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The STORMS of LIFE Spiritual Warfare – Tuesday Night LIVE (6:30 PM ET)

By: Nephtali1981
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➡ This is a summary of a live YouTube chat that happens every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The host thanks everyone for joining and mentions that they will be discussing the challenges we face in life. They also encourage viewers to participate in worship and remind them that they can make a difference in their communities. The session ends with a song about finding hope and strength in Jesus during tough times.
➡ This text is about a person expressing their faith in Jesus and asking for blessings for everyone listening. They talk about the challenges they face, like storms and floods, but believe in the grace of God to help them through. They also encourage others to follow God’s teachings and make more disciples. They end by thanking everyone for their support and prayers.
➡ The text is about a person named Hope who shares her personal journey of overcoming mental health struggles. She talks about how her faith in God helped her through tough times and how she now uses her experiences to encourage and support others. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on positive things and being grateful, even in difficult situations. The text also discusses the concept of gossip and how to avoid it in conversations.
➡ This text discusses the importance of avoiding gossip and speaking ill of others, especially when they’re not present. It emphasizes that if you’re not part of the problem or solution, it’s best not to talk about it unless it’s for learning purposes. The text also suggests that if you wouldn’t say something about a person if they were present, it’s better not to say it at all. Lastly, it advises that if you’re dealing with a difficult situation, it’s better to address it directly with the person involved rather than discussing it with others.
➡ The text discusses the importance of intention when talking about others. It suggests that it’s okay to discuss someone if it’s to seek advice or share experiences, but it becomes problematic if it’s done to harm or belittle the person. The text also emphasizes the importance of being mindful of our words, as they can easily turn into gossip or slander. It encourages us to let our words be guided by wisdom and kindness, and to avoid speaking ill of others.
➡ The text is about a group of Christians discussing their faith, seeking wisdom from each other, and supporting one another. They emphasize the importance of prayer, self-reflection, and seeking advice from fellow believers. They also express their love and gratitude for God through song. The group encourages each other to share their struggles and offers help to those in need.
➡ The speaker is saying goodbye to several people, including Shelley, Sarah, Zane, Zukay, Roger, Shayna, Tiana, and Chris. They express gratitude and love, and mention they’re leaving the room open for Chris to take over. They also wish everyone to get some rest.
➡ This text is about a group discussing their faith and struggles. They talk about how important it is to keep faith in God, even when things get tough. They share personal experiences of doubt and fear, but also of hope and strength. They encourage each other to stay strong and offer support, showing that faith is not just about belief, but also about community and helping each other.
➡ This text talks about the importance of living in the present and doing our best each day, rather than constantly thinking about the future or procrastinating. It emphasizes that we should focus on what God has given us to do today, and not worry about tomorrow. The text also discusses how trying to control things ourselves can lead to problems, and that we should trust in God’s plan. Lastly, it encourages us to help others and spread God’s love, as this can bring us joy and peace.
➡ The speaker shares his journey from a difficult past to a peaceful present, comparing it to a video game cheat code. He talks about rejecting materialistic offers to focus on his faith. He emphasizes the importance of gratitude, contentment, and seeking spiritual fulfillment, especially during tough times. He also shares an exercise where everyone writes their problems on a paper, and after swapping, they realize that everyone has their own struggles, promoting empathy and understanding.
➡ This text is about a group of people sharing their personal struggles and how their faith in God helps them cope. They discuss the importance of trusting God, even when life is tough, and how their faith gives them strength. They also talk about the importance of community and supporting each other through difficult times. They believe that no matter what problems they face, God will provide a way out.
➡ The speaker shares his belief in a better life after death, free from pain and suffering. He encourages others to find peace in their faith and to share their struggles openly. He also emphasizes the importance of appreciating small moments in life, like sharing a meal with a loved one. Lastly, he shares a story about a woman who lost her daughter, who was a missionary, and how she remains strong in her faith.
➡ This text is about a group of people who are learning to grow spiritually. They are encouraged to be honest with themselves and with God, even if they’re not perfect. They’re also learning to listen to each other and help each other grow by pointing out areas they struggle with, using their own words. This way, they can improve without feeling judged or offended.
➡ This text talks about the importance of self-reflection and prayer in dealing with difficult situations and people. It emphasizes the need for support and community, especially in times of struggle. It also discusses the challenges of maintaining faith and dealing with attacks or negativity, suggesting that these can be opportunities for growth and learning. Lastly, it encourages us to keep others in our prayers and to be there for them in their times of need.
➡ This text talks about dealing with life’s challenges and conflicts. It emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and seeking guidance from God. It also highlights the need to stay calm and not let negative situations affect you emotionally. The text encourages us to remember that we are not alone in our struggles and that we should always strive to find peace and happiness, even in difficult times.


It. God willing. God willing. You guys can hear me. We are live on YouTube. God bless every single one of you. I just wanted to say thank you for taking of your time. This is Tuesday Night live chat. So every Tuesday, just put that in your calendar. Every Tuesday night, 06:30 p. m. Eastern standard time, we’ll try to come here together. There’s some of us on Zoom. So on the video on the top right, you’re going to pinned a zoom link on there.

So at some point in time during the live stream, we start chatting with each other and talking about the word of God. Feel free to join through there or just through YouTube, whichever means that you want to join. All right, so today we’re going to be talking about the different storms that we go through in life, the different moments that we go through in life. So many brothers and sisters.

We have Tracy here, we have Michael Brown here on YouTube. We have so many different brothers and sisters around the world. And thank you for taking up your time. I know many of you have had a rough day, a rough week, but you’re here, right? Thank you. Thank you for that. All right, we want to start with some worship. Glory to Jesus Christ. Our brother Rob is going to bless us with a couple of songs as he does.

So if you can be so kind just right there in your home, let this not just be another live stream can come and go and that’s cool, right? But let this be a moment where you and your home can take time and hopefully be in a position that you say, you know what? That crazy brother tally can do this. Maybe I can do home church at home one day.

Maybe I can knock on my neighbor’s door and take them a little bit of cookies, milk, and talk the word with them, right? So hopefully these things can inspire you and remind you that you can make a difference in your community, you can make a difference in your neighborhood. One more come together in the name of Jesus Christ, something awesome happens. I don’t know what you’re going through today, but let’s start worshiping.

Okay. In the name of Jesus Christ. All right, I’m going to go ahead and mute myself so brother Rob can go ahead and get going. Amen. And amen, brother Tally. Thank you. And thank you to you who are watching. The theme today is we’re talking about storms. So some of the songs that we’re going to do are going to relate to storms in our life where it’s so easy for us at times of thankfulness to forget God, but in times of trouble to remember him.

We need to remember him at all times, certainly. But there are a lot of folks that are in storms right now and in trouble. And we constantly need to be reminded that God’s got our back. Jesus says, I’m the door. Once you enter in, you are saved and no one and nothing can let you go. And so with that in mind, as we go, we thank you father God for your beautiful son and for his precious blood and for salvation that is found through your son alone.

In Jesus name, amen. And let me share the screen here with the lyrics. For if you’re familiar with this one, this is a tally request which is casting crowns appraise you in this storm. So hopefully this will work out. I’m going to look at the chat hopefully and you can tell me, go like this, if it’s bad, if it’s too loud, if you’re unable to. Because we want people to get into the place of worship for sure.

So thank you, God for being here with us. Sure by now you would have reached out, wiped our tears away, stepped in and saved day. Once again I say amen. It’s still raining as the thunder roll I barely hear whisper in the rain I’m with you and as your mercy falls I’ll raise my hands praise the God who gives takes away I’ll praise you in this storm I will lift my hands you are who you are matter where I am any tears I cried you hold in your hand never left my side though my heart is torn I will praise you in the storm stumbled in the wind you heard my cry to you and raised me up again my strength is almost gone how can I carry on if I can find you as the thunder rolls I’ll barely hear whisper through the rain I’m with you as your mercy falls I raise my hand, praise the God who gives takes away I’ll praise you in this storm I will lift my hands you are who you are matter where I am every tear I’ve cried yes you hold in your hand never left my side though my heart I will praise you in the storm Bo.

I lift my eyes unto the hills where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven. I lift my eyes unto the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven, Jesus. I will lift my head, you are who you are no matter where I am every tear I’ve cried you hold in you never left my side though my heart is told I will praise you in the storm.

Amen. Tally, I got one more. Let me know if the sound was okay there. Thumbs up. It’s all good, brother. All good. Thank you. Thank you. And for those that are going through a storm, for those that have going through a difficult storm, maybe this past day, this past week, this past year, I want you to know that there is one who is right there with you, and his name is Jesus Christ.

I don’t know what you’re going through today. I don’t know what you have on your back pocket, but you came to the right livestream in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you for being here. Yeah, go ahead, brother Rob. Yeah. The song starts with if my heart is overwhelmed and I cannot hear your voice, sometimes it’s hard. But we’re here today, and you’re here today because God intends for you to be here today to be reminded, if you’re struggling, to be reminded that he is there and that he’s waiting.

And the prodigal son story to me is a beautiful, beautiful story where it’s the father waiting for the son to come back. But I got even greater news when we read in revelation three where we see that God is the one doing the knocking there. It’s beautiful. I read this just the other day, God. See, he says, knocking, the door will be open to you. He says in John ten, he goes, I’m the door.

Enter through me. In revelation three, he actually says, I’m knocking at you. I’m going, usually it’s on my head going, come on, numskull. Don’t forget. Don’t forget I’m with you. That it’s not all about you, Rob. It’s about me. And everything you have and everything you will have and be is because of me. And I will provide everything you need in order to glorify me and bring more people to the feet of the cross.

So be edified if you’re struggling right now and sing this song along with me. Hopefully you can see love came down. I think that I’m sharing it, and I love this song so much, and I hope that you’ll love it with me. If my heart is overwhelmed and I cannot hear your voice I will hold on to what is true though I cannot see if the storms of life they come and the road ahead gets deep I will lift these hands in faith I will move I remind myself of all that you’ve done and the life I have because of your son.

Love came down and rescued me love came down and set me free oh, I’m yours I am forever yours mountain high or valley low I sing out to remind my soul that I am your I am forever your. When my heart is filled with hope every promise comes my way when I feel your hands of grace rest upon me staying desperate for you, God staying humble at your feet I will lift these hands in faith and praise I will believe I remind myself of all that you’ve done and the life I have because of your son love came down and rescued me love came down and set me free oh, I am yours I am forever yours mountain high or valley low I sing out to remind my soul if I am yours I am forever yours I am yours I am yours for all my days jesus I sing love came down one more time love came down and rescued me love came down and set me free I am your I am forever yours mountain high, valley low I sing out to remind my soul I am your.

I am forever because I am yours I am yours Jesus, I am yours mighty father for all my days holy spirit, I am yours I am your I am your days Jesus, I am your for all my days Jesus, I am your. Amen. Thank you, almighty God, for this fellowship. The people that are here, please bless everyone that’s an earshot of me and their households and their enemies, lord.

And if they are suffering right now and in the midst of troubles. And with us here in LA, where I’m at, we literally have some storms. I’m sure you heard about there’s lots of flooding happening. But I have news for you. That there’s this flood of grace that emanates out of the perfect temple that is Jesus. Ezekiel 47. I might have mentioned this before, but God impressed this Ezekiel 47 on me so deeply of the perfect temple, the man with a measuring rod that measures his perfect temple.

And out of that temple and Ezekiel 47, comes floods of water. And the farther we get away from God’s perfect temple, his perfection is the most beautiful aspect of it for me. The farther we get away, the deeper the water gets to the point where it’s a flood of grace, it’s a river that can be swum in. His grace is so deep and so wide, and then it describes trees that get rooted and get fed from that living water and thereby bear fruit.

And that’s my prayer for all of us here, that God will use us, that we will obey him and get better and better in doing so. And most particular, with his command that we go out there and make more disciples. God bless. Thanks, Tally. Thank you, brother, for taking the time, especially you’re not feeling well and you still took time to be here. Thank you, man. Thank you, Rob.

God is good. Love you, brother. It’s a blessing. It’s a blessing. And thanks to everyone who’s here. Thanks to all the brothers and sisters here on YouTube that are also being here. Our sister Heidi is writing down your prayer requests. So as you have them throughout the night, go ahead and post them on there. Sister Heidi does an epic job at that stuff, so that’s going to be a blessing.

I know Ernest and Amy are helping as well. So it’s a tag team effort that we all have here. So don’t think that when you post requests, we’re not listening. We’re listening to them and we’ll be praying for them at the end of the night. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. That’s awesome. Thank you so much for that as well. It’s always a blessing to be here with you all.

Let’s go ahead and pray so that we can get right to the word of God. And also discussion. Today should be a good day of discussion. There’s a lot that we have to discuss. Right? So whatever you’re at, let’s go ahead and pray. Heavenly Father, we want to thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your dear son, Jesus Christ. We want to thank you, heavenly Father. Because in the midst of all of what this world brings us on a daily basis, there are sometimes that us, sometimes we want to do with the flesh what you’ve said that you’re going to do in the spirit.

And then that creates even more problems. And then that creates even more problems. And then we find ourselves in a deeper hole, in a bigger storm, in a bigger situation. Because sometimes when these waves start rolling, when the thunder starts falling, we can easily, easily, easily be distracted, lose our purpose, lose our goal, lose ourselves. And it happens to all of us. There is not one of us here in this chat or on YouTube, on the live stream replay, that can say that they have figured it 100% out.

No, it’s when we think we stand that we’re about to fall. If it wasn’t for the strength of Jesus Christ, if it wasn’t for the teachings of his Holy Spirit, if it wasn’t for the power of the Father, where would we be today, my family? As you’re listening to this, right, as you’re right there listening, I pray that the Holy Spirit starts softening your heart as we begin to talk on a topic that for many of us, we hear the song, I will praise you in the storm and we all lift our hands and we worship and we love it.

But, man, sometimes family. I myself have found myself in even deeper storms because of disobedience. In even deeper storms because of unbelief. In even deeper storms because God says, stay still. But I think I have to help God in some sort of way and fashion. The name of Jesus Christ. May the Holy Spirit start convicting our hearts so that we can leave this stream edified, refreshed and renewed.

In the name of Jesus. Amen. I love you guys so much. Such a blessing to see all of you. Here we have Sister Deborah. She’s an awesome sister. She wrote me on Facebook and I’ve known her for a long time and so good to see her here. Such a huge blessing. On Zoom. We have Sarah, we have hope, we have Sister Shauna, Mary, Crystal, Val Broken, Michelle, Ernest and Amy.

Sarita. Medal for Emmanuel, Shannon, Shelly, Christina. All of us are here and it’s such a blessing to know that we’re going to, in the name of Jesus Christ, talk about a very important aspect of our walk on YouTube. You have so many brothers and sisters over there as well. Thank you for being here. So let’s get right to it. We all know the story. In mark 435 through 41 and the same day when the even was come, he said unto them, let us pass unto the other side.

Sometimes we glance at that part of the verse where it says, let us pass over unto the other side. And we sometimes skim over that verse. But that should have been sufficient for them to trust that they would get to the other side. Yet what happened? You know the story. We all know the story. Big storm started coming in. They began to panic, right. Happens often to many of us.

And they went to Jesus, right? And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow. The master was know. He had already said, we’re going to get to the other side. He had already said, chris, don’t worry, we’re going to get to the other side. Heidi, don’t worry. Sarita, don’t you worry. We’re going to get to the other side. All right, dre soul on YouTube, God already said it.

So Jesus Christ is napping. Look at that. He’s asleep on a pillow. And they awake him and say unto him, master, carest thou not that we perish? And I think right there, I think it’s a good moment. I want to talk to my brother Chris real quick. Brother, have you ever been at a point in time in your life? I know I’ve been there that God tells me, Tally, we’re going to go ahead and do a, B and C.

I start out, I’m on fire. I’m like, all right, let’s do this. A and b comes in, and I’m ready to go. But c is becoming a little bit too difficult getting to that. C is a little bit too difficult. And you start even questioning, like they said. They said, don’t you care? Have you ever been at those points, brother? A lot of times. And usually it was because I was relying on my flesh.

It’s way different when the master is in the plans. When it’s our plans, it’s hit or miss. And being sensitive to the Holy Spirit, because he’ll give us what we need and he won’t give us more than we can take. So we know that’s the word of God and we just have to trust it. But I’ve had more times than I can count where I didn’t even approach the situation like that.

And that’s why there were so many pitfalls and that’s why there were so many issues to deal with. Because even though we may run into some very stiff opposition from the enemy or whatever may be, if he’s assigned us that responsibility to do in the name of Jesus, he will give us everything we need to make it through it, and we don’t ever want to doubt that. I can remember times of doubting things and being in Kenya and almost put in prison.

And the Lord said, before I went, I had a couple of dreams, and he promised me I’d be fine. And he even made me at this airport. I was hiding in a corner because I didn’t want to get thrown in prison or in jail by the cops. And then the Holy Spirit’s like, go find you a police officer right now to talk to. And I’m like, really? But you know what? I trusted what he said and I did.

That police officer gave me no grief whatsoever. And I’m like, lord, you are so awesome. I need to trust you in all things. So when he’s assigning a duty to us and he’s with us, don’t let the enemy come in and give you any doubt, because there’s no doubt there between us and him. And that’s where we got to remember that the agreements between us and him, the enemy’s not part of the equation unless we let him be.

That’s deep. That’s definitely deep. Rob, I see you nodding. Talk to I. There are many moments in time, even today, where I’m thinking like, I’m not sure, Lord, that I’m really worthy of representing you here in this kind of environment. I’ve been doing it a while, but I still have those moments and I wonder the day that we’re supposed to do it and I promised you a week ago, Tally, I thought, is the Lord chastising me? Because this morning I wake up with a bad throat and no, I think that instead it’s the enemy that wants to seep through and give me doubt, physical malady.

And the Lord tells me, this is you glorify me in your choices. We not only worship in music, we always think that worship is a music thing but it’s in our choices too. And when we choose God, I’d say that’s probably maybe the greatest form of worship that we as humans can do is choose him and listen to that still small voice. Amen. Amen. Amen. I’ll tell you what, it’s one of the most beautiful things when you can submit to God.

We all have a free will. We all have a decision to do this, to do that right, to go left or go right and it’s a beautiful thing when we submit that over to the father and then make that decision. Sometimes the reason the storm seems so difficult is because of the intrusive thoughts that come in our minds that are always telling us the opposite. Right? And like brother Chris said, this is an issue between you and the father.

Satan has nothing to do with it but he’s always going to try. He’s always going to try to get in there and I want to talk about living a content life, living a grateful life. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but I have found myself and this is just me. Maybe it’s just tally and tally can sometimes be tally. I’ve been in this since ministry, since 2008 so I’ve gone through all of the crazy stuff and I’m probably going to go through a lot more crazy stuff and I can tell you that I’ve done some knuckleheaded things in my walk so I usually critique myself a lot so that you can see that hey, you know what? Tally doesn’t think he’s any better than any of us but we’ve all been Peter at one point in time or another.

Do you all remember Peter in Matthew 1428 through 35? And Peter answered him and said, lord, if it be, thou bid me come unto thee on the water. And he said, come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship he walked on the water to go to Jesus. But when he saw the wind boisterous. He was afraid right before fear. And we know that God does not give us a spirit of fear.

Before fear can even come in here. We typically have to take our eyesight off of the father. Right. Because it wasn’t he was afraid. No. He saw the wind boisterous. And he was afraid. And beginning to sink. He cried saying, lord, save me. Has anyone here experienced that. Where you take your eyesight off of Jesus? And in taking your eyesight off of Jesus. You’ve encountered an even more difficult storm.

Has anyone gone through that here today. That can share that for a minute or two? Sarah. Talk to me, Sarah. Yes, my name’s Sarah. I live in England. I’m actually relating to everything you’re speaking. Because I’ve been going through this mind torment. So I believe this is from know. Because I’ve not been on your thing before. And Shelly gave me a link to your thing. And I’ve just come on it.

And it’s relating to everything, what I’m going through right now. So this is from God. So I’m going through a lot of mental torment. There’s a lot of condemnation, a lot of doubts. I’m going to make it short. I’m actually giving tracks out. And I’m trying to do a bit of preaching now. And a bit of singing in the down. And it’s just I’m under attack up here.

It’s up know. It’s constant mental attacks. And it don’t stop at that. It’s like the doubts are coming in. And then they’re coming in. The condemnation. And it’s intrusive. It’s horrible. It’s completely horrible. And I say, lord Jesus, help me. And he does help me. And that with the Peter coming out the boat. I read that once, and I thought, you know what? There’s many times I’ve took my eyes off Jesus.

And I’m focused on that storm. And it makes the day know. Because my focus has been took off where it should have been. So I can relate to everything you’re saying right now. So it’s definitely from God. Yeah. So thank you for that. I just want to encourage you. My wife Heidi and I will talk to you anytime, night and day. I don’t care if we have to get up in the middle of the night.

Because I hate it when the enemy comes in and messes with brothers and sisters. I hate righteous anger against that kind of stuff. And I suffered in it for a long time myself. But through the power of the holy spirit. The Lord has shown me a pathway to victory and my life is totally different now when it comes to intrusive thoughts. So reach out to Ali on the website or somehow give us a way to get a hold of you and meet with you.

Anytime, sister. Thank you. What’s your name? Oh, you’ve got your name there. Yeah. Right. Thank you. Yeah. Chris and Heidi. It’s Chris and Heidi. And. Yeah. Soon we’re going to have an area on the website where you can just click and schedule some time with our brother and sister. But until then, feel free to post your email there, sister, and he’ll reach out to you right away. Okay.

Yeah. We want to make sure that you know that you’re well supported. It’s a tag team effort on this end, all of us. That’s one of the things that we’re trying to do, sis. We’re trying to tag team it and work it out and co labor and do what we have to do. So don’t feel like you’re alone because it’s really hard and it’s so vulnerable to even express what you’re going through.

Sarah, it’s not all about me. I mean, I know there’s loads of others going through the same thing. Yeah. But we love you and you’re not alone and you’re our sister. And please make this your place to be on Tuesdays. And know that post your email right there on the chat so we can link up with you, so the brother, Chris and Heidi can link up with you and anything you need.

Sarah, thank you. We love you very much. It’s midnight here now, but I thought, well, there’s a reason I’ve come on this, you know. That’s awesome. It’s midnight. Look at that. Yeah, it is. Yeah. Thank you, Sister Sarah, I posted Heidi’s email address. Thank you. Please contact her. She loves talking with all the gals. Okay. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you. That is so awesome.

That is so awesome. Hope to you. May I share how Jesus healed my mental torment in 2015? Hope, go ahead and unmute. Let’s talk about that. Share that for a few minutes so that we can listen to that. And we’re talking about storms. We’re talking about overcoming these storms and. Yeah, we want to hear it. Are you there, Hope? Maybe she’s rejoining. Well, once she rejoins, we’ll go ahead and let hope share that.

That’ll be awesome. That’ll be awesome. Until that, let me go ahead and talk to people on YouTube really quick for me here, there are a lot of brothers and sisters on YouTube. Jacqueline Catherine, Yvete, Lady Reyes, brother Michael, Christine from Colorado, belkies, Dre soul. So many brothers and sisters that are there tuning in and many others who simply don’t want to be announced that they’re even watching. But thank you for being here.

So we’re talking about going through some of these storms. One of the things that I also wanted to mention, if at all possible, is the importance of understanding that whatever God has placed in your heart and whatever God has placed in your mindset in terms of what he’s going to do with you in your life, to trust that the entire way through and to live a content life, to live a life where you don’t have to be reactive all the time, where you can be proactive.

I think hope just joined. Hope, are you there? If you’re there, hope just wanted you to know. We definitely wanted you to share that. Okay. Feel free to go ahead and unmute and start sharing it. All right. All right. I’ll keep on talking until you let me know. But, yeah, the importance of being a person who lives grateful. And what I mean by that is when you get up in the morning, sometimes we have this unique ability as human beings of waking up thinking of what we don’t have, thinking of what we want more, thinking of tomorrow, thinking of the next day, thinking of the other day, thinking of another day and then another day and another day and another day.

I heard something that was pretty deep and it was speaking on procrastination, that sometimes when we procrastinate, we do it in an arrogant way and in a way that we automatically assume that tomorrow God is going to give us another chance to do what he’s called you to do today. So he’s told you, brother Chris, go ahead and move this glass of water from here to here. Right.

I’ll do it tomorrow. Assuming that tomorrow he’s going to give you that same chance to do it all over again. Or, sister Shannon, go ahead and open the door for that lady and just tell her, God bless you. Maybe tomorrow I’ll talk to that coworker. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go do this. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go do that. For me personally, me personally, I have learned to operate on a day by day basis.

And why am I sharing this? Because it helps you overcome these storms. I operate on a day by day by day basis, meaning that I am going to take care of anything and everything that God has put on my plate. Today, does it mean that I am superhuman and I don’t worry? No, it does not mean that at all. Doesn’t mean that at all. However, I am going to take care of what the Lord has brought forth for me to take care of today.

So if the Lord has brought on my plate today to take care of ABCD and E, I am going to do exactly that and only that. Because sometimes in this walk we look for trouble and we disguise it as righteousness. Even while we’re looking for that trouble. I can tell you from my own walk, this is me, tally, talking. Tally, this is just me talking as we’re talking about these storms.

God tells you to do one thing or God gives you a viewpoint or God gives you instructions and you want to put your hand in it. And sometimes we want to manipulate our way via the flesh and try to make a reality of a vision or something that God has said that is in your calling. Maybe God has said that you’re a gifted evangelist, you’re a gifted preacher, you’re a gifted singer.

God has put something in you. But just like a pregnant woman, right? She’s pregnant at 123-4567 months, she’s pregnant. But if she delivers that baby at 123456 months, she’ll deliver a baby. She was pregnant the whole time, you see? But there is so much reward in trusting God. Doing your best every single day, not coveting anything of the future and just living for Jesus as much as you possibly can on a daily basis.

You cannot and you do not have to manipulate your way via the flesh. What God promised that he was going to do, he’s going to do it in the spirit and he will get the glory. The moment we stick our hand in that cookie jar, we can make that storm. We can make that storm that much, much worse. Like we talked about Peter, we just talked about him a few minutes ago, how Peter was the first one to say, jesus, I want to walk on water.

But as soon as things got a little bit difficult, he was one of the first ones to deny him. Right? So let’s talk a little bit about that. Brother Chris, can you share a little bit about anything in your life that you’ve gone through where because of having your eyesight on blessings, you may have forgotten the know? There’s a whole mountain of things I think I want to share, more importantly, that we can be an overcomer in situations far more than what we think when we rely on the supernatural inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I think I’ve shared with the group before come from massive pride. The Lord’s had to break me in that area. And actually, it’s something I wish it wasn’t with me at all, but it keeps me even on the community page. In the beginning, I commented a little bit more regularly, and not that I looked at it much, but when I looked at that, I would look at if anybody made a comment about anything I said.

And I said, you know what, Lord? This is stupid. I’m not even going to post stuff anymore because I don’t want to tempt myself unnecessarily to see if someone liked what I said. And it’s like I just rather be invisible and just let the impact of the words of God that come through me touch people’s lives. So I realize how really weak I am. And many, many times in my life, I tried to achieve different things on my own strength, and it was a failure, or it totally got derailed, or it totally, like you said, caused more anguish and disappointment because of me trying to do something that God wasn’t in.

And you look at Paul in the bible, for example, man, he went through some pretty tough stuff, and he did it joyfully. He was able to be beaten. He was able to be starving. He was be able to be shipwrecked. You know what? I’ll bet you that man had a smile on his face every day. If you came up and said, I want to hear about Jesus, he probably lit up and was so happy to talk about it.

And we need to think about stuff like that because there’s a lot of times our pain and suffering going through. Things can be just a little bit better when we set that aside and say, I’m going to help my brother or sister because they need a touch of God right now. They need to be loved right now. They need to feel the presence of God in their life.

And I tell you, in times when I’ve had different issues, that has always been a way of being pulled out of. It is touching the life of someone else for the glory of God. Absolutely something else. And I’m trying to find the right way to word it, but this is a cheat code. On a daily basis, I interact with a lot of brothers and sisters who, many of them are preachers, teachers, pastors, ministers, you name it.

And for the most part, I mind my business. I really do. I try to mind my own business, and I keep it moving to the best of my ability because I don’t know it all right? But I’ve been through a lot of different stages so the best cheat code that I can give for you, brother and sister, that’s listening to me, all right? It’s the best cheat code that I can possibly give to you in ministry work.

Don’t worry too much about tomorrow. Focus on doing your best you can today for Jesus Christ. Tomorrow is going to take care of itself. And that’s the one thing I can tell you. Tomorrow is going to take care of itself. If you focus on the call that Jesus has upon you today, it seems easy, but it is. So want to. We want to find a way to. Let me give you an example.

We’re just now wrapping up our first legit type of a ministry website. Just as an example, right? It’s been how many years I’ve been doing this since 2008, right? Do you not think I wanted to do a lot of these things earlier? Absolutely. Do you not think that in the natural man, I want to do this, I want to go there. I want to do that. I had to learn to slow it down for a moment, to live day by day, live day by day, seeking the kingdom of God first.

Because when you do so, my brothers and sisters watching this on YouTube, and my brothers and sisters in here, when you do so tomorrow, you can wake up tomorrow knowing that as you’re praying in the. You know, I gave you my all yesterday. I gave you my all in the name of Jesus. Then the next day, heavenly Father, I gave you my all then the next day. And then you get on a momentum.

On a momentum where you don’t care. You don’t care who sees you, don’t care who comments, you don’t care who shares, you don’t care if 20 people come to the service or one comes to the service. Then you get on a momentum. Momentum. And then come the storms, and then comes the detractors, people saying this, people saying that, or this and that. And then at that point in time when those moments in life come, there is no greater peace.

And I wish I could express this in a better way possible, but there is no greater peace than knowing that you can go to prayer before the holy spirit of God and you have that peace. I wish I could describe it. It’s a peace that you can. I did my best. And when you’ve done your Chris, it just. Let me ask you a question, brother, because this will be helpful to all of us.

When you transitioned from the hamster wheel to the piece that passes all understanding, what were the things that happened in that time that were so helpful to you, brother? It’s like a cheat code. You know how people play video games and they used to play the Nintendo, and they used to go up, up, down, left, right, left, right. Do different things to try to get a cheat code, man.

It’s just his goodness. Chris. It’s such a piece, man. Listen, it’s something that I can’t describe because it’s an overjoy deep within me that even when I share it with people, they think I’m crazy. They think I’m nuts, for the most part, when I talk to many people. I rejected $10,000 in sponsorship today as an example. Not today. Just talking to someone at work or whatever, as we’re talking about stuff.

Are you crazy? I’m not. I have to seek the kingdom of God that comes with ties that as we head into the next few years, I don’t want to have to untie. So I’m going to do the best that I can for Jesus within the abilities that he does. And, brother Chris, I am telling you, if I’m out of words as I’m sharing this, is because there’s only one way that this crazy Puerto Rican with an autistic daughter, my wife has stayed home for the last 1819 years, taking care of my daughter with a budget of $0.

I want you to think of the exaggeration that that is okay, that God has been able, by just taking it day by day, by day, by day, by day by day by day, to be at a point that, God forbid, if today I say I’m passing this over to someone else, they can take it, run with it, which is the to man. It’s just hard to describe it, brother Chris, but I think family, listen to me.

If you can hear me as the best that I can hear you, we need to be like Daniel. Daniel in Daniel 610. Now, when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, think about this, he went into his house and his windows being wide open in the chamber towards Jerusalem. He kneeled upon his knees three times a day and prayed and gave thanks before his God, as he did four times.

Times are coming upon this earth. They’re coming. And as they arrive on this earth, these moments that you’re going through today, preparing you for that moment, gratitude, contentment, rejoicing, seeking the kingdom of God above all things. All of these things. You’re going to need them. You’re going to need them because they’re going to carry you through these storms that you’re going to weather. Now, I want to transition into something else real quick.

All of you in this room, let’s say, for example, I had a basket. It’s not a basket, this is a cup. And I said, medal for Emmanuel. You and your bride there. God bless you, Sarita, God bless you, Michelle, God bless you, brother Lou. God bless you, CT. God bless you, Tony. Thank you for being here. Shelly, God bless you. And I told all of you, do me a favor.

Go ahead and write down on this piece of paper. Actually, this is from Lou’s gym, so I have it here on a piece of paper. Write down your problems. And we were to take these problems, mix the basket up, right? Mix the basket up. And then Michelle was going to pull a list that belonged to Sarah. Chris may pull a piece of paper that belongs to Val. Val may pull a piece of paper that belongs to Tony.

Right. Tony may pull a piece of paper that belongs to Shelly. We talked last week of the fact that no temptation has overtaken you except that which is common to man. But with that temptation, he provides a way out. I can quite often guarantee you that if you would pull that piece of paper out and you saw the problems that your brother or sister is going through, you probably wouldn’t want any piece of that pie.

Tony, God bless you. What do you think about that, Tony? Hello, can you hear me? I hear you, brother. Talk to me, Tony. Okay, wow. Can you repeat that question there? I’m sorry. Absolutely. We’re talking about enduring storms, right? And we’re talking about being grateful, being a person who is content during these storms, being a person who is keeping your eyes out upon Jesus on these storms. What are your thoughts about that, brother? I’m going to share this with you real quick, and I think it’s going to be a blessing for you.

Natalie, this is my first time here live on this. Live. But I follow you for a few years now. I think around 20, 18, 19, somewhere roughly around there, I came across your page, your channel. It was a different channel than you have now. And you were speaking about some things that you were dealing with, and you was asking people to pray for you. I didn’t know you, but I just remember you.

Like I said, three years and things like that. And when I heard it, we have an idea of what we think we’re hearing for God and we hear from him and he says these things to us, and I believe at times we do hear those things. So I felt the need to go into prayer and pray with you and also commented to you and sent you a message.

And at the time, you sent me a message right back, and I thought it was like, wow, okay. Because I guess it’s a few years back, but with this Internet thing, it was kind of fairly new. And you hit me right back and you was like, thank Tony, reaching out and things like that. And I was like, wow, this is kind of interesting. Like, I could just send something out that would give somebody a message and they would be able to instantly reply back to let me know that they appreciate it.

So I thought that was just so much. And at the time, I know when you were going through it was something that you was dealing with at the time. I don’t know, it was the dad or traveling or something, the country or something like that or something. But at the time, I actually was homeless in my car. So I just knew that the right thing to do. I felt that God was showing me the right thing to do was to go into prayer with a person because it says that we are sharing each other’s burdens.

That’s what the words suggest. So by knowing that and reading that, at the time, I didn’t think twice. I just went in there and then I’m just going to put the message out there and maybe they probably will be blessed by it. And my intention was not to worry about if you received it or heard it or anything. But the fact is that you did reply back. You replied back immediately back to me.

And that actually gave me encouragement because like I said, even though I was in my car at the time, it gave me encouragement because it let me know that I wasn’t the only one dealing with something at the time. And you replied back and you also prayed for me, and you thanked me for reaching out and things like, and you thanked everybody who reached out at that time.

But I just thought it was so powerful. And I learned from that point, I’m not in my car now, nothing like that. It’s been years now, but I just remember that. So by coming across your page, I say, okay, when I get a chance, I could come in and I’ll come in and I’ll listen to some of your, watch your channel here and there at times when I can.

But I think that kind of connects with what we are talking about now because we feel like, oh, I have to be at this top of this mountain before I could just reach back and grab everybody, or God used me to just he just going to take me to the mountaintop, then I’ll reach back and grab everybody or grab the people and come back. Sometimes this is like we share in our experiences.

And you said that a moment ago, you said that sometimes when we hear about each other’s problems. Yeah, true. Some people problems will seem to appear more, I guess, bigger or larger than they really appear. But the word also says that in the times that we are weak, he is strong. The spirit takes over there. So we have to find that place to trust God enough without having to know the answer for every detail.

He says, step out on that faith and we have to practice that. I’m not saying that I’m the master of that or none of that. I’m not that. But I’m just saying that in times like that, you trust on him and you reach out. You trust and you step out and you let him do it. And I don’t think he lets us go. I think each time that I do apply myself and just try to just take heed the best way I can because he knows what’s going on with us.

It’s just that we have to apply, try to do something. And what I mean by do something he’s doing is going to do it. It’s a greater shall ye do. So that means that he’s doing it. So it’s the thing that he’s doing. We just have to make ourselves ready, available, not to focus on our problems and not to focus so much on, can he do this for me before or can he show me something before? I could trust him to go out, because that means he’s trying to see if we can really trust him to really step out and just let him lead.

I don’t want to talk too much, but I just thought it was kind of interesting. And that’s my thing. As far as the storm, I just think it was in relation to what we are talking about today. So thank Tony. It’s awesome. Yeah, awesome, Tony, to see that you’re doing well now, brother, and definitely appreciate it. When you prayed and I was going through that situation with my father.

I always appreciate it when, as brothers and sisters, we can be vulnerable with each other and share with one another’s burdens of what we’re going through. And even you going through what you were going through, you still, that’s. That’s a rejoicing. And yes, in this room, so many of us, brother Tony and all of you, we have so many different, wide variety of problems. But the thing is that just like with every temptation, God’s not going to provide you something that you can’t escape it.

The same falls with a lot of our problems that we have. And that’s why I’m a firm believer in every day. Give your best to Jesus Christ. Because this way, what it does, it gives you a peace of knowing that whatever has come to pass, it came to pass. Even though you gave it your best. You that I’m a firm believer in that and trying our best. And Tony, thank you for sharing that, man.

I’m glad you’re doing better, man. And you got your Bible right there next to you, man. I keep my bible with me. Yeah, man, that’s a blessing. I’m so proud of you. I’m proud of you, Tony. Thank you. You didn’t give up. You kept on going. And hopefully you can make this a place for you to be every Tuesday, man, until you find. I appreciate that. I do see a familiar face here.

I see Roger Alexander. Mr. Roger. How you doing, Roger? You doing good, man? Doing well, sir. I appreciate you asking. How you feeling? How’s everything been, man? Everything. How’s the walk been, man? The walk is the closest I’ve ever walked with the Lord. But I realized something, that the closer you walk with the Lord, the more your sin gets exposed. That’s a hard one for me because I didn’t realize how sinful I actually was.

I always thought it was the big macro sins, right? The deadly sins, right? And then you realize that it just shows up, pops up and these little hidden things, hidden jealousy, hidden insecurity, hidden lust, whatever it takes, it’s forming, right? And it just gets sneakier and sneakier. So the closer I draw to the Lord’s light, it honestly feels like the rope gets even tighter and a lot leaner and I can’t look left, I can’t look right.

And unfortunately, when I do look left and I do look right, I fall. But the Lord makes provision for that, right? So the more I take that provision, the less I want it, right. Because you realize that it really is the blood of Christ that covers that. So I feel like that’s also the barrier protection to look at Christ as an atm, right? Like, hey, he’s going to cover all my transactions anyway.

He’s got the tab. That’s not how I look at it. It’s more like I’m literally broke. I have no money. I don’t know how I’m going to pay for this meal. And I know he’s going to cover it again and I’m tired of him covering it for me, right. I want to do something good for the kingdom, right? And that’s what it’s doing. It’s taking my sin and it’s turning it into something, because I felt pretty bad this morning going into work, and then I realized that the Lord has me somewhere for a reason.

And even though other people don’t realize, I think they notice that there is a little light that does shine. There is something different about me and the way I carry myself. Right? So there’s also that due diligence of making sure that I do walk with the Lord. Because as a psalm 51, right, where he says, then I will show transgressors your way. So the desire for me to stop sinning is actually much greater, because now there’s actually a mission.

Amen. Man, you know how glad it makes me to hear that. It gives me so much joy to see. That’s why when I saw you coming in, I got really happy. God has something awesome for you, brother. I got to tell you something before you don’t mind? Go for it, brother. I know you’re excited to see me and all that, but it’s 100% reciprocated right back, man. I’ve been a huge fan of yours for the longest time.

So to actually be in the live stream talking to you directly, when I used to watch all your documentaries on YouTube, those late nights, and you are kind of a little bit of a celebrity in my eyes, right? So you take it for what it mean. If you want to dust that right off your shoulders, you can. But we’re going to pray to the Lord now that the pride, your work has been done.

So thank you. I appreciate it, Roger. I appreciate it, man. It’s a blessing, man. It’s such an honor. You guys don’t understand. All day, man. All day, bro. I don’t know if you guys have discernment. We all have discernment. But do you guys ever like Brother Roger and all of you, right, Michelle, every one of you do. You look at people and you can see, man, they’re going through, you know, and I try to go and find my way, to navigate, to find, see if God provides a way to be able to.

The world is so broken. So broken. Brother Rob, you have your hands up. What’s up? Sorry, I had to find the unmute button. Yeah, I was listening to you and Chris in particular, and then Tony kind of hammered home the vision that I had, and I wanted to share something with everybody because I’ve suffered from some of the same things. Struggle with finances, struggle with pride. And as you, tally, were talking, I got this vision of this video.

If it’s okay, if I show. It’s only 22 seconds, but it’s a perfect example of what we’re talking about with the struggle. If you can see what’s on the screen right now, it’s kind of a well known, I don’t know if the sounds up or whatever, but I want to imagine with me my pride, my struggle with finances, my job, my ministry, the ministries that I do on YouTube.

That’s the rope. And I thought the rope here is Tony living in his car. The rope here is neftali trying to figure out how he’s going to afford his daughter. The rope here is the pride that Chris and I suffer from. And so here he is. And there’s people around this young man. We’re the young person saying, hey, it’s going to be okay. We just want you to just let go.

Let go. And it’s God that calls us and it’s brothers and sisters that calls and say, hey, let go, let go and let God. It’s going to be okay. Some people even hear forcing him and he oh, the water’s not. So. I hope that I thought of Sarah, who gave us her art too, for the first time. Sarah, Jesus child, that sometimes we just got to let go.

Sometimes we just got to let go and let God. And it’s easier said than done. And I understand that. I really do. But just like we so often, a part of our sin is not only the pride. I don’t know if pride is the right word, but it’s stubbornness. It’s like, well, no, this is the way that I see reality. And reality is everybody has storms, everybody, everybody has that rope.

But it’s the Christian who has the hope in Jesus. It’s the Christian who has God himself, who manifests himself in the flesh to take all of those sufferings and all of those things that we have in the world primarily because of us. Our sinful natures are missing the mark and he put them on himself and it’s all nailed to the cross to die once and for all so that we can have victory and we have to try, although it’s so hard that letting go is the reminder of the hope that we have to come of this place where there’s no tears and there’s no pain and there’s no suffering and there’s no financial trouble and there’s no pride and there’s no wondering if God is with us because we will be able to have it manifest in front of us with however it is that we see in the next life to come.

And I hope that you’ll be encouraged by that. Vision. I feel like it was given by God. Tony, be encouraged. Tony, I’m glad to see, brother, that you’re obviously not in the car anymore. So at some point in time, you had to let go of that rope, and I’m glad that you did. That is awesome. It’s such a beautiful thing that we have such an awesome father and my dear family.

Let me tell you, man, it’s such an awesome thing. If I’m an honest of him, it’s because literally, I’m 90% of the day just in awe of his goodness, because I don’t know what he does, what he does, and I don’t know why he’s so good. And it’s not that I don’t have problems. I got plenty. I don’t share everything I go through. But there’s so much peace in knowing that he is a good father.

He is a good father. Last night, my daughter wrote me, we’re in the same house, but I’m in a different room. So she texted me there on 530. She knows I got to go to work early, so I was going to sleep a little bit extra, but she was like, hey, dad, you want to eat some tuna fish? I was just tired asking me. I was like, yeah, let’s go, man.

Let’s go, man. You know why? Because one day, she may not ask me to eat that tuna fish. And we went down there, made some tuna sandwiches, man. They were good. But think of if that’s us as earthly people. Imagine the heavenly Father, how much he rejoices. All of you that are on this stream, right? All of you that are on Zoom or on the stream on YouTube, when you call upon know, go to him with your issues.

Say, daddy, daddy, daddy, I’m going through this, daddy, I’m going through that, daddy. This is happening. And don’t worry. Don’t worry. He knows what he’s got. Do your best every single day. And doing your best means cutting out that flesh, cutting out that know. Being obedient to what God called you to do, and doing the best that you can for Jesus. I see. Medal for Emmanuel. God bless you.

Would you mind if I tell you to say something? I just want to welcome you here. I just want to tell you thank you for being here. We’re noticing that the Tuesday night lives are starting to. More people are starting to come on Zoom, and more people are coming on YouTube. It’s really refreshing to see that there’s brothers and sisters in the Lord, and it’s good to see a face.

How are you doing? Medal for Emmanuel. Absolutely blessed. Can you hear me okay? Yes. Okay. It’s a blessing to be here. My name is Jason. My wife, Dana. We have two year old to three year old, so she kind of has to come and go. I know everyone understands it’s an absolute blessing to be here. And as someone mentioned earlier, when we’re able to be vulnerable and share amongst each other our failures, that’s how we truly grow and strengthen each other.

This isn’t like social media, where you put the highlight reel, you know what I mean? Everybody hides them low lights, and I got lots of those. But it’s exposing light to those things and strengthening each other. Because I can only speak as a brother. There’s probably not a whole lot the rest of these brothers have gone through that I haven’t been through, and they’ve probably gotten victories in areas where I’m struggling and vice versa.

And anytime we can come together in one accord and just be honest before the Lord and seek his word, and it just strengthens us in ways that we don’t fully understand, but he always makes his ways known as we continue, and it’s always a blessing, and I’m very grateful. That’s super awesome to hear. Brother Jason, right? Yes, sir. Awesome, awesome, awesome. And brother Jason, thank you for being.

You know, we can see you passing by, and we’re just brothers and sisters in the Lord coming together to talk the word of God and just be vulnerable with each other. I find value in that. I find value in us just being transparent and helping each other and challenging each other to live for Jesus Christ. As I’m here, I have Sister Deborah Gregory. She’s on here. My sister Deborah Gregory.

When we talk about storms of life, my sister Deborah, these past few years have been someone who I admire a lot, because when we talk about storms of life, her daughter, she was a viewer of the channel, and her daughter, God used her as missionary work in South America, if I’m not mistaken. Deborah, and she loved to preach the gospel. She did anything she could to go preach the gospel.

Her life, she’s now with the Lord, but she went with the Lord preaching the gospel. She went with the Lord preaching the gospel. And Sister Deborah, she is so strong. So strong in the midst of all of this. And her husband, he’s gone through so much, through all of this. And I just wanted to remind all of you that there is nothing wrong with us shedding a couple of tears.

There’s nothing wrong with us shedding a couple of vulnerabilities here. And there and reminding each other that we’re not from this kingdom. All right? We’re not from here. We’re just here temporarily. One day we’re going to be up there and we’re going to be like, yo, Tyler, you remember we were on Zoom? I’m like, yeah, man, I remember. So we’re here. Let us be like Deborah’s daughter, who, in the work of missionary, she went on fire.

She went on fire for the know, she went on fire for the Lord. And she’s in the kingdom and we’re going to see her, Deborah, be encouraged. I’m so proud of you. Proud of you, proud of you, proud of you, of how you continue to proclaim the gospel. Because we’re human beings and we go through our regular pains. Sister Sarita is going through a lot of what she’s going through, all of you.

Michelle is going through a lot in her workplace, right. Sister Shannon is going through her thing. Right. Sister, hope you’re back on here. So I want you to share something. But Sarah, you have your hand up. How you doing, Sarah? Yeah, I’d like to, if I may. The Lord gave me this a while ago now. I mean, I’ve only been a Christian a few years, so I’m still new in my christian walk.

He gave me this. It’s been about three and a half years I’ve been a Christian, so it’s not long. It’s about the seed. The seed grows over time. So I wrote this down and I knew this was from the Lord. And it says, the seed needs rain to grow and good soil and deep roots to produce a harvest. Over time, the seed grows into something beautiful. But it’s a long progress.

It has to go through many seasons, like we go through seasons of different kinds of weathers. You get the heat, the wind, the storm and the rain. But it stands strong because I believe the Lord helps it stand strong. It’s tough, but look at the end. What a beautiful end. And I put, sometimes in life, we go through many seasons of changes, but every season is a growing season.

Sometimes it’s hard, but it produces a harvest. If we don’t give up, we can almost see the finish line over every trial and season. But the road is the road that leads to everlasting life in heaven. I believe the narrow path is Jesus. And I’ve put, we are like a seed. But after it grows so beautiful, a bit like a butterfly, it sheds its skin to produce new life.

Old has gone and new has been made into our savior. We shed our old lives. And now we have an everlasting life with Jesus. And then I put, we’re all in a race. There is a finish line. There is two roads. You narrow and you’re broad. And I put his word is a light. He is the light of the world. Outside of him is blindness. So it was basically saying about the seasons.

I wrote this down a while ago and I believe it came from the Lord and I wanted to share that. I thought it would be okay if I could share that with. Absolutely, absolutely, Sarah. It’s a beautiful thing. I made a short the other day talking about seeds, because I planted some seeds and I had hoped that they were going to blossom, but for crying out loud, they took forever, man.

I was like, are these real seeds? What is this? But I just kept on watering them, doing my due diligence, doing what we have to do. And one day I woke up and how beautiful it you for sharing. Thank you for sharing, Sarah. And remember to email Chris and Heidi as well. Yeah. Thank you. I can’t wait to see what’s going on. And for those that are on YouTube, you haven’t, won’t.

We still got some time. So you haven’t missed. I know some are saying you missed the live, but hey, you’re here. I appreciate you being here and it’s always a blessing that you’re here. Brother Rob, you have your hands up again or no, no, it looks like Sarah is my hand up? Sorry, my bad. No, man, it’s good, man. I just want to make sure I don’t miss you, man.

Well, thank. Ready? All. All right. Right. Brother Chris, what’s in your spirit? You’re muted, brother. You’re muted. Tally and I talk almost every day. And so we’re always seeking the Lord and we kind of let the Holy Spirit move on, both of us. And then we come back together and Tally will tell me something. I’ll say, brother, that’s exactly what I was talking about with Heidi last night.

And I will say something to him and he’ll say, brother, that’s exactly what I was thinking about in the middle of the night. And I just really want to encourage everyone and we’re trying to do this on Saturday as know, our goal is to prepare every one of you to be able to do this yourselves and every piece of paper that gets posted that has all the questions and things on it.

There’s only one requirement for you to use those papers as your own, that you go through them and that you’re honest before the Lord with the answers. To those questions, it doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. It doesn’t mean you have to have the right answer. It means that you go before the Lord, and he’ll guide and direct you in that area where he wants you to learn what he wants you to gain understanding.

In all of those papers, I’m sure there’s things on there that I would say, ooh, I still need some more work in this area or that area. So don’t let that bring any fear to you. But it’s important when we share these with others and we start leading our own groups, because I know that some of you are going to do that, and hopefully most of you. That’s how the discipleship process works.

In a sense, all we’re doing here is equipping you so you can go out and do it yourself. And then you train people the same way. You equip them so they can go out and do it themselves. And so we want you to know that any of this material, take it as it’s your own, just make sure you absorb it and that you’re honest with the Lord. The Lord wants us to be truthful way more than he wants us to be perfect, because the only way we can move towards being perfect is being truthful.

So we’re never going to get to perfect unless we’re truthful with him. And so that’s always what he when I talk to people about certain things, if the Lord has given me victory in an area, I’ll say, praise be unto God, he’s given me victory. If there’s another area where I don’t have victory, I’ll say, the Lord is still showing me in that area. That’s how we avoid being a hypocrite, and that’s how we show true humility before the Lord.

I’m still learning in this area, and I need to learn, and I’m waiting for the next revelation the Lord gives me to help me be victorious here. So I just want to encourage you guys in that. And when Roger was talking, it really reminded me of things myself. When you are beginning to love the Lord and beginning to realize the importance of loving the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, we maybe have a little bit of a nonchalant attitude, maybe not quite as serious about it as we need to be, but as our love increases for him, we get such a desire to want to please him because we love him, not because we feel condemned, not because we feel overwhelmed.

No, Lord, I love, you know, there’s times I feel like the Holy Spirit’s trying to point something out in me, and I’ll say, holy spirit, can you turn the microscope, power up one more notch? Because I’m not seeing it, not because I’m rebellious. It’s because I want to see it and understand it so that I can be engaged with the Lord to correct it. So don’t be afraid.

When you feel like the Lord is trying to show you things, to rely on the Holy Spirit, can you bring that into a little better focus so I really know what I’m dealing with here? And then, Lord, give me the strength. I can’t do any of this without you. Just give me the strength to go through this. And I’ve noticed the Lord is methodical, and I talk about this a little bit later, is we can be in this loop of despair, this causality loop.

We get the same kinds of situations over and over again. Why is that? I’ve discovered it’s because I’m not learning the lesson. And so I was on the same kinds of lessons for three decades, and I was so blind to it, I just thought that’s the way it was. And then when the Lord started peeling the scales off my eyes, I realized there’s a whole lot faster lesson plan out there.

When we get rid of that rebellion, we get rid of that stubbornness, we get rid of that pride, and we just say, lord, I’m yours. And I think when we can actually get to the point when the Lord convicts us that we feel joy. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s like, dad, you love me that much. You’re going to show me this so I can understand it, and you’re going to help me get through it.

Oh, dad, you’re wonderful. So I think it’s just a good way to approach it. And I was never like that. But he’s shown me that this can be a lot easier than what you think. You’ve been deceived by the world. You’ve been deceived by the enemy. And if you receive these things with joy, it’s a lot easier. And the emotional component isn’t there. So Heidi is coming back right now, but her mother has dementia and she has sundowner syndrome pretty bad, where she just gets all confused and lost whenever she gets a call from her father.

The Lord’s given her the gift of bringing her mom home, so that’s why she’s back. Now, you guys have this list, and like I said, just go through these. Not to say, oh, man, I’m not doing good in this area and that area. Never let that prevent you from sharing this with other people. We share these things to be sharpened before the Lord. We share these things so that we can reflect on ourselves and on one another.

And another thing I want to share because I saw it demonstrated twice today in two really good conversations I had. And some of the rest of you, we’ve talked about these same things. We don’t need to point things out in others. Even though the Lord tells us in the Bible that we are supposed to encourage, sharpen, and if we see a brother sinning, we’re supposed to judge inside the church.

We’re not supposed to judge outside the church. That’s the Lord’s territory, but a key to us being able to work in one accord. And it’s so important. And that’s why I ask questions. The Lord has had me being a question asker for years now. In those questions we ask, you listen carefully what a person says and in what they say, they will say through their own mouth the areas that are giving them trouble, the areas that they are struggling, the areas that they need the Lord working in their lives as good stewards of loving one another as we should.

We pay attention to those things and then we say especially, and we ask the Holy Spirit, I’m going to listen very carefully, Holy Spirit, if the brother or sister I’m talking with says something that you want me to highlight, I will say it back to them. And it’s amazing. I’ve even had somebody tell me, I’m so glad it came out of my own mouth, because if it came out of your mouth, I’d be offended.

And I had a similar situation with some people today that they just said what the area of their life was, where they were struggling. And the way we’re supposed to encourage one another is say, wow, it sounds like God just spoke through you. Isn’t that awesome? He just told you. And I’ve had people say, oh, I spend 3 hours a night on the Internet and I don’t think God wants me to do that.

And the minute that person said that, I’m like, God just told you, isn’t that awesome? He gave you that instruction? Then we can encourage people with words that come from their own mouth. They know what, they don’t get offended, they don’t argue with us, they don’t push back. They have to think about it and they have to reflect and say, oh my goodness, I did say that. So just try that.

You’ll be amazed at the fruit that will come from it and you’ll be amazed at how much easier difficult conversations are with people. And you know what wasn’t my idea, it was the Lord’s. And he gave it to me about four years ago talking to my daughter about a struggle. And soon as I said that to her about how the Lord would talk through you and to you simultaneously, it’s just we don’t ask, Lord, what did I say today? That was for me? It came out of my mouth.

When we start reflecting on that and conversations we have, oh, my goodness. It’s a treasure trove of insight from the Lord and we miss it. So I’m waiting for testimonies to come now of how the Lord is using this. Brother, there’s a couple of people with their hands up, so I’ll stop for a minute and let you take. That’s. That’s absolutely true, brother. And I posted the Google Drive link on this chat and also on YouTube.

So we’ll do this routinely as well. Every week. We’re trying to equip you with any tools that you can have. Also, if you ever plan on starting to have a little home Bible studies in your house, with neighbors, with friends, with someone, our aim is to be able to help you do that. As long as our time is available, we’re here to help you. We want to make sure we can help any calling that you have in your life, that we can be able to be there to support you.

We want to make sure we do that because the times are difficult and we need to do what we can to reach people. And it’s a blessing. It’s a blessing. Thank you, brother Chris. And for those of you out there, as we’re going to go to Shauna and hope and Sarah, if you guys can also do me a favor and keep brother Chris in prayers. He doesn’t always mention what he’s going through, so I won’t mention what he’s going through.

But he’s usually a person who’s always smiling and happy, and that’s a good thing. However, he could use your prayers as well and Heidi as well. They have a lot on their plate, a lot more. They’re the first ones to say, hey, you need to talk to somebody, call me at one, two, three or five in the morning. But they need some uplifting, too. And I am super grateful to them that they take so much of their time to help me because with how much I have on the plate, there’s no way I can do it.

So keep Chris and Heidi in your prayers this week. He has a lot going on, a lot on the mind. And if you’re watching this on YouTube, if he’s watching this on Zoom, if you’re watching the replay, pray for Brother Chris in the name of Jesus Christ, that God gives him the peace and that just as he cares for so many people, that he feels that love in the name of Jesus Christ, as well, which he always really, he’s probably, like saying, tally, shut up.

But you know what? I got to do it. He does it for me, so I got to do it, too. So, Shauna, how you doing, shauna? Hi, Tally. Thank you. How are you doing, sister? I’m good. I was just listening to everyone, and I live in an area where, first of all, I was born and raised in New York City. For those of who doesn’t know that I live in New York City, I was born and raised in Brooklyn, and the area that I happen to live in, it happens to be all Muslim.

So I give God the glory, that I was able to have fellowship here in my home, that I’m able to sing songs about Christ, that I’m able to sing songs for Christ and things like that here in my space, I like to call my secret place. I thank the heavenly Father for that. I’m trying to figure out, because this happens to me often in my walk. Maybe this happens to others.

But do you know, tally, how to deal? When you’re with God, you’re walking with him, he’s giving you. He’s providing everything for you. You got the Holy Spirit with you. Everything is good. And then all of a sudden, you start getting attacks. I don’t know how to deal with that. After I got saved, I’m not like the way I used to be. I was always a fighter. I was always a person, like, hit first, ask questions later, because I was always constantly being bullied.

I was always a short person. I was always the littlest one in the class. And I got tired of being teased and bullied. So I never used to just talk. I used to just fight. And I’m not like that anymore. So now when everything is going right for me, like, the other day, everything was fine. And then all of a sudden, I come home from work, I’m going to pamper myself, get my nails did and everything, hang out, blah, blah, blah.

All of a sudden, the uber guy puts me out of his vehicle. He told me, get out. He was on his phone. He puts me out in the middle of the street. I could have got hit by a bus. Thank God. I was okay. I mean, I get to the nail salon, she’s mad because she’s triple booked appointments. She’s cutting my cuticles, and she’s just being rough with me.

I’m just like, God help me. What’s going on? Of course I’m not responding to it. I’m just like, wow. Is everything all right? You good? Maybe I should come back. It was just like a really craziness. So after that happened, I came back home, and I always pray to God. I pray, morning, night, evening, it doesn’t matter. I’m always praying to him. And I said to him, God, you got to help me because I don’t know how to deal with this.

I want to go in there, and I want to wreck that place right now, but I need you to help me. So today, I literally came to work. Everything was good. I was peaceful. And my supervisor, she’s what I call, she’s a Christian, but she’s weak in the face. As Paul would say in corinthians, she’s weak in the. So she, even though she professes God, she does a lot of ungodly things, if you know what.

You know, maybe that doesn’t make sense, but I guess you kind of know what I’m coming from. I say that to say there’s a lot of things she was speaking about, and I understand what she’s saying. So I used to try to try to talk to her, minister to her, whatever she needed, and I noticed that because she still has her walk to do, she still has things going on.

I figured I’ll fall back, because I noticed that she gets a little bit like, oh, don’t tell me or don’t judge me. And it really wasn’t judging. I was just trying to encourage her. I was just trying to show her things. So what I started to do, God was telling me, just back off of her a little bit. And just sometimes you got to back off of people.

Sometimes they really don’t want to receive the message. Regardless, Christians are not, and you just got to let the chips forward. They may, and just listen. So my question to you, or even to Chris, is, when things like that is going right for you, when you’re walking and everything is fine with you, how do you deal when you’re getting attacked, know, non believers or just in general, how do you deal with it? You want to go, Chris, and I’ll go, you know, the Lord has made me go through a certain process of doing it, and it’s helped me to be almost entirely not judgmental anymore.

The first thing I do, the Lord always puts it on my heart. Chris, first and foremost, you’re a log inspector of yourself. Look for the plank in your eye. Always first. So I do that. Lord, what have I done? What have I said? Is there something in me? Is there any kind of sin? Is there anything? And the Lord reminds me in my heart of the scripture. I give grace to the humble, and I resist the proud.

And most times, when I got situations that come before me, that’s where I find the answer. And the Holy Spirit will say, and I’m not saying that’s the case with you. I’m just saying here’s the progression of the way I go through it. Where’s the log in my eye? Where did I demonstrate? Then? You know, ask yourself this question. I think you’ve mentioned before that you were the knock down, drag out type of person.

If God is trying to show you how to not be offended, what do you think he’s going to do? He’s going to send the most offensive people on your path that he can. And when we realize that, then we take those situations and like, okay, God, I got you. I know what you want me to do here, and so only you can answer those questions. But if we look at it that way, instead of looking at others first, and it may end up being the other person.

But always, what’s the lesson I’m supposed to learn here? And always, always put yourself before the altar of the Lord first and say, lord, I want to know, did I demonstrate pride? Do I got something that I’m not seeing? And what is it? So that’s what I believe, at least for me. I agree, man. I agree. And I’ll be honest with you, Shauna. It’s just the reason I had him answer it is because on my end, I’m numb to it.

And I’m numb to it to a point that sometimes my daughter and my wife will be like, you got to show some emotion. Act like you care. Because, honestly, I’ve been cussed out, yelled at. I’ve worked at a call center for a long time, so it’s like I’ve taken thousands of escalations. So in real life, there are issues that may happen. Honestly, my wife and daughter start laughing because I’m just like, bro, you done you good.

All right, man. Jesus loves you. Have a blessed day. And then, especially depending on the parts of town you go to, like, if you go to Mini, Puerto Rico, and Kissimmee, just pumping gas, if you stare at the wrong. Know he ain’t going to be happy if you stare at the wrong Puerto Rican just for a moment. He’s going to be like, jesus loves you, man. You’d be all right, man.

Got you, man. Hey, man. It’s all good, man. Did you eat this morning? Will you care about it or not? Same, man. You blessed, brother. You blessed. Relax, breathe. Calm down, man. Because I honestly, as I used to be, just like that, sis. For me to be able to do ministry work, God had to put me through a lot of trials. Like what? He’s putting you through it, so all you’re going through it is like Brother Chris said, he’s sending the test to you so that this way it could start slowly but surely, modifying that aspect of you.

That should make you happy. Sean, that means God has something for you. I wish I could answer that better, but the best advice I can give you is ephesians 612, we wrestle not against flesh and blood. And that means we wrestle not against flesh and blood. I may get upset at Chris or I may get upset, know, at Sally, right? Or whoever. But did they really do it? Not really.

It was an entity that was getting Chris to say the thing that the entity studied me all day to know that it would trigger me. So now I’m offended at Chris. And Chris, he’s like, what’s going on? All I said was a comment. You see what I mean? The enemy knows what to do, when to do, how to study you, how to read you. So my best advice is just remember ephesians 612, we wrestle not against flesh and blood.

Do comments hurt? Do insults hurt? Do coworkers talking about you hurt? Do people abusing the grace that you’re trying to be with people hurt? Absolutely. But we’re not of this world. We’re not of this world. We’re only here, what, 80, 9100 years? That’s it. So God’s just pruning you for a purpose. I’ll pray for them and myself. Yeah, and we got your back. Always remember that. This is a place where we can be vulnerable and talk to each other.

All right, Shannon. Yeah. Thank you so much. Love you. We love you. All right, sister. We love you, too. I love you, too. Thank you. You’re awesome. You’re awesome. And we got to see them nails. You got to post a pic of them nails. Once you get someone on YouTube said, belky said, hey, post them nails. So we got to see the nails. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I go through issues where I wake up China and I’m like, okay, today is a day that you know what I feel it’s going to be a relaxing day. I feel today I’ve got all the videos edited. I’ve got everything set up, and that’s when everything just goes bananas. So now I just go with the flow. I just go with the flow. When everything starts going bananas, I’m like, all right, what’s next? Let’s go to that one.

All right, what’s next? Let’s go to that one. Keep it coming. Okay. Just like in the fight, we would do that. When I got in the fight, I wasn’t the best fighter, but I’ll grab a brick, I’ll grab a rock, I’ll grab whatever. You’re going to know you were going to fight. You were going to say, this Puerto Rican is crazy. For real. The same thing in the spiritual realm as the enemy is attacking, but you’re going to do it spiritually.

Now you’re going to fight this with prayers on your knees doing log inspecting, like Chris said, we’re going to fight it a different way. All right? Yeah. What is her name? What’s her name? Shauna. Right. My name is Shauna, but everybody calls me Shauna. I noticed you when he gave you that assurance. You lit up. You started laughing and everything when he talked about something that you could relate to.

I think in times when you’re in those situations, you’re not the only one who deal with those situations. There’s a word for all that that we are dealing with. But I noticed how you lit up. See, the thing is, that’s your place where God loves that place with you. And in that place is where you have to go. Whenever you find yourself being more or less feeling bombarded or being closed in about the things that’s going around you, that’s where that peace that surpasses understanding.

When you go to that place and you went to that place and you was very happy, you were laughing and giggling. It was like a different thing going on. So it’s like nothing could bring you down from that place. That’s the way God has you. So when you’re in those places, when you’re in a situation where you see all these things going on around you, it’s kind of like what Chris was saying, too.

You look at yourself, but you find that place. You go to that place where God has for you that place right there. Is that happy? I can’t put a title or label on it. I’m not trying to do that. But you have to go there, that place where you were just a moment ago, where you just laughed about and all. And then when you start looking at it from a perspective that, okay, God is doing something, then, okay, now you could process it and then it’ll become a point because God doesn’t bring these things to you.

It’s that sometimes he allow you to be that trial to happen. You know what I’m saying? So it can be for your benefit, so that he can get the glory out of it. So you have to find that place and stay there. Go to that place. It takes practice, it takes time. You going through those things? Yeah, of course. Whenever you decide, make your mind and say, I’m going to follow God, I’m going to go walk in this faith and I’m going to try to go step by step.

Yeah, of course, the enemy is not going to allow. He’s not going to say, oh, you decide to do that? Okay, I guess we’re just going to leave you alone. No, there’s going to be situations where you got to be tried and tested in those things. But say, God said he don’t tempt nobody, so you won’t be tempted by him. It’s just the enemy will try to assume something, so he’s going to try to take advantage of those moments because those things has to be kind of purged away.

They have to be purged out where it doesn’t have no effect over you. So find that place, go back to that peaceful place where God adds you, and then you won’t be so affected, so emotionally connected to something. If it’s not right, you won’t be so emotionally connected to it, so to speak. You know, it’s God the one who’s getting the glory out of it. Amen. Look at that.

She’s showing her. That’s awesome. Yeah. I’m so proud of you, Shina. Keep on keeping. And Tony, your advice is perfect. Right. I. What I’ve learned throughout time is that I’m not of this world. Citizenship is in the kingdom of above. So I’m going to make sure that from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed, just like I would say in the world, if I’m going to get in a fire, but he’s going to fill me.

He’s going to fill me. I used to be my mindset. He’s going to fill me today. He’s going to know he want to fight the same thing. But now in a spiritual sense, now in a spiritual sense of how does he feel me by me, inspecting myself, that annoyed. Wait, now we got to deal with that, like our brother Roger mentioned, because the closer you get to God, now God’s going to point out more and point out more and point out by the time you’re done, you’re going to start laughing at all these people.

Not in a bad way, but like, bro, you won’t have to try better. I’ve heard that. I heard that like 20 times already today. It’s all good. Don’t worry about it. Relax. Come down. Not going to take it personal. And you keep on going. All right, Shayna. Wow, I really does sharpen my eye. I feel so much better. Thank you so much. We love you. We love you, sis.

Whatever you need, you know. We got you. We got you. All right. And someone on YouTube said, you have pretty nails. There you go. Receive it now. Receive it now. That’s what sister hope. How you doing, hope? And then we’ll go to Sarah and then shelly, now that I figured out how to unmute myself. There you go. How’s it going? I was muting and unmuting you? Sorry. Okay.

One word of encouragement from what I just heard as being a former customer service rep is that when people are attacking me, they’re not really attacking me. What comes out of the mouth is a reflection of their heart. So I just stop and I look at it as an opportunity to pray for that person because we don’t know what they’re going through, but God does. Two, you all said something about a microscope.

And in 2015 I had a severe mental. It was horrible. It was torment, demonic torment. I’m going to share only this. I ended up in a psych hospital. But that was the best blessing God could have ever given me. And in there, I shared bibles and they were like, we’ve never seen anybody like that in here. And that really stripped me of my self mind. God had to do something because I was suffering with 40 years of depression.

So he healed me through that humiliation by human standards. But the hospital’s name was Genesis, so that was amazing. About that, I wanted to share two timothy one, verse seven. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. And each opportunity gives us a chance to grow in Christ. And then the devil’s going to see, oh, that doesn’t work anymore.

Let us up the attack. So be on guard. And about a microscope, the more you focus in on something in a microscope, the bigger it becomes. So if I focus in more on my problems, the bigger they become, focus more in on Jesus, the bigger he becomes. And then all that stuff of this world doesn’t seem so overwhelming. So just a few nuggets of encouragement. That is awesome.

I remember visiting my brother when he was in the mental ward, and it was intense. And look at you right now here, encouraging us. Look how good God is. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? Absolutely. And my name is Hope, right? I remember sitting down bawling. I was like, my name is Hope, and I have none, like, literally. But you see, I was priding myself on my own intelligence.

I was only one of my family to get a college degree. God said, okay, you didn’t give that to yourself. Okay, go see. I’m going to show you where it comes from. He didn’t do it to be me or evil. He knew that’s what I needed. That is the biggest blessing of my life. That’s all I could say. And praise God and that experience, he allowed that so I could help others and I could see it on people’s countenance anywhere, words.

And I’m like, I don’t know what you’re going through, but God does. Can I pray with you? And they were like, how did you know? I’m like, just, God does. That’s all. So anyway, that’s all I wanted to share. That’s a blessing. It’s a blessing, hope. And thank you for being here. Thank you for encouraging us. And again, I’m so proud. I’m proud of all of you. I’m proud of you, hope.

I’m proud of every single one of you. When I look at all of you, all I see is overcomers. When I look at Christina, Ernest, Amy, Michelle, Zane, Val, you know, all of, right, Tony, Jason there with his bride as well, right, Shelly, Sarah, Rob, Shannon, Deborah, and on YouTube, all of you that are watching this, I am so proud of know. And if I’m proud of you and I’m just, who am I? Right? Imagine the heavenly father.

He’s rooting, you know, that temptation that’s been driving you nuts. He’s rooting you on. He’s saying, you know what? I made that way of escape. I know, I know it’s hard, but I made that way of escape. Trust me, take that way of escape. And when you do, man, I’m telling you that there’s nothing more beautiful than that. So, hope, I am so proud of you for making this place for you to pass by.

We want to see you here and share more of your testimonies. And it’s an honor. It’s an honor, sis. And can I share one more thing? Yeah. That overcomer crown. I can’t wait to toss it at Jesus’feet. It’s his. It’s his everything. And all throughout the day, I’m struggling because I’m caring for my sweet dog. He’s just such a fighter. And I look at him and I’m like, I want to obey God as good as that dog obeys me and wants to please me.

And God is allowing this because he uses it all, all of it. And it’s just always a season of preparation. It may not be the next battle. Like, I can remember stuff from years ago preparing me for this moment right now. And he’s amazing, and he brings it to your mind, and I just praise him. And every time it gets hard, I’m like, what can I be grateful for? One day, it was my contact lenses, okay? And that’s where it starts.

And it adds and it adds, and then finally, my heart is filling with joy, and the Holy Spirit is like, I’m here, comforting. So there you go. And praise the Lord for you. And all of you here, you’re all in my prayers, even if I don’t message, because right now I’m learning how to use the zoom thing. So we’re all struggling together, but we’re in it. So I’m so grateful for you.

You’ve encouraged a lot of people on YouTube. There’s a lot of people understand that hearing what you said was definitely resonated with them. And we’re praying for your doggie, and we’re your family here, hope, okay? So if you ever need us, we got you. All right. Thank you so much. And thank you for allowing yourself to be a vessel. He prepares us and praise God for that. So thank you so much for adding me to zoom.

Hey, it’s a blessing. You want to see you more. Amen. I was on time. That’s awesome. Thank you so much. Hope. All right. Yes. Be blessed. Shelly, how you doing, Shelly? And then we got to go to rob for a song after we go to Sarah, and then we’re going to pray, but Sister Shelly, how you doing? We got rob here. What’s going on? Shelly? Muted. Shelly, you muted? Okay.

Sorry. You’re good. First, I want to encourage bow, broken hearted but healed, to start opening up, sister, because I think it was like the first day that you started to do this group. Neptali and I love you, sister, and I would love to hear what you have to ask. I wanted to ask about. I’m digging for wisdom in the subject of gossip. Me and my sister Sarah, we fellowship a lot and we were talking today, and it’s a subject that comes up a lot.

Sometimes there’s things that happen with other christians that we go through and we’ll talk about it and different situations come up that we have to muddle through with relationships with people. But we never want to gossip. We’re not trying to gossip and we lack wisdom in that area. Well, I do. So I was wondering if you have any wisdom on what specifically is gossip? Is it gossip when you’re talking about disagreements that you’ve had with somebody or not? I think gossip, my understanding of gossip, I don’t know if I’m right.

It’s like you have to have like for gossip, it would be like a malicious intent and you’re trying to slander. But I don’t know. Is it gossip when you’re sharing things that have happened or how you’re feeling or you’re trying to work through a situation? Do you have any wisdom on how you know when you’re gossiping or not? You want me to go or. You got this, Chris, go for it.

These are just rules that I use. The first one is you’re not part of the problem or you’re not part of the solution. Then you could be treading on gossip territory. The other thing is, we can eliminate all possibility of gossiping to one another if we don’t use names. If we just say, I heard this person going through this or going through that, I’m taking the lesson that they had to help me be better prepared when something like that may happen to me.

And you hit it. Right, Shelly? When there’s any malicious intent or have you heard of what so and so did? There’s a spirit that’s not supposed to be there, and we want to reject that at all costs. But I think a general and not all situations, but a general way to look at it. If you’re not part of the problem, you’re not part of the solution, then there’s probably no real purpose to talk about it unless we’re using it specifically for a lesson.

And we don’t need to really mention the people’s names. So I don’t have much more than that. Just a little bit. What about you, Tally? Sorry, it’s a hard one because to be honest with you, it’s easier for me. For example, when Shayna was mentioning her issue, I could relate to it more because I’ve been through that I grew up being a fighter, so it’s different. This one is a hard one for me.

What a good rule is, if you wouldn’t tell the person that if they were present, then you may want to just relax a little bit, or quite often, just invite the person that you’re talking about over to have that conversation so that you can just have it out right there. I just think that sometimes what it could do is it could cause dissension or it can cause strife.

So it’s not something that I’ve typically struggled with. So it’s kind of hard for me to give you advice on. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t at one point in time or another. Sure, but it’s not an area that I can give you the most practical advice on, except that the one rule of thumb that I go by is I’m the opposite in that I get myself into whether it be in regular know.

I usually tell a know, I’ll be like, Rob, let me tell you know, I ain’t going to tell Chris about Rob because I’m just going to go to Rob, be like, Rob, that guitar strand, I don’t like it. You know what I mean? Are we going to just talk? And he’ll be like, whoa, I’m just being honest with you, man. Rob, since you’re going to sing us a song in your church, since you’re more familiar with a congregation, what do you think about that topic? Because I don’t want her to leave without additional advice other than what Chris gave.

But it’s not my area of know. All you can do is you know that as soon as you use someone else’s name in your conversation who is not present, you are treading at least the potential of very bad waters and gossiping. Because I’m an active involvement in ministry on YouTube. It is. And Tally can testify to this. It is unfortunately the biggest sin among the christian community, I think, online because there’s always somebody that you can disagree with.

Every single person that we have in this chat right now, if we talked one on one for longer than ten minutes, especially about theological issues, we would find some sticking point that be, oh, I don’t know about that. And then I could go, tally, what is this about Chris? And he does don’t. It’s real easy for us to do that. And as soon as, if Chris isn’t there, I’m doing something that has the potential to be really bad.

Paul addresses this a little bit. I was looking for some Bible wisdom because that’s the best place to go. I wasn’t able to find anything. I didn’t spend a lot of time doing it. But Paul talks in romans about certain people who are whisperers, certain people who seem to be taking joy or out of the fact that they are talking badly about someone else. And in other words, it’s almost a way that we use to make ourselves feel better about our own feelings, to point at the fingers at someone else who has bigger failings.

It’s the natural human tendency. So as I try and tell myself constantly, particularly in my ministry here in YouTube, because while I can preach it real well, don’t gossip. If you watch me long enough, you’ll say, what’s rob doing right now? He’s talking about somebody who’s not present. I always need to be. If we. If we read scripture. And the fact that you’re addressing it, Shelly, it’s exactly what was it Chris saying? That it was Chris who was talking about how the Holy Spirit is going to reveal it to you.

He just did. He caused you to come into this chat and ask about it because you obviously feel some kind of burden related to it. So, as Chris would say, great, he’s speaking to. So take that to heart. Just try and be better. I can tell you with experience, maybe Chris not so much, because I hadn’t seen Chris in those communities, and Niftali is much smarter than I am because I don’t see him, even though a lot of people know him.

When you put yourself into positions of gossiping, that’s one of the things, too. It’s the same thing with lust. It’s the same thing with anger. It’s the same thing with uber drivers. If you sense the uber driver, Shauna, you go, oh, that guy’s having a bad day. Or the nail salon lady, she’s frustrated about being overbooked. And go, she’s having a bad day. Maybe I should move on.

These things that we can do to pull ourselves out of that scenario. And I would just encourage you, Shelley, to listen. Continue to listen to holy spirit, because clearly he’s talking to, okay, say you’re dealing with some relational abuse from a person and you don’t have it in your heart to get joy out of. Like, you’re not in your heart trying to be tearing a person down. You’re just trying to share with a sister that you’re close with.

Like, hey, I don’t know what to do in this situation. This is happening. This is how it’s making me feel. This is hard. We relate to each other emotionally. Right. When you’re wounded by somebody and you want to share it with a sister, let me make sure I understand if I can. I’m sorry to interrupt you. Shelley is that sister that you’re talking to in good stead with the person that you have a problem with.

Yeah. And so you’re trying to convince her you shouldn’t, and so therein lies the. Wait, wait. Say that again. I think there’s a. All right, well, I can just tell you through personal experience, because I’ve been through, if I understand you correctly, there are people not in this community here, but in my YouTube ministry, the things I do there who I just butt heads with, and then there are people that are real people of peace and that I love and we can fellowship together, and it’s all great.

And suddenly I see one of those people I have a good relationship with, having connection with the person who I butt heads with, and there’s a temptation for me to. Oh, I need to talk to you about this. That’s the. I take it to the video that I put up, and you were here, Shelley, for it, with the rope. I need to live peaceably with all people as far as it depends on me.

One of the ways I can do that is to not gossip about someone and talk badly. To make things worse, when the friend you talk to talks to that other person they’re friendly with and say, hey, guess what? Shelly’s talking about you. And then suddenly it becomes this big, explosive thing wherein if you let go of that rope and let God, in other words, don’t feel a burden of having to tell someone, you shouldn’t hang out with that person, because here’s what they did to me.

Now, that being said, there are levels of. I mean, if you were seriously abused, then you probably should do more than just talk to that friend. If you think that, like, for instance, if it’s going to be relational, if you dated someone and then someone else is going to date someone and that person’s your friend and you want to warn them, there’s a fine line. But like I said, as Chris said, which I thought was the best wisdom today, is the fact that you’re addressing the issue, that compulsion is coming from holy spirit.

And I would just say, listen and let go. And don’t feel like you have to convince someone of something that God will reveal to them. If it’s truth, hope that helps. That’s edifying for me, too. For all of know, it’s edifying because. Yes, Shelly. Go ahead, Shelley. I think I need more because there’s situations with my sister Sarah. Right? We live in different countries, but there’s things that she goes through with some people and it’s not nice sometimes, like how she’s feeling or I go through things.

She’s talked to the sister on video chat, that sometimes you just don’t know what to do. There are situations that arise and it’s like, is it wrong to go to my sister and be like, hey, I’m having, like, what would you do in this situation? Is that gossip? No, it is arguably, but I don’t know if it’s the dangerous level. It’s when the parties that are discussing a particular individual who’s not there all know that individual.

If you’re talking to someone in another country because they’re suffering from something and you can say, oh, I experienced that, too, then you could utilize your wisdom in order to help someone in how you handle a certain situation. If you both know the person, then it becomes a problem. If you turn it into, oh, yeah, and if you want to see this person who gave me problems, let me go send you their facebook link.

If it turns into something like that, the purpose of the conversation is not to edify, to build up, to admonish or to teach. And you are instead using it as a self build up or to make yourself feel better as opposed to being helpful. Then I think it borders on the point of the warnings of the Bible. Hopefully that helps too. Good. But don’t use names. Don’t point if you don’t have to.

Yeah. Can I add something real quick? Yeah, be like me. Yeah, go for it. Go for it, Jason. Go ahead, Jason. Then Tony, and then we’ll go. I would just say it’s all about your intention and what the point of what you’re speaking of. Know if somebody is going through something and you’re excited to tell somebody else. Well, obviously you’re in a bad place as far as gossip goes.

Here’s an example. A while back at work, for a few days in a row, I usually park in the same area. And I kept seeing a check stub on the ground. And I wondered, I said, I should pick that up, but, you know, I’m going to see whose it is and I’ll probably end up seeing how much they make. And that’s none of my business. For days and days, I ignored it.

Then one day, the guy I work with walked up to me, he goes, man, I was walking through the parking lot and I saw this check stub. And, boy, I got excited. I was going to see how much money somebody made. I said, and he goes, yeah, I picked it up. It’s yours. And he was disappointed because he already knew how much money I made and there’s a difference.

I saw it and said, this is an unfortunate situation, but I want to deal with it carefully. This guy saw it and said, all right, I got me some dirt. Right? So if you’re discussing the situation, that’s one thing. But when you’re excited to talk about someone’s misfortune or to hear what somebody did this week, that’ll tell you. Yeah, right. I agree. I got a couple of scriptures, because what I’m hearing, when you was talking about it, there was things that was coming to mind.

I looked up a scripture, but I do remember also the Bible pertains to the point of when we talk, we say, we can talk so much that it can lead to foolishness. And what happens is once we talk so much about somebody or whatever, it goes to that point, we could become a slanderer, meaning we could start talking negative about that person. So God, he don’t want that from us.

So what we have to do is he said, make sure we take heed in our words. Now, there’s a scripture to it. There’s a scripture where I got out of psalms 19, verse 14. I got in front of me, it says, let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, o Lord, my strength and my redeemer. So that means he’s the one that’s correct us as a redeemer.

And he’s the strength. So he’s the one that gives us the strength to operate under these things. So we must apply the word instead of more or less going into what we think is right, because it says, man’s wisdom is foolishness to God. So we don’t have the correct way to deal with things. That’s why we take it to God. We find a way. That’s why it says, cast those things down, that try to exalt itself above God.

And that comes to sometimes that becomes those thoughts and things we have to cast down. Now, if you’re not able to go to that place, what you do, you start somewhere. Your question you have, you say, okay, I have a problem with my tongue. And like I said, it says here, there’s a scripture where it refers to, guard my tongue, Lord, guard my tongue so I won’t sin against thee.

So I won’t just say something negative about somebody. God might be trying to do something with a person. And we might be just cutting it off by intervening, thinking. And it could start easy because our intents might be good. Well, I think this about that person, maybe this and this and this. And it can easily lead to something else. So that’s why God is saying, let him do it.

We have to bring him in and get him involved with it. And the way we allow him to get involved with it, with his spirit, is that by the word. Now, as we study the word, the word will open up in our heart. That’s when we were talking about seeds earlier. Those seeds will grow into something where that word will sprout out. Then it becomes less of a point of we talking about somebody.

But we have a word. That word that comes from God will take the place of what our words. The words that we would like to use, or the words that we are easy to stumble over and use in the place of just having to talk. Now, like I said, psalms 19, verse 14, it says, let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight.

So that means God is aware of what we are saying, and we have to understand these things. When we say these things, we look at somebody, we can easily fall into that. That’s why we must remember that God is watching us. He’s paying attention to these words. He’s saying these things. A lot of times where people in the Bible, they will try to go against God’s righteous people and they will decree something or they will say something.

And God took the words that they said and used it against them because they said it and they tried to decree it. So God shows that he’s a knowledgeable of those words. Now we know that we don’t know it. Fully committed to it. What we do is he says, we pray and ask for wisdom when it comes to that matter. And he said he gives that freely. So that means that he’ll give that to us.

Wisdom in that area. But we have to be acceptable to listen before we go out, more or less trying to speak on something or speak about a person. Believe me, I understand how it is, too. Sometimes I’ll go to work. Earlier today, I was at work, someone said something. They said something to me and I heard it. And I said, wow. So this is what they’re saying about me.

I heard it. I said, oh, so they’re saying these things. But I said, you know what? One way I looked at it, I was kind of like Chris said, I looked at myself, I said, you know what? I do. Sometimes I might say something about somebody, too, and it may be a certain way. So you know what? I can’t really take that to the point of taking that literally or serious like they doing me.

I can’t do that. So what would God would do with this situation? And then God reminded me, saying the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, let it be positive thoughts. And then sometimes we tell each other in a worldly way, we’ll say, if you don’t have nothing good to say about somebody, don’t say nothing at all. That kind of gives us somewhere to kind of say, okay, that gives us some type of guard or something like that on what we’re about to do and say.

But we understand because you want to communicate for a person. You want to say the right thing. You want to say something that’s good and motivational, but you got to allow God to lead it. And when the spirit leads it, what happens is everything you say, it would touch that place that needs to be touching that person. It won’t be us. That way he can get the glory.

So I don’t know if it’s a little too much, but I just wanted to mention that. So you might want to look at that scripture and kind of read that and become more familiar with it. And as you become familiar with that word, you’re becoming familiar with God and who he is. And then that seed is being planted into you, and then it reminds you. So when you get in those places, you’ll know, oh, okay, you know what? I want to say this, but you know what? That’s not right to say.

What would God expect me? How should I react in that situation? You’ll be reminded, but you have to pray for wisdom also in that area. Yeah, I agree with the word. I do get in the word, but even having the word and having a good intention in your heart, sometimes there’s relational things that you’ll encounter walking with Jesus and other christians, where you need wisdom and a deeper understanding of things that it’s good to ask other brothers and sisters, too.

I don’t struggle with this one too much, but, you know, before you speak, just ask the Holy Spirit. Say, God, what is my intention behind me saying this? If it’s genuine because I need advice. I go to brothers and sisters and ask for advice all the time. If it’s genuine, because something, there’s an abuse, I’m getting beat up by my chihuahua or something. Like, know before you speak, ask, why am I really doing this? And if the answer is conviction from the Holy Spirit.

Stop. If it’s that you really need some edification and you need some advice, then go ahead and proceed. And if you find yourself that this is a situation that now you’re having to every single day deal with, then, you know, as we mentioned before, be a log inspector. We inspect ourselves to be able to make sure that we grow from that. Because I totally get what you’re saying.

Sometimes you need to talk to somebody, but if it’s a routine situation that you find yourself, that you’re struggling with this, the answer is right there, as we mentioned. And God loves you, Shelley, and we love you, too. So it’s always a blessing. I do have to cut the live stream pretty soon, but we’re still going to be on Zoom because I do have to go to work.

But Rob has a song that he wants to sing real quick because I know that it’s an awesome song and I want him to sing it too. And then we can continue talking, if that’s okay with everyone. We’ll still be on Zoom, but we’re going to go ahead and cut off the live stream pretty soon. Okay. Are you queuing to sir? Yes, sir. All right, we’ll may take it to a vote.

Revelation song or goodness of God? Because the Lord gave me both. Or good, good, father. Oh, goodness of God. Yeah, I love that. Yeah, I think goodness, goodness of God, especially because Tali was saying that. So. See, it’s democratic Republican here. I dig. We’re going to go and we’re going to do goodness of God. We thank you, Lord, for your goodness here tonight and the great words, the great wisdom from everybody here.

And I learned personally that you could take the Christian out of Brooklyn, but you can’t take the Brooklyn out of a Christian. That’s what. Just kidding, Shauna. I got it. Thank you, mom. Yeah, no, no, but we thank you. I can’t help myself. God gave me the sense of humor. As long as you see it in the intention. That was a joke I’ve been saving for a while.

The Lord is our joy. You are our joy, God, you are so, so good, and you’re here for us and the good and the bad and the storms. And we thank you for that, God, we thank you for your faithfulness. In Jesus name, amen. I love you, Lord. Oh, your mercy never fails me all of my days I’ve been held in your hands from the moment that I wake up until I lay my head I will sing of the goodness of God all my life.

You have been faithful? All my life you have been so, so good? With every breath that I am able? I will see of the goodness of God? I love your voice? You have led me through the fire in darkest night? You are close like no other? I’ve known you as a father I’ve known you as a friend? I have lived in the goodness of God? All my life you have been faithful? All my life you have been so, so good? With every breath that I am able? I will sing of the goodness of God? Your goodness is running after us? Your goodness is running after it’s running after me? Your goodness is running after it’s running after me? With my life laid down surrender now, I give you everything? Your goodness is running after it’s running after me? All my life, all my life you have been faithful? All my life you have been so, so good? With every breath that I am able? I will sing of the goodness of God one more time? All my life you have been faithful? All my life you have been so, so good? With every breath that I am made I will say of the goodness of God? I will say of the goodness of God that was awesome.

That was awesome, brother. I appreciate it. Brother Rob is going through a little bit of a cold, yet he’s still here singing. With every breath that I am able there. There you go. Legit this time, for sure. And I also wanted to say again to those that are on YouTube watching this, that are making this a Tuesday night thing, thank you. Thank you for doing that. Always. I always share this.

Hold this accountable. We’re no better than any of you. We’re just talking through things and giving each other advice and doing the best that we can. And we truly, truly do hope that these are an encouragement to you so that you can then take anything that you even see here, even if it’s a little bit of a tiny glimpse that you can say, you know what? Maybe I can start church at home with my kids.

Maybe I can start church at home with my neighbors, with my coworkers. And trust me, we’ll be there to help you along the way. We haven’t figured it all out yet, right? But we’re trying until we find the local assembly, and if you can find the local assembly, man, that’s going to be awesome. All right. Don’t lose hope in that as I close, because we’re going to stay on Zoom, but I’m going to close on YouTube.

I also wanted to tell you, Shelly Shelley, thank you for being so kind enough to share your vulnerability. Don’t feel ashamed of sharing your vulnerability. You may be struggling in that area, but I could be struggling in something else. We all struggle. Okay? So thank you for being kind enough to share that. Because in the advice that we give you, the advice that we take back on any conversations that we had today, to all of you who talked and shared anything in any conversation that we’ve had today, if any of the feedback, sometimes it could be a little know it’s all meant in the best type of way because that’s how we edify each other.

We love you. We care for you. Okay, Heidi, can you please share that email once again, vocally, so people can hear it on YouTube and that way they can reach out to book any appointments or anything like that? Sure. It’s heidysalo@gmail. com. So it’s Heidi, right? And then Salo, I’m horrible at that. So spell it just in case. That way they can see it. Heidisalow@gmail. com okay, so.

Heidisalow@gmail. com I’m going to post it on YouTube right now and put it on the screen. Family, listen, if you’re in a position that you’re struggling, you had a bad week, you had a bad day. You need to talk to a brother. We’ll point you to Chris. He can help out. You need to talk to a sister. Heidi’s there to help out. I work. I leave my house really early.

I come home at nighttime. So I depend on brothers and sisters. As you can see, all of us here today, we’ve all helped each other, right? The only king here is Jesus Christ. So know that if you need something, email there, request an appointment. You’ll have an appointment. There’s no cost. There’s no miracle. So a seed, none of that. It’s just, hey, listen, if you need to talk to somebody, we’re here for you.

All right? So I’m going to go ahead and close, but we’re on Zoom. But I do see. Yes, go ahead. Go ahead, Chris. Want to say real quick, Heidi is going to pray for everybody that had prayer requests on YouTube, even though they might not hear it. We will do that. And tally and I have talked several times. We just haven’t done it yet. He’s going to show me the rest of the things to do so that he has a late night or I can keep the stream going longer and all that.

We just haven’t got to that. Absolutely. And I truly appreciate you, Chris, thanks for all that you’re doing. Rob, thank you for you’re doing. Tony, thank you for your input today. Jason, thank you for being here. And say hi to your bride for all that Zane Zook. God bless. Shelley. Look, there’s a sign there. Shelly. Shelly, you gotta look at the screen. Look, this is. God bless, Shelley.

You see that? There you go. Sarah. All of you. All of you. Zane, Zukay, I have to leave, but I would love to talk to you someday as well. Hope. Thanks for everything. Roger, Shayna, Tiana, all of you. All right, I’m going to sign off, but I’m going to leave the room open so Chris, you can take it over. All right. Love you very much, guys. Get some rest.

Tally. .

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