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Paranoid American Podcast 046 MAGA Rapper Nick Nittoli Recording a Viral Song (Boycott Target Tin Foil Hat)

By: Paranoid American
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5G Danger

MAGA Rapper Nick Nittoli Interviewed by paranoid American

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➡ Paranoid American, a comic publisher, has been exploring and revealing hidden truths about our world since 2012. They delve into topics like secret societies, forbidden technology, and hidden symbols in pop culture. The podcast also features interviews with various personalities, including musician Nick Natoli, who discusses his controversial music and the censorship he faces on different platforms. The podcast encourages listeners to question accepted narratives and explore the mysteries of our society.
➡ The artist discusses how his song became popular after being promoted by news outlets, even though they didn’t agree with its message. He also talks about his dislike for the commercialization of the LGBTQ+ community, his boycott of Target, and his past songs that focus on conspiracy theories. He believes that the LGBTQ+ community is trying to take over straight culture and criticizes their lack of originality. He also mentions his past work at Target and how he was banned from the store for stealing.
➡ “Epstein’s Quest” is a new video game where you can explore the world, interact with famous characters, and even play tricks on your friends. It’s made by a company called Paranoid American. You can find it by searching “Epstein’s Island” online. For more info, go to their website,
➡ The artist in the article talks about his love for movies and how he uses them in his music videos to attract different audiences. He also discusses his journey in the music industry, from signing with a record label to becoming an independent artist. He mentions how he tries to cater to his diverse fan base, which includes Trump supporters, conspiracy theorists, and Christian rap fans. The artist also shares his entry into conspiracy theories, which started after watching various conspiracy theory videos on YouTube.
➡ The speaker discusses their past experiences with conspiracy theories, psychedelic drugs, and Satanism. They mention how they were drawn into conspiracy theories during an LSD trip, and how they later questioned these beliefs when sober. They also talk about their experiences with psychedelic drugs and the strange entities some people claim to see during these trips. Finally, they discuss their past involvement with Satanism, explaining that it’s more about self-worship than worshipping a deity, and how they’ve since moved away from this lifestyle.
➡ The speaker discusses their personal faith journey, emphasizing that their belief in a higher power is more about personal feelings and experiences than religious texts or doctrines. They argue that many religious and occult teachings have value, but can also lead people astray. They believe that their survival in difficult situations is due to divine intervention, and that their faith is more about a personal spiritual connection than literal interpretations of religious texts. They also suggest that those in power may use religion for control, and that the pursuit of earthly power can lead to a rejection of spiritual beliefs.
➡ The text discusses the idea of Satanism and atheism, suggesting that many people unknowingly live satanic lives by focusing on themselves. It also talks about the importance of understanding both sides of an argument, using the example of Christians needing to understand Satanism to protect themselves and their children from it. The text also discusses the influence of the entertainment industry, suggesting it pushes certain agendas and controls the information that is released. Finally, it talks about the speaker’s desire to create a hit song that informs people about what’s really happening in society.
➡ The speaker discusses his desire to awaken the public to various conspiracy theories, such as celebrity cloning and secret government actions. He expresses his love for America and his respect for those who have fought for the country. He also talks about his belief in the existence of celebrity clones, mentioning Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle as examples. Lastly, he suggests that new social media platforms, especially non-American ones, could be used to spread these theories to a wider audience.
➡ The text discusses the idea of using artificial intelligence (AI) to replace real actors in movies. It suggests that this could be a good option for celebrities who no longer want to be in the public eye, as they could have their likeness and voice recorded and then used in films without their physical presence. However, the text also raises concerns about the loss of authenticity in movies if all actors are replaced by AI, and the potential for anyone with the right skills to create their own movies using AI versions of famous actors. The text also touches on the idea of nostalgia and the personal connections people have with movies and actors from their past.
➡ The text is a conversation about various topics including childhood toys, video games, and conspiracy theories. The speaker shares their opinions on things like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Nintendo 64, and theories about flat earth, dinosaurs, and time travel. They also discuss the concept of consciousness and the possibility of out-of-body experiences.
➡ The speaker discusses their experiences with yoga and how it led to a deeper understanding of their body. They also talk about their upcoming music release, which will be available on various platforms. They express appreciation for any support, whether it’s through purchasing their music or simply streaming it. The conversation also touches on Disney movies, their hidden meanings, and the speaker’s willingness to collaborate with big companies to spread their message, despite potential compromises.


Good evening, listeners, brave navigators of the enigmatic and the concealed. Have you ever felt the pull of the unanswered, the allure of the mysteries that shroud our existence? For more than a decade, a unique comic publisher has dared to dive into these mysteries, unafraid of the secrets they might uncover. This audacious entity is paranoid American. Welcome to the mystifying universe of the paranoid american podcast. Best. Launched in the year 2012, Paranoid American has been on a mission to decipher the encrypted secrets of our world.

From the unnerving enigma of mkultra mind control, to the clandestine assemblies of secret societies, from the aweinspiring frontiers of forbidden technology, to the arcane patterns of occult symbols in our very own pop culture, they have committed to unveiling the concealed realities that lie just beneath the surface. Join us as we navigate these intricate landscapes, decoding the hidden scripts of our society and challenging the accepted perceptions of reality.

Folks, I’ve got a big problem on my hands. There’s a company called Paranoid American making all these funny memes and comics. Now, I’m a fair guy. I believe in free speech as long as it doesn’t cross the line. And if these AI generated memes dare to make fun of me. They’re crossing the line. This is your expedition into the realm of the extraordinary, the secret, the shrouded. Come with us as we sift through the world’s grand mysteries, question the standardized narratives, and brave the cryptic labyrinth of the concealed truth.

So strap yourselves in, broaden your horizons, and steal yourselves for a voyage into the enigmatic heart of the paranoid american podcast, where each story, every image, every revelation brings us one step closer to the elusive truth. What up, y’all? We back? Well, maybe not. This isn’t live because I got my wrist slapped, but that’s okay, because today we got Nick Natoli, a man that’s probably no stranger to getting his wrist slapped.

We’re going to get into that. But first of all, welcome to the channel. You’re freaking huge, man. You make dope music. You make music that means something. And I just want to say, first of all, thanks for coming on and tell people where they can find you, where to go and download everything right now while they’re listening. Yeah, totally, man. First off, thanks for having me. I’m glad to be here.

And yeah, everything is at Nicknatoli. N-I-C-K-N-I-T-T-O-L. I’m on Instagram until they ban me. Facebook, Spotify, Apple iTunes, you name it, I’m on there. Twitter or X or whatever they’re calling it. And. Yeah. N-I-C-K-N-I-T-T-O-L-I pretty much on every platform. If you got to come up with the top three platforms, that might ban you first, which top three do you think they would be? Dude, I get on my YouTube every day, and I’m like, how the fuck is this still? I don’t understand.

Somebody’s not doing their job. Sometimes I make content that I’m like, let’s see if this will get me banned off YouTube. But they’ve taken a few albums of mine down off Spotify. They took a song I did. It’s funny, man. Like, the conspiracy stuff, they really don’t care about. I did a song with another artist, and it was called transphobic, and they took that song down, and then I did a song called pronouns, and they took that down.

So the Alphabet group is a lot more powerful than people trying to censor conspiracy stuff. They care way more about the lgbt trans movement than they do. If you’re saying, like, 911 was an inside job, the moon landing was faked, and CIA killed JFK, they’re like, oh, we don’t care, but don’t talk about the gays. Well, because that’s not their active pr campaign. Their active pr campaign doesn’t really include NASA at this exact moment.

But you can be damn sure that the second it does include that, they just shift the focus to that thing. And now all the dogs, all the AI algorithms now do that thing. And maybe they don’t care about the other unspeakables that we won’t mention, that everyone knows the thing. And that’s actually been a learning experience for me, too, because I guess maybe this is just like being naive and growing up as a kid, but it seemed like musicians and artists got to play in this protected space.

You couldn’t go out and just say stuff out in the open. It was almost grounds for getting locked up. They might make a rule up on the way as you’re going there. You were resisting on the way, but if you did it on a stage and you had an audience and people were listening to it, and there was merit with some kind of artistic endeavor that you were doing along with that message, it felt like you always had a little bit of ground afforded to you.

And now, man, with the algorithms and the AI, and there’s no subjectivity left anymore. And if you just say a certain phrase in a song or you have a certain phrase or a concept on a piece of artwork, it’s Persona non grata almost immediately. No, I think you hit it right on the head. I think it’s really about what they’re trying to censor at what specific time. I did a song called Fake moon Landing now, and they’re like, we don’t care about that.

But if this was, like, 1960, they’d be like, okay, let’s take that down. If I was making 911 music during 2000 and fucking three, 2004, I’m sure they would have pulled it. But right now, their focus is primarily the lgbt trans movement. And so anything that you talk about in that section, they’re going to pull that. Speaking of men, a huge hit that you had recently was called Boycott Target.

I didn’t want to forget about that one. Talk about. For anyone that hasn’t heard the song, go listen to it. Anyways, it’s incredibly controversial, but can you just describe how that came together? Yeah, man, that was just a blessing from God. We got very lucky with that song. We kind of came together in the studio and decided to try to market ourselves with the whole thing that was happening with Target, which was they were putting a lot of lgbt stuff and pro trans stuff and satanic stuff in the kids sections of target for kids clothing and stuff, all this pro pride stuff.

And so Boycott target was a huge hashtag on TikTok. So I was like, let’s call this on. Boycott target. Let’s talk about this right now. And the next thing you know, dude, we went fucking number one in the world. We beat out Taylor Swift. We beat out Luke combs. Like, the list goes on and on. And, yeah, man, we got very fucking lucky. The song’s a banger. Like, the beat and the melody and everything about it is just fire, in my opinion.

And, yeah, by the powers of God, dude, we got very lucky. That song fucking went worldwide. Like, people know that song all over the world right now, so it’s awesome. Has that one been taken down on any major platforms that had to get put back up? No, which is funny, because that’s about that stuff, I think, because that one got so much press that they couldn’t take it down.

Like, Newsweek covered it, New York Times covered it. Fucking, like, it became this know. It went, like, crazy viral. And so I feel like they would have added more fuel to the fire if they tried to pull it down. And I think that’s the only reason why it’s still up today. And, man, see, that’s so insidious to me, because that’s the part that stings the most. That if it were like a small artist, which you were not too long ago.

We all experienced that. Totally. Actually, let me throw you on the tangent. What does the inside of the illuminati’s limo look like? Because since you got above Taylor Swift, that means you got to go to the clubhouse, right? Man, it’s just a bunch of pink adrenochrome passing and chimp glasses and fucking all these celebrities I thought were dead were just inside the limo. Fucking Michael’s in there, fucking you name it.

Keith, ledgers, everybody, all my. Oh. So I want to say the insidious part, though, is that if it’s a small artist saying, they’ll still squash it because they know what’s the. Absolutely. And even having a YouTube channel, unless you’re fairly big, like, all these weird takedowns that people will get, and then you’re like, but wait a minute, you’ve got a movie that I can pay. That’s just got people getting their heads chopped off and making these claims, but because it came out of Hollywood or because it came through a distributor that you’ve got, like, a well established relationship with and yada, yada, yada.

Because somebody can contact a human being, they get these weird passes, and you just crushed right through that ceiling. You didn’t even have to see all the different steps in between. And it almost feels like it would have been definitely ideal for the system to just like, oh, no, that’s not allowed speech. That’s essentially, get it out of here. Like, the right wing platforms like Fox News and Newsmax and all these different places, they really helped one american news.

They helped promote the song, I think, for the right reasons. And I really don’t know why Newsweek and people like that picked it up, but I feel like they kind of shot themselves in the foot because the moment that people were aware of this song, they went to go download it and made it the number one song in the world. It wasn’t even number one when they first started talking about it.

They pushed it with that promotion. So it was very strange to me to see them do that for a message that they definitely weren’t down with. Like, the people at CBS News, like, did not fuck know what we were talking about. But it’s the same thing with, like, they were talking about it and getting people to look into it, and I was like, but why are you doing that? So it was strange, man, honestly.

And I’ll just say allegedly, because I don’t know what the stipulations are here, but allegedly that was shot inside of an actual target, right. Or can you. Yeah, allegedly, it was great. Like, whoever did the set design, they made it look really good. But, yeah, it really looks like a target. Yeah. I’m going to assume that it wasn’t an actual target because permits and whatever, and things get lost.

Floods happen, fires happen, permits that were there are no longer there. This is a normal state of being, that boycott target. Are you still following up with this? Are you an anti target for life? Like, can you never step foot in one? You know what’s so funny, bro, is I used to fucking work at Target, and my brother used to work at Target and he worked up the chains and stuff and was there for, like, five, six years or something.

And it was just kind of ironic that that was the song that I hit with. But, yeah, I mean, I’ve boycoted target since, I’ll be honest with you. I boycotted Target way before they went fucking woke because it’s so expensive. Like, ten years ago, I used to be able to walk into target and be like, oh, these are, like, better prices or comparable prices to Walmart and shit.

Now it’s insane. So I was like, I’m boycotting them just because of know, the italian disease funds. So. And this is a little known. I don’t think I’ve ever revealed this before, but I actually was blacklisted from target for over a decade. I got caught when I was just a little. Know a little. But I got caught, like, stealing from, like, multiple times. And I was a total dick about it.

And I basically got an official pamphlet from Target that’s like, you’re no longer legally allowed in any of our target stores. Persona non grata. So target boycotted me, so screw them. That’s great. The whole premise of the boycot target was essentially putting lgbt and gay pride things in kids sections, specifically. So just to cut right to all the undertones and everything. Do you just hate gay people and trans people? No, man.

It’s so funny. People think that, but I have a lot of gay people in my life. Gay friends, gay family members. And the thing about it is, I hate the new gays. I hate this whole promotion of, like, let me shove it in your face. The old gays were like, yeah, we’re fucking gay. We’re keeping to ourselves. Just leave us alone. And that was fine. And now they’re like, no, we’re gay.

And we want you to be gay. We want to take your Disney characters. We want to take your celebrities. We want to do the same story, but make it gay. Like, every single thing that comes off Disney plus now is, like, one of my favorite superheroes, but now he’s gay. Or now there’s a female instead of a male. And so this promotion, this, like, let’s make your kids, like, you see on all these conservative pages on Instagram, they have these fucking drag shows, and all these kids are watching and stuff, and I’m like, what is the new gay? So I’m like, anti new gay, I guess you could say.

I have no problem with gay people. I’m truly not homophobic. I would say that I’m transphobic for sure. Like, a man in a dress fucking with his cock tucked, like, with lipstick just does something to me very negatively. I can’t really control that. But, yeah, I’ve got nothing against the personal choice or the genetics of being homosexual. It’s the promotion of this that I’m kind of sticking up my straight flag and marching into the fire about.

That’s really what that’s about. Is there anything outside of, like, I don’t know, kid, I guess if it were only applicable to 18 and up, right? If it was only an adult society, would it be fine for everything to be promoted? Or are you kind of against as a whole, culturally? Look, it’s funny, man. I hate the lack of creativity in the gay movement right now. They’re like, oh, we can’t write a new Cinderella.

So we want to make this Cinderella be woke and put a black person in it and make it drag, make it gay. I hate the idea that they can’t come up with their own stories and that they want what we have. One of the great aspects of being a straight person is, like, when I stick my penis inside of a woman, I create life. They’re like, nah, fuck that.

We’re going to do that too. We want that too. And it’s like, no, you don’t get to have everything that comes with being a straight person if you’re a gay person. Men cannot create babies. And like, no, we don’t like that narrative. We’re going to do that too. And so it’s like this weird jealousy that I’ve noticed in the gay movement that they want what we have. They want to be us without being us and without showing any respect to the original natural way or God’s way, however you want to put it, if you want to get religious about it.

So that’s really what pisses me off. And for me, that’s really why I write the songs that I write, just to kind of separate the two because they are separate. We can have unity in a community. But know who you are. There’s no straight guys that are walking around like, oh, yeah, I can totally be gay. Watch me dress in drag. Do you see what I’m saying? So why are you coming for what we have? That’s kind of the idea.

And before even the whole boycott target and everything, you were still very politically minded in a lot of your tracks. So I came across you through a song called Tinfoil Hat, and then I found a dope video called I think it was called believer, and it had you in, like, a Ghostbuster uniform. There’s, like, ectoplasm all over the place, and it seemed like you were shooting a lot of these in your apartment or something.

Yeah, no, that was shot in the house during COVID because we couldn’t fucking leave the house, man. The government told us no. The man said no. So we had to just kind of create these sets, and we did it in my house. And a lot of those videos are, like, poorly shot and just kind of poorly edited. I was just kind of learning on final cut pro and just kind of getting my feet wet with it, but they were really, honestly, some of the most fun.

And that song is just full blown conspiracy song, just like tinfoil hat. That’s why the boycott target success was so amazing, because I’ve just kind of just been a guy independently making music, and I just do things. You know what I mean? I just talk what my truth is. And sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes no one gives a fuck about your song at all. So boycott target and Tinfoil hat were one of those times where I got some real promotion on it.

I’m very grateful too. So did Tinfoil hat get a big plug from some? Was it just same triple A? Or did it get play outside of that too? It went kind of viral, man. The video went up to, like, 60,000 views, and a bunch of people were hitting me up about it. I feel like it was mainly conspiracy theorists, because I’m like, of course, man, who else would give a fuck about this song? But, yeah.

And there’s a lot of people that know me. I think. Before boycott target just based off Tinfoil hat, can you explain what the concept behind believers was? Yeah, so believer. Like, I wrote the song just like I write most my songs. It’s just, like, full blown conspiracy theories. I talk about the pyramids. It was during COVID so I was kind of, like, trying to gauge what people actually believe in, at least my fan base.

And so I’m asking questions throughout most of the song. I’m like, do you believe in the pyramids? Do you believe in aliens? Do you believe this or that? I’m also kind of leading a horse to water and hoping that they drink, because I’m like. Because I believe in all this stuff. And then the Ghostbusters thing was like, I fucking love movies, dude. I’m such a movie buff. Back to the future.

Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Gremlins, you name it. They’re just a big part of my upbringing and my creative kind of being. And so I was like, let’s just rent Ghostbusters costumes and get some fucking slime, get some ectoplasm in here and remake Ghostbusters two. That video is specifically supposed to be, like a tribute to Ghostbusters two. And it was kind of a way for me to drag my audience into something that they might not be into.

Like, you might not be into conspiracies, but do you like Ghostbusters? I did the same thing with, like, aladdin and a few other music videos where I recreated a movie that a favorite of mine, but it was really just trying to drag them into something that they may not already be into. So if you don’t like talking about pizza Gate and frazzle drip, but you see, I’m dressed as Homer Simpson, and my wife does all the makeup and stuff, and she does a killer job.

So are you into this? Are you into that? I’ve done Friday the 13th, I’ve done fucking a few different movies, and it’s just like clickbait for sure. I love that, man. I think that’s maybe where we’re kind of kindred spirits. And I picked up on it not just the complete embracing of all the nostalgia and repurposing it for your own needs, you know what I mean? But this whole entire concept of trying to make it into a creative space and then just like you’re saying, kind of being shacked up into one little spot and turning that into.

It sounds like just nonstop creative production because I saw, like, three or four videos. But you probably did way more than three videos in that apartment, right? Yeah. How many different songs did you put out until you felt like you were starting to get onto something? Well, it was funny, man, because I got signed to a publisher, which is known as Warner Chapel Music Publishing. It’s like the music side of Warner Brothers as a songwriter, producer, and an artist.

And I started putting my music out under this label, and I was working at a really prominent studio here in Hollywood called Jim Henson Studios. I’d fucking run into the bathroom. I’d see Justin Bieber and all these huge celebrities, and I got a lot of money from this record label. So I was like, this is going to be great. So my first couple of songs I thought were going to be fucking huge.

And then once they saw what my content was about and where I was leaning towards, they kind of pulled the rug from under me. So at the beginning of it, I felt great. And then I was just like. I felt like an independent artist, even though I was signed to a label and a publisher. So then I kind of dipped down, and those are, like, my first couple of music videos and stuff.

And there wasn’t, like, a specific time where I felt like everything is changing. It’s been, like, gradual, which is why I’ve been so adamant about putting out a ton of stuff, is because I’m like, okay, that didn’t work. Another artist said to me one time, nobody hears about the strikeout, they only hear about the home run. And that just kind of clicked with me. I was like, oh, yeah.

So if I swing and I miss, nobody hears about that. Nobody cares. They’re only going to hear about it if it’s a home run. And for me, that was like, boycott target, fucking tinfoil hat, a few other songs. A lot of the Trump material that I did has really blown up inside of the Trump community. And, man, and that’s still how I look at it every time I go in the studio.

I’m like, if it’s a swing and a miss, so what? But it might be a home run. Are there any topics? Because you’re starting to get a huge audience, right? It’s become more and more massive, and you’re probably starting to realize what kind of buckets or what kind of demographic types of content hits the hardest. So is there anything that you find yourself writing more songs about or anything that you find yourself writing less about? And I don’t mean to censor yourself, but maybe any kind of changes that you’re going through personally of like, yeah, I’m not going to do this or I’m going to start doing this.

Yeah, it’s kind of fucked, man. I’ll be honest with you. Because the Trump community, I have a huge Trump fan base right now. People that love Trump, love Maga, love me, and they know me in that community the most. And then I have a conspiracy following of people that are just, like, into tinfoil know a lot of the conspiracy songs that done. And then there’s a third bracket of my fan base that is more christian rap, more like religious music, which I’ve done a few songs like that as well.

So if I put out a full blown Trump song, which I just did called make America great again, nobody in the conspiracy movement is really going to fuck with that. But if I put a song out that’s called, like, know, Bigfoot exists, then all of my conspiracy fans are gonna fuck with that, and none of my Trump fans and not too many of my religious fans. So I have this kind of, like, three tiers that I kind of need to cater to.

And at the end of the day, man, I’ve never made music for money. You know what mean? Like, I’ve never made it for attention. So for me, I really just go by, how am I feeling with. With Trump winning right now? Recently, I was like, I’m going to make a fucking make America great again song. I’m feeling that way. I hope Trump wins. I’ll do that right now.

Tomorrow, the Bigfoot song could come out. Do you know what I mean? I’m always going to be a conspiracy guy. I never will waver from that. But as I progressed in my artistry, I’ve become more christian, more religious, and somebody who really thinks that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for God. So a lot of christian stuff has come out of me recently. I just dropped a song called christian rap that’s, like, all about it, so it’s difficult to decide.

I like what you were saying a little bit earlier, too, again with the nostalgia aspect. But, okay, maybe you don’t want to hear about pizza gain and frazzle drip, but what if it’s Homer Simpson talking about pizza gain and frazzle drip, and it’s like, oh, now I can get my foot in the that. What’s that? I said, I want to drag people in if they’re not into that.

One of my favorite points of my life was learning about conspiracy theories or learning about the truth, rather, and finding this stuff and going down that rabbit hole. So for me, if I can do that, if I can be a gateway musically, for somebody to actually find out about 911 and JFK and all this stuff, reptilian aliens, et cetera, then I’m not too far from a David Ike or too far from an Alex Jones if I led you to that path.

So it’s kind of also a moral responsibility that I feel, knowing the information that I do to enlighten people that are younger than me or whoever, whoever’s new to this information. Where was your entry point into conspiracies and I guess what people would call truth. Do you know what year it was? Do you remember? It was, like, a little before, like, 2010. Maybe sooner than that. I dropped LSD with a homeboy of mine, and we fucking typed in conspiracy theories on YouTube, which is something I never did in my life.

We watched everything that you could imagine. And this was when YouTube had the real deal. So it wasn’t this censored YouTube shit, it was the real fucking deal. The best 911 videos, the best reptilian alien videos. You name it, dude. And we watched all this shit. And I fucking came down from my trip and I was like, hey, man, was all that stuff that we were watching, was that like, the LSD, or was that shit real? And the moment that I realized that it was real and that the LSD really just enhanced the delivery of that message to me, I never stopped.

I just never stopped. And I really do my due diligence when it comes to research. I feel like I’m way better of a researcher than I am a rapper, musician, producer, et cetera. What I do online, looking for things, is one of the best things I do. So I found a lot of truth, and I decided to put that in my music. And what was the first one to hit, if you can remember, what videos you were like? Not the exact videos, but I assume that if it was after 911, then there was a bunch of 911 stuff in there.

Was it like some Mkultra reptilians? But was there one that stood out to you the most? And you started researching that one immediately? Yeah, we were watching some Timothy Leary videos, and somehow that kind of transgressed into Mkultra and, like, clockwork orange and then Kubrick and the moon landing and stuff, and the Franklin conspiracies and all that stuff. An LSD trip is like twelve to 16 hours if you get some good shit.

So we were on it, dude. We just watched everything. I think 911 was really the one that hit the most for me because it just made the most sense. And for someone who’s watching conspiracy theories for their first time, you can believe in a plane not melting steel fucking rather than reptilian aliens a lot easier. So I feel like I really believed that the most. And then I just rewatched it with a sober mind, and I was like, what the fuck is this? And it’s one of those things, like, when you feel like someone gives you the truth, then you’re open to more of it.

And that was what it was for. Each topic after that I was like, I really think that twelve fucking terrorists with box cutters did not do this. And so after that, I just kind of kept researching and finding more truth. Man, where are you? Psychedelic entities? I don’t do anything anymore. I’m like completely sober. I’m so lame. But I used to do it all. I used to do mushrooms, LSD.

Do you have a thought on it now, even if you don’t touch it anymore? Do I what someone’s talking about? I don’t know, like the clockwork gnomes or the Salvia entities or any of these creatures or entities that people describe in the psychedelic realm, just because a lot of people seem to indicate it’s in the head. Some people think they’re demons, some people think they’re something else. A buddy of mine did fucking, what’s the fucking DMT? And who I really trust.

I really trust his opinion on things. And I was like, what happened, man? And he told me that he met these snake like green gods and that they were like in a different realm and laughing at him that he was in this realm and that he was basically saying that they were looking at him like he didn’t belong in the realm that they were in. And I’ve done a lot of psychedelics with this friend of mine, and I really trust what he says.

So I believe that that is probably what I would see or what other people might see. I’ve also heard that same thing from other people who have done DMT. So, yeah, I definitely think it exists. I mean, I saw some wild shit. Do you think that this might be the same thing as aliens, or do you think aliens are different from this? Honestly, it’s one of those things I feel like I could decipher better if I had done it myself.

I could only ask him so many questions, and you know what I mean? He could only describe his experience so well to me. But I believe in aliens and I believe in demons, and I believe in fucking tripping your balls off. So it could be any of those three. I really don’t know. So I want to talk about demons a little bit because I’m fascinated by the rules, I guess.

Long story short, I would love to know if someone could just set up like a video feed and summon a demon and then make them dance on TikTok or something and then just make money off of it and then cast them back away, but that’s not happening. So I guess the smallest version of that one is that. Do you think it will be possible if you’re just like, I don’t know, you’re like a naive 13 year old.

You’re a little bit edgy. You’re not necessarily going to Barnes and Noble and Starbucks anymore, but the modern version of that is you’re scrolling Amazon and you’re just looking up like, the satanic Bible by Anton Levee. Or you’re looking evil grimoires and you order it and you start reading through it. Do you think that that 13 year old could possibly just be straight up summoning demons through books? Or would they have to go out and start doing harmful things to people? I think that summoning demons and doing anything having to do with the supernatural know the black magic realm has to do with a lot of time and a lot of experience.

I don’t think that somebody can just pick something up and get a Ouija board and all of a sudden tomorrow morning they’re fucking Voldemort. I think that a lot of it has to do with time perseverance, and this is me talking from experience of knowing a lot of Satanists and being involved with a lot of satanic shit in my past. It’s not something that just comes lightly, which is why a lot of people will find that it’s either not true or not real and then just stop their path on it while other people are, quote unquote, running the fucking world using black magic and summoning demons and doing that kind of stuff.

It has to do with perseverance and time. And a lot of these people act in concert once they realize they’re around other people who are willing to put in that time and perseverance. It’s not something that just comes lightly. Otherwise everybody would do it and everybody would kind of benefit off of the success that you can have from it in this world if you know what you’re doing.

If it was just like that, everybody be doing black magic, but it’s a talent. It’s not something that’s just easily done. When you say Satanism, your past, do you just mean like being a numb skull or do you mean like literal Satanism? Yeah, I get that question a lot when I say that to people because they’re like, what? But yeah, I have a satanic past. I definitely delved in black arts and black magic and a lot of stuff that I’m just not proud of today.

But yeah, I mean, Satanism, at the end of the day, what people think Satanism is is two different things than what it actually is. Satanism has to do with the worship of yourself over everything, basically seeing nothing but yourself in the reflection and worshipping thyself as opposed to anything else. It has nothing to do with worshiping a deity or worshiping Satan or Lucifer. Luciferianism might, but that has nothing to do with Satanism.

So Satanism is basically. It has to do with the ego. It has to do with self preservation over everything. And so when I say that I was living a satanic life, that’s the mindset that me and fellow Satanists were in, is that we were primarily concerned with ourselves. You can study Satanism and you could learn a lot from people like Anton Levay. But at the end of the day, what you see in the magazine version of Satanism, it has nothing to do with it.

It really has to do with worshiping yourself and caring about yourself more than anything, because that’s the most satanic thing, that’s the most evil thing that you can do or achieve, is just to not care for your fellow man, not care for people who have less than you, not care for anybody, not care for people who have more than you. Just only caring about yourself and putting yourself first.

That is, to me, the definition of Satanism. It’s interesting that you brought up the distinction between luciferianism too. And if you had to make the impossible, Sophie’s choice, right, you’re getting marched down to the gulag, and the only choice you get to make is you can stumble a little bit to the left or stumble a little bit to the right, and one goes down to the satanism gulag and the other one goes down to the luciferian gulag.

Which gulag are you heading towards? Honestly, man, I would just pray for death at that point. Because for me, honestly, the darkest place I’ve ever been in my life was becoming a satanist and worshipping myself over everything else. It’s the worst dynamic that a human could be in, especially when we have the capacity to care for others and to put others needs ahead of our own. That’s what makes us human.

So it’s literally like I don’t even want to be alive if I’m caught in that modality of thinking anymore, because that was the worst of me. And although it led me to a lot of success and musical achievements, my soul was just drowning at that point and seeking something better. And luckily I was saved by whatever you want to call it and kind of transferred from that modality to where I’m at now.

And I’m so proud of the person that I am today. It’s not even funny, man. Since you do seem like you do an immense amount of research. You’re well spoken. You know what’s going into your lyrics. It doesn’t seem like you’re just throwing some cool buzwords in the chat GBT and then making it sound good. Right? So I’m really curious about this one. That if you were into not just the general term of Satanism as being self involved or narcissistic, but legitimately putting intent behind it, then I assume you probably had done some occult reading and you read about the old, ancient Mithras cults and all these old stuff.

So how do you reconcile, and I’m asking myself this in my own mind because I want to know how you did this, but how do you reconcile all these stories where I guess in my mind it’s like, oh, they’re all obviously talking about Jesus. Or the Jesus story is all adapted from all these other stories, like Isis and her child. And then if you just go like, all the ancient mystery cults, Dionysus, what is it? The myth of a thousand faces, right? Joseph Campbell, like, all these concepts.

And then when you go to a modern day version of Christianity and pro Bible and christian rap and everything, so much of it to me feels like a literal interpretation of, like, no, it’s the Caesar Borgia. It’s the white Jesus with the goatee Jesus. You know what? So, so having the background of probably being hearing all that stuff, especially in the conspiracy realm where they’re like, nah, dude, Jesus was actually Mithras.

And that story is older. You know what mean? Like, how do you come to terms with that? Is it like Satan planting bad evidence to confuse people? No, man. So there’s just a lot of bullshit out there on both sides. There’s a lot of bullshit in Christianity. There’s a lot of lies that you have to sift through. And there’s a lot of great stuff in occult knowledge. I mean, fucking Albert Pike’s morals and dogma, fucking even some of the work that Anton Levet did, the satanic witch.

There’s so much good stuff in there that it could lead a good person down a bad path. When it comes to my personal faith and me being quote unquote Christian, it has so much more to do with feeling than it has to do with reading and knowledge. And what are they saying Christianity is? And what are they saying your relationship with God would be? I could care fucking less, dude.

When I look at my life and the places that I’ve been, I say I should be fucking dead. And when you realize how big it is and how crazy the situations that you’ve been in. As far as my personal story goes, I’m like, there’s no fucking way unless there was a divine light, a divine God of this world or the next, that cared about me enough to save me from these situations and put me in the place that I’m in today, where I can educate other people and maybe save their lives.

So for me, I’ll go to church. I’ll read the Bible. At the end of the day, though, it has so much more to do with me closing my eyes and having some sort of spiritual connection that it’s unreadable, it’s unseeable. It has nothing to do with what the Bible says. Don’t get me wrong, the Bible is great. It has a lot of great knowledge in it and great stories of how to be a moral person.

But what my personal thing is, it’s here as opposed to here. So that’s the best way I can answer that. I love that, man. Actually, I think I relate to that more than anything because I get a lot of flak for this. And it’s not because I’m a satanist or luciferian, but the word of God doesn’t seem like it’s infallible to me. It seems like dudes wrote it down and dudes memorized it and just like, dudes and dudes and dudes.

Unless I see a big hand come out of the sky and you know what I mean? Like, write it down and pop back into the sky, it seems like that could be the ultimate tool for suppression and mind control and just do these things. Because if you knew that everyone was reading the same damn book, why wouldn’t you invest every ounce of effort and resources you had as, like, an elite to make sure? So let me throw this one at you, because, and this is a thought experiment, I don’t even have my own opinion on this one, so I’m not like, pinning one way or the other, but this concept that Jesus said, turn the other cheek, I always wonder, was that like a warlord or like some king that was like, yo, if we just tell these people that God wants them to know, let us have our way and give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.

All of this feels like submissions to the state. And that as a conspiracy theorist, some of those things rubbed me the wrong way, because it was like, yo, God says to do what the cop says, right? The cop pulled me over, and I don’t have my prescription on me. Then that’s what it is, but it feels like that’s a form of control. Yeah, I mean, listen, the belief in a God or a power greater than yourself is different than religion.

Like the word religion in Latin means religare, which means to tie back, to hold or to oppress or to thwart from forward progression. So if you have somebody who’s steeped in religion, and that’s all they are, then they’re not able to move forward. Literally, to tie back, to hold or to thwart from forward progression. If you look at a lot of people that are lost in a religious mindset, you can’t have a conversation with them.

For the most part, they’re not able to move forward. When you prove them wrong about something, they can’t see it. So I don’t like to look at myself as a religious person. Like I said, it’s a personal relationship that I have in my heart, in my spirit, and I really do feel like we are going somewhere else. I don’t think that this is the last hurrah for our spirit.

I think our body dies, and I think we go somewhere else. Is it exactly what it says in the Bible or what you see on the commercial idea of heaven and hell? I have no fucking idea. But I just know that this is not the end of it. But as far as consciousness goes, consciousness is everything. I know that my consciousness is going to go somewhere because that’s not just my body.

My body is literally holding my consciousness right now. But once my body goes out, my consciousness, who Nick is, is not going to die. And so I think there’s just so much more to life than people really realize. And I think that maybe a lot of the things in the Bible are able to help the people who kind of run this world, the Illuminati’s, the Freemasons, et cetera.

But if you get to the higher levels, you find out that the people who have the most money, the most knowledge, and the closest people you can get to who could tell you if there is a heaven or hell or if there is a God or a Satan are anti christian and hate the fact that there are people that are studying the word of God. And that should tell you the most about what you should be doing while you’re on this planet.

In my opinion, I’m interested in exploring that a little bit more, too. Let’s. Lord Rothschild, right? And I’ve got the big painting of Lucifer behind me, and I’m shaking the hands of Marina Bromovich. Whatever. But if you had the ultimate resources to do everything you could. Do you think that why would not just turn over to Christ? If you had enough resource to be able to read all these old tomes and kind of be the closest to the answer, why wouldn’t Christ be the right answer? Yeah, because these people don’t know.

Because these people that really run shit are evil and Satanists. And so what did I tell you about satanism before? It’s all about the ego. It’s all about caring about yourself over others. They don’t want to be in the kingdom of heaven. They have no care about that. These people want to rule on earth for as long as possible. So if you’re a religious person or if you believe in Christ, if you believe in the kingdom of heaven or the 7th level, et cetera, you’re not like, oh yeah, let me clone my body and stay here and fucking drink adrenochrome so that I can look younger.

There’s no self preservation. You’re like, I’m going to live out my life. Fuck bitches, get money, eat, die, and then I’ll be in the kingdom of heaven. These people are like, we want to rule on earth for however long as possible. And it’s not just earth. These people want to rule on other planets. They want to rule the world. So they don’t care about ascending and letting their spirit or their consciousness go somewhere else where they may not be in control, where a God could dictate whether they were good, bad, et cetera, what their punishments are going to be, what their accommodations are going to be.

They want to decide that they want to play God. So that’s why they’re anti christian. They’re anti even just believing in a power greater than yourself. They’re like, you. You are the greatest thing on the face of the planet. That’s what satanism is. Would that count atheists as Satanists if the atheists weren’t altruistic? Like if they were just straight up me, me, I got minds. Is that the same thing as a Satanist? Well, yeah.

I mean, a lot of people are living satanic lives and don’t know it. So a lot of people are like, oh, I’ve made no question about whether there’s a God or not. I don’t delve into Satanism. I just don’t know. I just haven’t made up my mind. So who’s God? Who’s greater than you then? Well, they’re like, well, nobody. Satanism, it sounds like Satanism would just be atheism with more steps and more homework.

But you also mentioned that, for example, Anton Lavey, what was it, the bible of the witch or the satanic witch? The satanic witch that has some nuggets of information in it that are know at least what. What are some of those nuggets of information, for sure. I mean, that’s a great book. That’s a great read. A lot of what Anton Levet has done, there’s just a lot of knowledge in there, and it’s very know.

I think every person should educate, um, before or after making a decision of where they kind of line up in life. Because if you’re totally christian and you’re a great person, then why not read the playbook of the enemy? If there’s somebody who’s trying to come after your kids with indoctrinating tv shows and movies and symbolism, then why not know it and why not be able to see it? Which is this mindset led me down a dark path.

I’m not going to say it’s like easy street, but I eventually kind of curved that into being a very moral person, a person that is not delved in Satanism. And Anton Levay will even tell you that whatever side that you’re on, you should know both sides. And that’s where a lot of christians lose me, because they’re like, no satanism in this house. No witchcraft, no black magic. We’re like, okay, you’re opposed to it, but you don’t even know what it looks like.

And so you’re putting yourself at risk now of becoming a satanist, of telling your kids, all right, go watch this Disney plus show. It’s all about witchcraft. They’re fucking eight part deep into Harry Potter and the deathly hollows, and you don’t know what the fuck’s going on in your own house, bro. What do you every. I don’t know everything, but I know enough to where you can’t get one over on me.

You’re not going to be able to forge magic in my household without me being able to call the playbook like, bro, I know what the next play is. I know where tv shows are leading me. Like, my wife is. I love her to death, but she does not have a quarter of the amount of knowledge that I have. So she’ll be watching some show, and I’ll tell her, I’m like, you know what the lead character is about to do.

You know where the writing is about to lead you to? And she’ll be shocked. She’ll be like, you’ve seen this before, and it’s a brand new show because I know the agenda of what they’re trying to do. And that is something that I picked up from Satanists. That’s something that I picked up from people who have evil means. Because these people see the fucking. The whole field. There’s a reason why they go and worship an owl up in Bohemian Grove.

It’s because the owl sees at night. It’s because the owl sees you from way above and sees what you’re about to do. The vision of an owl, it’s almost like an eagle eye. It sees everything that you’re about to do before you do it. So that’s why they worship it. They’re very calculated people, and I’m proud that I picked that up. You know what I mean? I’m using it for good, but I didn’t get it from christians.

I didn’t get it from God fearing men. These people don’t fear God at all. So that’s what I would say to your listeners. It’s like, educate yourselves on both sides and know what’s happening, because if you’re all about the right side, then you better look out what’s coming from the left and know what it looks like. Without making any specific names or anything that would out anyone. Have there been any temptations or traps that anyone’s tried to set you up for? Once you got a little bit of clout.

Because I assume that there’s got to be some plants out there that are like, do this thing, sponsor this thing. And then you find out, like, whoa, that could have been horrible. Yeah, no, I took a bunch of photos for a company, a few different companies that were, like, a lot of illuminati fucking symbolism. And they had me pose in a certain way. And so at the end of the day, symbolism is symbolism, and symbolism will be their downfall because they’ve made things so obvious.

But, yeah, I would say even earlier in my career, the homosexual agenda was fucking prevalent, bro. And they were telling me about this stuff. People with a lot of power in the music industry had told me things that a 22 year old Nick Natoli had no idea about. Didn’t make sense to me at all. And they were talking about blurring the gender lines and putting out new age rhetoric and that they were the ones that controlled new age rhetoric.

And I’m at a record label. I’m on a tv show on Bravo. I’m like, what are you guys talking about? Why is this even up? And all I wanted was money at that point. So I was like, how does this correlate with me? Where’s the dress? Yeah. I’m like, I just want to make my money. Why is this even up? But as I learned more about the music and movie and entertainment industry, it all coincided into one big thing.

Because the people that put your tv shows out, the people that put your new movies out, they have to have this information. They’re not just going to listen when a movie comes out. Let’s say it’s a big movie. Let’s say it’s a Marvel movie. It goes fucking everywhere. You understand? It goes into Japan, Tokyo, fucking China. It goes into fucking Australia. It goes everywhere. Everyone sees this. So the message has to be acting in concert.

It has to be a part of the agenda in order for it to even get released. The script, before it gets approved, has to do what they want, otherwise it’s not going to get made. There are certain situations, like fucking sound of freedom, where we get lucky and they put out some good information, but it’s very rare, man. So you need to understand, even in the music industry, if this song is going to come out, it needs to be Cardi B twerking her ass, get money, fuck bitches.

Brandish a weapon, have a gun, fuck the police. All this stuff that the people who run this country want in circulation, you know what I mean? So that was a learning experience for almost. I’m curious, what would your thoughts be if someone were to get into the space of music right now, right? And they did the same things, and it’s still Cardi b shaking her ass, but she’s talking about how Ted Kaczynski was, you know, hit by Mkultra and how Timothy McVeigh might have been a sheepdip CIA operative.

Would that give that a pass? Would that be a better use of weaponizing sexuality? I’d buy that. You know, I don’t think it’d go very far. At the end of the day, these people who approve the stuff that goes worldwide, you know what I mean? It’s not going to be sell Coca Cola. Yeah. It’s not going to be about Mkultra if it’s going to go very far. So, listen, that’s my life’s dream, is to create a song that’s a hit song that informs the people about what’s really happening in the aggregate society.

That’s what I try to do every day. So if it happens eventually, you know what mean? Like, I guess technically it happened with boycot target. But what were we talking about? We’re not talking know, Mkultra we’re not talking about fucking reptilian aliens. They’re coming for your kids in target. Like, all right, it’s cool, but it’s not my live stream of the message that I want to put out there.

What would be like, at least in this context, of putting a message out into the world that wouldn’t have got out there otherwise, if you could pick one topic that everyone would be like, oh, damn. I know about that now because of Natoli. What would that topic be? It’s funny, the people that are like yourself that know about conspiracy theories and stuff, I love you guys, but I don’t really feel like I’m immersing crazy knowledge on you.

I’m not giving you any fucking news breaks. You guys know what’s up. So, for me, I would rather touch the soccer moms and touch the fucking people that don’t know about 911 and get something like a song that really breaks that message to them in a way that wakes up the majority of the population. Because we could talk all day and think that the majority of the population are conspiracy theorists or conspiracy Theorists in 2024, but they’re not.

You know what I mean? Which is why Cardi B is successful, which is why Drake has managed to have a 20 year career and never say anything about the american people, not once, not fucking one time. Did he ever go, they cloning you? They cloned in Eminem. They cloned celebrities. He’s never done it once. So for me, it’s like, I want to break the people that are listening to Drake.

I want to break the people that are listening to Megan D. Stallion with just a message that seems elementary to guys like you and me. Like, 911 was an inside job to those people. That’s, like, my plan. I want to propose a new series. It doesn’t have to be with me, and this is just a freebie for you, but Nick Natoli touches soccer moms. I think that would do really well.

When I said it, I’m like, I should retract that statement in some way, shape, or form. No, I think you should lean into it. That should just be, like, a new ongoing series, and we just hook you up with just random soccer moms on TikTok that have, like, 500k followings, and you just try to convince them of something. Go hard. You know? We got close with soccer moms in particular with Wayfair, like, two summers ago, when the whole Ellen shit was happening and the adrenochrome was popping.

And let’s get something straight. Adrenochrome was popping for the first time ever. I was like, people are talking about fucking QAnon adrenochrome. And it was soccer moms that got into the wayfair thing. I know because I know a few of them, a few of my wife’s friends, and I was like, how the fuck do they know about the Wayfair thing? Like, oh, I saw it on TikTok. They think it’s really creepy.

They’re locking up kids in cages and selling them for $20,000. And I was like, man, I really hope this progresses. Next thing you know, it just got shut down. They put the clamp down on it. Nobody talks about Wayfair again, but that was the closest we got. I would love to know what the formula is to get it in there before they can clamp down, because if we could figure out what that formula is, kind of like what the synthetic drug makers do, you just keep shifting a molecule around and release it again, and then you always stay a step ahead.

No, I think it was TikTok, because TikTok, it’s not american owned, and they didn’t have full blown censorship on it. So, like, pizza gate ran up to, like, 54 million views on the hashtags on TikTok. And I was like, that doesn’t sound like my american government. Do you know what I mean? What’s going on here? And so I think there’s, like, when a new platform comes out, especially if it’s not an american platform, and we all get on it, I think there’s an opportunity there to wake up the public.

But that’s a little bit nuts to me, though, because then you also have the chinese population. For the first time, they’re getting some access to american culture, and they’re just like. I guess in America, they just stick kids in cabinets and sell them for 20 grand. This is weird. I didn’t know about that, about America. Proud to be an american. So where are you at, like, a patriotism scale right now? Zero to ten? Listen, I’m 36 years old.

I grew up in a time where if I see the colors today, if I see american colors, my heart warms up. I love my country. I’m one of those guys. I don’t really travel outside of the country as much as I should, because I love being an american. I love America, and I’ll fight for it to my dying day. I know our american government has done some fucked up shit, but for man, like, when I see that flag waving, I just become just very patriotic and everything I’m doing right now, it’s to fight for my country and the people in my country.

And, yeah, I have no words other than I love the USA, man. I’m going to fight for it till I die. And how would you have responded to that after Joe Biden wins his second term? Same response. Yeah, for me, it’s like, that’s a different sector of this country. What I’m talking about is I’m talking about the history. The Thomas Jeffersons, the Thomas Edison, the founding fathers, the people who even on a lie went and fought for us in fucking Iraq and Afghanistan.

You know what I mean? Guys that fucking love this country enough to leave an NFL paying job, to go fucking fight overseas and die for this country, for me, that’s real. And so therefore, if it’s propaganda that led them know, same with, like, it doesn’t matter at the end of the, like, what a beautiful thing that patriots have done for this country, for this land. And so I’m just like a little shit that just isn’t probably not going to die for my country, at least not in battle.

And I have so much respect for the military and so much respect for people that fucking bled for this country and continue to do so. Do you think in Guantanamo Bay when they blasted Britney Spears and NSYNC at those prisoners, that might have actually been a little bit of a good thing? We got a lot of catching up to do. We got about 30 or 40 years of catching up to do.

We’re just going to have to blast as Britney Spears at you for like a few weeks straight and then you’ll understand America. Yeah, man, I’m a big cloning guy. I’ve done a lot of research into cloning and specifically the company clonid that was like the original clone center that made Eve. And I really just think that there’s so many people that I think are not the same people.

And if you really look at the ears, the nose, the mouth, like, plastic surgery can only do so much. It’s so much easier now to replace someone rather than kill them off completely because they’ve done that so much that they’ve raised so many questions and they’ve created people like you and I who don’t believe the official story. So now they’re like, oh, let’s not kill him, and we’ll kill him, but we’ll clone him and just make him do whatever we want now.

Now he’s going to do that Disney movie that he wasn’t going to know. I think fucking Eddie Murphy’s a clone. I’m watching him in this candy cane Lane fucking Christmas special with my wife, and I’m like, Eddie would have never done this. Eddie would have never done another coming to America. They’re like, we’re going to have him do two. And while I’m watching it, they pull up an ad.

They’re like, he’s going to do Beverly cop four. It’s cover five. It’s coming out on Amazon. I’m like, no, he’s not. You guys fucking killed him. You took everything. You owned the license of him. You own the royalties. Which, as Dennis Quaid said, I’m sorry. Randy Quaid said, when he was talking about star whackers, he’s like, it’s more lucrative for them to own you. They own everything that you accumulated and the upcoming money.

And he’s like, they killed a lot of my friends. You know what mean? Like, so I think that that’s what we’re know. Eminem, fucking Dave Chappelle, you name it, dude. The list goes on and on. And that’s something I’m going to talk a lot more about in my upcoming music is cloning and who I think has already been cloned. And, yeah, man, hell yeah. I’m curious. Who do you think are the sleeper clones that people aren’t even talking about right now? I mean, I was one of the first to talk about Dave Chappelle, man, and it scared me.

Listen, when you look up a hashtag and there’s nothing, that’s what scares me the most. I’m like, all right, I’m going to stop. I’m going to stop because this hasn’t broke yet. You know what I mean? If it breaks, then people are like, okay, there’s like 20,000 searches. I’m like, okay, I’m just one of the 20,000. But when I’m the only one, I’m like, dude, I’m going to end up in a fucking underground military base because I searched this first.

But yeah, Dave Chappelle, Eddie fucking Murphy, a lot of people, man. Honestly, the list goes on and on. Now when I watch a new series or something with my wife, I’m like, I’m like, is that Kurt Russell? Go back. The best thing you can do is just go back into the past and look at some sort of press photo or like a red carpet photo of somebody and really analyze them.

Obviously, they’re going to change with aging, but we know what that looks like. And when it looks really bizarre and different, it’s a fucking clone, bro. Fucking clone. Where are you at on AI in the context of clones? Because it almost seems like the AI clones is way more convenient now. You don’t even have to have a meat suit for Eddie Murphy or whatever. You can just AI clone them and you’re good to go.

No. So there’s a movie called the Congress that came out, like, mid 2000s. Have you ever seen it? Robin Wright? Yeah. Yes. Do you remember the plot of it? Yeah, it was based on, I think, like a russian novel or something too, but it was essentially that people could go on vacation and be Kevin Spacey or be Robin Wright in the case of that movie, 100%. So Robin Wright’s career is ending.

She goes into a studio meeting. The studio says, we’re not going to be casting you anymore. You’re never going to get to play the princess bride again. However, and there’s no more deals. We’re not going to give you any more money, any more deals. We have one final offer for you, and that’s to go into this AI room where they’re going to take photos of you, and they’re like, laugh, and she laughs, cry, and they get every face and emotion that she would have made, and they AI that shit into this new technology that they have, and they don’t need her anymore, and she can go off and live her life.

So I think that is real to a degree. And I think a lot of these celebrities, big time celebrities, get that offer and take that deal and that we’re not seeing a lot of realistic stuff, which is why it was so fucking hard to figure out where is Tom Hanks and what’s going on with him and all that stuff, because they had his brother and they have his voice, you know what I mean? So if they have the voice, the face, and all the likeness, then what? They don’t fucking need you anymore.

You know what I mean? And a lot of celebrities who’ve been famous for 2030 years are like, I don’t want this life anymore. I wish I could go back to where I could just walk into a movie theater and no one recognizes me. So there’s a merge in consciousness there, in a deal that presents itself. And I think a lot of people take it. Do you think we lose anything if Hollywood starts pumping out movies and they’re just straight up, like, AI actors doing everything? Like, someone just scans.

Tom Hanks is never in a movie again. Tom Hanks is a loaded pick. Fill that in with your favorite current actor. Maybe not Hanks. Like, is there a loss. We saw a movie with Brad Pitt. And I was like, is that Pitt? Like, do you really think that’s fucking Brad Pitt? And it was only because the movie had shown what they could do so much with AI. It was a stupid fucking movie with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum that just came out.

I don’t even remember the name of it because they’re making nothing but shit these days. I don’t know. I haven’t been paying attention at all. It’s terrible. But in the movie, they show you, like, they get rid of the set really quick and you’re like, whoa, they weren’t even there. And then they get rid of the fake snakes that were on the ground. Like, whoa, those weren’t there.

And all this AI stuff. And then Brad Pitt pops up and I’m like, is it Brad Pitt? It could be. You know what mean? Like, he ages well, who knows? But for me, I just think that they’re telling know. Whenever they’re telling you, they’re fucking telling. So I just, I think, yeah, we’re going to lose something by fucking watching nothing but AI. Fucking robots dictate our future or our movies and cinema.

But also, I think we’re going to see some roles that we never would have seen. They’re going to get Michael J. Fox to stop shaking and back to the future four. It’s like we’re going to get some shit that a lot of actors never would have done. Like, morally, where they’re at in their lives, they would have never done. The question you have to ask yourself is, like, if they want to make a back to the future fucking four and you have Christopher Lloyd, who’s, like, dying at this point, and Michael J.

Fox says, I don’t want to do it. Do you think that the studio and the big money is just going to go okay, like, really? They’ve done that? They’ve had to in the early 2000s, but now, fuck it, dude. Kill him. Well, I guess the other side of that coin, though, is that now it’s not even just the studios. Now. If there’s, like, some bored 40 year old in a garage that’s got the know how, now they can make Michael J.

Fox act in whatever movie they want to. And that’s. I mean, within the next year or two, I really do feel like people can straight up make what looks like a full fledged video that doesn’t have the weird hands and the teeth morphing. Like, it’ll just be legit. And I don’t know, man. I’ve got a weird opinion on this one, too. I want to know if you feel the same or if you feel a different way.

But all that nostalgia that I’m so kind of in love. I like my programming. I don’t dislike it. I know what it is. But I also feel like I own part of that. The fact that there were maybe not gremlins, but the fact that there was Aladdin happy meal toys and Sega Genesis, and I went to school and kids had the lunch boxes and the shirts. Even if I was boycotting, like, there’s no way that I can boycot Aladdin out of my psyche or Jurassic park or Bobby’s world or just fill in any super Mario brothers, right? You can’t not be influenced by these things.

So in that way, I feel like I own part of that. Like, if you made me look at a billboard as my parents drove by and not advertised the McDonald’s arches to, like, I own that logo as much as you do. Now, I understand that the McDonald’s legal team doesn’t believe the same, and I’ve got some cease desist orders to prove that statement, but I do, deep down, feel, like, morally, ethically, just whatever you have.

Like, I own Tom Hanks’s Persona just as much as Tom Hanks does, because unlike Tom Hanks, he didn’t have a choice. He’s got to put up with himself, but he gets to do it in that FPS mode. Right? I got to deal with the Tom Hanks character that gets projected out and advertised towards me. So totally, I own part of that. No, and you do own part of that.

And the part of that that you own is you have to think of, like, the Illuminati or the control system as, like, a hand coming through the tv. They put things there. But then that hand went away. And you had a night that night when you watched Aladdin with your family, and you guys ordered fucking pizza hut, and you fucking laughed and you watched Terminator, and you guys made inside jokes about that.

That’s the part where they’re not present for. And so that’s the part that you do own that has nothing to do with them. And that’s why it’s all combined. You remember good times in the 90s. You remember going to school and having that lunchbox or whatever. They’re not part of that experience. They just kind of are the hand that dropped that lunch pail idea into your head or the image of Aladdin and stuff.

But what came after that is yours. It’s your own personal experience. It’s your life. And we all have that. And I have that nostalgia 100%, which is why I remake cover arts and videos to match movies that I love. If you haven’t seen my Aladdin video, by the way, you need to check that shit out. I haven’t. No. I didn’t even know. I just threw that one out.

It’s all about Walt Disney being a pedo and fucking. It’s tipped. You’re sponsors of this program, so just tread carefully, okay? And, yeah, I mean, like I was saying, it’s so. And that’s where there’s a dichotomy there where you’re like, wait a second. I learned about the Illuminati and stuff, and I don’t want to be a part of this, but I love these things. And it’s like, dude, that’s okay.

Fucking love those things and know the truth. And will I show my kids the Lion King and shit that I know is, like, straight up predictive programming, 100%. Why not? Because I came out the way I did with that same programming as my initial startup, so there’s nothing wrong with that. You know what I mean? Hell, yeah. Where do you draw the line, though? Do you just put faces of death on for your four year old? Because you’re like, I saw this.

Well, I didn’t get really woke. I like to use woke in the actual connotation that it’s supposed to be woken. Yeah. I didn’t become fucking awake until I was in my 20s. So if I didn’t have the programming before then, what would I be awakening from? You have to kind of have kids at least somewhat in the stupor in order to wake up out of it and to know this information, to know the movies, to know the references, all that stuff.

So I think that it’s important that we just kind of go through that blindly, and ignorance is bliss for at least 20 years, maybe 18, and then show them some fucking real shit. What was the best action figure series of the 90s? I’m a teenage mutant ninja Turtle guy, man. Yeah, right on. That’s the only right answer. Anyways, I delved into Power Rangers and x Men, but there was nothing like playing with Raphael, Donatell, Michelangelo, and fucking Leonardo, man.

Like Bebop and Rob. Nintendo versus sega. Well, n 64, we had our original Nintendo, and I think that merged into Sega Genesis after. And then after that, it was all about golden Eye, dude. Golden eye just, like, wrecked my life. Fucking n 60. Was that the gateway drug into first person shooter, Starfox and all that shit. Did you do the slaps only? Yeah, all the time. Dude. Odball was like a cheat character to have.

You had Odball. You were just fucking killing. He was one with the longer hands, right? No, he was the midget. Oh, that’s right. Yeah, because it was harder to OD job was a cheat, man. All right, I got a quick little segment here. I’ll give you the rules ahead of time just to keep the pace, but I’m just going to ask you about a random conspiracy theory topic, and I just want a temperature check.

Zero to 100, meaning you don’t believe it at all, and ten meaning that you do believe it. Like, 100% falls deep. All right, cool. Let’s do it. Hey, conspiracy buffs, I double dare you to take some PCP, the paranormal conspiracy probe. On your marks. Get set and go flat earth. I don’t think it matters at all. I think it’s one of those things. It might be true. I haven’t researched it enough, but when people tell me they’re, like, complete flat earthers, I’m like, dude, it doesn’t matter.

They own the globe, so let’s focus on that first. It doesn’t matter if it’s flat round. They’re controlling it. That’s still not a number, though. I need a number. Zero to 100 to ten. That one’s low for me. I’d see, like, a two dinosaurs. Dinosaurs existing. Dinosaurs ever existing. To qualify, you go into the Museum of natural History and you see the Trex and you see the Bronzosaurus and you see all the Allosaurus and stuff.

Are those real or are those all lies? So I think dinosaurs existed. I think they’re just using that as a way to discount reptilian aliens. So I go, ten. I believe in dinosaurs. 100% about dragons. And as a stipulation, fire. They have to breathe fire, and they have to fly. Yeah, 100%. Ten. What about demons being summoned onto the planet? Like allah? 1980s horror movie. Like, physical form, not just, like, something that attaches itself to you and makes you do bad things.

Yeah, I’ll go halfway. Like, who really knows? But I believe it. Whenever they show you something so many times over and over again in every movie ever made, I think it’s stemming from some truth. So I’d say five. What about angels again, when they show it to you over and over again, I think there’s some sort of systemic truth to it. Equal five? Yeah, equal five. What about nephilim? Ten.

So I’m curious about that one. And usually I just rapid fire but I want to ask you some of these so I don’t forget to. Yeah. Nephilim, as my understanding, was either the watchers or the original angels procreating with humans. And then that creates the nephilim. Is that your understanding of it, or is there another version of it? I honestly thought that nephilim were just giants that roam the earth and that they have skulls and a bunch of bones to prove that these giants existed.

And they are mentioned in the Bible. Okay, that’s a fair point, because the nephilim could refer to what those giants were. But then there’s also the biblical background of the nephilim that it’s like, well, how did they get to be so big? And I guess that’s where the story of the nephilim is, that it was because these giant angel watcher creatures procreated with people, and then it created a mid version.

They’re golden doodles of the ethereal realm. That could be true. I’m just saying I’d think that there were giants that roam the earth, and we have a name for them. They’re mentioned in a historic book known as the Bible. I’d say that’s a ten for me. The worst theories that you’ve ever read about. The whole spirit cooking stuff. How legit do you think that those are? I guess the one would just be, like, eating faces and wearing faces and just things to do with faces.

Apparently. That’s all real, man. 10% on that or ten out of ten on that. Do you think that there’s zero out of ten modern day hip hop illuminati? Ten. And, yeah, the thing about it is it just doesn’t stem to just hip hop. People who love hip hop are like, oh, it’s all about hip hop. It’s a music industry. It’s the same thing as a movie industry. They don’t go, there’s an action illuminati, or there’s a horror illuminati.

There’s just an Illuminati that runs the world, bro. Were you on Bigfoot? Zero to ten. I’ll say, fuck. I believe that it’s possible. Again with the flat earth. I don’t think it matters. And I haven’t done enough research on Bigfoot, so I’ll say zero, but not out of disbelief. I haven’t done my due diligence on it until I’ve done my research. I don’t like to talk about the sunken city of Atlantis.

Oh, ten. Hard ten. Socrates or Plato, man. Like, talking about, what about time travel? Ten already existing, or that it’s potentially exist. Ben existed. They’re using it. Our future will probably change drastically because of it. And it is in every fucking new movie that you watch for a reason, because they’re about to prep us for that to be a real thing in people’s lives. Do you think dogs go to heaven? Yeah, I think that spiritually, dogs is a hard one, but, yeah, I think spiritually, look, the old cartoon version of when something dies and then you see the spirit rise up out of it, that again, if they put it in so many things, I think it’s real.

So I’ll go five out of ten just because you said dogs. But I’m curious, how far can we get down here? If I were to say it’s like a mouse, does that still get into heaven? And if we go to mosquito, does that get into heaven? And if we go to bacteria living on the back of the mosquito, is there a cut off point when you’re like, whoa, whoa, whoa, guys, you got to be so tall to enter? No, because there’s no cut off point for consciousness.

So I think that’s really the question. There is, like, is it conscious? All right, cool. Well, then consciousness will arise out of a body and go somewhere. We’re out of the one versus ten thing. I’m just cool. That was hard. Follow up with a few. And I don’t know if you ever heard of the concept of the silver cord. I think it’s like a rosicrucian, but they do a lot in occultism.

And this is the concept that you’ve got, like, a spiritual body that over. And I’m going to completely butcher almost all of this. If there’s any experts, like, my bad. But that as you are brought onto the earth, and if you’re not completely spiritual, absolute Jackie Chan, black belt master, then it kind of looks like this amorphous blob, but that over time, you can almost craft it and make it take, like, a certain shape or make your body, but that when you go to sleep or when you become unconscious.

And this is why I was thinking about this, that there’s, like, this little cord that attaches your body to your spirit, and it kind of, like, floats above your body if you’re sleeping, if you’re incapacitated. And this is what people report when they’re in the ER and they look down and they see their body, and they have this out of body experience. It’s almost like a little like the string on the bottom of a balloon.

You can always kind of, like, yank it back down. But if someone comes by and cuts that string, then it drifts off. And this is like Terry Shivo vegetable. I mean, I had one out of body experience in my whole life, and I was totally sober for it. It was during something called Bikram yoga, which is like really hot fucking yoga. And my consciousness, like, my spirit, whatever you want to call, started floating around the room, however, and I could look down and see my body, but I did feel some sort of attachment, like, I couldn’t just fly off to heaven.

I was definitely attached to my body still. So I think that that’s probably real. I mean, why aren’t you doing that every day? That shit honestly really scared me, to be perfectly honest with you, when it happened, and I was in my mid 20s when it happened. And, yeah, I didn’t do bick room yoga again just because it was hell. So maybe that’s why. But it wasn’t one of those things where I was chasing to get back to it.

I felt like God, or whatever you want to call it, showed me something for that specific reason. And then it was so that for the rest of my life, I knew that there was more to my body. Do you think if you’re having one of those out of body experiences, like the bickram yoga, do you think you could sneak into the girls locker room? That would be awesome.

That would be awesome. I feel like there’s a good plot there for a raunchy movie. It definitely become enlightened, but it’s just to sneak into the locker room, that’s like a Rob Schneider movie. But, yeah, I felt like there were limitations for sure. I couldn’t just bounce out of that room like I was stuck. That’s why I say the chord thing sounds legitimate. Word. So you already mentioned that you’ve got make America great again song coming out, namesake of the album.

Is that just going to be everywhere? Spotify, iTunes, YouTube. Yep, that’ll be everywhere. It should be out this week. My birthday is tomorrow. Happy birthday. Thank you, brother. And I was trying to plan for it to come out on my birthday, but I don’t know if it’s going to, but it should be out this week for sure. What’s the number one best way someone could support? Like, is there, like, a certain site they should go to listen to it or just pull it up on Spotify and listen? Or is there, like, what’s the extra mile? Yeah, I mean, honestly, I just ask that people listen to my music if they feel like purchasing it.

That’s fucking awesome. That always helps out the cause. But my YouTube, like I said, everything’s just my first and last name. But just like watching my content, streaming my content really helps. It just helps the algorithm. It recommends me more the moment they do know. Is your album for sale at Target by any chance? You know, it’s funny, I didn’t check, but I know it’s at like Best Buy and Walmart.

And so I’m like, that’s probably because I didn’t do a song about them, but I do need to check if it’s actually at target. That’d be awesome. It would be dope. Would be a whole marketing campaign to get people to buy your album exclusively through target. I don’t know. That would kind of be the antithesis of boycotting target, though. No, I know, but I don’t know. I feel like if you did it with the intention, then Fox or Newsweek would have you on and treat you like you were an idiot for not realizing the irony.

But then, I don’t know, man. I think it would be funny. It goes against the whole concept, but if it’s just to spend ninety nine cents to donate to the marketing campaign, I feel like it’s an acceptable evil. Acceptable evil. And I want to throw out, too, that you dropped a crazy hot track for the tinfoil trap album. That was something that Sam and I had come up with because the chaos twins comic exploded.

It raised like over 30 grand. So as one of those extra things, it was this idea that had just been floating around for a while and you know how many ideas you just get floating and they don’t materialize and it was like to do something really special. That was the one that we kind of picked out of the air. We’re like, let’s make that one a reality. Out of all the.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the new Disney movie, but they have this little room of Bubbles and everyone’s got dreams. You know what I’m talking about? What movie is it called? Dream. Is it called dreams? Wish. Wish? Yeah. Have you seen it yet? Well, anyways, we have like a wish room. So when you see the movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about. And that was the wish we pulled down, was the tinfoil trap.

How is it. How is that movie? I mean, it is one of the most occult Disney movies I’ve seen to date. I’ve been doing a podcast with my friend called occult Disney, and we’ve watched every movie in order, and today we’re going to be later today. We’re doing toy story. So we’re in, like, the late 90s. Awesome. So, yeah, do this wish movie 100%. Like, they show pentagrams.

They talk about, like, do as thou wilt sort of really aspect and everything. Just like you were talking about Satanism, right? The whole concept of this movie is like, take your dreams and fulfill them yourself. Don’t wait on other people. Don’t rely on the outside world to make your dreams come true. You have to look inward. You have to focus on yourself and make those things happen for yourself.

And I’m caught between these two impossible sort of options, right? Where it’s like, I like the independent feel of that. Like, yeah, go America. Be self independent. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. But then also the, like, do as thou will. Everything’s for you. It’s in a weird trap. Don’t fall for the trap, brother. That’s all I got to say. Well, if it seems like it’s in the middle of those and then they start throwing, like, the pentagram, you’re like, okay, I get it.

Okay. It’s not so nuanced now. Sounds like Disney is right where I left them. Oh, yeah. So would you do a movie with Disney if they hit you up and they were like, nick, we want to get you for a couple tracks in this next movie about how Lucifer is actually the good guy. You know, it’s get. Somebody asked me this question, like, would I attend the Grammys if I was nominated and shit? And for me, I’m like, look, man, I think selling out to a certain degree in order to get your message out there, if your message is good, is acceptable.

So I’m like, we had to sell out to a certain degree with fucking target. You know what I mean? They wanted us on every fucking talk show and all this shit. And I’m like, well, if it’s going to get more people to buy this song and to know who we are, I’m like, introducing me is the Illuminati’s worst nightmare. So I’m like, sure, introduce me more to the world.

Let them know who the guy with the fucking dreads is. Why the fuck not? If they’re going to hop on my page and download, there would have to be some contract stipulations with me and Mr. Walt Disney as to what know could say. After that point, they roll out the frozen head, they thaw them out so you can have a negotiation with them. Yeah, totally. Just quick question.

Did you guys do the sword and the stone we did. That used to be my favorite movie before we broke it down. Wasn’t that a ride? Yeah. After going and researching what that whole movie was about, man, that one broke my heart, dude. That one truly hurt me in a way. And it’s so creepy because the whole premise of that movie is that an old dude that lives in the middle of the woods, that has no companions, has no sexual interest in females or anything, but he wants to be around a young boy all the time, and he goes so far as to taking him, an orphan, away from the family that the orphan was originally given to.

And it’s like you’re reading into that, and then you read about who wrote the sword in a stone. It was literally an old guy that was ostracized by society, no interest in friends or women, and would just, like, simp on seven year old boys. And then it’s like, man, this movie hits different. Now when I watch it, you’ll find that a lot, like, with movies like up and you’re like, well, what are they trying to get us to do? It’s like, well, they’re trying to get your kids to trust an old man.

And to think that going on an adventure with an old man is like the greatest thing that could ever happen to a kid’s life. And I’m like, I’m so happy that I never had that want or need as a kid. I was just always creeped out by older people, and I never, you know, I what mean. But if it starts working on this, know, pedophiles are going to fucking reap the benefits.

And I think that’s what they mean. That might be the next Disney movie as just like the wasn’t. Epstein’s island was just, like, adjacent to the Disney cruise line. Pit stops. Totally. Final question. Epstein is currently dead. One to ten. Come on, man. Zero. Alive and well, brother. Alive. So on that. Another one of our sponsors is unfortunately, Epstein’s island, but we have been licensed to actually create the official FC lounge video game.

Here it is. Check it out. This is f dwest drive by lonely talent express calling Jeff. We are just Jeff. This is f sa quest. Fly the lonely talent vest. Call him Jeff. We are just Jeff. This is Epstein’s quest. That’s right. In Epstein’s quest, you get to travel the world, see the sights, and take part in unspeakable pleasures, blackmail your friends for fun and profit. Featuring all your favorite characters of the dark underworld and beyond, Bill and Hillary, Trump and Melania, with guest appearances by Chris Tucker, Bill Gates and more.

To find out, just search for Epstein’s island online and play the all new game Epstein’s quest from developer paranoid american. For more details, visit paranoidamerican. com. .

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