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#201 | The Cetus Ritual Astral Grimoires Cosmic Spatial Palaces with @Aniosaru777

By: The Juan on Juan Podcast
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➡ This podcast episode discusses a comic book called the Paranoid American Homunculus Owner’s Manual, which explores the occult and supernatural. The host, Juan Ayala, also talks about his new show reviewing Nicolas Cage movies and their occult themes. The episode features a guest, Annie, and they discuss the esoteric messages in Nicolas Cage’s movies, the significance of Florida in the occult, and the concept of interdimensional space travel. They also mention the Cetus ritual, which is related to the manifestation of ancient sea creatures in the context of the occult.
➡ This text discusses various topics, including the connection between Florida and the Pisces constellation, the significance of water in manifestation, and the role of Florida in space travel. It also delves into the history of Lovecraft’s library and its current owners, as well as the significance of the Cetus constellation and its connection to various mythologies. The text further explores the upcoming eclipse, its path, and its potential biblical significance. Lastly, it discusses the symbolism of the trident in different cultures and its connection to current events.
➡ This text is about a conversation where the speaker encourages people to find their own interests and not judge others. They also mention an upcoming presentation on YouTube and ask people to support their show and comic book through Patreon and Kickstarter. The speaker ends by saying they’ll include more people in their next comic book and signs off.
➡ The text talks about a movie called Jonah, which is about aliens and has some interesting connections to real-life events and symbols. The movie’s release date and the name of the main character, Jonah, seem to align with certain dates and numbers that are significant in astrology and mythology. The text also discusses the possibility that the movie’s themes might be hinting at future events. The author also mentions a TV show called Supernatural, which has a similar theme of dealing with otherworldly beings.
➡ This text seems to be a conversation about various topics, including symbolism, metaphysics, bloodlines, and Hollywood. The speakers discuss theories about the connections between these topics, referencing movies, historical figures, and myths. They also touch on the idea of genetic access codes and how our physical features might be linked to astrology. The conversation ends with a discussion about the story of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, and its possible connections to modern politics.
➡ This text talks about various topics, including feral children, a TV series called “Raised by Wolves”, and different movies and their plots. It also discusses the concept of the multiverse, the idea of sacrifice in gaining power, and the symbolism of spiders in various contexts. The text also mentions the Higgs boson, a particle in physics, and its possible symbolic meaning.
➡ The text discusses Thoth, an ancient Egyptian god of wisdom and magic, who is also known as Jehuti and later becomes Hermes in Greek mythology. It also mentions a movie called “The Devil Conspiracy” which involves cloning and the supernatural. The text further delves into astrological constellations, particularly Cetus and Botus Lyran, and their connections to biblical stories and symbolism. Lastly, it talks about the concept of a “super void” in space and its potential spiritual and astrological significance.
➡ The text discusses theories about plasma entities and the Enochian language. It suggests that these entities showed John Dee and Edward Kelly how to create a hypercube using this language, which is believed to be encoded in our DNA. The text also mentions a book called “The Authentic Revelation” by Vincent Bridges, which delves into these theories. The author believes that these entities can manipulate our DNA to activate this language within us.
➡ This text talks about the idea that our DNA has connections to higher powers, like angels. It also discusses the experiences of John D. and Edward Kelly, who supposedly communicated with these higher powers. The author suggests that these experiences were so intense and detailed, they could be turned into a movie. The text also explores the idea that meditation can lead to deep spiritual experiences.
➡ The text discusses various movies and their potential occult symbolism, particularly focusing on the use of whales and rituals. It suggests that these symbols might be linked to esoteric ideas, such as spiritual transformation and resurrection. The text also touches on the idea that some movie companies might be tapping into occult knowledge. Lastly, it discusses a conspiracy theory about child actors being forced into roles and possibly being selected by secret societies or government agencies for certain purposes.
➡ The text discusses various conspiracy theories, including the idea that famous athletes and celebrities might be genetically engineered or cloned due to their exceptional abilities. It also touches on the possibility of creating human embryos without eggs or sperm, referencing real scientific articles. The speakers encourage listeners to research these topics themselves and not just take their word for it.


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com today, welcome to the one on one podcast with your host, Juan Ayala. Interdimensional stuff. Speaking of Necronomicon, astral grim wars based upon these astral grimoires that Lovecraft’s father was collecting, a lot of people don’t know, but he learned most of the names of the great old ones from his father. It’s come from a department of defense documentation from a librarian, a military war like liberian who was collecting these things.

And the guy happened to work up under Michael Aquina, the guy who was in church of Satan when the church of Set, Don Webb and those guys came out of him. Lilith Aquino and Don Webb now owns the Lovecraft library. I can go real in depth about it. How his father, he was a traveling man, Lovecraft’s father, and he contracted tertiary syphilis. And when he was going through that, he would yell out these names, Kathulu Yok Sato, because he had these collection of grim wars from these arabian dark magic priests.

And it was called the Hayat al Haqim, one of the original astral grimoires of the stars. How to connect with cosmic intelligences and everything. So he had that in his life. He had a massive occult library. So when he died, the library went to Love craft. Welcome back to another episode of the Huana Hornet podcast. I’m excited for this one. I’ve been thinking about it all week. Here we are.

Make sure to follow the show on any social media platform at the one on one podcast, tJ ojp. com, patreon. com. The one on one podcast. Get your homunculus owners manual. Get the occultist Monday. Get all that stuff. Check it out, tJ ojp. com. If you’re listening to this on the RSS feed, five star review, thumbs up, subscribe, all that good stuff. And today we have Annie joining us again.

What up, bro? What up, bruh? What’s been going on? You see, you see my episode with Nick Cage’s son, bro. How. How wild was that, dude? No, I missed that one. When did that come out? An episode ago. So episode 198 had Weston Cage on, bro. How did I miss that, bro? Because I saw. I think I saw. That’s probably one I’ve seen because I said I want to make sure he gives me all for 201 because I want to be the one that brings some light.

And I know this will be 201, bro. This will be event. That’s what I wanted. But I did not know that that was the interview, because I heard you mention in space, man, the video you covered, that you probably he followed you or something like that, or did he follow your, one of your social media platforms? So I think I’ve talked about it on maybe behind the. The wall, and it’ll be on episode 200.

But it was weird because what happened was. And the reason it’s significant is because he followed me the night I started, which, it’s not out yet, but maybe it might be out by the time this is out. But I started a show on reviewing Nick Cage movies called the Church of Cage. Okay. And that night, mind you, I haven’t told anybody except me and my friend. Like, we were doing this as like, as like a fun little project, like pop culture movie stuff like that.

We break down Nick Cage movies, talk about the esoteric and occult themes in it, if there is any, and just have fun. And that same night, I went to sleep, I woke up, and homeboy was following me, bro. And I’ve been following this guy for like two and a half years. So what are the. What are the chances of that happening? I’m saying, like, what are the chances of that lining up the way it did.

That’s crazy, bro, because let me tell you something. Nicolas Cage movie colors out of space. Did you guys talk about that? Yo, that was one of the most occult, esoteric movies of all time, bro. If nobody has seen that movie. Well, you mean the movie may disturb you in some spots because y’all remember y’all covered the spider and the. The mother and the son became a spider. Yeah, bro.

Yeah, I know it was. And it’s funny you’re bringing this up because it’s got to do with what we’re gonna talk about today, cuz. That was an HP Lovecraft movie and it was Necronomicon. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So I think, bro, that Nick Cage reveals a lot of things in his movies. And again, Weston was talking about how they own original copies of elliphos, Levi Crowley, all these books.

So I’m. Again, I’m just saying they know about it. And I believe Nick Cage, Mister Nick Cage, is into the paranormal, spirituality and the occult. I mean, there’s a reason why they. He grew up and they owned a lot of haunted locations, bro. Wow. He owned one of the most haunted mansions in Louisiana, dude. Really? Yeah, yeah. Well, it doesn’t surprise me because he has so many movies with esoteric messages.

And for you to have that connection, bro, you know, kudos to you. Your platform, that should get a lot of. Get a lot of views, bro. I gotta check it out right after this, man. I’m excited to check, bro, was a secret. It was a weird synchronicity. And like I said, I couldn’t ignore it. And I waited a few days and I hit him up and I was like, hey, bro, would you come on? Immediately he wrote back.

It was the weirdest thing. Like, immediately hit me back up. I’m like, I don’t know, man. So manifestation, bro, that. Yeah, no, I’ll tell you some stuff after the show that I can’t reveal on there yet, but tell you some stuff, ani, where can people find you, bro? You got a podcast, you got a YouTube channel. Where can people go? Yes. Come on. Come on over to YouTube at any osaru.

You can follow me from the spiritual shade room on Instagram. I also have a great grow, a great big growing with Patreon right now. Patreon’s growing Patreon. com. The spiritual shade room is called the true occult newspaper, and we’re growing as a community in understanding this science. And I’m very proud with the information that people in the group are unveiling. And the more we dig deeper to what’s occurring in 2024, the year of the dragon.

Awesome. Make sure to go follow on you over there. And, dude, I’m excited for this one. When we had originally connected, we pushed back the date because you wanted to talk about some stuff. Then you hit me up. I think it was yesterday or something. You’re like, I got this, this and this, and I named until right now, the show, the Cletus rit. The Cletus, the Cetus rich.

The Cetus ritual soul elementals and interdimensional space travel. Now, the reason that Cetus is important is because it lines up with Florida, bro. Florida really is the transmutational phallus of the United States. Okay? Its birthday was also three. Three. So it was the last frontier we have. It’s the sunshine state. Disney World, the most magical place on Earth. Coral castle. You have NASA, space X. X marks the spot.

So many, so many, many things on it. And when you said, see this? I was like, and that ties into the Lovecraftian aspect, because according to Lavender, the marsh and the swamps, and Florida is the best place to manifest the great old ones, the deep ones. Okay? And this is. This is directly from Peter Lavender’s work. Okay. You had the cour. Law cell working rituals, which I know that you’re familiar with here in Miami, Florida, in 1980 something, I believe it was where the dude induced an abduction.

Right? He induced an alien abduction to extract some information from another realm. Okay, so when you said, see this? I was like, monster sea creature, Cthulhu esque in a sort of way. It’s also on old Florida maps as well. I’ll post them up here where there’s a little Cetus on the. On the corner of it, and the constellation is. There’s star maps, old star maps that line up with.

And it would make sense because. And I could be getting this wrong, this is narco long ago territory, but I think that is Florida. Pisces. And I get that. Right. Let’s see here. Let me double check. Was either the pisces, which is the portal? I think it is. So make sense. This is if it is. Yeah. Pisces born on March 3, symbolized by the fish. So that would make sense that Florida is a fish.

It looks like a fish. I’ve heard. I’ve heard people put it that it’s the best place for manifestation because there’s water on all sides and underneath us, bro. And you know that water retains memory, so take it away on e. And I got some other stuff that once we get into the space travel and all that, because space travel has to do with Florida as well. We got NASA, we got SpaceX, we have elon musk here.

And I’ve got some connections on something I was digging in for a friend regarding one of my favorite topics, which is Don D and over Kelly, when they were given the formula, I guess, to the aethers. And these aethers are other dimensions, okay. That they never got to explore themselves, but some things were revealed to them that happened before that. That was interesting. So take it away on like, the enochian keys.

They talk about the 8th, 32, eight. Okay. Yeah, yeah. There’s a lot of, uh, interdimensional stuff. Speaking of Necronomicon, astral grim wars, uh, is based upon these astral grim wars that Lovecraft’s father was collecting. A lot of people don’t know that he learned most of the names of the great old ones from his father. It’s come from a department of defense documentation from a librarian that a military war like liberian who was collecting these things.

And he’s, the guy happened to work up under Michael Aquino, who’s passed away now. Yeah, first the guy who was in church of Satan when the church of set, Don Webb and those guys came out of him. Yeah, yeah. The penguin eyebrows and everything. So. And his wife Lilith. Lilith of queen. Oh, and Don Webb now owns the Lovecraft library. Wait, what? Hold on, hold on. Yeah. Let me pull up this specimen of a man.

This guy here. Wrong dudes. Eyebrows, son. Eyebrow. Game on point. Look at this. The evil is eyebrows of all time. So I’ll repeat that again one, one more time. You said that. Yeah. I can go real in depth, real in depth about it. How his father, he was a traveling man. Mm hmm. Lovecraft’s father. And he contracted, he contracted tertiary syphilis. Syphilis. And when he was going through that, he would yell out these names, Kathulu, York, Sato, because he had these collection of grim wars from these arabian dark magic priests.

And it was called the Hayat al Hakeem, one of the original astral grim wars of the Stars, how to connect with cosmic intelligences and everything. So he had that in his life. He had a massive occult library. So when he died, they lost all of their fortune, but the library went to Lovecraft. So he grew up reading these books, but he would hear his father recite these names.

So basically, make a long story short. When Lovecraft got hit with his, I don’t know, brain aneurysm or whatever, I think I think he was taken out personally, but, um, Lilith Aquino and Don Webb, they now own the Lovecraft library. Confirmed by a DoD librarian. Won’t put all of their information out there, but. Yeah, that’s who owns the Lovecraft library. But going back to what you were talking about, the great old ones, there’s a lot of information on the, on the great old ones and future alien cults that Lovecraft warned about people becoming cultists, not occultists, but cultists to alien gods, which, which is what we’re dealing with, especially with the illuminatic symbolisms as symbols of enlightenment that they’re putting out constantly, especially in the year of the x 2024 x 24th letter.

We got this big eclipse coming. And the reason why I message you yesterday about the Cetus constellation. The Cetus constellation is called, well, Cedus is a whale, but it’s called the dragonfish. And it’s the chinese year of the dragon, you know, so I couldn’t help myself because I’ve been covering all these dragon rituals. You know, they just took out Gematria, Akira Toriyama, dragon Ball Z. Creator, dies a couple of weeks ago in the year of the dragon.

Like, come on, man. Come on. Yeah. Look at this. The Bayer Flamstee. What is this human? He’s got 88 of those stars. The gates right there. I broke down this Bayer guy in my video, the reptilian myth. Oh, my God. You gotta, you gotta look at, look into that, everyone. I started watching that one. I didn’t finish it, but I did start. I know which one you’re talking about.

I have to go back and revisit it. Gotta finish. Gotta finish it. Because, you know, I usually get in the scholarship. Way deep in my videos, people say I need to stop doing that, but, um. Okay, so the seed is called the dragonfish, right? In Mesopotamia is called Tiamat. And that’s the dragon goddess. This is the original dragon goddess of Sumeria. That whole area is this constellation. Now why is this constellation important? The eclipse this year, the path of totality is the name of the eclipse.

It passes directly over a town in Texas called Jonah. So if this is the bibliomancy I speak about, I don’t know how these people do it. Because even the path of the eclipse from 20, 1720, there was another one in, like, 2021. There was another one in earlier in 20. I mean, late in 2023. Now we have one coming. It makes the paleo Hebraic, what you call the symbols of the words Allah in Hebrew.

It literally makes the symbols I have, you know, photos and everything. But the top of the eclipse is going to start in a town called Jonas. And you know about the story of Jonas being trapped in the web. Then it’s going to pass through seven and eight towns called Nineveh. There’s these towns relevant to Nineveh in the Bible. Where in the Bible, the town or the place of Nineveh? I don’t know if it was a town or I don’t know what it was a country, but it was given 40 days to repent, and Jonah was the messenger.

So we have this whale constellation. You know, I speak about the super boy, the super void information in the opening of the cold spot out there. And you, you highlighted it in that video you guys did on space. Space man, the Adam Sandler movie that they had this open void out there called Specter. Right. And it had particles from the beginning in the end of time. Did you watch that movie? Wow.

Yeah. I want to get into some spider stuff is I got some stuff from Kenneth Grant that I used to look into that really sparked my mind when I saw you guys video. I appreciate you guys doing that, but. So this constellation, Cetus, the dragonfish, in the year of the dragon, there’s also something called the devil comic. I don’t know if you’ve been hearing about this, but there’s a devil comic coming around the time of the eclipse.

And revelations, chapter twelve, verse nine, talks about a star falling to the earth while the sun is black, speaking about the eclipse. So you got the devil comet coming. And there’s these petroglyphs showing these entities with the seven headed creature that the Bible spoke about in revelation is talking about the dragons. The whole dragon thing, which I know is esoteric, but we can get into it. So Cetus is originally associated with the mesopotamian tiamat.

It’s called Cetus, the sea monster. It was slain in mythology by Perseus, which Perseus is a form of all of the other hero mythologies that came before, like Heru and all of that. And he saved, he saves this princess called Andromeda, which is another constellation from Poseidon’s wrath. Now, the cedars constellation is a, is in a Piscean, a Piscene area. On the star maps, this area includes Eritanus, Pisces, Pisces, Austrianist, and Aquarius.

It’s called the sea of the sky. That’s what it’s called. It’s called the sea of the sky. And they’re talking about, Percy is helping Andromeda escape Poseidon’s wrath. Well, when you think about Poseidon, Poseidon is nothing but a form of inlil. You know, the tribe, the trident God. Remember, we did. I don’t know if you were on that video. We did it. Yeah, we did it with the trident.

All the trident rituals and how Biden name the two prong trident is called a Biden. And then you have Ukraine symbol is a trident. You know, you can. The khazarian crest is a trident. And Ukraine used to be a khazarian region. A lot of people don’t know that. And then you have the blue associated with the Israel flag. And I did a video about how the blue on the Israel flag represents the waters above the firmament and below when I get into the shield information.

So it’s comparative to all of this water symbology, which is esoteric as well, because there’s a astro etherical, interdimensional region of consciousness that these approaches enter into the sky or into out interdimensionally that we’re going to speak about today. Interdimensional space travel, how to project your conscious fields out there in the astro etherical spheres, which is what all of these people are trying to do, apparently. So the sea is recognized by all of these mythologists.

Ceded has to be has been depicted throughout history by many, whatever the name of the people who named the constellations. And he’s been. He’s been given several animal bodies. Was mainly a piscean body with animal, different animal heads attached to his form. So this led me to do some research. So I’m typing stuff now, and I come across this movie called Jonah. And I’m trying to figure out, there’s a movie coming out called Jonah.

It’s an alien movie. It’s an alien movie. It comes up and I said, oh, wow, this is interesting. This is cool. So I click and I figure out the movie came out the day before. You know, I’m looking at. Well, it’s already out. I know. So I went and watched it. I watched it a couple days ago. I thought. I thought it was coming out. Okay. Okay. Yeah, it came out like, like when I saw it, it was.

I’ll say it is already out. Came out a couple days ago. Got a pyramid and everything up here, John. And what day did it release at? What day was it that I released? Was. It was released on March 12. March 12. Released March 12. So 412. Which four eight is the eclipse. Four eight is also the first day Crowley made contact. And 410 was the FIR. The first contact that John Deet had with Navarj, which is the.

The tablet of. Now, the round tablet of Navarj. That was the. The precursor to the Libra. The Libra. The Libra loga, the speech of God that would bring forth the apocalypse and ragnarok. So all these dates are lining up around the same. The same time. That’s interesting. What’s more interesting, that the eclipse is going to end out of Crowley, Texas. It’s going to empty out a Crowley tech? Come on, man.

And you got all this Texas symbolism. Why do all these people have cowboy hats? Beyonce and all these people put a. Cowboy hats. I gotta break that down. Star, bro. The Lone star is the pentagram. I mean, it’s the. The pentad. The five pointed star. Isn’t it a five pointed star? Yeah, it is. It is the lone Star state. But, uh. Interesting. You had one of the actors up there.

His name is. Or sick chow. It’s one of the main actors in Jonah. And there’s another woman. What was the woman’s name in the movie? Whoever the woman is in the movie. That the actress? Yeah, I think that’s her right there. That’s her real son in the movie. So I’m trying to find this kid. The kid who plays Jonah. No, it’s not her. It’s not her. That’s not it.

Their last name is. What is his last name? I just had it up here. Chow. That’s. Yeah, that’s there. There she go. Elena Huffman. Elena Huffman, her son. You see how the Jonah is played by Lincoln Huffman down there? Okay, that’s. That’s her biological son. So I couldn’t find nothing on him. And then I go on her page. So she’s the real mother in. She’s the mother to this boy who is abducted by aliens.

But in real life, that’s her real chat. So I’m looking into this information and this guy. Okay, so you might recognize her from Elena Huffman? Yeah, she was in supernatural. The supernatural series. You ever saw supernatural with Sam and Dean? You know, going super natural? This one right here? Yeah, right there. This is a big show right here. I’ve never seen it. Bro. Oh, my God. Bro. Oh, God.

You gotta go. They hunt monsters, right? Right. But they interact with the angels and demons. The demons and angels take on corporeal forms and they may save towns from like, big rituals and stuff like that. What? Yeah, they got Lovecraft in it. They got everything in it, bro. That’s a cult. Everything is in this show. And it’s like, got like a hundred seasons or something like that. That’s awesome.

But look, the guy or sick child, Elena Huffman in the other guy that’s in there. All of them used to be on supernatural together. They were in all the episodes together. So now they get their own movie with this Jonah. Now they have this girl’s son playing Jonah. Now Jonah in Gematria equals 48, just like four slash eight. The data of the eclipse, April 8, Jonah equals 48.

And I just said that the Cedars constellation is going to be directly over the town of Jonah in Texas on April 8. So I’m like, how are they. How are they aligning these things so directly? It almost made me question whether there is some blue beam going on. Is the eclipse real? I’m starting to question stuff, but I’m gonna just assume that it is real. And they’ve been calculating this way ahead of time, and now they’re rolling out the movies in the.

In the numerology to confirm their, you know, their future predictions of how this stuff goes. But in the movie, it’s crazy, bro. I don’t want to spoil it for everyone. I found a picture of her son here. I got the movie pulled up, and I’m clicking through it. Just pull up. Just type in Jonah, alien movie. He should be. I see him here. So this is homeboy right here.

But he’s. He’s in a wheelchair in the movie. At first he’s cool, but then a alien possesses his body. He’s in a wheelchair, and he’s. He’s talking about the end of the world. He’s talking about what’s. Bro. He says in 2025, he names everything that’s going to happen to the world. He said like, yeah, 2025, this. This. This is going to happen. This war is going to pop off.

It’s crazy, bro. It’s crazy when you watch it. And he really doesn’t need the wheelchair. They show that later. He gets up and walks and he really doesn’t even need the wheelchair. But this guy in the movie, or sick, his character, he was abducted when he was a boy. When he was a little boy. Yeah, the child guy, he was abducted. And what? He’s a. He’s a film.

He’s a film producer. He has this film own film company. And he travels around the world and gets these stories, these strange occult stories. And someone wants him to do an alien one alien abduction story. He was like, nobody’s gonna listen to that. But then he has a dream and remembers that when he was young, he told people that he was abducted. I don’t mean. I don’t want to be mean, but.

I don’t want to be mean, but this kid kind of looks like Cetus. He kind of looks like a sea monster. Right? When you. I’m just saying. All right. He looks a little. He just. Here, I’m gonna pull up Cetus, and I want you to see the constellation. And he looks like. Bro. Can’t tell me doesn’t look like that. A little bit. Yeah, I’m not. I get it, bro.

Hey, it be. It be stranger than what you know, though. Listen, bro, because. Listen, listen. On ii, isn’t there the story where who is the. Who’s the character in mythology? That is in prank, the mother is impregnated by a sea monster. What? What mythology is that? You know, I’m talking about she was impregnated by sea monster. Yeah, that’s greek mythology. Is it? Yeah. Let me look it up.

So mythology, mother impregnated seamless native by sea monster. So it is greek mythology. Danae. Let’s see here. The only child. So that’s interesting. Here, here, here. So here we go. Here goes. Sometimes spell seed. O is the goddess of sea monsters, another marine life. According to greek mythology, she bore several monstrous children, including forcity for sleep, four seed or cities with her love, her lover. Who the hell is this guy’s? This guy, see? Oh, there you go.

He’s like a freaking part primordial. Look at Cthulhu, bro. Come on, dog. Let’s go get this dude with his tentacle penis. Probably slinging that, that Cthulhu dick, bro. I got that Cthulhu on him, bro. Ready, dude. Just slinging that thing. Come on, dude. Wow. Other pitch was wild, too. So I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t doubt it, bro. I wouldn’t doubt it. I’m just. Right, because we’re talking about bloodlines and, like, how these people kind of some people, right? Again, I’m just nephilim.

All these weird legends of these ultra terrestrials mating with humans and making this offspring. So what’s to say that. All right, let’s say that you talked about the sea in the sky, and perhaps these extraterrestrials are from not out other planets, but from the oceans. I mean, that’s the whole theme of Lovecraft, right? And a lot of in the. The shadow over Innsmouth, the freaking people that come out of the water, the.

The. What do they call them? Damn. Anyways, you know what I’m talking about? Where they crawl the water and. And one of the things was they would offer up offerings to these things. Right? So, again, I’m just thinking outside the bomb. No, I’m not trying to be mean, all right? I know people probably could be in the comments, but I. Look, you and I, we look at symbolism and we see things.

Right? We see things a little bit differently because we’re constantly looking at symbolism, and that’s what just popped out. Because what are the chances that the guy. You said that the. That the main guy in the. In the movie really got abducted, right? And then that it’s her biological son? Like, what. What’s the. Again, I mean, I could say the same thing about Nic Cage and Westin. Like, they both.

They’re both actors. But is there something more to it, bro? You know, I’m saying. I’m not insinuating anything against anyone, but I’m just saying, like, to keep it within the family lines in some sort of way. But this topic that we’re talking about now, it is. It’s interesting. I don’t. His name is. Is it. Is it. Or sick or. But it was, like, a woman that the Nazis had.

Maria or sick or something like that, that do these channel. Channelings. But the point I was making, it is stranger. Is stranger than what you think, because everything is waveforms. And when we’re talking metaphysics, we’re talking about the interactions of waveforms on subatomic level, third dimensional, fourth dimensional, up levels. And when you said that the people came out of the sea or these monsters came out. Found it, bro.

I found it. Here you go. Even. Even better, bro. We’re talking about bloodlines and all that stuff, right? Ready? Sorry to cut you off on it, but here we go. Here we go. Were the Merovingians descendants from a monster? Meet the Quinno tar. So, half man, half boy. Remind Quinatar. Anyways. But. But in this line of thought, in early frankish history, there was a beast of Neptune which was said to look like a creature called a quinator.

The mysterious mythical being only appeared in one text, but he was said to have fathered a line of kings whose descendants still survived today. And they even made an appearance in the da Vinci code. So that the same line of thinking of what we’re talking. What we were just talking about these bloodlines, not from. From. Look at that. I mean, it’s like a freaking. Who’s this guy? But aforementioned, the mysterious monster beast of Neptune is a quinitar half.

Yeah. Quinotar. Sea monster. Yeah, bro. Dog. And this would make sense. Why all these elites? Why they all have submarine licenses, right? Yeah, right here. Here we go. Look at. Bro, I did a whole video on how Gislaine Maxwell. She owns a company called Taramac. That’s all about the submarine. She owns a submarine. Terramar. My bad. It’s like, submarines. She had these submarine connections through her father, who worked for the Mossad, the CIA, intelligence of Israel, and Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden.

He owns water island right next to Epstein island. And it used to be a submarine based. Yeah, it was in the Biden trust. It’s called Water island. We’re speaking about water. In the name of. The island is called Water island. So. So. But you’re right. Yeah. I mean, to cut you off, but I knew this is what I was thinking about the merovingian line, because I was reading the.

Right. We know about TT. And I was reading some of her work, and she talks about the Merovingians, and we’re talking about hidden hyperspace places, right. In other realms, other realities, and how they’re either trying to physically go there and manifest themselves there, or they’re trying to project their consciousness there. And what if, Ani, what if this is the missing link where you quite literally can’t go there unless you’re in some way different, quite literally genetically.

Like you have something. And if you look at a lot of the. And I’ve seen this on Twitter and social media. I’m not trying to be mean, but people have been not complaining, but pointing out these similarities and all these women in Hollywood coming out with, like, the really spaced out eyes where they all kind of look similar in a weird sort of way. We know that these family bloodlines look at the Habsburgs, right, to.

To bring in John Dean and. And Prague and all these guys that were talking to the oath and write these. How you’re talking about these celestial, galactic beings that. Man, I’m. Bro, I’m just like. Like everything. There’s a genetic. You told my genetic access code. There’s a woman on instagram. What you guys follow? I think her name is, like, Claire Nakshatra, like, Natara Vedic astrology. And she does videos of those women with the eyes or specific cheekbones.

Yeah, she goes through all the Hollywood women and she shows, like, a deity compared to various astrology, to the constellations of where. Why do they have this type of face? Like, how do we get our genetic imprints is all related to the star fields of the way that we look. I’m talking about how your face, your cheekbones, your lips, all of this is all astrological, you know? And.

Yeah, there’s a genetic access code. I speak about. The first czar coats were the first men that ate meat. The zoro coats. There’s a book on them called zar coats, the alien wombs. Because they’re women. They said their women used to get pregnant with aliens and stuff. You can look up the book. Donut found the book. Well, Donut gave Donut the book. He put it up. He was like, where do I find.

What’s the name of it? It’s like, just type in our coats. Alien womb. Z womb. Now we’re getting into moon children, right? Homunculus, maybe? I don’t know, bro. I got a weave on this entire thing that we’re on right now. Because the. The merovingian dynasty was the ruling family of the Franks from around the middle of the fifth century until 7th 751. They first appear as the kings of the Franks in the roman army of North Gaul.

So we’re on the topic of movies. All right? And I just seen this because I’m a. I’m a big alien fan. Okay. And they just dropped the trailer for alien Romalists. Oh. Oh. Let me tell you what that’s about. But go ahead. Go ahead. Well, I mean, Romelus, right? The. The founder of Rome that was born from what, huh? Like a she wolf or something or other? I’ve been doing.

That’s been my research. I’ve been talking about it, bro. I’ve been talking about how the Harbaugh brothers in the. Joe. Joe Biden and his brother. Joe Biden’s real name is Joseph. His brother name is James. And. And check this date. 816 24. Eight plus eight is 16. Eight plus 16 is 24. So they got this Gematra going on here, too, bro. 816 24. Wow. I didn’t know this.

This trailer came out dropped today, I think. Oh, it came out today. That’s why I told you, bro. We’re cooking, dog. We’re cooking right now. We’re cooking with. Guys do. We’re going. People are like, let’s see. Have you seen Prometheus? Did you see Prometheus? For one of my favorite movies, bro? Oh, my God. Yo, I’m into that, too, though, bro. I like breaking down, like, the mythology of the xenomorphs.

Did the engineers create them or did the xenomorphs create the engineers? It’s wild. It’s wild. But, um. Yeah, but the story about Romulus and Remus, two brothers, right? This is gonna blow your. This is gonna blow your mind. The brothers are battling over the new world, this new kingdom. They’re gonna control whoever controls or whoever wins this little bet they have, the kingdom has to be named after their name.

So obviously, obviously we know Romulus won because his name, Rome. That’s the name of the new world kingdom. So he’s battling with his brother. And guess what? The reason why Romulus decides to kill his twin brother is because his bro, he built a wall around his little new country called Rome, and his brother kept jumping. Remus kept jumping over the wall. Doesn’t that sound like the whole Trump Biden little war over the wall? You see what I’m saying? I see what you’re saying.

Alien invasion, bro. I don’t know. Illegal aliens, you know, this is crazy, bro. This is crazy. But, yeah, I did a lot of research with the wolf as well, because in the college championship, the football championship, it was the Huskies, a wolf genus type of, you know, dog or whatnot, going against the Wolverines. Wolverines all. And, you know, the Wolverines one, of course. But also there’s a story.

Pull up the story real quick. Kamala in Amala is another warp story. And it’s interesting. Yeah, Kamala. Like Kamala Harris in Amala. And you probably don’t know who Amala is. Feral children. Yes. These two girls. So you got two boys that was raised by wolves. They also. Yeah, pull up the show. Raised by walls. After that. It’s a. It’s a crazy. So let me read this. A feral child is a human child who has lived away from human contact from a very young age and has little or no experience of human care, loving, or social behavior.

And crucially, human language. Feral children are confirmed by humans, often parents raised by animals or isolated in the wild. Probably the best known story of feral children is that of two girls, Amala and Cam. Kamala. That’s like Kamala Harris, right? Who were raised by a she wolf. What? Bro, I never heard about this, dude. And you said, you, bro, that series. There’s a series called raised by wolves.

It’s an alien series about this AI that goes to a future planet and it has to raise these children. This AI robot of a woman who got these occult abilities. It’s crazy. Yeah, yeah, that’s. That’s her right here. Yeah. And it’s the whole Genesis story. They’re robots and. Yeah, that’s the guy of the Mithra cult. This stuff gets crazy, bro. Like, you got to watch this show. If y’all haven’t watched it, you have to watch it’s.

One of the top, I heard it’s the top Sci-Fi tv series of all time. I’ve seen that in a lot of, um, different, you know, little articles. There’s that eclipse right there, raised by wolves. There you go. But the interesting thing, who is a, who is Amala? If we have Kamala, the real name of Doja Cat is Amala. And she came out with the song paint the town red and we had two red teams in the Super bowl.

Wow, bro. Yeah. The red alchemical marriage and alchemy. That’s what that was all about. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, bro. What are you, so, all right. Golly, man, 42 minutes and I feel like we, I feel like we’ve, we’ve been to the moon and back. So we haven’t been nowhere, man. We haven’t even talked about anything. I mean, we just been just spitballing. So, man, that movie, I got, I gotta go check that, check out that trailer.

All right, all right. Which one? The, the alien one, right? The, yeah, no, and let me read the, the alien, the, like the, the movie description because it’s where we’re talking about bloodlines and all this crazy stuff. So alien romalist or rumor lists, however you say, is an upcoming american science fiction horror film and the 7th installment of, of the alien franchise. A standalone inter quo set between the events of aliens 1979 and aliens 1986.

And it is, it says the story go. The story sees a group of young people on a distant world who find themselves in a confrontation with the most terrifying life form in the universe, bro. So again, it’s gonna be, and was interesting, that spider movie. And if you know that the, that the face huggers are like little spiders, right? They, yeah, little spiders. It’s interesting that in that movie Space man, the way that they, that they describe.

So Space man, Adam Sandler, the way that they describe the movie is half a year into solo mission on the edge of a solar system, an astronaut concern helped by an ancient creature he discovers in the bowels of his ship. So ancient creature. And right there, that sounds like, how long has this thing even been around? Like, it’s like ancient creature. Plus it’s like giving him wisdom in some sort of weird way.

They’re hermetically sealed, but it was still in there with him. Like why? It was psycho spiritual because I don’t even know if it even existed. Was this a subconscious manifesting? That’s what I was wondering too, bro. That’s what I think I said that on the show. I was like, was it a hallucination the entire time. Because we see these movies over and. Right, right. These typical movies over and over again, where the entire, like, fight club.

Like that’s one of my favorites, where it’s like it always catches you off guard at the end. Like it wasn’t even him. It was projections of himself the entire movie. Right. So I was wondering the same thing as you, bro. Was it real? Was it not? But the fact that it took him to the alpha and the omega, is that maybe, perhaps what the Higgs boson is on he, like this, the particle that is representative of.

Right. Isn’t the Aleph. Isn’t that a story by George Lisborges? Where it’s like it’s the beginning and ending in all of knowledge in all of the universe and all of reality in one little pin drop, one little point. And maybe that’s why they go to so many extents here at CERN and all these different places, because that’s what that represents. They tell us it’s one thing, but we know that’s the exoteric.

We got to think above and beyond. We’re talking about people who run the war. Let’s be honest. They run the world. Right there. They’re in power. They got, they got, they got power. So what if that’s what the Higgs boson represents? The beginning, the end of all, to all of knowledge, everything in one little, just one little drop is a subatomic. It’s very subatomic. It’s like. Yeah, the boat, the boson, extremes in physics.

It’s like the smallest atomic structures that we can’t even see. And they talk about how many dimensions, like 20, 22, 23 dimensions. Yeah. In Borges story, the Aleph is a point in space that contains all other points. Anyone who gazes into it can see everything in the universe from every angle simultaneously, without distortion, overlapping or confusion. Bro, I got you. Pull up Madam Webb. We’re talking spiders. Pull up Madam Webb.

She was, she’s like this. She’s like, okay, the movie. She’s with Peter, Peter Parker’s uncle, Uncle Ben when he’s young. She. Yeah, this just came out. The movie just came out. It just came out a couple of weeks ago called Madam Webb. And, and yes, she, she has this ability because she was bit by this spider in Peru, this magic, or there’s a cult spider, I don’t know, this crazy spider.

She can go to the future, bro. She can go, she can go all the way to the future and she can change the future. She can change the past. And she could change the future because she connects to the webs, the destiny threads of the universe, which are these webs that she can shoot. She can shoot it out her heart and change your damn future. Shit. Whoa. So I also talked about how in every different spider verse, the spider that bites that particular Spider man gives him a different power.

Every different universe has its different spider. So, yeah, that’s why all the Spider man all have their own thing, and they quite literally rule the universe. I mean, they’re. They’re over watchers of the multiverse. I mean, they’re the ones that. Oh, watch over it, right? They’re the ones that are going in and helping stop things, essentially. And if you think about, it’s almost like a secret society, because only a certain few were select.

That’s why they left that one kid out there. Like, y’all don’t tell him about our group over here. And they’re like, you guys didn’t invite me. Like, he was all pissed off about that. But it’s like, cuz they’re initiated and they all have their own thing within that other realm. But I know. Mm hmm. They’re in a multiverse, right? Mm hmm. So they know the multi dimensions. And you remember Doja Cat had the spider or her scarlet album.

And the interesting thing is, is that in a kennel, Grant’s book, he speaks about Nancy, or Nancy, one of the original spider gods is an african God called Nancy. He’s the God of stories. And remember, at the end of Loki, I don’t know if you’ve seen Loki, but he has these webs at the end, and he becomes. Loki becomes the God of stories. At the end of the series, the last episode, he becomes the God of all, the entire multiverse.

So the next Avenger movies, Loki is going to be directly connected. He became a good guy. This one here. Yeah, there you go. He sits with all these threads coming out. Whoa. Yeah. And he could. He controls the multiverse now. He sits on a throne. He can’t move no more. He sacrifices him being more the raven in. In the Game of Thrones, right? He kind of did something sort of the same where he sat like in the tree or something, was it? I don’t remember.

But I mean, it was something like that, where he sacrifices something to be the raven. He was his eyesight or something where it’s like, what do you will? It’s almost like a faustian pack. What are you willing to give up in order to be this overseer of reality in some Sort of way. Exactly. So it’s always a sacrifice. You know, it’s always a sacrifice. So he has to sacrifice that now he becomes the God of the God of stories.

But Anansi, the original God in mythology, is a trickster deity who acquires the later form of Jehu tea. So. So Anansi is a later form of Jehu T which is thought you heard of both before the book of Thoth and Emerald emerald tablets. And thoth is the God of magic and wisdom. The gods of magic. So maybe all of these, you know, compared to the spider VERse, the different spider man, I got all these powers.

Is it this year? Yeah, that’s. Yeah. Is JEHUTI. No, no, no, no. It’s a I is a Jehu tea. Is doth what? I. You can just type in, oh, thoth with an eye. Oh, no, no, no. It’s thought he. No, it’s not that is a jehu. T is spelled with a I, not a y at the end. But you can type in thought. They’ll show you the original name.

No, you spelled it the right way the first time. It’s like dhe j u something. They’ll show it in there. Yeah. They’ll have the name there, but, uh, folk original. Yeah. You see it right there. You see it, um, no, above in the italic or whatever it is, says Jehuty, the name of the Egyptians. Jehuty the. Yeah. So it’s also a God. It’s not just, you know, a king or a place.

It’s the God, though. This is original cometic name. Thoth is his greek name. It later becomes Hermes. So he’s. Yeah, yeah. Hermes and Jehudi, same person. They’re the same person. The ibis bird. And look, he’s the God of writing, science, magic, art and judgment. And he is. He represents the higher consciousness of man. He act. He represents the magical consciousness of man. And Kenneth Grant was speaking about these.

These. These connections to Thoth. All of the magicians talk about Thoth because Thoth is one of the only deities in Egypt that predates all the way to Atlantis. In the emerald tablets, they speak about thoth all the way in Atlantis, along with Bess and set and these other ones. So, uh. Yeah, it’s crazy. And I think you’re right. There’s magical lineages, you know, going on. Did you see the movie devil conspiracy? This is a crazy one, bro.

Devil conspiracy. The movie, the movie came out at the end of last year, is called the devil conspiracy. The devil conspiracy. And it is about the angel Michael locking Lucifer down in this room. And then these scientists in the Vatican, there’s the scientists working in the Vatican and they’re trying to turn the shroud of Taurian, you know, the shroud they said Jesus. Yeah. Was printed on. They’re trying to take the DNN DNA from the shroud of Turin and generate a clone of Jesus so Lucifer can inhabit the body.

What? Look, before you get to that, they were showing how they, they were taking the greatest philosophers of all time, bro. They were naming some of your guys, bro. They’re naming these greek philosophers and they cloned them and made them into children in 2023. Like, there’s one of the kids right there. He was made from the DNA of one of the greatest violin musicians of all time. Got the name of.

And they, they were selling the kids in front of this audience is this billionaire audience. They were going up, it was like, uh, they were doing auctions. 20 million, 25 million, 30 million. Selling these kids. They’re doing this in real life, bro. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. They’re doing this 100%, bro. What? Yeah, you, bro. You got a lot of time. You watching all these movies, dog? Actually, I’ve been watching a lot of movies, bro.

I kind of slacked off. I’ve been like, I’ll be typing at work while looking at my tablet, watching a movie all at the same time while reading something on another screen. I’m trying like multitasking to be able to cram in all this stuff that I’ve been doing. Yeah, I’ve been slapping, bro. Honestly, I used to watch at least five movies a month. So here, let’s, let’s make it all right.

Where do we even go back to, bro? So we got, I feel like donut with so many shout outs. A donut with all these freaking tabs at the top there. But let’s, alright, so we got Cetus. We got the Cetus ritual, right? Maybe, perhaps it’s got something to do with how you’re saying there’s a new void that we’re talking about, the void. Can we talk about that? And then maybe, is that what they’re, is maybe the eclipse, how you said isn’t an eclipse and maybe something’s going to open up figuratively or maybe literally or metaphysically.

Like who, who really knows? I mean, anymore. But he talked about this, this void or whatever it was that. Yet what was it you said in the text? You said, all right, my next topic, the boa t, is that boa tease or booty yeah, boughties and the sea, this constellation called the whale. And it’s connected to the story of Jonah biblically. So we talked about that movie Jonah, which I’ll probably check it out.

And then I wanted to show you this. Yeah, here we go. Here we go. Now let’s get back on track, bro. So the ancient Florida mound sites mark stars of Cetus. And here the star map. And it, bro, it lines up with. And if you look at Florida, it’s like a little fish. You know? It does. It does look like a fish. So the people in Florida were in the know.

They were in the know about this, the whole constellation and everything. And I’m a pisces, like crazy. And the Pisces. The Pisces is the. The portal, isn’t it? It is. It’s the final. It’s the final zodiac. But, um, yeah, the 12th zodiac. So the connection I made to superboy both is all polar symbolism. Shout out to Mario. Symbolic studies. It’s all polar symbolism because the caucus area, it’s like the darkest region of.

Well, from what we can see from a human perspective, the darkest region has the seven sisters of pleiades. In the middle has Sirius as Sirius star, which is representative of the third pillar in Freemasonry. The third pillar is the Sirius star or the inter planetary logos consciousness. The godhead is through the Sirius star. Even in the. When they show the UFO, the tractor beam. The tractor beam represents the pole star is symbolic to the godhead, which is the UFO ship, which in hebraic text, they always speak about these, these type of ships called the Yahita that everyone has their own sort of like ship, or they, it’s not really, it’s like a vessel way, a astral vessel that we have, that our soul connects to.

So there’s this thing in the, out there. There’s boltees constellation in the center around this new super boy that they discovered over the past ten years. So it’s just, they call it the cold spot. In the whole ritual with Israel was over this, this concert called supernova. Supernova parallel. And the concert was done by a group called Universe parallel. And they’re saying that this cold spot, basically a parallel universe that has open, you know, in this dimension.

And now they’re calling that region where the cold spot is by boaty Cetus is Botus Lyran and the Draco. It’s like Draco, Cetus Lyran, and it’s. Can’t remember the other one, but they’re calling it the, the. The babylonian whore of revelation, what’s called a lady of revelations, basically. Scarlet woman. The scarlet woman. That’s what they’re calling the cold region now. Yeah, they gave biblical. Yeah. Yeah. You can get this research.

You can. You can look into his name, Christopher. The secret Sun Institute. Secret Sun Institute. Never heard of him. Oh, man, he’s deep, bro. I got his books. Forgot his name, man. But shout out to him, secret Sun Institute. And he gives the breakdown of how these constellations is the reason why we go into these wars. It’s the reason why certain rituals have to go down. You always hear these.

These names and these characters connected to a certain time frame which deals with the star fields and the ley lines below. Because just like you have these star fields above, we have a system of spirituality within us. The Kundalini. The planet has a kundalini. There’s these border seas, these opening of portals that they build. Certain towns, like the township in different cities always have THIs Polar, this PoLE symbolism.

There’s always a PoLE near the township, which is giving reverence to the PoLE region that these constellations surRound. So all of the constellations surround the center pole region where the seven sisters of the pleiades in the SIRiuS star is and developing right next to this is this big, open, cold spot, or super void. And they did a lot of rituals with this israel war pertaining to the void that opened up in space.

So now everything is being referenced to the year of the dragon this year. And in the Bible, the woman of Babylon rides the dragon. The whore of Babylon rides on the dragon, you remember, and she gives birth to the Antichrist. You know, it’s all bibliomancy is connected. So. And AlSo Cedars is called the dragonfish inadvertently. I don’t know, but it’s a lot of reference to it. Mm hmm.

Do you think that because you’re talking about pretty much astro theology in some sort of way, right. Because. And I, for one, and I don’t think it’s. It’s. I’m not saying it’s not a possibility, but it’s not as interesting when people break something down as simple, like, oh, it’s. It’s because of this. It’s because, right. There was a grand plasma event, and that’s what it looked like, and that’s why we have that sign.

I’m not saying it can’t be. I, in the plasma universe is one of my favorite theories. All right? I’m just saying I think it’s something about that and plasma, plasma entities, which we’ll get into here soon. And while you’re talking here, I’m gonna. I’m gonna look for a book that I actually, me see if I have a copy of it somewhere. But it’s called the. I think you have it.

The O fanic language. Yes, yes, yes. Yo. Yo, that was crazy. The authentic language, which it’s. It’s about here. Yo, so let me pull it up here. Yeah, pull that up. Pull a picture. Anyway, I need to go back into that. Thank you for. So this one, the authentic revelation, which is Vincent Bridges. And he even talked about. Right? So we have these stories where, like, all the plasma event, that’s why we have that sign, which I’m not saying that’s wrong, but he talked about these of Anim, which were, again, angels, and he describes them as plasma based entities.

And there is this one lecture that he’s doing in Prague where. Let’s get into this here. So, all right, how do. How do I break this down? Just my mind is going a million miles an hour right now. So we have these entities, right? And I think this is what was going on with Edward Kelly and John D. Because they were being presented this information. And let me pull up here, because it’s all in it.

What made me think of it was this. When you’re talking about the super void, and I googled super void, and it came up with this picture here. Or this is void, and it’s making me think of. So. Anokian handbook Vincent bridges disconnected because John D. John D. And Edward Kelly. Kelly. They were striving through these crystals, crystals, or photons. And there’s a atlantean theory of ontological presence of DNA.

Plasmas. Photons is a quantum entanglement in memory of communication to specific information over vast distances out in space. So plasmas are entanglement machines, basically, so they are. I love Vincent bridges. Now, it’s very advanced stuff, and it’s kind of complicated, but essentially he breaks everything down when it comes to Enochian, as that. The. These entities were showing John Dean, Edward Kelly how to piece together this hypercube. Right? Yeah.

That they were then able to. The language was to activate. The language is not only in your DNA, and it’s activated through your DNA. What you were saying earlier about this genetic memory in some sort of weird way. And that’s the whole thing with. I was playing assassin’s creed the other night, bro. That’s like the whole thing. We’re like, oh, we’re gonna tap into your genetic memory and project you to that point in time.

And you’re gonna be your ancestor, bro. What? Like, so, yeah. And this authentic revelation. There’s another book, too. I got it. I got it here, too, where he’s talking about how the Enochian language. That is a real language, by the way, it’s not construct a real language. What you can translate and everything. Like, it’s been analyzed by linguists and all that. And he’s talking about how it’s in our DNA encoded and these entities are able to extract this thing.

And. And there are points in time where they’re right. The angels were like, yo, you got. You got to make sure that you memorize the Alphabet next time we come back. And then they hadn’t. He hadn’t memorized Edward Kelly. So he says that I don’t know where. He’s, like, clenching his head on the ground. He’s like, my head is on fire. My head is on fire. And he feels like he’s being squeezed.

And what happened was that the angel squeezed him. When he let him go, Edward Kelly already knew the entire Alphabet. So it’s like they could manipulate his DNA in some sort of way to activate this language within it. Okay? And this. This book is about that entire thing. So angelic science and end of time. And the Libra. The Libra loga, which were the. The keys that were given to Dee and Kelly by the angel Navarj.

And that’s where you get the round tablet of Navaj. This is April 10, so 410 again, that. That date, he came to him looking like an elizabethan Sun King, holding a golden rod and standing on a crystal etched with his round table. And the keys were given to them. Right. This. This entire system of the aethers, which they never got to use, as far as we know, because we don’t have those records.

We lost a lot of records. They were. They were given this entire system now. Well, yeah, they’re. Yeah. And so he was given to by Navarj. And what was interesting about it was that this Libra Loga is called. It transfers to the speech of. Translates to the speech of God, right? And it’s. It’s supposedly the original book of Enoch, of, like, the true enochian language, the language that God used to create the universe itself.

Like, that was, like, the original thing. And this is what they were being given. Now, Navarj was like, yo, I got. I’m gonna tell you guys these. And it’s right here. I’m gonna tell you guys this. This language, right, these things. But here it is right here. This is Navage also in receiving of the calls, this is to be noted that they are to be uttered of me backward and a view and practice forward.

And this is little triangles, John D. These are. These are from. Directly from the a true relation of Doctor John Dee’s actions by Merrick Casaubon. This is the guy that found the stuff in the bottom false drawer of this cabinet, bro, after the maid had apparently burned all the other ones. That sounds like the Naga, Mahdi and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Like, somebody always finds it. They need Kindle for their fire.

And they’re just like, I’m just burning these old texts. Are you, bro? Are you right? So this is from that. And Merrick Casaubon actually ended up publishing this to discredit John D. As like this, which, you know, typical occultist necromancer. And he ended up putting all the stuff. And that’s what I got back here. This is in physical form with all the tablets and everything. Three huge tomes of all these conversations.

Now, d goes. I understand it for the efficiency of them, else all things called would appear. He’s talking about the apocalypse. If they were, if the angel would have given it to them forward, okay, reading it, he would have brought forth the apocalypse, okay, from how powerful this text was. And so, and so hinder our proceeding and learning. And this is just them going back and forth. And it was a painstaking process.

Now, here’s another one where he’s talking to them. Here it is mystical call which, following the practice for the moving of the second table, the kings, the ministers, government. So they were also being revealed how to quite literally manipulate governments and different parts of the world, bro, by using this, these magic tablets, again, wild stuff, so delivered by the spirit to render obedience and faithful society, wherein they will open the mysteries of their creation as far as shall be necessary and give you understanding of many thousand secrets wherein you are yet but children.

For every table hath his key, every key open his gate. And every gate being opened give giveth knowledge of himself, of entrance, and of the mysteries of those things where of he is an enclosure, where in the palaces you shall find things that are power as well to speak as to do. For every palace is above his city and every city above his entrance. What does that sound like to you, bro? Every palace is above his city and every city is up.

Is above his entrance. That sounds like we were talking about these hidden hyperspace palaces. Palace. Call them palaces in case somebody, anyone’s watching, you know, saying, so the. And this is, bro, this is. This entity navage, that gave to them this essentially, once. Once they put everything together, all these tablets, they start to form this hypercube of some sorts. And then every different point of that hypercube is a different.

Again, it gets very convoluted. But they’re talking about angelic science. And this is Vincent Bridges. I really wish I would have got to talk to him about all this stuff, but this is what he claims to have used, by the way, and experienced the ophanum, these entities. And again, I mean, it’s one of my favorite subjects, but Vincent Bridges took it and above and beyond. So the John DN Edward Kelly stuff is really fascinating, and it’s really complicated, but this dude took above and beyond.

And now while you’re talking, I’m gonna look for something that’s gonna tie all this in together, bro. Yeah. I mean, yeah, I think it is real. And the plasma or the sciences of our DNA having angelic type of resonances to what’s above us. Above us, because these star fields are intelligences of that whole angelic abode. And there’s classes of the angelic above abode that different people were able to make contact with.

So the old. The old fanic, you know, classes of it. They were called the wheels, if you look into it, the Ophian, the gnostics called them. Call them the Ophians, and you have the authentic. They were called the wheels because in these planes, when they communicated with them, they took on the shape of these spear, these burning spears or whatnot, from what I read. And it’s just. It’s like a transmittance of information.

Just like you said that there was a contraction with him, and all of a sudden, he knew the entire Enochian Alphabet. I think there is a way for them to pass these entities, to pass information to us that would take us literally our lifetime in one instance. So I got this here. I’ve talked about this before, is one of my favorite parts of the John D. Enochian, bro.

I don’t know why they haven’t made a freaking movie about these dudes, bro. Like, it’s coming. Trust me, bro. I. Like, honestly, if I had the money from starring Nick Cage as John D, that would be the. You know. You know what’s the craziest part that I could actually inquire about that? Like, I could actually, like, I I probably know the people, right? If only we knew somebody who knew.

Who knew Nick Cage, right? Like, I could probably inquire about, yo, how much would it be to have Nick Cage be John D. Like, man. Bro, that would be something. That would be something right there. I wonder who’s going to play Queen Elizabeth. That’d be wild, right? That’d be wild. So here we have this navage guy again. And so this is Friday. April something. April is right. Yeah.

Yeah. And they’re having all these crazy, crazy visions and they’re being taken to this other spot and they are shown God. Okay, they are shown God. But God isn’t the regular God that we all know and love. Sky daddy sitting on a throne. No, God is a whale with many eyes. The prophet took them up, for they were. They were become as dead. Okay, mind you. And think about all these stories that this lines up with, right? All the stories that this lines up with.

Now. Now, they were very religious. There’s thousands of. Well, not thousands, but numerous theories as to John, Dean or Kelly. And, you know, ever Kelly was a charlatan, they were all, you know, making all this up. But, bro, there’s so much, many records of this. But anyways, the prophet took them up, for they were become as dead. And suddenly the firmament and the waters were joined together. And the whale came like unto a legion of storms, or as the bottomless cave of the north.

Talk about the north Pole portals and all these different things. When it is opened, and she was full of eyes on of every side, the prophet said, stand still. But they trembled. The water sank and fell suddenly away. For that the whale lay upon the hill, roaring like a cave of lions. And the prophet took them by the hands and led them to the whale’s mouth, saying, go in.

But they trembled vehemently. He said unto them the second time, go in. And they. Dirt not dirt. Dirt. Dirt not bruh. Dirt not bro. What? Dirt not bro. There’s no way. What is that? That’s a duration. St. Durst not bro. Why’d you have to kill the moment on you? We’re getting to the juice, Durst. Bro, hold on. I gotta. He killed the moment. Durst not know. That’s not even a word.

Dirt. Dirt, whatever. Who cares that that word, if anyone knows what that means. And he sweat, he swear unto them. And they entered in. So he’s like, yo, get in. In, bitch. Right? So. And they entered in, and he lifted up his voice and cried mightily, come away. And lo, they floated before him, richer than an emperor’s throne. For unto him that was naked were close given unto him was.

That was a child and a man were twelve gates opened. So, bro, they’re going to this whale. And reality is unfolding before them. The gates have been open, right when they go into this whale and they’re happy. But, dude, like, were they on, on substances when they were experiencing this? Because this is. This is really psychedelic, bro. Really think about it. But I mean, there’s something about prayer, ani, whether you’re christian or not.

Meditation, let’s call it that. And these dudes were entering deep states of meditation hours upon end. I mean, that’s what he needed to do to be able to scry. Okay, so twelve gates open. And the prophet cried mightily and said, this whale cannot die. And lifted his voice again and said, within this well are many chambers and secrets, dwelling places which I will divide beto. Betwixt you on the right side unto which was a child.

And now, see here. And now. Next page. Skip a page, bro. Here we go. And now you see, this is, bro, this is original stuff, right? We’re reading directly from the source, dog. Like, this is some good stuff, bro, right here. So. And now a man, there are twelve open but unto thee that hath provided strange garments for thyself. Magical underwear, maybe, perhaps. I don’t know. And not such as men used to wear.

I will give thee head, heart, and left side. Whole places are 46. You shall enter and be possessed this day together. We’re talking about the divine androgen coming together, right? The opposite. So be possessed this day together. And behold, the sun shall return again 21 times and in one year, but not all. At one time you shall depart hence into a dwelling that shall be all, one where there is no end, the place of comfort and unspeakable glory, I have said.

And then this is John D. Writing back. But think about that. This almost sounds like the. The one but the beginning and the end, the one place in time. It sounds like the movie space man, like when he gets to that one spot, the alpha and the omega. So John D. Replies, as you have delivered us a parable, enigma or professor prop prophecies for foe. I beseech you for the setting forth of God, his honor and glory, to expound what is meant by the whale, the naked man and the child Navaj the prophet in his name.

The naked man is D. The child is Kelly. The prince is the devil, the hill is the world. The waters are the bosom of God. The four beasts are the four elements, the twelve trees of the twelve parts of the heavens. The whale is the spirit of God. The chambers are the degrees of wisdom, the thunders and the winds are the ends of God. His will and judgment.

So, bro, bro always say, man, this, this stuff gets me excited, bro. Like, esoteric. He even breaks down, like, the esotericism here. Like, it’s crazy, you know, and even with, you know, he speaks about the elements. I was just reading some theosophical texts that referenced the well and, you know, the whole blavatsky. Really? Yeah. And the elementals, but it goes more in the hindu direction. They don’t call them angels.

They call them Davos. You know, angels, Davos. They’re the same thing, you know, angels are devas and whatever. Sandstort language, that is what? Whoa, whoa. Spirit of God is the well and, and also the, depending on which translation you read. The first animal that, the first thing that was created here, let me find it. Golly. Anyways, I can’t. I try to click this one. And God created the great whales and every living, moving creature which the waters brought forth according to their kind.

This is Genesis 121, so that the king James version. And God created the created great whales and every king James, our boy King James. And every living creature that moveth which the water is brought forth abundantly after their kind, and every winged foul after his kind. And in gods, God saw it was good. So Genesis, bro, God created the whales first, and then here we have this entire thing, which, again, this is just one little piece.

Dollar. I mean, I’ve, dude, I’ve, I’ve spent hours and hours and hour, and every time I go back to this, this is all, this is all their, their mystical. I’ve spent hours, bro, reading, and every time I pick one random spot, it’s like something wild. I’m like, what? Nobody’s made, bro. I’m gonna reach out. I’m gonna make this happen. John D. Edward Kelly, starring Nicolas Cage. And we’ll find out who Edward Kelly can be.

All right, but, bro, that’ll, that’s gonna be dope. Yeah, man. Put that strip together, bro. Put that strip together, bro. Like, for real. That’ll be crazy. They. Because they made a movie of the Abram. I think it was the Abra Mellon ritual. They made a movie about that. The Abramowicz. Yeah, Abra Melon ritual. Abram. Ellen, the mate. That the sage, right? Abramowicz. Oh, yeah. I do remember that.

I haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen it, but they told me about it. The ritual performed. The movie is the Auburn Melon operation occult, right, attempted by gnostics such as Alastair Crowley. So again, it colors out of space. That’s what the girl she was doing on Abram Richard, beginning of the movie was she? I got, bro, I got, yeah, by the late, the first scene in the movie, as soon as the movie coming on, she’s doing an Abrama ritual and she had the Necronomicon book with the, with the angel names, because the angel names are what activate the, the sofanic language.

So these translation, they were slowly dictated, etc. I don’t have the screenshot, but check this out. So within the 49 pages of the deeper Logan, how Vaj explained were contained the mystical and holy voices of the angels. These tables were to be written by Galva. And this is another entity. Within these tables would be numbered the entire world and all its creatures to be delivered in five spans of this time.

This would be true. The true kabbalah of nature, or real Kabbalah spoken of by, by name by Navarj, which d had long hypothesized, cuz John D was asking him about a book that he had, if it was legitimate, but obviously wasn’t. So again, bro, this is, this is wild. And when you mentioned the whale stuff, I was like, man, I got something for you, bro. And that was great, bro.

One of my favorite parts of the John D. Where it ties into with the whale. And if you think about the whale and the story of Jonah, right, it’s a, it’s an alchemical vessel. And what I was told. Shout out to Joel Thomas from Free the Rabbit podcast. He told me that there’s descriptions of the, of the fish and it was actually transparent. And it wasn’t a fish, it was.

It was a creature specifically made for Jonah. Right. In that whole story, I’d have to get the whole breakdown from him, but he’s told me about it before and it’s like, it’s alchemical. Look at the whole Pinocchio story. And one of the movies, he’s in the, in the whale, right? He got by a whale. One of the original movies, I remember. I don’t know if it’s comparative, but I think, you know, over there they got the whale walk.

The whaling wall, maybe the whaling or the, you know, what is that a welling wall over there? Is that in Israel? Maybe it is compared to something esoteric, because I look at the whale and the swallowing of Jonah stayed up in there for what, a week or something, you know, you know, three days. Well, personally I think it’s esoteric. You know, maybe to me it’s about three days, three nights.

Okay. It’s a swallowing of the spiritual world, becoming physical that is. Is that esoteric to that or is it comparative to Jesus on three nights, three days and his resurrection, you know? Well, and let’s not, let’s not forget too, we’re missing one very important, important movie that was all about what we’re talking about. James Cameron inventing. What the heck? Hold on. Whoopsies. Here we go. Now I was like looking at something.

So that’s where we’re missing a very important movie. You have James Cameron and what happens with the whales? The whales are, which they just communicated with. They just came up with AI that was able to decipher. And I think they were able to communicate with whales too. I’m not sure about that. But the. The whales in this movie had an entire religion and they were being hunted for this anti aging substance that was extracted from their brains, which is if it was the most valuable substance on earth.

And in the movie they were. Again, it’s very. Sounds like that stuff that rhymes with Google Chrome that they use. Right. And that. Yeah. And essentially this stuff that they were extracting from these whales. What? Here’s the scene where they’re hunting. Have you seen this movie? Yeah, yeah, I’ve seen it. Yeah, yeah. So the, their great, great, great thinking of that. I didn’t even think about the whales up.

We had the whale with this guy. What was that movie about? Cuz I grew up watching that. The guy that, that was in monkey bone. The mummy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is by a 24. Brendan Fraser. And it goes back to Elizabeth Fraser too. I’ll have to break that down the whole cycle. Information, constellations. But wasn’t this movie about him being so fat that he. That he had to lose a weight or something like that? Yeah, I thought I was gonna be something that’s ot.

Probably is, bro, but I just saw Thomas in it. It was something about Thomas. And you know Thomas means twin was a Moby dick. Yeah. Oh, he saw, he saw. They brought. Look, look at, look at the last line. I’ll be dick, bro. Right? Look at that last line. Look at that last sentence. He said, he began, charlie begins to float and he’s engulfed by a bright white light.

I haven’t seen it. So again, I just know it was named Whale. It’s by a 24, which a 24 has done a lot of occult movies. Okay. We’re talking about hereditary everything everywhere, all at once, which was super bizarre. We have midsummer ex machina, a whole bunch of different movies that. Uncut gems. Right. We talked about Adam Sandler and the whole thing. I mean, this movie was amazing.

Uncut gems. I. Yeah, that was a good movie. I really liked it. I mean, that. That was a really good movie. But I think a 24 is in that realm of cursed movies that they, that they’re able to tap into the occult. But, yeah, the whale symbolism of in this movie really stood out to me. How whales have this entire mythology and religion and they’re able to live an entire life.

Right. And the fact that the substance was the elixir of life. Mmm. Essentially is what it was. It was, it was rejuvenating people and it was the most expensive on earth. So I don’t know what to make of any of this. Dude, like I said, free Willy. Free Willy. Now we got to do illuminati whales. Oh, God. We got, we got, we got to do that with donut, bro.

Illuminati whales, free Willy. Doing the one eyed symbolism over here. Yikes, dude. Listen, bro. Well, what. I’ll speak of that. Speaking of that, you seen that, that Nickelodeon documentary come out? I did see something about that. Haven’t watched it, but yeah, I did see about. I can’t watch that stuff. What? I’m freaking out. Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of symbolism with, with, with that and I learned some crazy stuff.

We have to probably talk about that off air. But the Dan Schneider dude, you know, he’s, I don’t know if he’s, if he’s with the, you know, the js. I’m not sure if he is. Maybe Marvel guy. No, Dan Schneider was like the loading, you know? Yeah, he was a guy that was pull it all the streams and everything. I thought you’re talking about. That isn’t though, the more.

What’s the justice League guy? Yeah, that guy. Yeah. Nas. Dan Schneider was the guy over Nickelodeon and they figured out that the word Nickelodeon means I don’t care about God. Did you hear? Did you see that? I saw you post that, I think. Yeah. And you remember when all of the kids, I’m just talking about from the free Willie thing. I don’t know what’s free William? Nickelodeon. I think I saw that on Nickelodeon.

I think it was a separate movie company. But these kids that play in these movies, like a lot of them, they were forced to do these roles. That’s, that’s coming out in documentary. They didn’t want to do the roles. So it goes back to the devil conspiracy that most of these kids, I don’t know if some of them are randomly selected or maybe just like in the show.

Did you see the boys yet. I said, we’ve been in wrong, bro. You got to see the boys, man. You have to see the boys. And it was a spin off to the boys where they showed how these people get their powers. The government comes in and offers their parent a big check. They get this check, and basically, yeah, they get this lump sum, lump sum of cash.

Then their kids are injected with this chemical, and then. Then the kid get these powers and then they send them to this. This school. The boys about that. Yeah, the boys. All of the super characters in there. But there’s another spin off that just came out called Generation V. I think Generation V is to spin off. You got to see, watch the boys first. The new season about to come out in a couple of months, and then watch generation v, Gyn v.

I think it’s called Jim V. And it’s going to show the backstory to how the kids get their powers. And it makes me think of the same devil conspiracy that maybe some. There’s. There’s some intelligent agencies of occult secret societies investing in DNA from specific people that can be paid. I don’t know if they’re in Hollywood, bro. No, there’s. That’s what the NFL is all about. The nephilim NFL.

Right. The NFL. You know, that whole thing I. And I was talking about this when I. Whenever I went on the confessionals is the overtime episode. We got into that whole thing where some of these sports leagues, these people are different, right? Not. Not different. Like, they’re bigger stature. They’re. They’re more athletic. They’re the perfect soldiers, maybe, right? Like. Like the perfect specimen, if you will. Look at LeBron, brother.

LeBron still looks good, bro. He. And how old is he now? Like, he’s. He got to be an alien or clone or something, bro. He’s like 440. Like 40 years old, still dunking. Like, look at Mike Tyson. The homuncules, bro. Bro. Right. Yeah, he looks like a freaking nature, dude. And mind you, that Tyson fought a good amount of his career under hypnosis. Okay, so he’s like, straight up.

Yeah, 100% mk. That’s why he went off the rails when deals. Constantine, I think, is the name of the. The. His coach died, right? So. Bro, I’m just saying. Yeah. What his name was. Please don’t tell me that. So hold on. I’ll tell you right now what his name was. Mike Tyson. Trainer was something. Constantine. So. Cuz de Amato. Constantine. Cuz de amato. His name was Constantine Brahma.

Again, I’m just. I’m just. I’m just here to make connections, dude. I’m not here to say no. His name is Michael. Like the angel, just here to stay. I’m just here to say stuff on me. I’m not here to do anything else, bro. Whatever you want to do with this information is up to you. It’s up to you, bro. Okay, but mind you, the golems. What’s. What’s. The golems aren’t that bright.

And I’m just saying. Right? I’m just saying, bro, I’m not trying to be mean on this episode. I’ve said a lot of mean stuff on this episode. I’m not proud of it. But Larry, Mike’s not that bright, all right? It’s just. No, he’s not. No, no, he’s not. He’s not. He. I mean, we all. We all thought something was, you know, a couple screws looking a little bit like I spice, if you get what I’m.

What I’m saying here in this picture, okay? I’m just. You know, the whole conspiracy has been going around with ice spice and. Yeah. Oh, my God. You’re. You’re hilarious, bro. I’m just. I love you. I love watching old Mike Tyson videos right in his prime, dog. It was just. I love boxes. Oh, but this was hypnotizing him before every fight. We just did a video on hypnotism in the study of mesmerism, on the Illuminati vampires.

It’s going to come out soon. And how it goes back to the Jesuits, you know, those jesuit people, even there’s a picture of the original Constantine. He looks like the head of NASA. Like the head of NASA might be a clone of Constantine, literally. I got a picture. You line him up. That whole movie. You just showed me, bro, that they were doing what? They were taking the DNA and making the kids, bro.

Yeah, and we keep saying, you know, they call them time travelers. You know, they’ve been showing these pictures of people. You know, these celebrities look just like these people from the past. You know, Keanu Reeves looks like. Not Michelangelo, but there’s, like, pictures of him look like these famous artists from back then. Like, he looks just like them, bro. And they’re like, is he a time traveler? No.

Talk about this Bill Nelson guy, isn’t him? Yeah, he looks like. This is Constantine the great, the first. Yeah, it is. It is him. You got to look at AI created version of his. Of his face. Really? Yeah. I think I could pull it out to send it to you. It’s like an AI version of his face that been circulating the Internet and everything. People was like, yo, this dude looked just like the guy.

He looks just like the head of NASA. Which is what you were, which is what you were saying, bro. It’s not too far away from the truth. Like, the truth is stranger than fiction, quite literally. It’s. It’s, you know, they’re doing the. I believe that there’s. They’re doing these things behind the scenes. Like, I had somebody today who commented on one of my videos, and they were like, if they were making the homunculus, then don’t you think that we would already seen it by now? Whatever.

Like that? So I hear I’m gonna pull it up. I’m not throwing a shit. I just emailed that picture, too, by the way. But, yeah, people always gonna talk, bro. They’re always gonna talk. So right here. I read all my comments, too, by the way, bro. Good, bad goes. Don’t you think someone would have figured this out if it was actually possible, any actual evidence of this thing being created? I go, sure.

Multiple stories, stories, stories, Maurice. As well as boom. And I hit him with all the different links. And this one was in Israel. And think about it, because I just did a go. I just did a Golem video. And Israel. Israel scientists create model human embryo without eggs or sperm. Yes, that’s a Golem dog. And I put here, it’s happening modern day, and I believe it happened in the past as well.

It’s not. It’s just not called alchemy anymore. It’s called chemistry, science, quantum physics. You take your pick. Right? And I hit him. I mean, I hit him with this stone. These are real articles, bro. Synthetic human embryo created nine months ago. This has been out. This is the superman, this is the. The boys. This is all this other stone. Ubermensch. Yes, yes. And all of that info. But yeah, bro, like, I put up a whole series of pictures of Beyonce on these horses, and she’s released a new picture of these horses, and they got mad.

Yeah, there it goes. Right there. Yeah, there it goes. That’s like the AI generated version of what he looked like. Really what Constantine would have looked like. So, um. Yeah, so they just. They don’t. When you put truth out there, bro, it’s like, to some of these people, they’re so programmed, it’s like something in them. Like, I gotta challenge him. I have to say something, right? But they don’t have no response.

They don’t have no information. They just want. They just. They’re bothered by it. You know, they’re really. They’re triggered. They’re triggered by it. So they have to just say some stupid. You see, there’s always somebody that got a dog as a front. Some guys like, who’s this retard? I’m like, I’m you, bro. Oh, I’ll be having such funny responses, bro. He’s so funny. Golly, dude, yo. Yeah, I don’t think we got anything done today, bro.

I think that there’s so much left on the table, dude. And I think we need to get together more frequently to talk about ideas. Cuz when we’re cooking in the kitchen, bro, it’s just like, boom, boom, boom, boom. Like, oh, damn. Like, well, we had prepared. We barely even scratch the surface on that. And then, like, we just opened up another entire can of worms. And like I said, I’m just pointing out stuff.

What you do with it is up to you. You know? I’m saying, like, it’s just. How many times is it coincidence? How many times is it just a coincidence? It’s just a coincidence. They just look alike on me. That’s it. You guys way off one movie that I’m. That I’m excited to see parasite to wrap this up. Parasite coming out in gray. The new one, right? Yeah, the one on Netflix.

So parasite on Netflix. I want to see this. Oh, it’s based off the anime. Oh, let’s go. Oh, it is. Oh, there’s anime of it, bro. This anime is. Was one of my favorite animes. Parasite. Yeah, dude. Always old is an old animation. Yeah, yeah, yeah, bros. Anime is amazing. Oh, shoot. I gotta watch it. Yeah, so watch the anime before them with the movie comes out on.

I think April is April 5. Yeah, April 5. So, yeah, live action series. The gray included. I guess it. Yeah, it’s based on the ant, bro. Watch the anime, dog. Yeah, I’m gonna watch the anime first. I like watching if it basically. If it’s based off anime I watch, oh, it’s 2014, 2015. Okay, I’m gonna check that out. I’m gonna watch the anime this weekend, so maybe we can watch this and then.

Yeah, let’s do another one on this one. It is funny. They call it the gray, you know, like the grays they always do these days, but you want to leave the people with anything on you before we get out of here. Well, yeah, just like what you said, man. Don’t be quick to dismiss this information. Look into it. Don’t take us at our word. Don’t ever take anybody at their word.

Do your due diligence. Go open up articles, books, or whatever you need to do. And, you know, certain things isn’t. Isn’t for certain people. You know, not everything’s for certain people. There’s some. When you get a bunch of quantum physicists in a room and you go sit in a room with them, there’s a whole other dimension with different things that’s just not for you. You’re sitting there, they may be making sense, they’re dropping facts, but you’re not interested.

You don’t want to hear it. That’s not for you. So figure out what your lane is, but don’t always look at everyone and be so judgmental. Do your own research. And, yeah, that’s how we get to a better place. Quote unquote. Even though this place is pretty goddamn bad, bro, I really enjoyed this. This will be episode 201. Might have to change the name up a little bit, but, bro, this was dope.

I’m looking. I’ll watch because your presentations tomorrow, right? Is it gonna be live? The elemental tomorrow. Be on my YouTube. The soul. The soul element tools at was it 05:00 p. m. I think 05:00 p. m. 06:00 p. m. Camera member scheduled for it’ll so it’ll be out after this is out. So it already be out once this is out. So go. Okay, good. Go check that out, people.

Go. Subscribe to Annie, bro. Let’s watch that movie. Get back together soon and yeah, dude. So anything else you want to plug before you got out here? No, that’ll be it. I appreciate you, bro. Let’s do it again. Yeah. Awesome. So at the one on one podcast on all social media platforms, TJ, ojp. com, all that good stuff. Sign up for the Patreon. Also, the Kickstarter would have had been launched already.

On three, two to make sure to go to chosen one. com. If you want to get that there, it leads you directly to the Kickstarter. There’s gonna be various tiers on there, various things that you can get, and it helps support the show channel, and it’ll fund the next comic book with even more people. Maybe Donna Ani will be in there. I’ll put in a whole bunch of different people.

Just go chosen one. com. And as always, everyone catch you on the other side. .

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