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Huge Cell Service Outage Across US ALL Major Carriers Report Issues Nationwide!

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5G Danger

Huge Cell Service Outage Across US ALL Major Carriers Report Issues Nationwide Truth Mafia News!

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Rubio warns Chinese cyberattack ‘will be 100 times worse’ than AT&T outage: ‘Your power, your water’

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➡ A big network problem has started with AT&T and spread to many other phone and internet companies, causing a lot of people to only be able to make emergency calls. This issue is affecting different areas in different ways, with some having a little signal and others having none. It’s unclear how long it will take to fix. Follow Dabu Seven on Twitter and join their live streams for updates.


It. This is Dabu Seven. Today we have reports of a massive outage here that started with AT and T and its network that has spread to cricket, Verizon, consumer cellular, T mobile, boost, US, cellular, straight talk. We even have places like Google and others seeing a spike in their traffic as well. So this goes beyond at T, this goes into webs, Apple support, track phone, even Google fiber seeing a spike here, Destiny spectrum, which is cable service and even x.

So this is kind of widespread here across the board with a lot of different places seeing effects of this. Now, a lot of people on the AT T network, they can only make emergency calls. So it’s like SOS mode only, emergency call only. And a lot of other places, as you can see here, are affected. So this is not just at T. So no calls can be made at the moment, systems are down.

This is going to be kind of widespread but kind of patchy, I would think, where people in different areas may have a little bit of signal, people in other areas may have none. We’ll have to wait and see how long this takes. Some are asking, is this the beginning or beta tests for what we’re expecting in the offing? Regardless, this is what’s going on right now. The is the latest.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter for updates to this and join me on the live streams exclusively on Dlive and Rumble Monday and Friday, 09:00 p. m. , eastern, covering everything that they want to censor on these other platforms. Much love. Bye. .

5G Danger

Spread the Truth
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