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Carl Jungs Red Book Ones Chaotic Unconscious Mind [episode #193 with @CreativeCodex]

By: The Juan on Juan Podcast
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Carl Jungs Red Book Truth Mafia

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➡ The text discusses the idea that certain experiences or knowledge can drastically change or even destroy a person. It references historical civilizations that vanished, possibly due to interacting with things they shouldn’t have. It also talks about the work of Nietzsche and Jung, who delved into the depths of reality and the human psyche, sometimes leading to madness. However, this exploration can also lead to profound self-understanding and growth, as seen in Jung’s ‘Red Book’, which combines elements of psychology and spirituality.


Do you think that he achieved the magnum obis? Because one thing that’s always stood out to me is There is a specific string of words for every human being that will destroy you Think of me and I don’t know if destroy means maybe perhaps Killing you off physically biologically or the way I like to see it’s like you dissolve out of existence, right? You connect the dots that you weren’t supposed to connect and you fizzle out of existence I mean think of all these ancient civilizations that just got up and disappeared, right? The Mayans Mohan jodar all these places was that part of it where they were? Interacting with things that they maybe weren’t supposed to be in track with because look at Nietzsche He went insane young kind of sort of went insane, you know looking into the darkest Crevices of reality itself and then well, he went insane.

Yeah, he went insane on purpose you could say and found his way back so that he could guide his patience and guide the rest of humanity and In what that process might look like. That’s what the red book is is basically somebody choosing to engage with very chaotic unconscious contents Which is something that somebody who’s suffering from like a psychosis might do they might be wrestling with characters inside of themselves that feel as real as Everything in their external world, but in the process By doing it in this willful and conscious way the way the young did it you you end up learning a tremendous deal about yourself about your weaknesses about your strengths and and Also, if you’re doing it for the aim of growing as an individual and spiritually as well Then then it’s an incredible incredible experience But but to rip off of some some of the things you mentioned So one thing you mentioned about seven sermons to the dead He wrote that much earlier than when he did finally pass what may have been gotten confused there There was the work he finished and shortly after he passed which was most likely in reference to man and his symbols Okay, that was the last that was the last book and that was a joint effort between him and his colleagues So that that’s most likely what maybe the wires got crossed someone mentioned there, but seven sermons to the dead He wrote that early on he wrote that that probably would have been in the 1920s and he lived for a number of decades after that and the reason we know this is because This was a very unique work in that he He He didn’t credit himself as the author.

He credit. He credited this Gnostic saint or Gnostic prophet named facilities as the author and He was so proud of this this work that he had done that felt like a channeled work that he shared it with friends It’s like one of these few little things that he that he printed from that red book experience he had and he would give it to certain colleagues and be like hey check this out isn’t this crazy in a way and so we know that there’s there’s a definite timeline of you know when that happened and then in regards to some of these other things you’re talking about so many if So many neurons firing are walking No, no, it’s all good.

It’s all good. It’s fun so the idea with with Jung and Whether the practicality of the things he’s engaging with You can look at something like the red book and some people will call it a psychological work It’s an exploration of Somebody’s deeper layers of their psychology of their psyche and then some people will say this is a purely spiritual work this is something that you’d run into if you were reading an islamic mystic text or Somebody who practices Kabbalah and they’re exploring, you know, their inner realms and stuff But really it’s it’s both it’s Jung is a psychologist and he’s exploring elements that that are within the fabric of spirituality and spiritual experience and I don’t think even he Would narrow it down to say it’s only psychology or it’s only spiritual Because at the beginning at the outset of that journey in the book.

He’s looking for his soul It’s very specific and he’s very deliberate language. He’s looking for his soul He finds the soul and he starts a dialogue with it The rest after that is a combination of spirituality and psychology Yeah, and then like I said that looking into the inner and I know you had tried the You explained your vision which was really bizarre too and it’s almost like when he’s being told to extract the liver of The of the boy right and the liver is interesting because the liver is right the liver It’s almost like where they where they had pierced Jesus on the side, right? Like that area there Is that where the liver is? Let me make sure that wasn’t it might be lower Anyway, it was a liver.

I don’t know if it was Jesus being pierced in the liver But he was pierced in the lower ribs in that area Let’s before we because I’ve heard the liver is essentially they call it the liver because it keeps you alive So like though, you know, like the liver Jesus traditionally the organs you have various organs have associations I believe I’ve heard the liver referred to as the seat of the soul. Yes in more ancient traditions Let me see here Yeah, there was a specific vision he engaged with where we’re you know, just to give context to listeners where? Salome this Female figure he’s in dialogue with instructs him to mmm Extract or cut out the the liver from this dead child, basically Yeah, which is right one of the darker visions in the book Yeah, which Salome is also an interesting character and that links to John the Baptist But yeah, so the side work kind of sort of near the liver, right? And then also I think it is within the ribs Prometheus is also a Condemned to having his liver eaten non-stop as a curse That was his whole thing by the it would regenerate every single.

All right, so the liver right there in an interesting piece an interesting organ you have Galen thought as well where they they believe that if certain parts of the body held certain Aspects are you saying were the seat of the soul and also I’m just thinking Because this involves the the Gnostics as well, which is what I first got into when I started podcasting it was a lot of Gnosticism and The reason right gnosis is an interesting concept because there is nothing written about it. There is nothing It’s one of those mysteries where it’s like what was gnosis What’s whatever sacred to you and I’m just thinking about right we’re talking about young looking into his inner most parts of his psyche or soul whatever he was looking for and Almost like what if that’s what the Gnostics were up to as well because they were using mandalas there is spells and incantations that we have of the Gnostics that we don’t know what they were for almost like a Glossier and again it goes back to the whole text itself the being the living word in some sort of way And what if that sucks you in right? What if that is like what you melt into because writing? I’ve always looked at you.

You mentioned the creativity aspect of it all well You have Mike Michael Myers was atlanta fujins where he combines? Alchemy these plates with poems where with a story with music on top of it all So there’s something about that that that trinity that is I believe sucks people and that’s why media is so powerful as well That’s why video and movies are so powerful these cinemagicians that they use this and I want to get your opinion on this because you have a lot of people who right, so young really introduced the concepts of the archetypes and how At the core level of all these Disney movies and all the things that we know and love There’s the archetypes these core concepts that resonate with us on a deeper level Maybe that’s ingrained into our DNA who knows But you have people who will argue against and I believe this is my personal idea And I want to get your opinion on this that the elites and by the elites.

I Know you don’t like the lizard people, but and then correct me if I’m right up. I’ve heard you reference Just like lizards is great for Halloween Yeah, whatever you want to dress up But the idea of these reptilian overlords is what I call them if they are lizards or not That they use these concepts to manipulate the psyche of humanity and of Civilizations and of nations and of people as a whole you have people who will argue against that Like no the elites don’t use these symbols They’re just this is just what they make and this is just coincidentally falls in line with these archetypes You know the elites don’t use symbology for evil purposes and sinister things.

It’s like There’s a reason why they use the symbols that they use and okay a majority might be using them to be edgy Right because it looks cool. I like the aura boros. It’s a cool symbol. I like the eye of Providence. It’s a cool symbol I like the pyramid. It’s a cool symbol But do you believe that then they might be using these what are your thoughts on that? Could they be using them to? manipulate people in some negative sort of MK ultra type of way

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