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This Talmud Prophecy says Nephilim are Returning BEFORE the Messiah

By: Tommy Truthful
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Within the depths of the Talmud lies a prophecy that speaks of a chilling revelation: the return of the Nephilim before the arrival of the Messiah. This ancient prediction, hidden from mainstream discourse, foretells a time of great upheaval and supernatural beings walking among us once more.

As we delve into this esoteric knowledge, we uncover the enigmatic connections between biblical lore, extraterrestrial influences, and the secret plans of the global elite. Could these Nephilim, the offspring of fallen angels and human women, be manipulating world events in preparation for their grand return? Are we on the precipice of a cosmic battle between good and evil, with the Messiah as our ultimate savior?

Join us as we unravel the cryptic passages of the Talmud, decode its prophetic messages, and seek to understand the profound implications of the Nephilim’s return. Prepare yourself for a journey into the depths of forbidden knowledge, where ancient prophecies intertwine with contemporary mysteries, and the truth lies just beyond the veil of conventional understanding.

They will try to say they are Aliens!!!

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  • Tommy Truthful

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5G Danger

Spread the Truth


as in the days of noah giants nephilim Reptilians sling and stone This Talmud Prophecy says Nephilim are Returning BEFORE the Messiah

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