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ENTITIES Their MIND CONTROL – Tuesday Night LIVE CHAT Fellowship!

By: Nephtali1981
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5G Danger


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➡ The speaker is addressing a community of believers via a YouTube livestream and Zoom from the website He emphasizes gratitude for everyone’s presence and the need to share the stream with others to further spread their message. He announces the topic of their live stream, “Mind Control and Entities,” and prays for everyone’s hearts to be softened and pride destroyed so they can understand and recognize their vulnerabilities towards the spiritual enemy.
➡ The speaker discusses the need for a deeper relationship with God and the threats posed by entities that potentially control human thoughts and actions, likening these entities to the devil. He refers to scriptural stories like the Tower of Babel to illustrate the unity in rebellion against God and suggests such defiance was a result of mind control. He stresses on the necessity for individuals to renew their minds in a world increasingly influenced by these entities. He further cites examples from pop culture, like men in black and stranger things, to illustrate modern day manifestations of mind manipulation. At the end, he highlights pride as the primary tool used by the devil to manipulate minds.
➡ The text discusses the dangers of pride and being easily offended. It emphasizes that thinking you have all the answers can lead to problems, and it’s wiser to put your trust in God. The journey to become less easily offended often involves encounters with difficult experiences that ultimately soften and humble you.➡ The text also discusses how pride can manifest in various situations, like seeking validation through social media likes or reputation. Regardless of the viewer count, the value of your content remains the same. Acknowledging personal vulnerabilities—like pride, lust, unforgiveness, shame, trauma, or anxiety—is crucial as these can cause havoc in your life. Scripture passages are referenced throughout to underline that pride leads to destruction, while humility comes with wisdom, making it important to have a humble spirit.
➡ We need to be careful with how we act so we don’t make the Lord upset. Some questions can help us think about our actions more. These questions include: how do we react when we get compliments, do we like being the center of attention, and do we live to show off or to stay out of the spotlight?
➡ It’s important to remember that the devil uses our weak spots to mess with us. When we feel bad or heavy, it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to guide and fix us. However, people who don’t have that spiritual help may struggle. We also talked about how we react to praise or recognition and the good feelings they can bring us.
➡ The speaker shares his journey on YouTube, beginning in 2008. He initially celebrated the few views he got, and the content he created was faithful and impactful. However, over time, he began to focus on the views he was receiving, rather than creating meaningful content, which made him feel dishonest and unhappy.
➡ By 2011, he was going through personal issues, particularly with his brother, which led him to change his focus. He stopped worrying about views and focused on what was right. He stopped seeing YouTube as a business opportunity and started treating it as a platform for sharing sincere, faith-driven content. Through this process, he repaired his relationship with his brother and regained a feeling of freedom and grace.
➡ The speaker has changed their lifestyle. They now spend less money and sell things, similar to what the apostles did. They believe too much focus on money is bad and feel good about their current lifestyle.
➡ The speaker discusses the issue of pride and false appearances in society and within their church. They evoke the importance of being humble, open-minded, patient, and avoiding judgement of others. They also underline the importance of internal virtues over superficial displays.
➡ The speaker is encouraging listeners to deepen their relationship with God. They are saying God wants to help us. You should ask God to help you understand areas in your life that are weak or vulnerable, and work to strengthen them. You can use a moment of prayer and listening to a song as a time to reflect on these weaknesses or shortcomings.
➡ The speaker is explaining how they handle their own weaknesses or vulnerabilities. They give these problems to God, believing God will help them deal with these issues. The speaker echoes a belief that taking care of your spiritual wellness is as necessary as caring for physical items, like your house or car. They also note how God provides guidance, protection, and wisdom that can help you in times of struggle.
➡ The person speaks about shifting their focus to loving God and putting their trust in His wisdom in answering their prayers. They express that unfulfilled prayers could be due to God’s protection against pride or danger, encouraging others to trust if their prayers are not answered as they wish. They advocate for faith and patience in accepting God’s will.
➡ The person shares personal experiences, in particular, a story about a Puerto Rican man whose prayers for his sick daughter’s healing were answered, but then she returned to a harmful lifestyle. The man concludes that sometimes God being silent or inactive may serve a greater good. Other experiences shared involve dealing with a bad temper, forgiveness, and handling workplace conflicts. They emphasize that struggles may be tests of patience and personal growth from God.
➡ The speaker shares their experience of frequently feeling upset and angry at work, particularly when feeling slighted or looked down upon by others. They identify the need to control such emotions, remembering that their true commitment is to their faith, not to impress others, and to continue doing their job without allowing negative feelings to affect them.
➡ The speaker realizes the enemy, the devil in this context, uses other people to anger and unsettle them. They reflect on the importance of not allowing such provocations to affect their job satisfaction or gratitude for benefits they receive from work like a ski pass. Also, they emphasize the importance of humility and recognizing personal failings, such as pride, to better deal with others, turn negative situations into growth opportunities, and maintain their commitment to their faith.
➡ The text emphasizes the importance of combating negative emotions caused by the world’s wrongdoings. It advises not to let these wrongdoings numb your feelings and to remember that life is temporary. It reminds us to focus on kindness and love and suggests letting go of arguments for peace of mind. It mentions the idea that the devil may be behind negativity from others.
➡ It also underlines the importance of forgiveness to maintain mental health and resistance against immoral influences. It highlights the risk of pride and suggests being aware of it to combat it effectively. It recommends having realistic expectations from people, especially from those we love. It emphasizes reciprocating the gentleness of God to lead a stress-free life. Lastly, it advises forgiving and praying for those who hurt us.
➡ The discussion revolves around the importance of open conversation, sharing past experiences, and growth through vulnerability. It’s also mentioned that talking about our weaknesses can help us grow and not let them hurt us. Moreover, members can request a meeting with Chris and Heidi on Zoom for personal support and prayer.
➡ The text mentions future upgrades on their website,, with delays due to the web designer’s personal issues. Apologies are sought from a member named Rob, asking him to rejoin interactions. The speaker discusses overcoming personal attacks and seeing identity in Christ. Lastly, the live stream will end early as the speaker wishes to spend time with family, but the Zoom meeting will continue.


God bless you. God bless you. If you’re tuning in on YouTube, just want to say welcome. Welcome. For those that are here on Zoom, thank you guys as well. I already expressed that privately. Thank you for taking the time to be here. Those that are on Zoom are coming in through the website, tfgministries. com. It’s a free community. We’re just there to support each other. And if you want to join through there, just visit the website, sign up.

Why do we have the link inside the website? It’s just to protect, to make sure that we’re not in a position that we have, like happened last time where we had some bad actors that really went crazy on us. But whether you’re on YouTube or you’re on Zoom doesn’t matter. We’re just grateful to be here with you and we’re grateful that you took the time to be here.

If you’re watching this on YouTube right now, would you be kind enough to share this video, share this live stream? Press the thumbs up. That really does help the. It really, really does. This is not monetized channel, so we really appreciate that. Nancy, we just started. We just started. So we’re going to take our time. I want to go ahead and start out with prayer, if that’s okay, guys, and get right into it because Brother Chris and I have been talking a lot, and at least a few times a day, we’re always going back and forth on WhatsApp and talking to each other.

And we’re always talking about every day how we can dive deeper in our relationship with Jesus Christ, how we can every single day find something that can take us closer to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. And the title of this live stream is mind control and entities. Right? And we’re going to talk about that. But before we even talk about that, let’s go ahead and start praying so that God can start touching our hearts and softening our hearts, because these are going to be some conversations today that are needed in Jesus mighty name.

Heavenly Father, thank you for your dear son, Jesus Christ. Thank you for your salvation and thank you for setting us free. Heavenly Father. The brothers and sisters that are watching this from different parts around the world, soon we’re going to be on Spotify. And if you’re watching this on Spotify or hearing this after the fact, thank you for listening to this as well. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that all of our hearts are softened.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that all of our pride is destroyed in the name of Jesus Christ. I pray that every single one of us today, as we’re coming together in this live stream, or we’re coming together here on Zoom, for those that are on the website, that we’re able to allow the Holy Spirit to convict us today of the vulnerabilities that we’re leaving exposed to the enemy.

Many of us, when we go to bed at nighttime, we lock our doors. Many of us, when we go to bed at nighttime, we check the windows. We go to the stove to make sure that the stove is turned off, and we make sure that everything is tidied up to make sure that your house is protected. Yet, in the spiritual realm, on a daily basis, entities, entities are allowed to roam freely in our minds.

In our physical houses. We will jump on anyone who breaks in through a window or breaks in through a door. But the devil is breaking into our minds. We’re just willy nilly letting him get in there. We’re just allowing him to get in there. In the name of Jesus Christ, today begins a road, a journey for many of us to start addressing the vulnerabilities that we have left exposed to the devil, mind control and entities.

The devil’s a liar. The devil is a liar. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. Thank you for being here, my dear family. As I mentioned, I’m extremely grateful for you being here. For those of you that are on YouTube, thank you. Thank you for taking the time. Thank you for passing by. It’s nothing but more a blessing to see that you guys are even kind enough to take over your schedule.

There’s some brothers and sisters that are from Texas, others from the UK, different people for different parts of the world. And it’s just such a blessing I want to get because we should have some good discussion and I’m going to share my screen. Let me know if you can see it in just one moment. Thank you. Thank you very much. All right, let’s see. All right, can you see my screen? I think you guys.

Right, good. All right, let me get something to drink. Okay. So brother Chris and I, we’ve been talking about how in these live streams, we can slowly but surely begin to take our relationship with God. Even we, when we come together during the week, when brother Ernest, when sister Amy, when I, when all of those that you see that are on Zoom, when we get together and we come to you as brothers and sisters in the Lord, Sister Shelley, all of us, we’re coming to you because we take this very seriously.

And my family, when you guys look at the world. As you look at the world entities around us, you see that the same story that was told in the Tower of Babel is the same story again that we’re seeing today. People call it the new world order, right? People call it bringing everything together as one utopia, right? There’s so many agendas out there. How do these agendas come to play? How do these issues arise? And it’s because of the entities and their mind control in our lives.

These entities have an ability to control our thoughts. These entities have an ability to control our very way of acting. And in the Tower of Babel, that simple glimpse and example, the people came together as one. They all came together as one. They had one language. They united in rebellion against the most high. And I want you to understand that you can’t just take this story for just taking the story.

These were people that were pretty close to the pre flood world, right? So they heard firsthand accounts. They heard accounts of people that would talk about God’s judgment, yet they still decided to rebel. They still decided to come together. How could that happen? It’s because of mind control. It’s because of these entities. And today we’re going to expose these vulnerabilities. But it’s going to take for you and I, to be honest with ourselves, we’re in a day and age that many of us will talk about Mkultra.

And for those that are joining from Nicaragua, that’s a blessing. Thank you for being here. Glory to Jesus Christ. How many of you have heard of Mkultra? Right? You’ve heard of different government experiments, right? You also see that in many films. In many films, they joke about it, like in men in black, where he puts that thing in your head and he goes. And then afterwards he says things like, you’re going to go get married, you’re going to play a guitar, and you’re going to learn French.

And the person, boom mkultre, into believing that, right? In stranger things, what do you have? You have them talking about real hand accounts that the government even apologized for, for many things that they were doing. So, as we understand that, how do you think that mankind came up with those strategies of Mkultra? Where do you think that they learned that manipulating the mind of men and women is something that they can do? It’s because of familiar spirits and because of entities.

Because. Let me share something with you. Entities do not need mkultra technology to manipulate your brain. They just love to make humanity and the elite of this world think that they have some sort of power that they have some sort of control. Why? Because the pride of man. But the reality is that none of these technologies are needed for the Antichrist to rise the tower of Babel. Look at how everyone was able to come together as one in rebellion towards God.

We’re in a day and age, my family, where the renewing of the mind is extremely important because the devil is gaining ground in our minds. And I am telling you that there’s no bigger battle that you’re going to face on a weekly basis in that battle for the control of your mind. Thank you for being here from Germany. That’s a blessing. It’s a blessing that you guys are joining on YouTube from all these parts of the world.

The battle for the control of your mind, that’s what we’re going to be talking about today. Now, how does it work? Right. It says, sometimes the hardest battles exist within our own minds, in my experience, and we’re going to talk to Brother Chris in a few moments as well, and others. In my experience, the number one thing that the devil is going to use is your pride. He’s going to use that pride because that pride is going to lead into you being easily offended.

And typically, that will lead to a lot of unbelief. Pride. My family, I can’t repeat this harder enough, but the moment you think that you’re standing and that you have it all figured out, that’s a very dangerous place to actually be. It’s a very dangerous place for you to be. If you’re going to boast on anything in life, you better boast on the most high. Let me give you an example, okay? Being easily offended.

Being easily offended is one that God had to break out of my life from. Break it off completely. My journey on being able to work out not being easily offended came within. Working at a call center and taking thousands of escalations and being called every name in the book that allowed the ability for God to soften me up and break me down. And it took years. How many of you have been at a point on YouTube, listen to me on YouTube and on Zoom, that you’ve said to yourself, how dare they do this to me? Not how dare they do this to no, no to me.

How many of you have been at that point? I know I’ve said it. See, no one wants to admit it, but I know I’ve said it. I’ve said it plenty of times. After all I did for them. Look at the statements that the devil can sometimes have us say. When you start hearing a lot of me’s a lot of eyes, a lot of this. You have to remember that the devil loves for you to take it.

Like, if it’s something about you. Because if anything good came from you, for a person that was God that did it through you, so the glory should go to God. So if anything, we could say man, after all God has done for this person. But that never usually is the conversation. It’s, how dare they do this to me, right? How many have experienced that? This leads to trauma, this leads to unforgiveness.

And we forget Ephesians 612, that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, and then we end up in a position that this trauma becomes burned into our own conscience sometimes. And now we’re taking that easily offended moment into the next interaction of humans that we meet. So now that next friendship, that next relationship is going to pay the price for something that didn’t had nothing to do with, right? James 119 to 20, family.

And we’re going to get to discussing in a moment. Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath, for the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God. Whenever you want to, quickly release that tongue and say a couple of things off your chest. All right, listen, bite that tongue, slap it. Be like, stop it. You better stop it, because I am telling you right now, the tongue will get you into a lot of trouble.

And then pride. Pride, I can talk to you from the aspect of ministry and pride. You think that you’re the hottest Coca Cola in the desert, man. The coldest Coca Cola in the desert, man. You think you’re the most anointed preacher. The devil has an ability to lie to you. Oh, when I go into that church, the power is going to move. Really? When you go into the church, when you go preach into that church, when you step in there, listen to what you speak, and you can trace it back to pride, inflated egos.

I know people that their name could be Robert, but you can’t call him Robert. You got to call him apostle Robert. I know people that they could be called Pedro, right? You got to say apostle Pedro, prophet Pedro, pastor this, pastor that, and by all means, everyone has different callings. I’m not saying that, but you can usually see the pride of man in ministry. And I can tell you that as a brother who has a ministry myself, pride is a pillar in this that we do.

So I’m going to end it at this, and then we want to discuss. But Andrea, a sister in Christ. And mine. On Facebook, she posted a post that hit it right on the head. And I’m going to read it on the screen. Okay. Because this identifies pride. When your identity is tied to how many likes you get on Facebook that you delete posts if they aren’t above a certain amount, strategize diligently to work the algorithms post short, controversial topics to stir up debates for engagement, purposely in every post.

So you’re causing strife just to get attention. Right? And then blame shadow banning when you don’t have sufficient amount of likes to validate your worth. It’s time to get offline, man. That hit it right on the head. Okay, I say this in love. It’s not Facebook’s fault. It’s not even the devil’s fault. Maybe people lose interest in your post for a time or forever. So what? It happens to me constantly.

That’s a great thing, too. Maybe your post was meant for one person’s eyes. Does it make it any less valuable? In other words, just because a few people watch your content, that doesn’t make it any less valuable, right? What she’s trying to get into this is that sometimes pride, it’s just there. It’s in front of your eyes, and we don’t want to address it. But the moment you think you’re standing, that’s exactly when you’re almost about to fall.

Okay? And before mkultra, before government experiments, before the KJB, before the CIA, familiar spirits have known and know how to play you because they study you. They know your vulnerabilities. The question is, do you know your vulnerabilities? Do you know them? Have you studied yourself? Have you examined yourself? Like the scripture says, maybe it’s pride. Maybe it’s lust. Maybe it’s unforgiveness. Maybe it’s shame. Maybe it’s trauma. Maybe it’s anxiety.

But today, what we want to do is explore the aspect of these vulnerable abilities. Because when you leave these open, these will cause havoc in your life. Brother Chris, what do you think about this, and, sister Heidi, in terms of this topic? Well, I’ve got a few scriptures together, and then just a little paragraph long introduction. For the most part, the world we live in, in western culture is a petri dish for breeding pride.

We have been trained up and conditioned to absorb many prideful characteristics. The nicest, sweetest people still most likely have an area in their life where pride is lurking. This is the easiest way for us to identify it. What area of your life do you find it easy to get offended. Almost always that offense is rooted in pride. We just don’t see or recognize it because our society has relegated this kind of behavior as normal.

But when we put it under the microscope of the Holy Spirit, our perspective changes considerably. When we start inquiring of the Holy Spirit, often concerning our actions, the reality of pride in our lives becomes much more clearer. Maybe you believe that pride is not that big of a deal. The Lord considers it an abomination and puts responsibility in our shoulders to humble ourselves. So Heidi is going to read just a few verses.

James 410 humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he will lift you up. One. Peter five five. Likewise, you younger people, submit yourself to your elders. Yes, all of you, be submissive to one another and be clothed with humility. For God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Romans 1216 be of the same mind toward one another. Do not set your mind on high things, but associate with the humble.

Do not be wise in your own opinion. Two Samuel 22 28 you will save the humble people, but your eyes are on the haughty that you may bring them down. Proverbs eleven two when pride comes, then comes shame, but with the humble is wisdom. Romans twelve one through three. I beseech you, therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service, and do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith. Proverbs 1618 and 19 pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Better to be of a humble spirit with the lonely than to divide the spoil with the proud.

And lastly, proverbs 616 through 19 these six things the Lord hates. Yes, seven are an abomination to him, a proud look, just pride, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among the brethren, which is the opposite of being in one according all right, in the last scripture that was discussed, we have to pay great attention and make sure none of our actions and behaviors are abominations to the Lord.

This is very important. Here are some questions to help us evaluate ourselves before the Lord. Now, maybe I’ll just have Heidi read through these real quick and tally if you want to pick any of them to talk about. But these are questions that will help us dig into our psyche and our awareness a bit more than you would probably think of. So I think it’s important to at least hear them.

Do you find it easy to have a lofty thought of yourself after a compliment? Do you look for opportunities to be in the limelight? Do you take every opportunity possible to give glory to God? If you believe someone should compliment you on something, but they don’t, does that bother you? If someone else gets credit for something you did, are you okay with that? Do you live your life in a way to draw the least amount of attention to yourself as possible? If you have the opportunity to spend time with someone of higher social status versus lower social status, and you can only pick one, what would you do? Do you successfully guard yourself against thoughts the enemy would push your way to puff you up? Are you okay with someone trying to make you look bad without getting upset? Jesus had this happen to him often.

Are you willing to become an invisible influencer for the kingdom of God? And no one knows this except you and the Holy Spirit. So I don’t know. It’s up to you, brother, if you want to just start at the top and we can kind of ask people if they have input and see what comes up. Whatever you think, brother. No, I’m down with it. I’m down with it.

These are very important questions because these are the vulnerabilities that the devil is going to tap into the things that we don’t really think. Sometimes it’s the simplest thing. And the reason I talked about Mkultra and all of these things, Brother Chris, is because whenever we see world entities doing these things to humans, we get know when we see government experience happen, rightfully so. But the devil is doing that every day, Brother Chris, to us, every day.

I was talking to a good friend at work, and we were talking today about sometimes feeling a spirit of heaviness, man, like you wake up and you feel it. And for those of us that have the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is guiding you, correcting you, warning you, making sure that you stay on track. But for those that don’t have the Holy Spirit, man, could you imagine them in the world? Chris, can you imagine right now in 2024? It would be really difficult.

Let’s pick a question. What do you think, brother? Which question do you want to go with? Well, why don’t we just start at the top and let the Lord lead us, because usually it seems like the Holy Spirit kind of directs us to come to the conclusion he wants us do it. So do you find it easy to have lofty thoughts of yourself after a. So I’ll just start this rolling.

I was attending a church for a bit, and there was another fellow there named Chris, and he preached some of the messages. He wasn’t the actual pastor, but I think he did all the financing and things. And oftentimes they would say, well, thank Brother Chris for doing this and doing that, even though it wasn’t me. When I heard thank Brother Chris something inside, and he’s like, what is that you? I felt like such an idiot.

Like, lord, when am I going to get rid of that? I don’t even want that thought coming into my mind. And so I realized that we can get to a point where we want that lavished honest, or we can get to a point where we’re sick of it. Why would I even think that? Oh, lord, that’s going to make me puke. And that’s where the Lord has me now.

But I might be like that for the rest of my life. But praise the Lord, it’s not. Yeah, I did do a pretty good job, didn’t I? And so does anybody else have something to share concerning a thought? Oh, yeah, I was pretty good, or I did sound good, or I do look good or whatever. And is the Lord making you aware of that? And how are you beginning to deal with that? Who’s going to go first? Who’s going to go first? What do you think, Ernest? Talk to? Well, I mean, I don’t know, because most of the time when anybody, because it’s very rare that I do get a compliment or whatever.

I mean, I always stop them and be like, no, it wasn’t me, it was the Lord. But I can’t say this, though, because it made me smile and laugh. You were talking about at church, because a lot of times in church, the pastor, when they be preaching or whatever or says something, they’d be like, we got to earnestly pray and all that. Something inside of me make me smile like, yeah, they put my name here, and I’ve got to do like they really not talk about because they don’t spell my name like that.

But that right there. But for the most part, I really don’t get too many compliments. If I do, I just be like. Because everything that I do, I know it ain’t because of me, but I don’t get compliments. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. And I know that you’re keeping track of prayers, if you can. I have a brother who’s watching this. His name is Steve. He’s on YouTube. Keep him in your list so that we can pray for him later on.

Please, brother Steve, if you can. God knows why. And sister Sarita, I know you’re watching this right here because you’re on the zoom. I just want you to know that Jesus loves you a bunch, just as I’m seeing here. I wish I was there, sis, so I can break some bread with you. Jesus loves you, all right? Jesus loves you. Be encouraged, all right? You’re awesome. All of those that are.

Lynette, Victoria, Steban, Shayna, just be encouraged, okay? Because there’s also the opposite end of that. There’s the opposite end that when you say to someone something you’re doing good, they’ll be like. They feel like the trashiest of trash. And that’s because of a lot of trauma. I know me and Chris have talked about that before, too, so we definitely got to talk on that one, Chris, at some point in time.

The opposite of just allowing the devil with shame to attack us, right? The other aspect of it. What’s the next question, Chris, that you got there? Let’s see. Yeah, I just want to say one comment to what you just said. The beautiful thing about having a relationship with Jesus and knowing that we are working together on all things, we can rejoice in a compliment when we give the glory to him.

Well, thank you, Lord Jesus, for using me in this situation. You get all the glory. See, he wants us to be part of it with him. He just doesn’t want us to start letting it be heaped on ourselves without reflecting it to him. And so it works both ways in the good if we do it right, because he wants us to be. We’re joint heirs. We’re in this together.

We’re supposed to become more like him and demonstrate his ways through us. Yeah. That’s awesome. Maybe a wise way would be when we give a compliment is like, I’m so thankful to God Chris used you this way. Or, I’m so thankful to God that, Tally, God has given you the ability to be a techie nerd, to do what you do, because it’s just maybe how we handle giving a compliment.

We’re giving praise to God through the compliment. But I have a hard time receiving a compliment. So, Tally, have you been referred to as a techie nerd? Yeah, sometimes. So what I do is, I don’t know much, but I just put YouTube on and I just watch a screen to learn it and then from. But it’s pretty cool. It’s a blessing, man. I like these talks that we’re having.

Hopefully, if you’re watching this on YouTube, it inspires you to motivate you to know that it’s okay to have these vulnerable discussions because these are real things that are affecting us. And if we don’t talk about it, if we don’t dialogue about it, the enemy is going to keep on infiltrating through these ways. Yeah, brother. What’s the next one? What you got? I’m excited about this one. Do you look for opportunities to be in the limelight? That’s a good one.

Want me to share one about that? Sure. All right, hold on. Let me respond to somebody. Taz, I know that you’re saying that I guess my question will be unanswered. Taz. It’s just that I’m doing a live stream and I’m focused on making sure that we stay on the topic while controlling this, while controlling that. So don’t feel offended at all. Taz. Brethrenftalia@gmail. com email me there when I’m out of work tomorrow, I’ll be more than happy to answer you.

All right, we’re talking about don’t feel that it’s personal because it has nothing to do with me not wanting to not respond to you. You’re awesome. I appreciate you, Taz. Just didn’t want you to feel disrespected, man, because that’s definitely the meaning. All right, so when I first started on YouTube, right, Chris, you fall enamored with the views we’re talking about. I started in 2008, and I remember the first year, I probably had like twelve views, 13 views per video, and I was just glorifying God.

I was like, glory to Jesus. But then the next year, because it wouldn’t grow the same numbers that at one point in time I was glorifying Jesus for, I was like, what’s going on? What’s happening? You know what I mean? Because the devil has that ability to switch our mindset. And then what happened is in 2009, 2010, I fell for the trap. I didn’t want to admit it because you don’t want to admit it, but you fall for the trap of how can I make content that people will watch versus how can I make content that God’s going to be edifying and speaking through me to edify people.

Now, I would deceive myself by sure. Am I saying that it wasn’t edifying? Sure it was edifying, but the reality is that we have a way to deceive ourselves. And then around 2011, honestly, man, I was just going through so many things with my brother, I was going through so many things with closing vulnerabilities there in the aspect of our life that I had to close all the loopholes, Chris.

I had to close all the loopholes. And in closing all of the loopholes that the devil was using against me, Chris, I’m sorry, I don’t want to get off topic, but as we’re talking about the topic, I had to change my relationship with my brother and let him know that the devil was using him to cause me to sin. And I wasn’t using him as an excuse for that because I’m responsible for my reaction, but I was allowing him to behave in ways that God does not want me to allow him to behave.

So around 2011, God began to really convict me. Chris and there, from that point on, I barely, at this point in time, Chris, I barely go to YouTube studio only to don’t. The moment I actually stopped caring about views about any of that, it’s the moment that God started doing what he did to expand what he meant to expand. This is why, and this is why personally, Brother Chris, I’ve closed the loophole of making this a business specifically, and I won’t ever open it because I went through that temptation from 2009 to 2011.

And it’s dark. And that’s the part that most people don’t want to admit about it. It’s very dark. It’s a very dark feeling. And could you imagine, brother Chris, if I would be in a point that I would have to face you as my brother? Chris, because I look at you as an elder as well. And all of you on this Zoom call, Sarita, Shannon, Christina, all of you on YouTube.

How could I look at you guys and know that the only reason I made a video is because I need to get money so that I can pay my bills? I didn’t even do that back then for the money part. But the views alone, that entices you. Man, I want to be big and it’s a dirty feeling. I don’t know if I’m not even describing it the right way.

Chris it’s just the dirtiest feeling in the world that I now look back upon. And I just thank God for his grace and mercy because he was able to, in one year, fix my relationship with my brother and set this ministry on the right course. And still to this day, like I tell you all the time, hold me accountable. Hold me accountable. And now what I do with it, Chris, if I have not lived the word, I just stay shut up.

I will make a video. I’ll skip to the next week. And I feel so free because God has provided a full time job and he’s provided what’s needed for what we have to know. But I felt real dirty, Chris. I felt real dirty. Have you ever experienced that? Has anybody else on the Zoom call ever experienced that? Where God has convicted you of something similar? Shelly has her hand up.

Shelly. Okay. Sorry. Just technical issues. Yeah. I have definitely went through the whole pride thing, and I’m so grateful for the Holy Spirit’s conviction, and still it creeps. Know. But the Lord, he’s there and he shows me, and I’m grateful. But I wanted to add to the whole gifts and how you don’t monetize. And I think that’s exactly what we’re supposed to do. God gives us gifts. Gifts.

Gifts are free. And gifts are to be given, not creating money from it. And there’s like that scripture that says, freely. You have given so freely give. But a lot of times, people turn ministry into money. But. I’m sorry, I know this is off topic, but it just came to me from what you said, so I just wanted to say that. Brother, I want to say something real quick.

I know exactly what you’re talking about. I have no YouTube channel, and I am not on any social media. But tally tried to get me to start a YouTube channel. Shame on. You know, he actually helped me make a few videos and stuff. And come on. I got it all set up. You just got to do this. Just got to do. And so I looked at a couple of YouTube things, and I just commented on a couple, and what did I find myself doing? Going back for a day or two and checking to see if anybody commented on my comment.

And I said, lord, I am not going to do I. I think it probably upsets tally a little bit. Maybe he spent all this time making three, four videos for him, and I was like, dude, I can’t do it. I just can’t. Yeah, I don’t like that yucky feeling at all. It’s a yucky feeling, right? I don’t want to be controlled by that. No, it’s a yucky feeling, brother.

I’m telling you. And this is why, when I meet people in real life, I’ve had a couple of people that be like, can you say what is it, I love you, bro. Because I’m always saying, hey, I love you guys. I love you, bro. I know that voice. I’m like, oh, man, that’s crazy. Because I try not to tell people. Because the number one thing that people go for and they say, man, the first thing is, man, you’re making a lot of money.

And I’m like, what are you talking about? No, dude, that’s not what it’s. And I just changed the topic. So that’s why, bro, that yucky feeling that you felt. That’s why when I get in there, anybody says anything, I always use the glory to Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus Christ. Not as a disrespect to anyone, but you have to keep that in check, man. And that’s a loophole.

That’s why. That loophole. I will not open it. I don’t open it at all. Because you open a. It’s a killer. So you felt it. You felt it. You know what I’m saying? It’s horrible, man. There’s no way I’m going to let my day be occupied. Every day going, checking this stuff, looking at this, looking at that. I went through that. Two years I went through that. And now that I look at it, I’m so embarrassed.

I can admit it, because we’re speaking about vulnerabilities, but it’s part of what we do. Sister Victoria, you had your hands up. And then we’ll go to Shayna. Sister Victoria. Hi. I was just thinking, this just came up this minute, but I was wondering, in the history of mankind, how many mirrors have existed, especially compared to the amount of mirrors that are around nowadays. Can you repeat that again? I didn’t hear you.

Say that again. Can you hear me now? I hear you a little better, Chris, if you can hear, you can respond, because I can’t hear it too well, but say it again. I have earphones in, so I can take them off. Yeah, maybe you should. It is a little hard. Please hold on. No problem. Okay, how about now? Whoa. Way better. A lot better. Good. Okay. Just don’t know if I can hear you guys.

Okay, so, I was just thinking, right before I was going to say all this, I was thinking, in the history of mankind, how many mirrors have existed throughout the centuries, especially compared to the amount of mirrors that there are now? I think that mirrors, they’ve always really creeped me out, and I really don’t think they do a service to people. I actually found myself where I really don’t like looking in the mirror.

I actually really hate it. And I started a few years ago, not really looking in the mirror for like months and months and months at a time. And the way that it changed me, how to explain it, except for that it is a good feeling. And then I wanted to bring up. Can we all still hear me? Yes. Okay. So I also wanted to bring up that the money is the root of all evil.

That’s in the Bible. And the Lord has me right now in a place where I’m not really spending any money except for on gas and a little bit of food. And I’m selling things like the apostles did. So I think that it’s really important this time. Anyway, that’s enough. That’s all I’m going to say. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you, Victoria. We love you, sister. And speaking of know, nowadays we have our phones and you see the selfie generation.

Everyone wants to do the duck lips, be like, take a selfie and do all of this and that. And it’s one of those things that it’s part of narcissism as well, that’s been built into our society. So I get what you’re saying. When it comes to that same thing with the zoom videos, I find myself with this. I really don’t like Zoom either, but I’ll look at myself and then I’ll hear God say, stop looking at yourself.

Look at the person that you’re speaking. Yeah, I appreciate that. I appreciate that, sister. And it’s always good to see, you know, I’m glad that you’re here. And thank you for making this something that you’re passing by each Tuesday. Victoria, I appreciate it. How are you doing, sister Shayna? I’m good. It’s Shauna. It’s actually Shauna. Yeah, my name is shauna. How you feeling? Yeah, it’s just shauna, but everybody calls me shauna.

I’m good. I wanted to say I understand that feeling when it comes to pride. I thought, because I was a part of certain church, I always thought, oh, my church is better because we follow this or we do this and we do everything the way it’s supposed to be. And I would listen to other people, unfortunately, in my circle, in my fellowship, and I would listen to them to the point where I would start to take in what they would say, and I would go in.

Instead of having an open mind and an open heart, the way you’re supposed to as a true Christian, you’re supposed to be humble. You’re supposed to have patience. You’re supposed to be slow to speak swift for wrath. And instead I was always being critical, passing judgment, being a hypocrite, all these things that was not of the know that I received. And I remember one of the things that in revelations, jesus says, I have quarrel when he’s speaking.

He’s speaking first to the churches. And I never really paid attention that because I’m coming from Roman Catholicism, and in Roman Catholic, the revelations is not really spoke about at all. It’s almost like it’s an unwritten thing. You’re not supposed to speak about it at all. You’re not supposed to speak about the judgment in catholic faith. I was brought up, I call it now a cult. I used to call it my everything, but now I call it a cult.

And if I’m disrespecting anyone, I apologize. But this is how I was brought up from infancy up until adulthood, and it took a long time for me to be released from that. If it wasn’t by God’s grace and his mercy and him actually saving it and coming in and actually saving me, when I was really at my lowest point, I wouldn’t be here now. He led me to your page Tally.

Actually, when I was in my weakest moments, it was around 2017, 2018, I came across your video. Like, I remember praying to God and telling, because I was doing so many things. There’s a cult that they have in west african cult. It’s very similar to Santoria. And I was in that, and I was dealing with all kinds of ritualistic things. And I remember coming across your page, and it was talking about that, about Santaria.

You were talking about that. It’s witchcraft. And I remembered in the Bible, it says witchcraft is a sin of rebellion. And that kept coming in my head, coming in my head. And then finally I was just like, I’m done. I can’t do this anymore. I’m doing all of this by myself. And I know that God is the only one that I could come to that can take all of this away from me.

The hurt, the pain, the struggles that I’m going with, the anger that I have, all the things, my vices, everything that I have, only he can do. Know. I didn’t know you then, Sally, as far as how you was in that place. But in the Bible, it says, be all things to all men. So, however a person receives the message, as long as they receive that true gospel that’s coming from God.

I think anyone could get saved from anywhere. Doesn’t matter. I’ve been around Christians who are actually Muslims, all kinds of things. And I remember someone telling me that when it comes to conversion or when it comes to giving yourself to the Lord, pride is the hardest thing to cut through. And one thing that the Muslims and the nation of Islam, one thing that they do have is that pride.

And it’s very hard to cut through that, to explain, to show them things like to be merciful, to be meek and to be humble, it’s one of the hardest things. So I understand that I have been there before. I’ve been there before I got saved. I’ve been there while I was saved. And it’s a struggle is a walk that I think that we all have to go through.

But I always come back to God. I always call on him, no matter what, good or bad. It helps me. It really, truly does. It helps me come back to Jesus. One of the aspects, as you’re saying in glory to Jesus Christ, that he’s rescued you from all of the things is in the church. We’ve lost gentleness, we’ve lost patience, we’ve lost the ability to be apt to teach.

We’ve lost the fact that we’re servants of the Lord. And one of the hardest things and the aspect of pride that can sometimes hit us the hardest. And what do you think, Chris, on this? I could be wrong and I stand to be correct because I have a lot of maturity to do. But it’s sometimes even disguised in the form of holiness. I’ve been in cases where. I’ve been in churches where, listen, man, I’ve been in moments in my walk where I know before the living God that I’m doing my best to live for him.

Yet I’m going through trials and tribulations and difficulties. And there’s a lot of people within the church, they’ll assume that because you’re going through that, it’s either because of a demon or because you’re not walking for God. While secretly they themselves are going through battles and don’t want to admit them. One thing is to live holy for Jesus and promote living holy for Jesus, which we always do.

We always tell people, live for Jesus Christ every single day. But we’ve lost ourselves in the pursuit of so many things in the church. And two Timothy 224. Listen, family, I’m telling you, apply this to your life every day. And the servant of the Lord must not strive, but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach patient. Right. I want to play us a little clip of a song.

It’s only a four minute song. It’s an old song, but it’s one of the things that I heard around 2010, 2011 that started questioning me of that yucky feeling deep within. Because after the song, what I want us to do is I want us to really, as the song is playing, I want you to self examine yourself. Listen, the exterior of man. Let me give you an example.

Give you an example. I had to cut my hair. Why? Because we got to go to a meeting for work really early in the morning. So in the exterior, you have to make that impression, right? Because you have to do certain things, whatever. This can fool anybody. Because for all you know, I could be the biggest pig ever, but because I cleaned myself up for a day, do you see what I’m trying to say? But God is inspecting something deep within.

And today what I want us to do as this song is playing is just like Joel 213 and rend your heart and not your garments. And rend your heart. If you’re watching this on YouTube at home, this song is playing for a moment, just take it as a moment of reflection and rend your heart and not your garments. This outward expression, this outward thing, rend your heart and not your garments.

For he is gracious and merciful. Listen to this. It says, and turn unto the Lord your God, for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and of great kindness and repent of him of evil. So you have a God that’s telling you in the scriptures. Listen, I appreciate all that external stuff you’re doing. Amen. Hey, but I want to dive deeper into you. He wants to dive deeper into that relationship because we only know each other as much as we know each other from what we know each other online.

Right. But there’s something deep within you that God wants to touch today. So I’m going to play just four or five minutes. I want you to take it as just a moment for you to ask God. God, what is the vulnerability that I’m supposed to leave this live stream with to address for this week? Because if we address one vulnerability a week, that’s 52 a year. That’s impressive.

Okay, so ask God that. I’m going to share the screen, I’m going to play the song, listen to it, because it’s talking about pride. And when you think you don’t have none, trust me, it’s there. Okay, it’s there. I’m going to play it, listen to it, and just ask God. God, okay, look at it this way. If you were the enemy and you wanted to attack you this week, what is the vulnerability that he could attack you with? Ask God that as we listen to the song and we have a moment just to.

Just to rest in the Lord for a moment. And I said, lord, I want to be a part of your army. And said, lord, I want to be a part of your army. I want to be a part of that generation of people that you raise up. And the Lord, he just sang this over me. He said, you got your best men on your front side. You always show your best side.

And evil’s always on the other side. You say this is your strategy. But, son, I hope you take it from me. You, you look just like your enemy. You’re full of pride. You’re full of pride. Just sing back to him. Better chance I was if we’re gonna be in, I’m sorry, family, the song started loading. All of us, y’all. The greatest idol is you and me. It’s all good.

For some reason, the song is trying not to stream. I don’t know why. That’s okay. It’s all good. You get the gist of it. I think sometimes we need to really examine ourselves. Like I said, it’s when you think that you cannot fall. That is when you’re at a point when you’re at the most vulnerable risk ever. So I want us to pray, if we can pray. And in your home.

I really want you to leave this live stream. We’re not done yet, but by no means, but really, really want you to leave this live stream. Identifying those vulnerabilities. Do a self assessment. Okay. Heavenly Father, you know the brothers and you know the sisters that are watching this on YouTube, that are hearing this on Spotify, that are watching this on rumble or even here on Zoom, whichever, heavenly Father, you as a father, you desire what’s best for us.

And because of that, you’ve given us your comforter, you’ve given us your holy spirit to guide us into all truth, to educate us, to warn us. And there’s not one of us in this room right now in the Zoom room, and there’s none of us that’s watching this or hearing the replay that can stand before you and say that you didn’t warn us before we fell, that you didn’t convict us before we fell.

Oh, have mercy upon us. Have mercy upon us. For the many times that in the outward man and in the outward expression, we’ve done things that we’ve even used Bible verses to justify the things that we’ve done to put down other people. Meanwhile, we’re living a lie. Meanwhile, we’re living a deception. We talked earlier about the fact that if we have a house or we have a car, normally when you leave the car, you press the alarm to make sure that it’s closed.

On the physical things, we do the things that are needed to tidy things up. We brush our teeth, we cut our hair. We dress appropriately because first impressions matter. But in the spiritual things, are we passing that vulnerability test? What do we do? We put on the full armor of God. We take these thoughts and these imaginations. We take them to the word of God. We allow God to win.

We allow his word to win. And when his word is going to win, it’s going to challenge you. When his word is going to win, you’re going to even try to convince yourself. Let me pull up another Bible verse. Let me go to the Old Testament or let me go to the New Testament. You try to cherry pick your way out of it. The Holy Spirit is convicting.

Why? It’s time. Give that area to God in Jesus mighty name. How do we do this? I’m going to tell you how I do it. Let’s be vulnerable here. I just say, heavenly Father, listen, heavenly Father, listen, I woke up today and I can already feel it. Even the cup of coffee is getting on my nerves. God, I already know. I already feel it. But heavenly Father, I turn this over to you in the name of Jesus because this is a vulnerability that the devil is going to use today.

So I am turning it over to you in the name of Jesus. This is not by yourself. This is with Jesus. And trust me, he is a father that wants to restore you, renew you and set you free. In Jesus mighty name, amen. He loves you guys, listen. He loves you guys. He loves you so much. He loves you so much. I can’t express to you enough how much he loves you.

He loves you so much and he’s tired. I remember when I used to come home with my dad, I’d be like, dad, they’re picking on me at school, man. He’ll be like, man, don’t let them pick on you. What did you do? This same thing. The God doesn’t want you to just live your life like that. Like a ping pong ball. No, he’s giving you the full armor of God.

He’s giving you the Holy Spirit. He’s giving you his protection, he’s giving you his guidance, he’s giving you his wisdom. Okay? And I love you guys, and I don’t want to see you in a position or me in a position that we think that we know it all. Or we think we figured it all out and it’s a dangerous place to be in. It’s a dangerous place to be in.

What do you think, brother Chris? Well, you said so many good. You know, one of the things that really changes how we handle offense and those kinds of things, we just be humble about saying, okay, anytime I get offended today, I must have pride operating in me. I’m going to rejoice that I’m getting offended because God’s about to show something in me that I can correct and be strengthened in and become a better servant in.

And when we start having that attitude about it, it just totally changes how we walk through it. And then when the offense or whatever comes later. Okay, Lord, where was I prideful? Or if we have a situation where we don’t feel like we had the grace of God operating in us to handle it right for quite a while, as the Lord was leading me through this process, when I experienced that, I just straight up go, I told him, Lord, where was I prideful? Because your word says, you resist the proud.

You give grace to the humble. And what is that grace? That grace is the super rocket fuel to make us overcomers. To be able to stop sinning, to be able to stop doing this, stop doing that. And so if we’re not getting it, we just need to look at ourselves and say, okay, I was a bonehead somewhere. Where was it? And when we happily receive it, oh, Lord, thank you for showing me.

And no longer is this, we’re bummed out about it and all that. We rejoice in the fact that our father loves us so much and wants us to become closer and closer to him, that he’s willing to take us under his wing and walk right with us. The Lord put something on my mind a few minutes ago, and I think it’s important to share. You guys have heard me talk about.

And the two things that are just so much waiting on me is loving God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and taking his thoughts captive. Those two things. Can you imagine a situation with your catholic family members or friends or whatever? If you go to them and say, I know something we have in common and that we both really would want to do. How is your journey going? Loving God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength? And that’s the only conversation.

Focus for a while and ask them if they want to partner with you. Let’s see how far we can go with the Lord on this, because I guarantee you this. When we start loving the Lord more and he starts talking to us more, he’s going to start revealing things more. He’s going to start showing areas of misunderstanding, of misdirection and all those things. That’s how it happened with me is when I went from a life of really not even taking into consideration loving God and how important to actually doing it and walking it out.

Oh, my goodness, did he start revealing some stuff? And if we could do that with other believers or people that think that they’re believers and just say, let’s just focus on loving God, we can do that together, can’t we? And let’s see what want. Thank you, Lord, for reminding me to say that something I was thinking about was how Satan was. Could we say it was sin that he fell? And then sometimes, too, when we pray for certain things according to his will, is best to pray.

In other words, being able to say, lord, help me to forgive. Lord, help me to be able to speak your truth. But sometimes we could be praying for things that if God gave it to us, it could give us pride. And so that, I think, is something, just as with our own children, we don’t want to give them things that would cause them to be in dangerous territory.

So I think that’s something we have to consider as well, that we shouldn’t be upset. If it’s like, lord, how come it doesn’t seem like I’ve won the lotto? Lord, how come it doesn’t seem like I’ve got this great job that seems to be whatever it may be, we could fill in the blank, but by going in prayer and trusting that if the Lord doesn’t answer it exactly how we want it to be, we must be having wisdom.

We could always ask for that. And he’s not going to withhold that because he wants to freely give it, but have the wisdom to have that much faith to say, lord, if it wasn’t meant for me to have this job that I’ve dreamed about or had this whatever it may be, like I said, fill in the blank. It’s like, lord, I’m trusting you because, you know, you know, what I can’t see? You know, what is the past that I don’t know, you know, what the future is that I don’t know, all these different variables and trusting in his wisdom and having that faith, that’s like, father, I’m going to believe that you’re going to give me just what I need.

And if you need to say, no, I’m going to be. I heard a testimony. It was in Puerto Rico. We have something called vijilias are, man, in Puerto Rico, man, like hispanic church, man. They’ll be there like four or five in the morning. It’s just behelias that are really long. And I missed those days, man. There was no YouTube, there was no nothing. And this was in the 90s when my dad would take me to church with him when DJ Avila used to preach and other people.

And it was awesome. And there was a guy who gave a testimony. His daughter was. She was in the world and she got into an accident, so she ended up really ill and stuff like that. But as she got ill, she started walking with the Lord. She got really filled with the Holy Spirit, man. And it was awesome. And he was given a testimony how he was always asking God to heal her and he would even get mad at God.

He would get mad at God. He would raise his fist up and he would really challenge God himself. He admitted that years later, long story short, his daughter got healed. And guess where she ended up? Ended up in the world once again. He was saying, be careful what you pray for. Sometimes God knows what he’s doing. And ultimately God will touch her and God will bring her back home.

I believe God’s conviction will do that. And this is an old story, but he was just talking about that. He was in tears because of the many nights and days that he would curse at God. How did you. I preached your gospel. You allowed my daughter to be that. But she was saved in the church. As soon as she started getting better, she started missing one church service, two church service, three church service.

And then by the time she got better, she was back out there again doing the same thing. So we got to be patient. We got to be patient. We got to know that God is a good God. He knows what he’s doing. He knows what he’s doing. The aspect of being easily offended, does anyone here have an issue with that? And we can be honest. Does anyone have that issue that you get a little honest sometimes it happens.

I know. I used to be like that. Jason, you have your hand up. How are you doing? Hey, Jason, I’m going to start my video here. Yeah, how you doing? I was watching on YouTube there, and you guys were talking about some things that were relating. So I went on the thing and tried to figure out how to get back into the zoom thing because I didn’t. You know what I mean? Ever since that time where it all got hacked and whatever, I wasn’t quite sure.

But now I know. So that’s good. Yeah. Actually, just recently, I’ve been working on a bad temper for quite some time, and it’s getting much better by the grace of God. And I feel like recently at work, I’ve been really tested by some people. I’ve worked here for going on a year and a half, and I live in this town. I work in this town. This is my home.

It’s my full time job. And some people come into work and they show up and they’re like, okay, you work for me now. Coming in like this, and it’s really frustrating. Right. You know what I mean? So, yeah, they really pushed my buttons. In fact, what was it last Saturday? I had to be like, look, I’m going to lose it. I got to go for the day. I’m going to really lose it.

And I came home and I prayed about it, and it’s been a really big test of my patience, but I feel like God doesn’t really give you more than you’re ready for at times, if that makes sense, because I’ve always had a bad temper growing up. I used to be not the best towards people. Sometimes just not good. Growing up in my. I mean, I’m almost 40 now, going up from being a teenager to, I don’t know, 30 ish, I started kind of coming around and starting to be healed and things.

And I just feel like he’s really put certain things in my way to test me about with my patience level and things like this, and I’ll start to be like, hey, listen. But I feel like, all in all, I’m coming through much better. And the thing I have noticed is I feel like these guys kind of go out of their way to even go out of their way to push my buttons, which is neither here nor there.

But one thing I really have noticed is I don’t hold a grudge anymore. I can be, like, so upset, I got to just go home and chill out. You know what I mean? Because you really got at me that much. And the next babe be like, oh, how are you? I forgive you. It’s no big deal. And that’s something I’ve never really done well with before. That’s cool.

But I’ve got to work a little better on in the moment, not letting things get to me. Yeah, on YouTube. Some people know that. On YouTube, what you’re saying? I’m sorry. We had some lags. I thought you were done on YouTube. The topic of taking things personal, it’s coming up there a lot. It looks like this is a hot topic in terms of taking things personal. Is that a bird on your shoulder, by the way? Yeah, this is Gabby.

Okay. Actually, it’s Gabrielle, short for the angel Gabriel, but she’s a girl, so I named her Gabriel instead of Gabriel. Now, you said something, Jason, where, you know when they come into work and they’re doing the. Why does that bother you that they come into work? What does it make you feel when that happens? The thing is, they cut. It’s not even if they come in and they want to shut their stuff, whatever.

We all want to be seen. We all want to feel like we’re good at our jobs, but I’ll be doing something, and then they come over and they’re like, oh, not like that. Like this. No, I wouldn’t do it like that. And it’s constant, constant, constant. And then they’ll be having a bad day. Like the other day, he was upset because he come in and the fryer wasn’t clean, whatever.

And they think I can’t always understand them. And then they were standing right next to me and saying some really mean things. Racism doesn’t just go one way. You know what I mean? I caught some really nasty things they were saying in there, and I just almost lost it. You know what I mean? I got you. The advice that I’m going to give you comes from a person that, professionally, I’ve gotten cussed out my whole life, especially working at call centers.

That’s literally all I’ve done, regardless of where I’ve worked. So this is coming from someone who’s been there, and God has had to. Man, I’ve been so upset, so angry. For the silliest things is the moment you find yourself using things like they. Right. They come this way. They come at me. They think they’re better than me. And that happens to me, too. We’ve all said those things.

That’s when you have to go back to taking those thoughts captive, immediately. Let me tell you why. Because the moment you think that this battle is against that peer that’s coming in there and boasting like that, that’s when you’ve lost right there. Immediately, as soon as you find yourself that it even bothers you. Because it happens in every workplace that people want a peacock. People want a peacock.

You put the little peacock. Listen, you don’t work for them. You work for Jesus. Oh, you want to put it that way? You know what? That could be a good idea. Man, I should have listened to you last week. Maybe I would have saved you some time. Listen, hey. You won’t be your boss. Hey, man, hope you’re my boss. That’s pretty cool. And keep on going. Because what happens is that it’s not they.

It’s the entities, the people that the devil is going to use to pick at you. It’s going to be other humans. It’s going to be other humans. Absolutely. Of course it’s going to be other humans. When these humans and I interact with people all the time, especially on YouTube, let me give you an example on YouTube. If somebody may write me a message and I don’t respond, within 24 hours, they can get very upset because they’re going through a traumatic event.

But in their mind, it’s this preacher. This pastor doesn’t respond to me. And he, he and, and he, and he, and he, and he. And I’m like, okay, calm down. Let’s bring it back. Let’s explore these words. Whenever you hear words of they, he, I. How I feel. Bring it back. Break it down like an onion. Peel it back. Ephesians 612, we wrestle not against flesh and blood.

Let’s study this together. Let’s calm down for a moment. Listen, relax. That’s it. Because if not, you’re going to drive yourself nuts. Yeah, for real. And I thought about just that after that. I was like, I know that the enemy is using people to come at me and push my buttons. And how would I feel if I let him win and lost a job that I really like, that pays good, right? I get a ski pass, a gym membership.

They’ve been really good to me the whole time I’ve worked there. So I’m like, I need to slow my role. I need to take these thoughts and not let these things bother me so much. Absolutely. You got a ski pass? Go ski if you’re mad. Go ski, man. Play in the sun, play in the snow. That’s what I’m doing tomorrow. This is the first day off that lined up with a snowstorm.

It snowed all day today. And then tomorrow I got off, so we’re good. You got a bird on your shoulder, bro. And you got a bird on your shoulder. You got a nice shirt on. You have a shelter. This thing’s also holy. I should wear it on Sunday. Even so. You’re blessed, man. But just be encouraged, man. Sister Sarita, I know you have your hands up. What’s up, Sarita? Thank you, brother.

I appreciate it. I love you a lot, man. You’re not alone. Trust me. Just don’t let them push your buttons. What’s up, Sarita? Well, I have to admit I was convicted when you were giving your message in the beginning. Yes, I am easily offended, and I’m realizing that I have a lot of pride. And I actually had an incident yesterday with a lady at my work. And as you were speaking and as the questions were being asked, part of the reason why I was easily offended is because it makes me look bad when somebody’s, like, telling you that you’re doing something not right or wrong and whatever.

And I reacted in not such a great christian way at all. But I really thank you so much for what you’re doing, because even though this is hard pride, I think. I don’t want to admit that I have pride because I don’t want to think that I’m like the devil at all. But it’s so wonderful to know that you are showing us that God loves us and that he reveals these things in us so that we can change and be more like him.

And I have to go to work tomorrow, and I have to apologize to this other coworker on how I acted and explained to her that I have pride. I’ve had it all my life, and I guess I’ve never really realized it till just now, but praise the Lord. It’s an amazing thing. We have to remember what the scripture says, what the enemy intends for bad, God will turn into good.

And so he takes these situations that we are involved with, and it may just seem like we failed and this and that. And the Lord says, you know what? I’m going to give you an opportunity to grow. And one of the things that tally and I talk about a lot and everyone else that I talk to is, what is the lesson? That’s what we always have to ask ourselves.

We have to cut the emotional response out of it and just go to the Lord, say, lord, what is the lesson here? And when Jason was on earlier, it made me think of something. This is one thing that we have to understand. All of us sense that things are feeling more different, more different, more different in this world. Over the last several years, over the last several months.

What if there’s a possibility we’re on an accelerated learning program? And what if Jason could have had two more years for the Lord to work out his issues with anger? And the Lord’s like, there’s not two years left. I got to get this guy straightened up in this issue. So I’m going to send some pretty tough cookies that’s just going to push every button possible. And when he realizes that this is a lesson plan, the whole attitude that we have about it changes.

And so, everyone, I want to encourage you because I went through all this same stuff and I would get so beat down and feel like a piece of crap and all that. And then the Lord just started showing me, I’m doing this because I love you. This is about love. This isn’t about being upset with you or anything. I’m giving you an opportunity to learn. So just encourage all of you that the father loves us and that he’s strengthening us.

And if we are coming into some really turbulent times, we don’t want to get offended, easy, because we’re going to be in some really crappy situations. And when we get offended, we go into the flesh and we start reacting as the flesh reacts. We don’t have that fine tuned ability to hear the direction of the Holy Spirit and, boy, we want to keep that super tuned. So just a little bit of encouragement for all of you.

Amen. And Sarita, I’ve been there. I’ve been know. We’ve all been there. That’s the. I’m proud. I’m so proud of you that you’re even mentioning know, because we’ve all been there, especially when we’re trying to pay our bills and some things happen. I was sharing with Brother Chris. This past week was a rough one, man. It was a rough one. Anywhere I went to, I encountered craziness and I had to bite my tongue and do all sorts of stuff.

And then at one point in time, I’m going to leave my house, right? And there’s these two contractors that are arguing with each other, so they decided to block the street. And their argument with each other was who would have to move the truck. Meanwhile, I have to go to work. I can’t go to work. There’s people there that there’s one person that’s paraplegic, can’t leave. And I’m sitting there.

Anytime I wanted to speak or say something, I kept on just biting my tongue, biting my tongue, biting my tongue, and had to go talk to them. These are grown people, 50, 60 year old people, and talk some sense into them and just remind them. I was like, listen, both of you are contract. Just literally like a baby. Like, they’re kids. You’re both contractors. You’re trying to make a good impression in this community.

You both are fighting and arguing. Does it make any sense? They’re like, no, exactly. It doesn’t make any sense. There’s a couple of cops that live here. All they have to do is call one. Would it make sense for you? To get fined for something like it doesn’t make any sense. So why are we fighting with each other? Guys, it’s not that difficult, all right? It’s everywhere. And the thing is that the reason you want to tame the aspect of getting easily offended early now is because the word of God tells us, because of iniquities of this world, the love of many is going to grow cold.

That’s a warning. That’s a warning. So that means that the iniquities are going to target your heart. The iniquities are going to target your mind. The iniquities are going to target it. And then. Have you ever been to a doctor that he just has no bedside matters. He’s numb. He can have 100 patients just treats him like trash. And then you have others that you feel that love, you feel like they really want to be there, right? They have that bedside matter.

They have that courtesy. Don’t let this world make you become numb because we’re only here temporarily. So temporarily. 80 9100 and then we’re off. We’re here temporarily. So Shannon has an awesome purpose where she’s at. Christina, I know it’s not easy for you. You have a purpose where you’re at. Brother Ernest, Amy, I know you got. Your situation is going. Lynette, crystal, right. Alex and Paige. God bless you guys.

Awesome people. Victoria, Stefan, brother Tim, Jason, Shayna. Right. Shauna, Shana. I think I said it right. Okay. And everyone who’s on YouTube, listen, I’m telling you, it’s going to save you brain cells. It’s going to save you brain cells. You know how many times I tell people, you know what? You want to win the argument? Cool. I’m wrong. I apologize. But why are you apologizing? I don’t know.

You’re mad at me. So I’m sorry. I don’t know what I did, but hey, man, I love you. Calm down. It’s going to be all right. And then people get really upset because now you’re not getting upset. But it’s like, listen, dude, life is short. I’ve said this before, but my phone right now has a charge of, let me see, 69%. That’s it. I can plug this in and charge this in, right? But if our lifespan is, what, 9100 years old, 8100 years old, that’s it.

I’m already going to be 43 on February. I have to maximize my time. Sister Sarita, give yourself some break as well. You’re going through a lot. All right? You’ve lost a lot. Okay? You’ve gone through a lot. Tomorrow you go to work, you talk to her. You take this as a lesson learned, and then you just move on. That’s it. This world will try to drag us down.

But I’m telling you what, man, I don’t know if I’m immune to, like, today, I was by Curry Ford, by Orlando, and that’s like mini Puerto Rico. You can’t even pump gas without trying to get an argument. You pumping gas and someone looks in you, in the eye, and they’re always like. I just say, hey, man, God bless, man. You’re right. I don’t really care. I don’t know if I’m immune to it at this point, but I’m just telling you, it’ll save you so much time.

People are going to be people, and the devil is going to use the people to attack you. So when you see that your wife’s getting on your nerves, your friends are getting on your nerves, your coworkers are getting on your nerves, remember that there’s someone throwing darts in their minds to come bug you. And that’s the devil. That’s why I’m saying close. These vulnerabilities. It’s good that we’re talking about it, so don’t feel bad if you’re struggling with this.

We all struggle with it. We just got to take it to the father. That’s all we can do. No one wants to talk about these things and admit them. We’re some tongue talking holy rollers, but no one wants to talk about the realness of what we really go to. But the reality is that Nancy on YouTube says sometimes she gets in her own nerves. So sometimes you don’t even know what’s going on.

So it’s like that? Yeah, man. Anybody has anything else that they want to share about this aspect of being easily offended, you think Shelly has her hand raised? Oh, Victoria, too? Shelly. Victoria. Victoria, you should go first. Okay. I just wanted to remind everyone that forgiveness is essential for not having mind control and everything. And to really, the Lord has really convicted me to keep that in the forefront of everything.

Forgiveness, as well as obviously loving the Lord with all your heart and all your soul. So, yeah, I just want to bring that up and emphasize forgiveness again, forgiveness. Constant forgiveness all day long. Just like it was Peter, right. That Jesus that was asking Jesus, he said, keep forgiving, keep forgiving. Keep forgiving, keep forgiving. And also even non christian psychology, they speak about the forgiveness in order to get over trauma.

Anyway, that’s enough. All right. I agree. With what you said, sister, that was so good with pride. It’s so sneaky because it comes in and there’s, like, a good feeling with pride. But praise God, he convicts us and shows us and praise the Lord we hear from him. But, yeah, just be careful because there’s a feeling associated with pride. So if you can be conscious of that whenever the devil’s trying to puff you up again, you can fight it better.

Being knowing that it comes with a good feeling. You know what I’m saying? Not every feeling that is good. The devil uses our emotions to get us in snares. Amen. Amen. Good stuff, Shelly. Good stuff. Victoria. Another thing I wanted to say before I stop is have realistic expectations with know if you’re a person that loves really hard and you love a person, and you’re that type of person that’s really loyal to people, and you do what you got to do to do.

If anyone needs anything, you’re the first one to jump up and you’re the first one to do it. When someone comes at you, that’s when the offense hurts the most. That’s when really it hurts the most. When you have expectations of after I did this for this person, because let’s be honest, we’re humans, right? After. And like I said, once, you find yourself just repeating too many of those eyes or how dare they do this to me, right? Have realistic expectations.

My expectations. Now, this is why if someone says, tally, can I borrow $20? I just give it to them. Because realistically speaking, most likely they may not be able to pay it back. They’re already struggling, right? And then the next step is, what if they don’t pay it back? Have realistic expectations. We live in a world of people that we’ve been in this room talking with each other and on YouTube and the comment section, and we have the Holy Spirit and look at how much we struggle.

We’ll be invulnerable talking to each other. And I’ve seen people will talk about all this stuff we’ve talked in this call. But imagine the world that’s lost. How can we expect a lost world to do anything other than what lost people would do? So tame your expectations. Keep them really simple. Keep them really simple. Love on people to the best of your ability. And that’s going to really minimize taking things personal.

For me. I don’t put expectations on anyone anymore. If you did something for me once, kind, if you were my friend, that was already enough. You cannot do nothing. That’s okay. And that will limit your exposure towards being easily offended. And this is especially with the family, with the family unit, with your mother, with your father, with your sons, with your nephews, with your grandkids, with people that you love at church.

Just don’t have any expectations. And then when you feel that someone’s done something to you, just think of how many times you’ve done that to the heavenly Father. They talked about me. How many times have you. Not bad mouth to God. You know you’ve done it. Oh, but they cheated on me. Have you not cheated on God this month, this year at some point? Oh, but they walked in all high and mighty.

How many times do we not do that? Every single day. Yet he is so gentle. That’s the craziest part, that he’s so gentle, and we lose that gentleness. Be gentle as he’s gentle and you’re going to live a better, more calmer, relaxed life. I am telling you that. My daughter always tells me you’re like a Teletubby. That’s the way she can compare it. She’s like, you don’t bother you.

I said it’s not that it doesn’t bother me, it’s just. Listen, man. I lost sleepless nights worried about the offenses that people have done to me because of unrealistic expectation of a fallen world. No more. No more. Can’t do that. Can’t do that. This is about closing these vulnerabilities. You know what I mean? Victoria, you have your hands up. I just forgot to put it down. Anyway, that’s important.

It’s important. Guys, listen, you can forgive somebody who’s really hurt you. There’s that part and then there’s also the part where if you can actually pray genuinely in your heart for their salvation, that maybe Jesus can blind them on the road to Damascus and for them to be saved. Sister Victoria, what are we going to do? Sister, what are we going to do? This world is crazy. I just think that we have to keep on talking about these things and putting ourselves in vulnerable situations so that we can grow.

Talking about our vulnerability so that we can grow. Because I’m telling you, the devil wants to use these to hurt us. Right? But we’re talking about our weaknesses here. We’ve talked about embarrassing moments. Chris has shared some. Everyone shared know. Sarita mentioned the situation. We’ve all talked about things that we’ve done. I think the most important thing is today on forward. As we move forward, we decide to close that gap.

And if you need something, know that during the week, brother Chris and, Heidi, they’re willing to meet with you on Zoom and pray with you if you need that. None of this is at any cost or anything like that. So if you need personal support, come to the website tfgministries. com. Join the community and post it on there. There’s some upgrades that are coming later on. Our web designer is going through a lot right now, so we want to give him that space for him to be able to add the things that he needs to add later on.

But know that you’re not alone. All right, Sister Shelley, what are the upgrades that are coming? And I have a question, too, about Rob. He hasn’t been coming. I think you’re in contact with him. I don’t know what his name. I haven’t found him on your website, but maybe you could tell him to come. I feel so bad. One of the days he was on here, I was like, you got to be quick to sleep to speak and slow to listen.

I feel like I got so convicted from the Lord. I was so brash, harsh, like, I wasn’t speaking the word. It was prideful. But I want to tell him, sorry, maybe if he’s listening, he can hear me and he’ll come back. He’s listening. He’s listening. And also, I had one more thing to say about pride. I have seen the devil use people to attack me, say this about me, and say that about me in a conversation.

It’s just like attack after attack, like you’re this, you’re that. And it’s like, I used to get offended by that, and that’s what the devil wants. But it doesn’t matter. The devil will try to paint a picture of us like we’re stupid at work, in conversations, in the public, with people. But it doesn’t matter. We just have to see ourselves in our identity, in Christ, and then you won’t get offended when people try to make you look like you’re a retard or whatever the devil is trying to do to slander you.

It doesn’t matter. It matters how the Lord sees me. Absolutely. Family, listen, the fellowship is going to continue here on Zoom. I have to end the live stream only because I have to go to bed. Realistically speaking, I want to be able to take 45 minutes to be able to spend with the family and pray with them and love on them before I go to bed. I have to be on the road really early, so I would feel horrible if I don’t spend a little bit of time with him.

Just being honest with you. I’d already talked to brother Chris about ending it a little bit early so the live stream part is going to end but we’re still be here on Zoom. Okay. So if you’re watching this on YouTube, just want you to know I’m so grateful that you took the time. Our sister Tracy at he walks with us. The link’s actually put already on the live chat.

Go ahead and check it out. She has a live stream coming up tonight. If you were looking for another live stream to join, that would be a huge blessing. I got to go to bed. If not I would stay longer but brother Chris and sister Heidi and Ernest and Amy are going to be here and all of you, all of you. And again, I don’t take any of you for granted.

I love you guys very much and thank you for being here. All right. You guys are awesome and much love to all of. .

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