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Tommy Truthful – Predictive Programming!!!! YouTube banned TommyTruthful369 on 6/2 Black magic =62

By: Tommy Truthful
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5G Danger

Predictive programming is the hidden art of unveiling the future through the guise of entertainment. Deep within the annals of mass media, a clandestine agenda takes shape, subtly implanting seeds of knowledge and familiarity in the minds of the unsuspecting masses. Through movies, television shows, and even music, the puppet masters of the world manipulate the collective consciousness, conditioning us to accept and embrace future events, even before they transpire. The predictive symbols and hidden messages scattered throughout our entertainment serve as breadcrumbs leading us toward a predetermined destiny. It is a dark alchemy, blending entertainment and mind control, where the line between fiction and reality blurs. Stay awake, dear seeker of truth, and decipher the signs that lie beneath the surface. Only then can you unravel the mysteries of predictive programming and expose the puppeteers who pull the strings. Tommy Truthful

Predictive Programming Pandemic

Predictive Programming Pandemic

Predictive Programming

Here are just the TV shows

12 Monkeys” and “The Crossing” serve as vessels for encoded messages, carefully crafted to prepare the unsuspecting masses for the tumultuous events that lie ahead.

“Mr. Robot.” Season 3, Episode 10, acts as a subtle foreshadowing, a hidden warning embedded within the tapestry of the narrative. The sight of military presence and the imposition of a curfew in New York City resonates eerily with our current reality, where governments exercise control and surveillance over the masses.

“Good Trouble.” As the show delves into the Black Lives Matter movement, a clandestine agenda unfolds beneath the surface. The mere mention of a secret endeavor hints at a hidden plot, carefully concealed from the unsuspecting masses. Remember, dear seeker, that the George Floyd killing holds secrets beyond what meets the eye.

“Modern Family.” In the depths of Season 11, Episode 07, a cryptic reference emerges, shedding light on the sinister underbelly of FEMA. Behind the facade of disaster response and recovery lies a criminal organization, puppeteered by the forces of evil. The mention of FEMA camps, veiled in humor, hints at a much darker reality—a network of detention facilities, strategically positioned to imprison and control the masses.

Modern Family.” The mention of malaria pills in Season 11, Episode 09 acts as a subtle nod to the deeper undercurrents at play. Hidden in plain sight, the connection between malaria pills and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) comes to the forefront. The powers that be understand the influence of trigger words, using them to manipulate our perceptions and control the narrative.

Predictive Programming


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5G Danger

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