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The Truth Behind Two Suns: Solar Simulator and Its Impact on EARTHS Cataclysms

By: Tommy Truthful
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Truth Mafia


➡ In 2023, a team called the Truth Mafia, led by Tommy Truthful, started investigating long-standing mysteries and conspiracies. They explore everything from ancient symbols to hidden meanings in popular culture. In their podcast, they discuss topics like the solar simulator, a phenomenon some people believe they are seeing in the sky. They also speculate about wildfires, ancient legends, and the possibility of a hidden sun, while encouraging listeners to question what they see and know.
➡ The speaker believes that major changes are happening, possibly due to solar storms, which could lead to an increase in cancer rates. They also discuss various conspiracy theories, including the idea that the government is preparing for resistance by bringing in military-aged men, and that FEMA camps are being built under Walmarts. The speaker also delves into ancient symbolism, suggesting that a solar simulator is being worshipped and that there’s a long-standing battle between two ancient brothers, Enki and Enlil. They conclude by discussing Freemasonry and its use of ancient symbols.
➡ Stephen King’s films often feature children with special abilities who are targeted by evil entities. In “Doctor Sleep,” vampiric beings feed on children’s fear to extend their own lives. In “The Institute,” children are kidnapped, their families killed, and they are trained to be psychic weapons. “The Dark Tower” features a child with the ability to see other worlds, and evil forces aim to destroy the tower that protects all realities, using children with special abilities.
➡ The text discusses various conspiracy theories, including the connection between Verizon and the 5G grid system, the potential dangers of 5G towers, and the belief in a ‘beast system’. It also covers various global events such as wildfires, geomagnetic storms, and unusual weather patterns, suggesting they might be linked to these theories. The author encourages skepticism towards mainstream explanations and urges readers to research further.
➡ The speaker expresses distrust in the government and Neuralink, fearing it could lead to a loss of humanity and individuality. They believe that the younger generation might be manipulated into accepting such technologies for promises of enhanced abilities. The speaker also shares concerns about increasing cancer rates, suspecting a hidden cause related to the government or other powerful entities. They end by encouraging listeners to question their reality and resist control from artificial intelligence.
➡ The text discusses the power of symbols and their potential to carry energy or even demonic forces, especially when mass-produced on items like clothing. It also explores the concept of transferring consciousness and questions whether the soul can be transferred along with it. The text further delves into the idea of advanced technology, such as touchable holograms, and its potential for deception. Lastly, it touches on the concept of the winged disc, an ancient symbol of power, and its potential connection to Nibiru, a hypothesized planet.
➡ The text discusses the theory of Nibiru, a celestial body from Babylonian creation, and its potential large size or density. It also mentions the discovery of a planet named Planet X in the 1980s. The author suggests that these celestial bodies might be used as a weapon system, causing what is referred to as the Phoenix phenomenon. The text also includes a discussion about a live stream, personal decodes, and various products available for purchase.
➡ The text discusses various theories about the moon, light, and the cosmos, suggesting the moon is a plasma and challenging gravitational theories. It also talks about the potential harmful effects of LED bulbs, which can cause anxiety, restlessness, and even blindness. The text also delves into conspiracy theories about secret symbols and the Freemasons. Lastly, it discusses a mission to restart the sun using a stellar bomb, suggesting a matrix within a matrix and the creation of artificial copies of everything.
➡ The speaker discusses feeling unusually tired and anxious after an eclipse, noting that many others felt the same and took naps afterwards. They also share their belief that the sun is artificial, based on unusual photos and videos they’ve taken, which show strange reflections and shapes. They encourage others to take their own photos and videos of the sun to see for themselves. The speaker also mentions feeling different during an eclipse in 2024, describing the sun as looking white and feeling colder.
➡ This text discusses various theories about the universe, including the concept of ether, which is seen as a primal energy throughout the universe. It also explores the idea of gravity as the absorption of ether by all matter, and how this energy is transformed into electromagnetism. The text also delves into the possibility of artificial suns and moons, and the use of photovoltaic cells to convert light into energy. Lastly, it challenges the common belief that the sun is hot, suggesting instead that it’s a source of light and energy, and that our atmosphere creates heat on Earth.
➡ This text explores the idea that everything in the universe is interconnected and vibrates, from the sun to the smallest atom. It suggests that sound and light travel through dimensions, and that patterns created by sound in water, or cymatics, can explain everything from the structure of atoms to the orbits of planets. The text also discusses how these patterns can be seen in nature, such as in the formation of clouds or the freezing of water. Finally, it proposes that understanding these patterns could change our perception of reality and our place within it.
➡ The text discusses the importance of ancient knowledge about the universe, which was often represented through art and architecture. It explains how this knowledge, which includes understanding of shapes like hexagons and tetrahedrons, can unlock new ways of seeing the world. The text also explores the unique properties of water, including its ability to store information and its fourth phase, which can be used to generate energy. Lastly, it emphasizes the importance of simplicity in learning and the power of memory and emotion in education.
➡ The text discusses the importance of light and water in maintaining health. It explains how light, particularly infrared light, helps to expand the ‘exclusion zone’ (EZ) in cells, which is crucial for their function. The text also emphasizes the benefits of hydration, green juicing, and exposure to sunlight for building EZ water in cells. It concludes by suggesting that grounding oneself to the earth can also help build EZ, contributing to overall health.


In 2023, a group of researchers formed the Truth Mafia, a collective determined to investigate conspiracies and occult mysteries that have been buried for centuries. With a passion for uncovering the truth, they delve into the darkest corners of history, pop culture, and ancient mysteries, seeking answers to questions that have plagued humanity for ages. The truth mafia is led by Tommy truthful, a man shrouded in mystery and intrigue, dedicated to uncovering the hidden truths behind some of the world’s most perplexing and enigmatic phenomena. Their research has led them down countless rabbit holes, from deciphering ancient symbols to exploring the hidden meanings behind popular media and literature.

Despite the risks and challenges they face, the truth mafia remains steadfast in their quest for knowledge. Will their investigations lead to groundbreaking revelations? Or will they unravel an even deeper web of secrets and lies? Only time will tell in this ongoing saga of conspiracy and intrigue. Welcome to another episode of the Truth Mafia podcast. Make sure you smash that like button. And we’re gonna get going today. We’re gonna talk about the solar simulator, the sun simulator that a lot of people are now seeing in the sky. You know, a lot of you that been with me for a long time.

You remember back when I first started this, I had a page called Pole Shift, and this was like forever ago, but I was talking about the sun simulator before people even knew what it was, you know, and I believe it’s been around much longer than we think. I don’t think it’s something new, but we’re going to get into that today. And everybody, how y’all doing today? Hit them like buttons to all the mothers out there. I hope you guys had an awesome mother’s day. And let’s get going. So I want to play a video first for you guys.

Hold on 1 second. Let me turn this off. All right, so I’m gonna play this video that. Well, first, let’s talk about the wildfire, right? This will be the worst year we’ve ever seen for wildfires. And you got to wonder if you look into Archimedes mirror where he could burn up. This is back in ancient times, he could burn whole cities and boats with this giant mirror that reflected the sun. So think what they can do now. And it makes you wonder, all these fires get really bad right when the solar simulator starts to. Because before, you know, 2020, no one knew what a solar simulator was.

There was a few people that was looking into it back then, but it’s been around for quite some time since the sixties publicly. But I think it goes back further than that. I think it’s connected to the phoenix phenomenon and these global resets that we go through that are cyclical. It’s some type of weapon system. That’s what I believe with all my heart. But let’s take a look at the fires real quick. First, major wildfire spread to nearly 20,000 acres across western Canada on Sunday. Sunday as authorities issued an evacuation order for thousands of residents in British Columbia and warned of poor air quality across the country.

Evacuees lined up to get emergency support in Fort St. John over the weekend. Across the border in Alberta, residents of Fort McMurray were told to prepare to leave. Eyewitness video captured on Friday showed fire blocking a highway that connects Alberta to the Northwest Territories. Authorities in Alberta said six crews of firefighters along with 13 helicopters and air tankers were working to tame the fire on Sunday. They said the blaze had subdued but was expected to spread again as the temperatures soar. Meanwhile, Canada’s weather service issued a special air quality statement extending from British Columbia to Ontario.

On Sunday, the federal government warned of another catastrophic wildfire season as it forecast higher than normal spring and summer temperatures boosted by El Nino weather conditions. Canada experienced one of its warmest winters with low to non existent snow in many areas, raising fears that a hot summer would trigger wildfires amid an ongoing drought. They’re probably going to burn up all that good ganja up there in Canada too. Ain’t that just a shame. Now we’ve been getting videos from all around the world and why you guys are seeing the northern lights in the United States right now.

If you remember when this whole nibiru thing first started, there was a lot of people saying that when the northern lights were visible from the United States, that’s when we would be going through pole shift. Right now. You know me, guys, I think we live in a simulation anyways, an enclosed simulation, which anything can happen in that. But this solar simulator is known as the black sun, the dark sun, and I believe it’s been being worshipped for quite some time. And how you can really tell the solar simulator is the lens flare gives it away because you’ll have that damn honeycomb lens flare.

You’ll see the honeycombs in it. And lately the solar simulator has been tweaking out. I don’t know what’s going on with it. Maybe they need to get up there and fix it or something, right? But it’s been like having. Seems like it’s going through glitches right now really bad. I looked at it the other day, and it started glitching out, winking at me. I couldn’t even believe what I was seeing. It’s definitely not our sun. And then I’m wondering, okay, is there any chance Nibiru is real? If it is real, regardless where it’s from, maybe. Did it come around the backside of our sun and block out our actual sun? Like, okay, for example, see how it looks like there’s three right there? Okay, so we know the one in the middle is the solar simulator, because you can see the lens flare from it with the honeycomb.

But what if the third one, the lightest one, is our real sun? And then the. The one in the middle has to do with that nibiru thing? And I’m just playing devil’s advocate here. And then the solar simulator is to give us this artificial light and block out what else is behind there so we can’t see it. You know, devil’s advocate. I’m just wondering, because there there was all these legends in ancient times where the sun would go dark, crops would fail, you know, and different. Different timelines and different cultures talked about different periods of the dark, these dark ages.

So it’s. It’s very fascinating. Maybe it has something to do with that, because there’s a lot of people that believe why we’re seeing the two suns is because Nibiru is on elliptical orbit with our sun. Right? But I just have to point out that we do have solar simulators, and they are patent. So what they’re. Now, let’s look at the other side of this coin. What if they’re. They want us to believe in Nibiru, and they’re going to use that to blame all these natural disasters on people? They’re gonna be like, oh, that’s Nibiru causing pole shift.

And that’s nibiru. That while the tornadoes are coming in, the earthquakes, when really, it’s some geoengineering, heart type technology for a form of population control. And, you know another way to tell the fake sun. It looks like a damn flashlight. You remember I started pointing this out a couple years back, guys, when I was still, like, walking around the neighborhood, doing the videos, I would look up at the sun. I’d be like, man, that sun is not no sun that I ever grew up with. In my 41 years on this planet, did I ever see a sun that had two beams coming out the side of it like that? Like a flashlight? You know, that’s what it reminds me of.

It’s artificial, though, and we see the symbolism the same symbolism in a lot of this masonic symbolism with this third son. And, you know, the two pillars are the third pillar. It kind of represents Sirius, the hidden sun. But how do we know? Maybe that’s not Sirius a b? Because there’s many siriuses, Sirius A, B, and C, I believe. And they believe one of them is from inner Earth. I’m wondering if the hidden sun and Freemasonry is really, um, this. The solar simulator, some type of. Of an ancient weapon system. Now, this was from one of my followers in my group, my members only WhatsApp group.

They took this image their self, this video here. I didn’t say their name because I didn’t want to, you know, put their info out there like that. But they look at this. Look at this thing, guys just tweaking out mean, that’s not normal. Do any of you guys remember growing up with a son like this? Because I sure don’t. And all I ask you is to start looking up. They made a movie trolling you called don’t look up. Remember that Netflix came out with don’t look up straight trolling us? So start looking up. The average person can go two to three years without looking up one time.

Ain’t that crazy? When you really think about it? I look up every time I go outside. I love looking up at the sky and seeing what’s going on. So, you know, this is why something is going on that they’re not telling us about. I’m not one to pretend like I got all the answers, because I do not. But, you know, I think we’re going through a major change, a major cyclical event. And that’s why we’re seeing the northern lights. It’s not a good thing. I don’t believe it’s from no damn solar storms that could play a part in it.

Right? And another thing I thought of last night. So remember when I told you guys, there’s, like, this big theme right now with cancer, because you have, like. Okay, let’s just think all the people with cancer. Real quick. What’s her name? The famous queen lady, guys. Oh, man. Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton. Um, she had cancer, right? Then the king has cancer. There’s all these people dying of cancer. All these famous people. So if you watch my video, I think it was. Yeah, the one to watch the video I did on Kate Middleton. Guys, it’s on this channel here.

If you’re on YouTube, it’s on the YouTube channel. If you’re on Facebook, you’ll find it on there. Or you can find it up on my website, truth mafia calm. And, and the cancer theme, I believe might have to do with the solar storms and it weakening our atmosphere. Because when this stuff pours in, a lot of people are going to start dying from cancer. People are going to get sick, they’re going to feel like they have some type of radiation sickness, really is probably what it’ll will mimic. And then you have certain people that um, absorb that energy and you know, we’re not going to get into that today, but um, this has ties into twelve strands of angelic DNA activating that dormant DNA.

So um, yeah, I, I definitely believe it’s going to cause a lot of people to die though. And maybe that was the whole thing behind the whole Rona. You know, it was a drill to see how we would react. And you know, all the people are flooding in at the borders, flooding in, flooding in, flooding in. Military age men. I have a really bad feeling. I’m telling you. I think they’re all the UN, I think they’ve been trained. Greg Reese did a video on this today. You can find it up on truth And he said that, that the british army was training them in places like Turkey and then flooding them into our country because no one believes their lie no more.

No one’s going to go on lockdowns again. When they try to lock us down, people are just like, yeah, right, I ain’t on that. And go about their day. So because we already watched it destroy the economy, we already watched it literally destroy small business, which is what it was designed to do. So these big companies could come in and absorb everything. Right? But yeah, I believe they, they are bringing these un military age men in so that when we do resist, that’s when all the crazy stuff’s going to start. The roundups. The FEMA camps, we know during Jade Helm, the operation that took place in 2015 called Operation Jade Helm, they shut down all the Walmart’s and during that time period, everybody was sharing videos.

These trains coming into America with just tanks and tanks, and tanks, un tanks. So they already got all that stuff in there. They did, they brought everything they needed ten years ago, you know what I mean? That’s how empires work. They plan 30, 40, 50 years in advance. So most people forgot about that, that they were shutting down all the Walmart’s. And then there was all these like rumors going around that they were building FEMA camps under the Walmarts. Remember that guys? Well, they didn’t disappear, let me tell you. They’re still there. So okay with this, son? I’m sure a lot of you guys.

And before I get going, make sure you check out the links down in the description, guys. And we got a major sale right now over on dot. We just got a ton of new stuff in. And all my stuff is holistical, so it has healing properties, like, if you’re dealing with negative energy or stuff like that. There’s some really cool products we have over there that can help you out, and that’s on truthful I just had a plug real quick. Now, let me break this down. Really. Okay, so this is the ancient symbol that they worshiped.

They’re called the sun disc. It’s supposed to be kind of a representation of nibiru, right, this winged disc. But you can find it in almost every culture, too. The winged disc is a common. Is common religious icon for many ancient civilizations. However, it is most commonly associated with Egypt and mesopotamian cultures. The symbol has also been found in the records of ancient cultures residing in various regions of South America as well as Australia. While the symbol is associated with the sun, a closer inspection of ancient wall relief, sumerian seals, and freemasonic symbols reveal a different interpretation of this symbol.

So let me show you. Where’s my next one? Right here it is. Okay. Boom. So, in the earliest depictions of the winged disc found in Mesopotamia, we. We find it surrounded by three other celestial objects. One is star like, with rays, representing the sun, circled in purple. Another is crescent or full moon, circled in green, surrounded by seven stars, representing the Pleiades star cluster, also known as the seven sisters, circled in green. Then the winged disk is circled in red, being the central and most important symbol, which. Okay, so this is where all this phoenix symbolism comes from, this winged the thunderbird.

And I have a theory. I truly believe that it’s the solar simulator. It’s some type of technology, right? These people, there’s. There’s nothing new under the sun, guys, you know, we think we’re the first ones to do this advanced technology. Look, man, these people have been worshiping some type of AI consciousness for thousands of years. You know what I’m saying? They’ve been worshiping some type of archonic, interdimensional AI consciousness at the highest parts of society. And a lot of this all ties back to two brothers, Enki and Enlo. Inky is pretty much Poseidon, right? He’s represented by the serpent.

And then Enlil, his brother, is the eagle, which is Zeus. It’s pretty much Zeus Jupiter. And there’s been a battle between these two brothers for thousands of thousands of years that’s still raging on today. Now, I think the part that they’re from, like, some far away galaxy, is B’s. I think it’s all interdimensional. And they’ve been here the whole time. They’re underground. They’re in inner Earth. That’s where I believe they’re from. It even says Inky built his empire underground, his whole civilization. Why Enlil built his on top. So any of these countries you see with the eagle on it, and especially if you see the country that has the eagle with the serpent in its talons, that that country is a part of the Enlil faction, right? And this is the same member, St.

Patrick’s Day, where they said that he went and got all the snakes out of Ireland. Well, there was never no snakes in Ireland, ever. It was getting the serpent knowledge out of Ireland. That that’s what it really tied into purging of that ancient knowledge that we’re not supposed to have. Um, probably the same knowledge that Yeshua taught, or Jesus, whatever you want to call him. He was more like a master teacher, like a neo archetype, and they probably killed him for teaching stuff he wasn’t supposed to be teaching, you know, this forbidden knowledge for man. And, and with Enlil, it’s really the feathered dragon is what the eagle represents.

It’s. It’s that feathered dragon, more so. Both of them have that serpent connection to them. They might be some form of reptilian, who knows what the hell these things are. Now back to this sun disc. Freemasonry has been studying ancient religions and esoteric traditions since at least the 17 hundreds when their first lodge was created. This is the grandmother lodge in 1717. In England, they have adopted many ancient symbols in their organization and in their artwork, we can find the winged disc, the same configuration of celestial objects. So you see, you always have the sun, the moon, the male, the female.

Then you have this third one, Jacob’s ladder, that third one right there, the third pillar. And a lot of people believe it’s called the hidden sun, right? The eye in the sky, the hidden sun. I think it’s, it’s this. I think it’s a solar simulator, guys. I really do. I think it’s been around a lot longer than we know. Whole lot longer. In George Washington’s masonic apron, the first degree masonic trace board, and other illustrations, we find the sun, the moon, surrounded by seven stars, and an all seeing eye, which replaces the winged disc. In other depictions of the same artwork, the all seeing eye is replaced by a more modern pyramid topped with an eye.

Inside. Many masonic lodges and churches use the pyramid with the eye symbol alone. Just like the winged symbol adorned the many sacred ancient sites, the only thing that the Masons changed from the original configuration of celestial objects was the winged disc. For an all seeing eye. It’s. It’s. It’s pretty much the same thing, right? And we see that on the back of the dollar bill that that’s the same symbol. So this is why Confucius told us that symbols rule the world, not the laws of man. It’s so important, guys, to be able to read these symbols.

They’re attaching energy to them, too. So certain symbols, like you’re walking around with these symbols on our shirts, on our pants, on our shoes. And if you look into sigil magic, they can bind energy to that symbol. They can even bind demons to it so they can map. They combined a demon to a sigil and then mass produce it, put it on a bunch of shirts. And your kids are wearing this to school and it’s bringing all that demonic energy towards them or whatever you want to call it. Alien, demon, uh, whatever. It really don’t matter.

They’re, they’re pretty much one in the same in the first degree. Masonic tracing board. We find three pillars in a stairway leading up to the all seeing eye. Like a stairway to heaven. In the book of Genesis, Jacob has a dream in which he meets God who resides at the top of the ladder that reaches to heaven after. And this is what CeRN’s doing, building a stairway to heaven to try to take war to this God. They think they’re going to win, these elites. And look, guys, imagine if you did as much evil as them. Look what they’ve done to countries.

Pillaged, hurt children. I mean, you would have to try to further your immortality technology so you don’t die and you could just live forever. Because if you die, you know, your karma is you’re definitely going to go to not such a good place. You know what I mean? I think they fear that so bad that they keep trying to stay here. And, you know, the elites, they got technology we’ve never seen med beds able to transfer consciousness from one host to another. But you got to ask yourself, when you transfer your consciousness from one clone to another, does the soul transfer with it? I would say no, it doesn’t.

It’s just like a mimic of you. It’s like a, what would you call, like an echo of you. Right? It’s. It’s. It’s got your memories and all that. But it doesn’t have what makes you you, which is that soul. You might think it’s conscious, but it’s really not. So the ladder that reaches the heaven after waking, he raised a rock and set it up as a pillar to commemorate the event. In the ancient past, the winged disc represented the home and source of power of the gods. The pillars in the tracing board may very well represent past interjections of these entities.

Right? And have you guys ever watched the movie Greenland? Let me get a drink. Sorry, guys. Drinking my tea. So there’s this movie called Greenland and in Greenland, the movie that. See, that’s what I think we’re in, dude. I really think we’re in some type of Greenland style event. Our governments already are underground. They’ve been underground. They got artificial intelligence running everything. It’s running the media, it’s running social media. That’s why we see these people glitching out, too. Like Joe Biden. How many times have we watched him glitch out on tv? Probably because it ain’t him.

You know what I mean? Maybe it’s a robot. Maybe it’s a hologram. I mean, who knows? They have holograms now that you can literally walk up and touch. Yeah, not joking. They really have holograms you can walk up and touch. So not only you can walk up and touch it, it can touch you. And you’ll feel it. Excuse me. And I had all the patent numbers for this on my old website, But I’ll have to find them again and I’ll get them up on truth mafia. But some of you that been around for a while.

You remember when I did the blog on the new holograms they came out with that actually can like say this hologram is a giant nephilim, right? It can run up and kick a car and really kick the car. That’s the type of technology these people are dealing with. So think of the deceptions they could do with it. You know, making us believe a whole stage dealing, threats happening or the rapture or whatever. But this movie called Greenland, it literally has the same thing in it. It’s a giant winged comet flying towards earth. And it causes pretty much most of the world dies.

But all the survivors, they make it to Greenland. So there’s this family, and they were picking random families to go to Greenland. And this guy got picked. And if you notice when he’s in the. When he’s in the store. That’s the first time you see the comet in the sky. He looks up and there’s this giant thing burning in the sky with wings on it. And then he goes in the store, he gets a text. You and your family been picked to go to Greenland. And it’s 04:46 p.m. When he gets that text, that four four six number, which is connected to Neo, but it’s also tied into this whole global reset.

The. I don’t want to say that word. It’s tied into a certain bridge that’s orange too. Every time I mention what’s going to happen out west, they take my channel or freeze my stuff up. So I’m kind of scared that that’s getting too close to happen. And I just got to be careful what I’m talking about for anyone, you know? You know what I’m talking about. Out in the bay now. Did you guys watch the new cat Williams show too? What’s it called? Woke folk. If you go back and watch woke folk, the new cat Williams Netflix special, he’s talking about the Illuminati in the one part.

And I noticed there’s these street signs up on the stage with him. And like one says Oakland, he’s in, I think he’s in Crenshaw or something. I forget where he was at, but he’s in LA doing the show. And below Oakland, on the next street sign, it says Oklahoma, where we just had all these tornadoes. And then below that it says Ohio. We had a tornado here and we was in the path of totality. So I’m thinking we’re gonna see two, probably two big events in Oklahoma and Ohio. I’m also keeping my eye on Tampa, Florida, because during the 13 days of preparation going into Beltane, they found a baby, a dead baby on the Tampa campus.

Then right after that happened, that’s when all the, the riots and all the things were taking place at the universities. Remember all the protests and all that stuff was starting. I didn’t mean to say riots, but whatever they call it, they were, they were trying to shut it down. And I. What I told Donut the other day when we was talking, I believe they’re going to do some major staged event at these campuses. And we all know it’s going to involve guns, right? Because that, that’s just the agenda they’re ramming down our throat right now. But when me and Donut was on the phone, we looked at the tampa.

I said, is there a bridge in Tampa? So we looked it up and there is. It’s this real pretty bridge. And guess what, guys? This bridge got destroyed, partially destroyed, on January 28, 128 of 1980. I’m not joking. And so, you know, we know the Baltimore bridge was destroyed at 01:28 a.m. Bridge collapses. One, two, eight, and then this bridge, I think it’s called the Skyline Bridge or Skylon Bridge. I’ll show it to you after this. But, yeah, it was partially destroyed in 1980 on January 28, which is 128. And then the. That’s the same day the bridge collapsed in Pittsburgh, the land of the 446 bridges.

There’s that 446 again. So the first time I ever noticed that number was in the Greenland movie, when he got the notification at 04:46 p.m.. I started paying attention to that number, and then I kept finding a connection to bridges. And there’s a symbolic connection there, too, with the bridge. I broke it down before, but 911 done on the east coast represented ISIS and that moon energy, the silver gates. What man reincarnates through this is as above, so below. And. And then on the west coast, you got the golden gates. And the Golden Gate is an astrological alignment called the Galactic center, and it’s supposed to be a portal from heaven to earth.

They say that’s where the messiah will come back through. So these two events will birth the Antichrist right in the middle, the 88 point, which will be Horus. They’re. They’re probably in St. Louis or, um, maybe even Illinois, because that’s right on that line right there. And there’s been a lot going on in Chicago right now, guys. But anyways, this thing right here, the wing disk, this is what the ancients worshiped. And it was pretty much Nibiru, right? That’s. That’s what they believe. Now, the interesting thing is, in 1983, the year I was born, they released this article, and it was talking about Nibiru.

Now, in babylonian creation, Miss the Enuma Elish, we read that Nibiru is Merduke star, which Murduke is Nimrod Muraduk star, which he made appear in the heavens, the star of heaven. Let him, Nibiru set their course. Let him shepherd all the gods like sheep. For a celestial body. To shepherd other planets like sheep, its size or density must be very large. In the 1980s, astronomers were able to pinpoint the planet named planet x using the iras infrared telescope. And now this is just what they say, right? I’m not saying whether it’s real or not, but they really did print this article.

See, I think. I think they kind of want us to believe in the Nibiru theory because these entities are already here. They’re traveling interdimensionally, and they live in an earth. But the thing we’re seeing in the sky right now that I. That I just got done showing you this thing is their weapon system. This is how they cause what archaics calls the phoenix phenomenon. Right? I think they’re using this type of weapon system now. I got a video I want to show you guys real quick. Hold on. Let me remove this. Okay, let me check the comments.

Everybody good in here? Can you guys hear me? Good? Is audio good and everything? Hit them like buttons, too. Guys, we got 500 people in this live right now. It’s only streaming to three platforms. To my YouTube 114, truth mafia, my big channel, which is almost at 300,000 followers on Facebook. Shout out to you guys. I just did a video on Doja cat that went dumb viral. It’s already past a million views, I think, now, and I owe that all to you guys. So, the last couple of days, we just been getting crazy amounts of new followers and shout out to all the new people.

We’re happy to have you here. And then we also got the Tommy truthful 369 when it’s streaming, too. But let me see. Make sure everybody’s got my, um, grand rising. Okay. You guys can hear me good, though. Thank you. I love you, too. Okay, let’s. Let’s go take a gander at this together. Hold on, let me. Screen share. Screen share. I need to make sure I put the audio on. Share audio, too. Yes. Okay, there we go. Now, which one do I have it open? Okay, here we go, guys. Share. Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to give you a tunnel vision.

All right, so I’m going to play this in a minute about the solar simulator. Shout out to the declosure hub. I actually reached out to him to try to get him on a podcast. Now, coming up on the 16th, two days away, I have Jay Dyer on. He’s from Infowars. And then the 17th, me and Juan, I was supposed to do be Dell, Annie, me and donut tonight. I hope that’s still going. I’m not sure, though, guys, but before I get into this real, real quick little plug, you know? Gotta pay the bills. Guys, if you want to find out your role in this simulation we call life, you can come over, get your personal decode.

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It’s just going right through you. It’s not affecting you at all. So let’s get into this video now. Sorry for the plug, my brothers and sisters. Okay, here we go. And whenever they’re trying to hide anything from you, they’ll throw it in some sort of media, like a commercial or a movie. And it’s just crazy that Hennessy included a firmament commercial out of nowhere for no reason. Now, getting into the deepest part of the moon, the craziest, deepest part of the black rabbit hole, not only do some patents reflect that the moon could be a hologram, but also that the sun could be artificially created.

A combination of different theories, one of which that thinks that the moon is plasma, say that it’s a shadow, or better yet, a projection of earth on the dome or the firmament. Now, one thing. You have a theory about the moon, and we expect to be able to get observable facts about the moon fairly soon. What is your theory? Well, it is by now rather more than a theory. Ten or eleven years ago, I stated to various scientists that the moon is not a piece of rock, but it is a plasma, plasma phenomenon, cosmic plasma. And that this fact will eventually be confirmed.

I made certain predictions which were already confirmed in 1958, and the situation now is coming close to a complete confirmation. What will be the result? If you are proved to be correct in your theories, the result will be profound and decisive, because it will give proof that a complete reinvestigation of the laws of nature is necessary. Because if the moon is a plasma, no man will ever land on it. The self planning attempts will all fail. That means that the mass of the moon is less, far less than is currently assumed. It’s in a different state of energy, and it has far less mass.

That means there is no more explanation for the tides. If the moon, for example, had only a thousandth part of its current mass, then the tides would only be two inches high, and the conventional theories, instead of sometimes 14ft. And that means that if it is proof that the moon is a plasma, then all gravitational theories are out. And the new concept of the cosmos and of its laws has to be evolved scientific views expressed all over the world. Now that the moon seems to be of a quite different nature of what was assumed, the Americans and Russians are thinking of landing men on it.

Well, that will never happen. Not on the moon, on Mars, on Venus, on other planets. Yes, but the moon is definitely, as I assert, a plasma. They say that this is an x ray projection in the Xahertz spectrum. They say that this is from the black sun that the Nazis were worshipping. They even had a logo that represented the black sun. In occult beliefs, they believe that the black sun is at the center of the earth in some place called Agartha. It’s also called other names. And that symbol that the Nazis used for the black sun in the center, it actually looks like cat’s chain.

Yep. Now, some people say the Freemason logo is the way it is, because it’s actually representing a secret symbol of what’s really going on. The secret symbol of the black sun being below, which is black sun, negative exahertz x ray, and up top is the red sun, which is uv in the petahertz spectrum, which is positive. So we have the positive above, negative below. Strange that the Freemasons always say, as above, so below. And people speculate that we’re called hue mans because we are actually on the spectrum right below the sun. And our cells vibrate at the same frequency as light.

And if you do a little bit of research, you’ll understand that the leds, the new lighting that has been rolled out, that everybody got a discount on, that is actually causing damage to us because that’s how sensitive we are to light. Just like plants. The administration’s ban on incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs starting August 1, 2023. I think this is really important, right? We’ve had these bulbs since the dawn of time, basically since the 19 hundreds. They’re very soothing, they’re very relaxing. If you like to read a book, you just turn on the lamp with the incandescent and you can read that book just fine.

But these led bolts, on the other hand, in which they want to have in every home, can actually cause anxiety and restlessness. They can mess with your melatonin levels inside your brain. They’re actually linked to blindness, which is crazy. When you get into the studies, they also flicker like crazy, and they also emit microwave radiation. And they also can map your whole home. Yeah, they can map your freaking home. So they can spy on you with these type of bulbs. Ain’t that nuts? That’s what they want to bring into our home. Led bulbs that are emitting microwave radiation.

On top of that, when you get some really weird, you get into the smart bulbs. The smart bulbs can actually sync up to your phone, sync up to your alexa, sync up to your stove, to your fridge, to all your devices in which they can use to monitor you. Tell me what’s happened in the last 200 years. What do you mean, just the last 200 years? Like a quick rundown. I know about the great war and the bombs falling and the 320 years of american history before then. I just need help with the last 200 years after the bombs fell.

The bombs fell when I was a kid. Is that what they tell you in your brotherhood? Look, I come from a place where the world is what you make of it. Hey, it’s not like up here. We’re naive down there. Up until I was six, I really thought that the big light on our farm was the sun. My mom used to take me to play out under that light, and I swear I could feel the sun baking my skin after my mom was gone. This is from fallout. And they had the solar simulator down there, growing crops under this giant solar simulator.

And she was from vault 33. And the interesting thing about it is there’s vault 33, vault 32 and vault 31. Vault 31 was the one controlling vault 32 and vault 33 and 31 is the matrix, you know, so it’s controlling the rest, which if you look into Freemasonry, there’s a connection between them. Three degrees, 31, 32 and 33. 33 is an honorary degree. So another, they have to invite you to become that. You can’t earn that degree. A matter of fact, we did a full breakdown on this for our members up on truth dot. There’s a full breakdown on the whole series fallout.

And I just did another one on the dark tower that’s available right now. I realized it was just her that made it all feel so real. It was a sequence of contact reports on the top left shield quadrant, which by 1700 had turned into a minor, none bigger than a raindrop. We had 19 punctures and a secondary contact to the engine compartment. It took three alpha shifts to patch it up. Lost a little bite by, nothing serious. Got a tally member. I said, bruce, it was beautiful. Telling me why. I said, good sir, it. Our son is dying.

Mankind faces extinction. Seven years ago, the Icarus project sent a mission to restart the sun. But that mission was lost before it reached the star. 16 months ago, I, Robert Capa, and a crew of seven left Earth frozen in a solar winter. Our payload a stellar bomb with a mass equivalent to Manhattan island. Our purpose, to create a star within a star. Create a star within a star. Just like they created the phantom Matrix. A matrix within a matrix. Everything is art now they’re creating everything artificial. You know what I mean? An artificial copy of everything.

If you look at the sun as a representation of Christ, right, the organic sun, then they’re creating the Antichrist of it. This artificial solar simulator. Yalda Baal. Now in the new Godzilla X verse. Kong. There’s this got. There’s this kind of Godzilla entity, but it’s. It does ice instead of plasma, right? It shoots ice out. And it said when she was telling the story down in inner earth, or down in inner earth, she’s telling the story of the war where Godzilla locked the scar king up in inner earth. And the lowest parts of inner earth. And how he was, he trapped this Godzilla type creature that sprays ice and he used it to kill almost all humanity.

Last time he was up on the surface and he caused the ice age. And then when that. That creature in him escaped through a portal, a vortex, to come out of inner earth up to the surface, the first thing that thing does is shoots ice up towards the sun to freeze everything out. Right? And then Godzilla, he turned pink because he beat Tiamat. And what. What do they say in Godzilla? How did Tiamat get her power? From the solar flares and that just, you know, as we have all these solar flares, X class solar flares happening.

They said some cannibal solar flares coming. I don’t even know what that means. A freaking cannibal solar flare. It sounds not good, though. But we see the symbolism over and over in these movies and films. Eight astronauts strapped to the back of a bomb. Just remember, it takes eight minutes for light to travel from sun to Earth, which means you’ll know we’ve succeeded about eight minutes after we deliver the payload. All you have to do is look out for a little extra brightness in the sky. So if you wake up one morning and it’s a particularly beautiful day, you’ll know we made it.

Okay, Chris, I want you to run the math on the successful delivery of payload. Okay, payload delivery point reached. Detached payload speller bomb initiated and detached. Crew and living section have four minutes to clear and commence homeward journey. And four minutes after separation, boosters automatically fire. Payload boosters will automatically fire after four minute delay. Entering coronal hole in south polar cap. Magnetic field structure over open. Temperature 37,000. Reliability of projection has dropped below 45%. Remaining projection is not open to useful speculation. Variables infinite, accuracy unknown. That’s the problem right there. Between the boosters and the gravity of the sun, the velocity of the payload will become so great, space and time will become smeared together.

Everything will distort, everything will be unquantifiable. We’ve mined all Earth’s fissile materials for this bomb. There’s not going to be another payload. The one we carry is our last chance, our last best. Let me get to this one part. Hold on, guys. Let me skip past here real quick. I want to get to the part where that girl is talking. Hold on 1 second. Is this it? I was abnormally tired and had a bunch of anxiety during it. But I usually keep my cool and I was ready for anything and everybody around me had anxiety. And I’ve asked a bunch of people, they had anxiety and they all took a nap right after.

And I’m telling you, it’s a thing. Look it up. A lot of people were tired after, so we all just collectively took a nap after the eclipse. I made a post on Facebook saying, who all took a nap after the eclipse? Me and my kids were knocked out and I know, we were not the only ones. Of course, by the comments, we weren’t the only ones. And, baby, when I tell you we were sleeping good. We were sleeping good. My step mama even tagged me in the post. They had, like, 182 shares. And that one said that equipment had some melatonin in it.

Cuz, baby, it did. That dude at the top was like, nah, it had, like, a Xanax in it. I ain’t never been this drained, like, ever been this drink. So a lot of people have been saying the sun looks really bright, abnormally bright. I agree. It looks more white. That’s what people are saying as well. I agree. Some people have taken some crazy photos, and they’re saying some crazy, crazy things where this sun came forward. Look at the. Look at the lens flare. Uh, why am I seeing. Oh, we have an artificial sun. You see? Do you guys see the little orb that’s flying around? That’s the reflection of my.

Of the camera lens. Well, you see those pixelated things? I think this is proof that this sun is fake. The real one is behind it. They did not want us to see something. That’s what happened, y’all. Our sun is not real. Check it out. We’re gonna do it right here in Las Vegas, right? We’re at the palms, so you can see, this is our sun today. That little ball right there, the direct reflection of the sun is about to show you guys something. One of the scariest things probably you’ll ever see, see in your life in real time.

Check it out. This is the reflection that we’re getting of the sun. The direct reflection. The direct reflection that is the sun in its current shape and form. So, because that is not my son, your son, or any kind of sun that we have known up until now. This is the picture I took earlier this week in Elko, Nevada. This is our sun. The sun. And then this down here is direct reflection with, like, a. I don’t you see the two beams coming out of it? It ain’t supposed to look like that. That’s how you know it’s artificial.

That’s what a damn flashlight does, or. No, it’s got, like, geometric shapes in it, like hexagons. This is not our sun. This is what an artificial sun looks like. I also thought it was very strange. In my original pictures from earlier this week in Elko, I looked closer at my picture of the sun itself and even the rays. And, y’all, when I say Abba shook, Abu shook. Look closer at the sun itself, y’all. Come on. Now, this is an absolute no filter picture of the sun in Elco, Nevada. I believe it was Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.

Look at the sun. And even inside of the rays, y’all. What is that mesh? A little bit closer of a look for you. So I messed with the contrast. Check out this next picture. Okay. All right, I’m done. I’m tapping out 2024. This was not on my bingo card. Hold a. Artificial sun. There it is. Up even closer, guys. What? So just now, I took that video with you guys here in Las Vegas. This is the reflection of the sun here today. We’ve been down here for cheer choice awards and at school parties, being a few of my father, we took videos, pictures of sun and.

Oh, shock face. Same thing. But I will say in Vegas, it seems to be a little bit brighter and kicked up a notch. I decided to take it to the editor. Look at this. You guys play with the, you know, the contrast and all that stuff. Well, I be dang, what does that look like, guys? There is without a doubt, you guys. A sun simulator in front of our sun. Photograph, a hexagon appeared in the upper left hand corner. He didn’t notice this hexagon until many weeks after the fact. He sent it to me to look at.

I kind of compared it to the sun simulator because it does have similarities, but we don’t know for sure what we’re dealing with here. It almost looks like there’s two. If. If you look at it real close, you can see an outline of one here to the left. Kind of neat. Don’t know what it is, but it does have an uncanny resemblance to the sun simulator right there. See that? So that’s a perfect match, at least structurally, with what we saw in South Dakota. Another hexagon, only this time it appears to be moving in the center of the sun.

I’ve never seen anything like that. I’ve seen hundreds, probably thousands of pictures of the sun and sky over the years. That’s a first. Gotta admit. That’s a first. This one here was very unique. Also, this is the one from the monument in South Dakota. Crazy gorge, South Dakota. And you can see there almost appears to be two, but definitely one on the FAA camera. We can see it actually being used here. This can be dimmed up and dimmed down as they see fit. Again here, this is the patent. The light is generated, it bounces back on the mirror.

Pat reflects back through the parabolic mirror, goes through the hole, bounces onto this spinning frenzel lens, which is that black spot. You see in the sky, and this bounces out to the earth. This is what we see. And because the source of light is hexagonal, the sun is hexagonal. In fact, not only do I suggest that you go out and take video and pictures of the sun yourself, y’all, I challenge you, because you’re going to find the same thing. That up there is not our sun. It is a whole, a artificial sun. So they’re saying this image of the blue sphere looks like the sun could be artificial and this could be proof.

So I obviously went out and got a different camera to make sure it wasn’t some sort of reflection of an. An internal component in the device. So when I was taking photos, I definitely found some weird things. I found some things that look like orbs or possibly resembled portals. I even found what looks like a little baby sun behind our sun, which was definitely very intriguing. So for these photos, I use my Nikon P 1000. It’s got a very high zoom. And when I’m looking at these photos, and even a video that I took, zooming in, adjusting the levels, I do not see anything that these people found.

Number one, the blue orb does not look like there’s that array. And number two, I can’t get the sun to show anything crazy except for this one picture. And this could be just the device’s limits. It just can’t process pictures past this point because it’s so bright. And then that brings me to the other thing. When somebody has a phone and they’re adjusting it on their phone, there’s no way that phone could capture that much light and process it without some sort of filter. Just remember there was this article where the Samsung phones, when they zoomed into the moon, everyone thought it could zoom all the way up to the moon.

But really it was an artificial thing and it wasn’t really doing it. And they got sued over it. Yeah, look into that. So I was so intrigued by that blue orb looking just like the patent, that little array of lights. So I did a little bit of digging to see if I could find the diagram or the schematics of the iPhone or other cell phone lenses. And I found something called the micro lens array. And it literally looks just like this reflection. So the fact that I didn’t get it on my camera and the fact they’re getting it on theirs, I believe that this is a specifically a cell phone thing and it’s an internal reflection.

That being said, I did capture what looked like a sun behind this. And based on that movie, it looks like they’re telling us. Strange enough, this eclipse on April 8, 2024, the sun does not look the same. It looks white. It looks like an incandescent bulb was just updated to an led. It doesn’t feel right. It feels colder and it’s brighter and it’s whiter instead of orange. Another aspect about the eclipse, I got a lot of anxiety at the peak of it, and so did a lot of people around me and a lot of people that have asked about it.

I was really tired. I passed out, went to sleep that night. Felt like I ran all day or something. Everybody else was tired, and we’ve all been tired since then. And if you look it up, the Schumann resonance skipped for an hour. So usually you can look up. There’s always this resonance from the earth. It’s the earth’s resonance. It stopped for an entire hour? Yes, stopped for an entire hour. Did the world end? Did it shift? Did the pole shift? I have no idea. It’s almost like they literally changed the bulb in the sun. Then you see all, like, the solar simulator gives all these x x reflections, too.

I wonder if when the ancients seen this, that’s where the whole planet x came from, because they didn’t know what it was. You know what I mean? Just thinking out loud. Another mind prying aspect of this all the way around us at all times is called the ethernet. Just like fish don’t know they’re in water. Apparently, we’re in some sort of substance called the ether. We just don’t know we’re in. The ether would be the positive, and the negative would be the water that’s all the way around the earth. And that’s why you can ground. When you touch the ground, it’s the air that’s the positive.

The ground is the negative. And that same water, the same ground that are touching each other, that ground you is what the firmament is made out of. And that’s the positive and negative as above. So below it all connects. What Tesla was saying is that matter is absorbing energy all of the time. So that’s what gravity is. So if we’re absorbing ether all of the time, the reason we fall back to the earth when we jump up is not because we’re attracted to the earth, but because we’re in the way of the influx of the tremendous amount of energy that the earth needs, needs to absorb the ether.

Now there are four forces to the universe. There’s something called the strong nuclear force, which is holding the nucleus together. The weak nuclear force holds neutrons together, neutrons are inside the nucleus. Electromagnetism holds molecules together, and then gravity. What the heck is gravity? Three of those forces have been combined mathematically. They’ve been able to combine strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, and electromagnetism. Einstein spent the last 30 years of his life looking for grand unification. How can you combine gravity with the other three forces? I’m going to do it in the next minute. If all matter is absorbing ether all of the time, take an electron.

Electron is spinning around, and it’s spinning around the nucleus, and it’s spinning around its own axis, spinning around the nucleus. How does that thing keep spinning? What Tesla is saying is the reason it keeps spinning is because it’s absorbing energy over time. It’s a standing waveform. Where does that energy go? That energy is translated into electromagnetism. That’s grand unification. So you have gravity, which is the absorption of ether by all elementary particles. My body’s absorbing ether. Looks in the back, you see, are absorbing ether. My hair is absorbing ether. Is absorbing ether. But the earth is absorbing so much more ether that there’s a huge influx of energy.

So we jump up. We are attracted down. What happens to that energy? It’s transferred into electromagnetism. That’s how you combine gravity with electromagnetism. That’s something that Einstein couldn’t do because it threatened his theory of relativity he was getting close to. It had to do with the fundamental structure of space. So what is the ether? The ether is the underlying primal energy throughout the universe. You can see galaxies floating, and that ether is being absorbed to create the elementary particles. And those elementary particles are transforming that energy into electromagnetism. Those strange orbs that I saw with my camera when I was checking out the sun that were in the sky look very similar to a few things.

They look very similar to stars, which you’ll see when you zoom in on them with a really nice camera or a telescope. And they look very similar to cymatic patterns, especially bubble cymatics, which we’ll get into also very briefly. So just remember, everything is multidimensional. It’s not just one way to think about it. There’s multi ways. So water can store multiple solvents, and water can also store memory. Don’t forget that light can also store and send data. Don’t forget that. You can understand when you start to think about fiber optics in a cable, where it sends data through light.

Understand what radiation is. When you have a flashlight, it’s radiating light. Anything that radiates is radiation. So light is a form of something radiating. So when a flashlight’s on the wall, the wall is illuminated. But if the flashlight is on something that can glow in the dark, that object would be irradiated. And the vast spectrum that the world’s radiation is measured in is called the electromagnetic spectrum. And the electromagnetic waves are what hold everything together, because it’s electric and magnetic. We’ll get into all this in a minute, but is it actually possible for the sun or the moon to be artificial? Did you know that in Manhattan in 2012, a firm attempted to put a artificial moon in the sky without telling anyone? But they couldn’t come up with the funding.

And similar to that in the UK, they had a sun exhibit in which the guests were even able to control the details of this sun with a tablet. Now, just picture this. A lot more money, larger scale, and being held up with something like the far infrared stratospheric balloon facility, in which is apparently held up with a massive balloon. Are all satellites held up with a massive balloon? Now, the chinese artificial sun may have not have been real, but they absolutely have satellites that are reflecting the sun, if not absorbing it all, and then reflecting. I don’t know why people still think we need balloons, you know, I mean, let’s say everything’s in the firmament, right? You can still have a satellite in the firmament.

It’s just not orbiting around the earth like they tell us. They have advanced drones that are pretty much like satellites that never need to come down because they charge up off of the sun, our real sun, when it is up there. So, weather balloons. Yeah, I bet they still use them to extent, but, like, the whole idea that we have to just have them or satellites couldn’t be real is kind of a really stupid idea, honestly. Maybe a different light on the planet, for whatever reason, it’s absolutely possible. They do it all the time, and they use something called photovoltaic cells that absorb the light and turn it into energy that could power another light device.

I mean, just imagine if they used a balloon or some sort of apparatus. Take the 1999 Lawrence Livermore Laboratory fusion reactor and just hover it in the sky and have it power something like the german synlite, in which is a light apparatus in a laboratory in Germany to simulate the sun, which could definitely be put in the sky. Going deeper, wouldn’t it? Pop the balloon. Well, just look into cold fusion. May not be as hot as you think. And just like the fallout clip of the artificial sun in the vault that was underground, and which could have been a metaphor for what we’re really in.

They also get into cold fusion, limitless energy. And Stuart Swerdlow is one of the many people to refer to the sun as being cold fusion in a portal. So these objects that are coming in or passing out through the sun, these are actually going through a vortex, if you will, a black hole in one universe coming in through our sun here. Now, there’s something else you should know about the sun, because people think, well, is the sun so hot? Wouldn’t that burn up the objects? And the answer to that is, the sun is actually not hot.

And I know that that sounds Looney tuny to you, but it’s cold fusion. Think about something. I’m sure many of you have gone in an airplane and it could be very hot on the surface of the ground. And then you take off. And if you look at the monitor, you can see, especially on international flights, they do this as soon as you go into the atmosphere. It’s way below 00:50, 60, 70, below zero. Now, think about it. You’re going up literally closer to the sun. Why does it get colder? Shouldn’t it get hot? And if the sun is hot, shouldn’t space, interstellar space and solar system space shouldn’t be warm out in space, but yet it’s hundreds of degrees below zero.

Why? Because it is not hot. The sun is not hot. It’s just light. And what creates the heat on the earth is our atmosphere. Now, basically, these things, these stars, these suns are just a atom block up. That would also be a black hole or a star. That is a ongoing energy source that would merge different dimensions together, but always producing light and energy. Some sort of reaction, feeding and eating itself, like the image of the snake eating its own tail. Everything is connected and it goes deep. The sun itself could be our literal bridge to the next dimension.

When we leave this body, we don’t know. We can only see the certain spectrum of light. And that leads me to say, when you really break down the word astro not, they literally tell you that they don’t go astro, they’re astro, not. And as always, they prefer the truth as close to your face as possible, because that’s the least place that you would think to look. So just remember, everything is connected. Everything. Everything is a micro of a macro. It’s a bigger, of a smaller. Everything is vibration. Are the orbs the spirit world? Are they another dimension? Is it a portal? Are they reflections of a place you can go? Maybe an energetic heaven? Keep these things in mind as we proceed.

I also think it’s pretty compelling that old encyclopedias and old bibles all mention the firmament and they’re slowly being removed from it. Also, videos of stars look like they’re behind water. So I bought a Nikon p 1000 and looked myself, and they literally all look like they’re behind water. Here we have a bowl of water, the sun, and some black glass. This is the same effect you see when looking at the stars through a telescope or zoom camera. The stars are set in the firmament, and the waters above are behind them. Now look at some clips of stars and tell me they don’t look the same as this.

It. Some people even claim to have seen things like hands and eyes behind these lights. That parts crazy. Why is there strings of light around that light? Second night I’ve seen it. So this camera is completely still. Apparently the earth is rotating. But what this bright light has been to the right of the moon or to the left of the moon? The upper left of the moon for a while, and everyone’s like, what is it now? Zooming in? There’s little lights around it now. Those aren’t stars because you’d be able to see stars. It doesn’t. I don’t know.

It doesn’t make any sense. See that? Like spinning. You are seeing what you are hearing right now, and this might change your life. This is a very talented singer with her voice projecting through water. And why this is so powerful is because sound travels through all dimensions in the second dimension, on a plane. In the third dimension, through a medium like water or air. And in the fourth dimension, where light bends around something like a bubble, and we can see it and experience it through time, where that energy can flow. As soon as we were able to see, we started to analyze what these shapes were and how they related to reality.

We discovered it contains energy and atoms, and it gives those atoms the structure that they need to pair themselves with other atoms, making molecules. This builds everything around us. Our ancient homies knew this, and they made art to reflect that, to teach through that art. In doing this, they literally built the entire consciousness of humanity, which is also a vibration. But it appears that most people have got lost looking for the broadcast without realizing they are the broadcast. If this was taught at schools, we would not have an education problem. This is cymatics and the study of sonic geometry.

In simple terms, it’s measuring the shapes that form on water when sound goes through it. Let me show you what it can do. These are concentric, circular patterns. It’s like a ripple in a pond. And Kepler used it to get a pretty accurate measurement of the orbits of the planets. It’s one of the most basic ways to view a wave or vibration. Spiral cymatics usually mean that energy is flowing. Just remember, if you flow, you are a flower. Nodal cymatics are formed when there’s a big difference in amplitude. The positive and negative part of a wave creates this pocket, which you can see a lot in fruit, but we can also see it in the notes of the piano, the THC molecule, hydrogen molecule, and the Schumann resonance.

If you see a linear cymatic, it has a lot of spokes, and these are generally used for communication. If you saw the pufferfish video, that’s how they communicate. It transmits a lot of data. Cathedrals also use them. These are cellular cymatics. They’re used a lot in architecture and for storing things. They create standing ways that you can trap things in. It’s very efficient when you need space, or if you’re going to space, like James Webb space Telescope. Particle Collider has an almost perfect cymatic ratio, this outer layer being nodal and that inner layer being linear. You see this geometry a lot in the vedic or hindu culture, we’re masters of vibration and sonic geometry, which is why there’s a shiva statue outside of Saarin.

This geometry also explains proportion, why the Florent cathedral dome follows this ratio to explain creation, which is also how mathematics explains creation, as well as the spiritual traditions with the flower of life. So, just in a minute and a half, we have covered cosmology, physics, mathematics, quantum science, biology, geometry, and architecture. We could also use it to explain how the ancients explained reality or reincarnation. The earliest forms of life are cymatic patterns, and your DNA uses it to expand and contract for gene expression. You could explain music theory or pretty much anything else that you can see with bubble cymatics.

Probably gonna want to sit down for this, because you’re looking at a four dimensional hologram. Watch this. When you blow a bubble on a speaker, the light that shine on the speaker gets reflected in a pattern that reflects the frequency. The sound traveling through the speaker. And the bubble warps the bubble into a shape of the sound. You’ll see in this one that it’s mixing up the fluid as well. Different frequencies, different patterns. If you know the correct frequency, you can control the pattern. This is very important because these patterns control things like the currents in the oceans, liquids, and gases allow us to see the movement of energy going through them.

With bubble cymatics, we can better understand and make them, even shaping them into 4d objects like the torus. So what is four d? Four d just means that you cannot perceive the shape unless the shape is moving. Otherwise, it looks like a bent, twisted 3d shape. Sound travels through a wire. It’s the speaker. And then the speaker projects that pattern through the air. It’s literally flying math. That’s what you’re seeing right there. Those images are a projection of that geometry, like a shadow of a very complex object. That is what you see in the patterns. That pattern right there is literally a slice through a bubble traveling through the air.

It’s frozen frequency. You’re actually probably very aware of what dimensions are. One is a .2 is a line. Three is depth. If you keep expanding, you progress in complexity. If you rotate that object, you get its dimensional symmetry. So we expand the dimension, and then we rotate it to look straight down it. This way, we can see the pattern of that dimension. Right here, we’re just making higher dimensional cubes, which can be reduced back to a point. A ten cube is called a decorate in the shape. The points are corners, and the lines are edges. If we overlay that on the cymatic, we see the geometry of the frequency.

That cymatic has ten folds, ten slices of that pizza. The corners and edges of that ten cube bend the light into that pattern. Some of the corners and edges reflect, some of them cast shadows. Some of them reflect into shapes like that. Who cares? Seeing this is like seeing through the veil, the illusion of the dimension that you’re in. Recognizing these patterns allows you to see how your brain is building the hologram frame by frame. You’re just reading frequency. That is a freezing ball of water. And I’m going to use it to explain the entire planet.

Now, this is very cool, but if you watch very carefully, there’s a hidden code within these bubbles. That code is the key to how all things in nature operate, how we observe them. Let me explain. If we look at a freezing pond or a snowflake, they freeze the same way. At their core, they are scale invariant. It doesn’t matter what size they are. We put a bubble on a speaker. We can use that to explain how these clouds form on this mountain. If I change the frequency of that bubble, I can use it to explain these clouds.

But this is only a small piece of the puzzle. I can also explain how the winds work on earth, because Earth is a giant bubble that spins. When it spins, it creates these air currents. You can also see these in the ocean. All of this works, whether it’s a bubble or the ocean scale invariant. So let’s look at why the interaction of these bubbles creates a pattern. If we take this bubble and then we draw more bubbles from the center of that bubble and keep going out, we get this particular shape. In this shape, we can create fall shapes.

Let’s look at a hexagon. Hexagon we see in bubbles and they get smushed together. We also see this in molecules. Molecules form stuff that life can use to build more stuff in the mineral kingdom. This is how lava cools and crystals form. They use this because it’s very structurally sound. Crystals on an ice ball can teach you all of that. Forbidden City, China they are guarded by these guys. Look really closely at what that paw is sitting. That shit looks like a circuit board to me, don’t it, guys? Looks straight, like a computer circuit board. Do you know what that is? That is knowledge that was guarded at all costs in every culture in the ancient world.

To understand what this was, you had to go through a very intense process, training in many temples to become worthy of knowing. They guarded it so closely because learning it unlocks new pathways in the mind, a new way of seeing the world. They figured out a way to teach you everything you need to know about the universe using only a circle and a straight line. When you draw a bunch of circles and connect those lines, you can project it into 3d as this shape. It’s the vector matrix. It’s where our concept of the matrix comes from.

Inside the circle is a tetrahedron, three sided pyramid. It’s the simplest shape you can draw to triangulate any point within any circle. Now, if that matrix is a fabric of spacetime, we can grab that fabric and twist it down to create a particle. This goes straight into the concept of the atom. The atom comes from the word atum in Egypt. Read that description. It’s also the origin of Adm Adam in Hebrew. So up here you can see the shape evolving into the icon that we know. That icon, geometrically, is the vector equilibrium is one of the most stable shapes because all lines and angles are exactly the same throughout the whole shape.

That is an actual picture from IBM of an atom. Check out how closely all of those points hit on the electron clouds. Now the Bohr model makes a little bit more sense. That wasn’t weird enough. This knowledge goes smaller. That is a quantum carpet. They’re used to visualize particle density and explain how waves become particles. Now, all of these translate into complex math equations. If we mathematically map out the quantum carpet of a torus. We get that. Do you see a pattern here? In my last video? I should. You see that tourist field right there? Kind of looks like a doughnut.

That’s what I believe is. Is trapping us in this simulation. It’s a tourist field surrounding us. I think that’s what the firmament is, and that’s what I believe is rotating, not earth. That. That Taurus field, that’s what’s spinning. How the ancient Sumerians knew about this quantum wave interaction. So ancient Sumerians knew about this. Ancient Chinese knew about this. Ancient Hindus knew about this. Native Americans knew about this. Ancient Egyptians knew about this. But you don’t know about this. The way we learned today is not natural. Anything you learn should be simple, and it should be related to the real world, because that’s where you exist.

This stuff clicks so well because you see it and you experience it every single day. Humans used to educate through art and architecture. This would install the understanding through experience. We don’t remember things that don’t have an emotion behind them. A sense of awe and wonder and beauty is unforgettable. If you resonate with this, you are remembering. To remember is to reassemble the pieces or members that build you. As we know, energy cannot be created or destroyed by design. There’s a natural way of accessing this. In here, a nostalgic song can bring back a very powerful memory.

And just like that, the more pieces I can get you to remember, the more powerful that memory will be. The elegance is in simplicity, and the best teachers are artists. You don’t have to understand. You just have to be inspired to look deeper. Your ancestors can do it. If they can do it, or if I can unlock a little piece of that inside of you, then you can see what life actually is, and then you have the tools to play the game. For those who do not know about water, this may freak you out. Beta Austin has stumbled upon some pretty wild stuff.

She let salt water evaporate in a petri dish with a pyramid in it, and the salt water crystallized into little mini pyramids. Now, to test this, she used the same salt water and let it evaporate without the pyramid, and it formed its normal cubicle shape. Now, water is pretty unique in the universe. If you get it in your car motor, it’ll lock it up and bend all the metal. And it’s also how we turn turbines in coal plants. It exists in all three states on the planet, and it is a very powerful solvent. Its molecules are shaped like hexagons.

And we see this when it freezes. This means that anything that is dissolved in it can be stored in it. Which is why you should always filter and realign your water if you can. I’ve shown you through cymatics that your DNA also shares this same shape. And using cymatics we can read it like a song. The Veda left this in a quiet room. It’s probably resonating at the Schumann resonance about 7 resonance of the planet. And that crystal vibrates, it transmits that vibration to the salt crystals via the water. There’s a fantastic research paper on this by Hal science.

They transmitted an entire genetic sequence through water using 7 hz. They put two beakers of water next to each other. One was pure water, one was DNA. They then subjected them both to 7 waited 18 hours after using a polymers reaction, they recreated the DNA. If that wasn’t enough, a team of researchers made a hard drive using the same technique. It stored the data of 2 trillion CDs in in a gram and it read it 10,000 times faster. You’ve all learned in school, in middle school, that water has three phases, solid, ice, liquid and vapor. Well, we uncovered a fourth phase of water.

It turns out that there are unexpected applications to this. The first one is getting energy from water. The way this water forms is very simple. Whenever water meets hydrophilic material, by hydrophilic I mean water loving, it undergoes a radical transformation that we were astonished to see this, that the water molecules are actually lining up with one another in some ordered fashion, like a liquid crystal if you will. It’s H 03:02 particles. And later we found molecules are progressively excreted from this zone that was sitting right next to the surface. We also call it the exclusion zone, or EZ for short.

This fourth phase of water is not neutral. Typically it’s negatively charged and the water just beyond it is positively charged. And as you might guess, if you stick two electrodes, one in the negative, one in the positive, you have a battery and that battery can light a light bulb, for example. And we’ve demonstrated that. Where do we get our energy now? Obviously we get a lot of energy from food, but I’m going to introduce the idea that we might get additional energy from light. But nature commonly uses light to supply energy. So green plants soak up light light and convert that light into chemical energy.

The roots of the plant absorb water and that water goes through the leaves. And what happens in the leaves is that when they receive light, they take the water that’s inside them and split the water into positive and negative h plus. Oh, minus. This is the first step of photosynthesis. You might say light creates this kind of battery with plus and minus. Are we also solar powered? Do we use light to get some of our energy? And I’ll show you that we actually do. We engage in the first step of photosynthesis. That is, the splitting of water into the negative and positive.

And in our laboratory at the University of Washington, we’re studying water. And we came upon something really interesting. When water meets certain materials, these are hydrophilic or water loving materials. So what happens is that the water molecules split into the positive and negative. And the negative ones line up as you see here next to the hydrophilic material. This is actually negatively charged. Water is, in fact, a different phase of water. It’s not even h two o. It’s actually h three what we found. And we refer to this fourth phase, if you will, of water that is beyond solid, liquid and vapor.

This fourth phase is semi crystalline water as Ez. So what’s Ez? EZ stands for exclusion zone. And the reason we called it exclusion zone when we found it is as this phase of water builds, it pushes out everything that that’s inside of the water. That is, solutes, particles, whatever. Essentially, this is potential energy because it’s just like a battery of water. And all batteries, of course, need to get charged. And the question is, where does the energy come from to charge this battery? And the answer came from a student. He took a lamp, he shined the lamp on the chamber.

And what he saw was really astonishing. Notice that because of the illumination, the exclusion zone, or EZ, expands. And it expanded hugely. And when he took the lamp away, it came back to its original shape, which is a thin band of EZ you see at the upper left, running parallel to the surface. So maybe the light is what’s responsible. The photons are responsible for providing the energy to grow this exclusion zone. And we began to study different wavelengths of light, ranging from the ultraviolet through the visible light, through the infrared light. And we found that by far the most effective light was infrared.

Infrared is actually all over. It’s hard to get rid of. And it’s not just the inside, it’s outside too. And because it’s there all the time, it means that when you have water next to. To a hydrophilic material, you always have EZ water. And of course, if you add more light, then the EZ grows. Cells actually operate much the same way. Also as a light driven battery inside the cell you’ve got large macro molecules, mostly proteins, and these proteins have hydrophilic surfaces. And of course, there’s water, lots of water inside the. And so what happens is that there are exclusion zones.

You have EZ water, which has negative charge, and the positive charges would be lying beyond those negative charges. So the reality is the cell is really crowded with proteins, mostly, and this negative easy practically fills the cell. And what happens is that the positive charges are pushed out and the cell is negative. You have potential energy from the EZ, which drives the work of the cell. Light, as I said, is responsible for building the EZ and building negative charge. And that’s what gives the cell its energy. Light is actually driving your function. Light matters for function and therefore for health.

And water matters for function, and therefore for health, because they all build EZ, and the ease are needed for proper function. So, for your health, what builds EZ water in your cells? Well, there are a few things we can think about. First of all, drinking water. Well, water is the raw material for building easy water. And so obviously, you need to be hydrated in order to function properly. Green juicing. The juice is the inside of the cells of the plant. So you’re basically extracting EZ water from the plant cells and putting it into your cells. Good strategy.

And that’s why. That’s why many integrative medical health professionals suggest that green juicing is the single easiest and best way to maintain your health. There are some substances that are. It definitely is. I’m telling you, I juice, guys, I got to get back on that. I was juicing for, like, three months straight, and I never felt so good in my life. It could get a little bit pricey, though, you know, juicing. But it definitely is very healthy for you, known through the millennia, to be good for health. And these are just a couple of examples. Turmeric, coconut water.

We’ve studied a half dozen of these experimentally in the laboratory, and we found that putting a certain amount in the water, an amount that corresponds to the amount that might be in your body, builds EZ. It’s not published yet, but we’re onto it. Sunshine, you go out in the sun, you feel good, you feel healthy. Good to be alive. Well, light that you receive builds easy, and the sauna is perhaps even more effective, because the heat means that it’s generating infrared light. And infrared light is what builds EZ powerfully and effectively. And that’s why you feel good after you.

Plus the vitamin D three, which most people in the world are. It’s like 80% of the world’s population is very deficient in vitamin D three. They’re spraying the chemtrails, blocking out the sun. Vitamin D three we only get from the sun unless you take a supplement, which I take 5000 eus daily, and I highly recommend it because that regulates our mood when we’re real, when you’re real depressed and down and sad. And that’s why somebody says, oh, you need to go out and get in the sun. It’s the vitamin D three. It’s also good for our overall health and our immune system.

This vitamin D three that they are stealing from us. And then they don’t even teach us to take supplements. None of your doctors, when you go there, tell you anything like that because they’ve all been trained through Rockefeller medicine and it’s all pharmakia. It’s a form of sorcery to keep us sick. You come out of the sauna and finally grounding, sometimes called earthing, connecting yourself to the ground. Well, you can do this by taking off your shoes and walking on the beach and you feel good. And why do you feel good? Or you can buy one of the mats on and ground yourself right in your home.

Well, you’re connecting yourself to the earth. And the earth has been known for a century to be negatively charged. It’s a vast repository, practically infinite repository of negative charge. So you soak up this negative charge, which then builds Ez. Now you can defocus like this on the moon, the sun, and it doesn’t happen. You don’t see this pattern. You only see this pattern in the middle of stars. Wow, that’s incredible. Just incredible. Some of these stars, I’ve looked through these microscopes and I’m telling you, man, when they’re out like this, it kind of does look like water.

But I’ve seen faces and clearly look like, um, faces. I’ve also, with the northern lights that we’re seeing now in the United States, I seen some faces manifesting through the northern lights. Some weird stuff going on. I think the veil is thinning. Uh, what they’ve been doing with CERN, manipulating the veil, it’s definitely thinning. And we’re going to see stuff start to manifest in this reality more. That’s pretty cool. I didn’t plan on going that far, but that part was pretty interesting, what they were talking about. So I wanted to watch it. I was only going to show you the clip of the solar simulator part.

But then, you know, you can watch this whole video. We’re not going to watch the whole thing, but you can watch the whole thing up on truth Mafia comm and shout out to disclosure hub. We’re working on putting him a channel up here on truth mafia calm. You know, we got some of the biggest content creators in the game. My brother, be Dell, he just dropped a new video as well that you guys should check out. He’s always doing phenomenal videos. Tonight we’re supposed to be on together, me, him, donut and Ani. But I don’t know if Bdell is gonna make it.

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And members, too. When you share videos or share stuff from this platform, you get paid for it. So if you look into your account and your affiliate area, you can see how you can get paid by sharing the information. So I think we’re one of the only platforms that are doing that. You know what I’m saying? This was one we did on Haiti. From haitian zombies to Dreamwalkers, navigating a new age of directed energy nightmares. That was me and donut on that one. Then where’s the one I just put up? Oh, these are all from lives.

Okay, them are live. So then if you go on videos, these are the uploads. So I just put one up last night. Now, this is the new movie we watch, guys, me, Donut, Ani, and be Dell all watched it, so I already did one on fallout. You guys can watch this over here. I forget who was all in this. 141 co members only. And then where is it? Oh, yeah, right here. Dark tower. So this was a book written by Stephen King, and it’s a movie. It came out in 2017. You ever noticed with all Stephen King’s films, every one of them, they steal children with special abilities and kill them.

Doctor sleep, they, the vampiric entities, were feeding on the fear of the children. They were to extend their own life, right? They were some type of vampiric entity. And then you had the institute, the book, the institute where they stole children with special abilities, murdered their whole family, took the kids to the black sites, and trained them to be psychic weapons. Then you have the dark tower. In the dark tower, there’s this kid that has the shine, and he even says that his shine is so bright, and he’s a remote viewer. He can see other worlds, right? He’s able to see other worlds.

And when I do the decoding for all the people that are carriers of that neo code, you know, you have that 36 connection in Chaldean or the 50 in Cal DM with your name. That’s the neo code is 50. And just neo code is 36. Dreamwalkers 36. Telepathy’s 36. You know, I’m saying these are certain first player characters with certain special abilities. These. These people. Now, in the dark Tower, you see if I can show you something real quick. They were trying to destroy. It’s a really good movie, guys. I promise you’ll love it if you watch it.

It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen a long time, and it came out in 2017. So I don’t know how I missed this one, because I just watched it the other day. I made this based on it. So that’s the dark tower holding up all the other realities. It keeps everything evil out. And that’s what they’re doing with CERN. They’re trying to break this. This dark tower that will let. It’ll merge all the realities together. They’ll all become one. And that’s what this. This guy, Matthew McConaughey, his character, he’s going to cause this to happen and then control all the realities or destroy them all.

And what is Matthew McConaughey in the dark tower? Well, he is a freaking shapeshifter. Yeah, not joking. He’s a freaking reptilian shapeshifter no joke, guys. It did this a real good one, though. And you see, the gunslinger, he has his super abilities, which revolve around the gun, and he could, like, close his eyes and shoot. See? That’s the dark tower. These are the different realities. And then outside of here, if you listen to this part, how they break it down, he tells you. Here, let me. A matter of fact, let me do this. I’m gonna put fair use on real quick and give you guys a little sneak peek.

Let me do the fair use thing real fast. Stop sharing real quick. Hold on, family. Make sure you smash them like buttons, please. Okay, hold on. Here we go. Where is it? Fair use. Fair use. Okay, here it is. Sorry, guys. Fair use. This is called fair use and is allowed for purposes of criticism, news reporting, teaching and parody, which doesn’t infringe of copyright under 17 USC 107. Right. Now, let me present it again. Turn the volume on. Share. Okay. So evil entities find children with special abilities and try to harvest them thirsties as their goal to destroy.

I have. I just know what this is. It’s a map. My father showed me a map like this once. Inside the circle is your world. My world, many others. No one knows how many. The dark tower stands at the center of all things, and it stood there from the beginning of time. It sends out powerful energy that protects the universe, shields us from what’s outside. What do you mean, outside? What’s outside? The universe. Evil. Outside is endless darkness full of demons trying to get to us. Walter wants to tear down the tower and let them in.

When the tower falls, he’ll rule in a world full of monsters. You’re trying to stop him, aren’t you? To protect the tower. I’ve seen them try to destroy it. If we could just get. There is no Ouija. See, them are the children they stole with special abilities. They put them in that chair and launch them up. And, you know, there’s some definite plasma apocalyptic symbolism there, too. J dreams would watch this one. He would probably see a lot of symbolism in it. But you hear the screams as they’re launching them. Children, you know, trying to destroy the dark tower with the kids.

And these are all kids with certain special abilities. And then. Check this out. So he. This kid’s a remote viewer, and he starts seeing all these visions. He keeps having dreams of 1919, right? Right. Which takes him to mid world. He goes into this abandoned house, and it’s really a Stargate portal, look. Which opens up. It’s all interdimensional. They show us the truth over and over and over again. Now, he’s a really powerful remote viewer. Probably has some telepathy and telekinetics. You know, he. You’ll see this thing tries to swallow him up, and it’s about to kill him.

It’s like, comes up out of the floorboards. But once he yells at it, it tells it stop. It just blows in a bunch of pieces because he has the shine. He has that ability, just like in Doctor sleep or so many other of Stephen King’s movies. Watch this. This is where it tries to grab him, see? Trying to stop him, because they know he’s the one, that he’s. He’s powerful enough to stop it, what they’re trying to do. So it tries to kill him. This floorboards swallow him up. But then when he starts getting smashed, he yells, watch.

Boom. Everything blows up. Then he goes and dives through the. The portal into this other world, which I believe is Dimension X. This world here. Now look at these things, guys. This came out in 2017, so before Corona. And look, tell me that does not look like a face mask. This is what these demons look like, these interdimensional entities that are stealing the children. And you know what they do? They wear human suits. Yeah, they put on skin suits. No joke. Kind of reminds me of the whole reptilian shapeshifter things. But they look very much like that spider, Ibrah, Salvara, whatever his name is showed there what the demons that we’re trying to break in this world.

But look at that freaking face mask he has on. Ain’t that crazy? Look at that. And here’s them targeting children with special abilities. All them look exactly like that demon. They just have skin suits on. They got skin suits is all. And then Matthew McConaughey’s character, he kind of represents y’all the baoff in the thing. See, here’s this one comes to him in the true form. You don’t like that, though. He tells him, go put a face on. You know, he don’t like when you’re in your skin suit, you know? But his character is definitely. He could tell people, just quit breathing, tell you to stop breathing, and then next thing you know, you’re dead.

There’s the 1919. That’s how the movie really starts out, where you see all these kids playing, and it’s in this other reality, 1919. Look, look. See, they’re not what you think they are. Look at that demented looking thing with that long neck. And all these kids are under some type of a mind control where they just listen. When they’re called to the dark tower and they’re about to be sacrificed to try to destroy, and each one of these kids have the shine. They are either telekinetic, have telepathy, remote viewing capabilities, certain special abilities. Just like in the Montauk project, guys, right? They look for people with special abilities.

And look, you see two planets in the sky in this reality. Now, there’s the pyramid that shoots the beam up. It’s so bizarre. This is like the weirdest reality. Let me show you this part right here. Look at this. Cern. Stranger things. That’s these entities trying to break through. As the veil gets thinner, we’ll see a manifest more and more. Look at that. Just like out of stranger things. But you can watch the full thing. That’s members only over here. There’s a lot of good parts in it. Oh, yeah. I want to show you one more part it real quick, though.

One more sneak peek. So in this part, I noticed this. Hold on. Check this out, y’all. Okay, so what do you notice here? Let’s just take a second look around. What do you see, guys? Do you see anything that should spark your attention? First thing I noticed was the Verizon building. Then I see the number 27. Okay. And I know vaccines, 27 witchcrafts, 27. That’s the number of that pharmakia, sorcery, and Verizon. Right? Which has to do with their nanotechnology, their black goo technology, getting that inside of us to be able to control us, especially as first player characters that they want to control, like they’re controlling the NPC’s, the non player characters, and that that dimension starts to open up over the Verizon building.

Like, you can’t make this up. You know what I mean? Just like in the movie, I am legendary. Where they got it from the cure, not the actual v. I’m gonna say the v word. And in that movie, Will Smith’s family died in a helicopter crash, an orange helicopter. Well, it crashed right in front of the Verizon building. So they keep showing us over and over the connection to Verizon, which is tied to, you know, the 5g grid system, the smart cities, all that. And JG dreams broke it down before. How they’re putting the 5g towers up.

It ties into the red plasma that pours in, that say it’s like some satanic energy. And they’ve been worshipping that type of energy since the beginning of time. And they’re setting up these towers in these 5g grids, and these smart cities to. So when that energy comes back, it’ll be able to pretty much enslave all of us. You know, that’s the whole beast system, right? That. That we keep hearing about that they’re rolling out right now, this b system. So, yeah, we got a bunch of new stuff, though, guys, over here on truth mafia that you guys can check out.

Really good stuff. And before we go today, I wanted to show you guys a couple things that’s going on in the world. This one just dropped. Uh, that’s impossible. Channel some anomalies going on in the sky. But, um, where is. Okay, here we go. Let’s see what we got going on here. Okay. This is all, I mean, the weather. Just start paying attention to the weather, guys. It is so crazy ever since the eclipse and I told you this was coming. Just watch my ghostbusters decode, which is all about harp. And the coming of this is before any of the weather stuff started.

I was telling people that we are going to see some major weather events. What is this all about? At least eight people killed, dozens injured in Florida bush crash. Is that by Tampa? I wonder if that’s around Tampa area. It’s interesting, but, um. Okay, so we have Canada fires. First major wildfires of Canada. New fire season hits northern us air quality. We know how they started them, right? But when we ain’t stupid. Was it the solar simulator? Look at this, guys. Here’s the 41 again at number 41. 41 days before the great american eclipse was the Texas fires.

41 days after the 2017 great american eclipse was Las Vegas shooting. Eye of cern equals 41. That’s a huge number tied to cern and the hydron collider. 41. It’s also a major number with skull and bones. So that’s interesting. Listed 41 of these fires as out of control. Yeah, I bet you did list 41 of them as out of control. Right? Hold on. Let’s see what this, this, uh, lady says. Thousands of people are out of their homes in Canada’s western province, British Columbia, Colombia, and Alberta as out of control fires rage across the region. The fast growing wildfire, which began on Friday, has nearly doubled in size.

Our next report looks at the season’s first major wildfire. The season’s first major wildfire spread to nearly 20,000 acres across western Canada on Sunday as authorities issued an evacuation order for thousands of residents and British Columbia and warned of poor air quality across the country. Evacuees lined up to get. We seen that part in the beginning, but now they’re saying it’s getting worser and worser. Now the air quality, like a lot of this stuff is. I don’t believe what they’re telling us. I just don’t. I think something else is going on that they’re not telling us the truth about.

Strong geomet geomagnetic storms and Aurora’s continued through Tuesday. So they’re saying it’s going to get stronger and worse with these geomagnetic storms. Probably why I got real sick that one day. I mean, I felt like I was going to die after we had these solar flares. And they’ll affect the soul in different ways, you know what I mean? They’re definitely amplifying things too. As far as, uh, certain people’s abilities. They’re definitely amplifying that as well. Now you have more than 40 dead after cold lava sweeps across village. How is it cold lava? Cold lava. I mean these people.

17 people remain missing district dozens of people have died after downpours wash cold lava downwards. An indonesian volcano destroying village oh, yo, that was that volcano that looked like freaking entities were manifesting out of it. Remember guys, that looked crazy. Look at this. This is the same thing that happened during tartarium mud floods. See how this building got buried all the way up there? That happened numerous times before. So we’re, this is nothing new. There’s nothing new under the sun. We’re just going through similar things. The countries with the highest earthquake risk. This is around, I think, the ring of fire.

Hold on. Where, why did it not show that one picture? Was that a different one? Let me see here. Unhealthy air warning for America in six states as wildfire smoke blows in the US. Severe storms and people running throughout the central US. I mean this is crazy guys. And they’re not. Golfer documents tornado touchdown in Missouri. Course we just, we’ve had a record number of tornadoes already this year. It’s unreal. Look at little Stephen King, he’s a weird looking dude. I’m telling you, that guy is into some evil shit. I can just, I just know. San Francisco poised to become first Us city to ban forever chemicals in firefighter gear.

Well that’s great. You guys should ban chemtrails. Why don’t you try to ban that? New Mexico to stand in for California solar maximum could arrive earlier than expected. That’s what they’re blaming everything on the solar maximum right now. And geometric storms make the northern lights visible in all 50 states. All 50 states. So guys, remember, if you’ve been following the whole pole shift narrative for a while, this is what they said would happen during the end, when, like, the polls were shifting, that we would see the freaking northern lights. And the northern lights created jaw dropping shows on Friday night all across America.

The strongest geomatic that, the strongest geomagnetic storm in over two decades hit the earth, making the aurora borealis visible in amazingly, all 50 states. And you could see in the Florida keys if you didn’t have clouds. And Jeff and I are still bitter because we have clouds. We have a lot of clouds. That is not good. I hate to tell you. That is not good, but they’ll just tell the sheep, oh, that’s normal. It’s this or that. You know, people with eyes to see. We know that ain’t normal. I’m 41 years old. I’ve never seen aurora borealis in any of the states until now.

You know, it just started happening within the last couple years. But this year especially, it got way more advanced. Woman uses artificial intelligence to speak after brain surgery. Oh, guys, did you see that Elon Musk freakin neurolink chip was in the brain of some dude? It malfunctioned. The first guy to ever get it yet. Malfunction. Look that up. Swear. So it’s something ain’t right. Something ain’t right with that brain chip. I mean, you shouldn’t let brain chips in your brain anyways. That sounds like a. Not such a good idea. You know what I mean? If I was you, I would.

I would probably stay away from putting brain chips from these psychos in my head. But, hey, that’s just me. What do I know? You know what I mean? What do I know? Okay, let me shut down this off. I want to see if there’s any new stories trending right now. Solar maximum could arrive earlier. Let me go to. Here’s, um, the Brazil. Man, they really hit Brazil with this weather control technology. This is sad. They just destroyed these people. Look at this, guys. And for some reason, they won’t let Brazil on rumble right now, if you live in Brazil, because I always got the VPN on, so I’m in different locations all the time.

Whenever I’m in Brazil, it. It doesn’t let me on Rumble. And it says that they’re trying to work it out with the country. But I don’t know. It sounds strange to me. Like, what are they trying to keep? Because, okay, like, YouTube. They got back doors into YouTube, right? So video starts to go viral on Facebook and YouTube that they’ve. Don’t want to be seen. They can hurry up and handle that. But with rumble, not so much. So you got to wonder what is really going on down there that they don’t want. The rumble and France are not rumble in France.

Brazil and France are not allowed on rumble right now. I don’t know what the hell is going on with that, but I would bet there’s some weird things going on in both of them locations that they’re not telling us the truth on what is really taking place there. You know what I mean? That’s just. That’s my guess anyway. So let me shut this one off. Okay. And stop screen share. There we go. Okay, now, before we go, and before we wrap this up today, I got something I want to play for you all. How’s everybody in the comments? I’m trying to read some of your comments, guys.

How y’all. Damn. These are a lot of freaking comments here. Let me go through these real quick. Trust the government or fight a bear. Bring on. Okay. Don’t trust the government, bro. You’re very right. Neuralink is definitely bad. It takes humanity out. Being human. Any part of your body that you don’t use well, yeah, this is gonna be bad, dude. They want it. They want us to just be, like, stuck, like in the matrix where we were stuck in them tanks, right? And we’re just plugged in. Your body don’t work, your legs ain’t gonna work, your arms ain’t gonna work, but you’re just plugged into this freaking hive mind, and they’re harvesting energy from you.

So, yeah, it’s that anybody that would put one of them chips in them, you’ve got to be crazy to do that. I don’t understand it. But they’ll get the younger generation because they’ll tell them that they’ll be able to run faster, jump higher, live longer. Not all the younger generation. There’s a lot of smart people in the younger generation, but, you know, some of them believe that they got their little safe spaces, and you can’t say shit to them. I mean, they really messed up our. Our future generations. They’re. Here in Michigan. Was crazy. Never seen this before.

Yeah, a lot of people, man. Um, there. People are sending me images from all around the world, Scott. It’s. It’s really crazy right now. Those lights opened up a portal for some really bad creatures. They definitely probably did. Definitely probably freaking did. But the radiation is what we should be worried about. And that’s why I think they had the whole cancer narrative with everybody. You know, Kate Middleton had cancer, the king has cancer. There’s, like, all these people with cancer, which probably none of them really have cancer, it’s just that predictive programming of cancer, because there’s.

There’s something happening above us right now that’s going to lead to mass people coming up with cancer, and it’s probably something they’re doing or responsible for, I can guarantee starting Ruby on New Zealand to fight against chemtrails. They don’t like us. Well, you know, be careful over there in New Zealand, bro. You guys got a particle accelerator over there as well, New Zealand. Did you know that? Yeah, you definitely do. Shout out to my moderators. Thank you guys for sharing the links and stuff. I. I definitely appreciate that. And before we leave today, I am going to play a little song for you all to close out to.

I made a little slide video to it, so make sure you hit them like buttons. I’ll. I love y’all. Knowledge is powers it creeps are we three or tethered in digital tree? Pop these strings pulled by an unseen hand a super AI across the are you an NPC or do you hold the key in the simulation we call life who will you be controlled by the AI or breaking free? Discovery of truth on truthful and see every step you take every move you make are you awake or just part of the fake energy siphon to or are you the hero? Taking jabs but not the COVID shots it’s time to question time to decode the matrix of life ahead below.

Are you an NPC or do you hold the key in the simulation we call life or will you be controlled by the pollen or breaking free a locker roll on true, folks.


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