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Rare Tornado Spinning the ‘Wrong’ Direction Forms Over Oklahoma

By: Tommy Truthful
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Rare Tornado Spinning the ‘Wrong’ Direction Forms Over Oklahoma by Tommy Truthful

Rare Tornado Spinning The 'Wrong' Direction

Unusual Tornado Events Over Oklahoma: Clockwise Spin and Looping Path Observed

Last week, 4-30-24, a meteorological anomaly unfolded in southwestern Oklahoma. Thunderstorms of unusual intensity birthed an anticyclonic tornado in Tillman County, near the Texas border. What made this Tornado truly exceptional was its clockwise rotation, a phenomenon that occurs in a mere 1 to 2 percent of tornadoes in the Northern Hemisphere, which typically spin counterclockwise. Rare Tornado Spinning the ‘Wrong’ Direction Forms Over Oklahoma (


But it wasn’t just the clockwise spin that set this Tornado apart. It also displayed a rarely seen behavior: it remained almost stationary for a period, a trait uncommon among tornadoes that usually move with their parent thunderstorm. The National Weather Service (NWS) noted this unusual stillness, combined with the Tornado’s immense power that lifted debris thousands of feet into the air, marking it as an extraordinary event.


The typical counterclockwise spin of tornadoes is often attributed to the Coriolis effect, which is influenced by Earth’s rotation, or so they say. However, Jana Houser, an expert in supercell thunderstorms and tornado radar analysis from Ohio State University, disagrees. Speaking to Smithsonian magazine, Houser explained that a tornado’s rotation is due to variations in the vertical winds’ speed and height, occasionally causing them to spin in the opposite direction due to intense air surges within the storm. Ground-Up Rotation: Contrary to popular belief, Houser found clear evidence that tornado rotation often begins at or near the ground level before it develops higher up in the storm. In other words, tornado-strength rotation doesn’t necessarily start within the cloud itself; instead, it can initiate closer to the Earth’s surface. 


Adding to the day’s unusual weather, another tornado north of Loveland, Oklahoma, exhibited a behavior that could potentially be devastating. Initially moving east, in line with prevailing winds, this Tornado unexpectedly slowed, turned north, and then west, retracing its path – a rare and potentially destructive looping movement similar to the one that caused significant damage in Greensburg, Kansas, in May 2007.

The Center Of Greensburg, Kansas, 12 Days After Being Hit By The 2007 Tornado.
The center of Greensburg, Kansas, 12 days after being hit by the 2007 tornado.


So, from these tornadoes that took place in 2007 until today, when I’m reporting this story, it is the 17th anniversary of that event. From and including Friday, May 4, 2007, to, but not including, Saturday, May 4, 2024, = 17 years. This is a big “kill code” number among the occult and the secret societies that are running our government.

Screenshot 2024 05 04 084632 -



In 2007, it looks like they were ramping up this type of geoengineering technology because there is no way what took place on May 4th of 2007 was natural. It took place from May 4th through the 6th, lasting 56 hours and 9 minutes. From May 4–6, 2007, a major and damaging tornado outbreak significantly affected portions of the Central United States. The most destructive tornado in the outbreak occurred on the evening of May 4 in western Kansas, where about 95% of the city of Greensburg in Kiowa County was destroyed by an EF5 tornado, the first of such intensity since the 1999 Bridge Creek–Moore tornado. The supercell killed 13 people, including 11 in Greensburg and two from separate tornadoes.

At least 60 people were injured in Greensburg alone. The strongest tornado of an outbreak, including several other tornadoes reported across Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, and South Dakota, occurred the same night.

Although one of the most damaging tornadoes of the outbreak sequence occurred in Greensburg on May 4, 25 tornadoes were confirmed that day. That number exploded to 92 the following day (May 5), with many tornadoes near the affected area from the previous night. Most were in open country, but there were injuries in at least two spots in Kansas, and one death was reported near a county lake in Ottawa County. Fifteen more tornadoes were confirmed on May 6 in the region before the outbreak finally ended.

This being the 17th anniversary of that event, I bet they start to ramp things up with the weather. We’ll see a rise in hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires. You must remember that all this is to clear areas and locations for their smart grid and smart cities, to force people out of the countryside and live in these 15-minute smart cities. The easiest way for them to achieve this goal is to destroy everything and rebuild on the ashes of the old like a Phoenix rising—their secret society symbol and logo, the Phoenix.

Both the clockwise and looping tornadoes briefly spiraled simultaneously, a rare sight according to Rick Smith, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Norman, Oklahoma.


Fortunately, the impact area, predominantly farmland, reported no casualties. However, the storms were not without damage; they downed trees, flooded roads, and harmed structures at a local golf course and airport, including a historic hangar used by the WWII Airborne Demonstration Team, as Tillman County Emergency Management reported. Please keep in mind that this shadow government intends to make certain places uninhabitable so that when they arrive to play hero, they can easily say they are there to offer help and provide accommodation in a new smart city. They might claim that you have nowhere else to go and that they are here to give you a helping hand, even though they are the same people who destroyed your previous home.


The U.S. typically sees about 1,333 tornadoes annually, with spring marking the start of the peak season. This year, meteorologists, including Victor Gensini from Northern Illinois University, predict an active tornado season, potentially heightened by the transition from El Niño to La Niña. Experts remain closely observing the specific impacts and locations of these tornadoes.


The Washington Post’s Ian Livingston reports that at least 300 tornadoes were recorded in April, far outpacing the April average of 182. This was the second-highest number of tornadoes ever recorded for the month, trailing only behind 757 in April 2011.


So this tornado taking place in Oklahoma on April 30th of 2024, which is during that 13-day preparation ritual timeline that begins on April 19th through May 1st, hits Oklahoma, which let’s not forget the Oklahoma bombing.


When did that happen? The Oklahoma City bombing occurred when a truck packed with explosives was detonated on April 19, 1995, outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, killing 168 people and leaving hundreds more injured.

Over 900 storm reports have been received since April 25 – 5-4-24. It’s truly astonishing that individuals fail to recognize that these storms are not only engineered by humans but are also conducted in a ritualistic manner during specific astrological alignments and at certain points on Earth’s grid system along these ancient ley lines, such as the one in Oklahoma, where we recently experienced a tornado rotating in the opposite direction, coinciding with the same location as the Oklahoma City bombing.


The question remains whether the tornado was natural or artificial.

This would be a way for elitist groups, whom some believe to be malevolent Satanists, to defy the divine by using advanced Fallen angelic technology to alter the weather. We’re witnessing an increasing number of rare weather events, and I Believe 2024 will be a record year for wildfires.


Authorities might claim these are natural results of climate change, but I believe that geoengineering and weather manipulation are the true causes, though they’ll never admit it. So, what happened on April 30th? That’s the day Adolf Hitler allegedly took his life and when the Church of Satan was established in San Francisco. It seems like an apt day to target the central U.S., often dismissed as ‘flyover states’ by some elites.

Their writings suggest disdain and even destructive intentions toward these populations. The destruction of the Georgia Guide stones, which outlined a plan to reduce the global population, ties into this.

Edward Snowden has even hinted at the future use of geoengineering and weather manipulation as tools for population control by the US government. These are my thoughts until next time, fellow truth-seekers. TT 

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