killer whales all over. And it’s because they’ve lost their sense of fear of these animals that we used to not have until two keys on a keyboard went denin, denin, denin, den and den and Dennin. And then we all started to be scared of Jaws, but we used to not be scared of the water.

We were very comfortable in the water. And so I also believe they’ve feared of how long humans can hold their breath. And I think the more that we’re seeing humans go down into the water and record it, it’s like Tony Hawk doing a 900. Once somebody can see him do it, now there’s a 1200. And that’s how it’s like oh, that guy can hold his breath for eight minutes.

Now someone can hold their breath for ten. Now someone and when you look up all these other animals, seals and whales, and they can hold their breath for so long and we have huge lungs for our size, we just don’t have calm hearts. So there is some little things in this, but in all James Cameron movies that he takes so much truth. And there’s so much about the livingness on this Earth of the Avatar Earth, I think it’s Pandora, which is like, of course, that he tries to show in the abyss that I believe, and we get into the Titanic and the sub stuff again.

But I believe that he knows something that’s deep under the water. Like, almost the aliens have never been off planet ever. Almost like we’re the aliens that came off planet. Yeah. No, that’s like a concept I never hear. There was something so peaceful here. And we’re the ones we’re the ones that aren’t supposed to be here. No, absolutely. I’ve talked about that. That’s one of the things that doing mushrooms had opened up for me, where mushrooms told me, like, yo, humans are cancer, humans are destruction.

Everything they touch, they turn to not to gold, but the opposite, whatever, you know, the concept I’m getting at. And that’s one of the things I kept hearing over and over again. And I remember I was just blasted on mushrooms, just peeking and then watching the documentary Our Earth or something like that, our Nature or something. And seeing the seals, I think these elephant seals that have to climb higher and higher to get colder and colder, but it’s like a four ton or two ton animal that’s not supposed to be 200ft up in the air, and they’re all pushing themselves off this cliff, and this seal is just tumbling down to its death.

Mind you, I’m on mushrooms. I’m just, like, freaking out. I pictured it my head and actually made me laugh. And I’m like, what a horrible, psychotic thing to laugh. So I’m watching this and I’m seeing that they would pan out the camera and it would just be just look like miles and miles of these seals. And I’m telling myself, I’m like, why are there so many of them? What’s happened? There were so many seals.

And then they’re showing you the seal fall to its death as brutal death. And then obviously it’s like an English narrator and watch the two ton animal, right? I have a horrible this is all because of humans. Yes, that’s what this makes you think, though. But it’s probably not. You remember how you said the narrator of the Putin thing earlier? I always use this analogy. They could just use a polar bear swimming to ice and then put any narration over it and say, the ice caps are melting.

Look at this poor polar bear. Can’t find anywhere to sleep or eat. No, if you watch this polar bear 100 years ago, this is exactly what it does. No ice caps are melting. The New York sea levels at the exact same. It’s all just fresh water. If you fill up your glass all the way to the top with ice and water, as the ice melts, it doesn’t overflow.

It doesn’t start overflowing your glass. So there is some things that with Philosophies, I know, people will just be like, that’s flat earth philosophy. I’m not really a flat earther. I don’t know what I think is really going on. But I do think that they do want us to think we’re the Cancers when I really think their serial killing and murder and us and things that’s not really us.

They’ve tried so hard to convince us human nature is a certain way. But there are some pieces of shit, though. Yeah, but I think even that they’re MKUltra. They’re just MKUltra to a better extent. They’re from MKUltra parents to a better extent. Everybody’s like, not all cops are good cops. You have to be a certain kind of person to want to be a cop. Where people are like, not all soldiers are good soldiers.

You got to be a certain kind of person to want to kill for your country. There’s certain things that not all fraternities are bad fraternities. But why are you joining things? There’s just certain things I don’t understand where what organization is a good organization? That shit is gay, don’t be joining stuff, right? Yeah, my dad taught me to not join anything. And so the inconvenient truth really is that they’ve been trying to sell us the global warming narrative for as long as we know because it’s the new one.

They tried to sell us the Ice age before that. And I really just think as far as you go back, because they know about the sky clock and we don’t, they are trying to convince us to sacrifice the kids for the weather. That’s as far as you go back. And we don’t know anything about it. So they’re like, oh, look it, we’re going to cover the sun unless you give us enough of your children that we’re going to sacrifice to this thing and then the sun will come back out.

But it was just an eclipse. I think they’re doing that still right now. Except now they don’t necessarily need us to give them our children. We’ll just transition them. And so we’re just doing another kind of sacrifice for the weather. Yikes. Yeah, that’s another one, right, where you can quite literally just it’s such a powerful thing to be able to manipulate somebody into whatever it is you want them to do.

And then recently there is all these I don’t know if you’ve noticed these shows on how to become a cult leader. Then there’s this other show, I think it’s like Cult Something on Hulu where it’s like about cult leaders. And why is it that we know when it comes to all these serial killers and all these documentaries that they just do documentary after documentary on the hell is Dahmer? They’ve done like how many documentaries are on Dahmer? How many documentaries on Dahmer? You think that they’re going to come up with more stuff? Bunch Wikipedia’s, 20 Jeffrey Dahmer projects have been released since 1992.

By comparison, there have been twelve Batman movies and TV shows produced in the same amount of time. 20 dahmer documentary. It’s what I talked about at the beginning with the Bigfoot show or the Oak Island show. It’s like, oh, this is going to be the show. This is going to be the one where they really show us that clear picture of Bigfoot or Dog Man or Mothman, or what’d you mention earlier.

Godzilla. Godzilla. Godzilla. Why is it we all see the same thing and not something else, something completely different. But yeah, what a ridiculous there are too many shows. It’s so funny you said because I took in that what do you do to become a cult leader? And I just flipped through all the guys they mentioned, not one mention though of you just have to join the CIA. Every single dude in that how to become a cult leader is all guys I would say are shadow government selling, doing MKUltra.

And all the guys I’d say they’d say are serial killers in the same way because they use that Manson and everything. They’ve all been Berkeley experimented on. They’ve all been LSD experimented on. I’m sure there’s no correlation between CIA assets and cult leaders. Okay. I’m sure it’s just a big coincidence and it just happens to be that way. No, but absolutely, you’re right. And again, it’s all psychological project and it goes back to this MKUltra mind control.

And that’s why that movie they clone Tyrone is pretty important as far as like mainstream narrative, Cinemagician, sorcerers of the subconscious type of thing because it shows everything that we’re talking about in this movie. But then it kind of just laughs at, you know, this is just a funny joke. It’s just Harry Potter magic. Ha. It’s not real. I’ve been meaning to get into I haven’t I remember as a kid starting similar to series, I would start books over and over again and then somehow or another you would drop the book and never finish it.

So you’d start all over again because you wouldn’t be able to remember what it was about to begin with. And I think it was was it the Chamber of Secrets? Is that the first one? Harry Potter? I do not know. Of course, my there we go. Harry Potter, harry Potter book series order so 1997. The Sorcerer Stone, of course. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. And I don’t think I ever remember watching the movies all that much because I was thinking about this the other day, like starting to watch just to see if I can pick up any Esoteric or occult stuff from it, which I’m sure there is. I mean, obviously and yeah, I haven’t watched it. I don’t know if you ever got into that series or not.

I had a friend right after college that was super nerdy into it and so for her birthday, I went to go see one of them at the theater. That’s it. I don’t know what one it was, but I do know enough of the lure out of them. I know what everything other. It’s almost like you’re talking in a religion. So if you’re like saying a horcrux, that’s a Harry Potter term for maybe like trapping something inside of an object that could also be a relic.

And so sometimes I’ll use Harry Potter terms to talk about stuff that I’m talking about magic or that I’ve looked up from other books. But I like the Harry Potter zeitgeist. Because you get right into people’s, they know exactly what it is. So many people have seen it that you can talk about really big magic concepts and just use little Harry Potter ideas. And they’re like, oh, like Mrs.

Hufflepuff or something. And I’m like, oh okay, exactly. So some of the things I research to just be able to speak to them in their language. But I definitely I know too much about it. It’s like the same as like Doctor Who. But that idea though, that it is almost a religion for some people. I think there’s a religion on Jediism or something like that where people believe that they’re actual Jedis.

And it’s funny because I was doing a decode or a decult of Star Wars, the first one. And that week that I was going to do that, I was at my son’s basketball practice and it’s like this big facility where they do events and stuff like that. And it’s an indoor soccer arena. And then the back is where they do the basketball. But there was a separate court that was next to it.

And they were doing apparently there’s this whole Jedi lightsaber fighting league. So it was a bunch of grown ass men almost like fencing but with a fucking lightsaber. And they were going at it with these light. And I looked up to see how much it was. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I’m like, that sounds like a dangerous new hobby because you build your own custom lightsaber.

My wife knows how I get with new hobbies. I always try and get the best stuff with the new hobby. So I was looking it up and these lightsabers are like freaking $500. However, carbon fiber, fiber optic lights, all this craziness. But I was like, how sick is that to just go and I have like $100 lightsaber. Not to put my total nerdy self on blast, but this is probably before they even had a $500 lightsaber.

To be fair. This is like probably 15 years ago, 13 years ago I got like $100 lightsaber and I got like luke’s, so mine’s green and it’s like and it does that. And when I hit it on another lightsaber, it’s like and it does all the sounds. A lot of the guys though that I did know from other nerdy like LARPing events. They would choreograph full fight scenes and they were like next level fun.

How sick is this? Yeah, these are choreographed fight scenes and they’re next level. That was one of the things I definitely grew up with watching Star Wars. I would fall asleep to watching Star Wars. And these dudes are dressed up. But these other people were in the fencing attire. So here they were like so light speed Saber League. And they were in these weird suits or whatever. And they were fighting each other.

But this is definitely a niche crowd, right? I mean, it’s like the Cosplayer crowd where they’ll go above and beyond or whatever. But I thought it was pretty cool. And of course when my wife saw me looking, I was like she’s like, if you start Lightsaber League, you are not going to be podcasting as much. Look at this. They would wear these gloves, these weird gloves. See, I would have to give my wife I’d be like so I was thinking I’m either going to start Moi Thai or Lightsaber League.

You should set up a camera and record you asking her that. I have to give her one thing more. Either it has to be dumber than this or more dangerous. So for her, she’s always going to pick me to do the dumb thing over the dangerous thing. So if I give her like she’s like, I don’t want anyone kicking you right now in Moitai. I don’t know if I want you rolling around in jiu jitsu.

But if I was like, I’m hanging out with a bunch of dudes and we’re doing lightsaber stuff, she’d be like, go for like I can only tell you no so much. I’m going to go to the lightsaber league with fuanh Juan and paranoid American. You think we can get Paranoid American to do something like this? Can you imagine? Paranoid American? No way. Have you ever seen his legs? No.

I’ve seen how tally does Paranoid American even have legs? I mean, I’ve seen his legs. And it’d be funny to see his skinny ass legs and holding a lightsaber, right? So I think we could let’s let’s set something up. Like think I think a funnier one would be if we do a haunted house somewhere in Florida and we record it and stay the night in. No, no, I think like a haunted house.

Like a Halloween like spooky. Like jump out. So I recently got invited to a project and they’re talking about doing some stuff that involves opening up portals and stuff like that. And I was like, I’ll hang out. I’ll be around. But as far as being a part of the actual experiment, I don’t know about all, you know, you have people who push the limits when it comes to all this occult stuff.

We have all these movies. We have all these shows. We have all these things. But when the shit hits the fan chaney, let’s say we’re talking about interdimensional, we’re talking about aliens, we’re talking about all these stuff. When the shit were to hit the fan, let’s say a portal opens up in front of you. Would you jump in the portal? What would you do? Because I think you have a lot of cryptid hunters and stuff like that, that they kind of chase after the stuff, right? And it’s probably for good content.

But what would you really do if you were to see the portal open up or something? 100%. It depends on who I’m with. And I’m not going in alone, but I will go in first. How would you make sure that the person would go? I just have to trust at that point. But I would say I’m going to go in. And if you hear me scream, do not come in.

But if we’re like a group of us, I’d go in. But here’s another thing where I agree with you. I think there’s a lot because we’re into this whole new age, and the occult and all these new schools of thought have almost hit at the same time, and people have woke up so quick that they have so much information. I think cults are easily to form right now.

Like real easy. I think it’d be real easy. You could just walk into a yoga studio and walk out with like ten people that would join your cult. And that was just picking on the yoga studio. There’s so many other things that I think you could walk into and walk out. But I think that I’m not practicing magic with just anyone. I’m not trying to go into a haunted house and use a not.

There are certain things that I’m not trying to do. It’s not the things I mess around with or feel comfortable with. And so there are like, I want to go to New Orleans and I want to look all through it. I don’t want to practice voodoo with like I have lines of things that but I do know friends of mine that I know that do voodoo, and I love them, but I don’t want to do that with them.

That’s not my magic. So I feel like when you don’t know about things and you fuck with them, you are opening yourself up to things that you have no idea about. And so I know about too many things to fuck with it. I actually have researched too much to just go playing around with stuff and conjuring things. And I do know people too, and they’ll be like, oh, I conjured this deity.

Or I talked to and it’s by name and like big names of things that I’m like, whoo. People have told me I have spirit guides. I feel like I’ve seen one of them in a psychedelic experience. But somebody told me with one of my spirit guides, I could look in the mirror with her specifically. And if I. Wanted to. I could see her. Like she had the ability to do this.

All spirit guides are different and possess different kinds of energies. Some people do have spirit guides that might be like Freya and you’re like, what? Like something that you’ve heard of that’s a deity? I don’t have any of that, but I also don’t want to conjure anything in the mirror. So it’s just I’m fine. This is something people tell me all the time. You need to thank your spirit guides.

I never have. I never have. I’ve never thanked my spirit guides. But people have also given me Tarot decks. I wish I could do Tarot. It’s so so I love it. I have people do Tarot for me, but it’s just not my magic. So that’s how I feel about where people are like, hey, we should all go fuck around because we’ve all read Manly P. Hall and all know who Alistair Crowley is.

Let’s go open a portal. I don’t want to do that. I ain’t trying to open portals. Have you opened a portal before? No. Then I ain’t trying to be your first portal opener. Guest the more you fuck around, the more you find out. And that’s one of the things and I don’t know if it’s the religious indoctrination to me or not, but yeah, I have the utmost respect for these things.

Now, does that necessarily make them real? Because people can argue up and down that all this stuff is just make belief. And I like the way that me and Thomas were talking about it the other day, where what if all these people were just LARPing? But what if LARPing puts you in that state to where it becomes real right back into what we’re talking about? It starts mental, but then it can grab a hold of you and it becomes an actual thing.

Because when people are having and I know I use cryptids because it’s one of those realms where you can talk about it for hours and hours and hours, but then there’s like the evidence for it is so slim. And you can watch documentary on a cryptid and they probably won’t put up anything on. I love watching them with my son because he’ll sit the whole hour and a half or whatever waiting for them to show, and I know it’s never coming.

So he’s like, Where are they going to show the bigfoot? And I’m like, he’s coming. Just settle down. He’ll be here and they’re going to show him here. And they never do. But to some people, I’m sure that there’s some people who are just telling stupid stories, but for some of those people, they actually saw something. It was an actual experience for them. And you get into the phenomenology of it, where this was a true experience that they were feeling at that point in time.

Now, there was nobody around to see it, but just because a tree falls in the woods, right? What’s the whole saying? If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a noise, whatever? Yeah. And no one’s around to see it. Does it make a noise? Yeah. So it’s like that type of thing. And again, I’m using cryptids because it’s one of those where similar to the occult, where it’s like, well, I can summon whoever, Cthulhu or whatever, and he’s like, oh, yeah? Show me 1 second.

What are you doing? It’s like I’m feeling him. Or even like I can turn anything into gold. Like I’m an Alchemist. I can turn it into gold. Really? That would just be how to keep the king away from us. We’d be like, if you keep interrupting us, we’re never going to be able to get your gold. And then every once in a while, we’d go and be like, hey, homegirl.

Oh, you want something done for your crops? We’re like, put some I’d be like, Juan, go throw some shit on her crops, and I’m going to do a spell. She gives us some gold. I give it back to the king. Look it, I turned something into gold. But really, it was just all a way to keep people off our back. I think everything starts out as a LARP.

No matter what it is you want to do in life, you have to LARP it first. You have to see yourself doing it, no matter what it is. Even if it seems like a silly little monotonous job that you want to drive to work, you see yourself driving to work tomorrow. It’s why you have so much dread today. It’s like, oh, one day I’m going to drive. One day I’m going to learn how to drive.

And then you do. It’s like, everything starts out as live action role play of the thing, every single thing on the planet. When you were a kid and you wished that you were bigger, and now you just want to be a kid again. I know being a little sucks, but you know what? All the things that they’ve convinced us of, like, the bills aren’t real, the money’s not real.

Why is it that this person goes to work for this amount of hours, and that person goes for that amount of hours, and that person makes 20 times more for the hour of work? It’s like none of that’s real. It’s just an agreed upon fairy tale. People used to be able to take cans in a string and talk in them no matter how long the string and they’d pull it tight.

You ever knew that as a kid? Yeah. And then I could hear, like, we’d have one on our tree fort and there was just a hanging one. Like, one was up in the tree fort and one was hanging. I mean, I don’t know why we needed it. We knew we were the only ones around the tree fort. But you do that weird shit when you’re a kid. But so much about this is belief.

These copper wires that go to this thing, and then it shoots into satellite. But for some reason, we believe it. We all collectively believe that this Skynet is going to provide us all this free Internet. And it’s like we all collectively believe it. But at one point, somebody said, this wire right here is going to make it so people can talk to each other. And you’re like, I’m going to be able to talk to that wire.

Not only are you going to be able to talk to this wire, I’m going to send color TV through this wire. One day. You’re going to send color TV through that wire. One day I’m going to do this and people are going to see me. Yes. Then they’ll do it in live time. And someone has this right now in live time. And my words are going across now they can see what I’m doing in live time.

So I’m like, that just started out all as a belief that one day I’m going to hold this phone in my hand and be able to talk to you. This box, it’s not even going to be called a phone. Why do we call it a phone still? Yeah. Cell phone. No, but you’re absolutely right. But also there’s the aspect of it that we don’t understand how it works.

Right. And it’s like this weird because I know how to plug my modem in and my router, and I can set it up, but I can’t tell you exactly how it works. And sometimes I always wonder, because I’ve taken programming and stuff like that, and I always wonder like, damn, this is crazy programming stuff. Writing a script to load it up on this thing, and it’ll do whatever you tell it to.

But what’s even crazier is the people who wrote that program to be able to program that other thing. So it keeps going all the way down into more specialized and more esoteric. Because that’s essentially what esoteric means. But yeah. No, the idea of using these things that we don’t know, and I’ve covered plenty of that with the occult origins of XYZ. And literally almost anything in history was first created for an occult purpose, like for something occult.

Somebody sent me something today, I think it was of the father of the supercomputers and how he was talking to elves under his house or something like that in tunnels. You pull it up here and the father of the modern day computer was trying to summon the devil as a kid. I have to sign in here if I wanted to create something. Like if eventually you have all the money in the world or you’re the oldest soul in the world, to get all the money in the world, our phones, you need experience to feed your Aggregor, your servitor.

And so all of us giving it all of our experience and all of our smiles and our laughter. I almost think, like, the podcasting and the Twitter spaces and the Telegram chats, this is what they want. They want us all on this other network because each one of these other networks is all recording us in all different ways. And so we’re going to be the first avatars on the computer.

We don’t even know it yet. The fringe is just one thought, but we’re just filling the computer with different avatars. Like, they’re going to know every way that we turn. They’ll only know some of the people, like my mom. They’ll only know her glamour shots. That’s how much they have of her. But me, they got every one of my turns. Yeah, I’ll be like, Ma, throw me some of that cash.

I won’t even be mad. I’ll be like, you showing your feet on only fans, mom. She would never here, let me pull this up because it’s funny. I try to pull it up on the actual website that I remember the person sending it to me on. But of course, when I pull it up and I was looking at it today, but the idea seymour Cray, the father of supercomputing, claimed that elves offered him help to overcome design problems.

This is from a year ago, but Cray said, well, we have elves here and they help me. Cray subsequently showed his visitor a tunnel he had built under his house, explaining that when he reached an impasse in his computer design, he would retire to the tunnel to dig. While I’m digging in the tunnel, the elves will often come to me with solutions to my problems. He said what? Cray avoided publicity, and there are a number of unusual tales about his life away from work.

So when I’m at home, I work for 3 hours and I get stumped. I’m making a bus. So I quit and I go to work in the tunnel. It takes me an hour to dig four inches and in the four X fours now, as you can see, I’m in Wisconsin woods and there are elves in the woods. So this dude was talking about talking to elves and they would give him the solutions to his problems.

What in the world? I feel like we find a lot of these inventors or like they all seem to have this push somewhere by interdimensional entities. Yeah. And so then you almost wonder, they say, if you get into the idea of the Nephilim or Fallen something and that some of them, they keep going back to the Egyptian timeline. What they always taught us is everything in history always kind of took this slant, but then all of a sudden it took this huge step.

And so if you have things working with us and against us, everyone always assumes the technology is for us. But really the car made it so we could get further. Did we need to get further. The computer makes it so we can talk further. Do we need to know the information that’s going on all over the world? People get into cryptocurrencies because then you’ll be able to have world commerce.

What do you need to buy from the other side of the world? It’s like they keep getting these ideas of expanding that it almost makes me wonder how much of the advancements, if people are getting them from these other realms, actually advance humanity. And that’s something I’ve talked about too, right? And also, what if those things are trying to break into our reality, right? Like, look at this.

This is again the wicked idea. Another favorite pastime was digging a tunnel under his house. He attributed the secret of his success to visits by elves while he worked in the tunnel. While I’m digging in the tunnel, the elves route and come to me with solutions to my this almost sounds alchemical, right? Like secretive, like, well, I’m digging in the tunnel, but then he had an actual tunnel.

You know what mean? Like, okay, maybe whatever. Okay, it was green language, but no, this dude had an actual tunnel. Don’t be literal with it. And then you’re like, no shit. He really had a tunnel, right? Like it’s. Dante’s Inferno. No, real tunnel under his house. So the crate super scalable system. And then you have the idea that these computers, these quantum computers can open up portals like holographic wormholes and stuff like that.

So let me see here if I can find this dude’s cray seam more butts dad joke. The cray. Wait, hold on. Is this dude? Oh, my gosh. Four inches. There’s no way this is his tunnel. This is his mind. No, here we go. Exploration. No, this is a different one as a hobby, right? International authorities on moss and butterflies of the Smithsonian institute, who had found health and recreation and digging an amazing series of tunnels beneath his Washington home.

So this is from the Smithsonian institute. You’re so crazy for believing in dumbs. Oh, here’s just some random dudes that used to do this alone. Right? It’s like that. There’s also another guy. Like, you have the here in Edward LeedsCoun in homestead with the coral castle and how he built that by himself, but apparently building tunnels right here. Mr. Seymour butts cray, the father of the supercomputer like to tunnel.

To, not satisfied with using his huge intellect and the advancement of computer technology, also decided to pick up a shovel and get digging. He explained that when he was telling his mind was free to work on his computer problems. He also allegedly claimed that elves came to help him in these underground calculations. Is there templar? I’ve seen this on YouTube. The templar underground tunnel thing. I want to see pictures of know? And and that’s one thing with me.

Like, I was thinking about the other day where if you see me doing yard work. Me, at least I’ll have my headphones in and I’m in the zone. I’ll get what I need to get done as I’m listening to an audiobook or whatever, but I’m learning. I’m jamming out or cranking out like some crazy manly P hall lecture where he’s going in on some crazy philosophical esoteric concept and I’m just in the zone, just taking it all in, taking it all in.

And it’s something about working with your hands and doing something and it helps me learn more. Almost like I heard it put too that when you doodle and you’re listening to a lecture, it helps you retain it more better. Right? Because I had a therapist tell me that in college no one ever gave me Ritalin or Adderall, but I have a bad Add and when they’re like pay attention, pay attention, pay attention.

If I look at my professor talking, my ears and my brain were elsewhere. I could hear every detail of every sound going on in the classroom. Every breath, sneeze, chair moving, everything. I couldn’t focus on the teacher at all, but if I looked down and doodled and started drawing whatever I was drawing and actually my therapist told me stop taking notes. Stop taking notes because your perfectionist and your brain misses one word and gives up.

So start just doodling and you’ll retain everything the professor is saying. And so I stopped taking notes and then it was all of a sudden like dink, I have a photographic memory but it’s auditory. And I think most people have photographic memories, they just have to figure out the way they learn. And so when people a lot of the times when you take notes, it’s the same as you’re taking a picture of something, it doesn’t go in your memory.

When you’re taking notes, you’re almost giving your it’s like putting a phone number in your phone. It doesn’t go in your memory. But if you doodle and your brain is thinking this is the only time I’m going to hear this, it will keep it forever. Yeah, there’s something about even the journaling experience too, when you journal something and my retention of information goes up drastically when I hand take notes.

Obviously that’s not a viable option because it just takes too long. But it is something I sometimes do. I’ll take notes. My phone has a stylus, I just take the stylus out, take quick notes and I’m able to remember things quicker. And I don’t know, maybe this guy was talking in code, right? So I quit and go to work. So there’s this time article technology, just dig while you work.

And again, I found a benefit in doing yard work or whatever it is around the house with headphones in. And I’m able to be productive at the same time while learning. Whenever this dude would, he would work for 3 hours, get stumped, not make progress. So he’d quit, go work in the tunnel. But now you see, as you can see, I’m up in the Wisconsin woods, and there are elves in the woods.

So when they see me live, they come into my office and solve the problems I’m having. Then I go back up and work some more. What the fuck was this guy on? Would you want elves to come and solve your problems? But I had a lawn company for a while. I was a welder in lifetimes, and I painted houses when the world was on lockdown because I wasn’t going to.

And so during all those phases are when, like, you know how you’re like, I don’t even know how I know the things I know where people are like, Juan, where did you learn this? And you’re like, Did I read it? Did I listen to someone? It’s from some of that time I was working, and so much information went into my brain. It just became part of where people are like, find me the gravy on that, where I’m like, I don’t know.

I’m not going to look it up for you. I just know it’s real. I don’t know why I know. I don’t know where I read it, but because I was listening to so many books on tapes or it would be a good interview or a Manley P. Hall lecture or these kind of things. But it was while I was doing something with my hands that it just totally stored itself appropriately in my and the thing about Manley P.

Hall too, especially, is that because you were saying that people, they went from white belt to black belt. So I can imagine people first learning about the Bermuda Triangle, and then boom, homunculus. Like, what? They went from the basic, basic UFO bigfoot to magical little men. Yeah, think of how long you sat on Bermuda Triangle and think of how long you got to chill on 911 before anything else happened in the world.

It’s like, now I’m like, oh, my gosh. People are learning about 911. That blankets were just as corrupt as every other blanket they try to give you to keep you warm. And it’s like the amount of stuff people learn now I see that’s why they hear one person in a chat room that’s like, love and light your heart, Chakras. Grab that crystal. And they’re like, this feels so good.

That’s my new cult leader. Or they’re like, oh, my gosh. This person just talked about all this cryptocurrency I’ve never heard of. And they say, that’s my new cult leader. I just see how easy it is, because everything they thought they knew is shattered. And it all happened overnight. Whereas I had, like, a good 1520 years to have all my belief system shattered. So I’m taking notes. So yoga studios are a good recruitment area for cults, cults, cults, and a cult.

I will tell everyone, this is where some of these dumb dudes I won’t call out by name, do it wrong. They’re like, I’m going to start a commune. Everybody come. We’re going to grow strawberries. It’s going to be like a whole fantasy fuck fest. And no one comes to their cult because you have to start your cult like you do your club. So you have to have ladies night.

Ladies come free, and then all the men will join your cult. Like, all the dudes are out there like, we need all these capable, masculine men. So what, you guys are all going to be banging hammers till the cows come home and not getting laid? But if you have the ladies come first and so you start your cult with the women, and you just have 20 women you don’t need anymore, all the guys will come to your cult, and then the next guys that come to your cult here’s the thing where it gets next level, though.

Like, three or four years in, the guys that come to your cult with wives, you can sleep with their wives, too. Yeah, you can cook them. And you’re the only one that can do that because you’re the leader, right? You’re the leader. No one else is sleeping with any of those. Hold on. I’m getting a download. I’m being visited by elves, and the elves are telling me I got to okay, yeah, the elves said I got to fuck your wife.

Sorry, dude. I mean, I don’t make the rules. The elves make the rules. You get to sit quietly most of the time. You’ll be the cult. Like, you’ll wear a white robe, and then I’ll be like, the person that I’m like, no, he needs the finer things. That’s how you have a Rolls Royce in a private jet. I’m like, no, don’t we want him to sit on this nice stuff? Because it can’t be.

You asking for it. The elves are talking. I’m having a download right now. The elves said I need to lamborghini. Yep. The elves want to ride in style, so we got to get the lamborghini. No, definitely. Again, I’m not going to poke fun at people because you don’t ever know the situation. But people, when you watch these things on all these documentaries that they put out, right? Hindsight is 2020.

Obviously, it’s easy to I wouldn’t have fell for that because there’s some smart like Scientology. I mean, I know you had your running with Scientology, but there’s some what I would consider smart people, individuals in there. But then what? There’s smarter people that manipulated them to join. I think they’ve told them they were smart once. I can play into your ego. Here’s the thing that nobody says about the cult followers.

The cult followers are all egomaniacs that think they’re special because they’ve realized the chosen cult, they’re the only ones that see that this is the Messiah. They’re one of the chosen ones. So it’s the same as any of these other main religions. Yeah, chosen one. Once they say that, you’re done for. So all the people that are in Nexium that are in Scientology, and they get bigger. You could say Christianity, Mormon, Hinduism.

Once your cult tells you that you’re the only ones that get the next level thing, because you have to believe in this cult, or if you follow me, I’m your only route to safety, then it’s like, oh, it gets channeling the elves right now. They’re going to be here any second now. I’m just going to go dig in my tunnel. That’s why I always said if I had a church when I baptized you, you would become your own church.

And that meant you didn’t have to pay taxes anymore either, because that’s really the only that’s the best thing that Scientology could teach us is how to harass the IRS until we don’t have to pay taxes. Yeah, and that’s funny that Scientology doesn’t have to pay taxes here in Florida, but Disney does, right? Or what was the whole thing with DeSantis? What did he do with Disney? I don’t know.

I know they’re like a huge tax. I feel like Disney has a lot of the same rights as Washington, DC. Where they’re like their own little sovereign land. Let me see here what it was before I start spreading fake news. What it was legal battle, mass media. I think DeSantis says a lot of stuff. It’s the same as a president. Just because they say it doesn’t mean it’s a oh, it was something completely different.

It wasn’t even for, like, Mad law or for saying gay or something like that. The don’t say gay thing. And even that bill shouldn’t have been called that special tax district called yeah, so banishing the company’s ability to do just that, renaming the district Central Florida Tourism Oversight District and is no longer giving preferential treatment. Yeah, so he did do something with their tax status. This legislation ends Disney’s self governing status, makes Disney live under the same laws as everybody else, ensures that Disney pays its debts and fair share of taxes.

Yikes. Sign the bill. Disney special district was exempt from Florida’s building code and fire prevention code and state regulatory reviews and approvals. And again, this is old. This is from June 28, 2023. This was a little bit ago, but yeah, I remember seeing something about this. I didn’t care enough to look into it, but yeah, he really Disney. I know, but then what does that mean? Because all those other corporations like Walmart or Amazon or look at how many other corporations is it just Disney for, like, a political thing that he’s going to go after right this second? But all these other corporations, because I know friends of mine, he did this other thing where he was like, oh, we’re going to pull the liquor license from people that are doing whatever gay thing at their hotel.

And then he went and did this whole propaganda thing about how he had liquor license pulled at this one Miami hotel. But I had a bunch of friends that called the hotel and then they went to the hotel to see if they could get a drink. And everybody could drink the whole time, where all he did was put their liquor license up for review in the state of Florida.

Which doesn’t mean anything. You’re just under watch for 21 days. So nothing happened. No days stopped in business of this hotel. But all the mainstream media thought this whole different thing. So I’m like some of these things. I just feel like Disney is part of the elite system. Like everything about it. And I can’t believe nothing about all of their they would like to do something like that, though, where they were like, we’re losing ground in Orlando.

We have to give a front reason why we’re going to pull the plug here. Because they had to take a hurt the same way. All their theme parks and bullshit. And they’re becoming more movie they make more money off their films and their little network and their things than they ever would. People going into the theme park. Like every business is online anymore. You don’t need brick and mortar to sell anything anymore.

So it’s like the Disney idea is already permeated. Do they need to keep up with 1000 employees when it takes them ten to run it online? And if everything’s coming virtual reality, do they need all this space? It’s almost like the movie theaters the movie theaters were never really they were already closing down because everybody has a big screen TV in their house. But then they use the excuse of being the reason they shut down.

No, they were already shutting down for the last decade. Like movie theaters were already taking a beating. I almost wonder if that same thing isn’t going to happen with Disney. I don’t think so. And I think the reason it matters is because really going to be study Florida history, which I know you’re up to par with, but I think Disney has been a big part of the growth of Florida aside from its founding fathers.

Right? No pun intended, but the idea that Disney was at the forefront too, and really, let’s be honest, Janie, what is Florida really known for other than like that’s? Like when you ask somebody, first thing that comes, what Miami? Oranges sunshine. What is there in Miami to do? There’s nothing to do in Miami. Look, unpopular opinion. There ain’t shit to do in Miami. Unless you’re a party type, you can go out.

And I know I’ve lived there. Like, I’ve lived there and there ain’t nothing to do. It’s so boring in Miami. And that’s why I would fish all the time. Again, I’m sure people feel some other way, but there ain’t shit to do in Miami. You could fish and they have a good. Art scene. And they have a great it’s a fun art. Like, to me, Orlando is the most vacant town in like it is not anything to do with Florida at all.

It’s what tourists think. It’s like it’s so gross when I’m there, the energy’s there, it’s fake. Nothing. None of the buildings are real. Everything is like it might as well just be one eye that they’re like, here it is, Dr. Phillips High School, Nickelodeon. That’s essentially what it is, a friggin old town. Yeah. I think Orlando is the worst city in I hate downtown Orlando and the people who I love my city.

Shut up. There’s nothing to love about anything. I’m from Palm Beach, so I have a whole different feel. Like my history and Palm Beach and what I think of that is a whole different vibe than the rest of Florida. It’s different than Miami and different than Orlando. And then I feel like Daytona has its own vibe. Panama City has its whole own thing. Tampa has Florida. That’s not florida.

That panhandle. Actually, all that was Florida. I feel like everywhere. From Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, South Georgia. That was all Florida at one central Florida. And I agree with you when it comes to Orlando, if you’re going to come to Florida and all you get to see is Orlando, you did not get to see Florida. You could have flown into Disneyland and just landed in Disneyland. You could have flown into Disney Tokyo and just landed there.

You could have flown Disney France. If they have that. There’s nothing about Orlando that says anything Florida to me. But I am from Florida. My mom’s from Florida. My grandma came down here. My great grandmother came down here when she was in her land. I saw how small it was. I got to see SeaWorld grow. I remember before Universal was there. Wet and wild. You ever go to wet and wild? Yes.

Yeah, I remember. That’s where I probably got my first atomic wedgie. I remember. Wow, that’s nonexistent anymore. That’s right where I got my first douche. My first and only douche the straight down slide. What are we up to as humans? You went down the inverted one. Yeah, definitely. You come all the way off it. You’re too young, girl. You shouldn’t be on this. Yeah, no, I think that Florida is a weird I’m just it’s my opinion if it weren’t for Disney and now he’s really poking the bear or the bee’s nest or whatever you want to call it by doing this now if it is a show, because it could all be a show and right.

For for some sort of political gain, like, oh, look, he’s on our side. Because I laugh at the people who still think that the political system is not rigged. And they’re like, I’m going to vote for so and so. It’s like, you have so much learning to do. How is it that one joke. If voting mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it. I totally am on the opposite side of that.

I think your vault is your vote. And you could go and put nobody in, but they want to convince everyone that it doesn’t matter when our four, you used to only be able to vote if you had real estate, realty reality. You used to only be able to come and vote the second they allowed transients and renters and women and all this thing, it lowered every time you can watch thing.

Well, they didn’t own land, so it wasn’t that a woman couldn’t own land, so she couldn’t vote. A black person couldn’t own land, so they couldn’t vote. So the racism was where you could own land as a person. But a lot of the times with certain elite, they just owned too much of the land. The land was never supposed to be owned. You were a custodian of the land, not an owner of the land.

So being that the only people that were allowed to say what went on here were the people that stayed here, that had investment here. So I would argue that all the most garbage cities and the people that live in all the people that tell people not to vote usually live in a garbage city. They’re not from the garbage. Like Orlando. Like Portland, Oregon. Like New York. Like Chicago.

And I’m sorry, if you’re from these places, it’s a garbage city. And so they’re from one of these garbage cities and they tell you this isn’t worth saving because where they live isn’t. But if you go to one of the cities that everyone moved to when they were having to be masked up and all those places, they wanted to come to a state that they didn’t have to do that, so they ran to Florida where obviously the voting mattered or we’d be ran just like La.

And so otherwise I didn’t have to any time in my town. But they didn’t Orlando, and they did in Miami the whole time. You know why? Because voting mattered. And my mayor and my city council and my school district didn’t make it have to happen. So why they have us paying attention to clown shows and countries we don’t even know exist? I would say your voting does matter.

Who’s your sheriff? A lot of the towns that are the best ran that have the oldest, most constitutional kind of setup, it’s like if you’ll be talking to somebody at the bar who owns the bar, and they’ll be like, my great granddad was the sheriff, and now my uncle, he owns the automotive shop down the road. And my dad’s always had that thing. And so and so’s brother has always like, oh, you can trust him.

He’s a good attorney. They’re always in our town. And yeah, there’s dirt bags everywhere. But usually something worth conserving, you’ll find conservative people and something that’s liberal fucking bullshit where it’s outside. Like, let’s all have this socialistic idea we need electricity to pump our water. Those are all the places not worth conserving, no one’s from there. And they’re all the people most brainwashed to tell you voting stupid.

When shit hits the fan, they all run to fucking MyTown, and then they get here with their dumb rhetoric of voting stupid. Well, don’t come here and vote the opposite way. At least stand out. At least stand out. But just know for every smart person out there that doesn’t want to pick up a pin or punch a card or do something can vote it and be stole. Yeah, they could be fucking stole.

That’s why writing on paper keep holding people accountable, following your having real people volunteer for these positions, not machines that germany has come in called dominion. Like, there’s things that people have just let go to wayside. But I will stand that. It’s like, if you want to protect something, you better stand up. Because they’re doing everything they can to have a bunch of illegal people come in your country that don’t give a shit about your country.

They’re moving in syrians that don’t give a shit about your religion, they don’t give a shit about your color, they don’t give a shit about your school system, and they’re going to vote. They’re having dead people fucking vote. So tell me it doesn’t matter. Tell me it doesn’t matter. My dad probably voted for the last three elections. He’s been dead. It must matter. So the most educated people, I would say, they want to try to convince you that it doesn’t.

And they have all the black pilled people of the world running around being like, this doesn’t matter. But they’re the same ones that tell you it’s not real, and they’re the same ones that tell you, oh, all the vaccines are just saline. You’ve never worked in the medical system. You’ve never seen what I’ve seen. All the vaccines are just saline. You’ve never done your research on mRNA, you’ve never done your research on tuskegee experiments.

You’ve never done your research on what they’re up to with insulin. So I just feel like so many people out there, they have huge accounts, and they’re touting off dumb ideas because they’re lazy and don’t want to do research. So I would say your voting matters, but keep being a cool kid and keep being black pilled, and hopefully your kid won’t have to clean up the mess because you didn’t show up somewhere.

That’s what I keep thinking, like, plant the tree that you might never feel the shade of. And you don’t have to trust a politician. Run for your politics. It’s supposed to be a government buying for the people, because if you were running tomorrow, I’m like, I trust this cat. I’d rather him do this than biden. And biden’s a stupid example because he’s so far up the ladder. But there’s people in your town.

They’re running your town in the shit. They’re not from your like and people are doing it everywhere, and I swear, people will stand up behind a person, and people are like, well, we don’t need any government. It should be anarchy. That’s all fine and dandy, but I don’t want my sister and her niece my nieces to pick up a fucking gun. I don’t want them to have to battle tomorrow.

I don’t mind. I don’t have kids. I’ll do it so they don’t have to, whatever that means. But it’s somewhere we can’t let it keep rolling into the socialistic direction of what they want for us. They want us to have a government. They want us to have this Chinese dictatorship. They want us to have Elon do it so we can all vote on X. I trust Elon with all my heart, but I don’t just I know it’s getting to time where even the presidential election they don’t have us paying attention at the two year no one votes at the two you think people don’t even vote for the presidential election? No one votes at the two year like, no one you’re putting somebody in there vote at the two year into that meme of Trump I’m just learning for the first time right now.

I’m hearing it for the first time. You’re telling me that meme of so yeah. I didn’t even know. Don’t I haven’t voted since two wings. Same bird? Yes. The whole political system? Yes. But the bird is artificial, too. Chaney the bird is fake. Yeah. They only let two things on stage. They only let two things on there. So you have to untie the knot the same way. This knot is so tied.

It’s so tied and tight. The best way to do the knot is you have to unravel it the way it was tied. Everybody wants to explode the system. There’s too much wrapped up in the system that will take people want to explode the system and then have their idea that me and you are going to come and get to play on the Internet, and I’m going to get to drive over my bridges, and then we can go to Disneyland tomorrow.

No. You take down that corruption, everything else falls with it. And people are like, you don’t need all that stuff. You can just grow your own vegetables. You guys couldn’t even drive 45 minutes further to a grocery store, and you don’t know how to grow a tomato. Please stop trying to tell me you’re going to grow enough tomatoes for your entire family. Like, please. Do you know how much food it takes to grow food for your entire family? You want a grocery store that’s there.

You want other things that exist. You want skilled people to take care of things that you might not be skilled at. You don’t want the whole system to crumble. Some people in your family might have worked generations to have a business so that one day that you can give it to your kids. You don’t want the whole system to crumble. Why do the people that have been working their tail off have to deserve for their system to crumble too? There’s a lot of good people out there that they own their homes and have worked their ass off for that.

They’ve had their own retirement and have worked their ass off for that. I don’t want my mom to have to go to war. She deserves to get to go out in her boat right now. She’s worked her ass off her whole life and paid into this corrupt system her whole life. So it’s just like, I want to unravel it. I don’t want to collapse it on top of her because she can’t fight anymore.

And I was almost at a point that I was like, oh, shit. I’m going to lose my ability to fight. I’m going to lose it. And then I got to trust these people that are just willing to they’re like, here Elon. I want to check mark here. I just want more clout. That’s what I feel like. Everything’s like an algorithm can even cheney will turn on her phone every day for 20 likes.

She won’t open Instagram unless she has this amount of activity. They know me. They got my number. They’re like, she’ll like a mushroom shirt. And that’s the thing, right? Like this whole idea of having some sort of virtual homunculi somewhere with these world simulations. I’ve always wondered, where does the information go? It’s like, what if they’re feeding it to some AI somewhere and reconstructing you? And now all of your information is sympathetically magically linked to that freaking thing that they created.

And it’s like, now whatever happens to that thing inside that simulation happens to the Cheney out here, right? Because they don’t know where our information is going. Like a perfect voodoo doll 100%. Yeah, the virtual voodoo doll 100%. I believe that’s what they’re doing. I mean, they’ve talked about full world simulations. It’s like, what that? They take statistics from, like, census data, news headlines, everything from that simulation.

And they’ve been running this thing for again, it’s like back to Black Mirror, right? We come full circle where the realities overlaid on top of the other one. It’s like, well, if I’m here, then that means that the original source reality must be here too. Therefore, whatever I’m about to do isn’t even my decision. It’s whatever the source reality’s decision was. And then she freaking smashes the supercomputer, and you see all the realities overlapping on top of each other until it’s tore down.

And it’s the core reality. They put this shit in these movies and in these shows, and it’s like it’s just entertainment. Sure. It’s nothing, right? It’s like, well, I’ve studied the occult revelation, a method type of thing that’s supposed to do something to you subconsciously. Again, sorcerers of the subconscious. Well, they rule your subconscious. And I think it goes back to these occult principles, right? Law of correspondence and law of contagion and what you’re talking about, like this voting and all this stuff, well, they can imprint that into somebody’s DNA, because if you indoctrinate a generation long enough to where they don’t even know what gender they are anymore, right? They’re gender fluid or whatever you want to call her, I’m a homunculus or whatever, and it’s like the next generation that’s already in their DNA boom.

And it shifts down. I mean, that’s been scientifically or seance typically proven, right? The seances. That that’s an actual thing. That traits can be passed down genetically. That’s where I’m like, if you have land even, this is where it used to be. Like, we would show up and be like, hey, I Cheney. Everyone would see my face. There was no cowardice behind it. It didn’t need to be a secret vote.

There was no ostracizing. This is how I feel. And we would be allowed to say these things. I think that somewhere, even if you go and you just write NA or you write Juan, Juan, Juan, Juan, Juan, everyone on your podcast that doesn’t want to do it just goes and writes in Juan. It just is. They can’t do anything with that they can’t make, because our socials and our little voting records and our little things we exist on there already, and they don’t take us off.

They’ve shown us that they’ll vote with your dead relatives. They don’t care at all. They just for some reason need you. So I’m like, go and take it away from them. Even if you don’t put in anyone, if you live in a shitty city or just write in whatever you want to exist, they’re going to steal it. So if you make it null and void so they can’t steal your energy and then just vote on the other things, because then they do other sketchy things where they’re like, you want to legalize marijuana? You want to legalize? And they’ll hide all those things in there in the two year vote, in the four year vote under the presidential election that nobody gives a shit about or doesn’t even know if it matters or not, even though it happens to be one third of your fucking branch of the government.

For one dude, one dude gets one third. It’s wild. And he runs the Marines and the Space Force. The Space Force. This is the craziest realm. So you go ahead and you stack spaghetti sauce at a store, in a supermarket. You control the guy or the woman who brings out the carts on a forklift. China. China. China. China. China. China. China. That’s the cream of the crop that America had to offer.

That’s so crazy. It’s so crazy. And so it’s just like there’s all these other things too, hidden in there. So I’m just like and if you have a crazy voting machine in your town, you can do something about that. The DA gets voted in in some of these towns, and you’re like, there’s so many criminals and drug addicts on my street falling over on trank. That’s your DA.

Stop these interdimensional crackheads, ladies and gentlemen. So make sure to vote locally to stop the interdimensional crackheads that are jumping into portals while high on crack and messing around with the spacetime continuum, okay? No. It’s the second most powerful spell no. To the interdimensional crackhead. That’s a campaign that I’m going to be starting here. That’s your shirt. We got to stop these crackheads from getting this esoteric occult knowledge and opening up wormholes, okay? Because everyone wants the president to release it anytime they release it, it’s so redacted.

They’re not going to do anything. It’s only whistleblowers. That’s a chance. Yeah. And the whistleblowers are part of the club. So back again to the otherwise they’re capped the first question that I had asked you, cheney, I think I asked you what are your opinions or thoughts on the whole UFO thing being fake? And well, obviously, right? We’re talking about the government, all this stuff, but what are your thoughts on disclosure as far as that goes? Do you think? Because I talked about before about how it’s like a shift, and you kind of said that people will take on whatever is being presented to them quite literally sometimes, but are the aliens real or are they not real? Are they demons? What are your thoughts on it? I believe in agartha.

I believe there’s something in Hollow earth. It’s definitely not a core like they tell us. Like, it’s a molten core and then it comes up in volcanoes. I think it could be water. Like, we could be on a water world. It could be an inner water planet. It could just go water all the way down. I’ve heard something of recent that as deep as we can dig, as deep as they’ve been down in a submarine, it’s the same.

And I was wondering if it’s as high up as we’ve gone, too, because as above, so below, if we’re fermented above, maybe we’re capped on both sides. I try to get into I like Chinese handcuffs, but I’ve theorized with people this week about space for the first time in so long, in so long, because they were talking about how Jupiter gives enough gas and stuff off that it could give enough energy to be another kind of sun, like a black sun.

What? Yeah, and it’s the closest planet in our solar system to our sun, and that they call it a failed star. And so then I was thinking of, like, Jupiter, the god, and I was just like, a lot of that representation is of life and that it gives this thing and we also hear about the black sun and what if it was Jupiter instead I was just doing these other theories.

And then Europa is one of the moons on Jupiter and, you know, Europe as well. And so the etymology of that is like, I can’t remember what it is now, but when I was looking into it, it’s like an ice planet where they say everything could exist under the ice. And then somebody was theorizing know, the asteroid belt was a planet and when it blew up, it blew the face off Mars and left the scar on Jupiter.

But Jupiter also is a one eye. Like, if you look at it, we always think Saturn. But Jupiter also has this eye representation on it that’s just one eye, this storm on Jupiter that’s just sitting there. Wasn’t it, Jupiter? The whole 2001 Space Odyssey movie. Wasn’t it one of the moons of Jupiter? I think so. It’s so wild because the 2001 Space Odyssey is the beginning of the Barbie movie.

Yeah CUBRIC CUBRIC odyssey yeah, I speak in a space he was one of those where they thought that he was the one that hadn’t filmed it or whatever. So 2001, Space Odyssey, the Monolith. So we have the alien yeah. Supercomputer how to Jupiter. And then I remember when they get there, they go through the portal and then homeboy he goes back in time to a fetus and then like a light being and this craziness I have to rewatch them movies.

Yeah, me too. But a lot of what if in the other philosophy of space is what if we have to go through portals to get there at certain times on the sky clock and whatever. If this idea of all the because I usually think all the religions exist. I’m one of these people. I don’t really pick one. I think they all have tons of truth in them, more truth than not.

All of them. Even the Craziest cults probably have more truth than not in them. I’m a person that I think I can believe in space, flat Earth and Agartha. I think it all can exist. And if you go through a portal to get through other of these planets and they’re more of like a realm as opposed to the stars that are out there, because there’s things that say you shouldn’t follow the wandering stars.

And the wandering stars are the planets. We have the fixed stars in the sky and then we have the wandering stars and those are the planets. They’re not fixed the same way as all the other horoscope signs. All the other is zodiac and the sun. We in modern science think of all those other illuminates out there are our sun. Like, just because of modern science has told us all those stars are just like your sun.

But that might not be the case. At I’m like I was trying to theorize with this idea of, gosh, we give all this Saturn representation and not enough representation to Jupiter. If this were the case that it was actually this big, quote, unquote, failed star. They call celebrities stars because they want us to follow them instead of the ones above us. And yeah, it was just blowing my mind.

So I don’t think we’re the only intelligent being in the realm. If there were a dragon even, or a whale we were talking about, I think they could be more intelligent than us. I think adults yeah. They just can’t really matter because they don’t have thumbs. Yeah. Or it’s like not necessity. Like, maybe they’re a four dimensional being where a look and a opposable thumbs aren’t even that important because they say the killer whale is the only land animal that went back into the sea.

Yeah. They say it was a wolf. And they went back into the ocean. Yeah. There’s like a Native American tribe that’s like when you see them all on there, maybe it’s an Alaskan tribe. Whoa, that’s trippy. Yeah, but they say it evolved. Like, things came out of the ocean, was a wolf for a while, and then was like, oh, gained a bunch of knowledge about being on land and then went back into the ocean.

I don’t like this anymore. I’m going to go back. I can take this skill set. Because they still breathe air. That’s the crazy part about it. They can hold their breath for a very long time, but they still breathe air. They’re still considered mammals, which is like wild. Right. You drink fresh water. This is the part that blows my mind about manatees. They have to have fresh water.

That’s why if you’re, like, in Florida and you’re cleaning your boat and leave your hose running, you’ll turn around and a manatee will be laying on its back sucking it. They are warm blooded and breathe airs. Like, wow, that’s crazy, man, that this such a big creature still needs to it’s not a fish. It’s not a fish. It’s not a fish. Wow. And it’s smarter than us. So the idea that it’s like, it’s in the ocean.

We’re on a water planet, way more water than there is land. And look at the surface of land. It’s only one level. Look at how many levels there are to yeah, exactly. How you’re saying the Mariana Trench, which James Cameron JC was one of the few ones to go there. He’s it’s almost like an initiation. Only a select few are able to go down to those depths. And he is one of is, and there’s a quote by him that he talks about how the bottom of the ocean on these expeditions, he feels like he’s almost like space travel, which some people say NASA was what, the National Aquatics.

That’s what it started out as, an ocean agency. NASA, really? Yeah. No way. Yeah, it started out going deep into the ocean first, and if you look at, like, two of the dudes that were two or three of the guys that were on that submarine that sank. They were all involved in aeronautics, which, if you really look into aeronautics, it’s also submersibles it’s, both of them. CSAT, the first civilian oceanographic satellite in 1978, designed by NASA was the first Earth orbiting oh, no.

Satellite to remote sensing the Earth’s ocean. So the satellite deeper than that. It’s, like, before maybe even paperclip. Wow. Yeah. And I’ve never heard that before. That’s crazy, though. I think that the answer is at the bottom of our oceans. I think it’s what they show in all these movies, like Pacific Rim and Godzilla. I remember growing up watching the Godzilla fight the one where it was like a suit and he’d fight an alien or, like, all these different creatures.

I remember that I tried putting on for my son the other day. He wasn’t having it. It’s like, from, like, the 70s or something like that. It’s really corny. But I’ve been telling people to watch the old Japanese Godzilla to try to explain to them how the same as the moon landing when they’re like, Why would they want to do that? Because they wanted to scare everyone in the world to think they had a missile that went to their state country.

If I could show you that I could shoot a missile to the moon, then you would think I could shoot a missile to your country. So this was like a cold war kind of going on on top of us. It was an information war going on on top of us without us knowing it, calling it progress the whole time. That’s what I think a lot of even the miniatures in this.

That’s how they showed us that they had bombs big enough to look at how strong this bomb is. They just used miniatures. But we don’t have miniatures anymore. We only have CGI. Yeah, that’s it. There’s just men in suits and then tiny little houses, and they’re like, this is Oppenheimer. And that’s just what I think of everything in the Oppenheimer video that we see and that they used to scare people with was all just miniatures propaganda.

But I think it’s totally in the ocean. Like even Mars mar is sea. It’s sea. It’s S-E-A. It means the ocean. So it almost makes me think something about them. They can’t get into the ocean. Like, there is a separation. I know everyone’s like, no, you’re the representation of everything. There’s no such thing as evil. There’s just light and dark and blah, blah, blah. I think there’s that.

And then there’s something that decided yeah, there’s something that decided to separate itself from that that can no longer create. Once you separate yourself from the darkness, light, yin yang, whatever woo woo thing you want to call it. Once you decide to take in enough rituals and do enough things and let walk ins happen. Enough now your flesh becomes their flesh. They don’t have free will. In this realm without flesh.

So I think they believe that they can put their energy into AI, and they won’t need to do it to our flesh so much anymore. And that’s why they can eventually kill us off. If they can have a walking computer that they can put enough flesh in, that they can drive it, then they don’t necessarily need to corrupt. They don’t need a Hillary Clinton. That’s my cosmic fleshlight theory, where we are just cosmic fleshlights for these entities to experience reality.

And so that’s why we’re constantly being fucked with that they’re able to feel what it feels like to be human. We’re just vessels for these things. So, Chaney, you have any closing thoughts? Oh, my gosh. I know. I’m like I feel like it was just all a sporadic conversation that I just needed to happen, though, because it’s been a minute since you and I got a few more, and we didn’t talk about anything that I had prepared originally.

So we’re going to have to get back together and talk about that for the next one that we do. So I think it’s yeah, yeah. As many times as you want to hang out, I’m always down. This is kind of like the first. Let’s see. I hung out with Lindsay from Rogueways of Recent, and then so this is like kind of a second real podcast I’ve done since I’ve been back at it.

The second podcast done by clone Cheney. So we’re happy to have you here, and you’re always welcome around these. Perfect, perfect. I loved it. Leave the people with anything else before we head. Look, I hear a lot of people out there right now talking about XRP and Ripple and how they’re all excited. Just look into that. I want people to look into the bank of International Settlements. I want them to look into Switzerland and the mirror image of the Swiss Bank, which would be the bank.

And I think it’s all very similar channels, and that’s the stuff I’m into right now. So maybe I’ll have a whole bunch of King George St. George stuff to add to the thing. But, you know, it’s our Florida. We got to stay under the foot of King George all the time. St. George. And where can people find you? Chaney projectchany. com, and I will try to put all my other links on there.

I’m hanging out on Twitter and Telegram and Instagram. Oh, we know. I see you arguing with people on there and commenting back and forth. I’ve been so nice since I lost my account, since free speech Elon Musk took over and I lost my account. I’ve been so nice because I only have one more chance at a Twitter and they won’t let me have another one. Yikes. The tech overlords.

It’s the same thing on Instagram. I’m only allowed to on all platforms facebook, YouTube, Instagram, all that garbage. So that’s why it’s important. Sub to the RSS feed. It’s always there. You can always tap into it as long as you have a Podcasting 2. 0 App they can deplatform us, but they can’t censor us. So if you’re listening to this on something that’s not the RSS feed, make sure to go subscribe on whatever podcast Addict is a good one.

But any Podcasting 2. 0 app that’s why it’s so important, because podcasts right now, it’s the wild, wild west. They can deplatform you, but they can’t take the RSS feed away. So make sure to follow Cheney projectchaney. com. Make sure to follow me. TJ ojp. com share this show like comment, subscribe, whatever, all that stuff and appreciate you all. Catch you on the next one. Van Tesla music.

Let go. It’s just divide your intelligence implied but I think you’re infantile and I don’t know what I try man I’m getting tired of showing you the lies you’re so caught up in the height of the unlimited supply I’m a brought to light from where I was darkness hides everything I love they are on a bright imbalance of gay god is living in hell every rabbit tail I’m chasing down a corridor seems to lead me to another crown I can’t ignore what happens when the ceiling is the floor sanity locked behind a door let go.

Is to divide your intelligence. Implied, but I think you’re infantile and I don’t know what I try man, I’m getting tired of showing you the vibes. You’re so caught up in the height of the unlimited supply when I think reality concrete cracks from the truth began to tell me goes from another time tried on me but all they brought me was the best on alone when I think reality concrete cracks from the truth began to taunt me goes from another time tried on me but all they brought me was a bathroom what’s behind a curtain? I’m digging in the same they say I’m on a spectrum craftsman and these threads trying to build a row.

What’s behind the curtain I’m digging in the same. They say I’m on a spectrum crafting and eyes you’re so caught up in the height of the unlimited supply. .

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  1. Near the end she says “bank of International Settlements. I want them to look into Switzerland and the mirror image of the Swiss Bank.” Then what she says seems to be censored and I have no idea what she wanted to give us…..

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