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Angel Studios Directing People to Clinton-Podesta NGOs 616

By: Greg Reese
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5G Danger

Angel Studios Directing People to Clinton-Podesta NGOs


Child Slavery and the Sound of Freedom

Disney’s legal battle to suppress “The Sound of Freedom,” an unreleased film completed five years ago, raises questions about the industry. Shockingly, known pedophiles have found employment in Hollywood, particularly at Disney and Nickelodeon, both known for their children’s programming. Even more disturbing is the fact that these offenders were re-hired after serving minimal sentences for assaulting child actors.

Sadly, the exploitation of children in Hollywood dates back to its early days. Icons such as Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney, and Judy Garland, in her autobiography, disclosed the constant molestation they endured behind the scenes by influential figures like Louis B. Mayer, co-founder of MGM. Yet, this alarming pattern of abuse persists, seemingly unchecked.

Let us acknowledge the disturbing reality of child exploitation within Hollywood, a narrative that demands our attention and action.

It has been known for decades that governments have systemically abused children. Beginning in the nineteen-sixties the German government began placing thousands of foster children into the homes of single pedophiles. And continued doing it up until the nineteen-nineties.

Thousands of Catholic priests have been accused of raping children and no justice has ever come of it.

Jeffrey Epstein was targeting individuals and recording them raping children as a form of blackmail so that powerful entities could control them. Epstein has disappeared, and so has his little black book. Many have claimed that Hugh Hefner was doing the same thing for the C.I.A. that Epstein was doing. In 1976, Hefner’s Playboy magazine published erotic nude pictures of a ten-year-old girl. And nobody seemed to care.

The effects on these children can often be fatal, whether it’s from blunt trauma or suicide. And those who survive most often struggle with it for their entire life.

Child abuse has been used as a form of trauma-based mind control because it often forces the child to dissociate which has been known to create multiple personalities. MK-Ultra Whistle-blower Cathy O’Brien came from a family of multi-generational child abuse that sold her to the US government.

Some families practice incest and pedophilia to gain power and to maintain it. Inbred Jacob Rothschild explains it here while reading a quote from his inbred relative James Rothschild.

“In our family, we’ve always tried to keep love in the family. In this sense, it was more or less understood since childhood that children would never think of marrying outside the family so as our fortune would never leave it.” ~ James Mayer de Rothschild

Our entire system is profiting from child slavery. About ten billion dollars a year in the US alone. And our entire government seems to be involved. Congress has paid millions of our tax dollars to cover up their sex abuse crimes. Thousands of children are being trafficked across our southern border. And now it’s become trendy to castrate children and turn them into so-called transgender. And if we the people don’t do something about this, then the blossoming surveillance state will have a solution. Don’t be surprised if our children are soon monitored twenty-four-seven under the guise of keeping them safe because we have failed to do so.

While we can not expect to rid the earth of all evil, something obviously needs to be done.

Watch The Sound of Freedom for Free Here #50

Rex Heuermann, identified as the Gilgo Beach murders suspect 32 Decode



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5G Danger

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2 thoughts on “Angel Studios Directing People to Clinton-Podesta NGOs 616

  1. Thanks Tommy, hope you are better very soon, take good care of yourself, we all love you🌸

  2. I’m looking for the video that you were talking about but never showed the pool with the ropes which video was that Tommy thanks for all the truth and hard work you do my brother.

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