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Paranoid American Podcast 047: Russian Dream Hackers w/ Abbie Johnson

By: Paranoid American
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Russian Dream Hackers Blog by Tommy Truthful 

Dream Walker by Tommy Truthful.

Welcome to another enlightening post on, where we dive into the mysteries that shape our reality and empower ourselves with knowledge to navigate this complex world. Today, I,  am thrilled to share insights from the latest Paranoid American Podcast, featuring an intriguing discussion with Abbie Johnson on “Russian Dream Hackers” and the power of manifestation. This episode not only peels back layers on our understanding of dreams but also offers practical advice on harnessing our inherent abilities to shape our destinies.

The Power of Manifestation

Abbie Johnson’s conversation about manifestation resonates deeply with the principles many of us at hold dear. The concept that we have the power to manifest our desires into reality is not only empowering but also a fundamental truth that the elite have known and utilized for generations. However, the key to effective manifestation lies not in desperation or urgency but in the calm certainty that what we seek is already ours.

I start my day with the 369 method, a powerful routine that helps me focus on my goals. Here’s how it works: In the morning, upon waking up, I write down my goals three times. This helps cement them in my mind. Then, I speak these goals out loud three times, giving voice to my intentions. Following that, I spend three minutes visualizing myself achieving these goals. It’s crucial to truly see yourself succeeding. For me, this involves imagining the specific tasks of my day since my personal decodes and readings are my source of income. I picture how many readings I’ll do, see myself actually conducting them, and even visualize transferring money from my PayPal to my bank account.

In the evening, I repeat this process six times, and then nine times just before going to bed at night. The nighttime session is especially important. I do it right before sleep and focus intensely on visualizing my success. Then, I go to sleep, entering REM sleep, which is the deepest state of consciousness. It’s believed that this is the phase where our dreams and manifestations begin to take shape in reality.

The key to this practice is belief. You must believe that you’ve already achieved your goal. It’s important not to rush or force it; too much urgency can push your desires away. Instead, know with certainty that your goal is on its way to you.

The most important part is taking the first step towards that goal. For me, that first step involves creating a video to promote my readings. By taking the initiative and putting energy into it, I then work to make the video go viral. You all watch me do it every day, showing that taking action and putting effort into your goals is just as crucial as visualizing and believing in them.

Night Terrors and Dream Control

The topic of Russian Dream Hackers has brought up an interesting subject – the control and manipulation of dreams. Many people experience night terrors or recurring nightmares that feel incredibly real. However, there are unique ways to distinguish reality from dreams, such as placing words on your ceiling. When you wake up to a nightmare and find that those words are scrambled, it can help you become aware that you’re dreaming, which is the first step towards taking control.


Additionally, the rubber band technique is a simple yet effective practice to train your subconscious. You can do this by snapping a rubber band on your wrist at hourly intervals throughout the day and then wearing it to bed. This technique can trigger a lucid dream state upon realizing the band is missing in your dream. This awareness grants you the power to alter the dream’s course, transforming you from a passive participant to an active dream warrior. So now, when you’re asleep, you have trained your brain and your subconscious to look down at your wrist, and when you’re dreaming, the rubber band won’t be there. This way, you become aware of your lucid dream and can take control of it.

Nightmare On Elm Street Dream Warriors

Dream Walkers Among Us

Dream Warriorz-Ordinal-169

Dream Walkers—individuals who possess the extraordinary ability to enter and influence the dreams of others. Through a personal decode of one of my followers, Casey, we explored the 169 code associated with Dream Walkers. These gifted individuals not only have the capability to rescue others from nightmares but also to explore different realities within the multiverse. There are only 169,000 player characters in this simulation, while the rest are non-player characters. This makes the 169 number quite significant within the simulation we call life.

Discover Your Role in the Simulation

If you’re intrigued by the possibility of being a Dream Walker, possessing unique manifestation abilities, or simply curious about your role in this grand simulation, I invite you to explore further with a personal reading. Visit and use promo code DECODETHEMATRIX for an 11% discount on your $26 personal decode. For those seeking to understand and control their dreams, our dream interpretation service is available for just $11. Use promo code DREAM26 for an extra 26% off, making it an unbeatable offer of approximately $8.

Embrace your power, truth seekers. Whether you’re navigating the challenges of manifestation, learning to control your dreams, or exploring the possibility of being a Dream Walker, remember: we are far more powerful than we’ve been led to believe. Until next time, keep seeking the truth.

Tommy Truthful, signing off.

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➡ Paranoid American is a unique comic publisher that started a podcast in 2012 to explore and uncover the hidden secrets of our world, including mind control, secret societies, and forbidden technology. They also discuss the influence of occult symbols in pop culture. The podcast features various guests, like Abby J, who shares her journey from being a military person to a bodybuilder and her belief in reality transurfing – the idea that you can choose and shape your own reality.
➡ The text talks about a person who, after a tough time in life, used a technique called trend surfing to rebuild their life. They visualized their goals, like owning a house, and took the first step towards them without worrying about every detail. They believe that putting too much importance on a goal can lead to failure, and that it’s better to take a step and let reality fill in the rest. They also discuss a method called the patience of the Medici, which involves using a deck of cards to predict a chain of events leading to a desired outcome.
➡ The speaker discusses various topics, including the potential dangers of a lucid dreaming device, the possibility of conspiracy theorists in the bodybuilding community, and their skepticism about the moon landing. They also mention their involvement in a reality transurfing podcast and encourage listeners to support their work by purchasing products from their website.
➡ The text discusses lucid dreaming, a state where you’re aware you’re dreaming and can control it. It mentions reality checks, which are techniques to determine if you’re awake or dreaming, like asking yourself if you’re dreaming or trying to read text (which often changes or becomes unreadable in dreams). The text also talks about the potential of lucid dreaming for exploration and experimentation, and how some people find it boring, which is surprising given the limitless possibilities it offers. Lastly, it touches on the idea that tools used for gambling, like cards and dice, were once used for prophecy and divination, suggesting a deeper, hidden significance to these items.
➡ The text talks about lucid dreaming, where you’re aware you’re dreaming and can control it. The writer shares their experience of going ‘behind the dream’, which led to them being kicked out of lucid dreaming for a while. They also discuss interacting with dream characters, who have set scripts and can’t improvise. The text also mentions a group called ‘dream hackers’ who research and experiment with dreams, and the writer’s unsuccessful attempt to meet with friends in a dream.
➡ The text discusses the power of dreams and intention setting. It suggests that by setting an intention before sleep, such as wanting to remember dreams or seeking answers to questions, one can influence their dreams. The text also discusses the idea of using visualization techniques to remember things, like a shopping list, and the concept of the law of attraction. It emphasizes that these techniques are not just “woo woo” or mystical, but are based on the complex workings of the brain.
➡ The text is about a person’s journey into understanding and experiencing “reality transurfing” and “dream hacking”. They first learned about these concepts through a podcast and then delved deeper by reading books and joining a group to experiment with these ideas. They believe that these practices, which involve manipulating dreams and reality, can change one’s life. They also discuss how these concepts are represented in popular culture, like in the TV show “The OA” and the movie “Inception”.
➡ The article talks about a device that can help you control your dreams. This device uses advanced technology to mimic the brain patterns of a person who is lucid dreaming. However, there are concerns about the misuse of this technology, such as forcing someone to experience nightmares. The article also discusses the importance of dreams in creativity and problem-solving, and the potential for dreams to be used for corporate espionage.
➡ The text talks about lucid dreaming, which is when you’re aware you’re dreaming and can control what happens. The speaker shares their experiences with lucid dreaming, including losing the ability for a while and finding their physical body in a dream. They also discuss the risks of lucid dreaming, like waking up in a different reality or not waking up at all. They mention using supplements like five HTP to help with lucid dreaming and end with a discussion about various conspiracy theories.
➡ The speaker discusses various beliefs and theories, including the idea that life is a simulation, the existence of demons and angels, and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. They also question the authenticity of dinosaurs and the Bible, suggesting that myths often stem from real events. The speaker also explores the concept of time being layered rather than linear, and the possibility of interdimensional money. They end by joking about what kind of computer a historical figure might have used.
➡ This text discusses the concept of lucid dreaming and the idea of interacting with dream characters. It explores the ethical implications of controlling these characters, especially in situations where there’s a power imbalance. The text also delves into the idea of dream hackers who can manipulate dreams for their own purposes, potentially even creating a dream virus. Lastly, it mentions the concept of dream mapping, which is a technique to recall every dream you’ve ever had.


Good evening, listeners, brave navigators of the enigmatic and the concealed. Have you ever felt the pull of the unanswered, the allure of the mysteries that shroud our existence? For more than a decade, a unique comic publisher has dared to dive into these mysteries, unafraid of the secrets they might uncover. This audacious entity is paranoid American. Welcome to the mystifying universe of the Paranoid American podcast. It launched in the year 2012, Paranoid American has been on a mission to decipher the encrypted secrets of our world.

From the unnerving enigma of mkultra mind control, to the clandestine assemblies of secret societies, from the awe inspiring frontiers of forbidden technology, to the arcane patterns of occult symbols in our very own pop culture, they have committed to unveiling the concealed realities that lie just beneath the surface. Join us as we navigate these intricate landscapes, decoding the hidden scripts of our society and challenging the accepted perceptions of reality.

Folks, I’ve got a big problem on my hands. There’s a company called Paranoid American making all these funny memes and comics. Now, I’m a fair guy. I believe in free speech as long as it doesn’t cross the line. And if these AI generated memes dare to make fun of me, they’re crossing the line. This is your expedition into the realm of the extraordinary, the secret the shrouded. Come with us as we sift through the world’s grand mysteries, question the standardized narratives, and brave the cryptic labyrinth of the concealed truth.

So strap yourselves in, broaden your horizons, and steal yourselves for a voyage into the enigmatic heart of the paranoid american podcast, where each story, every image, every revelation brings us one step closer to the elusive truth. I’m down here, and today we’re gonna talk about dreams and dreaming and maybe even mastering your dreams first yourself. Because if. Because it seems like if you don’t master your own dreams, pretty soon someone else is going to master them for you.

So I would get a head start on it now. And today we’ve got Abby J. I call her dream Master J. She doesn’t know that because it’s the first time I’ve ever called her that. But from now on, she’s going to be dream Master J. So, first of all, welcome to the show. Abby, you are a fellow secret society of good guys member, right? Like, we’ve already done all the different initiations and everything, so we’ve got a good history.

So this is a long overdue interview. So, first of all, welcome to the show and tell people where to find you. Well, thank you. You can find me on instagram. I’m abstract one. I spell abstract with two b’s because my name is Abby with two b’s. So there you can find me on telegram and Project Cheney chat. And I’m a co host of a podcast with Bootsy Greenwood.

It is called transsurfing, safari, and always secret society of good guys. Are we supposed to do our handshake here? You know the secret handshakes. Do it under the table so no one sees it. Okay. Three, two, one, go. All right. I’m assuming you did it, right? Yeah. I’m assuming you did, too. Okay. Yeah. Good call. Because I did, and I did. Yeah. First of all, I started this out talking about dreams, but I didn’t even know when we first met and we were talking that that was even, like, your thing originally.

You already interesting in your own right. Before we get into the esoteric, can we start with the mundane? And the one right off the bat is that you’re a freaking bodybuilder. Like an actual competition bodybuilder. Right. What’s the backstory with all this? I was military background, just like you, Rob. So I’ve always kind of been into fitness, but then I had five kids, and life got in the way and everything.

And then I quit smoking, and I got. And I got fat, and I was unhappy. And I just finally was at the point where I learned reality, transurfing. And basically, you can choose anything you want, including what you want to look like. And so I knew how I wanted to look. I wanted to look like a badass. So I went for it. I decided I was going to be a bodybuilder, and it hasn’t even been two years, but I transformed my entire body, and I’ve competed and qualified for a national show.

I’ve competed at a national show, and this year, I’ll be competing again at a national show to try to win my pro card. So I’ve expedited the process. So after you conquer that, what’s next? Like, what’s the next reality? Transurfing expedition, I think to generate enough money where I don’t have to work, but you can’t do money. Money is like. Because the whole thing is coordination of heart and mind, and your heart never understands.

Money understands experiences. So traveling, traveling with my good guys and stuff, maybe, but that takes money to do, right? That would be the experience. So that would be the thing your heart could get behind. It’s not the money part that it gets behind when you want to talk about taking the dog out for a walk. But you can’t say the word, so you have to be like, oh, awlal.

You have to not say the word money in front of your heart. But even though that’s what you’re really trying to get to, like, oh, no, it’s about travel. It’s about travel. Yeah. Having a suitcase and living in hotel rooms, that’s going to be what I. So where did you start at where you were like, you know what? I can change anything. I can control my own reality.

Did you read, like, a book? Did you see the movie the secret? And that sparked everything? Sorry, I’ll give you more credit than that. I just say that jokingly. Well, I think we all kind of saw the secret, wanted it to work, but I don’t feel like it ever worked. Like, the whole idea. I think the Indians saw the boat. I’m just going to all die on that hill.

The Indians saw the damn boat. Don’t say that. They didn’t. But what it’s missing. I actually was just kind of at a dark place in my life, just really depressed and stuff. So I started listening to a bunch of podcasts, or not podcasts. I was reading self help books, and that just kept talking about meditation, and I was trying to meditate, and it was so hard to sit there and close my eyes and not think about anything.

I just couldn’t do it. So I started finding guided meditations on YouTube. And this one youtuber kept talking about this book, reality transurfing. So I was like, what is this book? I feel like I need to read it. So I looked, and on Amazon, it was like, $250. I was like, holy shit. Then I really wanted to get my hands on it, but I found a YouTube reading, which happened to be, yeah, bootsy Greenwood was reading it.

So it’s by Vadim Zealand. He’s a russian quantum physicist. So he does quantum physics, but then he’s also like, now he’s an author. He wrote reality transsurfing. And that sort of just changed my life because it changed my paradigm more than anything. It just made me realize I was always a person getting in my own way. And when shit wouldn’t go the way I wanted it to, it was always me.

And it wasn’t like fate. It wasn’t like, oh, I just got the short end of the stick. It was really always me, the person getting in the way. And that the way to change it was so simple. And it didn’t require you to meditate. It kind of ties into the whole meme magic idea, because it’s just picking one frame and you just choose your reality based on this one frame.

You just live that one moment in your mind, like a clear picture of it and what it feels like, and then you can walk into it and that’s all you have to do. So it was so simple that I just started doing it with little things, like buying my house. Lot of things, a lot of little things, but it all added up to, whoa, this really works. It’s just like magic, but it’s really kind of sciency.

And it was what was missing from the secret, because the secret, I think, emphasizes importance and emotion and feeling it and all of that, which is fine, you do have to feel it because it’s like coordination of heart and mind, but you don’t have to work towards it. You literally just choose, and it’s just a moment and then you let it go. Because if you sit there and harp on it and put importance on it, you always push it further away from you because nature always balances.

So if I have too much importance, it’s going to balance that out by not giving it to me. My takeaway from is that people only starve because they don’t want the food enough. And that was my takeaway from it. Yeah, because desire is actually. But desire pushes shit away from you more than it brings it to you. It’s like just choosing that it’s your reality and that it can be yours, that it is yours, and then letting it go and letting reality do its thing.

I’m not going to get in the way of it. It’s just going to happen and then it does. So that’s basically what I did with my body. What were some practical first steps that you took? What were the first few really big steps on that journey? The bodybuilding, specifically, or like, I guess, or anything else that was like a huge endeavor that ended up like that. You use this technique where you find a frame and you focus on it.

Okay. So I was at a point in my life where I was rebuilding myself after a bad marriage, where I was economically abused. My credit was horrible and everything, and I wanted to buy a house. So I just knew it was probably better than renting, but I didn’t think it was even possible. But after I learned trend surfing, I was like, well, anything’s possible, right? I just have to choose it.

So I imagined my goal slide, which was a house, and I just pictured the house like, I pictured the things that I wanted. So it’s me doing a walk through of a house. I pictured beautiful floors and then huge backyard with privacy fence. I pictured certain little elements, just not every detail, but enough detail that I could see it. And within six months I bought a house with zero down payment and my credit was very well repaired.

By that time, it just all kind of fell into place. It was perfect. So if someone does that and it doesn’t work out for them, is it like just pure chance, pure luck? Is there something they did wrong that they might not know? It’s usually putting importance on it, or you’re trying to control the chain of events. So there are ways that you can control the chain of events which we’ve talked about previously, like the patients of the Medici.

But more often than not, when people teach you about goals and stuff, like smart goals, measurable, and break it up into chunks and stuff like that, that’s the opposite of what you should do. You really just have to picture it enough. Like picture it well enough, and you could add a little bit of emotion, but you’re not going to do it over the top. Just do the sensory elements of it.

And then you only make the first step. Because I’m not going to sit here and wish for mail. I’m not going to sit there and go, oh, I wish I could have the mail. I wish I could have the mail and then never even take a first step out to the mailbox. But I’m also not going to plan every little step out to the mailbox. I’m just going to take the first step and then the rest falls into place.

So it’s the same thing with manifestation, for lack of a better word. You choose and then you make a step. There’s no wrong step. Reality will fill in the rest. Regis actually making a real action. Yeah. And if you put importance on anything, nature really does just balance itself. You see this with the water cycle. If there’s excess amount of heat, then we have evaporation or whatever, it goes up into the sky.

And then when there’s excess amount of moisture in the sky, it rains, but we see it with erosion, all of that. It’s just a natural law that nature is always going to find balance. So it’s with anything in life, anything that I’ve ever held way too important. Like this is so important to me. This is so important to me. That’s usually when shit hits the fan. So the idea is that you choose, you don’t put any importance on it because you know it’s already yours.

I place the order at the drive through, and it’s going to come to me. Or sometimes it doesn’t. That’s okay. Sometimes you’re like, pull off to the side and wait. And then you just wait there like a jackass for, like, 15 minutes, and then it never actually. Or they only bring half your order. Yeah, that also can happen. And I guess that might be out of your control, and that’s where.

But don’t you feel like it’s always when you’re, like, you’re trying to hurry and you don’t want to check, so it’s like you put a lot of importance on it anyway. Like, I’m hungry, I need to hurry. And that would be the best advice, too, when the worker finally shows up with the food and it’s not all there, and it’s late and it’s cold, and you get a little angry, and you’re like, hey, don’t put so much importance on this, pal.

You know what I mean? Just take it. It’s not a big deal, man. Yeah, it’s not a big deal. Can you give, like, a really short version of the patience of the Medici? Because I think it’s a fascinating. And it would be like, a four hour introduction, but what’s the not four hour introduction? Okay, so the idea is, the russian dream hackers that we’re going to talk about, they observed in the dream place, John D.

So they saw him in his library. And actually, this guy was a librarian, so I think he saw John D in his own library, but he followed him to John D’s library. And John D had a computer in his library, and in the computer. And this dream hacker learned that in dreams, when you can’t read, because almost always, words don’t make sense, or they keep scrambling when you’re dreaming.

So what they figured out is that if you ask the dream to read it aloud to you, any text, it’ll read it aloud to you. So what they did is they used the memory palace concept, and they found in John Dee’s library, I think, on his computer, this way of manipulating cards, a regular deck of cards called the patience of the Medici. And basically, with a deck of cards with an intention, you fold the cards in a certain way.

And when you get them to fold all the way correctly, it gives you a chain of events. And then you have to sit there and mark each event. You have to write down the events after the order of the cards. And then each card represents something like, aces are an external event. Queens are personas, which could be any living thing from an ant to the mailman. So each card represents something, each suit represents something, but you’ll watch the chain unfold.

And if you keep watching it and you observe it and you mark each card mentally as it happens, you always get your desired end result. It’s insane, actually, when it happens, because you can watch the magic happen. You feel it. It’s thick. And it’s the most hardest thing to explain, because as it’s happening, you’re like, there’s no way. There’s no way that me picking up this painting on the ground just now was related to me getting my wish.

But it all is. Everything falls into place at exact right moment, and then all of a sudden, the impossible is possible. And whatever you’re manifesting happens, and it might be a little bit weird, like where I learned it from in the example, they did it to win a lot, like a scratch lottery ticket. And the guy’s hoping he’s going to win a lot of money because he knows that this is magic.

It’s been verified by people that he trusts. And he does his first chain and he goes and he gets a scratch ticket and he wins $5. So he doesn’t win it big, but he won. It did work. So he was like, yes, I’m going to hit the jackpot. So it might not be as big as you think it’s going to be, but it could be bigger than you think it’s going to be.

So it’s pretty wild. So that’s the deep end version. So there’s a few specific concepts that I really think are interesting to walk back from that one. So first you mentioned the memory palace, but you’re also talking about in a dream and trying to read text. So I’m fairly new to lucid dreaming. I’ve known what it has been for years. I remember when I was a little kid, I remember one of my friends telling me, like, hey, man, have you ever woken up in a dream but not woken up in real life? And you can control what happens and you can fly around? I just remember thinking like, this kid’s an idiot.

It’s called daydreaming. Yeah, I can do it. I’m doing it right now. I’m thinking about flying. And I didn’t realize that it was like this whole extra thing and shout out to, oh, God, I think it’s lucid dream. I’ll put the link in the description just to make sure, but I think it’s lucid dream. But I had a two hour consultation with them for free to just give me an idea of what it could all be about.

And he gave me some really specific tips, and it completely rocked my world because I have had what I think are lucid dreams prior to all this, but it was just that I would wake up and have to get a drink of water, heard something or whatever, and then go right back to sleep and just actively think like, man, go back to that dream you were just in, go right back to this spot.

And then sometimes it works. And it felt a little bit like magic. Right. But then getting the tools and in particular, reality checks. So can you explain reality checks? Because I feel like I’m going to butcher it in front of dream master Jay. Yeah, well, so reality checks. I learned lucid dreaming from reality transurfing because it’s one of the fundamentals to being a sorcerer. If you’re following, like, the Castaneda way, Carlos Castaneda.

So a reality check, he tells you, and this is how my first lucid dream was, just from doing this ten times a day. Just ask yourself, am I awake or am I dreaming? And he said, don’t just answer the question. Look around and make sure. Or other lucid dreaming techniques are like, try to stick your finger through your hand, or there’s a lot of different things that you can do.

Just looking for your hands is a reality check sometimes, but they say you should do more than two. But all I did was just ask myself if I was awake or dreaming, and I would look around and say, I’m awake. And if you do it about ten times a day at random times of the day, after about a month, you will do it in a dream, and then you’ll be like, oh, I’m dreaming right now.

And then usually you’re going to wake yourself up on your first dream because you’re so excited you can’t level it off. And you’re like, you’ll wake up. Like, wasted opportunity, but eventually putting too much focus on it, right? Yeah, too much importance, always. So that’s a great version. Another reality check that reminded me to even bring that up is looking at text that if you’re out in the regular world and you see a label on a can or a product and you look away and then you look back at it again, it’ll stay the same if you’re in reality.

But if you’re in the dream world, whenever you see text and a few other things, but text is a big one. Like, if you’re walking around, you see text on a building and you look down, you look back up. There’s a good chance it’ll change or it won’t be legible. You’ll know that it’s like a word, but it won’t be something that you can read. And that’s where I guess this dream hacking comes into play.

Where it’s almost like it reminds me of how people kind of like hack Chat GPT or like AI tools, where it’s like you ask it a question and it tells you oh, I can’t possibly tell you that. I know, but I can’t tell you. So then you just have to find the right way to get to it and it’ll eventually tell you. And it’s sort of like seeing, okay, if I’m in a dream and I can’t read the text, what if I just ask the dream to tell me what the text says and then it won’t change when I look up and down, but I still know I’m in a dream.

I find that so fascinating. Well, and I did too, because I learned that from dream hacking, because I’ve always had the issue where. But see I have this problem in reality. So this is why this is not a good reality check for me. Because on my phone I feel like I’ll sit there and text something out and then I’ll look down and it’ll say like a series of twelve letters that I didn’t even type.

Or maybe I did, but Siri is trying to listen to me right now, I guess with like autocorrect, maybe it can throw off your lucid dream. And that was another tangent that I don’t want to forget about is that I don’t think that this is crazy when you talk about the patience of the Medici’s and reading these cards. Because there’s something I read in a manly Palmer hall, I think it was one of his magazine periodicals from like the.

But he made this amazing statement that I can’t shake. And I feel like there’s something so crucial to it that every tool that we’ve got now for gambling, it used to be some sort of a device for prophecy. From the roulette table, to the playing cards, to dice, to dominoes, to every single thing that you would go and find in Vegas. Well almost everything like in the casinos, all of those things used to be very sacred and for almost like the shaman, the menacemen and the scholars.

And now it’s just for anyone and worse than for anyone, it’s been turned into almost like a prostitution of these sacred devices where now people look at a deck of playing cards. And they’re like, oh, that’s what gamblers use. That’s what people go and use to bet on money or play games with. But really, this is like a divination tool. And the reason I was even bringing this up is that one of the number one things that you’re not supposed to do in Vegas is card counting.

And it’s so bad that you’ll get kicked out of casinos if they think you’re doing it, which is so weird to me because it’s like I’m not allowed to have my own memories and then use my life experiences. It’s such a weird rule. But if you think about if there’s an intent to take these tools of divination and prophecy and make them into silly, fanciful, profane things that people use to get rich and lose their lives over, then you don’t want people card counting.

But maybe it’s because this dream hacking, this sounds like dream card counting. And who would want you to have access to being able to control and see? Kind of the mean, I’m out on a wild limb here, but maybe part of the reason that Vegas hates card counting so much is because they don’t want you to do it in this reality. Because if you do it in the dream reality, it might unlock something that you’re not supposed to know about.

Well, and that’s the fascinating thing about when you are lucid dreaming. The dream is constantly trying to put you back to sleep so you could wake up in a dream and realize you’re dreaming and then you’re controlling. Don’t if it’s so hard to control your focus and not fall back to sleep and think like, you lose your consciousness, so what I always have to do, and some lucid dreamers make fun of this, but I don’t really care because it’s a great tool.

So Carlos Castaneda tells you his way to wake up in a dream was to tell you to look for your hands. Just kind of have the intention to look for your hands in a dream because you will always see your hands in a dream. You always are reaching for something or driving, or you’re using your hands in some way. What if you don’t have hands in real life? Well, then what do you use? Do you dream about hands? Well, blind people dream.

I knew a lady who was a blind lucid dreamer. How would she know what her hands look like, though? She would know what they feel like. So I don’t think she actually had visions when she dreamt but she would have. What if you were blind and you had no hands? It’s a bad habit. No, I liked it. I liked what he said, that on secret society of good guys.

I thought it was really funny. So you were saying. Carlos Castaneda said that you can look for your hands in a dream, and that’s one of the ways to somehow stay in the dream without losing consciousness. Well, it’s really just a way to become lucid because you’ll find your hands and then you’ll realize you’re dreaming because usually your hands will look weird. And it reminds me of the whole AI thing, because the first time I did it, my fingers were fused together right there.

I was like, oh, weird. But it also anchors me now. So when I want to stay lucid and I want to experiment in the dream state, because some people are like, oh, I lucid dream all the time, but it’s so boring. But there’s endless potential there, so it shouldn’t be boring. You have to have kind of a running list of things you want to try. That’s crazy to me, to think that it’s boring because the second you realize you’re in a dream, you can just be like, anne, I’m flying.

I don’t know. How could that ever be boring? That you’re in a. Flying is so fun. It’s the best feeling. Well, I did have one where I got bored, but I did a lot of the Robert Wagner experiments, and I have no idea what that is or what that means. He wrote this book, I think, called lucid dreaming, and he had some experiments, like, ask for your soul tone, and then you’ll hear, like, a sound.

And I guess everyone he said that, he asks, always have this sound of mine. I was like, beep. It wasn’t that exciting. He said to go behind the dream. When I went behind the dream, I broke it. And then I was kicked out of lucid dreaming for a long time. Like, I wasn’t allowed to. How exactly does that, like, what does going behind the dream mean? Is this, like, super Mario three, where you crouch on the white block for 3 seconds and then you’re behind the stage? It would be cool if it was, but no, it was really the most sad and disappointing thing I’ve ever done.

And I wish I wouldn’t have done it because I feel like I pissed off the dream program, but I asked to see what was behind the dream, and what happened was I started free falling through what kind of felt like the sky. And then I just did the soft landing and all there was was blue light and there was nothing. That’s all there was. And I was just sitting there in this blue light.

Nothing that was all like falling through the stage. In a 3d game. Yeah. Because basically what happens is when you’re lucid, the dream has like five scripts. The dream characters. They’re characters. They’re like characters in a play. So you interact with them, but they have loops, so they have certain things that they’re allowed to say to you and to try to get you back on track to get you dreaming or sleeping again, like unconsciously dreaming.

But when that doesn’t work and you ask a question that throws them off of their, like, this would be like interacting with a Disney character and they have their. Certain things that they’re supposed to do at Disneyland, but if you say something random that’s out of whatever they have been programmed to their programmed. It’s. They can’t improv. So you can ask a dream character like, do you know who you are? And they usually do this.

They go, and I had one whose eyes rolled up into his head, his face crumpled like a aluminum can and then he fell back and was dead. It was the craziest thing. I killed a dream character because I asked if he knew who he was. It was like a Tim Burton movie. Yeah, that’s what it looked like. Just like a Tim Burton movie. It was. So tip one, don’t ask your dream npcs if they know who they are or is that a good thing? Yeah, do it because you have the potential to find actual dreamers in the dream realm.

So that’s the way you know the answer is like, okay, because you could ask them, do you know that I’m dreaming right now? And they’ll just look at you like, but if you ask them if they know who they are, that will tell you if it’s a real person or not. So you’re saying that it’s possible to be in a lucid dream and meet someone else that’s also in a lucid dream, but it’s a real person.

Has there ever been an instance where two people looked each other up in the real world that met in the dream world and documented it? Or is it more like a woo woo thing? It sounds really woo woo. But the dream hackers have done all of this. Started with. So they are, they were a russian group of. They were its. They all were actual computer people and they got hired by an outside source to look in and research everything dream related.

So they got deep into everything that they could find. And really, most of the literature that came on lucid dreaming and some of the first literature ever on lucid dreaming was from Carlos Castaneda. So they got deep into the Carlos Castaneda books and they applied hacking to what Carlos Castaneda taught. So it was almost like streamlining what he had learned for years through a shaman. And everybody thinks Carlos Castaneda is full of shit.

But if you ever try his lucid dreaming stuff, it all works. And that’s where I started with him. I started with the art of dreaming. And I’m convinced that it’s all real. Well, people that claim that he was full of shit are mostly because some of the books were phrased as if he actually went and met a real medicine man at this exact place, this exact time. Which I think is kind of silly just because the story is not about where the car parked and what plot of land that they did this on.

It’s all metaphysical. Yeah, it’s so weird to be like, that never happened. It’s like, okay, man, we’re talking about things that are happening in, like, a celestial dream. I don’t know. It’s a weird criticism. I’ve heard it. I’ve seen it. I think it’s more about people that approach it as if Carlos Costaneda had some sort of documented insight with, like, a real medicine man and was trying to report on it as like an academic, peer reviewed thing.

But that’s not what it was. His first book was, and it was. It was written as his dissertation. But this is Don Juan, right? Yeah. And after that, all of his books are almost like, from his field notes and his know, just memories that maybe came up later because he was in a state of heightened awareness. So anyway, the dream hackers, the Russians love Carlos Castaneda, all the russian mystics.

So even Vadim Zealand, the reality transurfing, it came from Carlos Castaneda’s work. And through that, that’s how I found the dream hackers. But really one of the dream hackers wrote a two book series called Dream Searchers. And it’s fiction, but it tells you that it’s based on all real events. And the dream hackers are real. Dream Hackers is the correct. Do they call themselves dream hackers? Yeah, they call themselves dream hackers.

So the books are called dream searchers, though. Does it sound cooler in Russian or do they call themselves dream hackers? In English? I think. In English they’re dream searchers. And in Russian and stream hackers. I think it’s when they translated the books to English, because they’re not translated very well, but they’re still awesome. They’re very powerful. Lots of good concepts and magic in them, including the patience of the Medici.

It took me and a group of people who read the books together to figure it out, like, how to fold the cards, because you won’t find anything in English at all on how to do it. But basically, they applied the concepts taught there, and they used actual hacking techniques to kind of. What’s the word? To cut time out of the process, pretty much. But they learned that they have dream meetups.

And I created a space with a group of friends that were also dreamers. They just weren’t lucid dreamers, but we put conscious intention on creating a space, and we each chose, like, an item that would be at this space. And so I was the first one to lucid dream. The only one to lucid dream. And I had this space. I put all their stuff in. It was ready to go, but nobody ever made it there to meet me.

It’s like setting up for the party. Like, no one ever showed up for the party. What’s the delineation between a dreamer and a lucid dreamer? Is there an implication that you could be none of those? Like, you’re in, like, a third or a fourth category? Because I would assume everyone would fit into one of those two. No. Yeah. I mean, a lot of people think that they don’t dream or they don’t remember.

This means you don’t remember it, right? Yeah, usually. Or you blocked your dreaming off because of a traumatic experience, and so you can actually fix that. I helped a friend who was dreaming. She stopped dreaming in, like, 1981 because she had this crazy nightmare. She remembered her last dream, but I did a shamanic dream reentry with her, and we went through and kind of healed what was happening there.

We figured out why she had stopped her dreaming based on her last dream that she remembered. And she’s able to dream now. She doesn’t dream like she was, but she is dreaming. Was it, without getting into personal details, was it caused by a real life trauma or, like, a complete dream trauma? It was real life trauma, and it was a real life trauma. But the dream, we had to go into it, and she had this murky pond, and she was really afraid of it.

So when I did this reentry with her, I was like, well, you got to reach into the water, and she was really afraid to do it. And I was like, okay, well, then what would make you feel safe? Like, gloves. She’s like, if they go up to my armpit. So she imagined herself putting on gloves, and then she reaches in the water, and I expect her to pull out a piranha or something like that.

And it was like some kind of weird three dimensional shape that had tentacles and everything, but when she pulled it out, it was associated with a memory, and so she remembered what had happened, because the end of the dream, she had a mangled seal, so she sealed off her dream because the dream uses words in all their context. So if you see a seal, it could actually mean, like, a seal, like a stamp or sealing the door off.

So she had sealed the door off. So I knew just by, I made her kind of tell me the dream before, and I wrote it down and took notes, and then I found words like that, okay, this seal was at the end of the dream. She sealed it off. She sealed off her dreaming at that point, but based on what we pulled out of the murky water, we were able to kind of go through and heal the memory, because I do reiki and trauma healing for people, too.

So it was a three step process, but we did it, and it was pretty awesome. Do you have any tips for remembering dreams for people that, because there’s been times, too where, personally, I woke up and I remember that there was something cool happening, but every second that I go by that I’m not remembering it, it just keeps going further and further away until it might have not have happened at all.

Yeah, I feel like it’s kind of like one of those little sand hourglasses, and it’s like if you don’t catch it, then you want to keep it in the middle somewhere. But the biggest tip is, before you go to bed, have the intention, like, I’m going to remember my dreams. So you start there because you can actually choose your dreams without even being lucid if you set an intention before you go to sleep.

So if you have something you want to dream about, like, I got offered a job, and I didn’t know if I wanted it or not. I didn’t know how I felt about switching because I was pretty happy at my job. So I asked my dreams to kind of give me insight, and that night I had a dream that they offered the job to somebody else, and I didn’t get it, and I was really upset.

So I knew that my higher self wanted the job, so I took the job the next day. So you can set intentions like that, but you can do it also just to remember your dreams. So then when you wake up in the morning. If you don’t remember right away, if you don’t remember at all, right, when you wake up, just say, something’s going to happen today, and I’m going to remember my dreams.

And it might not be till 07:00 at night, but you’ll have a conversation, and somebody will say something random. You’re like, oh, I remember my dream. Or you can write it down. You can write down, I will remember my dreams at some point today. And just writing that statement, it’s intention. To me, this is like true magic. And I don’t consider myself more than 10% woo woo. I might get there on the right night.

I might get to, like, 9% woo woo. But usually I stay very far away from it. But there’s one thing that has always blown my mind, and I can’t explain it other than just our brains are way more complex than we give them credit for. But for the longest time, starting with when I was in the military, but, like, ten years out before I would go to sleep, I could say, you need to get up by 06:00 a.

m. Or you need to get up by 08:00 a. m. Or you need to get up by whatever. And I’m not just saying, like, once every once in a while. It was like, whenever I did that to myself, I would get up at, like, 05:59 a. m. The alarm wouldn’t even go off. I would be awake in time to shut it off, which was also awesome, because I think there’s a difference between naturally waking up versus being woken up by an alarm.

So that’s why I was like, man, this is so cool. It keeps happening, and I don’t think I trained myself to do it. I think it’s really just at some point, the body, once it gets into a solid circadian rhythm, you can sort of tell it like, hey, same time, or, like, hey, in this relative amount of time from now, do this thing. So when I started learning about memory techniques, one of those things about, I always get to the store, and then I forget what I was supposed to pick up unless I write it down, and then that doesn’t work out for me either, because then I will forget the list at home or whatever.

Always, every time. Yeah, exactly. And maybe it’s like putting too much intent, right? Like, putting too much focus on it. But one of the things that it suggested was that just as you think about the things you need, just sit down and imagine yourself as you’re pulling up to the store, or as you’re walking into the store, you’re not there. You’re, like, imagining yourself walking to the grocery store and then just imagine yourself picking out all these different things.

Or when you hear the ding, or when you touch, feel the cart in your hands, all of a sudden, you just see all the things that have to be in your cart. And if you can visualize that and then you can just go to sleep and not even think about it again. And when you actually get to the grocery store and you park and you hear that ding and you feel the cart, all of a sudden, your whole list just kind of pops up without you necessarily having to try to do it.

I like what you’re saying about you kind of set all the things up and then just take that first step and then just let everything else kind of flow into it. It sounds so woo woo, but I personally have seen it work for decades. It sounds woo woo. And then I have other people who are like, well, that just sounds like goal setting. And I’m, like, writing down every single process.

I’m literally just choosing what I’m choosing the goal and not even saying I wish or I want, because that’s the big phrase, is that I wish or I want implies you don’t have it, and it also implies that you’re waiting for some external source to deliver it to you. Yeah, but if you think of reality like a mirror and you keep looking at the mirror, you go, I want to look different.

I want to look different. What’s going to happen? Nothing. But if you intend to look different, then I can change the mirror. And all I have to do is what is reflected back to me. It’s intent in making the first step. I like that response, too, where someone’s just like, yeah, that’s called goal setting, or it’s another popular one, which I also kind of subscribe to here and there.

But when they talk about law of attraction, it’s just like, yeah, it’s called having a clearly defined thing as opposed to just a vague feeling of, I want to feel this way, as opposed to. But at that same time, I really feel like this stuff works in a non woo woo way, but it’s not because of just intent. And it’s the exact same way that when I was a kid and my friend was telling me about lucid dreaming, and I was like, yeah, it’s called daydreaming, you idiot.

There’s a difference. We’re both describing similar things, but it’s not the same thing. I was thinking about being actually conscious and not in a dream state. And he meant in a dream. But that’s kind of that same response of like, yeah, goal setting. Well, it’s not the same as goal setting, because goal setting could happen with you, like, memorizing and rote memory and writing it down and doing.

Even when you were mentioning that sometimes the best way to get to a step isn’t to break it down into all these little chunks, which is a natural way that we’ve all been taught to chunk things in. Sometimes you can get lost in the sauce doing that. You can’t. It’s kind of like the metaphor. Have you heard the one where the three monks are all, they’re blind, and each one is feeling a different part of an elephant.

Like, one’s at his tail, one’s at his trunk, one’s at a leg, one’s at the ear. This is like a tree stump, and this is definitely a tree stump. And the other guy is holding onto the trunk and he’s like, oh, no, this is a snake, man. They’re all feeling. None of them are wrong, but they’re only getting a part of the picture. And that’s how I see it, is that everybody thinks that when you start talking like this, that it’s woo.

But it goes back to the whole particle theory, like the particle versus waves or whatever the observer effect. So it’s what you observe and what you focus your attention on. I think that’s a big difference, because a lot of the, like, I think there’s a big propensity of the woo woo stuff. It’s easily regurgitatable. Like, someone can say something woo woo that they experience themselves. So it’s really profound and it really has that meaning.

But then someone just likes the way it sounds and they like, oh, I can relate to that. And then they say it, but they didn’t actually have the experience. And then someone else hears them say it, and it turns into this weird thing where saying it and relating to it almost takes the place of actually experiencing it. And I think that’s where woo woo goes wrong, where it’s like a lot of it comes from some kind of a place of truth.

But then people just regurgitate what the person felt like, what they said they felt like as they were experiencing the truth. And they never repeat the truth part, just like the feeling of the truth part. That’s why I like reality transurbing, because I was like you, I was not woo woo at all. I thought it was all bullshit. And because of his quantum physics background, it was able to get into my subconscious and, like, oh, this is plausible, because he’s talking to the science part of my brain.

That’s also a logical fallacy. Appeal to authority. Just throw that out there. There you go. But it worked. Where did you first come across dream hackers in Particular? Was it mentioned in this book? Or did you find, like, a weird discord channel that was trying to sell you? Like, how did you get there? So weird, because my very first podcast was with Bootsy Greenwood, and I was on lucid dreaming because I reached out to him.

He was kicked out of the reality transurfing community after being, like, the voice of reality transurfing. Really? Yeah. Okay, we have to talk about that more in a going, okay. Because to me, he was kind of like a little celebrity. He had read the audiobook, put it on YouTube, and because of him, I was able to start changing my life. So when he got kicked out of this community, I finally reached out.

I was like, hey, what happened? And so then we had a conversation, and then he invited me to be on his podcast, and we talked about lucid dreaming, and I forgot what the question was. Well, yeah, I want to know how you got specifically into the dream hacker, the russian dream hackers, out of all this. Okay. So, oddly enough, he wasn’t a dreamer, but he said, oh, have you read these fiction books called the Dream Searchers? And I was like, what? No.

Tell me more about it. So he did. I ordered the books, and my mind was blown, because even reading the part about the patients of the Medici, it reminded me of a game of solitaire I was taught by my aunt when I was a kid. And it’s not the same as a Medici solitaire or the patients patient solitaire. It’s not even close to the same, but I was able to kind of sort of figure it out.

And I know I wanted to learn more, but there was all these other concepts in the book that were just like. They were just mind. Yeah. He recommended these books, and that’s where I found them. And then through bootsy, we started a dream coven is what he called it, and a dream coven experiment where we got several people. You guys are going straight to hell. Sorry, I just have.

You guys are going to burn for eternity. I hope it’s worth it, but go ahead. I’d rather be hot than cold. So we invited this group of people, and we all hacked the dream hackers, the dream searcher stuff. And in the process, I met a friend who is from Germany. But he’s lithuanian and so he’s, you know. Have you ever heard know this book? I think it’s by and.

But it’s all in Lithuanian. And Google translate doesn’t want to translate in America from Lithuanian, so I couldn’t translate it. I got a copy, a PDF copy of this book. But he took the time and he started translating it for me and so he shared it with me because the dream searchers are based on actual people who are dreamers. Have you ever seen the OA? I haven’t. I might try it again.

I mean, I tried to and I couldn’t get. It was like so much third party cringe as I was watching it. I just felt embarrassment for. I don’t know, maybe it was just me and the mood I was in when I first watched it. There’s a good meme I just have to throw out there. There’s a really good clip where it shows them like dancing or something in a cafeteria and it’s just like a ten second clip.

And then someone wrote like, I take it back, I want them all to die now. And that’s kind of how I felt as I was watching this. Just like, I don’t care what your story is, just let them take these people out with their TikTok band. I’m sure there’s something like cool to that scene, but I’ll rewatch it. Cool about it is that it is all based on the dream hackers.

Nobody knows this. Everybody who’s popular, mainstream people who’ve watched this don’t know what I know. I watched this show before everybody else and I started freaking out because the motions that they’re doing and stuff, they’re actually doing Carlos Castaneda concepts, which is called. Yeah, he calls it tensegrity, but Don Juan called it. What does he call him? I can’t think of the words, but these movements are important and they’ve been around since the toltec time and stuff.

So I’m not saying that they’re doing the exact right movements, but that’s what it’s conceptualizing. And the reason why I know is that time isn’t linear. Everything is related, the dream space. You can do anything. You have unlimited possibilities and you can change everything in this reality from that. I feel like I would be really disappointed if I got into the back of the dream wizard of Oz station and everyone was like doing flash mobs.

I just think I’m never dreaming again. You guys can have this crap. It’s really because you have these dormant like the chakra system and stuff in your body and everything sets. Woo woo. But that’s science based too. Those are like bundles of nerves in your body. They bundle up in certain areas and they’re energies like focal points. So you have these dormant areas all over your body that we don’t use anymore between your fingers and stuff.

So you have stored up energy in these places. And so when you do certain moves, you’re activating and they do stuff where they flick and they do weird stuff and everything’s like with really stiff tendons and everything. But doing all these moves, they actually free up energy and they help you stir up your intent so you can be more magic. In school, did anyone ever do this one to you? Where you look, one person puts their hand this way and the other person, the vagina hand.

Is that not a way of using the otherwise dormant energy in the body you are? Because who does anything with the webbing of their fingers there? Well, that’s the last time I can think of. It was doing like when you got a little peek. Got a little peek. They’re doing that. That’s what that is. They’re doing tensegrity. They’re called power. I forget what it is, but between that and then they’re sitting there whispering.

There’s this part where they’re recording people’s dreams. These people are getting paid to go into this warehouse and sleep in a bed. And then they sit there and they wake up and they whisper into these little machines. They recall their dreams and then they go home and they’re getting paid to do this. Well, this is all real. This all really happened. It happened in Russia. These dream searchers, when they were hired to do all this dream research, that was part of what they did.

They opened up several locations and they paid people to come in and tell their dreams. So the OA is all castaneda and dream hacker stuff. The people who wrote that, they know what’s up. So there’s a lot more truth to it than anybody even knows. What about inception? Do you have any thoughts on that movie? Yeah, because you can literally show up in other people’s dream space. They can show up in yours.

And I’ve had commercials in my dreams, so it’s already being incepted. What was the commercial for? I don’t know. I was so mad because I was pissed because I knew it was foreign, it wasn’t supposed to be there. And so I was yelling at the dream because I was lucid dreaming. And so then it was on a television screen. So I started hitting the television screen because it wouldn’t stop.

I was like, stop? I was on the dream to stop because it’s my dream. It wouldn’t stop. And so then I started punching the tv, and the dream got upset. It said ow or something. It was like, dude, it’s not my fault. I’m just doing what I’m supposed to do. And I’m like, you heard the tv and it said ow. Yeah, it did. And it was upset because I was hitting it, but I was upset because I don’t need advertisements in my dream.

That’s my space. Well, not my space. That belongs to Tom. Yeah, it does. When I opened this up, I was not kidding around when I said it’s better for us to have control over our own dreams because someone else will take control of it for us. And part of that is because of this site that I came across recently. I saw someone posting about it on twitter. It’s probably vaporware, but it might also not be.

And even dream Master Jay here was like, this is totally something that I would buy. So what? It’s being pitched as. And I’m not endorsing this, by the way. This is more of a curiosity. Neither am I. And don’t buy this. And if you do buy it, wait at least until I get an affiliate code first, and then you can buy it. And then I’ll endorse it for real.

But it says it’s a non invasive neural device to stabilize and induce lucid dreaming. The most advanced neurotechnology, wearable. Crafted to facilitate exploration of the unconscious mind, this wearable leverages state of the art neurostimulation system, replicating the neuroactivation patterns typical of natural lucid dreaming. Now, I’ll summarize this, because I actually went and I read through, like, okay, I get all the buzwords. What’s it actually doing? So what it’s doing is, and I’m going to oversimplify this and get most of it wrong.

99% of this is going to be wrong, but 1% is going to be slightly accurate. And basically, they’ve patterned what brainwaves and what sort of responses and frequencies people respond to while they’re lucid dreaming, and they pass that through AI. So now AI has done all the pattern matching of, like, here’s what a successful lucid dreamer does and how their body reacts while they’re in this lucid dreaming state.

And then they put that into a device, and then they have the device try and maybe replicate some of those things that the lucid dreamer is going through. So, for example, if the lucid dreamer’s, like, pulse, again, oversimplification, I’m just making crap up as I go here. But if your certain pulse or your heart rate or the skin elasticity or the moisture content, these are all things that we measure when someone’s doing, like a truth detection sort of thing, like analysis.

All these things they analyze called biofeedback, I believe. And if you can take the biofeedback and almost subconsciously apply it so that you’ve got like a feedback loop, unconscious, right. It shows, like, a person here dreaming. So when you’re asleep, maybe they can, I don’t know, do like a little haptic feedback or like tiny little shocks that you don’t feel, but you perceive that will replicate the same sort of motions that someone that lucid dreaming is going through.

That’s how I understand this. There’s a bunch of different stuff in here. But where my mind immediately went to is like, yeah, this is being pitched as take control over your own dreams. But also, what if someone just kidnaps you and straps you down and puts this thing on your head without you wanting it to be there, and they just start sending someone going through Freddy Krueger nightmares and patterning that on top of you where you don’t get to opt into this thing.

So I feel like, man, we’re in a scary place where this is right around the corner. It’s scary because the dream space is so. I think it’s where creation starts. I think everything is created on that end of reality because it’s also real. And people don’t think that. They’re like, oh, it’s just a dream. But it’s not just a dream, because think of any memory from your childhood, any memory, and tell me that it’s as clear when you recall it as a dream.

When you’re experiencing a dream, it’s not like a memory. It’s an actual place. And you actually have sensory experiences and you’re actually seeing things, you’re not recalling them like a memory. Memories are never as clear as an actual dream. So this is an actual place that you’re experiencing. So if it is an actual space and it’s endless potential, how many genius breakthroughs? Almost every single one came from a dream.

Almost all the ones that I can think of. The double stranded helix is one of my favorite examples. Either a dream or lsd or potato. Potato, yeah. Because they all have access to the dream space. It’s not necessarily you don’t have to be a dreamer to access it. In reality. Transurfing, he calls it the space of variations, or the alternative space, because it’s where every past, present or future and every possibility in between exists.

So anything that you want on this side of reality, you just have to kind of highlight the sector of the dream space and pull it into reality by choosing it. So that’s really the biggest concept of it. And it does sound woo woo. But when you really start to think about it, almost every scientific breakthrough or in art or music or whatever, your musings all come from the dream space, even if you’re just Daydreaming.

How realistic do you think it is in inception, where they extract, like, a password out of somebody’s dream? Do you think you could get that specific to find out what your bank pin code is? Yeah, the dream hackers. Yeah, I’ve actually had dreams where I woke up feeling kind of freaked out because I know I gave information and I don’t know who I gave it to. So the dream hackers actually were, after they did all this research and were hired by this private industry, they realized the potential for all this because they started applying it to their own lives.

And then they were wanted by every three letter society there was KGB, CIA, whatever. And they do work with the Americans sometimes, but it’s usually like, they usually owe each other favors, is what it is. But a lot of them have been arrested and spent a lot of time in jail. They’ve also broken each other out of jail because you can actually physically move your body. It’s very difficult to do, but they know how to do it.

Yeah, inception is a thing. They’ve done it a lot. Like another person’s body. No, you can move your own body through the dream state. The example that they give in the book is that one of their people got arrested. And this has happened to them on many occasions. They’ll get arrested because they’re doing some crazy stuff. And it’s not just the KGB and stuff like that. It’s like, what they call the legionnaires.

So I’m pretty sure whether it’s the legionnaires or the cabal, whatever you want to call it, this is high magic. People want it. They want the abilities that the dream hackers have. And so they’ve had to go and physically in the dream state, find one of their people in the dream state, and then they pulled them back. They can’t bring their clothes, and they always have to put them in a really cold bathtub, like cold water.

And it takes a huge physical toll on a person’s body. Are we talking about, like, portation? Yeah. They can actually open portals and shit. It sounds so out there. Until you start really looking at the potentials of it all. And what? I shared that book with you. You’ll just have to start looking at it. It’s kind of wild. They put it all on forums. So the dream hackers stuff is in this book? That was in Lithuanian, but it’s all on Internet forums because they’ve been teaching dreaming since the 90s, since the core group started doing this.

Now there’s other factions of the group, but they teach all of it. At what point do you think corporate espionage and things start occurring or do you think it’s already been happening? Because that’s kind of the premise of inception, right? Is that at a certain level, it’s like, corporate. It’s not just people guessing Abby’s password. They’re trying to figure out, like, the guy that runs Walmart’s password since the 90s, because that’s what this team was hired to do, more or less.

Is this matrix, too? Because I get the feeling of whenever one of them would do something in the simulation and then all of a sudden all the npcs are noticing them and get aggressive with them. Is that kind of what we’re talking about in the lucid dream state is when the dream people know that you know. Yeah. And they do, because next time you have a lucid dream, you said you think you’ve lucid dreamed now, right? I know for a fact that I have it a handful of times now after actively trying to do it.

And the biggest one was, like you were saying right before you go to sleep, you just constantly say to yourself for at least five to 10 minutes, you’re just like, there’s going to be a lucid dream tonight. You’re going to remember everything. I don’t ever think about what it’s going to be about, just that there will be one and that you will remember it. And it seems to work.

And then the other big tip was that the second you wake up and gain consciousness, don’t get up, don’t move, don’t do anything. Just sit there and try and remember every little detail you can. And the more I started doing that, the more I experienced it. Now, it went away entirely because I don’t know why and I haven’t tried to flex that muscle again, but I know that I can.

Chantilla’s principle, it’s the idea that you basically have pushed up against this glass ceiling so hard that it’s trying to restructure itself and kick you out, which is what I did. I actually lost lucid dreaming for almost a year because I went behind the dream and basically I broke the system. It didn’t know what to do with me. So I was like, no, privilege revoked. You think you’re still dreaming, you just don’t remember, or you were dreaming, you just weren’t able to.

Lucid dream. Yeah, I was still dreaming. I just wasn’t lucid dreaming. And it felt like a punch to my gut because I was doing all this crazy stuff. I literally found my physical. But this is one of the gates of dreaming in the Carlos Castanedo series is to find your body, your physical, because your dream body is different, which is kind of ties into the whole dream paralysis stuff, too, because I think that, okay, but I think the dream paralysis demon might be your dream body.

It’s just not very perfected because Don Juan says the whole point of dreaming is to find and perfect your energy. So you’re initially, when you first start lucid dreaming, you just found your dreaming body, but it’s not perfect yet. And you see that when your fingers are fused together. And I started noticing it because I’ll have lucid dreams where I’m blind and I have to consciously tell a dream, no, I’m going to see, and then I can see, but I might only be able to see for a foot in front of my hand.

But one of the things that you’re supposed to do is find your physical body with your dreaming body. And it sounds so wild, and I never really know ahead of time what I’m going to do in a lucid dream. I just kind of have this whole, oh, I could try that. Oh, I could try that. So I have this whole mental list, and then all of a sudden I’m there and I’m doing one of the things.

And so this one night, I was like, find your body. Find your body. So I go, and I felt myself in my bedroom. I grabbed my shoulders with both hands and I couldn’t see. My energy body was blind, but I could feel my physical body. And I sat there and I shook myself like this, and I could feel myself shaking myself. And I could feel myself on the bed also doing shaking.

It was so weird because I felt myself in both places at the same exact time. And I did it. I was like, oh, my gosh, I don’t think you’re supposed to try to wake your body up. So that part I did wrong, but it was really freaking awesome. And then I’m telling people about it, and I feel like everybody was haters and they were like, oh, well, that’s cool.

Yeah, they’re like humble bragging. Yeah. Do you think you can die in a dream and have it be bad, or do you just wake up? Is there a version where something can permanently damage you because of something that happens in the dream world? Yeah, I mean, I’ve died in dreams. It’s not a big deal. Except I was pissed. Every time I’ve died in a dream, I’m pretty pissed off.

But it’s not without risk, and that’s what people don’t tell you. Carlos Castaneda did. And the dream hackers tell you it’s not without risk because you can literally go to other realms, other planets, you can wake up in another reality. It’s the space of variation. So you can end up in another reality tunnel and not wake up as Thomas anymore. You can wake up as, I don’t know, potentially anyone in another.

I mean, as long as they’re living their best know. But, yeah, the whole idea is mean. You can die there. You might not ever come back to your physical body. I think sometimes that’s why people are like, catatonic. They’re lost in another world. Have you ever used supplements for lucid dreaming? Because I know there’s like a list of different ones, and this gets into total pseudoscience, but some is real science.

There’s this one called Clary dream, and it was kind of expensive, and I didn’t like it because what it does is there’s a wake induced lucid dreaming technique where you wake up at a certain time and you get up for about 20 minutes. So, like, you get up, go to the bathroom, put your dog out, whatever you got to do, but then you go and lay back down with the intention, like you were saying, the intention to go back into a lucid, or to go into a lucid dream, and it works really well.

But this clary dream you would take at that time and then go lay back down. But I didn’t like it because it keeps you very much on the edge. Like, you’re very wired almost to where you’re sleeping, but you are very lightly sleeping. But it worked okay, but five HTP. And I happened to have it, but I had somebody recommend it in a clubhouse room, and he had said, take 200 milligrams of five HTP every night and it will help you to lucid dream.

Shoot, I should buy some of that reminder it’s a great idea actually, because my understanding, and I’m not a doctor yet because I haven’t put myself through the reality transurfing to become a doctor. But you’re close enough. As I understand, five HTP isn’t necessarily like a drug, it doesn’t affect you directly. It just makes five HTP bioavailable to your system because it’s constantly using it to produce all sorts of things.

And just that there’s an abundance of it in your system means that your body has to go searching or it doesn’t have to go to the factory and work as hard in order to produce these building blocks. That’s my bumpkin understanding. Yeah. And I will recommend it any day. Everybody who has sleep issues takes melatonin, and I never recommend that because that is actually supplementing a hormone and then your body stops making the hormone.

So it’s counteractive, so it’s actually compounding your problem. But if you take five HTP, it actually helps boost the serotonin levels in your brain, which sounds also counteractive, but it’s not. It actually helps balance everything and it helps you to sleep. And you can go into a good sleep, you wake up really giddy too, like just happy. So it’s like a happy supplement. It’s good. It’s a win win because it does.

After about two weeks, you start lucid dreaming. What are the laws on? We need to just come up with our own five HTTP. It’s a pretty basic fundamental. You throw a cool little packaging on there, a little lucid dreaming pamphlet, you’re in business. You shouldn’t throw that out there. We should be talking about this in the back. Oh, I mean, we’re pre recording this. I can just remove it.

Okay, well, either way, or if somebody wants to do it, fine. You better not. We will come after you in the dream world. And dream Master Jay, don’t fuck around in the dream world. That’s what’s up. Watch out. So I want to segment into our next little transition here. I already told you what it’s about, so I’m just going to play. Hey, conspiracy buffs, I double dare you to take some PCP, the paranormal conspiracy probe.

On your marks, get set and go. All right, zero to ten. Do you believe in dinosaurs? Three. How about fire breathing, flying dragons having ever existed? I’m going to go with ten. About Bigfoot. Five. Mothman seven. Dog man, because I want to believe it. Honestly, I’m not familiar with dog man except the children’s books. So I’m going to go with one. That’s fine. What about the Loch Ness monster? Ten.

What about fairies, like Tinkerbell style? Little flying humanoid fairies. Little humanoids, or like, what were we talking about? Like the fay, where they could be big and all different forms. Actually, that’s a great. Yeah, I mean, I want to say little ones first. Let’s focus on the Tinkerbell style fairies first. I think I. Or labyrinth once. So I’m going to go with nine because I swear I saw one.

What about. I believe in fairies. What about nephilim style giants? Ten. I even believe in titans. What do you think? Zero to ten. That we buried Osama bin Laden at sea out of respect for his culture. Zero, where you at on? Timothy McVeigh was the lone wolf at Oklahoma City. Zero. How about a human being has ever stepped foot on the moon in all of human history? Zero.

Is there a moon in space at all? Zero to ten. Oh, that’s hard. There’s something. So I’ll say ten. There’s something. Is this a flat Earth? Five. Okay. I don’t think it’s either one. It’s a possibility, but I don’t think that we’ll ever know. And I think that really, the real reality is this is all just a simulation. We’re in a video game, you all. What about demons? Zero to ten.

And I don’t mean like a weird woo woo, like, I’m thinking negative thoughts and negatively. No, I mean, like there’s a freaking evil entity energy that you can tap into and it can inhabit things. Ten. Only because I didn’t believe in it forever and then I experienced it and it was scary as shit. So, yes. Ten. What about angels? I think if you believe in one polarity, you have to believe in the other.

So I’m going to go with ten. Does that also imply heaven and hell? I don’t think so. I really think those are constructs. But what makes heaven and hell a construct but demons and angels not constructs? Because I think that this is, again, it’s a simulation. So the idea that. I just don’t think so. I think that that’s part of the game and part of the rules of the game and part of what we’re supposed to believe is part of the game.

Extraterrestrials, the little gray aliens in particular with, like, the big eyes, like, very specifically those dudes. I don’t necessarily think they’re from outer space, but I’ll say seven. What about the arctic wall? Do you think there’s something beyond the arctic wall ten. All right, let’s walk back some of these. So I want to know, first of all, this is a crazy continuation, but people that don’t believe in dinosaurs do believe in dragons without fail.

So I want to understand what your thinking is behind giving. I think you gave dinosaurs, like, a three and dragons a ten. So why did dinosaurs get a three and dragons a ten? Because I’ve noticed that with mythology in general, almost every myth comes from something that was real. We’ve seen this repeated over and over in almost every culture. So a myth usually comes from a real story.

So were they gigantic, fire breathing dragons? I don’t know, but I do believe that they had to come from somewhere. So I do think that they were real. Dinosaurs. On the other hand, the problem I have with it is that everything you see in the museum isn’t real. So why would I believe it? They’re all reconstituted. They’re all casted and molded. It’s not real. So to me, until I see them pull one out of the ground, the whole thing, I don’t believe it.

Zero to ten. The Bible. You got to get me here. It’s a book about a bunch of men written by a bunch of men. It’s history, not her story. Shout it, damn it. I’m going to say it’s five. I think a lot of it is still mythology. Feel like you might be hedging your bets a little bit there on the five. That’s okay. I know. I’m not really sure I even feel that.

Really. I want to ask, what about talking snakes? Because there’s so much mythology about snakes talking. Do you think that that was a reality at some point, or is that just a construct, the whole basilisk and the parcel tongue and parcel mouth. All of it? Yeah. There’s a lot of mythology around that. So I think possibly, maybe the dragons were the ones that were speaking. What if it just has to do with reptilian people? Touche.

Maybe the dragons are the talking snakes and it’s all one and the same. Yeah, okay, I’ll see that. Well, because if you think of, like, the garden of Eden, too, when God punished the snake, he said, you’ll slither on your belly. So what did it do before? Maybe it was a dragon. It was flying around, maybe had little feet, like a little centipede. That would be kind of crazy.

Like a snake with thousands of feet and little toes. Like falcor or something. With a bunch of. Maybe. Yeah, maybe all snakes used to be like falcor and they screwed it up for themselves because they gave some chicken apple and she ate it. That’s what I think. Where are you at on Christianity as a whole? Do you think Christ was a real living, flesh inhabited person, or is that a concept? Whether he was or not, he’s become a big enough pendulum or aggregor that the energy around it is definitely real.

And I think it’s all good. Everything that Christ said was good. So Christianity as a whole, it’s messed up. And I can say this as a person who’s like sat there and used to read her Bible every single day. And I was so wrapped up in it. But once I got freed from religion, I feel like you’re missing a lot of the points by getting wrapped up in the Bible.

So it comes down to relationship with the creator. And sometimes you just need to look at yourself as part of the creator. You’re a fractal of it, so it’s not external. Christ is always saying, I am my father, are one. He’s saying, I am and I am to you should mean the same. So that’s a fair point. I think the Bible’s okay. It’s not that great, because if it was, they would have written a third in the series.

But they stopped after two. And usually that means that the book’s not that great if they stop only after the first two. I feel you on that. That’s good point. What about Lucifer? Is Lucifer a good guy or a bad guy? Well, kind of like the whole law of one thing. Because if God created Lucifer and he’s all knowing, omnipotent, omniscient, all that, then he serves God. Whether or not we, even the demons, it all serves the, you know, negative polarities are always catalyst for growth, one way or another.

Is this you defending Jeffrey Epstein? Is he just a catalyst for growth? Does he have to be the low so that someone else can be the high? Does he even exist? Is the jasmination a particle or a wave? That’s what I’m saying. You get it. So where else? Oh, Bigfoot. You said bigfoot, I think was like a ten. No. Or am I getting no ten? I don’t remember what I said, but I didn’t say ten.

But it was higher than dog man. Yeah, I think that it’s plausible. I mean, they just see it in enough places. And in my head, the science part of my brain is saying, I think that these are failed human experiments, possibly. I think that they’ve been manipulating genetics and DNA for a long time. We know this when we see, like, ligers and mules and stuff. So why couldn’t we have a species that was maybe part human, part ape, and they just released it into the wild and it can’t really reproduce because it probably has ultra low sperm count.

So in my head. So I just feel like it’s definitely plausible. Shout out to russian scientist Ilya Ivovanych, who created the, or claimed to have created the humans, which was a cross between, arguably, despite the name, I think it was either a gorilla or even an orangutan. I believe that he was trying to breed with people to create super soldiers. Oh, wow. Maybe that’s part of it. What about ghosts? Yeah, I see ghosts as totally different.

I don’t see them as what we think they are. I just think that time’s not linear. It’s layered. So everything that happened in this house, right here, right now, that’s currently happening, all the past and present is here, too. So sometimes I think you can kind of peek between the layers. So I don’t think that you’re being haunted or anything like that. Just maybe somebody has really dense energy and they’re in their timeline and you’re in your timeline, but it’s very evident, sometimes overlapping.

I don’t think time isn’t aligned like we think. Do you think money can be interdimensional? Like, if money represents energy and potential, energy and focus and everything, is that an interdimensional thing? Could we ever spend money interdimensionally? Do you think? That’s above my pay grade. That’s some deep thinking. What do you. I mean, it feels like the russian hackers could ask John D’s computer this question. You could probably ask any computer that question, though.

In the dream space, I wouldn’t trust any computer other than John D’s. We just want John D’s. Yeah. Do we know what kind of computer he has? Was it like a compact? Was it like a gateway? Was it an apple two GS? Did he play organ trail on it? Can it run doom? I’ll have to get back on you. I’ll find the details and I’ll see. Because a computer could be an abacus, but I want to imagine that he’s running like, a brand new rig that could handle call of Duty four with all the settings turned up.

Well, probably not Call of Duty four, because I’m thinking, like, this was in the 1990s, so if it happened in the would be looking. Okay, well, he could have played Wolfenstein. Yeah, exactly. Wolfenstein. Or what is it? If it’s nonlinear, and if he had access to a computer in the 90s, wouldn’t that go to say that he probably has an iPad by now at least? Oh, for sure.

He’s got to. Because if it’s your dream space and you’re seeing him there, then you could probably create that. Yeah. So I guess that’s a good question. Did any of them see the real John D or is this just like their dream version of a John D and they’re extracting knowledge from it allah Akashic records without actually going into John D’s real library? Well, that’s a really good question.

But John D’s library, since it existed here, would exist there. So whether it’s their own fabricated version of it or if it’s the actual library, I guess it wouldn’t really matter. What matters is that the information was there. Do you think you could develop, like, a romantic relationship with John D in the Dream world? Me personally? No, because he doesn’t. Well, not you personally, but he doesn’t do it for me.

You can with any dream mean. Because, look, when you first start lucid dreaming, that’s usually where your mind goes. At least it did for me. I ain’t going to lie. I was like, oh, dream. Yeah. Who was on the list? Who were the first three visits when you were flying around lucid dreaming? It was random. Yeah, it wasn’t like that. It was just random dream characters. Like, if I’m making them have sex with me, so maybe we shouldn’t do that.

Is that like an egregious power imbalance, that if you’re powerful in the dream realm and you’re forcing yourself on these dream npcs, is that problematic in 2024? I think it can be. I mean, if they’re just dream npcs, I guess you don’t. Maybe. But isn’t that sort of like a boss worker relationship or like a teacher student relationship? Like, some things are off limits if there’s an inherent power imbalance.

And I feel like if you’re a dream warrior and you’re interacting with your dream npcs, there’s a power imbalance there. That’s not cool in 2024. Yeah, well, especially if it’s not consensual. Could it be a non consent? I guess your NPC turned you down. That would be a big blow to your ego, that if you’re like, lucid dreaming and you’re like, let’s go bang, and they’re just like, you’re not my type.

This is my dream. You’re turning me down. Well, because that’s the thing, is that you’re not all powerful. In the dream space, there are things that are off limits. You can experiment as much as you want. You can have all these ideas of what you want to do or how you want the dream to change, but it’s not always going to reflect exactly what you want. Are we talking like a monkey paw scenario? Or like, you make the wish and the genie is like, ha, you get a million dollars.

But I stole it from this orphanage. Now all the children die. Here’s your million. Well, that’s what. Because the dream hackers tell you to reach out to them in the dream space. So if you want to meet with them and you want to learn from them, then that’s how you find them. So I was having this lucid dream and it was like a seven part lucid dream. I’d wake up and then I’d go back to sleep and I’d be lucid dreaming.

And it was the whole night. It was really awesome. But at one point I asked to meet one of the dream hackers and I called him by name. I forget, though, that he’s one who is dead now. So I asked to meet him and it said, some things are just fiction. Mr. Dream told me. Did that just come out of the air like the voice of God? Yeah.

It would be what I would perceive to be the dreaming emissary. That’s what Carlos Castaneda calls. Like, there’s all these, what he calls inorganic beings. They are real beings. They have consciousness, but they don’t have a body, so they’re inorganic. And that’s who inhabits the dream of space. But he calls one in particular the dreaming emissary. And the dreaming emissary will teach you dreaming. But I’ve pissed the dreaming emissary off, so it doesn’t talk to me very often.

Can you just put them in a rear naked chokehold? Be like, let me in? I don’t know. No. I feel like I’m a guest in their dream, I guess. A good question. Like, isn’t it your dream and your dream world? Or are you just entering this global? Is it like international maritime law waters like, no one owns it? It’s the collective. Like, so what Carl Jung would call the collective unconscious.

It is collective. So my dreaming is not just my dreaming, it’s an actual place and it’s a place that I go every night, but I just go to one little sector. Usually you just. So this goes. Ties into the whole dream. Mapping. The dream space is infinite, but I usually just go to this one little sector. This one little neighborhood or one little area. That’s where I frequent.

You frequent over here on this little sector? Do you have noisy dream neighbors? You’re like, turn down that dream music. I can place a lot of people on my sometimes or, like, the dream when I’m talking to the dream and when I have the dreaming emissary or whatever read to me, it’ll talk really quiet like this. And then I’m like, it makes me so mad, so I’ve yelled at it.

I’m like, I can’t hear you. I’m so mean in the dream space, and I’m not normally like that, but I’m like, I’m bossy. Sounds like you feel very entitled in this dream realm. I do, and I think because I. Are you a dream parent? Are you asking for managers at any point in your lucid dreams? I just want to do it all, and I don’t want delays because I don’t know when the next time will be.

So I just feel like my time is limited. Obviously, my energy is limited. And so this is some Karen energy. I just got to throw it out here to go on this trip to Disney World. How dare you not let me sit in this seat that I wanted? Do you know who like, yeah, lady, get in the ride. No wonder why they don’t like, don’t. Don’t let this lady in for the next year.

She’s banned. Bitch. We are not doing that anymore. We’re wrapping up here. We got way deeper into the russian dream hacker space than I was expecting to, and I’m glad because it was super awesome. What did we leave for next time? What are some of the cool highlights that we didn’t even touch on that would entice someone to want to know more about these russian dream hackers and lucid dreaming.

Dream mapping. Dream labyrinths. Like, more lucid dreaming experiments? Yeah, I mean, there’s so much. There’s so much. So we’ll do a follow up, maybe we’ll talk about dream mapping and dream neighborhoods. Sounds really cool. I want to get more into the dream. I guess it’s sort of the same thing where you’re, like, mapping out an ethereal, physical space, right? Yeah. It’s also a lucid dreaming technique, but it’s also, once you start doing it, it’s supposed to cause explosive dream recall where you remember every dream you’ve ever had.

That sounds wild. That sounds. It does. Have you ever come across the concept of, like, a dream world virus? Like, if there’s dream hackers, could they write a dream virus that goes out and ruins dreams for people? Ruins dreams? I don’t know. But I know that they have the same idea as inception in the book. They actually plant a physical virus in a person and make them sick and age faster because it’s all subconsciously so.

And your body is your subconscious. People don’t realize that. They think it’s your brain, but it’s your body. Well, that’s not too scary because I trust the who and everything that they come out with. So even if that did happen, there would be a very viable and very acceptable solution that we all are advocating for, not guess outside of, like, a virus that harms also, I guess the new trend for writing viruses is that you almost make, like, a bot network.

So you upload a virus somewhere and then it installs itself somewhere and it starts mining bitcoin or farming addresses or whatever, but then it also reaches out to any computers in its network and it installs that same thing. So at a certain point, you basically have this botnet of thousands of people’s computers that are all just either mining bitcoin or farming random information on sites. So I guess if there was a version of, like, a dream virus, it would be a way to install something into you as you’re dreaming, so that now when you go back into the dream world and you don’t remember it or you don’t have control over it, someone else is like using you and your dream state to research information or go and do tasks almost like a zombie or like a dream slave, and getting you to do all this stuff and you wake up, you don’t remember any of it.

So I just wonder if that’s even a possibility, because if it is, that sounds like a cool line of work to be in. If you think it could be a possibility, then it’s a possibility it exists. It’s there. I got a lot of weird ideas that I hope they aren’t all real possibilities. Well, that’s why that lucid dreaming halo thing, that’s kind of scary. It’s awesome. It’s an awesome idea.

But it’s also scary because it’s like giving magic shout out to people that maybe shouldn’t have it. This place is. Get me a freaking affiliate code or something. Let me get my whistle wet a little bit here. Throw me a bone, I’ll plug you guys. Abby’s on board. She said she dropped two grand for this thing, no question. But I’m not going to allow Abby Dream Master J to even look at this anymore unless I get an affiliate code from you guys.

From prophetica AI. Prophetic AI. Give me, give me a, let’s, let’s get me some money here, and then I’ll pump your product. Yeah, we want to. Until then, I feel like it’s dangerous. And don’t touch it. Absolutely. Once it gets the paranoid american seal of approval, we’ll start rolling these things out the door. I forgot to wear my paranoid american sticker. I was going to put it on like a tattoo number two, actually.

We’re going to all be getting paranoid american tattoos pretty soon. Everyone first, and then I just want to make sure everyone gets theirs so they can pick them out. And then I’ll pick whatever’s left over. Well, I’m going to practice and post it on Instagram so you can see, like, doing bodybuilder poses. That would be awesome, man. I’m going to. Are there any conspiracy theorists in the bodybuilder space, or are they just too focused on whey protein to care? Well, there are some smart people who.

So I don’t know. I’m not saying intelligence, I mean, more of like a capacity of focus, because I just imagine a lot of the people that are just like, I can’t read about what’s happening on little St. James right now. I’m analyzing my body fat percentage and my skin elasticity, and I’m doing all these other tests on myself. Well, usually if you’re really a good bodybuilder, you pay somebody else to do all the thinking part for you.

You just got to execute. So you just have that good discipline. So I don’t have to do any of my own thinking. I just have to do what’s in my plan, and then I’ve got time to conspirate something. So are there other truthers in the bodybuilding community? Is there like a little miniature network of anti woke bodybuilders? Not that I’ve met any, but I feel like people start asking me questions, and then I start asking questions because you can’t just come out and be like, oh, yeah, this was totally an inside job.

You have to kind of, I’ll go out and I’ll just be like, let’s talk about Fritz Springmeyer’s illuminati mind control slave handbook. And they’re like, sir, this is a wendy’s. But that doesn’t stop me. Well, I kind of go, more cheney here. And I’m like, okay, well, let me ask you this question. I annoy people really bad, because they’ll ask me a question. What do you think about the moon landing? I’m like, well, what do you think about NASA? What do you think about.

I’ll ask all these questions. Do you think they accidentally erased over those tapes? How smart do you think they really are? What kind of operation do you think they’re running? Where you accidentally erase over the most monumental achievement in human history so that it can never be scrutinized again in the future? You think that tinfoil Craft made it to the moon? I got bigger problems than that, too.

Just a track record of how many times they put out photos and video, and they were like, oops, we forgot to mention that this wasn’t real. This was just like a practice run. Oops, we forgot to add that little byline. It happened enough times that. Yeah, it makes me question it. It’s so sketchy. If only they had the tape. If only they had the tape. That’s all they had to do.

Don’t erase the tape. Yeah. It’s so bizarre. But that’s kind of my more method. I like to test where people are on their pills. Have they had the blue pill yet? Or the red pill? Have they had the red pill yet? Because if they haven’t had it, then I’ve got to see, I got to scaffold it. You got to scaffold. That’s a teaching concept. But what happens if someone has the black pill? Do you try and dial that back? Are they a lost cause? Are they just on their own mission? That’s when I go into the whole importance thing, because I used to be that way, especially when I was into Christianity.

Yeah. Oh, my gosh. Yeah. But don’t you feel like it’s all doom and gloom? I feel like that’s, like, the message of Christianity sometimes, too, especially if you’re into the whole end times theology of it all. So, to me, it’s like, really, what kept me from being at that place was reality transurfing, because it just taught me that nothing’s important, which sounds so dismissive. But once you let go of importance in most areas of your life, bitches, we’re going surfing.

That’s what’s up. Yeah. I got to be here once. I may as well fucking live it, right? And not in a bad way, but may as well tell people where they can find you one more time. We’ll wrap up. You can find me on Instagram, and I’m abstract one, and you can find me on telegram in the project Cheney chat and on YouTube. I’m frequent the blue collar mystics.

We’re doing a reality transurfing podcast and the secret society of good guys. Oh, yeah. Shout out bootsy. Shout out Chaney. Shout out Layla Gordy, everybody. And if you’re watching this right now, imagine yourself pulling out your wallet and pulling out your credit card and entering those details into paranoidamerican. com. Here’s one it’s easy to remember if you just sing along to chosen one. Go visit chosen one. The chosen one.

Yes, he is the chosen one. He’s got his own comic, and now he’s got his own song because he’s the chosen one. Yes, he is a chosen one. Go buy a copy at chosen one. Chosen one. Go visit chosen one. It’s easy to remember if you just sing along chosen one. Go visit chosen one. .

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    Paranoid American is the ingenious mind behind the Gematria Calculator on He is revered as one of the most trusted capos, possessing extensive knowledge in ancient religions, particularly the Phoenicians, as well as a profound understanding of occult magic. His prowess as a graphic designer is unparalleled, showcasing breathtaking creations through the power of AI. A warrior of truth, he has founded and, establishing himself as a true force to be reckoned with.

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