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Sling and Stone The Language of Fallen Angels | Enochian Hieroglyphics and Megaliths Enochian Language

By: Sling and Stone
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Unveiling the Enigmatic Language of Fallen Angels: Deciphering Ancient Mysteries

By Tommy Truthful, October 2, 2023


In the depths of history lies a cryptic tale of fallen angels who once walked the Earth, intertwining their existence with that of humanity. In this captivating journey, we will explore three extraordinary communication methods believed to bridge the gap between these celestial beings and humankind: the enigmatic Enochian language, unciphered texts, and the mysterious world of hieroglyphs. Uncover the secrets of this arcane language and the evidence it may have left behind, as we navigate the enigmatic realms of the past.

The Legacy of Fallen Angels

The story of fallen angels has captured the imagination of generations, rooted in ancient texts and biblical narratives. Revelation 12:9, a pivotal verse, sets the stage, describing the expulsion of Satan and his angels to Earth, forever altering the course of human history. Our journey will unravel the linguistic mysteries that arose from these celestial interactions.

The Enigma of the Enochian Language

Our quest begins with the enigmatic Enochian language, a linguistic tapestry woven through time. This intriguing language is said to have its origins in the spiritual sessions of John Dee and Edward Kelly, two individuals deeply entwined with the supernatural. John Dee, a polymath of his era, served as Queen Elizabeth I’s advisor, bridging the worlds of science and spirituality.

Edward Kelly, on the other hand, was an English Renaissance occultist and scryer. Together, they embarked on a journey to communicate with angels using a mystical crystal—an art known as scrying. What transpired during these sessions birthed the Enochian language, believed to be the primordial language of angels.

The Enochian Alphabet: A Glimpse into the Divine

The Enochian alphabet, a key component of this ancient language, provides us with a unique glimpse into the celestial realm. Its script, written from right to left, offers English equivalents for its characters, some pronounced differently from our conventional language. These characters were gifted to Dee and Kelly during their spiritual encounters and bear witness to the celestial connection between humanity and fallen angels.

Echoes of Unciphered Texts and Hieroglyphs

As we delve further into our cosmic exploration, we encounter echoes of unciphered texts and hieroglyphs that may hold the secrets of these fallen angelic interactions. Across cultures and civilizations, enigmatic scripts remain undeciphered, preserving a hidden history. Examples include the enigmatic Indus script, the Olmec hieroglyphs, and the mysterious Rongo Rongo of Easter Island. These ancient writings may conceal the truth of celestial encounters.

The Power of Megalithic Sites

Our journey into the past takes us to awe-inspiring megalithic sites, where colossal stones defy explanation. These massive stones, meticulously crafted and positioned, are testament to the prowess and knowledge of their builders. Balbeck in Lebanon, the pyramids of Egypt, and the enigmatic sites of Peru, including Cusco, Saksaywaman, and Ollantaytambo, all bear witness to the legacy of fallen angels on Earth.

The Spiritual Battle

In the backdrop of these linguistic revelations lies a profound spiritual battle. Satan and his fallen angels have relentlessly striven to corrupt humanity’s path, yet the promise of victory shines through. Revelation 12:11 reminds us that through faith in Jesus Christ and the power of His sacrifice, mankind can overcome these spiritual challenges.

Conclusion: Unveiling Hidden Truths

As our journey into the realm of fallen angels and their enigmatic language concludes, we are left with a sense of wonder and revelation. The echoes of Enochian, unciphered texts, hieroglyphs, and megalithic sites beckon us to uncover the hidden truths of history. It is a quest for understanding, a journey to decipher the ancient secrets that connect us to celestial beings and our enigmatic past.

Your thoughts and interpretations are invaluable on this cosmic voyage. Feel free to share your insights and opinions in the comments below. Together, we unravel the mysteries that history has concealed. Thank you for embarking on this extraordinary journey, and may the wisdom of the ages guide your path.

PS: Although I, personally, Tommy Truthful, may not share all the religious beliefs of my brother, Sling and Stone, I find his faith to be truly beautiful. What he’s doing by reaching out to believers is nothing short of amazing, and that’s why I wholeheartedly support it here on It’s important to recognize that we don’t always have to share identical beliefs with every channel or individual we encounter. What truly matters is appreciating the beauty that exists in all religions.

As we approach the prophesied end days, I want to make it clear that I stand in solidarity with my Christian brothers and sisters. Even when faced with persecution and the threat of beheading, I will proudly stand by your side. I want to emphasize that my dedication to this unity is unwavering. I wouldn’t renounce anyone, even if told to denounce something as seemingly trivial as Mickey Mouse, because there’s always more beneath the surface.

So, when the day comes and we are asked to denounce Yahshua Hamashai, also known as Jesus Christ, even if I don’t fully comprehend the reasons behind it, I can guarantee that I will not denounce His name either. Our bond in faith is stronger than any challenge that may come our way.

Sincerely, your brother in truth, Tommy Truthful

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