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HOMUNCULUS TROLLS: The Brotherhood of the Bells [Mysteries of Movie Magic] w/ @doenutfactory

By: The Juan on Juan Podcast
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Site: : complete summary text presention: homunculus-trolls-the-brotherhood-of-the-bells-mysteries-of-movie-magic-w-doenutfactory

• The speaker suggests a complex connection between a wide range of topics ranging from animistic mythology, alchemy, and architecture. They explore the significance of trolls in folklore, the concept of a homunculus growing into a mythical being, the suggestion of hidden knowledge found in entities like leprechauns, and the ideas of transformation associated with alchemy.

• They delve into particular locations in Florida, such as Disney’s use of land, the Bach Tower at Iron Mountain, and Coral Castle, finding connections suggested to be part of an elite strategy to manipulate and exploit significant topographical points for mysterious purposes. These locations are further associated with magnetic fields, bells, music, resonances, historical figures, and buildings which are claimed to be ‘homunculus’ of their architects.

• They also posit about potential links between ancient knowledge, indicated by secret transmutations and unlocking of mysteries like the creation of Pyramids of Giza, and modern cultural symbols like Disney and the illuminati. The speaker proposes that these connections manifest in popular narratives, pointing to how folklore, films and even architecture tap into profound, shared subconsciousness.• The speaker discusses various mythological and fantasy concepts such as Akashic records, trances, elementals, sigils, and cinema magic. He emphasizes the idea that our ancestors could potentially have experienced these concepts literally, which might come alive again through films and subconscious connections to the past.
• The speaker delves into various aspects of pop culture – referencing characters and ideas from works like Lord of the Rings, Wagner’s Ring, and Dungeons and Dragons. He also mentions various anonymities, like the account of little hairy men in Florida, relating them to mythology and fantasy.
• The speaker explores symbolism in architecture and its possible connection to other dimensions of consciousness. By referring to structures like Disney’s Cinderella Castle, The Vatican, and Bach tower, he hypothesizes a relation to portal symbolism. Furthermore, he mentions theories about films, interdimensional travel, secret societies, and the spiritual significance of certain locations.• The speaker discussed a potential connection between films, particularly Star Wars, and concepts from alchemy and magic. They speculate that movies have a transformative, initiatory effect on viewers akin to alchemical processes, and contends this is intentionally done by filmmakers who understand this ancient wisdom.
• They also argue that our surroundings and architecture may be manipulatively designed based on Pythagorean principles, intended to affect human consciousness and interaction. This includes everything from the arrangement of major cities to the layout of individual houses.
• The speaker is the host of the Juan Juan Podcast, where they further explore these themes of divination, magic, and occultism. They value the support and engagement of their audience, urging their listeners to like, subscribe, and continue supporting their work.


Site: : full summary text presention: homunculus-trolls-the-brotherhood-of-the-bells-mysteries-of-movie-magic-w-doenutfactory

Yo, what up? It’s Donut. And we are tuned into all your Illuminati news with the one on one podcast, the movie Troll and the Troll. He doing the Illuminati eye right there. Illuminati Confirmed I’m doing some deep research into Florida and its connection with Disney, and obviously Walt Disney, which is one of the most influential companies ever.

But the idea is that they use the land and it plays into the whole Tartaria. The mountains are fossilized giant. I don’t go that far, but it kind of plays into that, right? This predictive program, what are they getting you ready for? Are they trying to hint something at Hollow Earth? And this idea of trolls?

I did a gnome episode on the Old World Florida page. Its connection to Florida, it’s connected to the Homunculus, because according to Paracelcian lore, if you let a homunculus grow into old age, it becomes a mythical beast, either a giant, a dwarf, a gnome, and maybe perhaps that’s how you have cryptids.

And since the last time you and I talked, I’ve been connecting different ideas. Like if you think about the leprechaun illuminati confirmed. Well, what does the leprechaun do? It’s a little man that leads you to gold. Well, in the Anunnaki story, what were humans created for, Bro, to mine for gold? Alchemy, they say, oh, the magnum opus is turning base metals into gold. Well, why waste your time turning base metals into gold? And you can create a little magical man to lead you to the treasures, to lead you to the gold, and also divinate for you. So tell you all things hidden, reveal things that nobody else knows because they come from the art, which is alchemy, and they know everything. It’s already imbued in them that it’s already embedded in them.

I’ve been connecting a lot of dots, and it’s starting to come all together. And the trolls are part of that mythology. There is the Bach Tower here in Florida, a very enigmatic place. And the lure of that mountain that it’s on Iron Mountain here in Florida, the highest peninsular point in Florida in The Lord of the Rings. Where do the dwarves and all these things come from? From Iron Mountain. So this guy built this tower on top of the highest place here. It’s lake Wales Ridge.

The lure of that Iron Mountain, bro, is that the indigenous people worshipped it because supposedly there was a meteorite that hit there and it magnetized the area to bring it back to the troll. They’re doing what? They’re desecrating the land. And that’s why, spoiler alert, that’s why the troll comes out. What these elites do is they’ll take these places, these sacred areas, and they’ll build on top of know you have Michael Bloomberg, one of the most advanced buildings in the world, build on top of a Mithraian temple for again, the Mithraic mysteries, if you know anything about that. And allegedly, it’s got its own magnetic field so it’s hinting at the fact that there might be a portal of some sorts. When they were building the building, they found this temple and they moved it. They moved it back to its original area so that they’re literally moving these temples around. These old temples around, dude. And this is one of the richest men in the world, and he just so happens to have a Roman mithraium just for no reason.

In Florida, they were building a building, and this building was not allowed to have bells, as I just watched this troll movie, and they were playing the bells, and the troll went crazy. Can you tell us a little bit about that? On the iron mountain, the Bach singing tower, which is the tower that built on iron mountain. It’s a beautiful tower. I’ve been there. This tower is very enigmatic. Now, look at that door, dude. It’s all very alchemical. It’s very exclusive. You can’t go in the tower. It’s got different levels. One of the levels was actually one of the wealthiest Chinese families in the world, donated to have a certain floor built. They’re connected to chemistry. They’re related to oil, right? They’re oil people, so they always know. Rockefeller had a chemist on payroll. All these guys had a chemist on payroll. It all goes back to Alchemy bro. They’re transmuting fiction into reality. They’re tapping into something, because this tower is aligned with coral castle in Florida, and it’s got the biggest library of bell literature in there.

Dude, the world’s biggest library of bell literature is in that tower. That’s Edward Bach, and he’s reflecting. So they built it in front of this reflection and again, mirroring these realities as above, so below type of thing. And that’s very important because the mirror to the wizard or to the alchemist is important. Right. You have Edward Kelly. And this is Edward Bach. Edward Kelly used the scrying mirror with John D. Carolyn player that played the instrument, the bells there. He was referred to Edward Bach by John D. Rockefeller, the very first guy to play the bells in that tower. And the incident that I told you about it was, I believe, Henry flagler. My other friend knows it better, dr. Narcolongo. He was giving this building up, and he said, hey, you can build whatever you want, just don’t put bells in it. Because if you think about the idea of bells, some people say bells open up portals, the resonance and the frequencies. And look at the movie. They put this in movies where they’re able to, again, warp people’s perceptions. I think even in the hunchback of was it Notre Dame or Notre Dame? There’s bells in that as well. And if you look at the beginning of that movie, the way that the cathedrals, because the cathedrals bro are crazy, I think that they were used. It goes back to pythagorean palaces where these buildings are talismans. And there was a renaissance era theologian stated that back then, these buildings were the homunculus of the architects. He literally says that these buildings are the homunculus of the architect. And if you think about it, for example, here in Florida, they built with coquina cement, and it’s a special type of rock that’s embedded with shell. Well, it’s embedded with life, bro. So if you think about it, these buildings look up coral castle. And again, another Edward, edward LEED scoundin. This guy was five foot tall, bro. He was probably homunculus illuminati confirmed. He built this all by himself. He’s 100 pounds. Okay? This place is wild, dude. This dude built that entire place all by himself. If you go there, bro, it’s giant, and it’s at the very tip. It’s in the everglades a homestead. Florida. It’s at the very end of Florida. And, dude, he moved all that by himself, 100 pounds, and he only worked at night. And he stated that he had figured out the secrets of how they built the pyramids of giza. Some people say that they would see him levitate that’s like a telescope. So it’s got four quadrants, and I think it’s the polaris, the north pole star. I think it’s in the different quadrants, depending on what time of the year it is. And you can look through there’s a rock in front of that that has a straight hole straight into the telescope to the sun dial, whatever it is. Just like the Georgia Guidestones.

Yes, exactly. So this guy knew about the alignment, and this is aligned with the bach tower, bro. When you say aligned with the bach tower, does that mean it’s like on the same lay line? Like aligned the same lay line, dude. So these people and again, he lives in kind of like a tower. Again, back to the alchemist. Look at those were his tools. He had his heart broken, so he built this place for his one true love. And then look up coral castle alien face. So people said that he would work at night and they would see him levitating the rocks. They would say that he had help from aliens. There’s all these crazy conspiracies and there’s that face in the rocks.

Oh, I see. This is like super connected with the troll, because you can see the faces of the troll in the michael. Michael, I think his name is Michael tillinger one of these famous he talks a lot about the fossilized remains of the titans, which I don’t subscribe to that idea. I don’t think that every single piece of fossilized rock is a toe of a titan or something, but I think that they’re tapping into something again, back to the subconscious. The reason that these movies draw us in is because they’re tapping into something that couldSure, here is the text reorganized into natural paragraphs:

“Have potentially been real for our ancestors. And the true akashic records, in my opinion, is our DNA information passed down genetically. So by us being in a trance, when we’re watching these movies, these sigils, this cinema, they’re tapping into that part of our subconscious that was our ancestors. Maybe perhaps fighting these trolls or gnomes or whatever it is, maybe we have them not classified correctly. Maybe they are how Manly P. Hall talks about their energies. They’re elementals. They’re energies that even perhaps man sometimes projects from his psyche. Because we’re that powerful, right? We’re able to project things. You have people who subscribe to this idea that there is fossilized remains or petrified remains of these titans. Bro, you’re so smart. Bro. I’m so happy that you’re on here right now breaking this down because I’ve been just looking at these images of these trolls, and you also got Internet trolls, and I’m sure that plays into the whole MEMATIC sigil magic as well. Dwarves as well, and elves and all these different gnomes and that they seem to be related.

Wagner. Wagner, yeah, that’s how they say Wagner. He wrote about ALBERICK. ALBERICK. And they stole, like Lord of the Rings. And all this was, I heard, plagiarized by Wagner. He wrote about this character, the ALBERICK, which was a dwarf. The book was called during Dees Niblagoon. The ring of Niblagoon. Niblung, right. The Lord of the Rings. The ring of the ring cycle. Wagner’s Ring. So it goes into that whole lore.

Yeah. There’s a story from the 50s in Florida next to the Bach Tower where there was a lady who they captured, a little hairy man about a foot tall that was stealing their oranges. So it’s in a book called Erie, Florida. In this book, he interviewed the lady. So they found this little hairy man, and then they arrested him, dude. They arrested the little hairy man. They took him. There he is in the little box. That’s from the book. And when they take him, a whole horde of these little hairy men come out and start attacking this lady’s house, dude. So she had to call the police again to bring them back out. To bring the little man back out. They got a stone that was blessed from Ireland, and they put it in this orange grove. And apparently the gnomes know that with that stone, that’s a sacred area, so they don’t steal from it. But this is in Florida, bro. This is next to that Bach tower, literally in view from that Bach tower. So the conspiracy is that we came up with is that Mr. Edward Bach either had an alchemist on deck, on payroll, or he was the wizard in the tower.

According to Dungeons and Dragons lore, the official narrative of having a wizard having a tower is because it gives them a tactical advantage, and also it gives them an unobscured view of the stars. For astrology who builds towers, bro? I mean, look at New York. I mean, all the wealthy people build towers. You got skyscrapers, the towers and The Lord of the Rings. You have all like the two towers. The Two Towers. You have the Twin Towers. 911, you have the Phallus symbolism with the tower. You have the Washington Monument, that’s also a tower. And if you look at the Bach tower, it looks similar to this Lord of the Rings tower with the aisle sauron on the top of it.

I found, researching into portals, I’ll bring up some of the imagery that looks just like this. So it looks similar, this portal symbolism. The gateway portal, which is Polaris. You can see the eight different stars. So you got the eight different stars. And Homeboy had the Polaris hole that he was looking through the telescope. And Polaris is on top of this mountain and in a stargate as well, the movie. And in the Vatican, they got that. And also the Freemasonic Compass. The top of it is Polaris. Here’s, 2001 Space Odyssey here on the left. How trippy is that movie, bro? He becomes a homunculus at the end of that movie. It looks like this, though, right? Yeah, like how you got the Phallic tower and then the top is that Polaris? So what happens in 2001 Space Odyssey? Going through time, right? He’s going through a wormhole. He starts off as an old man, then he gets younger and younger and younger, and then he becomes like this light being that’s him becoming and I think Kubrick actually, there’s a few homunculus in his movies. And The Shining, the little boy has a homunculus in his finger. He talks to the homunculus in his even the COVID right here, it’s Polaris. It’s a portal.

So what I think is happening here, Bro, is these are sigils, these are mandalas. These are things that they use to transport our consciousness to other dimensions, literally, right? The silver screen, the cinema magic, the cinema magicians. And if you look at Disney, if you look up the Cinderella Castle, Disney World, and if you compare it to the Vatican, where it looks like a key from the top, look at it on Google Earth, bro. Real quick. It looks similar because, again, I’m doing research on this. It looks very similar to what you had just pulled up from the top. It’s all about pythagorean palaces. There you go. You see that right there? There’s the keyhole, right? You have the center there. And it all meets up on that one point, dude. And check it out. Look at the castle. What does that remind you of? It’s a tower, right? Cinderless castle. It’s another tower as well. So they have the tower symbolism there. And Bavaria, where the Illuminati was founded, bavarian Castle is what it is based off of, and it looks identical. This is what the Disney castle is based off of. And even Mickey Mouse’s birthday is on three two, two on November 18 as well. This is hyperborea.

So here’s the Black Rock, 33 miles, and in the middle is the volcano. And then the four different magnetic poles. This is why right now, I’m looking out for in America, the four corners. You got public enemy. Why did they make their new album right here? What are you going to do when the grid goes down in the four corners? And even The Economist magazine shows the crypto downfall in the four corners. At the four corner. This is like that portal stuff. I mean, that’s next to Skinwalker, bro. And it plays into the whole twelve vile vortices, the twelve devil’s triangles, where there’s these twelve areas around the world that it’s related to sacred geometry. Where the veil is thinner. Dude, the veil is you had that show manifest that they canceled and then they brought it back. Why? Were they getting too close to the truth where the plane goes through a wormhole? They come back five years later or however much time later, and they canceled that show, bro. Netflix canceled it. And everybody was like, it was a crazy show, dude. It was wild. I was like, why would they cancel? It was so popular. And they brought it back manifest. Okay, so of course, right? Manifest.

And let me bring this up real quick now that we’re on the topic of portals because this is one of my favorite talks. Star wars, the first movie, episode four, A New Hope, and we’re talking about George ofuchus, if you will, fuchus, where these guys are magicians. This is the scene, I don’t know if you I grew up on Star Wars. This has shaped generations of people, people who emulated this movie. And this is in the first episode that was ever released, episode four, A New Hope, the Death Star exhaust port scene. They show this thing, and it stood out to me because I read a lot of occult literature. I look at a lot of symbology, especially with alchemy and all these things. And it reminded me of something that I’d seen before. And of course, I was moving my books around, and I stumbled across the Entrance to the House of Mysteries by one of the greatest alchemists. And what alchemists do is they believe in visionary art. They step into these plates and they check it out. Illuminati confirmed. It’s called Entrance to the House of Mysteries. And the story behind this plate is Kunrath I forget his first, I think Heinrich or something. There are three copies of this book. So it’s the Amphitheater of Eternal Wisdom that there’s various plates, there are three copies in the world. And I was going to interview this owner of a bookstore here in…”Florida has a copy of The Amphitheater of Eternal Wisdom, a book that is worth around $30,000. I had plans to meet up with someone to discuss this book, flip through its pages, and record a video for an episode. However, he ended up ghosting me on the morning of our meeting. I didn’t think much of it, but maybe he received a call from the Illuminati or something. Who knows, Illuminati confirmed! This thought led me to overlaying the scene of the Death Star port with the book, and it aligned eerily well. I also had a friend who pulled up the Bohemian Grove Owl, and it had a similar shape. It got me thinking about how movies and actors play a role in invoking certain energies and archetypes. They become vessels for characters, and when a film crew is cast, these energies are broadcasted for the masses to see. It’s a form of magic, infusing these characters with these energies and putting them on screen. This reminded me of grimoires, which contain recipes for magical practices. The connection I made was that spelling, which comes from grammar, is a form of casting a spell. These grimoires often boast about how many people will witness and be in awe of the magic being performed. Movies, on the other hand, are seen by many people at theaters, which are like dark caves, similar to where secret societies meet. This made me think that these secret societies might be initiating the masses through movies. Another interesting aspect I found was the concept of Pythagorean palaces, where models of real places were studied to tap into the memories and thoughts of those inside the actual building. Hollywood and the Hollywood tree, made from the wood of a wand, came to mind. The elites would study models to construct these palaces in their minds, allowing them to connect psychically with those in the real building. This idea of studying a model and creating worlds in the mind to tap into someone else’s thoughts fascinated me. It reminded me of Francis Yates’ book, “The Art of Memory.” She delves into the idea of tapping into someone’s thoughts by studying a model and creating a world in your own mind. This is why they want to put us in these 15-minute cities, where they can trace our every move and influence our consciousness through the architecture. If you look at the layout of major cities like Washington, D.C. or Disneyland, you can see the adherence to Pythagorean principles and the use of gateways or arches. These arches are designed to cut off the soul upon entry, leading to forgetfulness. A movie called “Something in the Dirt” explored this concept of a mysterious doorway and its connection to Vitruvius, an ancient Roman architect who believed that certain rooms needed to be used for specific purposes to maintain energy flow. This may explain the proliferation of cookie-cutter housing communities that lack uniqueness and individuality. It feels like we’re living in dystopian boxes, as if we’re trapped in some Truman Show-style experiment. On my website,, you can find my comic book, “The Chosen Juan vs. the Saturnian Cube,” along with other topics related to divination, magic, and the occult. Thank you for having me, Donut. I appreciate your help, and I enjoy these episodes on your show. Make sure to like, subscribe, and God bless.

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