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Vatican Banned Scriptures

By: Leak Project
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Vatican Banned Scriptures



➡ The speaker discusses the symbolisms in religious texts and their historical traces, highlighting a controversial recent finding – a piece from the Book of Thomas that predates any New Testament text (from 80 AD). Other topics include investing in gold and other precious metals to achieve financial stability, and a critic of the potential misuse of digital technology such as the Microsoft patent turning body movement into digital currency.
➡ The speaker shares a personal story about growing up with anticapitalist fears, including the mark of the beast. They believe that modern centralized cryptocurrency, which pays users based on physical activity and is linked to human body activity, may be a realization of this prophecy, where nobody could partake in economic activity without this system.
➡ The speaker delves into a detailed discussion encompassing various topics such as the interpretation of Biblical Revelations, belief in evolution post-creation, knowledge leaps in ancient civilizations, and the idea of Earth being part of multiple experiments by unknown entities. He also reflects on the potential of the existence of life on other planets, and the concept of consciousness extending beyond the individual.
➡ The text discusses interpretations of biblical passages, highlighting the metaphorical use of words with emphasis on “pneuma” which means spirit but can also refer to “breath,” and relating this to Gnostic beliefs. It reveals how the Bible has evolved over time with additions and removals to serve certain purposes and the integral role of women, specifically Mary Magdalene and others, in Jesus’ ministry. There’s also a claim about Jesus having connections to Herod, the narration also delves into religious rules, specifically talking about the obedience to these rules, referencing Judaism and the importance of adhering to them. At the end, the Code of Hammurabi mentioned, noting its significant influence on the Bible.
➡ The narrator discusses the interplay of historical events with religious beliefs, specifically referencing the Bible, Hammurabi’s influence on law, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. They hypothesize that original religious texts were written in Greek and later translated to Hebrew. The narrator also mentions their appreciation for discovery and learning through a variety of sources, including personal observations, scholarly research, and accessible online materials. The text concludes with a poetic reflection on various personal encounters and the impact each individual has had on the narrator.


So when I see the number of the beast and I think about the Antichrist and the whole thing, I just see it keep repeating itself over and over. I think that it was almost pre science. I don’t like John when it comes to studying Jesus, but I really love to read John because everything he did has stuck for 2000 years in ways that other stuff doesn’t stick to the wall.

And we see it recycle over and over and over through history. Hitler was certainly he fit all of that. But clearly, when you look at it historically, it’s very simple. You just found yourself a piece of Thomas. Now, why is this important? Because he’s not in your Bible. That’s okay. Thomas wrote this 120 years before anything that we have up here. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in 200 or maybe 175, but 200, but this is 80 AD.

It was dated to. There’s a lot of scholars that don’t want to do that because then they got to redo the Bible. Yeah. Okay. Well, this podcast brought to you in part by Noble gold Investments. No, real quick though, folks, I would like to share with you an opportunity. This is a five ounce America, the beautiful silver coin. It’s about the size of a hockey puck. And you can get one of these gifted to you for free if you qualify.

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The experts are predicting $2,600 by next year, possibly with gold. That’d be a nice bump anyway. That would be actually a real good bump. I’ve collected gold for about two decades and I always just pick it up, usually when somebody has a woman. Now here we are. And again, guys, here’s how you should buy gold. Get them at the estate sale. Okay? Because at the estate sale, the woman who I’ve bought the most gold from in my life was her mom died.

She said, kevin, I have all this gold. And I heard that you buy gold. And I go, I do buy gold. And she says, well, but I have all this gold. And I said, I’ll give you what the cost of gold is. And I said, go online, find out what it is. Drop me a note, and I’ll buy everything you have. And so that was my biggest one day purchase ever of gold.

I bought it 470 an ounce, and that was 24, 25, something like that. And today we’re at about 1900. And, gosh, I like my gold. The silver, too. It just got a feeling to it, right? You hold onto it and it’s like, solid, man. When you show people gold, there is something special and unique that happens. This goes back before Jesus, right? It’s like gold has been big silver and gold forever.

So anyway, so it’s better than a good investment. It keeps you stable for the rest of your life financially. There’s just no question. It’s quoted from the Book of Thomas. It dates to 80 AD. This is 100 years earlier than anything in Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. 100 years earlier. So for you Christians out there who are conservatives, you just found yourself a piece of Thomas. Now, why is this important? Because he’s not in your Bible.

That’s okay. Thomas wrote this 120 years before anything that we have up here. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in 200 or maybe 175, but 200, but this is 80 AD. It was dated to. There’s a lot of scholars that don’t want to do that because then they got to redo the Bible because now we know that this, and this is just basically found in Thomas. It’s also found sort of in Luke, and it’s also found sort of in.

This is. But it is in Thomas. So what we have here is the oldest surviving piece of. Yeah, here’s the translation. Let’s look at it. And you can see you’ll recognize it. A lot of people will. The official translation of this is how they label this stuff now is Papyrus Oxyrenkus 5575. And basically it’s just straight out of the Book of Thomas. It’s like he died. The reason that there’s, like all these brackets is because these are 2000 years old and they were stored in a garbage dump.

No kidding. These were all found in a garbage dump in Oxyrinchus, Egypt. But like everything that we have, it’s all found in Egypt. If it’s the New Testament, for I tell you, you fast, you will never find the kingdom unless the kingdom of God, unless you. And these are all the words that are there. The bracketed words aren’t there. But we know that this is from the Gospel of Thomas, because you just open up the Gospel of Thomas and this is like what it says.

We didn’t have that until, what, two months ago. Really? That’s how new this is. And it’s very controversial. People are freaking out, like, oh, my gosh, this can’t be that old. But it is. So that’s what this is. So conservative Christians have this amazing thing. They say, look, we can now show you that there is a gospel that goes back really close. And what’s really amazing about Ad as a day, this is during a period right after the Jewish war against Rome where everybody in Judea and Galilee was essentially killed.

It was a genocide. And because of that, there were no Jews left. They killed all the Kumanites, all the people, all the Essenes. They killed everybody there. They killed all the people at the top of Masada. Everybody was dead. Okay? The only people who are alive that are Jewish are now in the Roman Empire up north. Okay? There’s nothing else down here. So for this to date to 80 means that this was written in Alexandria, Egypt, by people who had the Book of Thomas.

And it’s very possible that that could actually date back to before the Jewish War, Written by Thomas, who actually was the identical twin of Jesus according to his gospel. Okay. He was Didymus. So this is a stunning revelation. This is just awesome to have this. And if you’re not a conservative Christian, if you’re a liberal and you want to look at this, you go see, look, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John 280.

Big deal. We’ve got the Book of Thomas. I like the Gnostics better. Okay, well, Thomas wasn’t really a gnostic. He was sort of, like, in the middle. He was like a libertarian. Right. He was like me, pretty good guy. He saw both sides. And Thomas was a great writer, and he captured a lot of Jesus words that were in the Gospels and a lot that weren’t about 50 50 in the Book of Thomas.

Everybody should read the Book of Thomas because you’ll see who Jesus is. It’s the best picture of Jesus that we have, and that’s what’s there. So anyhow, so that’s this. People should go home feeling good about that. I think that’s so is now we’re just sort of into cool things, too. I know that. Didn’t you do a panel on the Book of Revelation part of it or something? Yeah, I decoded chapter 13.

Man, it was crazy the way it came to me. And this one’s interesting. I’ve got several theories on this, but it’s sick with. Do me a favor and tell the audience what your take on Revelation 13 is, because I’m curious and then I want to share what’s here. Okay. Well, I think that when they wrote it at the time, it had something to do with what they were experiencing.

Of course. Yeah. I don’t think that they were writing what’s going on now. And I don’t think when they wrote the mark of the Beast as six six six, they knew that it was going to be this patent that Microsoft had. Now, that’s the one patent. But what I do find really weird, and when I say cyclical, is if you read this, it says, no man can buy or sell without the mark of the Beast.

And it’s the number three. It’s six three fold. And I’m like, okay, well, let’s look at this patent for Microsoft. And it’s a digital currency that’s linked to your body movement and your body activity. And it will pay you when you’ve done the task that it’s deemed you to do. And it could get to a point where the technology could become so intrusive that it could potentially, like, if you think something that you’re not supposed to think, well, it could be like, pavlog’s dog, you ain’t getting that snack.

So I’ve just thought to myself, this reminds me of the mark of the beast in the Bible, the way that it says you can’t buy or sell. And I’m like, it’s either. So I’m thinking to myself, okay, they’re throwing it in our face. They’re using it as a marketing tool to try and make people think, hey, look, it’s biblical. You’re going to have to take it no matter what, sucker.

Are you going to get your head chopped off? Because that’s what people are told, man, if you’re Christian. Like, when I was growing up, they told this one dude, I used to hang out at this coffee shop a lot when I would slough school and I would go smoke pot and play chess. That was when you were a kid or an adult? Both. But this was back, like, my sophomore year, junior year, senior year, I made up my entire high school diploma, basically two and a half years.

And like, three quarters. But I still have my regular high school degree and all that. But anyway, make a long story short, I would go to this coffee shop and we would play chess. We would smoke pot and have fun. And this one guy would always show up and he’d be like, dude, the mark of the Beast. It’s coming, it’s coming. And he put all this programming in our heads, showed us all these videos of like, George Bush senior saying it’s a new world order.

And I just remember as a kid, I’m pretty easily, it’s easier to put stuff programming into somebody’s head at 15 than it is at 45. So usually, not always, but he’s like, yeah, the mark of the beast, man. It’s coming. And they’re going to have checkpoints, and if you don’t take the chip that they’re going to cut your head off or they’re going to put you in a concentration camp.

And he was trying to get us all to go to this Cave in New Mexico. And he’s like, I know where this cave is, New Mexico. And I’m like, oh, well, yeah, I don’t know about the cave, man. If it happens, it happens. But anyway, yes, sorry, I just told you a personal story about myself that was kind of weird. But what is so this is really important to me.

The revelation is really important to me because I’ve been programmed with revelation and not from my parents, but from people outside of my family. Like, I’ve been kind of programmed with this end of world programming since I was a little kid. So what is your take on this? Well, I was like you, my grandparents, we read Revelation in church and at home probably four or five times a.

I mean, for us, it was like we understood that these letters, that it was going to Laodicea, Philadelphia. Philadelphia, the good guys, Laodicea, lukewarm people with no hated. They hated the libertarians. But what was really cool about revelation was the story by John is really remarkable. He wrote this probably on Patmas. And I think that it was almost pre science. I don’t like John when it comes to studying Jesus, but I really love to read John because everything he did has stuck for 2000 years in ways that other stuff doesn’t stick to the wall.

And we see it recycle over and over and over through history. Hitler was certainly, he fit all of that. But clearly, when you look at it historically, it’s very simple because it’s Nero. Nero is the only person of the time that it was written that could fit both two numbers now, here’s what the deal is. This is not to prove about Nero, which is why you don’t see it here.

But the point here was that 666 has become this really scary number for people, right? And reasonably so. Certainly when it was written, it was about Nero, and he was persecuting people, and he hated Jews or what you would call Jewish Christians or whatever, the people who were early into the thing. And clearly John was sending a message like, beware of this. And the number is 666. But he didn’t say that.

John actually wrote down 616. 6116. Now, here’s what’s cool. This is the only number pair that fits Nero with both 666 and 6161 in Hebrew and one in Latin. Latin is 666. Six. One. Six is Hebrew. All right? And so even though John actually wrote 6116, the old manuscripts of the Bible, of the Bible of John. I’m sorry, the earliest copies that we have all have 6116. There’s not even a question.

And then later it becomes 666. About 250, AD, 300 maybe. So about 100 years later, it’s 666. But originally it was 6116, and both of them refer to Nero. But now, here’s the interesting thing about John. If you’re a conservative Christian, what it does is it sort of gives you a template like, it’s like history. I don’t know if it repeats itself, but it certainly lays the turning point, the cycle, these 30 or 40 year cycles that we go through, that.

One of my favorite lines off of Battlestar Galactica was, it’s all happened before. It’ll all happen again. And I’m telling you, when you look at Revelation, you can just see it templated over in a way that almost makes a non believer a believer, because you sit there and go, oh, my gosh, this is today. This has this flavor of today. It’s like everything. And it’s very hard to read Revelation if you’ve read, like, Matthew 24, the end of the days that are coming.

And it goes to show you that Matthew was written after the War of the Jewish War, which is what it all refers to. Because Matthew wrote this, he probably wrote the first copy, maybe. I don’t know. I’m just sitting here thinking, like, when could it have been done? It could have been about 110, maybe. See, the way that we can think about dating is real simple. We have Josephus.

I told you that name, right? Jewish historian who wrote about everything. He mentions Jesus as sort of a bypassing figure, really mentions John the Baptist a lot, but he doesn’t mention Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul. He doesn’t mention any of these early people. Why? Because they used his work to write the Bible. But that doesn’t mean that all these things didn’t happen and we didn’t have all these cool stories.

And now we know that we have the Book of Thomas dating to 80, not before the Jewish War, but certainly really close to Jesus 50 years later. In my world, that’s huge. So when I see the number of the beast and I think about the Antichrist and the whole thing, I just see it keep repeating itself over and over. And of course there will come a point where it really will be right this time.

I hope not. So check this out. This was actually the revelation decode that I did. I’ve just got a single screenshot that I can show because I put together a pretty extensive presentation. But this was the decode that I came up with for Revelation 13. And I was able to go all the way, like every single one, man. I decoded it. The way that it happened was pretty interesting.

Now, clearly this is just my opinion, and I could be way wrong here. This is just my own personal decode. But if you read through the Scriptures and if you compare them to each line that I put together, man, it’s like you’ll get goosebumps. The similarities are pretty wild. Yeah, I see you’ve got the mark in the hand or the foreheads dealt with in Revelation 1315 here. Biometrics holographic tech, that’s that reference.

Is that correct? Well, no, actually 1315 is a little bit different. Let me show you something real quick. But the first thing I wanted to share with you is the reason that I find this very intriguing is this is the patent scope. So this is World Organization Wo. That’s what the WO stands for. And 2020, I think, is when it was actually when it came out. And then the 60606.

So we got the three sixes here. This is a cryptocurrency system that is literally linked to human body activity. And there’s sensors that are linked to you whether or not these are implantable or not. But eventually I could see how that could be done. I mean, it’s not saying specifically that it put an implant in your body, but there’s a sensor connected to your body and what you do, and it’s a centralized currency that pays you when it deems.

See right here, the cryptocurrency system, communicatively coupled to the device of the user, may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system and award the cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified. So then it pays you and it’s not decentralized, it’s centralized. That could potentially be something that no man, rich or poor, if they were a part of a system like this.

Well, you don’t have your smart cryptocurrency system. Well, then we’re not going to let you buy it. Rex, after my book comes out, I’m going to have to play with this because this could make it actually, it could make a great story. I mean, an amazing story. I think it’s one of those things that we’d have to talk about offline for a long time. But I mean, you definitely see Revelation replicated over and over and you have a cool thing.

I don’t know about the 606, but it wouldn’t surprise me, by the way, if Zuckerberg just said, hey, call it six six, trust me. Yeah, that’s pretty cool. I’m going to have you send all that over to me. And next week I got to look at that because that’s pretty cool. 1315 in Revelation is. Here we go. If we were to look at the literal translation, it says this and there was given to it to give a spirit to the image of the beast, that also the image of the beast may speak, and that it may cause as many as shall not bow before the image of the beast, that they may be killed.

So my translation of that was technology linked to biometrics, an advanced V two K technology, which we’ve seen the patents on, which sends sounds to targeted people, and then holographic tech. I think Revelation 13, a lot of that goes all the way back to the first Gulf War. Yeah. And 1991. In Revelation 13, 116 1991, President Bush gives the speech, he addresses the nation and he says, and he gets everybody.

He said, hey, we got to get everybody together to fight terrorism. And he addresses the nation and he says, we are going to have a new world order. And that was 116. 91. I remember that. And I remember getting a little heart pang when he said that. Like, are you kidding me? I don’t know. I’d love to share this with you. Yeah. So I’ll send you this and decode it how you will, but I think Revelation Twelve happened.

I know for a fact revelation twelve happened. 923 2017. We can link that with the star charts when we read the scripture. And then we look at Stellarium and it shows where the planets of the stars were. You can clearly see that it is specifically describing 923 2017. And it was shortly before that they had the eclipse off the 33rd degree parallel that went started the 33rd state that was incorporated in the union and it left out the 33rd parallel.

I mean, all these really cool. How did they do this? I feel truly, Kevin, that they’re at the very top levels, like language and everything. There’s this connection to our DNA. And it does seem that we were created by a divine influence. And I can’t put my finger on it, I can’t describe it completely, but it certainly seems like a higher power has created us, doesn’t it? I think it hits greater than 50 on my scale, that’s for sure.

People always ask me my theory about all that. I believe in evolution after the creation. In other words, I think that, like I told you earlier, I don’t know about Adam and Eve individually, but I think there are probably a lot of those. I think this is why Enoch is so important. And I always hate to go into it almost because it’s so deep. But Enoch and Jubilees, those two books got left out of the Bible because there’s a lot of truth in there and nobody wants us to have it.

And why does Kumram have more Enoch and Jubilees than anything, except for seven books of the Bible, but all the rest of the stuff, hundreds of other books, but they have more of Enoch and Jubilees than anything. And Enoch, he talks about the beginnings and all that kind of stuff. And we learn, he goes into the thing and the more you read Enoch and Jubilees, the more you’re like, I get it.

It’s like, yeah, I Do believe that we were created. I can’t prove it, but it’s more than 50. And I think that over time, I think there was evolution with quantum. Oh boy. Now we’re really off topic. But I believe that we were created. That part I do believe. I believe Eloim made this solar system, maybe the universe, but for sure the solar system and probably the galaxy.

So because there’s smart people out there and there’s stupid people and there’s people who never go anywhere. Okay, so somewhere somebody was testing something and this was part of the test over here. My opinion, my thought, it’s just a belief. It’s my way of making sense of the world. And then I think the next thing that happens after that is that they hang out for a little while.

And I think maybe this time they didn’t have to have Bill come home for 1000 years of our time. I think they actually were curious to see what could they get going here, what could they make happen here and then stop back? Maybe. I don’t know. Like 2030? No, like 24 50 BC. Though I’m looking at pyramids and Pharaoh days, I just see quantum leaps of knowledge that are not explained by logical evolution.

And when I mean quantum leaps, I’m not literally talking. Well, maybe I am. I don’t know. But, like somebody who’s way smarter than the average human. In 24 50, we went from no pyramids, no technology, to huge pyramids and how to build amazing structures, like, really super fast. It’s not part of a progression. And this is why I think it’s not Christianity. It’s just the understanding that we’re not.

What did Scully and Mulder always say? We’re not alone out there. I think it would be silly to think we are. And I think that’s how we got to where we were. Because I think we were destined for this forever evolution, like, really forever evolution. How the evolution, like Darwin would take it from. Were there apes that went to Neanderthal? I’m sure all that happened. Did these people then integrate with humans? Well, if the Nephilim did, and I buy into that, not the Nephilim, but if the angels of God did and made the Nephilim, then why wouldn’t I buy also that in another evolutionary progression, a longer one, that that happened.

And by the way, it doesn’t say that God created the heavens and the Earth. It says the Earth had become a vast wasteland and ruin, and then God made light. Okay, so it’s like we had already had this world. It was here. It had been wiped out in a war or something. Because if you look, the best translation of this, the one that’s cleanest is James Moffat translation old copy of the Bible.

James Moffatt Translation and it’s beautifully written and elegant. And he’s the first person who actually know the words here are Boho and Tohu, which means that this world has become a ruin, a wasteland. It’s just become a disaster, to use a Trumpian term. And it became a disaster. And then the Eloim created the heavens and the Earth. Okay? And that’s when that happened. And it’s pretty cool. If you look at it from this perspective and it’s just a perspective, then I think a lot of stuff makes sense after it because I think it was all done before as well.

I think it all happened before, and I think it just didn’t work. Experiment number one failed for maybe it was the same group of people, entities, or maybe it was a completely different group. Maybe Earth is just a habitable class M planet according to Star Trek, right? So I don’t know. But my son brought home one day, this really remarkable piece of software, downloaded it into our TV, and he said, pick a star, dad, and go see it.

And I was like, you got to be kidding, right? So I just grabbed the joystick, and I’m there. This is like ten years ago. And so I go to this star system, and I look at all of the planets, some of them no life whatsoever. And you have all these things about what they’re all like, and they’re all different. And then you go pick another star system, and there’s two with life inhabited, and you see the life as it is.

And I said, you believe it, too, right? Like I do, right? Because it makes sense. It’s like, this is what it is. And I think that you can just, like, we map our little baby earth and our stars out there. I think other people map much more. Like, if consciousness. Well, boy, what does this have to do with Joseph? But if consciousness is beyond my brain or your brain, if there’s actually consciousness that goes out there, and this is what the Logos would be, this is what Philo was talking about.

It’s not really what John was talking about. John was trying to make it like the Logos is Jesus. And that’s why John, I actually believe he wrote the Book of John, because I think he had a take. I think his take was wrong. I think Philo was right. I think that the Greeks and the Romans were right on this. I think it was this consciousness like mind spirit like that, but maybe not spirit quite like a lot of people think, like, Kevin has a good spirit or an evil spirit or a holy spirit.

Holy meaning set apart in the original, the oldest copies of the Bible. The word spirit is a really weird word. It’s pneuma. In the New Testament Age Greek, pneuma, it can mean, know. A lot of times it would say, and he put the spirit upon her. That just means he blew in her face, literally. That’s what it means. He put pneuma on her. And it was like a metaphor for being given the spirit, like to be part of the team.

And that’s what the Gnostics really believed was, know. You are now welcome to come into our sect and learn from us and to learn the mysteries. Jesus said this amazing thing one day. People hate all these quotes that he said because they have to explain them away. But to me, it just makes me understand who he was. But he said, look, if we tell everybody the secrets, then they can all be saved.

And I don’t want that. He says that it’s in the New Testament. He doesn’t want everybody to be saved. It’s so anti what I was taught as a kid, but it’s so what he said. And this is what I’ve always looked like. The oldest manuscripts, if you take the oldest manuscripts that we have, you can really see how over the next 200 years, right before the church became the church under Constantine, you can see how they fixed everything to how they wanted it.

Some of the stuff they couldn’t fix, some of it like lest the disciples take his body and they say that he has been resurrected. They couldn’t take that out. There’s so many things they couldn’t take out because everybody already knew it, but they could add stuff in. And these are the most fascinating changes in that list. And I know we’re way over on time, plus on context too.

But when you look at all the stuff that was added to the Bible, to the Bible, to all of these scriptures, not just Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but like all of them, but especially these and Thomas and Magdalene, I mean, those six should have been our New Testament structure, but they had to get rid of Mary Magdalene because women aren’t allowed to talk in church. They made sure that somebody named Paul said that.

Right? But just look at who hung out with Jesus, who paid his bills. Mary Magdalene, Susanna Salome, the stepdaughter of Herod and choose his wife, right? So it’s like, these are the people who paid for they women were. And I’m not being feminist on this, it’s just logical. It’s like, this is where the money came from. They had the permission of Herod to do this. If Herod didn’t want this, it would have stopped instantaneously.

He was totally cool with having their money go into Jesus ministry, no problem. No problem at all. And remember that this is not the same Herod that was the great Herod that had the kids killed. This is two generations, okay, so it’s older. This is Herod Antipas. And there was other Herods too, that were in charge of some of these little provinces. All right? So anyhow, so as we look at all this, it’s like you start to learn that if Epiphanaeus is right and Jesus is so connected to Herod, that it’s like there’s so much that we don’t see, and they must have pulled so much of this out because they didn’t want you to see that Jesus was with Herod.

And I’m not saying they were buddies or anything like saying, because I think that it doesn’t work that way in anybody’s world. I think, here’s the guy, here’s the girl. They get together, they talk. He can have her as one of his wives or a princess, no problem. Herod had ten wives. Very few for a king. But some kings, like King David, had, what, eight, I think it was.

But Solomon, he was like, what, 360 or 360? He had vitamins, man, for three years, over 1000, which is just mind boggling when you think about it. I’ve had challenges with just a couple. I think that women were incredibly powerful. 700, by the way. Was it 700? Yeah. Okay, so it’s only two years worth of Vitamin. There’s got to be something significant with that. I wonder if that’s connected to the Pleiades or something, because the numbers.

Seven sisters, obviously. Yeah, it could be. And the thing is that the early Jews, these people, they didn’t really have any. There was no text, there was no scripture, there was nothing like that. It was just King Kingdom and a basic, really flimsy religion that was based on these two gods. And kind of the weird, like, you better do what you’re told. But when you look at the rules, when you look at all the rules of what you’re supposed to do in life, here’s the rules.

There’s nothing in there that you would take out. It all pretty much makes sense. It’s like every single. There’s 816. I think it’s like people always say I’m very predictable. It’s like, if it’s in the rules, it’s going to get done. If it’s not in the rules, I don’t want to hear anybody’s opinion on it. Okay? Try marrying that guy. Right? My wife, one time, before we finished, she says, I wish you would have not loved me because the rules say that you have to be a good husband and stick with me, but because you love me.

And I said, but I am the rules. It’s like I follow the rules, and the rules say that I have to be a good husband. So be happy, because you’ll never get hurt, nothing bad will ever happen to you. Right. And I think that there was a lot to be said for the rules. And the fact that there was all of these rules that were actually well done is pretty telling.

And that’s why Jesus, when he says when somebody asks, know, how do I have eternal life? How do I have salvation? Jesus doesn’t say, believe in me and you’ll live forever. That’s Paul. Jesus said, keep the commandments. And the guy says, which commandments? And Jesus is like, you could just tell he was like, having one of those moments, don’t steal. Love your brother, don’t commit adultery. Don’t kill people.

It’s like, people ask me this. It’s almost like he’s like, I’ve had it with this. These are the rules. And then he says, but certainly there has to be more. It’s like, fine, give all of your stuff to charity then. Oh, I don’t want to do that. Trying to get rid of them, trying to get them out of there. So there you go. I got stuff to do.

That’s so brilliant. That makes so much sense. And I got to say something real quick also before we finish this up. And, man, this time flew. It’s absolutely flew. So two and a half hours. Felt like about half an hour. And I appreciate that you mentioned how you have a strong faith in the Jewish tradition, right? Yeah, very much so. I think that’s awesome. And I was going to say, I have a friend of mine that was raised Jewish.

I don’t think he’s practicing Jew now, but I mentioned to him, I said, well, Jewish, you’re the chosen people, right? And he says, no, that means that we’re the ones that choose to follow the law. Yes, choose to follow the laws. And what you just said about, you’re like, hey, man, I just follow the rules. That’s what I do. I’m like, that’s, like, embedded in your DNA almost.

You know what I mean? You’ve got that a part of your subconscious that comes out in your conscious, and I think that’s really cool. So, anyway, I just wanted to make that point. You lose nothing and you gain a lot, is the way I look at it. I also don’t preach it to anybody or tell anybody that they have to follow the rules. It’s just like, if you want to know what Kevin’s going to do, just look.

It’s right there. Leviticus, Deuteronomy. Like, it’s just right there. And anything else, I get to make up my own rules, but if it’s there, I’m not going to break those. Right on. Have you read the Code of Hammurabi? Sure. Yeah. Not for a while, but it’s certainly a huge influence on the Bible. Thank you. Where are you going with it? I was just going to say, did you know that the code of Hammurabi, if you look at the first five books of the.

Yeah, it looks a lot like. Very much. Sure. Yeah. But I think that’s a really important point, too, that people should ponder that idea. The stell that it’s on, is it one stell or is it more? Let me show it to you. I don’t know exactly, but it’s a big one. This one right here? Yeah. Oh, I didn’t think it was that one. Okay. I think it’s shown where they found it.

Here, let me see if we can get to it. This is it. Okay. Right. Yeah. Okay. I think that’s the British Museum. Man, that’s a lot of data. Look at all that. That is a lot of data. And I think. Right there. Yeah. And see? Egyptian. I have not a clue. That’s shamash. Egyptian. That looks like shamash. Handing over the symbol to Hammurabi. I don’t know. It’s been so long and.

No, I don’t know. But, yeah, Hammurabi influenced the law, which I think means that the people who put us here at some point influenced Hammurabi, and that influenced and sort of, we see the cycle thing going again, is what it is. I think it’s a good thing. I think it provides support for an evidence for a creator. I think that’s a really important thing. I think there’s several of these.

We can talk about that another time. I’m no expert in those things. I just look and I just go, that’s it. That’s what I’m talking about. Every time I see something, it’s like it happened before the Bible. What do I care? Like, I don’t care. The Bible wasn’t really written until 270 BC for the Old Testament. Kumran has some of the oldest period. It’s got the oldest stuff.

It was written before Ptolemy had the first five books translated from Hebrew to Greek. I really don’t think they were written in Hebrew. I think they were written in Greek originally and given to the Hebrews to codify everything. That’s the most logical, because when you look at those translations, they’re almost the same as what’s at Kumram. And that’s bizarre. It’s like the Septuagint and the Dead Sea Scrolls are very similar.

Thousands of variants. Thousands and thousands. But conceptually, the Septuagint, I mean, it’s no surprise the Septuagint was done where, of course, Alexandria. And that we have the other copies only at the Dead Sea. That’s the only place that we have all of this literature. So the Bible is inside of the Dead Sea Scrolls Library, which is accessible online. People can get it and read it. Did I bring the Dead Sea Scrolls Bible? The Dead ski scrolls in English? Bible in English.

It’s a great book to have. And you can just see and it takes you through the entire Bible of what should be in your Bible instead of the words that are there now. And it’s because it’s the oldest stuff that there is. This is the original. This is what it was. And the same is true with the New Testament. If you find the oldest manuscripts and you look at what the oldest stuff says, nobody wants you to read it.

It’s like, because it’s so not what people believed up here. They put words in Jesus mouth and had him say all kinds of stuff. And some of that stuff is on the slides. And we’ll do it a different time because at two and a half hours, I think we’re good to go. You could do 20 hours, man. You’ve got more energy than most. So I applaud you for that.

No, this has been great, man. I really appreciate it. And, yeah, let’s do another round. So I want to show off your website real quick before we finish this up. And folks, you definitely need to subscribe to Kevin’s YouTube channel. And here we go. Where is it at? It’s a pretty good channel, actually. Kevin Hogan Channel. I like it. I do, too. There’s a lot of good stuff there.

Okay, so here’s revelation. Here’s the patent we’re just looking at. Here’s your channel. And there you go. When you subscribe, click the all notifications and see. Seriously, I wasn’t even joking. If we go back and look at some of your videos from 14 years ago that you posted on here. Oh, yeah. You look younger now than you did then. You can tell where the influence of Bulgaria is and where it ends right there.

Yeah, that was seven years ago, but then there was. Yeah, man. Anyway, you’re doing something right. So keep doing what you’re. Um. And then I’m gonna show off your website real quick. And here we go. I got pre manipulation and it is awesome. It’s going to show you stuff. Like you’re going to read stuff in there and you’re going to be like, oh, yeah, why the hell did I ever think of that? The blog on the.

If you click on. I hate to do this. I’m not sitting here to shamelessly. If people click on persuasion, influence there, there are go a little lower, right below pre manipulation and. Yeah, right there. If they click there, this takes you to. I don’t know, we’ll see. Yeah. So this is all like for the public and it’s all false memory. There’s a lot of cool stuff here that was blast to research.

Every one of these, by the way, is like a book and not an article or a blog post. So they’re all about 2000 words each. But negotiation and how to change minds, how to be more credible. All of this stuff. And there’s hundreds. This website has 3 million words, I think it is now. So it’s worth looking at and checking and see what’s here. There’s some pretty cool stuff.

I’d be amazed if people just get through this one, the first page here, these 2020 articles. There’s a lot of cool stuff. It’s really fun and a lot of it relates to without influence. The Bible gets nowhere, Jesus gets nowhere. The story of the creators get nowhere and Microsoft gets nowhere either. Nice. It was fun being here today with everybody. Appreciate it. It was great. Thank you, Kevin, I hope you have a fantastic day.

Looking forward to the next one and keeping the change the world needs to see. I met a man named MelchIzedek he was a good man, good man wandering lonely in the desert he invited me to stay said I would learn to love the space I knew a woman named was Jezebel she was a wild one, a wild one she said Come out, we could have fun and then she wanted me to go she couldn’t stand getting too close and I’m curious who I’ll meet next among them I will love it.

That depends upon the content. Dubnet Dublin you I knew a man from go Go he was a giving man giving me he promised he would break my everyday in every way I use the word blow all the water in the world and I’m curious who I’ll meet next, who among them I will love that. That depends upon the contest, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it close. .

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