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You WILL NOT Look At Reality the Same After This

By: Waters Above
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5G Danger
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➡ This new course is all about teaching you how to understand the deeper meanings of things around you, like numbers, words, and symbols. It’s designed to be easy to use and focuses on the most important information, so you don’t get overwhelmed. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to make sense of things that used to confuse you and use this knowledge in your everyday life. This course is like a map, guiding you on your journey to understanding more about yourself and the world.


Have you ever wanted to know the true meaning of something? Or have been curious to know more about yourself, your surroundings, your interests, where you’re from or where you’re headed? To know thyself and your relationship with this world that surrounds us? Have you ever wanted to decode this matrix and be able to actually use the code that runs this reality? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be exploring in my new decoding mastermind course.

My main focus during the creation of this decoding mastermind was to simplify the process of decoding, to share a system that could be utilized by anyone, no matter where you’re at in your journey. And I know that most of the tools used for decoding can seem complex or overwhelming. So it was my priority to create a user friendly decoding system that focuses on the crucial information only, avoiding the overcomplicated analysis and overthinking that leads to the common misinterpretations of the code.

We’ll focus on prioritizing only the most useful tools and strategies so there’s no time wasted and we could expedite your process of becoming a self reliant decoder from any level you’re starting at. This was designed to make decoding intuitive and enjoyable, so you’re inspired to decode this matrix on your own, to further expand your consciousness, tap into your infinite potential, and truly embody abundance. With this course, you’ll be able to unlock the deeper meaning behind numbers, words, symbols and events.

To understand the ancient practices of astrology, numerology, and gamatria. To finally connect the dots between the exoteric and the esoteric, and to have it all here in one comprehensive course. The purpose of this decoding mastermind is to refine your perception so you can explore everything that interests you with a new sight, unlocking the utility within all that we witness. This new site will allow you to decipher this reality in a way where you can connect the dots in anything that sparks your curiosity and be able to finally uncover the meaning behind the language you speak and the symbols you’ve been observing, consciously or unconsciously, your whole life.

This course will become your roadmap through your journey as a decoder, and I’ll be here coaching you through this expansion of perception. Each step of the way. We’ll be working together to sharpen your perception as we build our decoding foundation, refining step by step as we progress. This foundation is what I call perception mastery. Along the way, you’ll be acquiring esoteric knowledge that even most seasoned seekers might never come across.

Not only will you acquire this knowledge, but you’ll develop a holistic awareness to actually utilize this knowledge in your day to day life, in your hobby, your business, your relationships, and with your community. My vision and an ultimate purpose for creating this decoding mastermind is to have you build up your decoding skill set so you can design your own unique decoding system, transmuting inspiration into your creation. This decoding mastermind includes stepbystep course lessons that expose the layers of my exact decoding system and all of my strategies for decoding so you can make the connections on your own and unlock the symbolic meanings of our reality.

Consider this the building blocks and foundation of decoding, a tool you can utilize for any form of decoding, whether it be personal for events to develop the foresight, to determine what’s coming next on the world stage, or to educate others on decoding and sharing your esoteric knowledge. And even if you’re already a decoder, this will be such a unique experience that this will become the ultimate accessory to your decoding journey.

The concepts we’ll be going over are symbolism, unlocking the deeper meaning behind a subject or concept, philosophy, etymology, anatomy, relating to the mind, body, nature and the cosmos, the utility of mythology tied to astrology and all of the systems that connect us all together, language, mathematics, storytelling, entertainment, and the occult. Every masterclass will cover those concepts mentioned and there will be several decoding practices added to make it an interactive experience.

I will keep you accountable by actively practicing the decoding skills we’re developing during the course lessons so you could consider this a digital coaching course similar to my expansion mastermind. This brings even more value to your experience with this course. The decoding mastermind launches with the perception mastery and duality masterclasses, plus an added interactive decoding practice. This combination of material will build a solid foundation to prepare you for the upcoming Trinity Masterclass and further installments.

This is an ongoing mastermind that will be built up over time, sequenced in a strategic way that will make this the most user friendly and effective course experience to develop your own decoding system. And like all of my mastermind courses, it is a onetime payment for lifetime access. The release date will be in February 2024, hosted directly on my website, watersabove. com. There’ll be a Patreon member discount as well as an exclusive presale launch price, so Patreon supporters will get the biggest discount available, combining their discount with the exclusive presale pricing.

So to take advantage of the Patreon member discount and presale launch. You can sign up today and join our Mastermind community membership to unlock your exclusive promo code@patreon. com. Waters above and I’ll be sharing more updates with you soon over on my website. And I’m looking forward to decoding this matrix together. .

5G Danger

Spread the Truth
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