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Saudi Arabia is Fulfilling THREE Prophecies | Vison 2030 The Third Temple and the Mark

By: Sling and Stone
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Vison 2030

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Saudi Arabia’s Strategic Moves: A Deep Dive into the Future By Tommy Truthful September 8th, 2023

Greetings to my beloved readers, Tommy here with yet another installment. Having been on this journalistic journey for over 30 years, I have witnessed many nations evolve, their decisions influencing the global landscape. Today, let’s unpack the recent strategic moves of Saudi Arabia that could be setting the stage for some massive historical events.

The Temple Mount Connection:

Not too long ago, an article surfaced in the Jerusalem Post suggesting a change of guardianship of the sacred Temple Mount. It recommended transitioning its custodianship from Jordan, which held it since 1994, to Saudi Arabia. The Temple Mount holds significance as the site for the future Third Temple, a location pivotal in eschatological narratives.

The Promise of The Abrahamic Accords:

Saudi Arabia is not just focused internally; it’s stretching hands of peace and unity. Engaging in talks under the umbrella of the Abrahamic Accords, they are laying foundations for a peaceful coexistence, hinting at a potentially significant geopolitical shift.

A Railway to the Future:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced an ambitious plan: a high-speed rail system that would allow pilgrims to travel from Saudi Arabia to the Third Temple by 2040. Beyond its logistical marvel, many Jewish scholars see this as a sign of Messianic times.

Vision 2030 and ‘The Line’:

Saudi Arabia’s innovative urban project ‘The Line’ is a part of their Vision 2030. A marvel of futuristic urban planning, it promises zero carbon emissions, where the needs of its 9 million residents are within a short walk. But looking closer, one might say it feels like an eco-friendly prison, devoid of the natural sprawl of cities.

Joining BRICS:

An invite to be a part of BRICS, a collective of booming global economies, again underlines Saudi Arabia’s expanding role. This association might seem like a step towards a new world order, echoing sentiments of global governance as propounded in eschatological scriptures.

“Vision Twenty Thirty and the Intricacies of 64”

Vision 2030 = 64 In Chaldean Gematria

In the realm of Chaldean Gematria, “Vision Twenty Thirty” resonates with the number 64, the same vibration as the phrase “all the world is a stage”. The number 64 holds significant prominence across various spectrums.

All The World Is A Stage Equals Sixty Four In Chaldean Gematria

To start with, there are 64 squares on a standard 8×8 chessboard. This same number took on profound implications when fires erupted on August 8th during the Lions Gate Portal, specifically in the Lahaina area which boasts the area code 808. Observers and numerologists can’t help but see the pattern and postulate: is this all a grand design to establish new landscapes, smart cities, and a comprehensive smart grid? To the powers at play, are we merely pawns on their extensive chessboard?

Properties of the Number 64


  • 64, as 8 x 8, signifies a realized totality and perfection.
  • R. Allendy interprets this number as a representation of cosmic unity and an embodiment of beatitude. It symbolizes the harmony of natural forces in tandem with cosmic providence.
  • As the cube of 4, the number 64 delineates the physical world’s vast expansion.
  • Claude of Saint-Martin visualized this number as a symbol of unity and life, contrasting chaos, nothingness, and death.

Biblical Connections:

  • The Gospel of Luke notes 64 generations from Adam to Jesus.

General Observations:

  • Traditionally, Buddha’s mother hailed from a lineage endowed with 64 distinct qualities.
  • The Virgin Mary, as per Ann-Catherine Emmerich’s visions, was 64 at the time of her passing.

The legend, as retold by mathematician W. R. Ball, speaks of a temple in Benares, which houses a bronze plate believed to be the world’s center. On it, 64 gold discs are stacked. The priests, tirelessly, day and night, shift these discs, adhering to strict rules in the process. The legend foretells that once all 64 discs are realigned, it will mark the universe’s end.

Chinese tradition believes that 64 generations separated Confucius from Hoang-ti. This number also represents the 64 devas of the Abhavara class in Indian traditions and the 64 Koua (hexagrams) of the Yi-King.

The mortuary chariot of Alexander the Great, as legends dictate, was pulled by 64 mules. Similarly, in China, 64 individuals are tasked with bearing the skin of a deceased emperor.

Tantrism, a variant of Hinduism, references 64 “tantras” or sacred books. Additionally, the magic square, an arrangement of the first 64 numbers, corresponds with the Mercury planet and sums up to 260.

Moreover, it’s fascinating to note that the genetic code comprises 64 nucleotides.

In decoding these connections, one realizes the depths of intricate designs and patterns that the universe is interwoven with. Numerology, traditions, and legends converge to paint a picture where numbers like 64 hold profound implications and insights.


“Saudi Arabia is making massive moves that could absolutely set the stage for the end time scenarios that will unfold the Temple Mount and the Third Temple…” – Tommy Truthful

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2 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia is Fulfilling THREE Prophecies | Vison 2030 The Third Temple and the Mark

  1. yes saw another post too… The Saudis are ”marketing” this as the 1st SciFi city called The Neom Mukaab ( neo = new, mustaqbal = future)
    170km long / 105 miles
    this is also being known as ”the cube” and will be 400m high throughout the length a completely self sufficient city near Saudi’s capital Riyaah.
    saying it will be the number one travel destination that can ”house” 9 million people.
    To be completed by 2030
    heaps of numbers n even an odd bal type wording too…

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