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Did a Storm Chaser’s Car Get Sucked into a Tornado on Live TV? LIVE STORMS 5-21-24

By: Tommy Truthful
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Did a Storm Chaser’s Car Get Sucked into a Tornado on Live TV?

Did A Storm Chaser’s Car Get Sucked Into A Tornado On Live Tv?

Did a Storm Chaser’s Car Get Sucked into a Tornado on Live TV?

By Tommy Truthful


Intense storms in Oklahoma, with winds reaching up to 80 mph, wreaked havoc across the state, bringing tornadoes and massive hailstones. During these extreme weather events, a dramatic incident involving storm chasers caught the attention of viewers and sparked widespread concern on social media.


The Incident

On May 20, 2024, a Reddit post claimed that a storm chaser’s vehicle had been pulled into a tornado on live TV. The post included a video from an Oklahoma TV station broadcast, which appeared to show a vehicle being dragged around by strong winds. The post’s title read: “Storm chaser crashes on live TV following 5/19 OKC supercell,” and it included a note of concern for the safety of the storm chasers.


The Reality

Local viewers were initially alarmed when KWTV in Oklahoma City streamed footage of what seemed to be a potential disaster. However, clearer footage shared later on social media revealed that the situation was not as it first appeared. The vehicle in question had not been sucked into a tornado but had instead hydroplaned and flipped.


Val and Amy Castor, the storm chasers involved, confirmed that they had been driving on Interstate 40 when their vehicle lost control. Val Castor explained on her Facebook page:

“After the Yukon tornado dissipated, we got on I-40 and headed east to get ahead of the storm again. Somewhere just west of the I-44 exit, the rear of the truck started to fishtail. We did a complete 360 and ended up sliding into the center retaining wall, tipping over onto the passenger side of the truck.”


Despite the dramatic nature of the accident, the Castors were fortunate to escape with only minor injuries. Val added:

“After we got unbuckled, I lifted the door on the driver’s side up. Luckily, a couple of motorists had stopped to help us, and they held the door open while we climbed out. I don’t know who they are and I didn’t get their names, but I want to thank them for their help. We feel very blessed to have walked away with only one small scratch.”


Fellow storm chaser Kyle G shared the footage on X, writing: “Very glad they are okay!! Val and Amy Castor with News9 OKC—hydroplaned and flipped while tracking severe storms in Oklahoma tonight.”


Extreme Weather and Climate Concerns

The recent spate of extreme weather in Oklahoma and other parts of the country has dominated headlines. Experts have expressed concerns that climate change may exacerbate these events, predicting more frequent and severe thunderstorms, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and droughts. 


Some argue that climate change is being used as a pretext for geoengineering and weather control technologies, suggesting that we are in the midst of a “weather war” with other countries. While this incident involving the storm chasers highlights the dangers of extreme weather, it also serves as a reminder to critically evaluate the information presented to us.



The claim that a storm chaser’s vehicle was sucked into a tornado on live TV is false. The vehicle had hydroplaned, and the storm chasers involved were not seriously injured. As we navigate the challenges posed by extreme weather, it’s crucial to distinguish fact from fiction and remain informed about the true nature of these events. You may recall that I predicted significant weather events before the April 8th eclipse earlier this year.


Stay safe and stay skeptical. For more truth, stay tuned to Tommy Truthful.

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2 thoughts on “Did a Storm Chaser’s Car Get Sucked into a Tornado on Live TV? LIVE STORMS 5-21-24

  1. We here in Oklahoma have in fact lost 3 very skilled and experienced storm chasers while in the field, but that was 2013 near El Reno. It goes to show no matter have veteran you might be it’s an area that is so violent and unpredictable your card can get pulled at any given time while chasing this magnificent show of natures fury. On a lighter note, these men died doing the one thing they were crazy passionate about and they knew the risks and it was worth it for them so hats off to anyone who finds his Passion in life and goes out and makes it happen no matter what!

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