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5 Celebrities Who Believe In Conspiracy Theories

Nowadays, significant figures are uncovering truths hidden from the public. Rapper B.o.B, a staunch member of The Flat Earth Society since 2016, challenges mainstream science with his belief in a flat Earth. Kanye West boldly claims that AIDS was a CIA experiment to decimate African Americans and homosexuals. Jim Carrey raises alarms about thimerosal in vaccines, linking it to autism. M.I.A. asserts that Google and Facebook are CIA tools for control. Dave Mustaine highlights Obama’s supposed involvement in orchestrated shootings and questions the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate….

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Angelic Dna Awakening

Angelic DNA Awakening Have you observed that this video is experiencing censorship and loading issues? I’ve had to reinsert it multiple times,…

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Predictive Programming

Predictive programming is the hidden art of unveiling the future through the guise of entertainment. Deep within the annals of mass media,…

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Truthmafia-The Secretive Power Of Haarp, Geoengineering, And Weather Control!!!

The secretive power of HAARP, geoengineering, and weather control has been wielded since as early as 1915, unraveling a web of hidden…

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