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Bridge Collapse movie DONOVANS ECHO 119 and NUCLEAR (Manhattan Project)

By: LXXXVIII finis temporis
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➡ A man named Donovan, who was involved in the creation of the atomic bomb, experiences recurring patterns and déjà vu. He predicts the collapse of a bridge, which no one believes until it happens. Despite previous inspections showing no issues, the bridge’s collapse reveals that its designer had raised concerns about its structure 30 years ago. Donovan’s experiences suggest that history might be repeating itself.


Doctoral 50. Doctoral physics 48 Los Alamos. The Manhattan Project? Yeah. November 9, 1964. My birthday. November 9, 1964. My birthday. Can’t shake these strange haunts. Is very peculiar week. Do you have any scientific case studies on maybe deja vu patterns, reoccurring patterns? Oh, actually, this is new. I haven’t read it, but I believe it’s sort of in the vein of what you’re talking about. Feel free to take your time.

My daughter can read me through. What is it, Donovan? Talk to me. The morning of the Trinity desk was like the sun just crashed down into the desert. I can’t have my greatest contribution to this world. An instrument of death. You’ve created some beautiful things, Donovan. Gentlemen, we’re here to create an atomic bomb. Gentlemen, we’re here to create an atomic bomb. Can’t shake this feeling triggered. It keeps replaying through our mind like an old membrane is required.

1215. Israel classic. 1215 at night. What the hell are you doing? It’s to date. You need your head exam. The bridge is out of 64. It was all wrong, Finn. Oh, yeah? This is another one of your hunches. No, no. Just. Just listen. 30 years ago tonight, I made a note that the Judith bridge would collapse at 12:15 a. m. On November 6. Oh, come on. That clear? That bridge will collapse at 12:15 a.

m. . Tonight. That’s two minutes, Finn. That’s two minutes. Dammit, Finn. Damn it, Finn. Come on. It’s your throw. Come on. Finn. Please get off the bridge. Come on, Finn. Please get off the bridge. By the way, it’s 1216. Get some help. I know you think I’m crazy, but there’s something that’s happening. It’s a parallel. Like I was trying to tell you the other night. 30 years ago.

I had a bad feeling about the junip bridge. Somehow I knew it was gonna collapse. I can’t explain it. I’d worked with Andy Andreasen and I knew he was the engineer on this project. So I called him and he said he would look into it. For some reason, it didn’t show up on the inspection report. Somehow I knew it was gonna collapse. I can’t explain it. I worked with Annie Andreas and I knew he was the engineer on this project.

So I called him. Somehow I knew it was going to collapse. I can’t explain it. I’d work with Annie Andreasen. I knew he was the engineer on this project. So I called him and he said he would look into it. For some reason, it didn’t show up on the inspection report. This feeling. The same feeling 30 years to the date. I’m not following this. What if history is somehow repeating? Nothing is repeated.

Nothing. I mean, 30 years ago, you imagined a bridge collapsing. It still hasn’t collapsed. Listen, I don’t find this snow key from my diary. Maggie’s mother gave me this book, an entire bookstore. And she put this in my hand. It’s a snake biting its tail. This is called an orb horus. It represents a cycle that begins as soon as it ends. Done. Ramosier friend, he’s pretty pissed. Okay, we’ll honor those of you already in line, but otherwise, the stakes are.

They’re $9 a pound. They’re not six. No, it was only for those of you who already had stakes in line, that the honor. I told you $9 a pound. Excuse me. How long are we. Oh, we’re trying to deter traffic as best we can. The bridge collapsed last night. Donovan said that would happen. What did you say? He knew it was gonna collapse. When asked to comment, city officials pointed to records indicating that 30 years ago, the designer, Andy Andreasen, had raised concerns for the structural integrity of the bridge.

A formal assessment at that time showed no visible signs of structural engineering faults or deterioration, and a mandated annual inspection since then have not revealed any. Any indication for concern either. Once again, searchers are trying to confirm if anyone was on Juno Bridge when it collapsed just after midnight. I sometimes get my letters in my numbers mixed up. D 15. .

5G Danger

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