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Weather wars in Texas by Tommy Truthful of

By: Truth Mafia Youtube Podcast
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5G Danger
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Weather wars in Texas by Tommy Truthful

Weather Wars In Texas

Actual footage of the Texas hailstorm—it all kicked off on March 14, Pi Day. That’s the same day they yanked my YouTube channel! Now, get this, “Nibiru, destroyer of worlds” equals 314 in English ordinal gematria. Coincidence? I’m starting to think there’s more to it. Maybe they’re pushing the Nibiru tale while secretly using geo-engineering and HAARP weather tech for, you guessed it, population control. Rings a bell? Yeah, like the movie “Geo Storm.”

Is Texas getting the cold shoulder for wanting to stand alone with their power grid? Fast forward to April 26, there’s this movie coming out, “Civil War.” Texas goes head-to-head with the American government. And here’s the kicker—the president decides to nuke American soil. What’s that smell? Predictive programming of a nuclear event on the horizon?

If you were to roll out a multi-trillion-dollar smart grid, would you rather shell out trillions tearing down old infra and dealing with stubborn landowners? Or would you just “clean the slate” and rebuild from the ashes? We all know why the Georgia Guidestones bit the dust—they were too blunt about wanting to trim the population to 500 million. That’s 13 out of 14 people gone!

Two weeks before the storm, there was this headline: “Large hail, damaging winds expected with storms to hit Dallas-Fort Worth.” That was my heads-up to you guys about the major storms brewing. Remember my video with the big “76”? That’s HAARP’s signature, folks.

I’m not claiming to be psychic, but I’ve got a knack for their symbol game. Check out the links I’ve dropped if you’re up for a deep dive into their playbook.

• Here’s the link to the story:
• And here’s the link to my video prediction:

What do you think? Is it all just a coincidence, or is there something they’re not telling us? Drop your thoughts below.

5G Danger

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One thought on “Weather wars in Texas by Tommy Truthful of

  1. I was about to umpire baseball that night in Rockwall, Tx 25 30 min away from downtown Dallas. The storm rolled around 5pm on top of the chemtrailed sprayed man made clouds they had sprayed ALL day long. On top of the Chantal clouds where white big poofy normal clear skies clouds it was crazy. After that storm blew past the field, once it past the field it stopped and the wind reversed direction to come back the same way it just come right over the baseball field. Then it started hailing and storming. It was nuts bro SO engineered in my opinion it was a clear sky big white puffy clouds and beautiful until the chem trail clouds kicked in. It was SO nuts bro.

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