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Tommy Truthful

Solar Eclipse Warning Issued As Texas Power Grid Faces Energy Plunge

A Solar Eclipse Warning highlights risks to Texas’s power grid and a potential nuclear event. Decoded by Truth Mafia’s Tommy Truthful, this blog exposes the Elites’ hidden language of symbols and numbers, revealing conversations hidden from the uninitiated. Discover how Tommy deciphers reality’s codes, uncovering truths they’d rather keep secret. Don’t miss this eye-opening read—click to unlock the mysteries and decode your reality….

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Illegals Killing Americans At A Quickening Pace 1 -

“A lady from Mexico, famous for her scary crimes, was found in El Paso. She was in a bad gang and did many murders. This story talks about worries with U.S. border rules. Some think these rules let dangerous people into the U.S. It also questions President Biden for moving many people without papers to different U.S. cities.” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Tentacles Of Truth Unraveling The Octopus Murders Amidst Facebooks Surveillance Blackout 1 -

“Meet the Truth Mafia, a team led by Tommy Truthful. They love uncovering secrets from history, pop culture, and ancient times. They decode old symbols and hidden meanings in books and movies. It’s a tough job, but they’re driven by their passion to learn. They aim to discover big secrets, but often stumble upon more mysteries.” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Ayahuasca: A Glimpse Beyond The Veil

I experienced a profound ayahuasca vision, revealing a celestial conflict and the rise of a new, sophisticated civilization post-global winter. Visions of people with a third DNA strand and advanced robotics hinted at a future blending humanity and technology. Despite the vividness, I ponder if it was merely an ayahuasca-induced hallucination. Yet, it felt like a glimpse into a cyclical, ever-unfolding reality….

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Joe Rogan Katt Williams

“Join the Truth Mafia as they unravel mysteries from ancient symbols to pop culture. Led by Tommy Truthful, they dive into conspiracy theories, powerful families, and hidden meanings in numbers. They also explore current events, historical references, and even the future of self-driving cars. Tune in to their podcast for intriguing discussions and special guests.” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The 2024 Great American Eclipse

In April, a celestial ballet unfolds, climaxing with the Great American Eclipse on April 8, drawing a final “X” over the New Madrid fault line. This month is marked by significant planetary alignments, notably on April 20th, aligning with the eerie prelude to Beltane. This period, known as the season of sacrifice, has historically coincided with events of dark notoriety, including Waco, Oklahoma City, and the Boston bombing. The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus on this day symbolizes a blend of optimism and revolutionary change, inviting humanity to transcend the ordinary. As we gaze upon the heavens, we’re reminded of the intricate dance between fate and free will.

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Alchemical Magik

In a groundbreaking episode, Tommy Truthful sits down with Juan from the Juan on Juan Podcast to uncover the mysteries of alchemical magic and parasocusis. They delve into how the elites harness alchemy to shape reality, exploring ancient rituals like the Babalon Workings and Jack Parsons’ creation of a moon child, which, astonishingly, was intertwined with the first nuclear detonation over Japan. This act wasn’t just scientific; it was an attempt to birth a radioactive homunculus. Furthermore, they unravel the significance of Gematria, the interdimensional entities known as Archons, the Nephilim, and their celestial technology. The conversation takes a deep dive into the ambitious Agenda 2045, the quest for immortality through the Avatar Project, revealing a narrative far beyond the ordinary….

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The Worship Of Dagon And The Nommos

In the latest Truth Mafia podcast, Tommy Truthful, Paranoid American, and Joey delve into the mystique of Dagon and the Nommos, exploring humanity’s aquatic origins. From Anaximander’s evolutionary theories to the Philistines’ worship of Dagon, they examine the notion of life springing from the sea. They ponder the possibility of Nimrod’s mythic existence hinting at ancient genetic engineering, leading to Lovecraftian beings. The discussion shifts to religious symbolism, where the fish represents not only Christ but also Dagon, challenging conventional beliefs and inviting listeners to dive into the profound mysteries of our past….

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Truth in Movies! #108 READY PLAYER ONE

Published on: February 12, 2024 by JayDreamerZ
Truth In Movies 108 Ready Player One -

Join us as we dive into the exciting movie “Ready Player One”. We’ll explore its themes of virtual reality and symbolism, like the Warner Brothers logo. We’ll also discuss the movie’s unique game, where players hunt for a special key. We’ll even touch on the movie’s connection to ancient myths and symbols. Get ready for a thrilling journey! …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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