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Paranoid American Podcast 003: Andy Rouse of The Deep Share Podcast

By: Paranoid American
Spread the Truth

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➡ The text is a conversation from the Paranoid American podcast, including a talk with guest Andy Rouse from the Deep Share podcast. Andy discusses his planned work on the book “Realm of the Ringlords” by Lawrence Gardner, and the hosts discuss their reading practices and ideas about conspiracy theories and ancient history.
➡ The speaker debunks numerous conspiracy theories using a scale of one to ten, pitching his level of belief or disbelief in topics such as the Titanic sinking intentionally, lunar landing, existence of Bigfoot, politics run by lizard people, reality of dinosaurs, Tesla’s suppressed energy discoveries, existence of secret Biblical codes, crypto trust, telepathy and existence of God. He also introspects his spiritual perspective, discussing his belief in God and an intelligent divine love, aligning with pantheism and the wisdom he’s gained from Buddhism and Eastern mysticism.
➡ The text discusses varied individual perspectives on religion, with some strictly following religious practices while others questioning or refuting them. Furthermore, it touches on how social platforms like Twitter serve as means for circulating personal opinions and engaging in intense debates on topics ranging from religion to conspiracy theories. The author adds the importance of understanding the content before engaging in discussions in these platforms, using Twitter’s UFO community as an example. Lastly, the text delves into ideologically categorizing worldviews as old (Malachian) and new (Luciferian), where the former entails respecting and abiding by nature’s law and the latter promotes self-deification and unrestricted freedom.
➡ The text revolves around the exploration of the Luciferian concept in relation to Christianity, perceived historical dichotomies, and the influence of different religious practices over time. The speaker also discusses the idea of monotheistic religions and their shift from paganism, attributing these changes to political convenience and the prospect of unifying conflicting beliefs under one entity. Additionally, they delve into the Box Saga, an ancient narrative that presents an alternative historical perspective which they find fascinating and intertwined with many other theories of history.
➡ The discussion revolves around the Anunnaki and their potential influence on human creation according to Sumerian texts, the interpretation of ‘gods’ in different cultures, and the Bach saga – a Finnish mythology on humanity’s ancient history. The saga states that in “paradise time”, the Earth was tropical and the inhabitants were dark-skinned, a supposed galactic tilt brought about an “ice time” separating the northern and southern parts of the Earth, and talks of a human race beginning in a ditch in Helsinki, which according to mythology, sat atop a vortex that cut through the Earth.
➡ The text discusses the Box Saga, its interpretation of words and phrases, and its relevance in historical context. It also raises philosophical questions on the meaning of God, the evolution of humanity’s knowledge about God, and how different schools of thought interpret language and symbols. The document highlights the importance of discernment in interpreting texts and mentions that some people find the insights from the Box Saga quite disillusioning, leading a few to suicide. The text also questions the literal interpretation of religious texts and teachings.
➡ The speaker criticizes the manipulation of historical and spiritual narratives by unnamed forces and refers to a change in these narratives from God-focused to alien-based. They express skepticism about a figure named Gary Nolan, who is embraced by UFO enthusiasts on Twitter. After discussing their past fascination with conspiracy theories, psychedelic experiences and their evolving perspectives on spirituality, they express disapproval for the mainstream portrayal of conspiracies, particularly in the movie “Sound of Freedom”. They worry about the manipulation of such narratives and express a generalized distrust of information presented by both mainstream and alternative sources.
➡ The text revolves around a discussion regarding conspiracy theories, such as the black pilled, MKUltra and Project Monarch, as well as various aspects of societal control mechanisms and name histories. It also touches on language and linguistics, how they might be used in programming and manipulating perceptions, and the interest in etymologies.
➡ Richard Bandler and John Grindr’s works in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) offer impactful insights into the use and effects of language. Further discussions delve into various topics including the box saga, the ball cycle, an integration of neuralink technology, and the host’s interaction with external platforms like YouTube, Odyssey, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Patreon through his Deep Share podcast. The meeting ends with a promotional content highlighting the launch of the Paranoid American Homunculus owner’s manual, a comic presenting comprehensive information on summoning homunculus, based on the research of Juan Ayalsa.


Good evening, listeners. Brave navigators of the enigmatic and the concealed. Have you ever felt the pull of the unanswered, the allure of the mysteries that shroud our existence? For more than a decade, a unique comic publisher has dared to dive into these mysteries, unafraid of the secrets they might uncover. This audacious entity is Paranoid American. Welcome to the mystifying universe of the Paranoid American podcast.

It launched in the year 2012. Paranoid American has been on a mission to decipher the encrypted secrets of our world. From the unnerving enigma of MKUltra mind control, to the clandestine assemblies of secret societies, from the awe-inspiring frontiers of forbidden technology, to the arcane patterns of occult symbols in our very own pop culture, they have committed to unveiling the concealed realities that lie just beneath the surface.

Join us as we navigate these intricate landscapes, decoding the hidden scripts of our society and challenging the accepted perceptions of reality.

Folks, I’ve got a big problem on my hands. There’s a company called Paranoid American making all these funny memes and comics. Now, I’m a fair guy. I believe in free speech as long as it doesn’t cross the line. And if these AI-generated memes dare to make fun of me, they’re crossing the line.

This is your expedition into the realm of the extraordinary, the secret, the shrouded. Come with us as we sift through the world’s grand mysteries, question the standardized narratives, and brave the cryptic labyrinth of the concealed truth. So strap yourselves in, broaden your horizons, and steel yourselves for a voyage into the enigmatic heart of the Paranoid American podcast, where each story, every image, every revelation brings us one step closer to the elusive truth.

What’s going on, family? This is another episode of the Paranoid American podcast, which we’ll figure out a name for eventually. But episode three here and we’ve got Andy Rouse showing up. I’m not going to keep this display forever. I just thought it was funny. So we got Andy from the deep Share podcast. Man, you’re one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter. I feel like we are of like mind when you go on your deep rants, so I had to have you on. I had to poke at your brain a little bit more, but I wanted to give you plugs up front. So introduce yourself and where people can find you.

Cool, man. Well, first of all, thanks for having me on. I really appreciate it and likewise, you’re one of my favorite people and it’s been a while since we’ve got to really connect one on one, so this is going to be awesome. But yeah, people can find me at the Deep Share on Twitter and Instagram. I’m on Facebook. The Deep Share podcast or Andy Rouse. Either one. I rant on both of them. But yeah, I’m on YouTube and Odyssey and all the regular podcast platforms. You got any projects or anything in particular you’ve been working on lately.

Yeah. Well, coming up, I’m going to be doing a breakdown. I’m trying to go chapter by chapter, episode by episode, like a chapter per episode of this book right here called Realm of the Ringlords by Lawrence Gardner. And he’s long deceased now, but he was a really brilliant writer, brilliant researcher, and a lot of my research led to his work, coincidentally, after a couple of years. And some of my biggest revelations have come from reading his perspective and kind of like, I don’t know, a little bit of confirmation bias, I guess. But it was like reading his work was like, oh, my God, yes. This is what I’ve been itching at in my head, but haven’t been able to put the real history to because I’m not as smart as this fucking guy. Nonfiction. This is nonfiction. And it does sound like Lord of the Rings for a reason, because part of this is kind of like a little mini bio of Tolkien and his association with ancient history and his fascination with European languages and this and that. So, it does start there, but it also goes into how Tolkien basically created this mythical fiction but wove deep historical ideas into it, and it just blossoms from there. And yeah, so it’s like a really fascinating book. He’s a fascinating author. He’s written a bunch of books about the Grail and things like that. But this one really was what caught my eye when I read it a couple of years ago. And so, yeah, I’m going to go chapter by chapter per episode like that with a guest and just kind of dig through it like a book report.

Have you read his work on the Grail, too?

No, I’ve never read any of his Grail books, which I’m really excited to. And two of them, the most famous ones are Bloodline of the Holy Grail and Genesis of the Grail Kings. And I think when I reread this on the podcast, it’s probably going to force me to want to look into those other books as well. But man, I’m sure you have the same problem where you get your eye on a book or two, and then suddenly it’s like 18 books, and you’re just trying to catch up on so much that you want to read. It’s just never-ending. I felt that way since I was, like, 18. You can’t see it, but under my desk to my left and right are just stacks of books in both directions of things that I want to grab for quick reference. Or I figure that if I put it closer to me in proximity, then it’ll I’ll be forced to read it, or maybe through Osmosis, I’ll get some of the information out of it. I don’t know. It hasn’t worked yet, but maybe one day.

Yeah, man, it’s all about building the library. And on a random tangent, since you brought up the Grail a little bit. Have you ever read Holy Blood Holy Grail, which is one of the in my bookshelf right there. So what’s your opinion on Holy Blood Holy Grail? Like, if you had to give it?

I do a lot of rating scales. So, on like a scale of one to ten, where would you rate it in terms of credibility? Seven solid. Seven and a half. Give some wiggle room. What’s that? So you give it a little bit of wiggle room? Yeah, absolutely. Because I think I would probably do just like slightly better for Realm of the Ring Lords. I love it and I’m really passionate about it, but it’s like everything we’re dealing with here, I feel like we have to throw out confirmation. We’re never going to get confirmation in the way that we kind of grew up, being familiar with what confirmation felt like when it came to history and things like that. Because when you grow up, you feel like, oh yeah, history is this, and they tell us exactly what happened. Great. It’s all conclusive now without seriously hard evidence, we’re just going to have maybe so, I mean, the Holy Blood Holy Grail, there’s a lot there that’s probably spot on with the bloodlines and everything, but to what perspective are we speaking? And I don’t know. I get into the Box saga a lot right?. With that very hypothetical ancient, ancient history, which is like becoming less and less mythical when you start looking into who was who and where everybody was back then. So it’s like depending on how far back you go, that’s where your perspective begins on what the symbols mean, what these stories must have, what kind of mechanisms these stories were for society. It’s really complex, and I think finding out about prehistory and all the things we really don’t know throws a massive wrench in all of our spokes. Right. We’re going to get into Box saga especially. In fact, that was one of the main reasons I wanted to reach out and just get Andy’s Cliff Notes, kind of. But first I got a series of questions that I want to ask you. I’ve got like, a little bit of a segment and it’s going to follow a little bit of a format. And I already forgot to ask the first question, which I always do. So maybe that’s just going to become part of the tradition, as I always forget to ask the first question. But before we even started talking, there’s one thing that I have to ask every guest. Are you a cop? Absolutely not. Are you a fucking cop? Because if you’re a cop, you have to let me know right now. Otherwise, I’ve got like, yeah, it’s entrapment, and I got a free ticket. So are you a cop? Absolutely not. Okay. So far, no one’s admitted it. Nobody’s admitted it yet. So if you’re not a cop, that means you’d be willing to do some PCP on camera. With me right now. So if you check under your chair no, but if you had any teleportation pills, we could hang out. This is a little like quick-fire segment. And I call it the Paranormal Conspiracy Probe. So you’re going to do a little bit of PCP, and it’s just going to be I’ve adapted it into a one to ten rating system. So I want to hear.On one end of the spectrum, you have those who completely dismiss conspiracy theories as silly or a Psyop. On the other end, there are those who wholeheartedly believe in them and even fight anyone who disagrees. However, the truth is that all of it is real and true, but it depends on the perspective and what lies are being used to cover up something else.

To add some boundaries, a ten represents the conventional theory, meaning it is considered real. If something is considered partially real and partially fake, it might be ranked around a seven. Now, let’s dive into some specific theories and their rankings.

Was the Titanic intentionally sunk? I would give it a nine out of ten. Did humans ever land on the Moon? I don’t think so, but I leave room for doubt, so let’s say eight out of ten. What about Bigfoot? I would give that a five out of ten. And subliminal messaging in the media? Ten out of ten. What about harp being used for mind control or weather manipulation? I’ll leave it as a seven. Politicians or lizard people? Also a seven. Are dinosaurs real? I’d say they’re quite real, so let’s go with an eight. Did Tesla discover free energy? I’m leaning towards a nine. Are there secret messages in the Bible? Definitely a ten. Do giants exist today? I’ll give it a seven. What about cryptocurrency? I have negative trust in it, so negative one. Lastly, the existence of telepathy? A solid ten. And of course, there’s a God, so that’s a ten as well.

Now, let’s address the interesting disparities in these rankings. Why is God a ten but ghosts only a five? How come the Anunnaki can’t be aliens but angels and demons can exist? It’s time to tie it all together.

For me, believing in God as a ten stems from personal experiences and the idea that it represents the nameless, the unspeakable mystery that we all try to grasp. Buddhism also played a significant role in shaping my skepticism towards traditional concepts of the afterlife and heaven. The concept of “no self” resonated with me and made me question how we perceive these phenomena. However, I still kept God in the equation because of the reassurance, love, intelligence, and consciousness that I experienced. But it’s important to note that I don’t align myself solely with Christianity or any other organized religion. I lean more towards pantheism, where everything is sentient and there’s no existence outside of sentience.

When it comes to good and evil, I believe it depends on the perspective. If we limit ourselves to the human experience in a three-dimensional, time-restricted world, then it’s reasonable to define good and evil on a relative scale based on culture and circumstance. However, if we expand our understanding and delve into the grandiosity of reality, it becomes more complex and difficult to define. In my view, there is both inherent good and innate evil, but language struggles to capture universal truth accurately.

So, to sum it up, my beliefs encompass personal experiences, insights from Buddhism and Eastern mysticism, an appreciation for the complexity of reality, and a refusal to align strictly with organized religions. And that’s why my rankings may seem inconsistent at times.It feels like that’s the whole point for some people. They’ll fall for skydaddy, some will not and go way hard the other way and some of us will remain questioning in the middle. It’s funny. I mean, I’m biased from growing up Roman Catholic, which is already fairly strict religion. You’re like, not allowed to talk. You got to stand and sit and kneel when you’re told and everything. But my impression was always that you need strict discipline to get any kid to buy into that flavor of religion, at least, because no kid seems like they would willingly go through any of that process early on. It feels like a very mature adult.

I don’t know, it would be just like going right into drinking old fashions and not working your way up to them a little bit. Yeah, not chugging some cores, some silver balls. You got to start with some MD 2020 and then get yourself a Zima or whatever the hell the equivalent of Zima is now. I don’t know, maybe like a friggin white claw.

Quick. I tweeted something this morning that relates to this too, I think I tweeted children can’t consent to baptism and I figured that was like a nice little twist on typical children consenting conversations that have been going on that I agree with. Of course I’m against what’s going on lately anyway with children but just to put a little spin on it’s like because I know the main audience of that and I’ve been getting into fights about Sound of Freedom and shit like that. I replied to that one, and I think it was my only Tweet this month so far, so you’re welcome. I don’t even think I’ve seen it yet. But I basically was just saying that on a fair point. At the age that babies are baptized, they also don’t consent to going to bed or eating food or not eating food or basically staying alive in general because you can’t trust anyone under the age of, I don’t know, seven or eight to not kill themselves within 4 hours of not being supervised.

Exactly. It’s an OD point to make, especially when people ever say like we’re going to let the kid decide for themselves if it’s on any topic name almost anything I guess maybe profession and hobbies and stuff but it’s weird to leave it for such a late thing to make. I don’t know some types of but yeah, absolutely.

So I got to ask too this one’s a little bit more broad but what is it about Twitter? Why does people still use Twitter today? It feels like just getting your opinion think I think it really is the best way to get your opinion out. I don’t like to promote it by any means other than just to, hey, come hang out with us. Because no matter what click you’re like, we’re in the truth or conspiracy, alternative history, those kind of groups. So you just find lots of people in those areas and you build massive communities and I don’t know what to think about know, you got Elon Musk at the helm of it. And I don’t trust Brainship guy at all. So, yeah, it’s an evil entity, but that’s the thing. You get far enough off track and you’re looking at all of physical reality as the demon and it’s all bad. So I don’t know we came here to be human at some point. I don’t know it should be okay to use it and build communities there and I don’t know it’s the biggest one out there. That’s why I still use YouTube all the time. Just because I don’t know I’m not talking about the pandemic, I’m not playing their games, I’m not getting kicked off all the know. I feel like it’s important to get to in an unoffensive way, but like, normies. And it’s not that people that ever get across this video is a normie because they found it on some big site. But it’s that if you posted just Rockfin and rumble into private patreons, that’s awesome. And those are the hardcore community that ends up supporting a channel and making sure that it lasts for a really long time. But it’s also a little bit of preaching to the choir. And I think that where it’s really needed is getting it out in front of someone that might be teeter tottering on the fence. And there might just be a way that you can describe the same thing and give them the same conclusion, but in a rational way that’ll sell them, and then maybe they’ll buy on and want to look into it a little bit more.

So that’s the least 100% agree with that. Man. You kind of made me think about that. Twitter is really the only place where I’ll say something and even if I know I’m right about it or I’m like 99% on something, people will still come at me with very complex arguments sometimes instagram, but I feel like instagram people just get away with everything they want. They throw out all kinds of AI generated nonsense about ancient history and shit, just everywhere, getting millions of likes and follows and just collecting that know. But Twitter, you get held accountable quite quickly, at least in the groups I’m a part know, I mess around with the UFO community a lot. And man, you better know your shit if you’re going to argue with those guys because they know every detail of every case that’s going on. They know every detail of every politician that they’re sucking up to and they can’t wait for them to release all the information. It’s the only place I’ve been held accountable really, for the most part. I’ve seen some wild threads on Twitter that went into extreme detail that it just feels like such a weird format to be like, oh yeah, I found out about this mind blowing research in a 23 long tweet thread. You know what I mean? It feels so wrong to uncover it that way, but that’s how it is now.

Well, it’s weird too. I recently spoke to Ian Ferguson and he’s got the whole Malachian versus Luciferian thing. What’s Malachi? No, Molochian. Like kind of given know I wanted to talk to him so badly because for a long, long time I keep just framing things as, like, old world and new world and yeah, it’s pretty basic, but when you get into it. You can really characterize who belongs to that old world and who belongs to this new world and why is there confusion in between? And Ian goes into mega detail on these perspectives and calling them Malachian and Luciferian Luciferian. I’m sure you can guess which one that would be between old or new, right?

Yeah, honestly, I would love to get your Cliff Notes on some of that because if you had to put it into those two buckets, which are very broad, but Malachi and I, well, you do it first. I’m curious to hear what the quick version is.

Malachian I relate more to and this doesn’t exclude the well, I won’t do his Malachian and Lucifer. I’ll do the old versus new. How I’ve been kind of thinking about it for a long time and this old way, this old world is nature is rule, nature is law, which also means you’re completely limited to what nature is providing. And you don’t find these extremely complex progress or progression events in history. Like you have things like the Bach saga or the old pagan or heathen ways which are very ritualistic and they stay the same. You look at aboriginal tribes in places around the world that are still exactly as they’ve been for thousands of years, right, even though they’re not associated with Moloch or anything. For me, this is still this old world mentality. And I believe that this worldview, this ideology that was with us as humans for a very long time doesn’t mean good or bad, of course, carried over into very large, powerful groups in history and eventually we have this other side to it.

This new world, this invasion, really. I like to frame it as like the prodigal son story, where the son is against the old way and can’t hack it and doesn’t agree with it and has all these new points against it and has to take off into the world and leave the home. And we see this in Hollywood, we see this in stories ad nauseam. It’s kind of part of the hero’s journey or the hero’s adventure, where it’s always eventually a return home. But what we see here is like the train run wild, like the sun is heading for this, the prodigal son is heading for the literal son. It’s like that ancient Greek story, the Luciferians. It seemed this new world is like leave it all behind, have no restrictions whatsoever. We are our own gods. And I’ll stop there for now. We can kind of dissect it for more of that. But yeah, that’s kind of how I break it down at least. And we can definitely get into more detail with it now. Are those the same thing, just the new world and old world version of it? Is Luciferianism mean that that’s also nature magic, just like aNewer version? Or does Luciferian also include Christianity in that context? I would include a Christianity. I don’t know if Ian does particularly. I might have asked him, I just can’t remember right now. But I know that I would personally with like old versus new.

Yeah, I would definitely put because think about the New Testament, right? So, I mean, at this point we’re talking Luciferian more so in like the Morning star light bringer, prometheus philosophical light bringer. Yeah. And we’re talking like Christ consciousness, divine spark. Sure. Not necessarily good, though. Not necessarily bad. Probably a lot of good and bad. That’s where I definitely agree with Ian, where it’s like the Malachians rule by sword and shield and the Luciferians rule by whispers and sleight of hand. Well, and they get someone else to do the sword and shield stuff still happens. It’s just that true in a way.

Exoteric versus Esoteric as well, where we used to be ruled exoterically, where everything was out in the open but you didn’t dare question anything because you literally get your head chopped off. Now you get your job taken away, which is still just as horrible. It’s just a different kind of thing. It’s the same feeling, I’d argue, deep down in the reptilian brain. That same fear that you’d get like losing your job or feeling like you’re about to lose your job is probably similar to getting stricken from the village where you’re going to lose your connection to food and water and and yeah, it triggered something deep down in there.

And I was going to say that I guess not hearing the Malachi and Luciferian dichotomy directly like that before, but I usually have really easy ways to kind of put things into. Those two buckets. And it’s really just when did Rome take over? When did Rome express the phoenician religion? Like the fall of Carthage and then every other the end of the Punic Wars, I really do feel, because that was the transition, as you said, out in the open. So we’re talking state sponsored occultism, but it wasn’t occultism because it wasn’t hidden at that point. It was just nature magic and everything that under the sun that people think is esoteric now. That was something that you were almost required to do by law. Like, you’d get a summons, it’s like, go do this occult know, go do this ritual, bring your offering to the temple. And then when Rome took over, they just kind of forced all of that stuff underground and then, in my opinion, and just oversimplifying things, but it starts turning into this monotheistic version of what you’d call like a Luciferian or this new abramatic religions. I think it was like a convenience thing. It was like, we’re tired of all these different conflicts. We got to keep track of all these different gods. And you came from the east side and that guy came from the west side, and you both had different versions on who the death god was. So then when you guys come to this third city, you’re fighting because we’ve got our own death god, and it was like, how about this one god? And they’re like, whoa, what do you mean one god? It’s like, just hear me out, guys, at the conference table. It’s like one god. There’s no more fighting. We could just say that. Yeah, wherever you’re going to streamline the whole process. Exactly. The synergy, just think of it. But I feel like to me, that’s the line in the sand. If I had to put one out, that’s probably like it all blends together. I’m not saying that monotheism relates to Luciferianism, but they definitely were holding hands or looking at each other on the highway as they were, like, maintaining speed. There’s no such thing as Luciferianism without monotheism, in my opinion. I think it doesn’t work. That maybe because Prometheus sorry, go ahead.

Well, I said Prometheus is still part of a pantheon, just like Lucifer kind of was, right? You could still call it like a promethean thing as very it’s still the same, know? I would say it’s pretty close anyway, so that’s interesting. And I honestly have no information on box saga at all. It’s come up on a bunch of podcasts where I go, oh, yeah, no, but I have no idea what anyone’s talking about. So if you had to, like, someone was passing by or you got stuck in an elevator for a few floors and they were like, bro, sick box saga shirt. What’s that all about? You know what I mean? I want to hear your pitch on why the box saga is worthy of looking into more so than watching, like, 90 Day Fiance. I’ve never seen 90 Day Fiance. Well, fill in the blank, whatever. You got to fill in the blank to its valor, the Marvel invasion or whatever. I was just going to bring up boxaga to someone.

Man, it’s so weird because all of us who live in this alternative world where we’re very open to what might have happened differently than what the history books say, we’ve all arbitrarily and kind of subconsciously planted a lot of flags over the years. As you get into this stuff, you see all those big main conspiracies about history and it’s easy to kind of just go, well, something happened. Not as they’re telling us. And it all seems to point to this. And whether you’re religious or not, many of us do come to this Satanic or Luciferian kind of idea about our past and everything because of Babylon and the occult and this and that. But the box saga basically puts it all on its just throws it all into chaos because it’s like the man, okay, let me start over because see, I’ve already lost the guy in the elevator. He’s already pride the doors open. He’s like hitting the button. Okay, so here, I’ll just do it how it hit me. Like Atlantis in this root language, phonetically means all land ice and that hit me like a ton of bricks just because of all the other areas of alternative history that have gained a lot of speed around the younger dryas and things like that. And we’re all looking for Atlantis and I’m like, okay, that’s interesting. I would say the language, the root language that is purported in the box saga is the most fascinating part about it because it’s like mathematical it’s like a fractal. It’s like Mandelbrot set where the sounds and the symbols of the alphabet, they go around in rings and every time you go around, the story gets more complex and the sounds get put together more. And slowly but surely you have what is today known as the old Swedish Finnish language which is still spoken by about 2000 people in southern Finland right now. Which is actually something I only learned recently, which is great. I’ll get into that later.

Basically it’s a story from one family passed down for generations claiming to be the oldest story in the world coming from the original paradise time of the planet before everything else happened and threw us into chaos. And it’s pretty fascinating because when you put that language to it and all the symbols and what they connect to, it’s so unreal. And especially when you have people in those countries, it takes place in Finland and when you have Scandinavian people confirming that the language aligns with their history, it’s just nuts. And it’s so deep. It is hard to hook anybody on a ten minute or a five minute thing. It’s very complex.

But basically to sum it up, it would be a oh man. It’s like all the missing puzzle pieces to all of our half ass, not even half ass our half finished alternative theories about history.

Do you think that this might actually be the oldest story ever told compared to all the other ancient texts when it comes to like Sumer and things like oh, yeah, I do. And it relates so closely to the Eddas and other tales. And that’s what my my work has been ever since getting my mind blown by the box saga and learning so much about it, has been looking into other areas of history to try to confirm. And I’m by far not alone. Anybody that gets their mind blown by this ends up on this path where they’re like looking through other cultures in history and trying to confirm what is said in the box saga and how these things could have come to be. And so that’s why I got into this whole ancient alien or ancient know where I’m kind of going back on my childhood love of Sci-Fi and aliens, especially in the ancient past. Sucolose was my friggin hero, man. You have to tell me who Sucolose was because I want on Ancient Aliens. Okay. Yeah. The mean guy. The mean guy. I loved that show. And even though I thought it was puffy and not really serious, I still took the premises seriously. I took Chariots of the Gods seriously. And Zechariah Sitchin, I have all of his books collecting dust out there.

Zachariah sitchin one to ten. How accurate he was. Correct. Six. Really? That surprises me. Not all there’s biggest points. There’s a better chance.That we are alien slaves mining resources than ghosts exist. Oh, man. Yeah. I mean, I guess I’d have to put those guys right in the same boat because they’re deeper stories. Okay. The Anunnaki is fascinating because there are stories about them that feel like you’re absolutely talking about people that aren’t used to physical created. They brought the Ajiji with them to work as slaves. The Ajiji rebelled and then they created us. And the purpose of creating us was because the work was too toilsome for them. And that’s the sumerian text. That’s like literally the story is that but basically sounds like the elites, doesn’t it? Sounds like the people in Wall E, the Disney movie that can’t even walk anymore because they’re just like completely they don’t even use their bodies anymore or something like that. But also it could mean like spirit coming into flesh. Right. I mean, it’s interesting how it is described that way, but I still go against it and call them human because in another sense, these are the gods. These are the people that were quote unquote enlightened or using those higher minded frequencies or higher minded sciences, occult sciences, I would say. And those, yeah, I believe they were considered gods. But that is a word that has changed meanings over time. We brought it up in the beginning and how I’m comfortable using it for my spiritual feelings deep within. But at the same time, the box saga teaches us that God was pronounced gut, and it literally meant or that’s supposedly why we call this the gut, because the gut is where go with your gut. That’s intuition. That’s that inner gnosis. And that’s what these people that are talked about as gods were connected to. And you can read about it in the Druidic texts, or you can read about it in Japan, in India, all over the world. These were the shamans, the medicine men and women. These were the people, the gods that came and understood the stars, the star people, things like that. I don’t know where we started here. I got way off track. We were doing the elevator pitch, but I think the guy might have gotten off on his floor a little while ago, opened the doors, and then waited for the elevator to go again and then cut his own head off. He got crushed and was like, this is actually no. That’s a great overview of Bach saga and one of the reasons why you find it fascinating.

I’m curious, being a complete ignoramus about this particular topic, is it conventional to think that the box saga then in turn influenced all the other Phoenician and Sumerian and Canaanite? Is it just one big thread that started with Bach saga then and then wove its way through and mutated? That’s what they’re claiming? I can’t say yes or no as much as I want to believe, right? Like you said, I’m pretty skeptical. And as much as this feels true, there’s a lot of missing pieces still. But there’s so many interesting parts of the box. Laga they have three destructions. The first destruction is called Altalantes, where all the land becomes ice. They claim in the story that the Earth in paradise time was not tilted on its axis and that Helsinki was at the very North Pole, and that was Hell. It wasn’t Helsinki back then. It was called hell. So in the center of Hell were these islands, and this place was called Udinma, and it was named after Udin, which was the sun. So we’re talking about the first sun worship as well. If it’s true that it took place, the timelines are ridiculous. I mean, we’re talking millions of years. This is ancient aliens territory, is it not? This is beyond this is Bruce. Is this beyond Graham Hancock shit? Like, way back in, like man, I don’t even know what age that is. Are we talking, like I always get the name. Like gibliklio tempeckli. Tepe is about 9000 BC. Okay, so we’re talking way like this? If it’s true, then yes, it absolutely is the precursor to everything else. And we’re seeing, like, nothing new under the sun. We’re seeing all the same symbolism in other religions that are way separated from and it’s easy to go, oh, they’re hiding it and they’re flipping it and they’re inverting it. But it’s way more of a game of telephone, I think, than anything else, because it’s just so interesting how the traditions of the Bach saga and they’re just telling their story, whether it’s completely true or not. This is what Eeyore Bach learned from his family and they learned from their predecessors in the Been. I understand that part to be true. Whether it’s an actual history is another thing, right? But they’ve been passing this down the whole time, taking it seriously. So it’s really interesting. Is it the family that claims it goes back millions of years, or is there some other source? The other sources have come from EOR coming out publicly in 1987, which is it sounds fringe. This sounds like fringe, super fringe history. Okay, it absolutely is fringe. But at the same time, what I learned recently is that that 2000 or so people in southern Finland are speaking that root language still what I had originally thought, because I knew that to begin with. My friend Joke from Sweden had told me that years ago that, yeah, they still speak it in some parts of southern Helsinki and stuff like that. I’m like, oh, my God, that’s amazing. The whole time I’m thinking, and they don’t even know it. That’s crazy. I was wrong. I never asked, I never clarified, because I just thought I knew. Recently I had an interview with a guy that had had his mind blown way back when and became very good friends with all these guys over in Scandinavia. Was at the dig site. We’ll get into the temple, but he made all the documentaries on YouTube about box laga, so I got to have him on. Well, he had a ton of information to give me, including that those people in southern Finland, they know exactly what they’re speaking.

And he was telling me that this is the tradition in Europe of the innkeepers. These are those old heathen families that still know about it. They were never vocal about it. They were told that they could exist in public. I’ll get to the reason why, but they were told that they could exist in public. Just don’t be loud about anything. Eeyore, on the other hand, released this information to the public on purpose when his mother died, being the very last okay, we have paradise. Paradise time. The planet is upright. There’s no snow anywhere. Supposedly, the whole planet is tropical and all of us are black. I thought Helsinki was hell, so that’s just the one place on Earth that’s not paradise is Helsinki? No, that place is also whole. The whole planet during paradise time was paradise. It was tropical and all of us were dark skinned. The sun had a different relationship with the Earth because of the no tilt of the axis. The skills relative because some people consider Florida paradise and sometimes they hate it. I hate humidity, man. I’m dying right now. I’m in Massachusetts of all places. But anyway, so this ice time comes along and they claim in the story that this was a galactic thing. And that gets very mythological at that point, of course, but they claim it was a galactic tilt. It wasn’t even just the Earth tilting. And when the Earth tilt, Helsinki was no longer at the top of the planet. Ice covered the entire northern hemisphere and blocked everybody out from oh yeah, one thing I left out, I’m sorry, this is me just telling this for the thousandth time. The whole planet in paradise time was dotted with these Ringlands, these concentric ring society set up all over the planet. And we of course know that from the Atlantis story. Supposedly it had concentric rings. The boxaga explains these concentric rings as caste systems and goes into their whole societal structure around that. But it’s interesting to note that these locations were everywhere. And of course now we have treasure hunters and Atlantis hunters looking at multiple different locations, possibly having some of these characteristics and debating with one another when in reality, who knows, maybe it could be all of those locations that are plausible as part of this kingdom, especially if we’re talking about a planetary kingdom. This brings us to the ice time where they’re completely cut off in the north from everybody in the south. Everybody that doesn’t get affected by this ice is totally cut off from what they consider to be the allfather at the top of the planet because in the mythology the human race starts in Helsinki in a ditch, which underneath this ditch is a swirling vortex underneath the pole of the planet. This vortex going all the way through to the bottom of the planet which reflects a lot of toroidal perspectives on the globe, flat Earth kind of thing, which is very interesting. It was a hot topic. They called this the whole E in their root language, the Holy. And this is also why eventually this areaOf Udinma or Hell became known as the Holy Land and it’s holi the small I was the E and the E was the most important thing in the alphabet. It was the first the top of the alphabet right above it. And it stood for the Pole of the Earth, which I believe they’re talking about the centrifugal energy within the Earth as this pole. And the northern star above the planet.

The small dot above the eye is the north star and the shaft is the shaft of the Earth. Also it relates more directly to the human being and the male structure as the penis. And what comes out of the penis? Well, this is a Christian show, this is a kid show. And I’m curious, is the box saga historically relevant regardless of how old it is? Or is it like a take it all or take nothing? Is there already some kind of relevant credit that your typical academic would say, oh, no, the box saga actually does prove all of this historical stuff, or it’s either completely BS or it’s completely true. I would say that I mean, in the sense like, can you prove any of it other than linguistically, outside of a conversation? Not really.

My best example is that when someone’s like my story is the oldest story, a lot of secret mystery schools do that. The modern ones, like the Freemasons, are the most guilty, I think, of saying, like, oh, we go back to the Templars, and then some people like to trace the Templars back to the Egyptians, and you got these all rights of Memphis and misery and stuff. But it’s almost like you’re debating whoever is the oldest is the most right. So I kind of wonder, in a general question, let’s say box saga yeah. Goes back a million years. Does that mean that that’s more accurate and loading that question up with even more? Does that mean that the older humanity is, the more they knew about God? And as we go forward, we just lose? I knew you were fucking going there, man.

And I love it because I do believe that. I believe just as the human being is closer to source when he’s a baby, and we probably know it. That’s probably why we cry half the time for no reason, because we have all this knowledge and we can’t express it or something. It’s probably left over from our last reincarnation, like our incarnation. Who knows? Maybe you go through the light, you come out in the fucking womb, you never get a chance to relive anything, and it’s just constant reliving of things in your mother’s womb. What was the question again? Okay, yeah. God. Yeah.

So I really do think same. I think it’s fractal, man. I think as above, so below that as a species, as this collective consciousness, if you will, further back in time, I believe we were closer to the source of things, but maybe not, because I’m sure there’s a lot of Christians out there that feel that way. When they read about Genesis, they skip over the part where there’s, like, kingdoms all over the world already, I guess. Based on your definition of God as you had it before, does your version of God, could he make rules that can be broken? Or is it like an infallible? Like, is your God physics and just the laws of reality? Or can you do something that offends him and now he’s mad because he did something he didn’t want you to do?

I feel like there’s a paradox there, but we’re missing pieces still. I feel like there’s something to do with I mean, this is kind of dark, but the idea of the elites going against God, right, and wanting to take down creation itself and stuff like that. I mean, shit, that’s so prominent in all of our stories that you got to wonder if there is some sort of like Trojan horse that God doesn’t understand or expect. But from my experiences with God. And I’m just being really loose with that term now, but I felt as though I was momentarily having that perspective or I understood the story of God. Was every one of our stories, like our little individual human self coming into existence and dealing with this perplexing situation was a microcosm to what God is going through as well. And he is also going or he it whatever we god, I whatever that is, is going through self discovery. I think they proved that in like 1200.

Totally. Well, I mean, honestly, I think there’s reason to probably argue on both sides of that when it comes to what those words mean, like male and female energies and what they represent, what’s creation and what’s doing something with like the demiurge in Gnosticism is really what does anything. Sophia is like the thought behind the know, she’s super. You know, that’s kind of what I think we so is Box saga pretty compatible with Gnosticism in general, then? No. So there’s no spirituality whatsoever in box saga, at least told through the story. And that’s where I went to the so my original experiences in my own head just put discernment above everything else, I guess.

And when the box saga starts talking about words and phrases and words that exist today, that for them are like phrases that today mean something mystical. But back then, it’s like very much like astro theology takes the woo woo out of what astrology or the zodiac looks like, right? It’s like oh, no. It’s like when you see the bull put the reins on it and fucking plow the fields and shit. It’s like instruction manuals for human beings to live human life. The Farmers Almanac, right? So it’s hard to grab examples. I’m not good with literally retaining a lot of the language. I’m still learning it a lot of the time. But there’s a lot of interesting examples. Like they break down the word military.

Infantry. Infantry. So that whole process, those words related in the box saga to their societal process of making children and producing more love and more people in the world. Whereas we use those words now, they are somehow still existent, right, as words to describe death and war and things like that. The tree is really important in the box saga. The family tree. Every family has their tree. And in paradise time it was the ash tree, and in ice time it was the oak tree or something like that. And they planted their ashes under their family tree and things like that. So when you think about infant tree, they’re literally talking about creating a tree of infants, like a family tree. It’s really interesting when you hear them break it down in Swedish and Finnish too. It’s nuts.

The reason why I asked before if this was a source for the phoenicians, because all this is very phonetic when you’re talking about infantry. They were the first people in real recorded history that I started to look into if they exist or do they definitely exist. Phoenicians? No, not phoenicians. The Bach saga people. Yeah. So after the Bach saga, when I started the process of trying to go through other parts of history to confirm what they were saying, the phoenicians were where I started. And when I say, like, I was kind of taking the woo woo out of things, it’s like they talk about like I said, God meant intuition and gut and stuff like that. Everything gets the piss taken out of it.

When you get to the Bach saga, and I know a number of people in Scandinavia who got very close to the saga, who understood the languages. That’s a key, from what I hear. If you have Finnish and you have Swedish in your head, the root language clicks in a way that it doesn’t for us Westerners. And when it does, a couple people have taken their own lives, supposedly because it’s that depressing, because it literally takes the piss out of all of our. So for me, what I’ve come around to, it doesn’t take away this nothing does ever take away the deep mystical questions and mystery and experiences we’ve had in our own perspective, in our own consciousness. But that doesn’t mean that all the words and stories that we’ve been handed are true representations of that. And I think it’s quite the opposite. It’s that this truth inside of us is inevitable, so they have to take it away from us in that way.

So I’ve destroyed fairies, pixies, elves, gnomes, gremlins, angels. All these words have human stories connected to them at their. Why do you hate magic, Andy? I just don’t think it’s represented the right it’s like we watch Harry Potter and go, yeah, so when do I get my light sword? And it’s like, come on, haven’t you been paying attention? Nothing is on its nose. Nothing is as it seems. And this is literally Jesus’s words, for Christ’s sake, telling everybody, like, I speak in parables because they don’t understand I’m butchering his words. But he basically says that yours are better, yours are way more eloquent. I think you will not understand this if you take it literally. And that’s one of our biggest problems, I think.They’ve obfuscated our own real human ingenuity and our real human spirit by twirling them up in this fake history, fake spirituality, and they’ve been doing it for a fucking long time. And gods all played out because the Luciferians are coming in with their atheism. So now they got to play a new card to swipe us all up in the same way the gods did. They’re just changing the gods into aliens.

And now Gary Nolan is he for anybody who doesn’t know, he’s a voice that everyone in UFO Twitter salivates for and is totally on I’m saying most of UFO Twitter totally on board with what Nolan says. They hang on every word. What are his credentials? Ex military? No, he’s a doctor of some he’s a physicist, I believe, or podiatrist. He’s someone important. I don’t know. Anyway, he’s now globbing onto ancient aliens and, whoa, the gods must have been alien. It’s like, dude, are you pretending that we believe that you’ve never seen ancient aliens and you’re acting like this is some novel thing? Dude, there’s a whole contingency in your community that already thinks this way. Stop being a fucking sorry about that.

I’m curious. Why does UFO Twitter work you up so much? Because I was so passionate about it for so long. Really? Kind of like a general thesis. It’s like any conspiracy theorist yelling at his normie friends that he really cares about. It’s like that’s. A group of people that I was part of, hook, line and sinker on every bit of it for my whole thinking life about these topics up until two and a half years ago when I learned about the box saga and started just going, well, okay, what if, just hypothetically, let me put that there and see what it does to everything else. And of course, I started with, like, ancient alien stuff, and I went to the Anunnaki, and that’s when I started talking to Freddie Silva, getting a conversation going with him. And I’ve had him on the show a few times, and he really helped me with this without really knowing, because he was doing his own research, tracing the Anunnaki or connecting the Anunnaki with the Tuada denan in Ireland, the original Fairfolk, the original fairies, connecting all of these together over did you ever believe in fairies, too? Did you start from a position of believing in fairies?

So here’s my problem with that. I was very psychedelic, so it was kind of like a blanket statement, like Terrence McKenna in my head, just going, who knows, man? The clockwork gnomes, maybe all of it. The empty elves. If you say it, it’s know, that whole thing. So for a while, sure, I was open minded to it. And again, I still think that they mock and they mimic these internal archetypes that we all have access to in these deeper places in consciousness. They bring those out into these stories over and over and over again. And I’m not even saying it’s nefarious. It could be synchronicity. It could just be for other reasons. But it’s just a coincidence, man. Or it could be just a coincidence, but one way or the other, our fairy tales and our mythology used to be history. Lawrence Gardner picks up on that in his books. Not just Tolkien, but many anthropologists from a long time ago told a very different story about word of mouth, ancient stories being handed down tribally, culturally. These weren’t originally myths. These were ways. To remember the oldest.

So I’m curious. Before you, I guess, left UFO, Twitter and became, I guess, what you would consider more rational. Now, I’m not throwing any judgments before and after, but I’m curious because you oh, God. Let’s talk about Occam’s razor in a second, actually, but it sounds like you went from lukewarm, I’m asking too many questions. So religion, maybe is not my thing. Into, oh, yeah, I’m all in on aliens, to then being like, oh, man, I feel like an idiot because I believed in aliens. It feels like a pendulum a little bit swinging from one end of the spectrum to the next in some way. I kind of view it as more of a spiral. Okay, yeah, well, religion, that’s the thing, because of psychedelics and my really unquestionable experiences that my brain suppressed and I only remember I went in an atheist came out having to have faith that that really just happened to me because I can’t remember all the details that make it so fucking important. This was a psychedelic experience. You’re talking about psychedelic experience. And I was with my friends who had the same mushrooms and they tripped just as hard. They didn’t come out of it like me. And I was carrying a friggin notepad around in my pocket like a psychopath for years, just taking notes when thoughts would come because it was like my brain was slowly unraveling. What happened over those 12 hours or whatever slowly over the next couple of years, it was crazy. Could you ever be convinced that that was 100% psychomimetic and not spiritually religious at all? Or are you beyond convinced that it was proof of spirit? I got better than that. There’s no difference in my mind. I quote it way too many times, but I love Dumbledore’s quote at the end of Harry Potter I don’t know if you’ve seen that or read those, but when they’re in the train station at the end, when Harry’s kind of dead and he’s talking to Dumbledore, who’s already dead, spoiler alert. Spoiler alert. This is a kid’s show, man. Come on. Anyway, Harry asked Dumbledore, is this real or is this all in my head? And Dumbledore said, of course it’s all in your head, but what makes you think that? That doesn’t make it mean. That’s a whole debate on solipsism, right? That’s the brain of that theory. Solipsis is bad, though. Solipsis is psychosis. Basically. Solipsis is saying that I’ve made all of you up. And I think that’s very false. I think there’s a reason for it because I think our perception colors everything around us. And so in that sense, our perception is a creation. So perhaps in a way that’s a confusion of the mind or something like that, but this is more of like a collective Solipsis. This is ancient Buddhism saying there’s no self and all there is is being the verb. Like, literally no, I that’s what New Age leaves out when they steal so much from Buddhism. They don’t like to talk about that because they want people to believe that they’re all their own gods and that they’re going to be superheroes when they leave their meat flesh. Are we turning to planets, too? Right. Right.

So the thing is, I don’t know too much about alchemy, but I know the basic principles. And to me, this is an alchemical experience. We are spirit or we’re like energy and matter, these two polar opposites, at least how we perceive it. So to venture out of the woo woo a little bit, I want to hear about some of your latest Twitter sort of outbreaks and rants. And the latest one, I guess, is Sound of Freedom. Right. With Jim Cavazille or however you pronounce his name. Jesus. So what’s your opinion on the whole thing on the movie? Tim Ballard, the guy behind the the heavy opinions that you see from people on, like, what’s your whole take? My whole take is that I think for some people, that movie will definitely wake them up to things that we’ve wanted to wake them up to for a long time. Unfortunately, when a massive medium is doing it, not us, it’s a little just automatically know, just like any other form of them suddenly co opting a conspiracy that we’ve been talking about for years and bringing it to the public in the way they want to. Right. And I say they right. But of course, many, many people in the alternative communities will say they aren’t they those are us. That’s Tim Ballard and Caviezel. And it’s like, why are they? Oh, because Caviezel’s not in Hollywood anymore. Have you seen the Departed? Like Gustavsson had to go to jail before he could sneak into fucking what’s his name’s gang. Did you see, like, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character is going to become a state trooper? And they’re like, you’re not going to be a state trooper. If you want anything to do with this, you’ll sneak know, you’ll be a rat, a mole in his operation. But we’ve got to put you through the system first. We can’t just have you walk out of here and waltz into like was that a whitey Boulder movie? No. Well, maybe kind of. It was very Irish Mafia. It took place right in Boston. They mentioned a bunch of small towns right around me. It was really it’s like this it feels like, okay, you send some of these Hollywood guys into the alternative community as heroes, like, yeah, we’re going to tell the story. We’re going to finally do it. We’re going to bring it to the know. And I know maybe I’m a little black pilledI don’t know. Is this like mud flood area black pilled? Yeah. No, I think black pilled is just know people call you black pilled when you don’t trust any conspiracy. They’re talking know every everything came from the CIA, ultimately, right?

And it’s like, well, fine, but if we all come to that conclusion at one point or another for good reasons many times, and then we keep playing, fine, we can keep playing, but just admit that we’re entertaining ourselves. If we already got to that point, couldn’t you make the same argument on Dumbledore? Like, if you’re just entertaining yourself, what’s the difference?

Well, that’s true too. That’s the thing. I’m very comfortable saying they and the elites and our enemies and all that, but I’m also comfortable at the same time contemplating if we’re all one and we’re all just emanations of God or whatever that means. So if that’s the case, I feel like, yeah, it makes sense. That what I said before. With God going through his own awakening or understanding or coming into existence and dealing with self reflection, perhaps it’s utterly confusing and there’s probably an ego involved. And maybe the ego is that massive control network we see that doesn’t ever seem to die. Like, you cut three heads off and AC grow back. It never seems to be just the Rothschilds. Like, you can suss out all the history you want. There’s always elements missing and there’s always just like random chance things.

That reminds me, too, today’s episode really quick is sponsored by the Rothschilds directly. Shout out to the Rothschilds. Thank you so much for funding this show. Last week was Pfizer. Pfizer was last week and then the week before that was Hello Fresh. Geez, three episodes, man. That’s it. And you already got these sponsors. This is incredible. The Rothschilds recently? Well, not recently, but one of them was on the board of directors of that SEQUEST or whatever it was called. That whole right, but was that see, there’s a fucking Lar. It’s like a red herring, man. There’s a couple different Rothschilds, and one of them claims to not have any lineage with the historical banking family Rothschilds. And that guy, I don’t know if he’s the one that had anything to do with that, but he’s like one of these eco green guys. I wish I could remember his first name. I don’t care enough to do I think it’s the one I’m thinking of, but he’s the one that’s I’m like. He’s not related to Lord Baron Rothschild and the bank. He just so happens to be on board with the green shit, right? Just has the same name. It’s just a bunch of coincidences, man. Yeah, especially the name thing. I’m sorry. Now where I’m at when it comes to names in history, and I’m sure many other researchers have come to this conclusion, there ain’t no coincidences with that. What about two John Browns, though? Are they like absolutely related at some point? If you just rewind history back?

Absolutely. I think so. But I mean, who knows? That’s a weird one, too, because a lot of those names come from different things. A lot of names come from professions and stuff like that, too. So who knows? Schumacher and all kinds of them. They’re all German, all European. Where’s your last name come from? Did you ever look it up?

The name originally comes from the Roost Vikings, but after that it goes into France, it goes into Germany, and different and that’s a split. The wording, the pronunciation and the meaning branches out, but eventually it’s similar to Arouse. Oh, sweet man. Yeah. So I get everybody’s attention. It was going to that, but all right, we are talking box saga, and actually, you don’t even know those parts of it. I don’t, honestly, it’s one that I have to get into. I’ve just recently started coming out of my American shell and learning more about history and Europe, and I didn’t care for the longest time because what’s greater than the country of America, you don’t really need to know much outside of America. And apple pie and not big of a deal for the longest.

Glad I’m actually really glad you mentioned Project Monarch, because we’re coming up on an hour and a half. So we’ll wrap this up in the next, like, 15 minutes or so. But I wanted to. So MKUltra. I’m just going to say true that’s, like, my number eleven, number 1011, because it is so well documented, and let’s not even debate that. Where are you at? On Project Monarch.

Well, couldn’t we say that Project Monarch is like an umbrella almost. How would you describe Project Monarch? Project Monarch is the rumored extension of MKUltra. That as far as I’m aware, there’s no official documentation that Monarch ever actually existed. Most of the scientists that are claimed with it, there’s no evidence that they absolutely were ever in the United States. And then there’s all kinds of claims that Monarch maybe happened in Chile at, you know, Dignity Colony there’s there’s lots of ones that it’s under the Denver International Airport. There’s some that were under military bases.

So I think that Project Monarch is very much man let’s just get a little bit controversial here. Okay. This is the worst preface to ever drop somewhere. But I absolutely do not believe in the veracity of the protocols of the elders of the Z word. I don’t think that that necessarily I think it was attributed to a certain number of people to make them a scapegoat. But the contents of what was written in that work that was attributed to those people is mind blowing because it was almost like someone found the game winning playbook from the Super Bowl, all the winning plays, years later, and was like, oh, wow, they actually planned every move, and it worked. What a great idea. So I feel like there’s truth to it, but it gets baked up in so much hogwash and crap, and not to mention the Dulles brothers got their entire names staked on disproving that particular document. But I look at Monarch as the same way. So Project Monarch is kind of like the protocols. It’s like this stupid woo woo word that if you bring it up, you get flagged and you get put into this box. But clearly, the things that are listed and how they work seem like they’re all very real, very accurate. So that’s why I was saying an umbrella, because I feel like MKUltra was always kind of under a broad plan, just like, you’re know, in the you know, or isn’t there something that the UN has that kind of mimics the plans going on, too?

Yeah, anyone that has, like, a New World Ordery sort of usually leads in that direction, those things. So, yeah, I call it kind of an umbrella, because it’s always going on. And that’s kind of what they describe in Monarch is that it’s an extension or a continuation off the books and this and that. I don’t think anything’s off the books. I just don’t think we ever get to see the books. FOIA, would they think we’re going to give them our secrets because they ask and they won in court? That’s hilarious. All right, we got to hire some people. Let’s write some stories. Oops, a big blurry thing hit that side of the building that had all the information you wanted, and it might have been a plane. Whatever, Frank. Listen, we got a great line of that whole New Age angle. We’re working into the alien stuff, okay? You got to go study this dude Monroe. He’s working on some crazy mind shit. We got to do this whole documented thing on it, for sure. Colonel. Dump that shit out into the public just as psychedelics are ramping up legally again.

I’m curious, too, if you ever gotten into NLP at all. It sounds like something that you might find interesting. NLP. NLP. So it’s another one of these woo woo things. It stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming as opposed to Natural Language Processing, which is like the computer version of NLP. But honestly but if it has anything to do with them programming our language or programming us through language, that’s exactly it, man. And anyone that ends up getting fascinated with the phonetic roots and getting into etymology and breaking things down, especially when you mentioned infantry and you’re like, that’s an infant tree. It reminds me of, like, Jordan Maxwell doing the whole currency speech and maritime law. Yeah, when I found box saga, man, it rang Jordan Maxwell big time. But just as if Jordan Maxwell was this small example, like that lady that made forgive me, I can’t remember her name, but she’s been on a lot of podcasts. She kind of starts with the you wake up in the morning, you wake up in the morning. She goes through those words and how they have these negative connotations, and that’s like playing with the puns that’s like brushing the surface and then you get deep into it and it’s like holy is. You ask any etymologist, that’s howRichard Bandler and John Grinder are well-known for their work in NLP. One of their works, which I can’t remember the exact title of, delves into the power of phrasing and communication and how it can have a significant impact on us. I always saw it as a form of self-defense, similar to Taekwondo, where if you understand it, you can redirect and use it to your advantage. Anyway, let’s wrap up for now, but we’ll definitely continue this conversation later. I’m excited to dig deeper into the box saga and explore how it connects with themes of disaster and resurrection in the ball cycle. It’s always a pleasure talking with you, and don’t forget to check out our sponsor, Neuralink. Andy actually got the implant, and although it has some side effects, he seems to think it’s worth it. By the way, you can find Andy on various platforms like YouTube, Odyssey, and social media under the name The Deep Share. He also has a Patreon where he and his friend Shane discuss random topics for entertainment. That’s pretty much all there is to it. Thanks for listening to the Paranoid American Podcast, or whatever it ends up being called. And remember, if you’re not paranoid, you’re probably not paying attention. See you next time.

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