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How much have they changed the Bible?

By: The Juan on Juan Podcast
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➡ The text discusses different interpretations of the Bible, suggesting that our understanding is limited by language and personal experience. It uses the metaphor of people in a dark room touching different parts of an elephant to illustrate how we all perceive the same thing differently. The text also explores the idea of religions evolving over time, like training wheels on a bike, and the potential impact of extraterrestrial life on religious beliefs. It concludes by suggesting that our understanding of reality could be influenced by movies and other forms of media.
➡ Imagine if there was a paradise, like the Garden of Eden, in the Pleiades star cluster. Then, those beings traveled to our solar system and created a similar paradise here.


Yeah, and that’s the thing about the Bible. That’s why there’s seven different ways of interpreting the Bible, historically being one of them, allegorically being another one, metaphysically being another one, I guess you can put that in there, also alchemically. There’s a reason why alchemists also broke it down. There’s various ways, bro, and I think that we have a watered down version of the Bible and a watered down version of the doctrines that were supposed to be presented in the Bible. And the reason for that being, I finished reading The Divine Invasion and by Philip K.

Dick a couple weeks ago, and in there they have this holographic Bible. In the holographic Bible, they’re able to project the Bible outwards and they’re able to manipulate the Bible and move it around and stack it on top of each other to reveal hidden layers of the story and you’re kind of able to enter the story in some sort of way and they ban it because they can’t have people accessing this version of the Bible because they’re able to extract the hidden meanings within because think about if you project like in the typical movies, like a projection, you start manipulating and moving it around, you start to overlay the stories on one on top of another, like, wait a minute, I’m seeing something completely new on this side where you can’t get it because not only are like the pages limiting you from doing that, but also language sometimes is a limiting factor too.

It’s like William Burroughs talked about language being a sort of virus where it limits you from being able to express yourself. And sometimes we find the word, we struggle to find the word sometimes to explain things and even experiences, right? Like any sort of experience. And I think that’s a very big limiting factor when it comes to a lot of phenomenological experiences where phenomenology is you’re experiencing. So if Mark got abducted and the space aliens probed disaster or something, guess what? That was real to Mark. You know, Mark was the one that got probed.

You know, we can’t take that out. No one can take that away from you unless you’ve experienced that as well. Same thing goes with psychedelics. Same things will go with certain things in life and in reality, that the only way to describe is if you experience it, I can’t describe to you what it feels like to love your child unconditionally, unless you have a child, which you love unconditionally, that’s the only way you’re able to describe that feeling. You know what I’m saying? So like words are a limiting factor. And I think that plays a role into do I think the Bible has the answers to everything? No.

And I think it’s like that. I used this metaphor yesterday with this allegory, whatever you want to call it. Yesterday, I said everyone’s in a dark room touching an elephant. You know, you’re touching the trunk. This other guy’s touching the tail. So the guy’s touching the foot. So the guy’s touching the belly, whatever it is. Some other dude’s touching its balls. You know what I’m saying? And like, this is it. And it’s a dark room. This is some other. This is it. This is it. This is it. You know, it feels squishy or it feels rough or it feels hairy or whatever it is.

Like, no, no, you guys are all touching the same thing. But just because you’re touching, it doesn’t describing the bigger picture, which is the it’s an elephant, you know? And I think that’s all cosmologies. When you really zoom out, you go, OK, we’re all touching on the same thing. We’re just describing it differently. But then you get the elitism or the nationalism of the Oh, my guy’s the guy. My part, the balls of the elephant or the part that that matter, you know, this because because I’m like, no, no, no, just because you’re experiencing it that way doesn’t mean it’s the whole picture.

Right. I think people need to slow down sometimes and really zoom out and maybe have a little bit more of an open mind when it comes to these other things. And that’s why I like learning about all of them, bro, all cosmologies, no matter what, because you can always extract something from each and every single one of them and that that can benefit you in a way. But again, I believe that Jesus did die first and then again, I’m a Christian. I was born into it. I do believe it. And well, we ever truly, truly know.

I don’t know, dude. I don’t know. But if I wonder if I just wonder if it’s not like and please Christians in the audience do not be offended by what I’m about to say, because I could see how what I’m about to say might get taken the wrong way. But in terms of humanity as a global collective consciousness, I just wonder if Christianity and Judaism and contemporary religions that are monotheistic, because there was a time in human history where everybody was like, all right, monotheism is the way like it. It was, you know, kind of a historical event, right, that you can track across multiple different cultures.

It happened in the east. It happened in the west. But I wonder if that doesn’t show us like that. Religions are meant to be understood in stages the same way that you wouldn’t want your child to have training wheels on his bike, his whole childhood. Those are only for the first few days he’s learning to ride a bike or maybe months or whatever. Right. When they’re too young to to balance themselves. But once they’re once they’re often going, you don’t keep the training wheels on. And again, I’m not saying Christianity wheels or anything like that.

But I just wonder if if we shouldn’t be attached to these ideas and concepts outside of their time, contextual framework, things like morals don’t don’t conform to time and context. Morals are morals, right? The way you treat people is, you know, something that I think even a million years from now, if there are physical beings interacting with each other, you think aliens have morals, bro? Well, I think there’s it. Yeah. You have manners like you can call it morals. You can call it laws. You can call it, you know, a code of honor.

I mean, have different ways of relating to each other socially. But yeah, no matter no matter what culture it is, Christianity or not, there’s usually a moral hierarchy that is it’s not really affected by time. Like, you don’t evolve out of those kinds of concepts. Right. I get what you’re saying. But what a better way to shatter that. And I’m going to send you this Terence McKenna lecture or talk that I was listening to today where he’s talking about the UFO and the extraterrestrial. They might be using it to take people away from that Christ point of view world view, because if you think about when the church started to influence reality and history and government and also it’s been a long time and that they’re going to use the alien, the extraterrestrial to shock people out of that way of thinking.

And I mean, what a better way, bro, if you wanted to disprove everyone’s they can disprove God. Let’s say, OK, well, people are going to say that God also did God create aliens. Like, you know, I’m saying like that’s what God created them to, you know, but what a better way than that than for the government to come out and be like, listen, these are the ETS or whatever it is, if they are real blood and bones, who knows? But this is them and they actually created us like the movie Prometheus.

You know, we’re talking about movies and planting thoughts and ideas and they’re planting memes, which is the smallest form of an idea, essentially. And memetics is the spread of information. So it’s that they are seeding us with these with this memetics, right? They’re just seeding us with all these movies and all these ideas. And Prometheus, bro, there’s no God in that movie that God is the engineers. They’re the ones that made us and then planted us and seeded us in the right. He turns into the black goo and then goes in the water and it starts to develop and spread out and all that stuff.

That would shock people out of a lot of things. I mean, some people wouldn’t believe it. Well, if you look at sci fi, I mean, there’s tons of sci fi that has like, you know, all sorts of interesting parallels to the real world. But I like to, you know, I don’t disbelieve aliens. I think there’s tons of evidence for the faking games. No, I mean, I think the government is lying to us about them. So like the government’s version of aliens is faking gay. But I believe in the Pleiadians. I believe in the people from Sirius.

Like I believe that humans could have come from other planets and seeded this planet along. You don’t believe in Jesus Christ, bro. Well, that could be a part of the Christian paradigm. Like I don’t like these aliens could be Christian warriors going from planet to planet fighting the Satan. Gardens of Eden. Like what if they, you know, they just they had a garden of Eden in the Pleiades and they come over to whatever they call this solar system and they set up a garden of Eden here. [tr:trw].

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