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GIANT Crack Opens in the Earth

By: mrmbb333
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GIANT Crack Opens in the Earth MrMBB333

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➡ The video highlights events from various places including a mysterious object sighting in Delray Beach, Florida, and Austin, Texas, a large fissure opened in the Philippines following a 7.6 magnitude earthquake and its many aftershocks, solar activity updates from the Space Weather Prediction Center, Yellowstone Supervolcano’s status check, a comet approaching the sun on April 8th, and gratitude towards new members of their Star family.


What’s up, guys? Hope everybody’s doing well and having a great day in this video. We’re going to Delray Beach, Florida. You’re going to Austin, Texas. You guys are going to see some very unique video footage of mysterious objects. Good video footage of objects in the day and nighttime sky. You’ll definitely want to stick around for that. Also going to take you guys down to the Philippines. In fact, we’re going right now.

Remember the very large 7. 6 magnitude earthquake that occurred around 72 hours ago. This photo was taken December 7, just a few hours ago from the Philippines sent in by Donna Bell. I just received this about 2 hours ago. This is a large fissure that’s opened up following the large earthquake and the many dozen aftershocks. Several aftershocks in the six range. Many in the five range. But this was following the 7.

6 magnitude earthquake down in the Philippines. So once again, the earth opened up a very large deep fissure following the 7. 6 magnitude earthquake. I’d like to give a big shout out to Dean Woodard out of Guilford, Maine. He very kindly asked if I could give him a shout out. And, Dean, it would be my pleasure. So I hope you have a great day. Dean Woodard out of Guilford, Maine, coming over here to the homepage of the website.

Today’s feature photo was sent in by Beck out of Oz. This is out of Australia. Look at the colors in the daytime sky. Noticed from her location in Australia. Great photo sent in by Beck. Checking in on the Go’s X ray flux over here at the Space Weather Prediction Center. All quiet the last 24 hours. There was a small M class solar flare yesterday, but nothing going on today.

And looking at the Schumann resonance, it’s been quiet for a week. Hopping over to the Yellowstone Supervolcano Caldera, looking at the seismographs that monitor the mighty supervolcano. Not too much going on over here. A little bit of magma intrusion, but you would expect that at a supervolcano. It too has been pretty quiet. Here’s an update on the comet that’s going to join us on April eigth during the total solar eclipse.

And there it is. It’s in the northern sky. I was looking for it last night. We sat outside and looked at the north sky. I didn’t get the telescope out because I didn’t have an optimal view. I might get the telescope out tonight. We’ll see. It just depends on what the sky looks like. But there’s the comet. Twelve P Ponds Brooks. That’s headed towards the inner solar system for a close encounter with the sun on April eigth.

I’d also like to thank the newest members of the Star family, Acadian Joe, Amanda Landman and Liz Lot Lundrodick. I hope I got that right. They are the newest members of the Star family, the Blue Star family. If you guys would be interested in becoming members, you can find the link to do so down below in the description box and also pinned in the comment section of this video.

Amanda is up to a green star now, as she’s been a member for two months, Katie. And Joe is a blue Star member. He just joined yesterday, in fact, and list joined one day ago. So thanks again, guys. Really do appreciate that. Want to take you guys now down to Delray Beach, Florida. This is super bizarre. It’s not what you’re going to think it is. It’s not a Starlink satellite train.

This is something different. It’s curved. It’s moving very slowly through the sky. This video has narration. It was taken at night. Here we go. What is that? You see that? I did. And you could hear John, who was holding the video camera, talking about this thing being a possible spacecraft moving through the nighttime sky and see how it’s curved. I want to show you guys an example of a Starlink satellite train.

Right here’s a Starlink satellite train. Starlink satellite trains would be much bigger if you saw one in the nighttime sky. Now what that was above Delray beach and moves a lot faster and then, as always, in a very straight line and a lot more of the visible lights. Those are satellites. This was curved, whatever it may have been. And it was moving very slowly across the nighttime sky.

And John was emphasizing that it was a spacecraft moving through the nighttime sky above Delray Beach. These are just different formats of the original video. It’s at the original speed. There’s a good look at it right there. See? It’s a collection of what looked like satellites of some sort of lights. They’re curved. They’re moving through the nighttime sky very high up in the sky. They weren’t making any noise.

They just looked very out of place. And they had the presence of mind to get their video camera out and start recording. And they captured something truly unique in the sky above Delray Beach, Florida. Thank you, John, for the video. Really appreciate that. Want to take you guys now to Austin, Texas, where a triangle craft was spotted in the daytime sky by Brooke. This video has narration. And here we go.

It’s moving. Where is it? I can’t see it on the video. Where is it on the video? Right there. Oh, my God. It’s a UFO. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Don’t bump Mommy. Don’t bump Mommy. I’m taping this. Oh, my God. It’s a UFO. Mommy never saw a UFO before. My God. We see it. Oh. Where’d it go? Where’d it go? Where’d it go? Irene. Irene. Mom.

Is it in a holder? I don’t think so, baby. Just an unidentified flying object. We don’t know what it is. Well, a Delvarian. Wow, look at that. It’s not moving very fast. Wow. What is this? I can’t zoom in any further. It’s moving away. Aliens are weird. We’re going to lose it. What is that thing? What is that? Don’t pump me. Don’t bump me because I’m already having an unidentified flying object, folks.

Here we go. Dummy. Dallians are real. We know they’re real. Baby miles, thank you for showing yourself. Thank you. I knew it was something. Wasn’t that cool. She recorded that for the better part of two and a half minutes. It wasn’t wobbling around like a collection of balloons here. I zoomed in and slowed it down. You don’t see anything hanging off the bottom, like a string would be dangling off of a collection of balloons.

This is maintaining the same shape. And you can see right here it looks like a black triangle craft. And that’s what she was describing it as, too, when she got a good look at it in broad daylight from Austin, Texas, a black triangle craft spotted in the daytime sky above Austin, Texas. I saw something last night in the nighttime sky. Just very briefly, I actually drew a picture of what I saw in the nighttime sky.

As my wife and I were out looking for the comet in the northern sky, something appeared in Pegasus that I’m going to share with you guys in today’s livestream. Something very mysterious that I saw in the nighttime sky last night above Arizona. And thanks for the photos and videos, guys. Keep them coming. If you guys have any photos you’d like to share, you can send those to reports at MRMBB three three.

You guys have any videos you’d like to share that are too large to attach to the email, come over here to the homepage of the website. You can always find link down below in the description box. Look for this red banner that says have a large video. It’s a Dropbox. Drag and drop your video into the Dropbox. Please include your first name, date and location. And I’ll take it from there.

Thanks for watching. Have a super day and be safe out there’s. .

5G Danger

Spread the Truth
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7.6 magnitude earthquake aftermath Austin Texas events Comet approaching sun April 8th Delray Beach mysterious object sighting Large fissure in Philippines Space Weather Prediction Center updates Star family new members gratitude Yellowstone Supervolcano status

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