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Half of America Dead New Study Predicts 2025 Climate Collapse Worldwide

By: Tommy Truthful
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5G Danger

 Climate Collapse Worldwide


Blog by Tommy Truthful.

Brian Wilson presents an intriguing exploration of the biblical cities Sodom and Gomorrah. Delving into the captivating findings of archeologist Dr. Steven Collins, he dives into a myriad of competing theories surrounding their true whereabouts. Unravel the mystery of these cities destroyed by fire and brimstone in this captivating account.

Global Warming: Despite its unexciting name, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) plays a crucial role in measuring U.S. temperatures. However, there have been troubling concerns about the integrity of their data. The NOAA has made multiple “adjustments” to their measurements, which seem to conveniently support the narrative of global warming. These adjustments have primarily resulted in lowering previously recorded temperatures from the past and raising more recent temperatures. Consequently, this distorted data presents a skewed picture of ever-increasing temperatures as a direct result of rising CO2 levels in the Earth’s atmosphere. But when we examine the actually measured temperature record, there is no clear trend over the last century that suggests runaway warming.

The NOAA’s approach to data manipulation raises suspicions. Instead of acknowledging the random errors that data naturally produce, they categorize them as systematic errors, conveniently justifying their biased adjustments. It seems evident that the NOAA is more interested in conforming to the politically correct trend of global warming rather than objectively analyzing the data. This correlation between the NOAA’s data manipulation and the government’s long-standing policies is far from coincidental.

These questionable actions by the NOAA cannot be dismissed as minor alterations. The implications are significant and demand scrutiny.

Tony Heller, the author of the Real Climate Science website, highlights an intriguing observation about temperature data manipulation by NOAA. He claims that pre-2000 temperatures are adjusted to be cooler, while post-2000 temperatures are adjusted to be warmer. Heller even suggests that NOAA has surreptitiously added approximately 2.5 degrees of fake warming since 1895. This revelation casts doubt on the legitimacy of the global warming scare.

Consider this winter as an example. The Northeast experienced frigid temperatures and intense snowstorms, easily making it one of the coldest winters on record. However, after the NOAA’s data adjustments, it appeared to be nothing more than an average winter. These consistent alterations to weather records seem to serve a larger agenda — fitting the narrative of global warming.

Climate analyst Paul Homewood supports this notion by highlighting discrepancies in the temperature records of New York state. In reality, this year saw temperatures that were 2.7 degrees colder than in 1943, but the NOAA’s data falsely portrays this year as 0.9 degrees cooler than the actual data from 1943. Such deliberate adjustments ultimately manipulate the temperature record and perpetuate climate fraud.

The erasure of extreme weather events is not a new phenomenon. After the bitterly cold winter of 2013-2014, the NOAA simply adjusted away the recorded temperatures. Year after year, this practice distorts the narrative and reinforces the belief in catastrophic global warming.

Considering the glaring discrepancies in NOAA’s Central Lakes temperature record, we must question the credibility of their data and its applicability to the entire United States. If one division can be so egregiously in error, can we truly trust the rest of their findings?

This brings us to an important point: government officials are not immune to political biases and other agendas. Since the Clinton era, there has been a prevailing narrative that CO2 emissions are evil and inevitably lead to runaway global warming. Those who work in statistical departments of bureaucratic institutions understand that their careers and future funding depend on providing politically correct answers, even if they deviate from scientific truth.

Importantly, NOAA has failed to explain convincingly why these adjustments to raw data are necessary and how their modified data provides a more accurate representation of the truth compared to the original dataset.

The thought-provoking challenges raised here should encourage us to think critically and question the validity of the information presented to us. It is essential to prioritize scientific accuracy over political agendas when evaluating climate data.

 Climate Collapse Hoax

It seems like there is a lot of alarming information on government websites predicting the collapse of America with a significant population decline by 2025. It’s interesting to think about what they know that we don’t. Additionally, the Great Tribulation=225 Could possibly happen between 2025 and 2032. China is also claiming it will have control over the weather by 2025. They are aiming to control a vast area of 2.1 billion square miles, approximately 56% of their land. The correlation between mind control, climate collapse, and the number 56 is quite intriguing. It certainly makes you wonder about the future and what possibilities lie ahead.

The Global Warming Hoax Is a Rerun of a Plot As Old As Mankind

Climate Collapse

It’s frustrating that some people are mocking those of us who believe that the heat wave is caused by geoengineering rather than dismissing us as conspiracy theorists. We acknowledge the reality of global warming, but we believe it’s being artificially induced.

Conspiracy theorists now think the heatwave isn’t real

 Climate Collapse

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5G Danger

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