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ESCAPING Satans Playground – Tuesday Night Live Chat!

By: Nephtali1981
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5G Danger
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➡ The speaker welcomes everyone to a live stream, thanking them for their time. They discuss the importance of making choices and the impact these choices can have on our lives. They encourage everyone to seek guidance from God before making decisions. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of having an escape plan in life, just like we do in our workplaces or homes, to deal with temptations and challenges.
➡ This text talks about the concept of temptation and how God always provides a way out of it. It uses the story of Joseph from the Bible, who faced temptation but chose to do the right thing, even though it led to false accusations and imprisonment. The text emphasizes that doing the right thing can be scary and have consequences, but we should trust in God. It also warns against justifying wrong actions by saying God preordained them, and reminds us that God sees everything we do.
➡ This text is about the struggle between good and evil within us. It talks about how the enemy tries to make us feel unworthy and guilty, but the Holy Spirit is always there to help us overcome our failures. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the enemy’s tactics and not letting guilt and shame keep us from seeking God’s forgiveness. It also encourages us to learn from our mistakes and prepare for future challenges.
➡ The text is a conversation about dealing with personal struggles and temptations. It uses boxing as a metaphor for life’s challenges, suggesting that we need to learn how to dodge and block these “punches”. The text encourages us to turn to God for strength and guidance, and to make positive changes in our lives to overcome these challenges. It emphasizes that everyone faces their own unique struggles, but we all have the ability to overcome them with faith and determination.
➡ A boy hurts his knee and despite being told not to climb, he does and falls. He runs to his father for comfort, which is a metaphor for how God is always there to comfort and strengthen us, even when we make mistakes. The speaker encourages us not to give up, no matter how many times we fail, because with God’s help, we can overcome. The conversation then shifts to the importance of depending on God’s strength rather than our own, and the speaker shares his struggles and encourages others to keep going and to take their thoughts to Jesus.
➡ Michelle is struggling with her work environment becoming more politically charged and is questioning her place in it. Despite this, she is reassured by her peers that she is not alone and they are there to support her. Sarita, a widow, shares her experience of loneliness and the emotional challenges she faces, but she also finds strength in her faith. The group emphasizes the importance of community and supporting each other through difficult times.
➡ This text talks about the power of faith and belief in God. It emphasizes that God’s power can help us overcome any challenges or temptations we face in life, no matter our age or situation. It also encourages us to see ourselves as victorious, not because of our own strength, but because of God’s power within us. Lastly, it highlights the importance of prayer, staying spiritually awake, and using God’s word as a guide in our daily lives.
➡ This text is about the importance of living according to God’s word and applying it to our daily lives. It emphasizes the power of prayer and the need to constantly stay connected with God. It also encourages us to share God’s word with others in our community and to rejoice in the victories we achieve through faith. The text ends with a reminder of the importance of building relationships in our community to spread God’s word, especially in times of difficulty.
➡ The speaker is expressing gratitude to the Mesa family for their trust and the comfort their videos provide. They also ask for accountability and extend greetings to the family’s children. The speaker then leads a prayer session, praying for various individuals and their specific needs, including health, strength, faith, and salvation. They also express gratitude for those who have been responding to prayer requests.
➡ This text is about a group of people who come together to pray for various needs, including a sick dog and children from difficult backgrounds. They also discuss plans to create a support system on their website, including a 24/7 livestream of sermons and a section for those who are struggling. They encourage each other to hold one another accountable and to reach out if they need help. The group is committed to serving others and spreading the love of Jesus.


Hi, everyone. Hello. God bless you. God bless you and welcome, everyone, to the live stream. It’s a true blessing to have you guys here on Zoom and also in our livestream on YouTube. We want to say thank you for your kindness of being here. I know it’s a busy day. I know for me, I just literally got in a few minutes ago. I was able to eat a little something, wash my face and get going.

So God is good. Just want to say I’m grateful for everyone who’s here, for all of those that are taking time to be here on YouTube. Thank you for being here on Zoom. Thank you for being here as well. As always, we want to start off with some prayer and just allow opportunity for people to show up to the live stream and then we’ll get going. Today we’re going to be talking about the way of escape.

It’s an important topic because when it comes to our daily lives, we have a choice, right? We have a choice. Just like you have a choice to tune into this live stream or not. We have a choice. We have a choice, right? I have a choice of drinking this or not. We have a choice. And that choice comes with a very big responsibility. Me and brother Chris were talking this past week on submitting that to God before we make a choice, taking the opportunity, even if it’s just 510 15, 20 seconds, taking a few moments to submitting that free will choice over to God.

What do you want me to do? God, how do you want me to make this decision? Because your decisions not only will impact you, they’ll impact your home, they’ll impact your family. They’ll impact a lot of things. But if we don’t think that way, we’re going to make irrational decisions as the devil starts attacking our mind. All right, so let’s go ahead and pray. And in the name of Jesus Christ, I’m really hoping for some good discussions tonight.

Thank you, mad guns, for being here, brother, and for moderating. I appreciate it. On YouTube. Thank you so much. All right. All right. Let’s go ahead and pray. Heavenly Father, we want to thank you for your dear son Jesus Christ. And we want to thank you for your salvation, Father. You know the load that many of us are coming to this Tuesday night live gathering with. Many of us have had rough weeks.

Many of us have had rough days. Many of us have had rough months. 2024 started off with a bang and we’re a little bit exhausted. Right? Regardless of your condition today, as you’re showing up to this live stream, whether it be that you’re happy or sad, that in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that we leave this live stream today edified and then the hearts of those that God wants to work in, that he begins, in the name of Jesus Christ, to convict their hearts, to soften that heart, to open up them hearts.

Because, heavenly Father, you want to work in us. Heavenly Father, you want to work in our lives. You care about our lives. You care about our walk. You care about our families, you care about our ministries. You want to be so involved in our lives. Yet we, on a daily basis, we make decisions that do not align with your principles and your commandments and your instructions. May we today, in the name of Jesus Christ, understand the way of escape, that we can understand how to escape these temptations, so that this way we can live a life that is more peaceful, a life that is more at peace.

There’s nothing like the peace of Jesus. My dear family, I don’t know what you came to this live stream with today on YouTube, on Zoom, whichever platform, on rumble, Facebook, whatever. But I want you to know that God wants you to have peace. And that burden that you’re carrying, that struggle that you’re going through, your heavenly Father today is telling you to go ahead and take those burdens, take those anxieties, take them to him because he cares for you.

Today is an awesome day. In the name of Jesus Christ, let’s go. God is awesome. All right. God is awesome. He loves you. He cares for you. And it’s a blessing to see that you guys are here. If you could be so kind as to go ahead and press a thumbs up on the stream and share the content, that would be a huge blessing. Okay. You don’t have to do it, but I appreciate it.

All right, I’m going to be sharing just a few pictures because I’m a visual person and for me, visuals are always how I understand things. I’m not a smart person, so I try to just make things simple. So bear with me. 1 second. Let me know if you guys see this on the screen. It’ll be a few seconds before you actually see it. All right, do you guys see it? Yes.

Okay. Awesome. Okay, so it’s going to be very simple and we’re going to get right to discussion pretty much after I read a few verses and our brother Chris uploaded, I have a pdf that he put it on. It’s on our website, tfgministries. com. It’s phenomenal. It’s a great read. You can download it there and I’ll put the link on this chat as well so that you can download it and be edified as well for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Another thing that I want to say is that as we keep on doing these Tuesday live bible studies or gatherings, and as we have our discipleship classes on Saturday, as we have the community on the website, thank you for your patience, family, thank you for your patience because we’re all trying to do the best that we can with what we got. So it’s a true blessing. All right, so the way of escape, how many of you in your jobs do not talk about safety in the chat? If you can, let me know on YouTube.

I know that you guys do. I know I do all the time. And my job, as soon as you get to a job site, the first thing we do is talk about safety, right? And we sit there and we start looking at each other and we look at everything and we say, okay, be careful. There’s some cars that can come this way. Okay, let me let someone in the zoom room.

1 second. Thank you for your patience, family. Appreciate it. All right, brother Tim from falling world films. Okay, cool. Awesome. So in my job, it always does that. They always do do. Let’s make sure that we can do safety. We got to put some safety cones right? If we’re in a building now, they even talk about active shooter situations. How many of you have heard active shooter situations in your workplace where they telling you, be careful if someone comes in, identify your exits, plan your escape.

Even in your home, you should have some sort of an escape plan if something happens, where are we going to go? How are we going to be able to leave in case of a fire? Which is the best way for us to be able to go? Which is the best way for us to identify safety if someone breaks into the house, how am I going to defend my family if someone breaks into the house? Right.

I’m going to grab the chunkleta real quick. I’m going to have to go do what I got to do. Right? Well, how am I going to do it? You have to have some sort of a plan, right? So this is important because if we do this in our real life, look at the many things that we do sometimes when we do fire alarms. How many of you have fire detectors in your house? Does anybody here have a fire detector in their house? I know I got a fire detector in my house.

Right? And then when you don’t change out the battery, it starts going and everyone gets annoyed. When I had my chihuahua and I didn’t change the battery. He would go nuts, he would go bananas, because he didn’t like the beepety beep beepety beep beep beep beep beep. But you have to identify certain things for safety. So here’s the thing, and I’m going to stop sharing the screen real quick.

If we do this in our workplace, if we do this in our homes, if we do this even in our vehicles, why is it that in our spiritual walk, we fail so much? And notice that I’m saying we. Because in everything that we talk about, I like to always make sure that you understand that I am not above reproach and I am not better than any of you.

But how often do we not fail to identify the escape plans in our own walk? Right? We know where to go if there’s a sign of an emergency. But what happens when that temptation kicks in? And here’s what we’re talking about here. One corinthians 1013, there has no temptation overtaking you, right? Where it says, there has no temptation taking you. But such as is common to man. But God is faithful, okay? But God is faithful.

So you notice that we’re talking about the temptation. But then we want to remind you, because sometimes when these temptations come, we forget the fact that he is still faithful through that temptation, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able, but with the temptation, also make a way of escape, that ye may be able to bear it. So today we want to talk about that, okay? Because in Hebrews 414 through 16, right, where it says that, seeing then that we have a great high priest that is passed into the heavens, Jesus, the son of God, let us hold fast our profession, for we have not an high priest, which cannot be touched with the feelings of our infirmities.

So if you’re feeling pain, if you’re feeling heartaches, your back hurting, if your legs are hurting, if you have a disease, there is a God that understands what you’re going through and even says, but with all points, tempted like as we are yet without sin. Okay? So today we want to talk about that way of escape. Brother Chris had an awesome bible verse on there on his pdf, and I want to let him talk about this real quick on the aspects in Genesis 39 when it comes to seven through 20, where I’ll go ahead and set up the scene so that we can at least start talking about this.

And it came to pass after these things that his master’s wife cast her eyes upon Joseph and she said, lie with me. And he refused and said unto his master’s wife, behold, my master’s with man. I don’t speak King James, but I love the king James. So I read off of it. So I’m sorry, not what is with me in the house. And he has committed all that he has to my hand.

There is none greater in this house than I, neither has he kept back anything from me but thee, because thou art his wife. How, then can I do this great wickedness and sin against God? Think about that, okay? And I want to fast forward to the part where she. Man, she gets feisty, man. Look at this. She gets feisty. And it came to pass as she came, as she spake to Joseph day by day, that he hearkened not unto her, to lie by her or to be with her.

And it came to pass about this time. This is bananas. You talk about telenovela and Telemundo, man, this is crazy, okay? That Joseph went into the house to do his business, and there was none of the men of the house wherein. And she caught him by his garment saying, lie with me. And he left his garment in her hand and fled and got him out. So I want to pause there so that we can have a little bit of a conversation on there.

He understood that this was a moment of temptation, right, brother Chris? And he decided to flee. But that wasn’t an easy decision, Chris, because sometimes taking that way of escape may have its set of consequences, and we fear those consequences. But God knows what he’s doing, right, Chris? What do you think about? And, you know, the enemy is relentless. She was after him day after day. How long was that? Was it, you know, it could have been a pretty long period of time.

And the enemy will keep trying to chip away at our armor and get through to us. He wants to find a spot where he knows we’re weak. We’ve been watched by the demons and his minions since we were just brought into this world. And he’ll hone in on those things and even watches our body language. If it looks like we’re getting angry and we’re starting to fidget and get a certain look on our face, bam, there comes those thoughts to make you get madder and madder, and we just really have to be on guard all the time.

There’s no other way about it. We can’t really just relax and say, well, he’s not going to mess with me today. That’s probably the time he’s going to come in the hardest. So it’s got to always be on guard. Absolutely. When it comes to this story. If it would have ended there. But when you see here what happened to him after, right. She falsely accused him, I believe.

Right. Let’s see. Verse 14, that she called unto the men of her house and spake unto them, saying, see, he hath brought in a Hebrew unto us to mock us. He came unto me to lie with me, and I cried with a loud voice. He started lying, she started lying. And it came to pass when he heard that I lifted up my voice and cried that he left his garment with me and fled and got him out.

Wow. And she laid up his garment by her until his lord came home. And she spake unto him, according to these words, saying, the hebrew servant which thou hast brought unto us came in unto me to mock me. And it came to pass as I lifted up my voice and cried that he left his garment with me and fled out. And it came to pass when his master heard the words of his wife, which she spake unto him, saying, after this manner did thy servants to me that his wrath was kindled.

And Joseph’s master took him and put him into the prison, a place where the king’s prisoners were bound. And he was there in prison. Sometimes when you decide to make a decision to stand for the right thing in the kingdom of God, there are certain times that that is going to come with intimidating factors and intimidating moments that are going to be coming into your mind as intrusive thoughts to tell you, hey, if you do that, you know what’s going to happen.

You know how much this decision is going to cost you, right? So finding that way of escape can sometimes be very intimidating. And this is why family and the Lord, we want to talk about this topic because, number one, God has not given us a spirit of fear. So whenever you feel that intimidation on doing the right thing, right, doing the right thing should never intimidate you. You’re doing the right thing, so automatically you identify it.

But then after you identify that deception, which is trying to tell you not to do the right thing, because choosing that right way of escape is going to cost you, then you have to have trust in God that he’s going to figure it out. And that is why it’s extremely important, especially in our day and age. Family, I can’t tell you the amount of people that I talk to on a daily basis.

I’ve even talked to some people that just like, there’s extremisms on both sides, okay, not every calvinist thinks this way. Not every person on the right side, it’s just in the politics, in Christianity, it’s kind of the same. The left and the right extremism everywhere. But I’ve actually met some young men that are hyper Calvinists that have told me that God preordained for them to watch porn, that if they watched it, he preordained it, it happened.

Right? But that is not true. God gives you a way of escape. We don’t want to admit it, but God gives you a way of escape. Whenever I want to eat that extra donut at night, God is like, bro, you better not eat that donut. But we know the consequences. Even in the simpler of things, we know the consequences that if I eat that donut, think about this.

You got to walk. Like sometimes I run 2 miles and I burn 304 hundred calories. And how painful is that, that on a single donut? Do you see what I’m saying? I’m not saying that eating a donut is a sin. What I’m saying is that in every decision making process in your life, my family, we have to start filtering these thoughts to what the Holy Spirit is telling us.

Because if not, we’re going to pay the price and we’re going to pay the consequences. Nothing that’s done in the dark is not going to come out in the light. You may think you’re getting away with it, with man. Hey, man is easy to fool, okay? But there’s a God up there that’s right in that room when you’re doing the things that you shouldn’t do. There’s a God up there that’s right in that place that you’re doing the things that you know that you should not be doing.

And notice that in everything that I’m talking about, I’m saying we, us. Because me included. How many times have I not been in positions in my walk where I made the wrong. And look how Satan works? And brother Chris, this is not how it works. That the same way the devil comes at you and tempts you to fall into that sin, then he starts to mock you after you fall.

Absolutely. So he’ll start telling you, be careful. Don’t make that right choice, because this will happen. But as soon as you make that choice, he flip flops. I can’t believe you did that. And now you want to. Oh, now you want to seek it. I get it. I see how you roll and then you become more distant from. So it’s. It’s a cycle, right? Chris, what do you think on, I mean, one of the greatest tools that we can never get too good in is learning the tactics of the enemy, because he is so slimy, low down, and he has no mercy on anybody.

He truly wants to steal, kill, and destroy. And what Tali was just talking know, if we do fall into temptation, he wants to keep us in the failure and not be part of the restoration. The Holy Spirit wants to restore us. The Holy Spirit wants to stretch his hand out and say, my son, my daughter, let’s walk together. We can overcome this. Let’s just go by what the word of God says, and I’ll be here with you.

And just like you said, tally, the enemy will just tear you down, make you feel like a piece of crap, make you feel like you’re not worthy. He’s not going to keep forgiving you and all that stuff. So understanding the tactics of the enemy is super important. And then the other thing, too, is most of you guys are never going to have the opportunity, probably, to screw up as many years as I did, because it wasn’t until eight years ago that the Lord’s like, are you done screwing around? And he started repositioning me and my understanding, and it got me in the word a whole lot more.

And this is why I just want to say to you, as encouragement, I look at my life and the amount of years that I wasted. How many more lessons could I have learned? How many more things could I have been prepared for? How much better of a testimony could I have had? And so when you’re spending time kind of in this, on the fence, halfway between sin, halfway between the kingdom of God, I just want to encourage you.

You want the opportunity to have as many lesson opportunities as you can possibly get, because that’s what prepares us for what’s coming. And just look around. Crap’s coming, and we want to be prepared. 100%, brother. 100%. It’s a shame how many times we’ve allowed the devil to play with us. The reason we’re talking about this is, and I repeat again, it’s not because we think we’re better than you.

On the contrary, it’s because we ourselves go through this. We. We go through it on a daily basis. I also want to say those on YouTube, thank you for being here. Thank you, Kimmy, Michael, all of you, sherry, Candice, every single one of you on YouTube, thank you for being here. If you have any prayer requests, we’re going to get to prayers later on, so we can write them down and pray for them as well.

But we’ve been there one thing that we do in boxing and then we’ll get to some discussions, is boxing, for some people can be boring because it’s a repetitious drill. And sometimes when I’m in there and I’m doing drills and I’m with Pastor Lou as an example, and we’re drilling something, we’re doing the same thing over and over and over again. He puts different conditions on there so that I know what to do, when to do it.

And sometimes, even though I know what to do because I see the way of escape, you think, you know better. You think, oh, I’ll outsmart this one. And you fall right back again. The lesson is going to happen next week again. And then it’s going to happen the other week again. Then it’s going to happen the other week again. So at some point in time, family, what we want for you in your walk is for you to know that, number one, Jesus Christ is there for you.

Right? He’s there for you. You have the father, just like with the prodigal son, while his son was yet a far way off, he had compassion, right? So if you’ve fallen today, if you’ve fallen into lust, if you’ve fallen into addictions, if you’re falling into pornography, right, if you’re falling into rage, unforgiveness, these are none of these things that I am mentioning to you. Are any of us immune to, okay.

But there comes a point in time where we hit that end of the road where a choice has to be made, and we got to make it. Okay? We got to make it. Brother Esteban, as we’re going to go to talk about this, can you share, brother Esteban, a moment when you’ve had an issue and what the issue sort of was, right? And was it easy to make that choice or not? And why? Go ahead, Esteban.

Well, brother Esteban unmutes. Let’s see if he’s going to unmute. If not, we’ll go to someone else. But I’m sorry. Can you hear me now? I hear you, brother. Go for it, brother. I’m sorry. I thought for some reason, I was thinking you unmute me. I apologize, bro. You don’t ever have to apologize, man. We’re family. How are you doing, by the way? You doing good? I’m making it.

I’m making it. Hello, brother Chris, sister Heidi. Love you guys very much, man. I just want to say, when you were sitting there speaking, and so was brother Chris, I literally was just sitting here saying, because you had said that how many times have we allowed the enemy to run the okie doke essentially on us? Especially when you said, oh, you’ve already done it, now you want to go and seek God.

And I tell you, it’s almost frightening. But I said to myself the other day, why is it getting harder to repent? And that just hit me. And brother Chris, he has mentioned one corinthians 1013 about taking that way of escape, because we know God does not tempt us. So, man. Yeah. Can you talk a little bit about that, esteban, about repentance becoming harder? And thank you for being so vulnerable and mentioning it, because there are people listening to this that are feeling probably what you’re feeling.

And if we don’t talk about it, we’re never going to be able to learn with each other. Tell me a little bit about that. As I have struggled and failed to live a godly, pure life as a single man, more times than I care to count. And the repenting, seeking prayer, there are times when that’s really gotten more, harder and harder to do. So what I would do in order to not feel guilt and shame, and most of all feel like a hypocrite is avoid the Lord.

Like, maybe wait five days and then go to God and ask for his forgiveness. And. Yeah, and I was just sitting here, brother Tally, when you were talking, and brother Chris said we could never, ever be well versed enough as to know the tactics of the enemy. Guilt, shame, hypocrisy. I have said it in my own church. Sundays are the worst day of the week for me, because I know that Monday through Saturday, I have not lived like I have professed like I’m doing on Sundays.

And I have gotten real tired of that feeling that way. I mean, I literally have to drag myself to church some Sundays. I really do, because I’m like, what am I doing here? Where was I just at last night? What was I looking at? What was I doing? Who was I talking to? I have no choice but to be honest, because I’m trying to let you all know that this spiritual war is real.

Yeah. I’m very grateful that you’re being transparent about it, first and foremost. Again, let me tell you, I’m grateful that you’re being transparent on it, because it’s one of those things that we go through. Esteban, here’s some tidbits just to share with you, okay? And that is that this is something that all of us, on a daily basis step on, are going to go through these battles. Man.

Do you remember Adam and Eve after they fell, the first reaction, hide. Right? They went to hide. Now God knew where they were. None of their locality was a surprise to God. He was asking where they were because that’s typically the response that we do when we fall, when we do something that we know we shouldn’t do, when we do something that God is warning us not to do.

It’s typical, that reaction, to run away, to hide, to go in shame and to do all of that. Here’s the best advice I can give you, brother Stevon, is what is it about going to church on Sunday that you feel so awesome about? What is it about? Like what experience on it is it? And how can we take that experience? Right? No, I don’t feel awesome. I don’t feel awesome is what I’m not.

Even. When you go to church on Sunday, you said when you went and then you knew that when you left you had to live. So you don’t feel at all? Nothing. No. What I’m saying is a lot of Sundays, not all. Okay? A lot of Sundays, it is the worst day of the week because I know that Monday through Saturday, I have not lived like I am professing what I believe on.

And, okay, I’m going to ask you a question that I asked myself, Esteban. All right, so this is some self examining. And I do it for myself all the time in boxing. If I’m getting caught with the same punch, right, there are times that I’m in there and Lou’s going to hit me, right? But he doesn’t hit me hard. He’s tapping to probe and it gets to a point that he goes, come on, right? Block.

Put your hand up. Right? We’re all going to, at some point in time, stumble. We all will step on. Okay. There comes a point in time when you realize we talked about a couple of weeks ago about the vulnerabilities, right? Finding what the devil is using to attack you and learning how to escape it and block it. Has the holy spirit convicted you on what steps you can make, simple steps to make sure that from here on out, not saying that you’re not going to get tempted Monday through Sunday because it’s going to happen.

Okay? But that it could take your relationship with God to a new level, right? Where now you’re playing that defense that I’m talking about when I’m boxing now I’m bobbing my head. Now I’m not just staying there. Before, I used to be like this. No, now I’m moving. Now I understand that there’s offense coming my way. And I’m going to proactively be moving, making sure that I’m dogging, dipping, doing what I have to do.

What I’m saying, Esteban, is I’ve been in your shoes. And there’s sometimes that all of us, at some point in time, are there again. Okay, so like Rob said on the chat, welcome to the club. Okay, but what can you do starting now, Esteban, to say, you know what, I’m taking the way of escape. What can you do? Starting you. Not you. Commit with me or any of us.

No. Commit with God. What can you say? God, I’m tired of this. I’m taking the next week to do this. What do you think it is? Well, before I answer that, I just want to say I’ll answer know part of it, at least for now. Because, by the way, I’ve done boxing, mma, jiu jitsu, and please don’t take this the wrong way, but I would love to spar you one day, brother tally, but because I’ve been getting hit with that same old punch again, as a single man who has struggled or who I don’t believe I have the gift of singleness, getting hit with that same punch.

First of all, that’s a great analogy. And at the very least, and I mean starting because you asked a very good question. And the reason why it’s a good question is because I got to be honest with you, brother, it’s making me a little uncomfortable, but I appreciate it. At the very least, to use a boxing analogy is, number one, keep my hands up. And to start moving, I got to learn how to start moving.

Because brother Chris, the last couple of weeks that we have spoken, he has talked about taking that way of escape, and I’ve not done it because either I’m stupid and I want to get hit, or I think it’s not going to be that bad. And then it’s like, well, okay, that punch hurt because I’ve fought and I’ve sparred before. And I don’t know if you’ve experienced this, brother Tally, but you ever spar someone or fight someone and you don’t respect their power per se, meaning they hit harder than you thought they got.

We got. Listen to Stefan. If you’re a fighter, okay, you know this. Okay, listen, there’s been time that I’m in the ring, and if I’m not moving like I’m supposed to move, Lou will say, hey, what are we going to do, right? Because he needs to make sure that you can defend yourself to be in there and here’s Stefan. God has a purpose for your life, man. God has a calling for your life.

God has a desire to use you in ways that you probably can ever even have imagined in your life, okay? And I believe that that conviction that God is putting in your heart, he wants you to follow through with it. I know that you’re single. I know that you’re going through those temptations. But this is why the Bible verse clearly says, okay, I mean, brother, listen, I have an autistic daughter and I know this is some TMI information here for some people, but my daughter, she has a pituitary gland issue where she has been on her period since she was four or five years old, okay? So the temptations that someone who is 14, 1516 going through that they’re going through at those age when hormones start kicking in and stuff, she’s been experienced that she was 5678, 910 years old.

I remember my daughter coming to me crying, dad, why am I thinking this? Dad, why is this happening? Dad, why is this going? And now I admire her strength. I admire her strength because the one thing that her and I go through is one corinthians 1013, there has no temptation. It doesn’t say some. It doesn’t say no temptation taken, you exit. It’s common to man. So God is just telling you, listen, whether you’re autistic or whether you have anger problems, whether you like alcohol, whether you like to smoke some reeds book, right? Whether you are attracted to an opposite sex because you’re attracted to that, or whether you’re a person who just loves being a horror monger and you just like to be with a different women.

Doesn’t matter what it is. He’s leveling the playing field, brother. Okay? And this level playing field means, listen, I don’t care what you going through. I know your story is different from my story, every story. But what God is saying is such as is common to man. That means that that same urge that you’re feeling because you’re in those temptations, because you’re single, a person who’s an alcoholic may be feeling that same temptation towards that alcohol.

If I’m prone to lust and I just like lusting because I’ve been lusting since I was little, I’m going to have that same wave and that same temptation, right? That’s why we cast down those imaginations that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God. And we’re not going to believe that anymore. Another thing is that I’m not one of those, name it, claim it, that believe that you just speak.

I had a person who I knew that if I told him I had a headache, he would say, no, you had a headache. No, I got a headache, man. He’s like, no, you had a headache and it left 5 seconds ago. Listen, we got to be realistic of it, okay? So the Creflo dollar method didn’t work. It didn’t work. I still had a headache. But I do like the fact that we have to at the very least speak life.

Not in the way the prosperity gospel does it, or these people. No, but we have to at the very least say, you know what? This week is going to be better. In the name of Jesus Christ. This week I am going to make sure that I take everything to the word of Jesus Christ. Devil, you are a liar. And start speaking life and start playing worship songs in your house and change the music that you listen to on your Spotify.

Change the music we listen to on the radio. I’m telling you, man, the temptation you’re feeling, I know it feels huge because you’re living it and we’re not in your shoes, but it’s the same wave and temptation that we’re all succumbing to, right, Chris? What do you think, Chris? Am I wrong on mean? I could be wrong on that, but I’m just sharing. You put the spotlight at the right points.

We all face these temptations. But the great thing is he gives a way of escape every time. And so if we ever try to say, no, that’s not true, we’re really saying the word of God’s a lie. And it’s not. It’s just that we love our sin. We want to do our sin and we have to get over that desire to want to do the sin less and serve God more.

So we have to make that transition. But one thing came to me, brother, is you said five days would go by without being in the presence of the Lord because you feel guilty or whatever. And I think this is what the Lord wants you to think about, that. Imagine that you go to the playground and the father and the young boy, the father tells the young boy, do not climb to the top of that swing set.

You can get on the chair and I’ll push you back and forth, but don’t climb up to the top because you’re going to fall and you’re going to hurt yourself. And so the boy goes on the swing, he falls off the swing, skins his knee, runs to his father. Dad, dad, I hurt my knee. Then an hour or half hour later, the dad has his back turned for a minute, witnessing to somebody.

And the boy climbs up to the top where he was told not to go and falls off and skins his knee. He still runs to the father, and the father still wants to embrace him. So think about that. When you sin and you don’t feel like the father wants you for five days, that’s a lie from hell. The Lord is there and wants to comfort you and wants to strengthen you.

This is the attitude that he wants us to have. I don’t care if it takes you ten times, 15 times, 20 times, 100 times, I don’t want you giving up on trying. And eventually I will strengthen you enough. If you keep depending on me, you will be an overcomer. Amen. That’s where we have to put our faith, because it’s true and it. Chris, brother Chris. Yes. What you mentioned right now, depending on me, I think many times we fail because our dependence on God, and again, we’re using words like we are us, because as we’re talking to you on YouTube or Zoom, we’re not better than you.

No, we’re telling you. I noticed that when we depend on our strength, man, do we ever fail. But we got to depend on his strength. This is why when a thought comes through, right, Chris and brother Stefan, listen, I love you, man, because you’re being transparent about what you’re going through. When a thought comes through, we got to take that thought and say, here you go. Yes, go ahead.

I want to fully answer your question because, again, it kind of made me uncomfortable because you asked, what are you doing? Because I mentioned church and someone told me, and like I said, praise the Lord. It’s not every single Sunday, praise the Lord for that. But it is a lot of Sundays. And I told somebody that, and I’d been saying this for years, and he said, well, keep going.

That’s number one. That’s number one to keep going and pushing through. So that’s how I kind of, I guess, I don’t want to say cope or deal with it, but it’s to still keep trying to move because it’s not always easy. Again, you use such a, this is going to sound, but you using that boxing analogy, and no disrespect or offense to any other pastors or ministers, but that boxing analogy, really, no pun intended, really hit me in the face because that’s just something that I can relate and understand, and I’ve been taken.

Yeah, well, God loves you, Esteban. And when we pray tonight, we want to pray with this and know this, Esteban, that there’s no one in here who can look at you and say that they themselves have not been at the same point. It takes a lot of guts to admit it. The questions are to challenge you, because these are the questions that I myself ask of myself every day.

There are decisions that sometimes come across my table as a ministry. There are decisions that sometimes come across, on an example, a sponsorship or something that can come, that can drastically change things. Right? According to what it says in the temporary. But that’s what the devil wants us to do. He wants us to make decisions that will give us instant gratification. Okay? But we’re preparing to endure. So as you’re preparing to endure any decision, whether it’s ministry, whether it’s family, whether it’s a woman, that looks great to you at 04:00 but then at nighttime, you’re like, oh, whatever it is, listen, man, take these thoughts captive.

Take them to Jesus. And when you’re failing or you feel like you need something on the website, we’re there for you always, Estabon. We’re no better than you, man. Just keep going. Speaking of the website, speaking of the website, I can’t seem to get in, so I’m going to put my email in the chat. I don’t know. Can you send me a reset password link or something so I can be able to get in, if you don’t mind? Got you.

I got you, brother. I’ll do that. And also, just to let everybody know, on YouTube, there’s been some prayer requests. I have them written down. I have Rebecca for physical healing. Michael Brown, he’s gone through a lot. Also a little bit sick. Jacqueline, for healing. There’s a lot of different prayers coming through, so I’m writing them all down. If you’re on YouTube, don’t think that we’ve forgotten about you.

We’re here on Zoom talking, but we have both options. So for those that don’t feel comfortable coming to Zoom, you can stay on YouTube. That’s fine. You can interact. We can chat there. But if you come to zoom, that’s perfect as well@tfgministries. com. That way you have both options, and that’s a blessing. I put my email in there, brother Tally, and thank you. Awesome, brother. What’s up, Chris? Heidi’s writing them down, too.

I know sometimes with you talking and all that, it can get a little overwhelming. So she’s being your backup. Hey, I just wanted to throw out there too. And tally and I talked about this a while back. Our mission is to prepare everybody that is on these calls to be able to disciple others, to be able to give advice to others. And so when we have something come up, like Esteban brought up, ask the Lord if there’s something that he wants you to comment in this situation, because if we start making ourselves available to the Lord, Lord, I want to participate.

I want to be used by you. I want to have the sensitivity of the Holy Spirit. It may be a good way, especially for those of you that are a bit on the shy side. Even if you don’t speak, at least you’re like, wow. I know the Lord wants me to say this maybe next week, but inquire and ask if the Lord has something he wants you to say in that situation.

Amen. Amen. That is a very nice way of saying I need to shut up. And I totally agree. And I love you for it, Brother Chris. No, I’m just messing with you. I’m just messing with you. You’re awesome, man. No. So it’s a blessing. It’s good to see. Here we have Shannon. God bless you, Shannon. Thank you for being here, sis. Michelle, Sarita, Lynette, Rob. Rob. He wants to be here.

He’ll be here next week, hopefully. He’s been a lot of work that he’s got on his plate. We got falling world, Tim. He’s got from falling world films. He’s been such a good help when it comes to we’re making a documentary, and he’s been awesome. You know what I mean? The Mezza family, brother Tino, Crystal, Tiana, sister Candice, Christina, and Shoshana. What about anyone else in this zoom call? How are you guys feeling? How’s everyone doing? Michelle, how’s everything been going with your.

Everything? How are you doing? I’m very stressed and overwhelmed, but God is. Yeah, it’s been very stressful, very overwhelming. And, yeah, I’m just kind of like. I don’t know. Every day I ask God, I’m like, okay, God, I know you brought me to this job for a reason. And there have been moments where I could see it, where now I’m just like, there’s just a lot of stuff going on and the workload is just getting to be too much.

So it’s like, I’m getting really anxious these days, and some days I can’t even sleep. Or if I sleep, I wake up at, like, four, three, and I’m like, just a lot of stress every day. I’m always like, okay. I know I wasn’t given a spirit of fear, power, love, sound mind. But yeah, it’s just very overwhelming at work these days and a lot of people are because I guess I have this thing where people like confiding in me.

I don’t know why, but people will love to tell me things. It was interesting because this one lady I’ve been working with since I started working at this job, 2011, she’s like Michelle. She’s like, I’m very anxious and I’m just like, me too. I go, I’m feeling the same thing. And she’s like, I know you’re a woman of prayer. Can you pray? And she’s not a believer of Christian at all.

So maybe those are the moments, that’s why I’m there. But some days this whole week, because I have a huge kind of training session and it’s just been taking just the life out of me. So it’s just been very overwhelming. So could definitely use some prayer for this week for the remainder of the week. Absolutely. Michelle, I can tell you the past two weeks for me has been rough.

Know, and I also know, at least on my end, all of us are facing this. All of you are facing this as well. There’s a lot of talks of so many different things, of layoffs as an example. Right. And as these talks are increasing, it’s funny because as all these talks are increasing, more and more sponsors are reaching out. It’s the craziest, I’m telling you. It’s just like I said, the way of escape, how the enemy likes to work.

But they all reach out with a caveat. Right. It’s never just, hey, we’ll support you and you, whatever. No, it’s never that. So it’s been really hard on my end dealing with the workplace tension that sometimes arises. But like you said, it gives you the ability to reach people even as intimidating as it is. Right. You’re still there, Michelle, and God is still using, you know, that’s the craziest know.

Yeah. And it’s interesting because I work for the. So, which is very bureaucratic. It’s becoming very woke, if you all know what I mean. Oh, wow. Okay. A lot of agendas are. And I do training, I’m a trainer, so a lot of training and things on agendas and I’m like, lord, do you really want me here? What am I going to do? What am I going to say? But yeah.

So it’s getting pretty tough. The fire. The fire. You’re a trainer too. You’re a trainer. That’s no joke. I oversee education, so it’s very interesting place for me to. No, no, I get it, Michelle. It’s so hard. And, Michelle, I’ll let you know this. If you ever need anything in terms of if you’re going through something, I know that you’re a lady, you’re a sister. If you want to confide in another sister, Sister Heidi, Chris’s wife, she’s perfect for that stuff.

Because I know sisters got to talk to sisters and brothers got to talk to brothers. Some things that brothers can’t tell a sister and sisters can’t tell a brother because some lines just know that if you’re ever at a point that if you need know, when we say that you’re our know in Jesus’name. Know that you’re a family member in Jesus’name. And you can easily, easily hit her up, she’ll get on a zoom with you, pray with whatever you need.

Michelle, just know that you’re not going through this alone. This is a hard battle. These are hard, hard times. But these are moments that are preparing know, these moments are preparing us for the many things that are going to be coming. Right. But through it all, through it all, we go back to the fact that choosing that way of escape is always going to be the best way.

But don’t think you got to do it alone, Michelle. We got your back, all right? You got a really good heart. And like I said, I know you got things you got to talk to another sister about. Sister Heidi’s perfect for that. We got other sisters here. Sister Shannon, Sarita. We can all get together and get you all to talk, and we’ll figure something out. So don’t think that you’re alone.

I just want you to know that because you’re a teacher, too. You’re a teacher. So when you’re a teacher, when you’re in that position, and even just here, I find I’m the person everybody goes to confides in. But I always have trouble saying, hey, I’m struggling. I always have trouble. But everyone can come to me, and that’s fine. But I’m always kind of like, oh, yeah, I’m struggling.

Yeah. And it’s just hard for me to articulate it for some reason. I don’t. You. I got you. I totally understand it. And just know that. And this goes for you and for anyone who’s watching this on YouTube as well. If you’re in a position that you’re struggling and you say, listen, I need to talk to someone. Right. I personally, I’m working from morning tonight. Right. But brother Chris and Heidi, they got all the time in the world to meet with you on zoom.

And this is no cost, no nothing. There’s nothing. It’s all. We just want to make sure that you know that you don’t have to go through this walk by yourself, and that we love you. And until you find the local assembly, that we’re there for you, to the best of your ability. You got this, Michelle. I believe in you. All right, thank you. All right. And we believe in Jesus, so that’s even better.

So. Got our back. That’s what’s keeping me going every day. Hey, Chris. How you doing, Chris? Hope you’re doing good, Chris. Thanks for passing by, man. On YouTube. God bless you, Chris. We got a few more prayer requests as well. You want me to give them to you, Heidi, or you got them? I think I’ve got most, but I appreciate the. All right, awesome, awesome. Okay, cool. Sister Sarita, how are you doing? How are you holding up? You would call on me? Got to call on you.

Well, I’ve been kind of wanting to say something, but kind of holding back because it seems like I talk a lot. Talk. Go for it. So even today at my work, I literally had a thought and emotion, great strong feeling. I work at a grocery store as a cashier, and in my peripheral vision, I thought this next person was somebody that I knew, and it was just the enemy.

And as you’re talking about this, my way of immediate escape before I looked up, because I knew the thought, the emotion, the feeling was not of the Lord, I immediately, under my breath, just said, no, I don’t receive it. I come against this. This is not of the Lord. This is not what I want. This is not what I’m looking for. And of course, it immediately went away.

And I looked up, and that person wasn’t who I thought it would have been. And being a widow, I’m at times very lonely. And I do have some men friends. And now is not the time in my heart, or it’s just not the time for me to be in that realm trying to find a man or anything like that. And so I knew that the thought and that strong feeling and emotion that came over me was not from the Lord.

So I think in the midst of our conversation and what we’ve been talking about with the. Our way of escape sometimes is like what Chris always says, cast down those imaginations. But sometimes it’s literally speaking it forth and saying, I don’t want that. Now’s not the time in God’s timing. If it’s his will for me to be with someone, it’ll be the right time, it’ll be the right moment, and everything will be the way it should be.

Not like that immense feeling and emotion coming over me when it wasn’t even the person that was trying to come into my. So I praise the Lord that he is helping me to see how to fight through these things. And I think you’re right when you say, brother Tally, that he is preparing us for what is coming. That’s awesome to hear from you, Sarita. You fought a lot and you have a lot on your plate as a widow.

And it’s a lot that you got to go through every day. Just getting up is my. When my chihuahua passed, just getting up. I mean, the barks that would. Once, I would be like, can you be quiet now I’m missing them. Everything is completely different when that thing that you were used to is no longer there. So the acclimation that you got to acclimate to that. Give yourself some break as well, Sarita, because not everyone can go through that.

And again, you know this already because you’re part of our website, but we’re there for you always. We got your back. Is this fight that we’re facing, these battles that we’re facing, if we do them by ourselves, we’re going to fail. But if we depend by his holy spirit, by his power, there’s something amazing that happens. I’ll tell you what. Some days I am as weak as I can be in the natural.

And that’s when I just depend on him and his strength in the spiritual realm. And I’ll tell you what, those are some of my best days when I’m thinking to myself, man, how am I going to do all this, man? All of this news, you go to one meeting, bad news. Another meeting, bad news. Another meeting, bad news. Another meeting, bad news. And your head’s spinning everywhere. And it’s a lot, but you got this, Serita, all right? And I’m so proud of you for sharing that.

And you’re doing it, sis. You’re doing. Know, I just know it’s hard. Like I said, losing a loved one is hard. But you’re not alone. Let us know. You got a puerto rican son. Know, whatever you need. We got your back, all right? And we care for you. A. You’re awesome. You’re awesome. We got my brother Lou here. Brother Lou, you got a mic. He should have a mic.

Can you hear me? Yes, my brother. What’s up, man? Good. Can you hear me? I hear you, bro. I hear you, man. I’m driving, so I hope it’s not like Echoey. No, it actually sounds perfect, man. Just to catch you up, we’ve been talking about when temptations hit us, how God gives us a way of escape, and how when God gives us that way of escape, sometimes intimidation in the spiritual realm, oppression from the enemy will come.

And sometimes it’ll try to discourage us from making that right decision, that we know it’s the right decision. Yet the enemy is always trying to get us not to escape. Right? But God has given us that way of escape via his holy spirit and his power. You work with the youth all the time over there in the gym. What’s the best advice you would give if someone in the youth came to you today with that which they do every day, but we work at all levels.

I said it today when we did our podcast that we work from five year old. My oldest client, you know, Robert, he’s 76 years old, so there’s nothing uncommon to man that we all go through. What have we been talking to the youth about? The last week and a half has been this thing of what do the scriptures say? So the scriptures tell us that the enemy has been.

How’s the best that I could say? Because I know it in Spanish and it’s decibel hole. And that means he’s been stripped of his power. So the enemy is just a liar and all the enemy can do it. Says that the enemy prowls around like a roaring lion. So what is a roaring lion? Only one that makes a lot of noise. But we serve a conquering lion. And so the enemy has been defeated.

And so the empowerment that he gives us through having faith in Jesus and having faith in the blood, in the spirit that lives within us. Almighty God coming to live within us, when you recognize that identity, well, then that’s the authority that has been inherited to us. He says, I give you all authority over every scorpion, over all the power, not some of the power, not a minuscule, not a smidget, but all the power of the enemy.

So it’s really your identity. How do you see yourself? Because if you see yourself small, like the children of Israel saw themselves small when they went to go spy out the land. We see the giants, but we are like grasshoppers in their sight. But Caleb piped up because he had a different spirit within him. And he said, hold up, God already said, God is with us. So if God be.

What does the scripture say? So if God before us, then who could be against us? I don’t fear the one who could just kill the body. I fear the one who could kill the body and the soul. And that’s God. So God is the only one who’s really the one you should fear? Not in the sense of, okay, I’m scared of God, but there should be a godly fear.

And you serve him the enemy. All he can do, all he can do is pipe up and tell you, oh, you’re not worthy. Look at what you did. Look at what you’ve done in the past. Oh, you messed up again. It’s like Pharaoh. What did Pharaoh do? Pharaoh has hard, got hard because the children of Israel, he let them go. They’re gone. They’re not coming back. And that’s how the devil is man.

They’re not coming back. So I’m going to try to corner them. I’m going to try to get them to be frazzled. And that’s what happened to the children of Israel. They were stuck at the Red Sea and stuck there, not trusting God. And we begin to murmur, children of Israel and people today, we start to complain and murmur. And God’s like, why are you murmuring? Watch. Watch me deliver.

Watch me save you. Watch me pull you out of every single thing. This is why Jesus says that he could, or the scriptures say about Jesus, that he could secure or he could save anyone from the outermost parts because he was tempted at all points and did not sin. That same spirit that lived in Jesus comes to live in us. And what does it do? It gives us the power to overcome temptation, to overcome sin, to overcome those things.

So when we tell these Youth, when we tell these young people, when we tell parents, because we work with everybody and they all deal with things, I mean, we all deal with stuff, but we should look at from a place of victory. We have the victory. Not anything that I did, not anything of my own. But there is this. I boast in the Lord. I’m not boasting in my own power, but I boast in the Lord.

God saved me. It’s like psalm 34 says, I sought the Lord and he heard me and he delivered me. It says, actually, he delivered me from all of my fears. He sent his word in psalm 107. And it healed me and delivered me from my self destruction, from my own destruction. I don’t know if I grew up in the 80s. There’s a song that says, you’re headed for self destruction.

And I was headed for self destruction. And he saved me from out of that place. So he can deliver. He can deliver you out of anything. It’s us turning to that. When temptation comes, when things come. No, I’m going to give to prayer right now. This is why he says, pray and watch. Watch and pray. Don’t go to sleep now. I’m not telling you. You don’t go to sleep.

Yeah, everybody has to physically sleep. But many times we go to sleep, meaning we close off to that. And God is telling us, jesus is telling us, even in Gethsemane, watch and pray. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. The spirit is willing to do it. But sometimes, like you said, I get tired. In my day, I’m physically tired. What happens like today in sparring man, what did you tell yourself physically, I’m not going to clam up today.

I’m going to punch through. I’m going to punch through. I’m going to try harder. You have to, you have to purpose that. But that’s a spiritual thing that you did in your spirit. You said, in your spirit, I’m going to do this. And then now what does it do? It manifests in the physical. And so that’s our everyday life. Our everyday life is being led by the spirit.

The Bible says all those who are led by the spirit are the children of God. So being led by the spirit of God will manifest a physical outpour in your life where you’re overcoming things on a daily basis. I know I probably spoke too long. I don’t know, but I would encourage. I appreciate it, brother, you know I appreciate it. I would encourage everyone. I would encourage everyone.

That’s why I’m not saying, hey, go box or whatever, but that’s why physical fitness is great, because you can actually tap into your spiritual and actually tell yourself, what did David do? David had to encourage himself in the Lord. He had to encourage himself. He had to speak the word into his life. This is why it says in the book of deuteronomy, this is why it says also in the New Testament, the word is what? Naive.

I don’t have to go up to heaven to go get it. I don’t have to go down to the earth to go get it. I don’t have to go down the street. I don’t have to go buy it at the store. The word is naive. The is with me this word of faith that we preach trust and believe that God is able to deliver you out of every aspect, no matter what the enemy tries to do.

Amen. Amen. You got me preaching already. Hey, man, you know how it is, man. I love you, brother. I love you a lot, man. And I love what you’re doing with community, man. It’s always a blessing. And it’s one of those things, brother, like you and I talk every day about the battles that we have today. In these conversations that we’ve all had, we’ve talked about temptations that are on the daily level.

We’ve talked about temptations in the workplace, right? We’ve taught temptations in ministry, temptation in life, temptation in marriage, temptation in all of those aspects. But the beautiful part about everything is that aspect in Hebrews 414 through 16, right? For we have not a high priest which cannot be touched with the feelings of our infirmities, but was in all points tempted like we are, yet without sin, right? So he understands what we go through.

So if you’re struggling, know, and you heard brother Lou, you heard brother Chris, you heard all of us talk about these things. Know that you can come to Jesus, okay? And he will restore you and he will give you that strength and he will give you that courage. And he wants to. That’s his, the, he’s not in the business, right? So what does the Bible say? He doesn’t take pleasure in the death of the wicked.

That all man would come to repentance or he’s patiently waiting. That all man would repent and turn. That’s his will. If we want to know God’s will, just open the scriptures and you’ll know God’s heart. And then you make that your heart, God. Whatever this word says is now what I want. I’m going to put all my inhibitions aside. I’m going to put all my things aside and whatever you want, which is in your word.

And then the spirit empowers us to live that word out. Once you get a hold of that, I think it’s a thing of. Again, I’m not trying to sound like some cocky or whatever, but it’s invincibility. What could man do to me? What can devil you can? I don’t know if you could pull it up first John, because I don’t have my thing on me. First John, chapter five, verse 18.

First John. Little John, first John 518. And I think the sister and read it in our last meeting when we were talking about sinning, not, and all those things. Let me see, is it, we know one John 518. We know that everyone who has been born of God does not keep on sinning, but he who was born of God protects them and the evil one does not touch him.

So it’s like Mc Hammer, it’s like MC Hammer right now. You can’t touch me. You can’t touch me. Now this is why you have to keep watch. Because if you don’t live by the spirit and you allow a foothold, this is why he said, don’t let a foothold come. Then you allowing sin and all, then you give a doorway for the devil. But, man, that’s why you keep yourself.

You keep yourself, you keep watch. You keep watch. That’s why it’s a daily thing. You die to yourself, you, you die to yourself. Wills your, your self inhibitions. And Lord, I’m following your word. I’m going to follow what you say. And sometimes, hey, this is difficult. Maybe a confronting something, a situation, maybe unforgiveness, maybe a bitterness, whatever the case may be. But you know what, Lord? I trust you and I trust your word.

And it says, happy is them that does this word. Happy are those who do this word. Because when you start to know God’s will and that’s his word, and then you don’t do it, what the scripture said, you’re going to get many lashes for that. But happy is that person that does that work. And so let us not just be a hearer of the word, but a doer of the word.

And that means applying it in our life every day to every situation. There is a scripture for every situation in your life, guaranteed. God has not left it like, vague for you. It’s getting in his word and meditating on that word. And then stayed up. Prayed up. I mean, what did I say to you this morning when we walked into the gym? I said, pray without ceasing. Pray without ceasing, without stopping.

There’s two things. Pray without ceasing and rejoice always. God is good, man. Pray without ceasing and rejoice always. God is good and rejoice always. In the coin of Greek, happens to be the shortest verse. Not Jesus wept, but that rejoice always. So we always should be rejoicing. We always should be prayed up. And what does it say that we are able to put the body under submission. This is why Paul says, I buffet my body.

I put it under submission. So when I preach, I’m not a castaway, I’m not know someone, just, I preach this word, but I don’t practice it. You have to practice it. And there’s victory. Victory. And then you’ll see it in the fruits of people. You’ll see it in the fruits. That’s why you see these kids flourishing. When you come to the gym and you ask them and you say, hey man, how’s it going? Oh man, I’m getting on fire for God.

I’m getting closer to God. I’m learning God, man, I’m getting victory in my life. I’m overcoming addiction, I’m overcoming this. I’m overcoming hatred of my parents. I’m starting to listen. That’s why you see that, because they’re starting to understand their identity in Christ, man, I probably went too long, but man, you’re good, man. I appreciate you, brother. And I know you’re busy too. You got a lot of stuff.

I always got love for you, bro. I appreciate it, you sharing all these things. And it’s a blessing for everyone who’s listening to this, who’s been seeing this on Zoom or wherever aspect you’re watching this. It’s just a great reminder that we need Jesus Christ now more than ever, guys. We need him now more than ever. Because without him, I don’t know where would we be? We have someone new on here as well.

Not new, but I’m trying to see the name here. 1 second. My eyes are kind of failing me. I love you all come off, so. I love you. Oh, I love you, brother. You’re the man, bro. Love you, bro. No, he’s my brother. Love you a lot, brother Lou. I’ll see you tomorrow for sure, brother. My eyes are failing me a little bit here, but I think it’s the Mesa family.

I haven’t talked to you before. I don’t think I want to see if you can say hello. How you doing? And also what the Mesa family, if they can get on mic, of course. I do want to also send some encouragement to Sister Tracy on YouTube. Her name is. He walks with us everywhere on, you know. Just be encouraged, sister. Keep on doing what you’re doing in the name of Jesus Christ.

All right? God loves you a bunch. He cares for you a bunch. And he loves you a bunch as well. So just know that. All right, brother Chris, anything you have in your heart. Well, I know that you’re going to be getting off a bit early, so you think it’d be a good idea because we have a lot of prayer requests from people that are on YouTube maybe to go through that list now so that if you have to stop that live stream, we can do that first.

Okay. I don’t even know if I got through it all, actually, to be honest with you. Well, maybe you can kind of backstop her tally. If she misses. That’s cool. Writing them down, I can vouch for. I appreciate it. I appreciate it. Thank you, Heidi, and thank you for doing that. And again, family, thanks to everyone for bearing with us. I think the Mesa family came on and I think they have the mic open.

Mesa, you here? Mesa family? Hey. Hello. Hey, how’s it going? It’s going really good. Sorry, we had some audio issues. We were joined from. We had to rejoin the meeting to get the audio to work. That’s cool. That’s cool. We just want to see how you’re doing. How are you feeling? Anything that you have in your heart? We’re doing well, thank you very much. I would say the old radio shows, longtime listeners, first time callers, but we were having a discussion about.

We always find these very encouraging, your meetings and we use them every day in our discussions about the things that are going on. Just a lot of topics that you hit on, touch on things that happen in our life. And so we were just having discussions about that, but we really appreciate it always seems like whenever we’re able to connect that you have things that are just very pertinent to things that are going on in our lives and we know that’s being directed and so we’re just really grateful for it.

And glory to Jesus, man. We’re grateful for you to be here and for all those that are tuning in on YouTube. As know, part of this, like Chris said earlier, is we hope that all of you that are watching this, that you take this and you consider doing the same thing in your community. Having home, church, knocking on a brother, knocking on a sister’s house, talking to someone, finding a way to be able to do what you can wherever you’re know.

For example, Lou was talking about in his gym. In his gym, he preaches to every kid he can preach. If he sees a cockroach, he’ll start preaching to it. He’ll preach to anything and everything that you can find, okay? If you have a neighbor, do it. If you michelle in her job, people are coming to her, do it. Preach to any little thing you can think, know, be inspired, be motivated, you know, because wherever God has put you at Mesa family, wherever God has put all of you that are on YouTube watching this, you’re not just there for being there.

It’s not an accident. You’re there for a purpose. So if you need help establishing something, we want to help you establish that. Our aim last year was to help establish various ministries for the glory of Jesus Christ. Our aim this year is to continue to do the same because family, listen, and I’m not trying to get all dramatic on here, but we’re going to head through times that are coming to earth, right? That God’s going to call you to reach people, right? What if we don’t have Internet someday? What if we don’t have electricity someday? What if we don’t have the things that we have right now, right? If you have those relationships built in your community, you can go preach to that neighbor, you can go preach to that friend, you can go preach to that person that work, right? So just know that we love you guys with all of our heart.

And thank you. Thank you, Mesa family. And know that you’re always welcome here. Okay? Thank you very much. I’ll say, I’ll leave in closing that I trust you with my children, which I don’t trust anybody or anyone’s content with my children. And my wife and I, we talk about that all the time where the videos you produce, literally being comfort. And we trust them with their children as they go to sleep.

So just thank you very much for that. Glory to Jesus, brother. That means a lot. And always hold me accountable. So as you do that, if you ever see that I’m doing something crazy, man, beat me up upside the head, hit me up and then I’ll fix that. Okay? So. And tell your children I said hi to all your children. I said hi in the name of Jesus.

All right, you made their evening. Thank you. Tell them hello. God bless you, buddies. God bless you. What a blessing. What a blessing. Sister Heidi, you want to go through the prayers real quick? I will do my best. And I will say this. I am very grateful for those who have been responding to the prayer requests. Thank you for those prayers that have been put on there. I don’t even want to acknowledge everybody because I don’t want to miss anybody on it.

But I’m grateful for those who’ve been encouragers to know. So, Father God, we love you. We acknowledge you as king of kings and lord of lords. And Lord, you didn’t leave us illegitimate, Lord. We are bought and paid for. Thank you for paying the sin debt to us, Lord God. And may we, Lord God, have the wisdom, Lord, to choose you each and every day for each and every decision that comes along our way.

We give you thanks, Lord, for your mercy. We give you thanks for your love and the future home that you have prepared for those who put their trust in you. We do offer praise to faithful servants, Lord who encourage one another on the prayer line and the texting line. Chat live and Lord, we pray for Esteban, Lord, that he would have a deep love for you, that he would have a love that would be stronger than the temptations that lay before him.

We pray for Kimmy Jo Lord God, that this cancer and the chemo and radiation that will be coming along, that she would have strength, Lord God, to put her trust in you even more. And even though this backslaving that has taken place, Lord, that she would realize that you love her and that you see those with contrite hearts. And we also pray for her ex husband who needs the Lord.

May he have a disdain for the taste of alcohol. May he see what sin does to his life and how you, Lord Jesus, bring light to his life. Pray for Nancy west for her son who’s in prison. Lord, may this young man take to heart, Lord, how much you love him and that he would be able to hear your promptings, that you’re speaking to him and that he would be able to turn away from the words spoken by the enemy.

Pray for Rebecca Bryan healing of wounds on the flesh Lord, that her skin would be healed in your name, Jesus, and that she would continue to have an increased faith in you. Newfound zeal has conviction and anger towards God Father may newfound zeal realize that there have been stories in your word about people that have been angry with you. May they realize that these thoughts are from the enemy and that these thoughts are not of God, that the enemy, Lord wants that to take place.

May new vound seal wrestle against these thoughts and may they submit to you, Lord, and resist them knowing that their thoughts would flee. Pray for Lauren C. With epilepsy to leave in Jesus name. May Lauren’s faith increase in you even more and each day live a day that’s even brighter and more determined to follow after you die. Daily needs prayer Lord, I’m not sure what it is for, but certainly you do.

We pray for your healing touch and growth and faith for die daily. Jacqueline prayer for healing Lord, may you touch Jacqueline in a way that increases her faith. For Victor Perez prayer for Puerto Rico and we have prayer for UK from mum of many. And yes, this world is getting very wicked and we pray that the peoples of this earth would wake up to your calling and promptings placed upon their heart to follow after you, Jesus.

We think of Michelle and the stresses in her job, that she continues to have strength to be a great witness in your name, Jesus. And that she continues, Lord, to shine bright for you even though she may get tired out. And we just pray for wisdom. As many people have been coming to her. They’re drawn to her for a reason. Lord, we ask that wisdom be upon her as she witnesses in your name.

In the place that you have her right now. Leilani attacks on her home and family and for salvation. Lord, we pray that Leilani proclaims your name all throughout her household, Lord. That there would be scriptures that would come to mind. And that they would be spoken in her home. And that if there’s anything that needs to be shut in regards to any open areas, Lord, that the enemy is seeping in that revelation of that would take place.

And that your truth and your light would prevail. Pray for Miriam Nuos lost their home, a boat in which they lived in. And they’re starting over from scratch. Lord God, we do pray for this situation as well. That somehow, some way, Lord God. That a miracle will take place in regarding this and that, Lord, for whatever reason, why this happened, we do not know. But may faith be increased in their family over this.

And may they have the faith of job, Lord, when he lost so many things. We pray also for Cheryl cope. For healing that, Lord, your healing hand would be upon them. And, of course, always want to increase faith. As we go through these trying times. So that we depend on you even more. Pray for Heidi’s dad, Tom, his heart and health. And that the family could work together.

Lord, we do pray for salvation for any lost souls, Lord, in the family. That they would come and be united in you. And that Heidi would be strong to proclaim your name, Lord. And that they would hear your voice, your holy spirit voice, prompting their hearts, father. And also healing from this bacteria infection that she’s experiencing. We ask for your healing touch in that, Father God, we are also in prayer for passion, for yarn.

For health. For daughters Eileen, Maya and grandson Jonathan. Lord, may they come to you. Have them be drawn to you, Father God. In all the different souls that we’ve prayed that don’t know you. That they would just be so drawn to you, Lord. And submit to the Lord. And resist the demonic voices so that they would flee. We’re grateful that we have that promise in your word, Lord.

And that you do make it true when we submit to you and resist the devil. Pray for Mike Bosler. For cerebral palsy depression, Lord God, that there would be strength found in Mike. As he reads your word each and every day. That it brings about a strength that the enemy is scared of. We also think of how the enemy may be trying to play tricks in his mind.

So we ask for increased taking thoughts captive in this situation, Lord, that through this meeting tonight that there would be even more of a desire to have a hunger and thirst for you. Lord Jesus, are you forgiven? Massive blood clots and terminal cancer. Tumor in the abdomen. Lord may, are you forgiven? Please continue to seek you out. And even being so open to share about this, Lord, that death.

Where is your sting? Lord, we are sold out for you. And we would ask Lord, your willingness to heal. But also that an increased strength of having a heart sold out for you, Lord Jesus would be ever present in that home. And that the enemy would have no strongholds there whatsoever. Pray for angel cakes for her and her babies. For salvation. Angel, may you know that the Lord God almighty loves you.

And has brought you to a place here tonight to hear his word spoken. And to hear that you are able to stand on the promises of God. Through all the lovely passages from Kathleen, Elaine and OK. S that were writing those down. They were wonderful promises of the Lord. We are thankful for your love for us, Jesus. And we pray for Louise Duchennes, who has a friend that doesn’t want to leave their life as sin.

Lord God, may that individual be drawn to you. May they realize the price it is to follow after darkness. Lord, may there be somewhat of a awakening for this individual. Please give Louise wisdom as she communicates to this friend, Lord God. And increase the faith of Louise also, Lord, to be a great witness for you to all do. Also pray for hope. Badu, I think prayer request for their sweet dog to walk again.

Sorry to hear about your dog. Pray that this little creature made by God would be able to be healed in Jesus name and shrine. Pray over my class of children every day. They need so much love and support. They come from different backgrounds, Lord. We cannot pick who our parents are when we come into this life. And so oftentimes many are in homes, Lord, that have difficulties right from the very beginning.

They do pray for all the souls, Lord God, that have a rough beginning. That somehow, some way, Lord, that they would experience your true love for them. And that they would come to you. We think of sheree as she ministers to the children. That you would give her wisdom and strength to be an encourager to them. And plant the seeds, Lord, in them. So that they would walk and follow after you.

We love you, Lord Jesus. And Lord, any other requests that I may have missed? Lord, we do ask for your compassion to be upon these and any of them that were missed, Lord, that you know the hearts of those reaching out by faith, Lord, to have it heard in heaven. We lay them at your feet, Lord, and believe in your sovereign way that you will be revealed through answering in various ways these requests.

We love you, Father God. We love you, Jesus. And thank you for the holy spirit in your mighty name, Yeshua. We pray these things. Amen. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. How beautiful is it, family, that in our homes we’re seeking the Lord, right, that we’re trying to do our best here to all come together for Jesus. And it’s a beautiful thing to see that people would even confide in us as much as to ask for us to pray for them.

That’s a big responsibility, right? So if you’re rewatching this and you’rewatching this live stream and you’ve heard of a prayer request, right? Pray for them. Although I do have to close the chat pretty soon because I got to go spend some family time before I go to bed. I do want you guys to know, listen, on our website, we’re trying to come up with an area where it says, are you struggling? All right? So that when you click on it, it opens up a calendar and then there you can book a time so that we can do a zoom with you.

Okay? But that may take a couple of extra weeks for that to happen. So for now, email Brother naptali@gmail. com if you’re struggling and you say, you know what, tally? I wouldn’t mind doing a zoom. I wouldn’t know, getting some prayer. You may not necessarily be with me, but I have helpers, I have colaborers, I have Chris and I have Heidi. So many of us in this room.

As you can see, we care about you, okay? There’s no cost for any of this. There’s none of know. You don’t even have to give us your real name. You can call yourself Sally or Bobby if you want to, but if you need something, just let us know. Brotherniptalia@gmail. com I can pass that over to Chris and Heidi. I work a full time job and a little bit extra to try to sustain things, but they’re retired and they have just.

The bottom line is you’re not alone. Okay? You’re not alone. You have Jesus Christ. And you have us crazy people here, too, for you. What’s up, brother? You’re never retired when you’re serving the know. I know. That is true. I wanted to say something real quick, though, before you cut off. If anybody wants, Heidi wants to start a woman’s group, and Crystal had mentioned she would like to be in one.

And if there’s anybody that’s listening on YouTube, just sign up on the community page and you could friend request Heidi or send some kind of message. And she definitely wants to do that. So let you know. You know what? We’ll make a group today. We can make a group right there. That’s a way Heidi can run it, and that’ll be awesome because I think a lot of sisters need some help, and I ain’t touching that with a ten foot pole.

I can’t. I don’t know how to do it. So we’ll go with our sister Heidi and all of our sisters help each other out. Bottom line is, fam, as you can see, we’re all trying to do the best we can for Jesus Christ and we’re trying to give options. The goal by the end of the year, this is my vision for the end of the year, is by the end of the year, we have a 24/7 livestream on the way, on the page.

So that if you want to watch something, we’re going to have a 24/7 livestream running so that you can, instead of having to watch tv, you can just turn into preachings. And there’s a lot of great preachers that we can put on there that will be some edifying content, right. That if you need help, you can go to the need struggling section. You can get help there, right.

That if your ministry wants need help, we want to help you for free, right? Anything that we can do. By the end of the year, the aim is going to be to continue to help set up ministries, continue to help set up people. And most importantly, this cannot happen if you don’t hold us accountable. That means if you feel that we are at any point in time, are not doing something the way we should, that you come and you say, tally, you’re slipping, brother Chris.

Heidi, you’re slipping. Hey, y’all are slipping. Because, listen, none of us are exempt from the temptations that can hit us. So I got to go because I got to get some ice cream with the daughter. The zoom still is going to be open. And for those that I couldn’t say hi to on zoom, Zane, how you doing, hope, how you doing? Shauna, how you doing, all of you? God bless you guys.

All right. On YouTube. Thank you. Thank you. God bless. You guys are a blessing. Okay. Thank you for making this a place for you to pass by. Each Tuesday, it’s each Tuesday, 06:30 p. m. . Eastern Standard time. All right, thank you, Chris and Heidi, you can take it over from here. All right, brother. Enjoy that ice cream. That’s. .

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