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Henry Kissinger dead 187 days After his birthday!

By: Tommy Truthful
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Henry Kissinger dead By the numbers exactly 187 days after his birthday 

Henry Kissinger Dead

“‘Henry A. Kissinger Legacy’ – a write-up from his own site after his death on November 29, 2023, portrays him as a shaper of the post-World War order. Visit for more information.

Kissinger, the 56th Secretary of State, is credited with helping to create this ‘Order.’ Interestingly, the terms ‘world’ and ‘order’ are used, reminiscent of the phrase ‘New World Order.’ This term is frequently used by his associates and other high-ranking individuals globally, suggesting connections to the secretive Illuminati.

Remember, the World Wars started with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand of Austria, coincidentally Hitler’s birthplace. This event was attributed to the secretive political group ‘Black Hand.’

Black Hand Ordinal 56 - Black Hand Reverse Ordinal 187 -

In ordinal gematria, ‘Black Hand’ equals 56, and in reverse gematria, it equals 187. Intriguingly, from Henry Kissinger’s last birthday to his death was exactly 187 days – from Saturday, May 27, 2023, to Wednesday, November 29, 2023. As the 56th U.S. Secretary of State, he passed away on his 187th day of age in the U.S., and on November 30 in Israel, marking 187 days after his May 27, 2023, birthday. The numbers ‘Society of Jesus,’ ‘Brotherhood of Death,’ ‘Holy Roman Empire,’ and ‘Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’ all equate to 187.

Brotherhood Of Death Ordinal 187 -

Henry A. Kissinger

Henry Kissinger Dies A187 Days After His Birthday
Henry Kissinger dies A187 days after his birthday

“Henry A. Kissinger Legacy” Writeup From His Own Site After His November 29, 2023 Death (Shaper Of Post-World War Order)

Considering Kissinger’s Bavarian origin, you could also say he died on his 188th day of age. ‘Bavarian Illuminati’ equals 188 in gematria.

Bavarian Illuminati Ordinal 188 -

This pattern aligns with biblical references, as there are 187 chapters in the Torah. ‘Society of Jesus’ and ‘Abrahamic’ both equal 56 and 187 in gematria.

Society Of Jesus Reduction 56 1 -Society Of Jesus Reverse Ordinal 187 1 -

Lastly, Kissinger’s death coincided with a date numerology of 83 in the U.S. His full name, ‘Henry A. Kissinger,’ equals 83 in gematria.

Henry A Kissinger-Reduction-83 (2)


The date 11/29/2023 breaks down to 11+29+20+23=83. Murder=83, Devil’ (83)

Henry Kissinger Dead

“Henry Kissinger equals 43 in Chaldean Gematria, matching ‘British Empire’ and ‘Adrenochrome,’ which the British Empire is behind in terms of child trafficking and the harvesting of Adrenochrome. This substance is claimed to be used to reverse the telomeres in their DNA, halting the aging process. He was reportedly close friends with Hillary Clinton, often referred to as ‘Miss Frazzle Drip’ in certain circles. I have utilized many different forms of Gematria to demonstrate the connections across all the ciphers with his ritual. Chaldean Gematria is one of the oldest and most pure forms. I have conducted a detailed blog on this cipher; if you’re interested in learning more, you can check it out at this link:”

Cnn Broke The News Of Henry Kissinger’s Death At 4 Am In Tel Aviv, Israel, November 30, 2023, The 201St Day Of The Nation’s Age

“CNN reported the death of Henry Kissinger at 4 AM in Tel Aviv, Israel, on November 30, 2023, which was the 201st day of the nation’s age.

State Of Israel-Reverse Ordinal-201

The number 4 is considered a symbol of death in various Asian cultures. In many Chinese dialects, the word for ‘four’ (四, pinyin: sì, jyutping: sei3) sounds quite similar to the word for ‘death’ (死, pinyin: sǐ, jyutping: sei2). This similarity is also observed in Sino-Japanese, Sino-Korean, and Sino-Vietnamese languages. For instance, the word for ‘four’ in Japanese (shi, し) and Korean (sa, 사) sounds similar or identical to ‘death’ in each language. However, this phenomenon does not occur in Vietnamese, as the words for ‘four’ (tứ or tư) and ‘death’ (tử) carry different tones. Additionally, Vietnamese often use non-Sino-Vietnamese numerals. Tetraphobia, the fear of the number four, is notably more prevalent in Korea and Japan due to the phonetic similarity, surpassing the Western superstition of triskaidekaphobia around the number 13. This fear significantly influences various aspects, including the business sector, in these regions of Asia.”

Henrykissinger -Nwo

Post World War II, Britain controlled Palestine before it was transitioned to the Jews migrating from Europe to Israel, a direct outcome of the World Wars.”

“Henry Kissinger and the Evolution of World Order: A Critical Analysis

The recent passing of Henry Kissinger, 187 days after his birthday, has reignited discussions about his role in shaping the modern concept of world order. Known as the father of the New World Order in America, Kissinger’s ideas and actions have profoundly impacted global politics.

Kissinger envisioned a world order rooted in American idealism and European balance-of-power politics. Following World War II, the U.S. emerged as a global leader, advocating for liberty, democracy, and free markets as pathways to peace and stability. However, this vision encountered challenges in regions resistant to Western concepts of order.

According to Kissinger, the current world order’s failure stems from the absence of effective mechanisms for great powers to cooperate on significant issues. Globalization, while economically advantageous, has sparked political reactions that threaten its objectives. Additionally, the lack of a coherent strategy to balance regional orders with their global implications increases the risks of regional dominance and conflicts.

This so-called new world order is designed to grant the one percent complete control over the rest. Kissinger, as a prominent advocate of this order, helped advance it significantly. Since his initiation, we have witnessed the near fulfillment of this agenda, marked by the collapse of the U.S. dollar and the shift towards a digital currency, potentially leading to a microchip-based system. This system might utilize graphene oxide, a programmable material allegedly present in COVID-19 vaccines, which could give individuals an IP address.

This new world order aims to barcode and account for every resource on the planet, ensuring total control. Meanwhile, societal divisions are exacerbated – Christian versus Muslim, Democrat versus Republican, white versus black – as tactics like fluoride usage dull the masses and calcify the pineal gland, reducing vibrational frequencies and cognitive abilities.

The next generation is being enslaved to technology, propelling a transhumanist agenda under the guise of human advancement. In reality, it’s about global dominance, controlling every natural resource, and diverting our focus to devices, which are considered fallen angelic technology.

Furthermore, elites like Kissinger collaborate with interdimensional entities, misidentified as aliens, to gain advanced technology for building smart cities, grids, and devices. This technology is part of a broader plan to control humanity through digital microchips, enabling these entities to use humans as AI avatars.

The agenda for 2045, focusing on immortality technology, has purportedly been realized. Figures like Kissinger don’t die but transfer their consciousness between clones, a practice believed to have been ongoing for centuries. This narrative, though controversial, is what some consider the hidden truth behind global events and technological advancements.”

“Black GOO: The Fallen Angel Tech Revolutionizing Consciousness Transfer”

Netflix The Fall of the House of Usher’: A Dark Dive into Soul-Selling Decoded

Matthew Perry dies at age 54 in a 128 Ritual Like Tommy Truthful and Doenut Factory Warned!

Link to Henry Kissinger’s death at 100 years old 

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5G Danger

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“Henry A. Kissinger Legacy” writeup from his own site after his November 29 2023 2023 death (shaper of post-World War Order) CNN broke the news of Henry Kissinger’s death at 4 AM in Tel Aviv Henry a Kissinger-Reduction-83 (2) Henry A. Kissinger Henry a. Kissinger Legacy Henry Kissinger decode Henry Kissinger dies A187 days after his birthday Henry Kissinger Gematria decode Henry Kissinger Gematria murder by numbers ritual Israel November 30 secretary of state henry kissinger State of Israel-Reverse Ordinal-201 the 201st day of the nation’s age

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