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Are Hurricanes Used As Cover To Cull Homeless People? Hurricane Harvey Survivors Tell All

🌪️ Government Killing Homeless? Using Natural Disasters as Cover? 🌪️

Is the government using geoengineering to create “unnatural disasters” and eliminate homeless people? Hurricane Beryl might have been a tool to round up and exterminate them. This isn’t new—it’s been happening since 2017. Have you noticed homeless people disappearing in your area? If we stay silent, we’re complicit. These people do not deserve to die. Speak up and expose the truth!…

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Illegals Getting Ssns Within Four Months Of Crossing Border -

The United Nations is giving money and debit cards to immigrants in the U.S. without legal papers. Catholic Charities and local police are helping. Some immigrants get Social Security cards quickly. The writer thinks this isn’t fair to U.S. citizens who need help, and suggests some Americans aren’t trying hard enough to improve their lives. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Katt And The Occult Pt 4 9 Dominus Totalitus The Ultimate Katt Decode And Beyond -

This blog post explores various misconduct incidents at US military bases, including human trafficking and drug-related crimes. It highlights cases involving marines and Navy SEALs, and discusses the disturbing issue of child trafficking. The post also delves into immigration concerns, debates on drug legalization, and border control. Lastly, it discusses global poverty and the impact of immigration on impoverished countries. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Published on: July 9, 2024 by yebo
It Never Ends Part 220 -

Yoshijibo talks about famous people’s tattoos and hand signs. He thinks they might have secret meanings linked to Freemasonry or other symbols. He uses Instagram and movie examples to ask if these signs are related. He also talks about the Eye of Horus and other Egyptian symbols found in tattoos. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Beryl Sux

Published on: July 9, 2024 by Archaix
Beryl Sux -

A big storm hit Willis, Texas, causing a lot of damage. Trees fell and hurt property, including an RV. A man named Danny was almost hit by a tree branch. Right now, it’s calm, but more wind is coming. There’s no power. Despite this, everyone is helping each other out. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Something Strange Is Happening Apple Tv Wondla Seems To Depict Me As Future Apocalyptic Hero -

In this blog post, Jacobs shares his thoughts on the new Apple TV series, Wandla, and its uncanny resemblance to his own life. He also discusses his belief in end times and the power of prayer, especially in the face of an impending storm. Jacobs draws parallels between current events and the show’s post-apocalyptic world, guided by AI robots. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Kama Loka (The Moon Realm)

Published on: July 8, 2024 by Gigi Young
Kama Loka The Moon Realm -

“When we pass away, our ‘self’ goes to a place called ‘kamaloka’. It’s not like Earth, but somewhere between here and the moon. To go to even higher places, we need to change ourselves. This is called ‘transubstantiation’. Sometimes, we’re scared of dying because we’re scared of facing our own thoughts and feelings, …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Why Youre Lonely Disappointed The Hidden Truth -

Join us for Man of Mondays, a weekly chat about life, faith, and overcoming tough feelings. We share stories, both personal and biblical, to show how faith can bring comfort and change. We’ll talk about managing thoughts, staying positive, and leaning on God. Check out our free resources for more support on your faith journey. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Comics Games The Occult W Kunamikodes Paranoid American Podcast 68 -

Explore the intriguing world of Paranoid American, a comic publisher that dives into mysteries like mind control and secret societies. Their podcast discusses comics, music, and even the WNBA. Learn about ciphers, numerology, and how everyday devices could host angels or demons. Join them as they unravel hidden symbols in pop culture and beyond. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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