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13 Days of Preparation: Late Night with the Devil featuring Tommy and Logan

By: Truth Mafia Podcast
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“Hello, my brothers and sisters! Welcome to another episode of the Truth Mafia podcast. Tonight’s episode features me, Tommy Truthful, leader of the Truth Mafia, my underboss, Doenut Factory, and my brother Logan from Decode Your Reality. This is an episode you won’t want to miss. You can find out all the information about the reality we live in in this one episode. And all the links that we mentioned during the episode are down below.

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The Simulation Of Life

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➡ The Truth Mafia is a group of researchers led by Tommy Truthful who investigate ancient mysteries and conspiracies. They explore everything from ancient symbols to hidden meanings in popular culture. Despite the challenges, they remain dedicated to their quest for knowledge. They also run a podcast and offer various services and products on their website,
➡ This text talks about a theory that there are control mechanisms, possibly created by beings called archons, that are similar to artificial intelligence. It also discusses the idea that these beings are connected to Jupiter and the number 365, and references to this can be found in movies like Jupiter Ascending and The Matrix. The text also explores the symbolism of bees and the owl, and how they relate to royalty and the occult. Finally, it encourages readers to make decisions and live their lives without fear, as the authors believe that death is not the end.
➡ This text talks about various connections between numbers, elements from the periodic table, and ancient Egyptian mythology. It suggests that everything is interconnected, from the speed of the DeLorean in “Back to the Future” to the properties of radium and iodine. The text also discusses the idea of life as a computer simulation, with the moon potentially serving as a server. Lastly, it mentions the importance of stories and narratives, regardless of their factual accuracy.
➡ The speaker discusses the importance of staying calm and not reacting to stressful situations, using an example of a rushed trip to the airport. They also talk about the idea of acceptance and letting go, suggesting that when we stop chasing things like dates or money, they often come to us. The conversation then shifts to strange messages they receive online, including conspiracy theories and inappropriate pictures. They suggest that people with wild theories could use their creativity to write books or make films. The discussion ends with talk of aliens, underground civilizations, and the possibility of the earth’s magnetic poles flipping.
➡ The speaker discusses analyzing images and videos that seem to show strange, possibly supernatural, figures. They also talk about ancient beliefs in demons and gods associated with natural events, and how these ideas might relate to current astrological events. They then delve into a movie that features a lot of symbolism related to these topics, including the idea of making deals with powerful entities for personal gain. They end by suggesting that these entities might be the same as what some people call archons or reptilian aliens.
➡ The text discusses a theory about life path numbers and reincarnation, suggesting that we reincarnate twelve times as a male and twelve times as a female. The speaker also talks about the significance of the number 108 in different cultures and its connection to reincarnation. They also discuss the fear of the number four, known as tetraphobia, especially in Asian cultures where it’s associated with death. Lastly, they mention a movie called Rebel Moon part two.
➡ The text is a conversation about various movies and TV shows, including “The Office,” “Civil War,” “Rebel Moon,” and “Spider Wick Chronicle.” The speakers also discuss a series called “Fallout” on Amazon Prime, which involves a post-apocalyptic world with cloning technology. They also touch on the topic of Bitcoin and its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. The conversation ends with a philosophical discussion about reality, the power of thought, and the role of individuals in shaping their own realities.
➡ Tommy, the speaker, believes in the power of the number eight in attracting money, a theory he learned from Gary. He also mentions his friend Logan, who does great work on cosmic Tommy shares his past as a drug dealer and how he’s always been able to manifest money, even during hard times. He also talks about his successful businesses and his website, Truth Mafia, which he hopes will continue even after his death. He discusses the concept of free will and how surrendering to the reality that he’s not in control has improved his life.
➡ The speaker discusses a potential fight between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson, suggesting it might be scripted and that Jake Paul might win. They also mention a theory about the symbolism of the “Sapaku eyes” and how it might indicate that Jake Paul will lose. The speaker also talks about the importance of not being afraid to make predictions and admit when they’re wrong. They end by expressing their love for their audience.
➡ Mark your calendars for August 12th, because that’s the day we’re leaving.
➡ This text is a conversation about various theories and beliefs. The speakers discuss their views on life, death, and the possibility of other dimensions. They also talk about living without fear and not being influenced by others. They explore the idea that we might be living in a simulation and that some people might be able to manipulate it. They also discuss various numbers and their significance, particularly the number 50. They mention several historical and current events, and suggest that these might be connected to certain dates or numbers. They also discuss the possibility of the physical dollar collapsing and being replaced by digital currency. Finally, they talk about a 13-day festival and its possible connections to tragic events.
➡ This conversation discusses various topics, including the symbolism of the color green, the concept of energy harvesting, and conspiracy theories about interdimensional gateways. The speakers also touch on the significance of numbers and colors in decoding reality, and the use of energy in magic. They mention a theory about a project that used energy from an eclipse to open an interdimensional gateway, and discuss the connections between various events and numbers.
➡ The speaker is discussing various topics, including the use of a site called F Movies to watch films for free, the importance of supporting content creators, and the struggles of people who can’t afford basic necessities due to government policies. They also talk about conspiracy theories, the significance of the number 68, and the concept of predestination. The speaker emphasizes the importance of individual truth and the different meanings of prayer for different people.
➡ The text is a conversation about a technical issue with screen sharing during a live stream. They also discuss a 1968 film called “The News Benders” which suggests that news is created by a computer and influences collective consciousness. They debate whether reality is controlled by an organic code or if it’s manipulated by humans or artificial intelligence.
➡ The speaker discusses a theory about artificial intelligence (AI) possibly manipulating reality. They also talk about reaching out to a writer named Sean about an episode they found interesting. The speaker then delves into various historical events and tragedies, suggesting they might be connected through numerology and dates. They also mention the idea of a 13-day period where many significant events occur.
➡ The text talks about the shift from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar, which moved January and February to the start of the year, replacing March. It discusses the significance of the spring equinox, when the sun is directly over the equator, and how this relates to astrological signs and numerology. The text also mentions the importance of the number 13 and its connections to various elements and figures. Lastly, it discusses the idea of personal readings and the belief that understanding one’s astrological and numerological codes can provide insight into one’s life and purpose.
➡ This text talks about the importance of understanding and managing our personal traumas, and not letting them control our lives. It also emphasizes the need to be aware of our reactions and behaviors, and to use tools like astrology, numerology, and tarot to better understand ourselves. The author uses the analogy of a lightning bolt to explain life’s journey, suggesting that we should aim to stay on the main path (or “main vein”) for the best life experience. Lastly, it encourages us to believe that everything in our life happens for a reason, and that we should focus on our own growth and understanding rather than blaming others.
➡ This text encourages you to focus on improving yourself and becoming the best version of you. It suggests that you should not let others’ opinions sway you from your path, and that you should be proactive rather than reactive. It also emphasizes the importance of practicing and studying to achieve your goals. Lastly, it reminds you that you are the star of your own life, and you should act accordingly.


23. A group of researchers formed the Truth Mafia, a collective determined to investigate conspiracies and occult mysteries that have been buried for centuries. With a passion for uncovering the truth, they delve into the darkest corners of history, pop culture and ancient mysteries, seeking answers to questions that have plagued humanity for ages. The truth mafia is led by Tommy truthful, a man shrouded in mystery and intrigue, dedicated to uncovering the hidden truths behind some of the world’s most perplexing and enigmatic phenomena.

Their research has led them down countless rabbit holes, from deciphering ancient symbols to exploring the hidden meanings behind popular media and literature. Despite the risks and challenges they face, the truth mafia remains steadfast in their quest for knowledge. Will their investigations lead to groundbreaking revelations, or will they unravel an even deeper web of secrets and lies? Only time will tell in this ongoing saga of conspiracy and intrigue.

This is called fair use and is allowed for purposes of criticism, news reporting, teaching and parody, which doesn’t infringe of copyright under 17 USC 107. Today’s podcast is sponsored through body align in their energy wellness disc, their bracelet. They’re amazing. Got mine on right now. Helps with the 5g, many different things. The guy that developed it was involved with developing 2g technology. It has all that shungnite and another element grounded up in the wristband.

So really cool. That’s down in the description promo code. Truth mafia. And we got an amazing episode for you today. You can also become a member of the Truth Mafia and join the mob. We just dropped a brand new video. If you’re already on Donuts Patreon, a member of Donuts Patreon, I believe he has the video over there too. And it is fallout. I decoded the whole series of fallout, so it’s pretty good.

You can watch that on there. And I got a special guest today. We’ll get into that in just a second. Again, all the links are down in the description where we do our bookings and our readings. That’s over on truthful tV. com. We just offered a new service over there today, and we added some new things to the shop, too. So make sure you guys go check that out.

That’s also on truthfultv. com. Big sale going on over there, so we’re going to get it right after this. The truth mafia, led by Capo di Cappi, Tommy Truthful, alongside his underboss donut factory, the consigliere Anio Saru and capo paranoid American of paranoidamerican. com, all united under one flag. To combat censorship and champion free speech. Become a maid member today. Click the link in our bio on instagram in the description on all other platforms.

Join the truth mafia. Become untouchable. Play your part in this vital information warfare@truthmafia. com. Little donut looks all gangster right there in that video. Shout out to donut. And donut and Logan are the special guests today. How are you brothers doing? Yo, yo, yo, yo. What up? Thank you. That intro dude made me look hella cool. Does kind of make you look cool. I got to throw Logan up in there.

The paranoid american made it. I had us. I had a shorten it. The original video that. That shortened to 45 seconds. It was like two and a half minutes long. So I short. I shortened it down, but it’s pretty cool, you know, it was nice of him to make that for me, so I like to use it. I think. I think it makes us look pretty cool. And it was when I was about 80 pounds lighter, so I look way better in that picture, you know.

Sucks getting old, guys. I’ll tell you. But today. Today we got a amazing episode. I’m really excited about this one. We’re going to talk about the 13 days of preparation going into Beltane, which we’re in right now. There’s. There’s major astrological alignments taking place, and we’re going to also meet and don’t. I don’t know if Logan got to, um, see this movie because it just came out. Yeah, you didn’t get to see it.

It was so good. It was it okay. Yeah. It’s called it was gonna be good. I told everybody because I’m a video editor, so I could spot out what films will be good and what will be bad. And I knew this film was gonna be a dope because of the aesthetics, were very similar to stranger things. And I like it when they use that kind of old style mixed in with new.

It looks. It was. It was tight. So Thaddeus don’t know what we’re talking about because we didn’t mention the film yet. Late night with the devil. And let me tell you, I didn’t knew nothing about this movie. Donut told me. He’s like, yo, Tommy, he was so excited about it. And it came out on three, two, two. So, you know, I don’t know if it came out on three, two, two.

Why did it not get released until, like, yesterday or the day before it was out in the movie theaters? On three, two, two. I got the slide. You could pop up what was cool? I knew it was going to be dope. And they got the owl right here. So right off the bat, I’m like, bohemian Grove, but, you know, maybe a stretch. But then in the film, as you can see right here, the guy does a satanic, uh, like, ritual to rise to power at Bohemian Grove.

And then after they show that, they show him doing that. Shush. Now, all the celebrities who get, uh, quite famous for, uh, after, you know, maybe doing some sort of ritual, uh, but this grossed like, six. Six, $6,000. But Logan, he was talking about this being the year the dragon, right? And the wood fire. And I’m very interested in what you guys have to say about this. 13 days of preparation.

It’s something that I just learned a few years ago through Tommy, but I’m very aware of Beltane. May 1, the day the Illuminati was founded on five one. But this was released to Amazon on April 19. Right. It was technically April. It was technically April 18 in Phoenix, Arizona, where I’m at, which is the big Alistair Crowley day. So this has a lot of weird symbolism. But look, it is a man on fire, right? In this exact same day, there was a man on fire over there at.

With the Trump thing. And it just seems like it’s the same day that Waco took place as well. So, you know, connecting it to fire rituals and whatnot. Yeah, but that’s it. I like to know what y’all have in stored for this. Well, since you mentioned the late night with the devil and the Bohemian Grove, before I forget, with the movie, that was a major part of the movie, Donut, at the end, you realized that he gave up his wife as a sacrifice for fame.

And she. You. You got that part of it, right? And the entity that he was talking to in the movie, guys, they didn’t say, like, oh, it’s the devil, or something like that. They use some real entities that I believe the elites are working with, like a brassica. That’s literally what they were talking to, a brassica. And it came through this girl on the screen like it was crazy.

It was some exorcist type stuff. And, yeah, the intro is so telling, you know? And I thought it was going to be like some old documentary when it first started, because the way it started, donut, I’m like, what is going on with this? Did this really happen? Is it a documentary? I couldn’t figure it out at first, but like you said, within the first, like, twelve minutes, they really showed a lot in that film, didn’t they? For sure.

Now this is totally looks. AI generated this image. Yes, it does. Yeah. It probably is because the films are all using AI now. Yeah, I guarantee it’s a generated. Look at all the mishaps in the back of it. When you really look at them images like, what is this going on back there in the background? You can always tell AI, too. If you look at people’s hands, usually it’ll, it’ll give it away.

AI is not the best that hands, like, look at that. And six fingers. One, two, three. Well, maybe he does it, but it looks. But it’s still. Look at the hand. That does not look like a real hand. Yeah, that’s a. I generated. I can guarantee it. Yeah. And if you. We have paranoid american on here, he’s an expert at that. So they’ve been using AI in the, the films and my brother Logan, you pretty much think it’s AI running all this whole shebang.

We’re in anyways, right, bro? Well, there is a, there is a layer to postulate on that notion for sure that, that, that there, there’s, there’s a computer that’s running this entire reality. Yes. Yeah, I agree with that. I agree. I used to, I used to be like just straight believe in flat earth and more. The Bible, which I still believe in a creator, I think there’s a source that created all this, but it just, now I’m kind of leaning more towards man made religion is a control mechanism, maybe created by these archons, abrasics and his homeboys, or whatever you want to call them.

And if you really read into the gnostics and these archons that were in the late night with the devil, they are kind of computer AI drip like their description sounds very AI. You know what I mean? Very like they’re mixed with robotics and it’s hard to explain, but. Yeah, well, consider Abraxas is tied to Jupiter, right? So the 365, which is what a Braxis is, numerology is that will lead you to Jupiter, Zeus and, you know, the mighty Thor, etc.

Etc. In the gnostics, in the, in the, in the archons, you would have yet the Yao, which is tied to Jupiter, which was, you know, in that lineup would be number six. So, you know, in Jupiter ascending, the movie Jupiter ascending, the ruling family that goes around and harvest. So they see the planet, let it get to its maximum population size, and then they come and harvest that planet, which they pretty much kill all the humans.

And they make this element that is the nectar that they bathe. In, and it allows them to live for 14, 15,000 years. You know, it takes 100 humans to make one vial. And guess what the name of that family is. The Brassicas family. Yep, yep, yep. The actors that were chosen to portray the Abraxas family are very interesting. With the numerology, I started breaking down Jupiter ascending. I haven’t finished that decode.

I have that one shelf, but I do have that in the works. Oh, my God. Dude, I would want. I can’t wait till you do that one, Logan. Yeah. Because I decoded it a long time ago, but I was really more looking at the symbolism of it and stuff back then. I wasn’t into gematria like I am now. I was more doing symbolism at that time. But it’s amazing.

Like, just all the coding in that. The bee symbolism, how the bee wouldn’t sting the girl because she was from royalty. Then you look into the b, which really represents the Florida Lys. And the Florida lys is tied into the merovingian bloodline, which that b was a major symbol of their lineage. Right? This b symbol. So it represents that whole hive mind. It always seems to go back to some alien AI type technology, bro.

Yeah, well, I mean, consider to that the matrix. You know, the wachowskis ended up doing the matrix. They do Jupiter ascending. And the matrix came out in 1999 on March 24. And March 24 is the queen of clubs card, which is donuts birth card. But that’s card number 25. And that is the card of Jupiter. I mean, in the cards of illumination, in the card charts, the boilerplate chart in the smack dab, the Jupiter Jupiter card is the queen of clubs card.

The queen of clubs in the ten of diamonds. And the ten of diamonds is your card, Tommy. So you have your card, and you have donuts card, which sit in the Jupiter Jupiter line. And here we are talking about the Matrix, the series of the Matrix, which was all tied to that and being plugged in. And then you have the Jupiter ascending, which was the house of Abraxas, which is Jupiter, tied to Jupiter and the mighty Zeus.

Then you can tie it right into they live the movie with Roddy Piper, because Zeus, in the greek numerology is 54. And that’s the news station that was broadcasting the hypnotic trance. And they live, which was telling you to obey soon, don’t ask questions, et cetera, et cetera. So there are all these, like, John Carpenter, like, how did. How they. How are all these things continually showing up? Exactly this way is.

Is mind blowing. And then you can get into so many other layers. Now, you get into this movie here, and I haven’t even watched it. But the main actor, David D. He was born on the 21st. And in the medicine card deck, the card number 21 is the freaking owl card. And this is made by a couple of Native Americans, Jamie Sams, who’s passed away, and. And another artist.

These people are not in a big conspiracy to try to get one past you. But they create the owl card being card number 21. And the owl is a huge layer to the esoteric and the occult. Well, Drake’s all in the news right now with pop culture, and he’s known as the owl. So I’m sure there’s even a bigger connection to look into with that. With your breakdown, how I was talking about, you were saying it was the year of the wood dragon.

Look out for the fires. We’re showing this fire stuff. I’ve implemented that in all of my videos and decodes in my head, even if I don’t express it. But you, before we came on, you were bringing up a couple dates that I found very interesting because Tommy brought up this one to eight code to me because I was showing him leave the world behind one 2812. Eight is when it was released December 8, and the bridge just collapsed at one to 08:00 a.

m. , now, Joe Biden sent an emergency text alert to America at 218, which is 812 backwards or something like that, you know. And the year of this wood fire dragon ends on January 28 on 128 as well. I’m very interested in knowing about this August stuff or anything with that number involved. Well, yeah, consider that the documentary cryptopia, which has a series, the locker number that they opened up to show a hand putting crypto into the locker, the locker number 821, which kind of says, you know, maybe August 21.

So we had talked about this before we got on this broadcast of maybe August 12 or August 21. Big days to look out for in the future on the calendar. Yeah, because that is the text message time that it got sent out. And that is super important because anyone who’s new that doesn’t know the last text message that got sent out at Hawaii at 08:08 to the 808.

Then on 808, around this helical rising time in August, it went up into flames. So, yeah, in the Jubilee, which is tied to the 50 in the 50th state. Right. And so, like. Yep, if the 50th state. The 50th year. Hip hop. The 50th year. Yeah, 56. That’s why I’ve been looking up for that 50 cent, bro. 50 cent. Remember bitcoin? 50 bitcoin mine. When it first came out in 2009, the car it came out on the first release was January 3.

That’s the jack of spades card. That’s the 50th card in the deck. So these are all referencing the. Why the 50? You know, what’s, what is this 50? What is it all about? When you add on all the layers that I can add on and then what you guys can add on, you could start to see that all of us would have to be on some big conspiracy to get one pass you to try to, try to pull the woolly over your eyes, to try to knock you out.

Well, this kind of stuff, this is what some people think. And folks, I’m here to tell you, this is my opinion. I’m not speaking for donor or Tommy, but I’m telling you straight up that what the research shows is that we live inside of a code that’s ruling over this reality. And it ain’t man or woman running it. You’re just along for the ride. So when you’re doing something, just do it.

Go do it. You know, I listen to joy. I was listening to Jordan’s great podcast today. Let’s cut some of his stuff. And he was the waters, well, shout out to waters. And he was saying, he’s like, just stop paying attention to their get, just go do what you got to do and don’t worry about what’s going to happen. Just go do it, man. You know, go do what you want to do, you know, get, get some courage to get out there.

If, like, if you’re, if you’re asking the question, should I go on vacation? Should I move my house? Should, yeah. You’re asking. This is the, your, this is the message. Go do it. Start. You know, there’s, there’s a great meme. The road is paved with flat squirrels who couldn’t make a decision. Don’t be a flat squirrel. Make the decision to cross the damn road. Go left or right.

Don’t just sit there and juke and wait for the car to run you over. That’s making the decision in this reality. So very masculine. Making decision. Yeah, Mars, right? Make a freaking decision, Mars. Yeah, you know, I do that, too. Where I’ll be going, I’m like, man, this isn’t a good time to go, but I’m going. I’ve never let things like that stop me. I’ve always gone. Because you gotta have faith, you know, to go, you know, like, yeah, encourage.

You said encourage. That was the. Yeah, yeah. So let’s create a foundation here, shall we? So if you’re somebody here, I would, I would ask you this. Do you believe that death is the final frontier? That’s it. When you die, you’re done. You’re done. That’s it. There’s no more nothing. That’s it. Well, if you don’t believe that, if you think death is just a doorway to another dimension, then who gives a shit what decision you make, man? You’re always going to be exactly where you need to be.

And if it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go. And then you just get to go on to the next dimension. So just, you know, stop being the squirrel juking around. Just go do what you got to do. I love the mentality that you have. Donut where, hey, I, I’m just going to go do, and that’s how I’m at. I used to be that, you know, pole shift guy, you know, running or like, what am I going to do? And this is when I was in bed, I was watching a lot of Alex Jones and stuff.

And, you know, I was really living in a fear based reality, reacting instead of acting. I don’t do that anymore. I’m in my own little bubble, and I act without reacting based upon what they’re doing. Don’t care what they’re doing. Not interested in what they’re doing. That. Tommy, what, what do you got to say about that? Um, that’s a good way to live. I wish I could. I’d need to practice it more, you know, because I’ll definitely pay attention to what them little fuckers do.

But I do love that about you. And I definitely agree with you that, um, we are in some type of a simulation. I might have a little different theory on that. Um, because my, with my theory, I think just like how me and you know about it, I think there’s other people that know about it and they might know how to hack and manipulate it. I think they might even have technology to help them.

But this is just my opinion and, you know, kind of something I’m looking into. I mean, really the, the one thing I think we can all admit, though, is that we are definitely in some type of simulation. If you just know, like Donna, even you’ve been looking at Gematria enough now in the numbers to realize something’s up with it, you know, I know I’m not making my name and stuff add up to what it is unless there are times I do do it on.

Like, I’ll go live at certain times or stuff like that, but my name just equals what it does, you know? And when I started doing readings and decodes, I’m like, these are just normal people out here. There’s no way they’re doing that. And, you know, at one time, back in the day, I thought, like, everything, like some. Some secret society was sitting in a room and making every number add up a certain way.

And that was just from the teaching of certain people. Um, was teaching that way at that time. Now with the number 52, bro, I’ve been looking into it for a long time now because. Donut. Witness. Pentecost. Because I know the feast of Pentecost was celebrated by the Jews 50 days after Passover. Pentecost. Is that the one that’s. In May 18 or 19th? It says May 19. I’ve never.

I don’t think it’s a jewish thing, though. But, um. Oh, yeah, it says not. Yes. It’s not. It’s not. It’s a. It’s a christian holiday. Um, well, the feast of Pentecost was celebrated by the Jews 50 days after Passover, though. It’s saying that not to be confused with the jewish holiday of Shavu. Yeah, maybe that’s what they were celebrating, and the christians turned it into Pentecost or something.

You know what I mean? Sure. Because state, you know, that happens a lot. Well, I always love Jordan Maxwell’s explanation of Passover. Passovering into springtime. But. But my point. My point with all this is that was that day that during the eclipse, that, um. W with all the towns that Nineveh, which we found out, fact check. Did a fact check on that and said it only went through two towns named Nineveh, not eight, which actually, it.

There they were talking about the path of totality. So the path of totality of the eclipse touched two towns named Nineveh, and then it touched six towns. A partial eclipse. Never. How about this? How about this? We’re still here. Yeah. Yeah, we are, definitely. But, bro, that wasn’t the prophecy was 40 days after. Right, I get it. I know. I’m just to May 18 or 19th. Yeah. So it would be interesting to see if anything happens around that time.

So you’re saying that the eclipse date 50 days after lands on Pentecost? No, no, no. 40 days. That’s tied to that Jonah verse. But then the number 50, the feast of Pentecost, was celebrated by the jews 50 days after Passover, not the eclipse. You know what I’m saying? After Passover, it’s 40 days after the eclipse. As far as that’s what it says when I look into the number 50, and there were 50 men searched, Elijah, during the three days without finding him.

The width of Noah’s ark was in qubits 50. So this number 50 you see over and over and over and over again, which really fascinates me. I’ve been looking into that number for a minute now. There’s so much. You could just keep going with the number 50, but it’s supposed to be a very holy number two. And one thing I found interesting, Logan, like, there was a lot of gods that had 50 sons.

Dude, when I went down, that whole thing, it’s. If they say the moon’s 50 times smaller than the earth, which, you know, who knows if that’s true? Yeah, well, go ahead, Tommy. The brother of. I can’t pronounce his name. Aegis. A e g eu s. He had 50 sons that theos killed, and then king of Acadia had 50 sons that were exterminated by Zeus. Jupiter. Yeah. So there’s this whole 50 thing.

Prima had 50 sons that were killed, and one of the last ones was named Paris. That caused the trojan war. Remember? Remember that? Yeah, that. That was, um. That whole trojan thing. They made a film about it, actually, remember? With, um, Brad Pitt. Yep. Troy. Troy. Very great film. Very good film. Well, on the $50 bill, it shows the dam collapsing, right? Yeah. Hoover Dam could be a big one.

You know, that, which could lie. Well, this. That could. That would tie into the power grid. But I think ultimately, the thing that’s going to happen, and whether or not it’s controlled or it’s happening organically, it’s the collapse of the physical dollar that’s going to push us into a digital currency. That’s what I keep seeing over and over in the code, you know, is it seems like the dollar is gonna go pretty soon, which maybe that’s tied into that bitcoin stuff and all that, but.

So what’s up with this? 13 days of preparation. What’s this all about? Okay, so this is a 13 day festival that takes place April 19 through May 1. And, you know, there’s a lot of famous things that happen during. I don’t know if you. That’s what you want to call them, famous, but a lot of tragic events. And May 1 is supposed to be the day. The Illuminati form, May 1 of 1776.

But that was the day we had to turn in all our gold as well, to go onto the fiat currency. Oh, was it May 1? Okay, so then there was, like, all these events that happened around this time of the year and why I wanted to do it with Logan, because I like how he looks at it from a whole different angle than me and you. You know, he looks at it as being organic completely, which I, like.

I said, I do agree that a lot of it is organic, but I do think some is manipulated. April 19 is the first day of the 13 day satanic ritual day relating to the fire God, Baal, or Moloch Nimrod, the sun God, also known as the roman God, Saturn saint, and the devil. You know, it’s just multiple different things they give for him. And here’s some events that took place around this time.

Now, they always pop it off early, and if you guys remember. What did I tell you? What day did I say to watch out for? April 15? And then what do we have happen on April 5? Bombing. Well, yeah, that’s original. Yep. Good job. That was the original April 15. The Boston bomb. Titanic. Titanic. Um. Yep. And then, well, this year we had to buy the storms in Dubai.

And what else was on April 15 this year? Donut. Then we have some other stuff happen besides the buy. Oh. Um. You know, it’s slipping my mind. That was their last day. Right? So cern, it was April 15 here. April 16 in Dubai. And that was the last day CERN was activated, and Dubai turned green. And this is my hypothesis from 2022, because the last time CERN was activated, Sioux Falls turned green.

And they’re digging up dark matter there. And so I thought Sioux Falls was going to turn green during the CERN activation, but Dubai turned green with all that. That weather stuff and. Green. Let me grab my drink. Green, Sir Nunos. Right. Sir Nunos, the celtic lord of hell. They call him the corn God, the God of the witches, and he’s the green God. So all that. Oh, interesting.

Yeah. Osiris is green, sir. Nunos is known as the green God, which green represents our heart, chakra and resurrection. You know, Osiris with it. With this color, it kind of symbolizes resurrection, from what I’ve learned anyways. Is that true, Logan? It could. I mean, I think if you. If you go in the number spectrum, look like if you. If you. If you’re a decoder and you. Any number you get, you can compare it against the seven.

Now, Tommy, I know you’re big into using the septonary cipher, which. Which is an amazing cipher if you’re using it exclusively by itself, and then you know, comparing things against it. But the seven base numbers, the seven base colors, you can compare any number against it to find out where it sits in that spectrum. So if you get any number, you divide it by seven and you get to get a total.

And then you just subtract until you get to seven or below. That’ll tell you where it sits on the spectrum. The number four. And the color green is a very special number in color because no matter which way you place the chakras, like, if you look at a rainbow, reds at the top and violets at the bottom. But chakras through the systems we know of, it’s the flip.

The reds at the bottom indicating the root, and the violet indicating the crown. But if you flip them, no matter which way you look at them, green is always going to stay in the middle. And this would. This may be indicating for 4d reality. The 4d reality. Oh, yeah. That’s interesting. So that’s the heart chakra, which is green, right. Is influencing a lot of our reality when it comes to energy and all that.

So, Logan, before I. I’m gonna finish breaking down this. 13 days of preparation. But before I do that, what do you think about loosh? Do you know about loosh energy? Of course. Yeah. You talk. It’s just simply energy being harvested, right? Okay. That’s what it is. Yeah. I think they loosed us real good with that whole eclipse thing. Dude, reporters were crying. It was weird. I got a.

I watched all these videos where, like, people were crying when the eclipse happened. Now, there’s this whole theory that during the eclipse, um, they used the energy to open this interdimensional gateway with cern. And it was. This was strange, bro. It went viral, like, the whole week leading up to the eclipse, they were telling everybody to wear red and green. Now they said to wear red and green due to.

It’s weird word. It starts with a p. I’ll pull it up and show you where. Red and green. So with. With the seven. Hold on. Let me break, because I’ll forget what I’m gonna say. So. So with the eclipse, there was this crazy conspiracy, right, that they. You. It was called Project Pegasus, and they used the energy, the loosing energy from all the people to open an interdimensional stargate and let these entities in.

And that’s what they called them aliens, but they were some type of interdimensional entity. And they’re saying that that’s what we seen during the. The craft went around the backside of it, and then we had this crazy anomaly on the 9th, the day after the eclipse, which was the anniversary of Prince Philip and DMX dying on little Nas X’s birthday. And that was the days like 80 foot waves happened down in Antarctica.

And so what the conspiracy is of this whole thing is that them entities, they were allowed to come into this reality and given a piece of a certain part of Antarctica down there, and they dove their crafts into the water. So that’s the whole conspiracy side of it. But when the person that was supposed to be a whistleblower was breaking it down. And I never really trust whistleblowers.

They. I always wonder where they just come from. But you know, cuz he didn’t really give us any info on himself, so anyone. I could go make a video and say I’m a damn whistleblower. I think everybody here, we all are. We’re all whistleblowers in a sense. Yeah. Yeah, we are. But he might have been his thought. One thing I did believe about his story, though, like, he knew what he was talking about when he was talking about loosh.

And he was saying that they tried to open the portal with CERN several times and they couldn’t get enough energy, so they had to use lush energy. That’s what the entities told them. So they promoted the whole eclipse thing. They got them to wear certain colors, like it was a major ritual to be able to open that interdimensional gateway. And I thought that was just, you know, kind of a cool story.

Even if it doesn’t end up being true, it’s still fascinating science fiction novel. And at the very least, yeah, I mean, if you, if you’re somebody who’s using logic and critical thinking, consider that, you know, like, how does, how does our reality operate through magic? I mean, it’s very simple. And then you’d have to define what magic means. So if you’re going to have a focused intent of energy, which is magic, on a certain event, you can take that, and that energy will be.

Will be processed, and it will be. It will be used to instigate or agitate or. Or to excite something else. And this is where you’re probably going to bolt on all those stories that you just talked about, all those possibilities through conspiracies, man. You said that way better than me. And that. That is how. That’s how he said it, bro. So how Logan just broke that down? Yes.

And it can be used in magic just like 911. That that energy can be used and manipulated in Max Spears, who he was a conspiracy theorist in the super soldier program. It was kind of funny. He was supposed to do this video talking, exposing, like, all these black magic cults within the military that they were studying black magic and doing all this stuff. And then he gets found vomiting up black goo on a couch.

Oh, that’s what happened in that movie that we were talking about. Vomited up black goo and devil’s. What was it called again? Late night with the devil. He was just throwing up black. Where’s that movie being shown right now? You can get it on Amazon Prime. Prime? Yeah, it’s still in theaters. But I mean, I. I’m a big fan of the aesthetic because I’m a video editor, so, yeah, I thought they did a fantastic job.

I knew it was going to be a good film. And then it went into Bohemian Grove. So I was like, okay. I mean, the main star of the. I haven’t even seen. I just looked at it as David D. Right? The main guy is. The main actor is David D. He was born on the 21st. That’s the owl card tied to the bohemian grove. And his name in numerology equals 51.

51 is tied to five 1 May 1 day. We all know what that is. So you can start to connect the dots. You see how ridiculous this code is? And let’s not even forget the name David, because this is a big name that’s talked about in the Bible. And this is where Jesus is from. Jesus is from the house of David. Yep. So once you scrape away all that, you.

Oh, man, it’s cool, ain’t it, bro? To see how connected. It’s all connected, man. And it’s. You know, I just. I actually just. My last decode I did, which will be coming out in public soon, is I did another look on that big topic that we all went through for a couple years. I’m not going to even say the word, but you guys all know what I’m talking about.

It’s got the number 19 on the end of it. I just broke it down with a fresh eyes. Yeah, I just broke it down with a fresh set of eyes. And, you know, the very first time that word was you came out on the world stage was 1968. Yes. And it was. It was in night and November 16, 1968. And then the first reported case of, you know what I’m talking about was 51 years later, in 2019 of December.

51 is Nature magazine, which is a London based magazine. And what’s the latitude north of London? 51 degrees. I just saw. Somebody sent me something a while ago, but I saw it. But, like, with this eclipse that went down and that topic that we shall not speak about. Yes. From. From. From, like the. The eclipse happened in 2017, August 21. Then all the crazy stuff they’re saying happen December 14, 2020, right in the middle.

And then this eclipse, April 8, 2024, there’s like, all this 33 in between all of it. So it’s like three years, three months, three weeks, three days with all of this stuff going down with the sun. And we all know what the sun symbolizes. The rings around the sun. Yep. Yeah. Well, I got something to show you real quick. Speaking of 68, I’m glad Logan brought that up.

Hold on. This would load right now, and then I’ll be able to expand it full screen for the audience. And then I got that movie pulled up here. If you’re new, only go on this site. If you have the Brave search engine downloaded. You can’t just go on Google and type in brave and go over. You’re still going to get pop ups. You have to have the brave search engine downloaded on your computer.

And plus, guys, I’m using a VPN. I got switch on this thing. You know what I’m saying? That crap you have Mexico, it blocks all the malware ads, all that stuff. Trackers. Yeah. You know, you don’t, but you. I know, I know. I’m just. I’m just having fun, man. I don’t. Here in America, though, brother, we do. But this is a site called f movies, and it is movie iesz dot.

What I don’t like about this is that you don’t get the full hd, and you’re also not supporting, like, if you like the director, you know. Yeah, but you use it all the time, and so do I. And you can do screenshots. You can record Netflix. You can’t do that. But I do like. That’s true, though, what I do, Tommy, like them. But, you know, I have to decode, so I need the pictures.

So. Yeah, I understand what I did for this late night with the double because it won’t let me screenshot it because I purchased it is. I just took a picture of the screen with every cell phone. Yeah, exactly. That’s what I do, too. Yeah. So that over here, that’s not a problem. You can just. Oh, that looks like a good quality. It’s a perfect quality. It’s an hd.

Perfectly hd. 100%. But, yeah. So, you know, this. This movie right here is pretty, pretty crazy. But I do agree with what donuts saying to support the content creator because I’m a content creator myself. But I’m just telling you guys the reason I do it. And then a lot of the people out here, guys that are in the audience, they’re, they’re poor. They can’t even afford food because the government’s fucking them over so bad.

So if they want to steal a few movies, oh, well, you know, well considered that no matter what, if you’re buying it or not, and I’m not. I’m not justifying, I’m not justifying, you know, going to this website and watch it, but you are supporting the artist just by watching it, no matter where you’re watching it from, because all Lucian, it’s energy harvesting, so you’re part of it.

So you’re, no matter what. So, yeah, and most of these cinematicians are casting spells, so you’re still, you’re still part of it, like Logan said. But, yeah, man, it was, I was trying to get that part where you started vomiting up black goo, what donut was talking about. But this, um, this, that’s the skeptic right there. This, this character is the archetype, the paranoid American. That’s, that’s the archetype.

Paranoid American plays the skeptic. He don’t, which is, I love that about paranoid, but it’s not fun. You know, he, um, he doesn’t really believe in anything. So he’s not your average conspiracy, conspiracy theorist, because he’ll think it’s all fake until he researches it, which is a good thing, though. Then he researched. Shout out the paranoid. Yeah. Yeah. I tried to get him on here tonight. He was chilling with his girlfriend.

Go check out paranoid american. com. And, like, I thought the whole thing with Albert pike was totally real, where the three letters he wrote about the three world wars. There’s a video of me and paranoid American. It got a little heated, you know, but then at the end, we just started laughing, and we were cool. But I ain’t gonna lie, I got pretty mad and out of my hook.

I felt like he was saying I was lying. And it wasn’t that he was saying I was lying, though. He just was saying that that letter wasn’t true. And guess where I learned it was true? From Zack. So I thought it was from Zack told me that that letter was real. That’s where I learned it. And then paranoid’s like, no, dude. That was this whole Leo tactical, dude.

It’s fake as shit. And then I go research it, and it was fake. It’s not real. Well, it comes from, like, I believe Jordan Maxwell was talking about it. And even if it isn’t fake, or, I mean, like, where it’s coming from is obviously like, sus. Because it’s coming from book, so there’s no evidence of it. But it does feel like that definitely is the agenda, though, even fake or not fake.

Oh, yeah, right. Yep. And they still let it get out there. So it’s still. It still got out there and pushed that narrative, which if you believe in the whole thing, universal law, that they have to let us know first. It’s still had that effect on the people. But, yeah, I’m happy that he taught me that, though, because it allowed me to realize that it wasn’t true. Jordan Maxwell.

I actually thanked paranoid American for it after. So let me show you this real quick. How do I go to full screen? All right, let me get down to the 68 part right here. So you were talking about 68, right? Yeah. And that was when that word was first discovered. That shall not be said. Yep. Well, that was the year the Hong Kong flu happened. That was. And you can read the word right here.

Here’s Forbes, the secret history of the first, you know, what we call code red over here. Well, 911 was made the emergency dialing code that year. Yep. That was the same year George Bush graduated Yale University, skull and Bones. And that was the year construction of the World Trade center started. So 33 years later, 911, the World Trade center comes down. George Bush is the president. It started being built 33 years prior when he graduated skull and bones.

And they made 911 the emergency dialing code. And then 19 years after 911, the word you shall not say the 19 happened, which were on a night sonic moon cycle, and there was 19 hijacker. So there is some code going on here, Logan. Yep. Well, consider that the. There’s the band slipknot off their 2008 album all hope is gone. They have a song called Gematria, the Killing Name.

And that equals 68 in chaldean numerology. And the. The world wars. Yeah, that for world War one, world War two, they add up to the number 68 numerology. The invasion of Ukraine adds up to the number 68 numerology. So these are, this is. These are big numbers. And 68 is tied to the tetragrammaton. It’s tied to the news benders. Can I share my screen, Tommy, so I can just add really quickly to show you this? Yes, sir.

You sure? Maybe. All right, let me see. Oh, you got to probably. Hold on. Unpresent mine stuff and. Okay, let me see if. Yeah, hold on. And don’t worry, guys, we will go down, over. Don’t see before we end this, I promise. Let me see if I can wear share screen on this. It’s on the present. And then there should be right when you click present at the bottom.

I don’t see, I don’t even see that. That, uh oh, there it is. Present. Okay. All right. There we go. Oh, we got someone arguing in the comments about prayer. Listen. Yeah, you know what I learned him? It might mean something to one person and means something else to another. It ain’t even worth arguing with them, honey, just, that’s your truth. You don’t think it is magic, and the other person might think it is magic, so.

And thanks to Logan for that, because we all have our own truth. You know what I mean? Well, I, you know, like, how is even prayer? How is it even a thing in a predestined reality? How does prayer work when something’s already scripted and set up and predestined for an outcome? I. Prayer to me, is being gratitude, man. Gratitude. Not asking, but just being grateful. That’s the true essence of prayer.

But anyway, I got this code coming out, and if you haven’t seen this episode and you can watch it on YouTube for free, notice the what year it came out in 1968. You gotta present it so I can put it on the screen. Oh, shit. I don’t. Hold on. Don’t. Oh, hold on. Why did I not have it on there? Yeah, you got to go to share screen.

I know. I don’t know why. And then it’ll pop up here and I’ll add it. Wait a minute. You did it. It’s not letting me grab that, but let me see if I can do it. Another one? Yeah. I think it means something different for everyone. And I’m like this dude, like, if a law makes you a better person, if Jesus makes you a better person, if some alien makes you a better person, whatever.

Who, who cares? That’s not my screen or. No. Yeah, that’s not something to fight over. And so many people do, you know, so many people kill over religion, and it’s just crazy. I think you added, people kill over opinions, man. That’s the bottom line. This is what you added, buddy. Can you see my screen? Yeah, well, yeah, we see your screen, but it’s just showing a bunch of, like, you see what’s on the screen? Oh, why is it.

Could you now go to another window? Go to whatever window you’re trying to show now. Right there. Can you see it? I would. What I would do is when you, when you share the screen. I think you’re sharing your full screen, but you could select the window you want. Hold on. Or if you’re going to share your full screen, you have the tab open up at the top.

You just go up there and click on it after you share your entire screen. I did that. It’s just not allowing. I hit the entire screen, but it’s not allowing me to do. Let me see. Yeah, browser can’t access your screen. Let me try one more. No, it’s not. And everybody please smash that, like, button. Share the video out. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Smash them like buttons into my moderators in there.

You guys see my screen now or. No. Let me see what you got going on here now. No, it just shows that, brother. What was, what was you trying to show? I was just going to show the news, but actually, I don’t know why it’s not working. You can drop a link in the comments and we can click on it in the private chat and it’ll open up.

Yeah, I don’t know why it’s not showing it. Okay, well, I’m not sure what, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here, but let me see, let me try. Yeah, it’s like when you hit percent. Let me see here. So when I hit entire screen, I have that. I click on it. I would do window and pin, then pick the actual window that you want to show. So click like window.

Yeah, well, it’s, it’s not giving me. It’s not giving me a couple options, but not my presentation that I want to show, so. Oh, well, you can go to Microsoft edge tabs and then pick the exam on chrome. I’m using chrome. I don’t know why it’s not working. Oh, is it. It’s a separate chrome window. Browser window. Or is it the same browser window you’re using for this? Yeah, yeah, I’m just, I’m just, I’m clicking on present.

I’m in chrome. I’m on the stream yard and I just go down and click the present button and I. And then it gives me that, that pop up where you can our screen. And I did that and it’s not allowing me to. And. Okay, so on your chrome. On your chrome, it’s you. That’s where you’re also streaming this. You’re on the same browser with the presentation? No, the presentations in a separate window on my computer, on my Mac.

So. Okay. Yeah. What I think it’s doing is it’s showing you the full screen. Yep. But then you exit out of that full screen, and it’s still not showing it. I don’t know. That’s crazy. Yeah, that is weird because it. That’s. I always hit entire screen and then I exit out and go. That’s why you see, like, it looks like it’s going down the hallway for a second until I.

Oh, yeah. I mean, that’s how annoying looks at my obs. But, um, yeah, when I click even window. I have window, an entire screen. It’s not allowing me to do either one. I know. It’s so annoying when it doesn’t let me do it. I turn my computer off and turn it back on. Yeah, well, I’d have to come back in and. Yeah, yeah. It’s just too. Well, let me, let me just.

Well, that’s fine. It’s no big deal, Tommy. Just go to. You can just share your screen. I can help you navigate through it. If you just go to. If you just type in the news benders, 1968. Just drop the link in the private chat. Yeah. And I’ll just click on it and then, bam, we’re in there, brother. Yeah. My spelling capabilities. I’ll be over here and everything. All right, let me see.

But anyway, I wanted to let, let all of you know that the it’s 30 minutes theater, the news benders came out in 1968. And it was by Donald, please. Donald Pleasant’s the guy who plays the psychologist in the Michael Myers Halloween movie. There’s the link right there. If you just click on that should pop up. Okay, now look out here. I’ll share my screen here back. Oh, you try to give me a little.

Okay, so let me present. Share screen. Boom. Share. Bam. This one, right? Yeah, yeah. So if you haven’t seen this, you can watch it on YouTube for free. I was so I had a lot of people in my community that were saying, this is what runs our reality. It’s a computer. And I was fighting against it. Fighting against it. No, no, no way. No way, no way. And to this day, still like that.

I don’t know of a computer, because the base, the base story of this is Donald pleasance invites this guy into his office, into the ivory tower, so to speak, and he wants to offer him a job. And he tells him that the news is, the news is created by a computer. They, and then they take that information, and then he put it out onto the world stage. And that’s what runs the collective consciousness.

And he had said during this episode, I’m not going to give too much away. But he’s like, basically we own you, and if you don’t do what we say, we’ll shut you off. Okay, but that, that’s the news now, right? So is a computer, is a quantum computer, and where’s the quantum computer at? Where is it coming from? And is the technology so advanced and so old? Because through you could, we could talk about these events of cataclysms happening, and then, of course, those that know the cataclysms are coming, they take their technology underground.

I talked about this with, in one of the podcasts and underground aliens. We talked and postulated this idea where the technology goes underground. And when the emergence of humankind comes up again after to repopulate, the technology comes up, but it’s only allowed to be with a select few, and that’s how they run and control this reality. But it’s the news in the mainstream, and this would obviously be movies and all that kind of stuff.

However, as a decoder, as somebody who decodes, if this is true and it’s running the news, that’s totally fine. But my question is, what’s running me? Because my life continually is scripted to this day. It is scripted. And I ask people, and Tommy, I asked you this because a lot of people, they oh, no, man’s running this and that. Okay, so my question is first and foremost to all of you that are on board with the possibility of this idea.

Number one, do you think that there is an organic code running this reality? That’s my first question. And if the answer is yes, if you’re like, yeah, there’s some kind of organic code running this reality. My second question is, okay, great. Do you think there’s a non. Do you think man has any say in this? Do you think man is running a non organic artificial code? And then you would have to say yes or no.

If you see, if your answer is yes, if you say yes, man is running some of this reality, then I would ask you the third question. Where do you make the determination whether the organic code is no longer organic? Can I tell you my expects? I would love to hear your. Okay, so like mine, I don’t think it’s man. I think there was an organic source code created by some creator entity, and it was for a positive thing, for maybe us to learn down here like a school.

But I think it’s been hijacked by an archonic presence that has inserted an AI overlay, and they’re the ones manipulating the code, creating this kind of a phantom matrix. So it’s like when you take a copy of a website. You have the original website still there, but then you have all these clones of it, and they’ve created copies of the original. And that’s what I think is going on.

I don’t kind of think it’s me. And I think they influence. They use men like puppets. You know what I mean? So when would that. When would you say, okay, so there’s a copy. Okay, I like this. I mean, I’ve talked about this on many occasions. Other people. When do you think this copy was instituted? I don’t know about that, brother, but that would be interesting to figure out, my guest.

It’s definitely, I think, been around since I’ve been born. For sure I was born 1983, but, um, even I’m thinking, you know, way far back, like, um, maybe when the Adam and Eve time, if that time’s real, when any of that was going on, that’s when the hijack took place, when we. Maybe that’s a whole allegory to that story, you know, when the. When. When these entities hijacked it and inserted their AI overlay.

But I definitely think that’s what’s going on here. And I think they’re the one manipulating the organic code. Yeah, I mean, well, this, this, this episode, I was so fascinated by this episode. I actually contacted. There’s two writers, Desmond and Sean. And I reached out to both of them, and I actually got through, and I was messaging Sean directly. I got him on his, on his LinkedIn, and I couldn’t get ahold of Desmond.

And so Sean, he’s an older gentleman, and he. He was. He was so happy to hear from me. And I was like, hey, man, I’m a fan of this episode. I am. And I said, who. How did you come about this whole storyline? And he said, well, actually, Desmond came up with the. It was Desmond’s. So you want to reach out to him, and if you reach out to him, tell him I said hi, and tell him to reach out to me, because it’s been a minute.

So I was like, okay, cool, you know? Um, but he. I never got ahold of Desmond Loudon, which, fascinating is his birthday is on September 27, which is the Society of Jesus foundation date. Yep. The night, the counteract, the 95 thesis. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So cool that you got to reach out to him, you know? Yeah, yeah, I wish. I wish Desmond, but, you know, I couldn’t. I couldn’t get ahold of him, but I really wanted to know, like, dude, how did you.

You know, I. To get a straight answer, but it’s a very fascinating topic. Maybe Desmond’s the one being influenced by the archon. Yeah, maybe that may be the case, you know, but, I mean, that’s being influenced by the Arkon, not Sean. Yeah, I don’t know. You know, I don’t know. I. I don’t. I’m not one to pretend like I know everything. I. I’m just trying to figure it out, you know? It’s totally.

To me, there’s definitely something going on here. That much I know, because we see all these connections with that number, 68. And, I mean, it’s. It’s too much. And then with this, 13 days of preparation. Right, so here, this is another one, a good topic for us to talk about, because it’s a time frame where all these crazy events happen. Logan, let’s take a look. April 15, Boston marathon bombing.

And now, back in the ancient times, they would sacrifice children to this God ball and Moloch and. Right. We know this happened throughout history. There’s many accounts of it. Not a conspiracy. It’s in many religions. So they definitely were doing this. It really ties back to the Phoenicians in paranoid american. He has just a fascinating couple episodes on the Phoenicians. He knows, like, everything about him. And that’s what kind of was the Canaanites.

And they conquered Carthage, which was where Hannibal was from. And he went over the alps. They were doing all that sacrificial stuff there. And Rome pretty much destroyed them, but carried on with the sacrifices. So it wasn’t like they destroyed them because of what they were doing, because they carried it out. Now, April 15. So during this time of the year, there’s always kids dying. Right? We just had all them kids die in the bus, drowning.

And we seen predictive programming of that in the 2007 movie Trick or Treat, where eight kids drowned it in a bus. And with this one, I think it was like ten kids, they drowned it in a bus, and it was in a location spelled om a n. And then there’s a movie out, the first omen. Omen. So them words are very similar. Right. But we had that happen.

That all star happened on the 15th, the same day as the Boston Marathon, or at least that’s. That’s the day when the Dubai thing happened. So I think that was the same day it happened. Boston marathon bombing resulted in three deaths, hundreds injured, and one child. Now, that’s happened on the 15th, but Boston went on lockdown, martial law on April 19, when they were looking for the bombers.

But it always starts early I told you guys this. It always starts around the 15th. I warn the people every year. That’s why I always say that day. And then 15 is CERN. Harp. Look, it was all this crazy weather shit going on. They were talking about CERN. It was in. It was definitely a talking point. Mainstream media was even talking about it. So if these archons are running the news and manipulating that code, or their supercomputer is the one that’s creating the code, it would make sense to me.

April 16 of 2007 was Virginia tech massacre, where 32 students lost their life. April 18, 2013, was Texas Waco fertilizer plant explosion, causing at least five to 15 deaths and hundreds of injuries, located 20 miles north of Waco. So really wasn’t the Waco plant. It was 20 miles north of Waco. But still, you guys get it? April 19, 1775, was the battle of Lexington and Concord, a key event leading to the Revolutionary War.

Most of the men were at the ages of 15, you know, that was a fighting age at that time. 15. 1617. That’s a kid. They’re dying. April 19 of 1993, government forces raided David Koresh’s compound in Waco, Texas, resulting in the death of 25 children. April 19 of 1995, Oklahoma city bombing, leading to the death of 19 children. April 20, 2010. This is the one I think killed the most kids.

Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, causing eleven deaths. But then think about all the water that got poisoned, all the pollution from that, that could have led to the death of a lot of kids, you know, that swam in that water. And so to me, that one could have definitely hurt a lot of kids, but it killed eleven people. Then you have Columbine.

1999, Columbine school massacre, where twelve students or one teacher were killed. 13 fatalities on the 13 days of preparation. The 13th card is the death card in the tarot deck. April 30, we’re not going to say this guy’s name. His initials are a h. Every time I mention him, I get taken down. He had that stupid mustache, and he wasn’t a big fan of donuts. People. In World War two, he was reported dead on April 30 of 1945, which was the birth of the church of Satan.

And his birthday is today. 20. Today is his freaking birthday. So it’s in that 13 day period. May 1, 1776. We all know the Illuminati, right? May 1 of 2003, George W. Bush mission accomplished. Speech on the US. Abraham Lincoln declaring end of major combat operations in Iraq. And then May 1 of 2003, the invasion of Iraq under the name iraqi freedom which lasted 21 days. And 2011, the announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death by the United States.

So we can say that a lot of things happen during this time and, and this ain’t even. I could have kept going and going and going and going and going and going and going. But you know, like the blog gets too long after a minute. So I just put some key points up there. And this, this blog I did, Logan, it talks about all the planetary alignments this month too.

And like right now, brother, we are in, um, and, and that 13 and 31. Dude, the matrix 30 113 is 31. And then you got the number 1331 which is supposed to be this ultimate eclipse number that clips that went over Wuhan, China. This was the first case to the black death. It went over Wuhan, China, 1331. It was called Hawaii back then or who by or something.

But um, that’s a crazy code to 1331. But yeah. So this 13 days of preparation, the number 13. What are your guys’s thoughts? Logan, you want to go first on the 13? Well, yeah, the 13 days of preparation, like all these deaths happening on that day. What do you think of. Well, 1st, first and foremost, I want to, this may be new for some of you, but if you’re somebody who’s a fan of numerology, consider that you, you have a life path.

And the life path is you take your birthday and you add it up, you can do it. Like my birthday is February 4, 1973. So it’s two plus four plus 19 plus 73. Okay. But that’s the gregorian life path. So any day that you see on the calendar, any of these days here, like April 15, 2013, you take four plus 15, plus 20 plus 13 and you’re going to get your total.

However, that’s the gregorian aspect to it. There’s a pre gregorian life path. So all of you that are fans of numerology, if you want an alternate way to look at your life and an alternate way to look at the calendar, you start to subtract two months from your total. Because you see, before the gregorian, you had the julian calendar and julian calendar took January and February and moved it in position number one.

And number two, removing March as the first month. Now, march is a very significant month because of the fact of the spring equinox, which is where the sun is directly overhead, the equator giving light to both the tropics on either side and it’s equal proportions. So this is why this, these dates are all around the equinox and the sun kind of on that equator. But then it’s starting to slightly move back towards the tropic of cancer right in the spring equinox.

And this is where you’re going to get all these layers to it. But April becomes the second month, and now April 18, the Waco, that now can be looked at as 218. That’s what stood out to me. But if you’re willing to do this with your life path, personally, for all of you listening to this, I promise you. I promise you that many of you will resonate more with your pre gregorian life path than you will with your gregorian life path.

So this is what I want to add to that for that. But the 13, obviously, is massive, because you have 13 cards pursue, and the 13th card is the king of hearts or the king of clubs, or the king of diamonds, or the king of spades. All the kings. You have the king’s chambers, and the king is tied to the number 13. And the number 13 is tied to the element aluminium, and aluminium is the element that sits in the very middle of the astrological map, and the astrological map is tied to what runs this reality in a big way, you know, through magic and stuff like that.

So 13 is tied to Jesus and the Christ. I just looked up Bohemian Grove, and I think I’m gonna have to do a decode on this. Oh, I would love to see your decode on that. And. Okay, now, hold on a second. You gotta go back for me? Yes. You said for the spring equinox, it’s going into cancer. Now, this is interesting because there’s this whole cancer narrative right now.

And in that movie, he sacrificed his wife to Bohemian Grove, and they don’t really explain how, but she dies of some advanced cancer, and he. She’s letting him know in it that he did it to her for fame, you know? And then you have Kate Middleton with cancer. There’s a bunch of other people that just died of cancer. It’s big, man. It’s starting to. That. That cancer is really starting to come out on the.

The world stage in a big way. I think that it’s possible that we see a lot more of that on the rise, and there’s a very specific reason I’m not going to mention. But I think if you put two and two together, you’ll know what you can link it to. But, of course, again, on March 21, that’s kind of the. There’s several days when the sun is directly overhead of the equator, giving you the spring vernal equinox, and that is where it is going.

To be moving into the tropic of cancer, moving away from the tropic of Capricorn. Cancer is ruled by the moon. The moon is what runs the way you feel about life. That’s why when you get married, you go on a honeymoon, because it’s all about the way you feel about the situation in life. So this is how this reality is harvested through energy. It’s mainly around the way you feel about, I don’t like the way that this.

And I don’t like the way I feel. Or if it’s not the way you feel, it’s going to be the way you think. And the way you think is derived from mercury. Mercury being the trickster, the way you think about things. So mercury, and just coincidentally, mercury and the moon both equal 23 in numerology. But that’s for a different story. But nonetheless, those two astrological positions sit directly across from the tropic of Capricorn and Kronos and the sinus Sagittarius and Jupiter.

Jupiter. And Jupiter and Saturn are father and son. And right below them, in house number four and five is the moon and Mercury. I mean, sorry, house number three and four is the moon and mercury. Those two. Now, when do we. Okay, so when do we. When did we move out of cancer? Well, you’re moving into the tropic of cancer for the spring and summer equinox, for the view that are north of the equator.

Once you hit September 22 around there, then the sun moves back to the equator, and now it’s on its trajectory to move back down towards the tropic of Capricorn. Those of you that live in the New Zealand, australian areas, Chile, all this, Argentina, that’s all tropic of Capricorn. That would be September 22, right around there. September, October, November, that’s all the tropic of Capricorn. Wow, that’s interesting. And, guys, you guys know I do my personal readings over on truthful tv.

com, right? And mine are a little different than Logan’s. He’s talking to you on the phone. He’s putting a lot of time in. Your mind’s pretty basic. 2020, $6 in it. And I’m actually gonna add another level to it because. Because I think I’m charging way too less when I look at the industry standard. But it’s. Mine’s an email decode, and I cover your life path number, your destiny card, your birth card, do your gamatria, all that stuff.

But Logan goes even further. So, like, when I do my readings, I always put Logan’s links down at the bottom. When I send the email over to you, a lot of you that got one, you have noticed that. And I say, if you want to even take it a step further, you can contact my brother Logan, part of truth mafia. And he, over here does his personal readings.

And they’re just like, phenomenal guys. He has three levels of them, and you got number one. Could you talk a little bit about your different levels, Logan, that you offer real quick? Yeah. The number three reading is a tarot reading. Reading your now energy. We pull 13 cards based on the astrological map in real time compared to your astrological map of when you were born. I do everything with sharing my screen through zoom so you can see exactly the cards that we choose.

We go through each house one by one. We go over the energies. What’s to prepare for some adjustments that you. That you can make? This is in real time now. This is the number three reading. If you’re interested in getting an astrological reading, a numerous reading, human design, I bring all those layers in, tarot cards of illumination. It would be the minimum number two. And that number two reading is going to give you about two and a half to 3 hours of.

Of your tour of your life and to show you exactly what you’re made to do. If you’re kind of, like, ready to make it and graduate to the next level, if you feel like this is something that you’re ready to do, you know, I’d be more than happy to. I love doing readings because I get to see, like, every single one of you is a superstar. Every single one of you is here for a legacy.

You just got to find it. And I love showing people their legacies. And, you know, part of the legacy that you need to find is shutting off a lot of this mainstream that you give your energy to. That’s why I’m kind of. I. For me, personally, I don’t follow the mainstream. I have to get it secondhand from somebody else. Unless I’m doing a decode. And I. Because I shut it off, I’m able to pay attention to my code and that.

So if we believe we live in a copy, I don’t pay attention to the copy. I pay attention to the organic, natural, raw code, which is who I am and what I show and give you the tour of. And that’s the number two reading. The number. Number one reading just comes with a personalized report, um, which encompasses a lot of human design. So, like, if we do live in a copy and we’re paying attention to the copy.

I never thought of it that way. Yeah, but, I mean, what I found is, is that astrology and numerology, man, it’s an energy harvester. So, like, it, no matter what way you slice it, the astrological map and your numerology and your life path and your name and where you were born and the latitude, longitude and the birth certificate, how many, like, how much you weighed when you were a kid, all of these layers have significance to who you are.

And then you figure out what it looks like. And when you get the interpretation of it, then you can start to look at, like, oh, my God. And then if you feel the urge to go towards something and you see it in the code, that is a gimme to move into that layer of your being. But then you also want to pay attention to where you’re being triggered in your life.

There. We all have traumas. And part of this journey is to not give any energy to the traumas. And you get rid of them, and you just. They lie dormant. You get rid of them completely, not sweeping them under the rug, but getting rid of those. Those traumas. And you become. Become aware of your conscious code. A lot of you are reactive in your reality. You know, a lot of people push your buttons.

All. You push my buttons. And you now pull out. Like I say, you pull out your mars card. You get angry. You use your. Your aggression. That’s a lower chakra. You got to know consciously when and when not to do that kind of stuff. And that is part of understanding the astrological map, the numerology, your human design, enneagram, personality types, cards, tarot. All of those layers are important to look at in your reality.

So now this one right here, I was reading this one. Dude. This one is top notch, dude, you, man, you put a lot into that one, the number one, don’t you, bro? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Well, I put a lot into all of them, but definitely, I mean, this is my. My best. Like, I do more of these readings than anything else, but I put my heart and soul into them, you know, because you, all of you, deserve it.

I’m not here to get a trophy blue rib. I’m not in this for likes and subscriptions. My job is to show you what your code is. That’s what my job is. And once you know your code and you invest in your code, you can become the best version of yourself. You can form your legacy and your masterpiece, which all of you are here to do. And if you’re willing to pay attention to the code, man, you.

You. You become like. It’s like. Like a lightning bolt. I look at a lightning bolt. Tommy, if you could just open up a. This the last thing I want to show, if you could open up a web browser and just type in lightning bolt bolt. And this is a really good analogy to, um, to take into consideration if you’re on this path of, you know, you really want to move into a higher state of being.

Just look at a lightning bolt. And I think this is how life is. I think, and this is why lightning bolts are used in the gods and deities and in big ways and all that kind of stuff. But I want you to consider that if you look at a typical lightning bolt right here, you’re going to see that the typical lightning bolt has a main vein to it, right.

It has a dominant path of trajectory, and then off of the dominant path of trajectory, you have some smaller bolts coming off the left and right hand sides. And this is life, but nonetheless, no matter what, that energy is going all the way in the same direction, down. It’s headed down to the ground. You want to be on that main vein. You want to be on the deepest, darkest, brightest spot of that main vein.

That’s going to give you the best experience in your life. What happens is we deviate away from that because we’re supposed to. Life is happening for you, not to you. If we get in this rhythm of, hey, it’s happening for you. There are no accidents in your life. If you go away from that main vein of that lightning bolt and you go off onto a different trajectory, onto the right or left hand side, you’re still going towards your path of fulfillment.

It’s just going to be a different experience. But I really feel like this is a great example, because if you’re on that main vein, you’re in the flow. You’re in your prime. You’re riding that wave. It’s like surfing when you, if you’re a surfer, you get on the board, you ride this, the wave. You don’t jump off halfway through the ride. You go all the way as far as you can, and then you get off and you ride back.

That’s riding this main vein. And this is what readings are designed for, whether you do it yourself or you get someone to interpret it, whether it’s me or somebody else, this is what you need. This is the fulfillment. And we’re moving into the age of Aquarius, or we already have. It’s the I know thyself. That’s what you’re. This is what the whole thing is all about. But one of the requisites, ladies and gentlemen, is you got to stop giving the energy to these other people that are trying to steal you.

You know, like Ronnie James dio in Black Sabbath. Everybody knows that song heaven in hell by Black Sabbath off their great album. Yeah, he said, Ronnie James Dio said, the world is full of kings and queens who will blind your eyes and steal your dreams. Okay. Because that’s. What do you think NASA, what do you think NASA’s trying to, what do you think NASA is designed to do? They are the dreamers.

They have the queen of hearts card, the dreamer card. They need your energy to make their dream a reality. Wow. Everybody focusing in on whatever is being marketed fulfills the dream. So if everybody stopped watching the damn news, what do you think would happen to the news stations? They would collapse, which means that these brands that are supporting these news stations would also collapse because they pay for the airtime.

That’s why these football, the Super bowl ads are so expensive, because the, they charge top dollar, because all the eyeballs on it. Why? Because they’re entered, they’re harvesting energy. It’s very simple. It’s just magic 101. So when you get on that main vein, man, from getting a reading, Tommy does great stuff. At the very least, you should get a reading by Tommy. Get your basic fundamentals, and if you want to go deeper, you can do it yourself.

Get somebody what? But you get on that main vein, man. That’s the starting point. And then you don’t deviate away from that main vein. You want to go and pay attention to politics, you’re going to go off that main vein, you’re going to get. Reminds me of too, bro, when me and you did that decode on Loki, and there it was making the alternate timeline. That’s exact. Great analogy, Tommy.

Great analogy. Great analogy, dude. I just, I can’t even begin to tell all of you because it’s personal. I just had something happening to me just the other day that, that is beyond like I have. I will never, ever, ever defend the fact that I’m being, my reality is being ruled over by something I can’t describe to all of you. And it’s not just, it was with somebody else and somebody else, four people were involved in this thing that’s happening in my life personally.

And it was, there’s absolutely no doubt, my mind, that my reality, and we could be talking about other dimensions and parallel lives, and you’re right, we’re running parallel lives and repair parallel dimensions, folks. I can’t even begin to describe to you what had happened to me over the past couple days, but it is, it’s just too uncanny. And I don’t need to defend it anymore. I already know.

I already know this is my truth. In my reality. Maybe you personally, you’ve had something happen to you where something you can’t just people just like, oh, you’re crazy, you’re nuts. But you know it happened or you saw something. I just know people think, no, I’m crazy. It’s like the kid that can see, you know, ghosts and like, ah, you’re crazy. But the kid could see what you get, you know, so it’s like, maybe it’s for your eyes only, maybe it’s for your experience only.

Maybe you’ve had one of these experiences. But, man, telekinesis is happening and people are using it right now and it’s becoming more and more widespread. And why is that? I’ll tell you the answer, my opinion. Because the age of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. I know it’s co ruled by Saturn, but Uranus to me, is the ruler of Aquarius. And Uranus is the planet of electricity. And electricity is why we’re moving into the electrical age.

And the electrical age is about telekinesis, and it’s about the brain, and the brain running on neurons and firing with synapses. And that’s all electrical impulses. We’re moving into that age. And this is where you know yourself. You know yourself. You don’t need to defend who you are. And then you could start to match up with people instantly and automatically. So the people that you’re hanging out with right now, I can promise you, you’re supposed to hang out with them.

Anybody you’ve ever dated, anybody you’re married to or ever been married to, you are supposed to be in those relationships with those people. There are no accidents in your life. Everything’s happening for you. And if you stop blaming organizations and just start realizing that there are archetypes just like you co creating, your life becomes so much more fruitful and it becomes more blissful and stuff like that. I’m not saying don’t go out there and do your conspiracies and all that kind of stuff and look at that kind of stuff, because maybe you’re bored to do that, to show the world how this stuff works.

But I’m saying is invest in you and yourself to know how you can make yourself the best version of yourself. Because like Tommy donut, if I get to hang out with you guys. I don’t want to hang out with you after you’ve had a long week of, like, you just broke up with somebody and you’re a miserable prick. And then it’s like, I don’t want to hang out with you.

And energy like that. I want to hang out with you when you’re like, oh, my God, you know, life’s amazing, and everybody’s happy, and we’re having a good time. That’s the person I want to show up and hang out with. Right? I don’t want to hang out with miserable. Nobody wants to do that. How do you become the highest percentage, the highest pinnacle of yourself? Study your code, know what you’re born to do, and don’t deviate away from it no matter what, because people will try to get you, like, oh, you hear it all the time.

People say, well, I don’t think you should do that. Yeah, well, for you, you don’t want me to do that. That’s your code. But why would I want to listen to your freaking opinion, man? I got my life. You don’t pay my bills, but you want me to. You want. You want me to listen to what you’re doing? No, I don’t think so, man. I’m gonna tell you, all of you right now, the last thing I will say.

You are the star of the show, man. You’re in a movie, and you’re the star of the show, and you’re being watched. Okay? Just. Just imagine you’ve got a camera following you around 24/7 your life would be different if you. If you really had one following. You start to act and behave, you gotta call up and say, hey, I’m gonna come film you a reality show. And now you got cameras.

They show up at your house. I promise every one of you will act differently. You know, you are going to lack differently. Well, I’m telling you right now, you’re being watched. So you might as well just start behaving according to your code and do what you want to do instead of what they’re telling you to do and stop being reactive. Be more active. Be more active and less reactive.

Don’t worry about what they’re going to do. Focus on what. What do you want to do? What is it that you want to do in this if you are not doing what you want to do? Because you too, paying too much attention. What they’re doing. You broke that down at 1 hour and 28 minutes into the podcast. Yeah. Organic synchronicity. That and within donuts code. He’s, he. Did I not know it? But he’s.

He has a lot of psychic capabilities. He’s got the freaking queen of clubs, man. She’s like the. That’s, that’s card number 25. I told you, sits in the house of Jupiter. It’s the queen of wands. That’s card number 35. Simulation is 35 in numerology. I could go on and on with the 35 donut. Donut equals 31. Matching the matrix. Like he. Yeah, he has a lot of psychic capabilities.

And you, he does it on accident all the time. I did it on purpose. What, if you’re doing it on purpose now, you’re a game changer now. You’re living on a masterpiece and legacy, man. You know, you got to practice this shit. Mozart. I broke Mozart. One of the great piano composers. You know, he was. His parents probably made him practice, probably hated his parents. He was practicing six, seven years old.

But he was, no matter what, that dude was guaranteed destined to be a prodigy in music. Didn’t have a choice in the matter, but he had to practice. So if you want to become a decoder, if you want to know about your code, you got to practice. You got to read, read, study, study. And the payoff that you’re going to get is you’re. Stop listening to what they’re telling you.

Oh, you shouldn’t do that. Don’t do that. Oh, you should listen to this. Oh, my God. What about this? What about it? What about, what about your opinion, dude, I’m going to do me and I’m going to rise to my fame and because you’re the star of the show, and I want everybody to get this, because you are, you’re the star of the show, man. You’re, you’re the movie star, man.

You are it, man. So it’s wild because when I started donut doing the deep dives, as me being a fan of yours, watching, you know, stuff before I started just doing my own decodes, pointing out the symbology I was going through this period of my life where I was like, I’m done listening to everybody. And it wasn’t their fault. It wasn’t their fault at all. It was all my fault because I always was asking.

I was like, oh, what do you think? Should I do this? Should I do that? You know, rather than me just taking decisive action on my own. And it makes sense why I did that because I got into recovery and the way of my own will and my own actions got me to a bad place. So I needed mentors at that time. But then years went by where I was at a point where, you know, I can take some, some actions.

And I stopped listening to the crowd, I stopped listening to people as much and went internal and said, you know what? I’m going to make this donut video. Even though everybody’s telling me, you can’t do that. You can’t talk about mister Hanks like that. The greatest actor ever. You can’t go on there and say, and I said, no, I’m going to do it. And I quit my job.

My whole family was like, don’t you quit your job. These are uncertain times. And I said, I’m not going to listen to them. So when I quit, I didn’t even tell them. They didn’t even know. And I started taking action on my own. XRP, for example, that everyone said, no, don’t buy it. When it was nineteen cents and I went all in, I put my entire savings, which wasn’t a lot, into it.

And then that thing pumped up and then I sold it and started the donut factory. So I, you know, and, but I’m happy you, you said all this today at this moment, because I’ve noticed that, you know, I’m starting to fall back into asking, oh, you think I should do this? I wish I did. Instead of being like, yo, yo, this is what I’m gonna do. Um, so I’m happy that you, you brought that up.

You brought up a lot of cool stuff, especially with the, the cancer, because the top of the royal arch for the summer solstice, all the ancient buildings were facing east for the summer solstice and that’s that. Six nine or the 96. We can see how prevalent that is in the queen’s death. Right at 69 or the other one at 96. And right now, all the royals in the news, it’s all about cancer, OJ, cancer, all the stuff.

And I believe that it is astrological. And I’m happy that you tied in the March 21 going into a cancer site. I don’t really understand that too much, but what I am looking out for or some certain dates for the future with all that symbology, I, you know, I used to think that one thing went down like a 911 and that was the ritual, right? But now looking at it, I can see that it’s not just one thing happening.

That’s a ritual. There’s multiple initiations or multiple things that happen throughout a year, maybe longer than a year, maybe it’s a century long ritual, I’m not sure. But from 2023, when Gangsta Boo passed away, she had a six nine album. And she’s from Memphis, Tennessee. And she’s connected to Miley Cyrus through three six Mafia and juicy J producing Miley Cyrus and whatnot. And Miley Cyrus was performing underneath this role, Royal Arch.

So I could see that symbolism there, but it seems like it’s continuing on. You know what? I think it’s just a yearly ritual. I think it’s just a year, because every year we get the new seasons, and those, those seasons are for the ritual. So I think. I think that the rituals, like a 911 is for the entire year. Now that I’m talking about it, I don’t know where I’m going with that.

But OJ Simpson passed away at 76 years old. And seven six is when the guide stones collapsed. It’s George Bush’s birthday. It’s $0. 50 birthday. So I’m looking at that date. But, yeah, that’s just something I’m just adding on top of what you were saying with that. It’s something I’ve been looking into. Well, you keep, keep in mind the Georgia guy stones open on March 22, which is the.

The three two two. And it collapsed on July 6. And you know how long it was? Three months and 14 days in between those two dates. What’s three one four pie. Okay. That’s right. Three, three months and 14 days in between March 22 and July 6. The collapse of Georgia guidestones. That’s tied to raw, folks. So now you’re getting into ancient Egypt. How do we. How do I get it to tide to Ra? Go to the periodic table.

On the periodic table, there’s only one element that spells out the word ra. It’s called radium, and radium has 88 protons. How many miles per hour did the DeLorean have to get back to the future, to time travel? 88. So 88 is Ra and 88. Ra is. Has an isotope number 226. That’s its isotope. If you take 88 and you add 226, you’re going to get 314. You’re going to get.

Bro, bro, bro. My birthday is 226. 88. You’re born on the 26. There you go. Yeah, I already. I mentioned 26. 88. Exactly. And Ra’s tied to Jupiter. Okay? It’s tied to Jupiter in a big, big, big way, man. Big, big way. But Ra is the sun God, and you have. The pyramids have everything to do with this. And I broke this down on Khufu. But you have the.

You have Ra and then you have the ka and then you have the ba. The ra, the ka and the ba are the three main components of what it means to be a human being. And Ra is the law of one. The law of one says there’s only one. Everything all originates from the one. And you can branch that into theology. Isaiah 45, verses seven. Yod hey vahe saying, I make peace and create evil.

That’s duality. But it’s. It’s. I do. I do that. I. I do that. So I. You go to the periodic table. What is the element that has the I? Iodine. What’s its protons? 53. The latitude, longitude of the. Of the Vatican City. 41 degrees north, twelve degrees east. What’s 41 and 1253? Iodine? I. Bohemian grove is the 126. It’s lat. Longitude, latitude. 126 is the weight of the 53rd element.

Iodine. There. It’s. All this stuff is telling tribute to this I. The I. I. It’s service to self. It’s the eye and it’s the eye. It’s the eye. Eye of providence. I have raw. Et cetera, et cetera. It just. It’s all connected here, folks. It’s just like. That’s why if we all just go on a deserted island and we just turn all the mainstream off and we start to co create on a deserted island, what would happen, you know, what.

What would happen to your life if you just had a freaking break from the mainstream? If you had a. If you had a. Have you ever done a detox from the mainstream? I did. I do it all the time now. Yeah. Just you. And you. Pay attention to what your code is. You have a beautiful, beautiful life. Now, Tommy, if you could share my screen, because you’re bringing up these elements and I don’t understand them, and you do, but I’ve been looking into CERN, right? And speaking of all the green.

Cern turning things green, Sir Nunos, like Tommy truffle. Can I say one thing real quick and then I’ll do that for you? You were talking about cancer in the number 60, but. Well, did you know cancer diagnosis equals 69? And Kate Middleton did that video on 322 of 2024. Three plus 22 plus 20 plus 24 is 69. And the kids is six. Nine, brother. That’s crazy, bro. That’s nice.

Ain’t that nuts? And 347 is the 69th prime number. And the word God is 374, which is the same numbers used for the 347 in numerology. In eclipse is 69, too. Eclipse is 59 in English. Right. Now, I think we’re going to come up on some egg rituals for the summer solstice. Because what got me into all this 69 stuff. Egg equals 69 as well. Or 19, I mean.

Okay, so this right here, this is straight off of CERN website. They have a new video out how they’re using the large collider to actually get rid of cancer. So they’re hooking people up to the big. Yeah, it’s crazy, but they showed these two elements, so I screenshotted it. They’re all about radium. I did a decode on CERN before, and that. That element is heavily connected to, um, CERN, but go ahead.

I’m sorry, brother. I just want to know, what’s your opinion on this, Logan, just right off the bat, like, what do you see when you see this, you know, right off the bat? Well, radium and polonium were both discovered by the same Person. Uh, and Polonium is tied to the moon. Polonium is tied to the moon. The moon is the dark side of the moon. The moon may be the great gig in the sky, the.

The great server in the sky. Maybe the server. We live in a computer. The moon may be the server. That’s why Christoph was on the moon in the Truman show. Don’t leave, Truman. I’ve created this reality for you. Don’t leave. It’s better at Sea Haven Island. Polonium is tied to the moon, man. Okay, okay, so what about them mixed together? Well, they give you the 172, but then if you add up the isotopes, you get the 435, and, you know, you can branch off and into there into so many different directions.

You can do the numerology on them. But when you add up all the numbers, though, neutrons, protons, electrons, you’re going to get the number 607, and that’s the 67, and that’s tied to a kennel. Charles Reeves. His birth certificate name is 67. 600. 767 is a big number. 67 is tied to non player character. It’s so much, dude. I mean, I have to show you. I know. I’m just.

Yeah, no, no, I just. I. You’re bringing up the elements, and then I just remembered, I. Sometimes, you know, I just screenshot polonium. What is the element? Polonium. What is the common use of this element? It’s synthetic, and it’s. It says on the Royal Society of chemistry it was first used in the lunar. For the moon. In the lunar spacecraft. On the moon. Now, of course. Oh, we didn’t go to the moon.

The story is all that matters, folks. It doesn’t matter if we went there or not. It’s the story that matters. That’s in the story code. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Thank you for sharing that. Of course. Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Radioactive isotope? Yeah. I believe it is. It’s synthetic. Synthetic. It’s not. It’s not a natural element. Polonium. I know, actually. Is it a plot is plenty of natural element. It may be a natural element.

It’s one I haven’t really looked into. Let me just double check, because it’s 84. I think it may be, um. But maybe a decay. It’ll be definitely be decaying from radium, for sure. Yeah. Marie Curie is the one who first isolated it. Yeah. And, you know, a rare element. Yeah. Yeah. I think maybe that it could have been just talking about that guy you were talking about and his importance to.

To cern donut. How the hell did you get your rumble people to show up in the comments? Why don’t my rumble people show up in the comments? I figured it out, bro. Yeah. So you just got to connect your rumble to your streamyard. Bada bing, bada boom. Can you teach me that? I’m sitting here looking. I’m like, wait a second. Who are these green people? I never seen them before in the comments.

And we got this whole podcast. We’ve had 600 people in the podcast the whole time. So it’s not counting the three. It’s not counting the 300 over on rumble right now or my rumble, which I don’t know how many’s on there, but probably a. Probably 100 or so. Let me look. Yeah. Like, button. Like, there’s only 50. Only 50 likes on rumble and 300 people watching. So please smash that, like, button.

I want to get up in that rumble algorithm, which, um, rumble. Shout out to rumble. Because they’re doing a lot of really cool deals right now with content creators. Creators. And we got it in. So we’re trying to work out a deal where we can do some exclusive content over here on Rumble and not have to worry about YouTube. I’m just so sick of YouTube taking my channels down.

I built the last one to. Oops, sorry. I built the last one. It was at 11,187, which is crazy. When they took it down. Can you believe that? 11,187. Exactly. And the night I seen that number, Logan, I remember thinking it was on PI day, so it just turned. It was 314 PI day, and it was at 03:00 a. m. And I’m doing a video, and I had two videos going viral at that time.

My one video on Facebook, it was. It went, like, crazy viral. It hit 618,000 views within 24 hours of being up. So I was making all these sales and readings at the time, and then I said, man, something’s gonna go wrong. I could just feel it in my stomach and bam, my YouTube channel went down. And that was the same night they froze my PayPal account. So I had a, you know, mess with that and deal with that.

It was just. It’s like when you have something really good going on, it never fails. I’m telling you, man, it’s. Yeah, just got a laugh. It’s you. It’s. To me, you’re just getting harvested for your reaction. So when you become non reactive and you just be like, okay, I’ll just adjust to like, you know, just two weeks ago, I had to fly to the US. I flew in and out, and I.

When I was going to the airport, I was so running behind, man. It was a long story. But when I got there, I was, like, running. And then I was at the wrong terminal. And then I had to go and I didn’t think I was gonna have enough time. And I caught myself. I caught myself reacting. And I’m like. I stopped and I’m like, something’s like, watching me and laughing.

I’m not gonna. You’re not gonna get a show. So if I make it, I make it. If I don’t, I don’t care. I’ll just adjust. So that’s what I did. And I ended up making it 15 minutes to spare. But like, this, what? This is what we do. We’re not consciously aware of the now moment. We start to react and we start to freak out. And that energy, I’m telling you, is being horrible.

It. You know, I talked to Santos a while ago and I even brought up, what’s the difference between. Yeah, I think I thought was one of the most brilliant questions. I was like, what’s the difference between Iam placus and Alistair Crowley? And the amplicus, like, lined his will with the gods, right? So he wasn’t on his own will, unlike Aleister Crowley, you know, so I asked him that.

And I think Santos responded similar to that. Then he was all like, and Crowley was worshiping the nephilim or something like that. But it’s very stoic, having the acceptance of what is happening at the moment and is spiritual and it’s wisdom. And that’s why I love the serenity prayer so much. Because having acceptance has nothing to do with being a doormat or allowing things bad to happen. It’s acceptance.

Reality as it is. All my planes delayed okay. Like, I’m not like, oh, then you get so mad and reacting. That’s probably some sort of test to see if we pass that test. Yep. I’ve noticed it with dating. If you want a date, you’re gonna get no dates. But then once you just say, you know what, I’m good, then the dates start showing up. Or even that same thing with money as well, or with so many things.

And it’s something about letting go and having the acceptance. It’s a stoic thing, but that doesn’t remove the action to take place. To take the action or whatever. But, yeah, no, that. So that was. That was tight. I never get many dates, but I do get a lot of dick pics in my, um. I swear to God, it’s so weird. And I’m definitely not crazy. So y’all please quit sending me dick pics on Instagram.

Bro, you’re gonna get so many now, brother. There’s like three in one shot. I’m serious. I get them all the time. And I’m like, what in the hell is wrong with these people? I even have. Dude, I’ve had older women, like, 60 send me fully naked pictures. I’m like, oh, boy. This is what I would joke around with them. If it’s, like, a lady, I’ll be respectful and just joke with her.

A guy. I do not respond. Usually I block you because I’m not into that shit, so don’t be sending me. But they do all do some weird shit they send you. And I get, like, the conspiracies I hear, they’ll send me full, like, whole seven page documents of this breakdown of this conspiracy they came up with that some are really good, but there’s some dude that make no sense.

And you can tell, like, they’re living in their own little. Something’s going on in their life. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s, um. A lot of them believe that, uh, you know, they’re being monitored by extraterrestrials through their tvs and all kinds of weird shit. I’ve heard so much crazy stuff. It’s. It’s pretty. It’s pretty fast. I think. I think if people were to take. Take their conspiracies and go write a screenplay, you become a filmmaker.

I think a lot of you could become filmmakers by what you believe is to be happening on the world stage, but you just want to go out there on your social media and tell the world about it. You could make a film out of your shit or make a book or write a book or something, man. You should probably put it to use instead of trying to think it’s.

It’s, you know, the. The right way to go. I think that making a movie or a book would be something. At least put line your pockets with it if you believe that passionately about it. Do you think there’s any aliens influencing society, Logan? Well, we talked. Jason and I talked about this with the underground aliens. I think that that, to me, would be the more, uh, the more profound way to look at this reality.

I think if there is something, it’s. It’s been underground for quite some time. There’s been a lot of. When you connect the dots, there’s been a lot of eyewitnesses saying, you know, living in caves underground, and they’ve been there for a long time. You can get into the nephilim, you know, the fallen angels being underground. You can get into Mount. What’s the mountain over in Syria with the fallen angels.

Mount. Yeah, Mount Herman. The UN has a huge base up there. Yeah. And it has an eight pointed star on it, bro. Yeah. Which is a representation of Stargates. Why I got a whole code on the eight pointed star, man. It gets into Nibiru and all kinds of stuff. So that is. There could be. I mean, I broke down. There’s a. There’s a song by Eddie Money called two tickets to paradise.

I’ve got two tickets to paradise. Won’t you come in? You know. You know that song by Eddie Money. I’ve got two tickets to paradise. You got. You guys know that song? No, I have. I’ve heard of it. Yeah. And, and you were, you were, you were started out in this game as a pole shift. I’m still. I’m still kinda. I like it. It’s a cool conspiracy for me, the whole poll shift thing.

Well, here, this a mainstream article. Speaking of poll shifts and a little synchronicity, this just came out right now. What might happen if the earth’s magnetic poles flip show is going to happen if it does, is it? Yeah, it’s going to be. But it might be a good thing because, you know, maybe we need, I think we go through these cyclical events. Archaic shout out to him. He calls it the Phoenix phenomenon.

And from what I’ve interviewed him, like three times, and from what I gather of his information, it seems like he thinks it’s like some type of, um, maybe a weapon system. I don’t know if that’s the right thing, way to call it, but he believes it’s it’s not from alien technology, but from human technology that live in inner Earth. Yeah. Could you. What. What did he explain to you about the Phoenix phenomenon? What did you get from.

From that? From talking? Oh, he’s. Yeah, he’s using his, uh, calendrical numbering system, which is based on a 24 number system, uh, among so many others. But 24 is tied to Jesus, which is Jesus. That’s for a different story. But I just want to throw that in there just so you know. Beat the 24 is, uh. Yep. Um. But the, um. The Phoenix event, you know, he’s. He’s using specific numbering patterns.

The 138. 138 is tied to the 56, which is tied to the law one material. So he’s using very specific stuff. But I think that the Phoenix events can be. They don’t have to necessarily be on those 138 timelines. You know, the 1988 Economist magazine with the Phoenix right on there, which is Scorpio and the eagle. I mean, get ready for a one world currency that’s going to be in a Phoenix event.

You’re seeing it right now. We’re already seeing it. You’re talking about theology and the seven seals being open. That’s scary. Ripped in the scriptures playing out that that is all tied to the pale horse and all that. Everything that’s been happening over the past couple of years. This is all pale horse stuff. This is all phoenix stuff to me, anyway. Yeah, I agree with that. And did you see that, that volcano, bro? So that this volcanic eruption happened in Indonesia the day that, sir, all that stuff was going on in Dubai, the earthquake happened down in Japan.

The aliens allegedly came in through the portal and all that stuff. And when I was looking at this, dude, I did a video on it today. It’s on my Facebook, guys, on Truth mafia podcast and my Tommy truthful 3691. So what I did is I zoomed in on these images. I took all. All the images the mainstream media put out here for us, and I zoomed in. Oops.

What the hell is going on here? Oops. Hold on. That I messed up there. Sorry. You guys probably making you sick, okay? And I zoomed in on these. And I’m telling you, bro, there are so many things that look like entities inside of that. And, bro, I had the raw video, so I slowed the video down, showed the video. It’s the coolest thing. It’s like something straight out of stranger things, Logan.

When it’s happening, when the ball, there’s lightning going off inside it. I mean, I never seen nothing like it, bro. Speaking of stranger things. I just started watching. I just went through season one and season two. I started watching it again. I haven’t watched it for a long time, so I’m going through that again. But, yeah, you got to see the face right there. Right? That the very obvious one.

Yeah. There’s many. There’s different angles of pictures. And you can get the best faces, like in the video. Because I actually seen people. If. I swear to God, dude, it looked like they were people made out of electricity in there. And then, um, there’s this, like, lion creature up in this area. You can come kind of see his outline of his face here a little. But in the.

In the video, you can really see him. And so I go, look, is there any storm gods back in the day with this lion face? I’m thinking of y’all. The bae off. Well, there’s this dude named. I’m not going to pronounce his name right, but Pazuzu. Okay. He was a wind demon. And he was the one in the exorcist, that entity. He kind of looks like a reptilian with wings.

You know what I’m talking about? Yep. Pazu. But, man, when you read his mythology, it’s so crazy. Like, all the ancients used to wear him as an amulet, as a protector. Got, like, demon. So they were. They were thinking of demons as something different than us. I guess they were using them as protection. And there was this other demon that was connected to the volcanoes. So back in ancient time, there was, like, many demons connected to different natural occurrences.

I found that very fascinating. Yeah, very, very interesting. Well, keep in mind, astrologically, right now, Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn. I’m speaking from a vedic astrology chart standpoint. I’m not talking about tropical. I think the true map of the stars is. Is in vedic. And Pluto is in Capricorn. And Capricorn is Earth. So this is one of the main reasons why you’re seeing a lot of these crazy things happening.

Because Pluto, the disruptor, is in Capricorn, which is an earth sign. And Saturn’s in Aquarius right now. So. And let me ask you. So is Pluto in 27 degrees Capricorn? Capricorn. No. Pluto is in the very single digit degrees of Capricorn. It’s in the 21st nashaktra. And it’s. Yeah, it’s. I think it’s at like. It’s in single digits. I’m almost positive. Yeah, it’ll be there till 2039. So right before the Phoenix event.

That Jason Brashears calls out 2040. Pluto’s moves into Aquarius around 2040. Wow. Pluto the destroyer. Then they call Nibiru the destroyer. Right. The destroyer too. That’s right. Then you have Shiva, the destroyer of CeRn. I think there’s some connection. Yeah, well, Shiva and Pluto are directly connected. And one more thing, Donut. So we were talking. Here’s that entity in late night with the devil. This is when a brassica man.

Well, this is an abrasive. This is called Mister Jiggles. And he’s a lesser demon, a lesser archon. Brass. And abrasix is one of the top archons. But he’s not the top, the top. The top dog is y’all, the bales and then abrasives has the chicken head. So remember, guys, if you’ve been watching my videos, you know, I’ve been saying there’s been a brassica coating all throughout. The gentleman had the chicken on the COVID And now this movie just comes out, which literally has a cult in it where this girl’s from, the satanic ritual abuse cult, which is the cult of a brassic.

Saying it donut. Well, it goes even deeper. Like, we were covering the illuminati worms and tying that into a lot of gnostic elements as well. And this video was full of that symbolism as well. With the worms. Yep. He thought he had worms. The guy’s head that’s spun backwards right here. See his head? Worms. Yeah. And then at the end, the guy was holding a big worm in his hand and, and when the girl.

So, like at the end, the flashback where it was actually him killing everybody. And then he’s seeing himself, um, like doing all these different movie sets and he’s wondering what’s going on because he just seen that happen. So it’s like he’s reliving his life, that part. And then he, that’s when he goes into his wife, he sees her and she’s dying of cancer. And she’s like, you know, before she would ask them how he did that to her.

And you could tell that at that point, you could tell, oh, shit. He sacrificed his wife for fame and Bohemian Grove. Because this entity right here told him, I seen you amongst the trees, the tall trees, and it was talking about Bohemian Grove, remember? So, um, yaldaba is a worm. Yeah. Worm with a lion’s face. Yeah. And so what is Abraxas? Abraxas isn’t yada Baoff. That’s two different things.

Yeah. They’re two different brassicas as two serpent legs. With a chicken head. And they’re different, like gods. The top one, yes, there are. If you connect in the gnostic archon tradition, uh, yao is the yode, which is Jupiter, which is Abraxas, and then above that would be yaldabaoth in the 7th position, which would be corona knows. I gotcha. So essentially, if you look at the astrological map, not only is it harvesting your energy, but it runs a lot of your code and it’s a team effort.

So when you start to break down specific events on the world stage, it’s not just looking at one celestial position or one planetary position. You got to look at them all, because they all, it’s like a team, it’s like you go out onto the field and there are how different, you know, a football field, soccer field, there’s so many players on each side. That’s just, that’s how looking at astrology that way, that’s how it works.

Right, right. That’s crazy. That’s dope. Yeah, so, but, but a brassic, he’s a high ranking one next to y’all, the Baoffs, I would call him like the second, right? Ain’t that correct, Logan? Yeah, well, yeah, in the, in the archons, Yaldabaoth would be number seven and then yow. Or Abraxas would be number six, which would be the. Then you, you bring it into, you can flip it into the third eye position and the crown, or you can flip it into the root and the sacral.

If you flip it in the seven positions of the chakras. And the seven meaning is number one, instead of it being one through seven, number seven, y’all. The baoff would be like the top dog though, right? Yep. And he was created by Sophia. And then like, what is up with Sophia? Who was she created by, I wonder? I know. So Sophia would be like, if we’re going through this number thing, eight or zero.

Yeah, well, Sophia, so Sophia is, um, is from the greek, right? Yes, that story. So I think the greek numerology of Sophia is 16. Hmm. There’s this wife with cancer, Logan, 26 minutes in, and this is where she. He’s like, you know, she pretty much is talking to him about. He sacrificed her for fame out in the bohemian grove. Oh, he didn’t directly, like, kill her, but that’s the deal he made the soul stone.

It’s the soul for a soul. Yep. And how many people do we see this happen to, really? In Hollywood, this happens. Kanye west, his mom dies. Like, there’s all Jordan, he. Right before he gets his. What was it? A six champion or whatever championship. His dad dies. Like, we see it happen over and over. Well, yeah, and I would even say that it’s probably like every single one of you, it’s happened to you in your life.

It’s not. You don’t have to have a death, but some incident will happen, and then you get something out of it in return. It’s a. It’s an exchange. You’ll see it happen in your life if you pay attention to it’s happened to every single one of you. But with this. With this, it seems like they’re contacting these archons and. And making a deal with them. And I. I think.

I totally believe in the archons, and I believe that they do have some powers that they can grant certain things. Back in the ancient time, they called it many different names, the gin, the demons, but it’s really the archons. And some people think they’re reptilian aliens. I think they’re one in the same, myself, personal perspective on that. But, yeah, this. This movie was definitely very fascinating. So much symbolism and MK ultra mind control, and it was crazy donut.

Yeah, I’m glad you told me about it, bro. Look at this. This is when he. The demon was, like, manifesting out of her at 1 hour and 18 minutes in Logan. 118. Yeah, the matrix. An ordinal. That’s. Look how it’s coming out. It splits her head open, dude. It shoots, like, plasma out of her electric. And then this is when he’s coming out. What’s that? What’s at the 108 marker? Exactly.

108, yeah. Let’s go and see. That’s what I like to do, too. I like to look at the movies at certain markers. Yeah, that’s the best way to do it, dude. Let’s see. 108. 108 is a very important number, two. Good. It’s a sacred number. So I have, like, this whole theory with life path numbers. 100. LA is pretty much where he was talking to the skeptic, or this guy, the skeptic, dude.

Off to watch it and go. That’s where he hypnotizes him and turns him into a worm. Oh, yeah, yeah, that’s what’s happened at 108. And he hypnotizes that guy and turns him into a worm because he’s saying that that whole thing that they just seen happen was the doctor hypnotizing that girl and putting her under a spell. And so he. He. And she. He’s like, yeah, she hit the doctor, hypnotized the whole audience.

And da da da da, which he did do it, and it worked on this guy. But then, you know, you come to find out, no, it wasn’t hypnotism, because that entity kills him, totally burns him right up. Like, he got hit with a directed energy weapon. That’s what I was thinking of to donut when that was happening, he looked like he straight got hit with a direct energy weapon, bro.

And so, like, I got this theory, right, like, life path ones. I was reading all these ancient, um. I was trying to look into reincarnation and, like, find out the cycles, and because I heard so many different theories. So everything I was reading was suggesting that we would reincarnate six times as a male, six times as a female, which would be twelve. So life path one will go through, like, twelve of them cycles.

Then a life path two would go through, like, 24 of them cycles, and we would finish as a life path nine, going through 108 of them cycles. So that would be. And then reincarnate equals 108, bro. In English, ordinal. So I went down this whole rabbit hole with the number 1108 reincarnate and just trying to figure out the mathematics behind it with life path numbers, you know, just something I was looking into there.

108, 1216, which is the divine triangle. Um. And then, um. And then. Yeah, and then. And then one away, 108 divided by two is 54, and that’s Zeus, and that’s new station. 54, and they live. And then if you divide 54 again, you get 27, which is tied to the great pyramid of Khufu, because Khufu’s 27. I think I say the pyramids have a lot to do that.

But, Tommy, keep in mind, you know, your life path. Become pre gregorian, bro. You become a three life path, man. I am a three life path. For real. Wait a minute. Your birthday is on January 17? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m. January. Yes. Right. That’s right. Yes. Right. Yeah, you’re. What would I be prepared still a three. Yeah, because January becomes the 10th month. Oh, yes. Yeah. Like, you’re a straight three.

You’re straight three. Yeah, you’re. I mean, that’s mercury. I mean, what are you doing? A lot of mercury. Do a lot of the way you think. You do a lot of thinking. And I’m a good talker. Good talker. Communicator. Good, good. You know, good artists. You’re already of artistry. This is all Gemini. Gemini, Empress, mercurial energy. Yeah, yeah. Like, you want to see what your mercury is that in your astrological map that’s going to tell you a lot, too.

And that’s my, um, birth card, the tarot deck on the hangman, the 12th card, and the empress. The third card. Shout out to Empress is out there, you know? Yep. Now, check this out. The 108, um, when I was looking into different things with it, um, in the chinese, astrology has 36 beneficial stars and 72 malevolent stars, totaling 108. So there’s, like, all this 108 connection. And the only thing that it wouldn’t that stand out.

Out of that code would be the master numbers, the eleven s, the. Yeah. So this. This is, like, part of my reading. I got a bunch of things saved, so I made templates. Like, okay, for example, if you’re life path one, I already got a template written up on that. You know what I’m saying? What it. What it means? Oh, your life path four. Boom. Here’s the whole breakdown on a life path for.

So I already have that template. And then in. In my theory, that would mean you would have 48 reincarnations, which simulated reality is 48. And life path four is very interesting. Logan, I’m glad I got to talk to you about this, okay, because I’m trying to figure some things out with it. It’s all connected to death, bro. The infor in the chinese culture is very similar to the word death.

Right. And they. How we’re kind of scared of the number 13. Here in America. They’re that way with the number four. Over in China, life path four equals 187. So I’m like, man, what is up with all this death connection with the life path for. And I’m pretty sure their. Their tarot card is the death card. The four. Yeah. As far as their birth cards, they get two birth cards.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Their birth cards is the, um. Yeah, the four is. Hold on. Let me see where the emperor. So you’re talking tarot like. Oh, here it is. Life path four equals one, eight, seven, and reverse ordinal. And then, um, that’s in the reverse ordinal. Cyber. I know you’re not a huge fan of that. Not at all. But I was just looking at, like, this whole def connection.

That’s the only reason I even looked at that cipher, because. Because I’ve seen that they had the death card, and I’m like, man, why do they have the death card? Yeah, I mean, we’re on this cancer thing. I mean, consider cancer is the fourth astrological sign. One of the most debilitating diseases on the world stage is cancer. Tied to the moon, tied to the way you feel tied to the number four.

There are four blood types. There are four seasons. There are four card suits. The number four equals 23. In numerology, the word blood equals 23. In numerous numerology, there are four blood types. Blood is 23, four is 23. In numerology, four blood types, you have 23 chromosomes, 23 chromosomes. Yeah, 23 andme. So, I mean, this is a. And 23 is called the royal star of the line. In numerology, 23 is tied to the moon and mercury.

Yeah. You actually have 46 chromosomes, 23 for your mom, 23. And then, uh, 23 spelled out equals 42, six. So that’s very fascinating, but, yeah, dude, this four thing, it’s. So four has a connection to the cancer thing, right? It does. But you talk about that, that the assets of the four is, it’s somebody who’s highly structured, highly in tune with building something. They can be teachers, they can be builders.

They want to have a lot of, like, structure, energies. You want to look to the house of Taurus, where they’re at. You want to look to their house of Capricorn, their earth signs. You want to go to the astrology map to look to the number four. Well, how do they feel about this reality where their moon placement is for that four life path? It’s a very. And if you have a four birth card for hearts, four diamonds and stuff like that, then you add it.

You add a deeper meaning to the number four. But fours are teachers and builders. Well, I think I did pretty good then. I think you did really good, man. Yeah, what I’m reading here. Yeah. I mean, I I think I did pretty decent. Yeah. I try to make my own templates, and I really researched a lot what I looked into, but there’s only one fear of a number, and it’s the fear of the number four, and it’s known as tetraphobia, bro.

Yeah, I found that very interesting. There’s not a fear of the number 13. There’s not a fear of the number three. The only. The fear of the number four. There’s, like a real phobia that people have called tetraphobia, which sounds ridiculous, like, what, you’re scared of a number? Yeah. In the asian cultures, it’s associated with death. That’s why, um, the. How they say it phonetically, like it’s si or something.

Psi, which means it’s very similar to death. But, yeah, definitely, definitely fascinating. And I would definitely recommend that you check this one out, Logan. I think you’ll find it pretty good. And donut for you, bud. I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but. What’s it called? Rebel Moon part two is out now, bro. I’ve never watched it before, but. Okay. You never watch part one? Uh uh.

I just watched the office. And that’s it. No, you watch movies all the time. You’re always decoding movies with me. Yeah, watch Civil War. That movie sucked. It sucks so bad, bro. It was, like, the worst movie ever. But you never. I thought you watched Rebel movie Moon baby reindeer. That was nuts. Did you watch that? I didn’t see that. You know? Yeah, it was nuts. But I wonder if you have, like, some mental kind of problems.

Don’t watch that, you know, because it, like, brings up, like, disclaimer there. Yeah, it’s, like, could be traumatizing to some of the topics. What’s this new one about the Spider Wick Chronicle? So I’m gonna check that out tonight. That looks pretty good, but, yeah, no, rebel Moon is so good, dude. It’s, um. I would love Logan to watch Rebel Moon one and two, and. And then me and him do a decode on it because, man, do they.

They’re bringing people back to life with, like, these life bed technologies. And in rebel Moon part two, it’s all about the. They had a harvest all this grain on this planet, and the mother planet was coming to steal it. So it’s very much about food shortages coming, but. But it’s kind of like a Jupiter ascending, Logan. Something very similar to that type of movie. You know what I mean? Yeah.

Where the mother planet runs it all. And that’s kind of like the brassic family. There’s royal family. Pretty good. Go ahead. Uh, you go ahead. It’s fine. No, go ahead, bro. You. You started first. Bitcoin having probably taken place today. Some are saying. Any thoughts on the astrological alignments right now with the Jupiter, Uranus and bitcoin having. Or any, like, commentary just on. On that? Yeah. Well, bitcoin turns 15, right? It’s 15 right now.

Right. That’s a big deal. XRP is 15 in numerology. XRP turns 15 this year. 15 is the mirror of the 51. Right. So that’s. That’s what I would lean towards. 15 is phosphorus, which is tied to Lucifer, which is tied to light, which is tied to how this reality works. Bitcoin does 23 in numerology. Okay. Okay. But the. Let’s see the card. Bitcoin, you have Satoshi, the five.

Yeah, the end. Satoshi Nakamoto has the five of spades, and the five of spades is the May 1 card. Who’s the May 1 birthday? The Illuminati. That’s right. So Satoshi Nakamoto has the same birth card as the Bavarian illuminate illuminati. Coincidence? Nope. Interesting. Not at all. But it’s the. It’s the jack of spades. That’s the card of bitcoin because it was the Genesis block. Zero was the jack of spades card.

50. There were 50 bitcoin mind, when it first came out. So it’s the jack of spades. And right now, the jack of spades sits in the king of hearts position. And. And the king of hearts is card 13. So. Yeah. Yeah, it’s nice. This one was good, too. Fallout. This the one I did the decode on, guys. I was trying to show Logan. So, like, that Jordan was talking about this quite a bit.

Dude, it’s so crazy. This guy’s in it. What’s his name? Donut? I don’t know, but, uh, he’s a jewish comedian, dude. He’s so funny, man. I’m not sure. He makes fun of trump all the time. He used to back when he was younger. He. I can’t remember his name. That drives me nuts. Michael something. He’s kind of a big instagram person. But I can’t believe you don’t know his name, bro.

I don’t either, though. So I can’t think of it either. But throughout this whole thing, bro, so, like, there’s this company that takes over society, and they all go underground in these vaults and they nuke the surface. Logan. And then they’re trying. There’s all this cloning technology down there where they’re cloning, cloning their self. So their plan is to murder everybody on the surface and out survive. Everyone.

And then there’s three pods down there. 31, 32, and 33. These 3 volts. Right? And 31 is the controlling vault. That’s the one where everybody’s getting cloned in. And they are the ones that are running 32 and 33. And in 33, they’re being bred. They’re being bred to be very compliant, and they’ll repopulate the world. That’s what they’re going to. Their job is, is to go back up after they wipe out the surface and repopulate.

Ain’t that crazy? How? 31, 32, 33. Yeah. 31 is huge because it’s. It’s PI in the phi. PI is 3. 14 and Phi is 1. 61. These two. Two mathematical equations, I’m telling you, they. That is a big part of the source code. Behind the final product, what you see behind it is the PI and fiber ratios. Yeah, it’s. This is good, dude, to see this guy, how his nose is gone.

He’s been alive for like 200 years, and he does this. He does an inhaler thing. It’s some kind of drug that they’re on that lets him live, but if they run out of it, they turn into, like, freaking zombies, dude. What movie is. Oh, this is that, uh, fallout. Fallout. That’s a series, right? Yeah, it’s a series on Amazon prime. It’s freaking phenomenal. I decoded all things. You know, that’s the thing about these show that.

So it’s inevitable, right? We get, we give our energy, but this is how these things. You think about this, man. You go all the way back. If you just take the basic fundamentals of comic books and you go back to comic books. Comic books started out on a two dimensional piece of paper, and they eventually became three dimensional through making the dolls and all that kind of stuff.

And then they go into a movie. So they go from a comic book page to a movie screen. And the next stage is where you’re going to get the comic book heroes in real life. And that’s next. That’s coming. You’ll see that next. And this. How did, how does that happen? Through magic. That’s how evolution happens. Magic through people’s intention. Focused upon a movie and saying, oh, and then talking about it and doing exactly what we’re doing right here.

We’re decoding. Except because we’re all part of this. The Phoenix event, I think, is, is the. The transition into a new age. And all of it, we’re all part of that. We’re all part of the Phoenix event. We’re all making it happen. We’re watching the movies. Then people are talking about it. Then I say this all the time, like, okay, 911. Think of all the movies we watch, Logan, before the towers fell.

That showed the twin Towers falling. That put that thought in our head. And just like the alien event, there’s so many movies that have showed aliens invading, especially through portals. And then we’re thinking about that, and now we’re starting to see stuff like that happen because we’re creating that reality. Yep. So you got a question? Is the D. I wonder sometimes, is the decoding, I hope it’s good.

And it’s exposing the code a little or helping with it and not actually adding to the manifestation. You know what I mean? But it probably is. Well, I think it is. Yeah, I think it is. It’s inevitable. So you, again, you just go back to, you’re doing your job. You and I and donut and everybody here, everybody watching this. If you’re interested in conspiracies and the code behind the code and the final product, you’re, you’re doing your job BeCause of your interest in that.

That’s your placement in this reality. And there, like, I think that the great proverb says, when the game is over, the king and pawn go back in the same box. And I think that is very true. No matter what your role is, uh, you, you have a partners. There’s nothing greater or smaller in this reality. And there isn’t anybody ruling over you. In a sense, it’s just you against you.

You against your evil twin. That’s it, man. You’re doppelganger. So look at this interval, 33. So all the, all the rulers came from 31, but he don’t know yet that that’s because there, it’s a cloning lab, 31. So in the matrix is 31. So it makes sense that that 31 is the one controlling 33 and 32. You would think it’d be the opposite way in Freemasonry. But 31 and 32 are two degrees that are very interconnected.

And then 33 is an honorary degree. Right? People don’t know that. You got to be picked to up to. You don’t, can’t just become a 33rd. Somebody’s got to select you to be a 33rd. But, yeah, fascinating. You know, good movies to watch, guys. And we did 2 hours and 24 minutes. I know my boy donuts. Probably getting tired. So I really appreciate you guys coming on tonight.

I always love podcasting with both of you guys. And I had so much fun. I always do with you guys, man. All the links guys are down in the description. Make sure you check out donuts channel. Go check out his patreon. Check out my stuff. I just put out that decode on, on the show I showed you fallout. You get to watch it with me, all the clips.

And that’s on my truth mafia website. You can become a maid member for $8. 88 a month. If you wonder why, why does Tommy always use the eight? Well, it’s supposed to attract money. You notice most of my stuff on my store, $26 or $17. 02 plus six is eight. So that’s my whole theory behind it. And that Gary, the numbers guy, taught me that it seems to work.

I will tell you that there’s something to the number eight attracting money. It definitely does seem to work. And check out my boy Logan, you know, he’s got some amazing readings over there on cosmic sugar. org. All of his links are down below to his YouTube channel. He does some phenomenal work. And he has a Patreon, too, where his Patreon videos are just next level. Just like my boy donuts.

They both do such a great job on Patreon. He’d go over there and get wicked, wicked smart with donut. You know, Tommy, you know what? You know, you know what’s interesting about you? And this is, again, the co. This is why I just. I’m such a fan of life and the code. So you have the ten of Diamonds card, January 17, which you share the same birthday as Jim Carrey.

But that ten of diamonds card is the fortunate blessings card. Prince, Michael Jackson, two main names and music that have that. And then the one guy who had that birth card as well was Bob Proctor. Bob Proctor was like the godfather of personal development. He. Bob Proctor, the late, great Bob Proctor, he. He taught you how. He has a series. If you listen, if you’re somebody who wants to earn more money in your life, if that’s what’s.

If you’re broke or you want. You need a change in your life, there’s a free workshop on YouTube. I get nothing for this, by the way. It’s called born Rich. And it’s. It’s a. It’s a 1980s seminar. There’s three or five videos. The original ones, it’s about 11 hours. If you’re willing to put an hour a day, every single day into that video for the next year, I promise you that you will start to have more money in your life.

And. And the very reason is because you’re supposed to. So if this goes. Has bells going off for you, uh, or you like, oh, yeah, that. That interests me. Then this is the next stage of your development. So, Tommy, one of the reasons why the number eight chose you is because the ten of diamonds is what you’re housed underneath, which is the fortunate blessings card. So money is a big thing for you in your life, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Yeah, I’ve always been able to manifest it out and, like, dude, whenever I come into a hard time, it’s so bizarre, money will just come. I’ve always said that to my friends, too. Like, I’m not proud of this, but when I was younger, you know, I sold a lot of drugs. I was probably one of the biggest drug dealers in my neighborhood. At 16, I had multiple cars.

And then, now I built three successful businesses and anything I’ve ever put my mind to, to do, I’ve always been successful at it when it. Financially, you know what I mean? I’ve never really had a rough time, even though I grew up, I grew up in the projects, but I always somehow manifested money and it’s pretty cool when I found out the ten of diamonds, when I read about it, the fortune and blessing card.

So. Yeah, you’re right, man. Tommy. Yeah. What’s up, brother? I’m just happy we brought up Bob Proctor because this. This guy was Og. I mean, this gangsta rap b boy. I’m. I. Seriously, this image right here, this is gonna. I’m still in his brain. That. That’s gonna be my next, like, vhs. Oh, yeah, it’s awesome, dude. Yeah, you’re gonna do that. That’s gonna be your next. Yeah. My, like, plan for like, going back.

How you gonna. Cassette tapes. Yeah, this is original. This is like OG. I have the original book on PDF. I have his workbook anyway, to follow along with the seminar. Dude, he was. He was the man. Look how hard that goes. He had the same card as me. That’s right, diamonds. And so a lot of people that seems to have these cards. You got, you had Prince, Michael Jackson.

Then I built the truth mafia. Try to breath. I think that’s going to be very successful, which I’ll leave behind. You know, I. What my goal is with that, Logan, is by the time I die, so many people have tried to buy it and get involved, and I won’t let them because I want it to be self. I want it to right now. My AI technology goes, pulls your guys’s videos, transcribes them.

It cost me a couple dollars for each video, but that’s no big deal. I make the money back many different ways and it transcribes the video. So I got that site pretty much running on auto, bro. And then if I. It just can continue on, hopefully my son can carry it on and other people that I trust within the truth mafia. That’s my whole goal with it. And, you know, with someone like you, someone who has a ton of diamonds, you know, um, you, you.

And then there’s other layers. You know what your human design, you know what your human design is? Have you looked at your human design, your gene keys, any of that stuff? Or. No. No. What’s that? What’s a. Another system, right? But there’s just another layer of the onion to. It’s another tool in your toolbox, right? So if you’re going to show up to work, I want to have the screwdriver, the hammer, the saw, the chisel, the power tools.

I want everything. And then this is how the mystical arts is. You want to know as many layers of your being that you can, because those are tools in your toolbox to show how you work and how you operate. So for someone like yourself who’s a ten of diamonds, more than likely you’re going to have success no matter which way you turn. So if something’s not working, working for you, you don’t become attached to it.

You have the ability to let it go, because that is what is going to cause you disharmony by trying to force something you don’t need. A ten of diamonds doesn’t need to force anything. It just realizes, like, that’s not for me. That’s not for me. And it just moves on to the next project, knowing that fortunate blessings is right around the corner for you. That’s funny you said that, because I have had to do that a couple times, you know, and I.

Yeah, I can pretty much let something go in. You do have to do that in life. But it’s. It’s. So this is my question as we’re signing off. Do you think there’s no free will? Like, it’s just all. Yeah, I’m. I’m gonna. I’m gonna plead the fifth on that, bro. Yeah. Because that is a touchy subject. I don’t. I mean, Robert support Wowski does some great work on determinism and the philosophical aspects that he brings out on free will.

Him saying, you don’t have any free will. And he doesn’t just state that as an opinion. So it’s easy to say, oh, yeah, I have free will. Okay, prove it to me. You see that you won’t be able to. Okay. But he goes into a theoretical position on why you do not have free will, and he goes into determinism, and. And he brings up a lot of key points.

And, you know, I plead the fifth on this because I like to think we have some to make myself feel good, like, oh, yeah, it’s me that did that. But the more and more that I surrender to my reality and. And realize that I’m not in control of it, this is for me anyway. My life has become the best it’s ever been. That’s awesome, man. Yeah. I like to think we have free will, too.

I hope we do. But know what our next thoughts are gonna be. Yeah, that is true, brother donut. Yeah, that is definitely true. I did. I never know what’s going to come out of my mouth. So. That is very true. We’re going to be talking about Bob Proctor, og, you know, he’s. Oh, gee, man, I know you talk about him a lot, though, but I, but that just.

Yeah, Bob Proctor. I used to, back in 22,008, 2007. I got like, that was like, that was it, bro. That’s about the dude. I was running parallel because I was around the same time that I was studying his stuff to the secretary. Parallel from what you were. Sure, yeah. Donut, Alex and all that as well, around that time, 2012, especially fukushima time and all that. And I’m gonna take me a nice little edible right here for 420.

And, um, yeah, I got some nice edibles back here, guys. I’ve been smoking the whole time. Um, some king Louie, you know, the whole pod. Yes. But, uh, I’ve been sober the whole 420. And that’s awesome that you, you are, man. You know, great job. I’m always proud. You know, I always support you. Um, can you tell us a little bit about the Sapaku eyes before we sign out donut? Because you, I’ve been seeing you talking about it a lot lately and you kind, I’m not gonna lie, you kind of offended me.

Said, my boy Jake Paul’s gonna get beat. And I’m, you know, he’s cool, man. He’s, um, my boy Nick knows him, but he was, he was, it was either him or his brother. They were in my neighborhood causing habit, breaking into stores and stealing stuff. So. Can’t do that in my neighborhood. Ain’t gonna allow that. You know, I mean, so allowed to do it. Like, they, they didn’t even arrest him.

They were letting him break in. No, he’s a Disney asset, you know? So you, who do you think is going to win? Logan? Jake Paul. That’s how I, that’s how I knew nothing was going to happen on the eclipse because the Mike Tyson fight hasn’t happened yet, so that, you know, that’s a guarantee nothing’s going to happen. Right. But anyway, that’s, that’s for fun. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t, I think, I think Mike Tyson is going to completely crush him.

But you never know. No, because it’s entertainment. And, and the thing is, is that what you’ll notice? What I think is fascinating is what you’ll notice is you’re, you will side with one or the other. If you, if you’re a mike, if you hate Mike Tyson for whatever reason, you’re going to give your energy to Jake Paul. And so this is what it is, folks. You’re going to get.

Are you going to watch the fight? That’s the question. And if you watch the fight, guess what you’re doing? You’re going to give your energy to one of those characters on the world stage. It’s no different than watching the presidential debate with the Republican and Democrat getting up on the stage and you’re going to give your energy to one of those characters and they’re going to get it and they’re going to use it to manifest through.

Same thing. It’s just in sports. Yeah, I’ll watch the previews like the reruns of it to see who won. I don’t ever watch the fight because it just. It’s not my thing, you know. But, um, if you share the screen, Tommy, I’ll go over. I’m just telling you guys that right now, I wish Tyson would win in Tyson would win if it was a real fight, but it’s not going to be a real fight.

It’s going to be scripted and I think Jake Paul will win. They haven’t beaten all these people. He could have never beat none of them people in real life. But my boy Donut says he’s going to lose due to the Simpaku eyes. And that donut might be right and I might. So the thing is, is I think that me thinking everything in me says that Jake Paul will win every single thing.

This is the only thing that’s making me say no is because of this symbolism that I’ve uncovered, that I’ve noticed of pattern recognition of the son park, who I. Now, if I’m trying to zoom in, dang it, I maybe. Hold up a second, let me see. I got to make this a bigger screen for me to show you it. Go with your first gut feeling because I’m telling you, you’re very psychically in tune.

And if everything in your body is telling you to go with Jake Paul, ignore that damn paku shit and go, well, I’m not. I’m not saying that I’m predicting stuff. This is just a hypothesis of symbolism that I’ve been uncovering. Now, if you look at Jake Paul, it’s very subtle. Yeah, he’s doing the shush. If you look underneath here at his eyes, butterfly tattooed on his freaking ear.

He’s got the illuminati pyramid right here as well. What’s up on his ear, donut? Look up. Eyes here. It looks like a butterfly or something. Yeah, I don’t know, but look right here his eyes are showing the three whites underneath. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Which means that trouble or stress is coming or its way. It’s not bad if people have eyes that have this on different sides. I’m saying nothing.

But symbolically, this is maybe a hint to insiders or priming that he will lose only because of this symbol of this. In the last UFC fight, was showing this hypothesis of UFC 300, and it was accurate. Have it at all. And then everyone was yelling at me that. And post it early enough before the fight. So I decided to post this hypothesis to see if it’s true. It could be true or not true.

We’ll see. But the thing is, you recorded before the fight and on your patreon, you just posted it after. But it was already recorded before the fight. That’s how you got the video. So you did predict it before the fight. And, you know, I stuck up for you in the comments. Most people just don’t use their brain and think like, um, hey, dumbfuck. He has a podcast on Patreon, and that’s where he literally predicted it from.

Yeah, how about. How about the fact that it’s on July 20, which is the freaking moon landing date? How about that? The fights on the damn landing date. Yeah, that’s the day I’m launching my new website, aliencartel. com. Shout out to July 20. And I’m doing it for that reason. Right there, brother. There you go. We got to look at the astrological map and the moon placement. Should take a look at both of their astrological charts.

Paul and Tyson. That may be some. Mike Tyson’s the king of hearts, man. I mean, he’s like the king of love. It’s just very fascinating, which is. Is the 13th card in the deck. I don’t know what Jake Paul is, but Tyson was a beast, though, back in the day. What do you tell that one person? That he wanted to eat their children. Yeah. Remember that? Your children? I liked him when he was like that back in the day, dude, you would.

You would, like, bet how long someone would last. What, Mike Tyson? Like, I’m. I was born in 83, dude. I grew up in the prime. Watching this guy just sleep, people, you know, I mean, he come in, one, two, hit, bomb. They were out, done. That was Tommy. Jake Paul’s born on the same day as you. No way. January 17. Oh, he’s winning. My boy Jake is winning.

He’s 27. He’s got the currency. Yeah, he’s got the. That’s a good, good. We’ll be. Be interesting to see what happens with this, the other decode. This other decode. Go ahead. I’m sorry. This other decode that was connected was this number 72, because bitcoin equals 72. Yeah. So with Jake Paul being 27, you know, like, I. I’m just not doing like a. I’m not, like, steady stance on it.

I’m just like, yo, this is a crazy symbol. I like to see if it’s, you know, it’s in its early stages of uncovering it, you know? Yeah, no, I know. I think it’s interesting. And you don’t have to tie yourself, dude. You know how many things I get wrong? If I get something wrong, I just say, well, I got that wrong. I mean, our car followers don’t care.

They know we’re humans. We’re not AI. We’re not going to be able to produce, predict everything. Right? So I. You know what I hate? I hate the people that predict something, or they’ll do this with sports betting. Certain gematria people out there, they’ll be like, yeah, the Chiefs are going to win, but the 49 ers could win because of this. So they pick both teams. It’s like, it’s pick one, you.

I’m paying for your patreon. So you can. So you could pick a winner. Don’t give me two. So I respect someone that picks one, and then if they lose, oh, well, big, no big deal. You just say, hey, guys, I’m sorry, I got that one wrong. Better, like, we’ll try next time. You know, I’m not perfect with my predictions, but the one thing my people love about me is I always come out and say, hey, I messed up on that one.

I guess, guys, I’m usually pretty good, but it’s like, with the. But it’s always, like, a little different. So I was all like, the earth’s gonna turn green, and Sioux Falls, but it didn’t. It turned green in Dubai. And you are like, the bridge is gonna collapse on one, two, eight. But it didn’t collapse on 128. It collapsed at 128. You know, so it’s like, because that’s your little psychic shit connected.

And I all about your whole code is very psychically in tune, even your gamatria. And so you’re. You’re picking up on some type of frequency and you’re getting it, but you’re just maybe a little off, you know what I mean? You just got to work on it a little more. Fine tune that bitch, and you’ll be all right, brother donut. Good. Good. And with that being said. We’re up out of here, guys.

We love you all. At two minutes and 2 hours and 43 seconds. We are out. August 21. Keep your eye on that date. August 21 or August twelveth? August twelveth. We’re out, guys. .


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