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SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER | Christ on the Cross

By: LXXXVIII finis temporis
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5G Danger
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Saturday Night Fever Decode LXXXVIII Finis Temporis


➡ Two characters, presumably Tony and Stephanie, engage in a conversation where Tony invites Stephanie for coffee and proposes a partnership for a dance contest. Despite initial resistance as she labels Tony a cliche, they agree to practice dancing together more times, possibly hinting at romantic feelings. The conversation includes a focus on personal goals, as Tony expresses a desire to seek fulfillment beyond his current life situation.


No time to talk. You need laugh. Women. I won’t. I do it. Show it. Maybe on the music, sometimes. Don’t. I won’t be thinking. I do it. Show it. It. Give me the box. When are you going to get some new tapes? This thing’s four years old. I bought them in the bargain basin. You know what my tapes are? I’ll. Give me tapes. Whoa. Someone mad is going wild.

And look. Oh, it’s a workman. Feel the music, babe. Go and find a mother down. Look at that chicken you want to dance with. Which? 100 stories high, that polyester look, turn yourself in, baby. Hey, Tony, you know something? With a king out there, you’re great dancers. You can do as good as me if you practice. Hey, Tony, you know something? With a king out there, you’re great.

Would you mind just going away? Okay. What? Don’t be hurt, but I. Don’t be hurt. Yeah. I want to be by myself now. You know, it’s. I seen a 2001. Well, I mean, you was looking at me and I was looking at you. Remember? What is this? I look at a guy longer than a millionth of a second, already he gets delusions of grandeur. Your brother’s upstairs. You kidding? Hey, how you doing? Hi again, Frank.

How come you left? Really not easy to explain, Anthony. A lot of things. One day you look at a crucifix, all you see is a man dying on a cross. But that’s only a backdrop to something else. Me. He’s very good. Yeah. Stephanie Mongano, I’m Tony Monero. We both got the same last initials. How do you like that? Now we’re getting married, I don’t have to change the monogram.

My luggage. Hello. Stephanie Mongano, I’m Tony Monero. We both got the same last permission. How do you like that? I would get married. I don’t have to change the monogram. My luggage. All right, Mr. Manero, what do you want to ask me? I would like to take you out to coffee. Would that be good? That’s it? You want me to have coffee with you? I think you’re a very good dancer.

You know that 2001 Odyssey? They got a dance contest now. And I think that we could be a dynamite team together. Would you like to know what I do? It’s not necessary. I’ll tell you what I do. Work in a paint store. I got raised this week, right? You work in a paint store. Right? You probably live with your family, you hang out with your budies, and on Saturday night, you go, you blow it all off.

2001, right? That’s right. You’re a cliche. You’re nowhere, on your way to no place. Thing is, the high get a 2001 is just dancer. It’s not being a best or nothing like that. The thing is that I would like to get that high someplace else in my life. Like where? I don’t know where. I don’t know. Someplace. We should really practice a couple more times. Maybe go to 2001 with a crowd.

How about Saturday? Would that be good? Maybe have Stephanie Mangano and Tony Monero. All right. I fell in love with you again. This is the only way that we should die. This is the only way to go. And if I miss you, love, I know I would die. We can take a chance. We can take forever. Just a minute at a time. More than a woman, you are more than a woman, more than a forward to me.

I feel you touch me in the pouring rain. And the moment that you wonder from me. I want to feel you in my arms again. And you come to me on a suffer breeze. Keep me warm in your love. Then you song with me. And it’s me you need to shout. How deep is your love. Is your love. How deep is your love. I really need waving. Did you get it? You can do handholding.

Just keep it up. Keep zero one on that. Wow. That guy’s gonna fly on his head back in. Hanging on to the bus. Being lowered. Being lowered. Clearer. Finish. There you go. See that thing falling? That’s man. .

5G Danger

Spread the Truth
View Video Summary View Video Transcription MP3 Audio


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