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What They Want

By: Nephtali1981
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5G Danger
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➡ The year 2024 will see many legal issues like trials and ballot access hearings. Also, a lot of money will be spent on negative ads.
➡ The Democratic leaders and some media think that Donald Trump is the best candidate for the Republicans because they believe he would lose against Joe Biden. While Trump might still run.


What will 2024 be about? Criminal trials, ballot access hearings, hundreds of millions on attack ads. Biden, Harris, and the liberal media want Republicans to nominate Donald Trump because he’s the weakest candidate against Joe Biden. While Trump spends supporters donations on lawyers, Republicans will lose key swing states, the Senate, even control of Congress. Imagine what will happen if they convict him. A Trump nomination would cost us everything. That’s what they want in 2024.


5G Danger

Spread the Truth
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2024 legal issues ballot access hearings 2024 Democratic leaders on Trump candidacy Joe Biden vs Donald Trump 2024 media perception of Trump vs Biden Republican candidate 2024 spending on negative ads 2024 trials in 2024 Trump potential run in 2024 Trump's chances against Biden

One thought on “What They Want

  1. The political scene in todays arena is disgusting and scary, I would vote for Kennedy but they will probably kill him, I’m thinking I’ll write in Daffy Duck for prez☮️💟

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