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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Truth Mafia Decode CERN Predictive Programming

By: Tommy Truthful
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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom by Tommy Truthful 

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Review
Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Review


Tommy Truthful: Decoding Aquaman and the DCEU’s Grand Finale

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom

Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom – A Review and Exploration

Welcome to another edition of Truth Mafia Podcast, where we delve into the depths of the ocean and the heights of cinematic storytelling with “Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom.” This epic finale not only marks the end of an era for the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) but also serves as a treasure trove of allegories and hidden truths.

The Aquaman Saga: A Brief Recap

“Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom” is the final installment in the DCEU series, a journey that began over a decade ago. Starring Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, the film follows his adventures since becoming the king of Atlantis. Alongside Momoa, Amber Heard reprises her role as Mera, and we witness the expansion of Aquaman’s world, including the introduction of an Aquababy.

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom

Unpacking the Storyline

The film opens with Aquaman facing the challenges of governance, a far cry from his previous adventures. His nemesis, David Kane (Manta), played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, returns with a vengeance, armed with ancient Atlantean weaponry and a thirst for revenge. This sets the stage for a conflict that requires Aquaman to seek help from unlikely allies, including his brother Orm and Queen Atlanna.

Themes and Symbolism

The movie is rife with symbolism and allegorical narratives. The fall of Atlantis can be seen as a metaphor for the decline of great civilizations, possibly hinting at our own societal challenges. The Atlantean technology and the film’s emphasis on eco-themes – like the misuse of Atlantean super fuel to accelerate global warming – resonate with current environmental concerns.


The Cinematic Experience

Director James Wan’s vision for this sequel contrasts with the first film. While the original “Aquaman” was praised for its vibrant and eclectic style, “The Lost Kingdom” adopts a more subdued approach. Critics note the heavy reliance on CGI and the 3D format, which, while ambitious, may not have added the desired depth to the film.


Critique and Audience Reception

The script, penned by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, has received mixed reviews. While some appreciate the buddy comedy elements and the dynamic between Momoa and Patrick Wilson (Orm), others find the dialogue and plot lacking. The film’s strength lies in its lighter moments and the chemistry between its leads.



“Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom” represents a significant chapter in the DCEU, providing a mix of action, fantasy, and subtle commentary on real-world issues. Whether it’s the ultimate farewell to the DCEU as we know it or the beginning of a new era remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: Aquaman’s journey has left an indelible mark on the superhero genre.

Aquaman The Last Kingdom
Created by Tommy Truthful inspired by Aquaman the last kingdom

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➡ The text covers a discussion on the mystery of the trident symbol across history, its significance in mythology, and how it’s used in modern logos and emblems. The discussion expands into a review of the new Aquaman movie, mentioning symbolisms and sponsorships embedded in the film, and a critique over the heavy use of CGI versus actors.
➡ The discussion covers various aspects of both DC and Marvel movies, comically criticizing Hollywood, speculating about the superpowers of Aquaman and Superman, and emphasizing the preference for Marvel over DC. They delve into the symbolism of the eight-pointed star seen in numerous superhero characters and touch on its possible occult implications, hinting it might represent access to higher power or other dimensions. The conversation includes references to mythology, sacred geometry, and comic lore.
➡ The long discussion covers theories surrounding Marjorie Cameron and the nuclear explosion in Japan, the moonchild symbolism, the significance of number 8, fallen angels and genetic modification, the symbolism of the Mount Maru, the plasma volcano and the trident symbol. They also discuss about green aurora borealis symbolism, plasma possession, and exploration of ancient alphabets.
➡ This text discusses the evolution of symbols and writing based on societal, neurological, and potentially manipulative factors. It suggests historical shifts in brainwave use and handedness affected written symbols, and that this may have impacted cognition. The text also delves into cultural interpretations of symbols like the trident and discusses parallels in Hebrew language and symbols to modern inventions such as film.
➡ The text discusses a wide range of topics including sprites as electromagnetic phenomena, simulation theories, and metaverse concepts. It also mentions the impact of digital copies of humans in gaming and real-life scenarios, speculating on multiverse theories, AI, and the third templar concept related to AI digital universe, suggesting that these advancements might lead to a choice between physical reality and digital existence.
➡ The speaker discusses a viral game based on Jeffrey Epstein, created by the developer Paranoid American, and contemplates making it a reality with crowdfunding. They also talk about the possibility of a plasma apocalypse game, their work decoding the NPC and player character connections to Saturn and Jupiter respectively, and their analysis of symbolism in film, specifically addressing the use of the six-sided star and other icons.
➡ The extract discusses numerous whimsical and seemingly disconnected conspiracy theories, ranging from the alleged symbolisms in movies and books to cyber attacks involving USB ports, planetary conjunctions relating to presidential mishaps, and numerology. There’s ongoing commentary on the connections made, possible predictions for future events, and brief references to astrology and the Chinese Zodiac.
➡ The text revolves around a digital conference involving astrology, music and general banter. A significant point is the discussion on Neptune’s astrological influence and its entry to Pisces indicating a substantial shift. The need for DNA transformation and our interconnectedness with all zodiac signs is discussed. Atman Karkarka, a Vedic astrology term, used to identify the soul planet based on the highest degree in an individual’s chart, is also explained.
➡ The text dives into a complex interpretation of various subjects such as astrology, numerology, mythology, and prophecy. It notes the connections between different symbolic elements, like Pisces being related to Neptune and the crown, the all-seeing eye being linked to the element antimony, and the theological connections to seafaring and maritime law. The theory is put forth that our reality might be controlled by Neptune (or poseidon), the ruler of the sea and possibly the symbolic devil. The speaker ponders the transition from the current reality into the age of Aquarius and the dystopian future that it might bring. The text ends with the speaker expressing an intent to escape this cycle.
➡ The individual shares their distaste for the censorship of live broadcasts due to seemingly arbitrary reasons. Despite growing concerns, they desire to continue decoding messages and searching for solutions to life’s problems. They express a preference for pre-recorded content to bypass perceived biases in real-time content monitoring, and further plans to shift to other platforms for live streaming content as well.
➡ The text discusses the symbolism of the number 17, the eight-pointed star, and the connection to figures like Aquaman and Nibiru. It also delves into the influence of Tarot cards, the role of the Order of the Dragon, and significant connections in pop culture and religion. Various mathematical and astrological connections are made, such as the number 19 being the 8th prime number and the implication of Neptune returning to its house of Pisces after 164 years.
➡ The text details the speaker’s fascination with the interplay between letters and numbers, particularly concerning the number eight and its relationships to alphabets and symbolism. They mention the historic relation of letters and numbers through the Phoenician language, the significance of the eight-pointed star, and their views on specific numbers and their philosophical and symbolic interpretations. The speaker also reflects upon religious and historical associations, referencing connections to Ishtar, Astarte, and other ancient belief systems. Additionally, they discuss the theme of water and light as fundamental elements of life.
➡ The speaker intriguingly analyzes the symbolism of numbers, connecting this with mythology of Neptune and Poseidon; and how these symbols relate to current events involving political figures, Israel and Ukraine. The discussion moves to exploring theories of underwater and underground bases, as well as the implications of these beliefs, including their possible connections to figures such as Epstein and Biden.
➡ The text discusses theories about secret subterranean military facilities and alleged plots by the elite to transcend their consciousness into transhuman bodies. It also mentions the role of various individuals and organizations, including the Church of Scientology, in these purported activities, suggesting a link between these theories and the biblical scriptures, the concept of nuclear warfare, and potential DNA transformation. The text relates this to an underground city, believed to be symbolized in a town’s emblem. The discussion makes reference to real-world technologies and ventures such as deep-sea drilling and tunnelling developed by wealthy individuals and governments and suggests these could be part of the same subterranean agenda.
➡ The text discusses the interpretations and theories around different symbols and clues in various texts, decoding methods, and connections they’ve unearthed – including predictions based on symbolism, the importance of numbers in Gematria, and the use of different codes and the periodic table for understanding and decoding various mysteries. Various elements of Kabbalah, alchemy, and biblical references are also touched upon. Lastly, references to Neptune, Poseidon, and the color blue were also discussed, indicating potential connections to celestial bodies and elements.
➡ The speaker discusses a variety of interests including alien and ancient creatures, mysterious events related to Antarctica, interpretations from movies hinting at alien life, underwater structures suggesting the existence of lost civilizations, and changes in the earth’s climate. They specifically mention the phenomenon of ‘red tides’, or the color shift in water bodies due to cyanobacteria, and link it to Biblical prophecies about end times.
➡ The text contains an elaborate discussion about the expansion of sea water and not just ice melting that could raise ocean levels. It delves into the Atlantis lore discussing Orichalum—an ancient, powerful, metal, tied to mythic civilization, believed to be more valuable than gold because of its multi-functional and transformative abilities. In pop culture, Orichalum finds mentions in the Transformers (as Energon), Lord of the Rings (as Mithril), and Kryptonite in Superman. The author sees a connection between these fictional elements and real-life radioactive elements, like Plutonium, Curium, Radon, etc., which glow distinct colors and can potentially have life-enhancing effects, contemplating reinterpretations of the Anunnaki gold-mining theory. Additionally, links are drawn between depictions of ‘ant-men’ in petroglyphs and in the Aquaman movie.
➡ The text discusses symbolic imagery related to a ‘squatter man’ observed in the sky, possibly due to electromagnetic fields and plasma reactions, reflected in petroglyphs from around the world. Additionally, it touches upon theories of gigantism, nuclear reactors, symbolism in movies, and the impact of increased oxygen levels on the environment and its creatures. The text also combines aspects of science, religion, and philosophy, debating the possible effects of nuclear explosion on multidimensional portals.


Ladies and gentlemen, today we explore the mystery of the trident, a powerful symbol with a rich mythological history that has baffled historians and fascinated the world for centuries. From Poseidon’s iconic weapon to the devil’s pitchfork, the trident has been associated with power, authority, and even the underworld. But how did this enigmatic symbol make its way into the logos of corporations and the emblems of flags around the world? Join us as we unravel the mysteries of the trident and discover its enduring relevance in the modern society.

This is the mystery of the trident only on truth mafia. Now we’re going to be getting into Verseidon Neptune inky, but this is based on the new Aquaman that just came out, and I got an all star lineup I’m going to introduce here in just a second. Before we get going, make sure you smash them like buttons, guys. This is streaming on my YouTube, my Facebook, my rumble, all of our platforms.

And it’s brought to you in part by body align and the energy wellness band. That link is down in the description. Use promo code truth mafia to get an extra 20% off. So that link is down in the bio. And you can also a link in the bio if you want to get a reading and find out if you’re one of these npcs controlled by this artificial intelligence.

That link is down below as well, and we do the dream interpretations. I just did one last night that was quite fascinating. I’m waiting to hear back from her if I’m able to share her dream, because it was so cool. And I made some really cool images based on her dream. So if she lets me share it, then I’ll share it with you guys. But I got an all star lined up for you guys.

Excuse my voice. I’ve been in the hospital for the last two days. I had an upper respiratory infection, and this is going to be my birthday podcast. My birthday is actually Wednesday the 17th, but I’ll be out of town, so I wanted to do it today with the whole truth mafia crew. And we got Logan from decode your reality. What’s up, brother? Logan, what’s happening? What’s happening? Glad to be here, bro.

We got donut factory. What up is donut? And we got j dreams. Aloha. Happy birthday. And my partner in crime, paranoid American of paranoidamerican. com. How are you doing, Tommy? What did you say, buddy? Did you say happy birthday, man? Oh, yeah, I’m getting old. 41. Are you going out of town to celebrate with Jim Carrey since he has the same birthday as you? Are you going to his birthday party.

Are you guys doing it together? Yes. I’m going to chill with Jim. Nice. Me and Jim, we’re going to kick it. You know what I’m saying? That’s awesome. I would love to kick it with Jim. Heck, yeah. He’s different. Right. But, yeah. I never knew he had the same birthday as me. Does he? He does. Somebody else has January 17. Is it Eminem that has my birthday? No, he’s 1017.

So it’s the same number, though. Okay, 1017. Which 1117 is truth Mafia in English or. No. Ain’t that kind of weird? And I did not know that when I was doing it. It’s just organic synchronicity that came out. It’s so bizarre. I’m like another thing I found, Logan. So when I’ve been doing these decodes, brother, in Chaldean, which you got me hip to, this cipher, I think it’s the most purest cipher out there.

But truth Mafia is 36 in that cipher, and that’s the neocode. Old souls is 36. And in jewish belief, there are 36 righteous people born in every generation that they say saves the world. Right. So it’s pretty fascinating. And another connection I found with this is the non player character and first player character. So non player character equals 63. Well, Saturn has 62 moons and one planet, which is 63.

And then Jupiter has one planet and 63 moons, which is 64 in first player character. 64, matching all the worlds of stage. We have 64 spaces on the chessboard, you know what I mean? So I found that quite fascinating. I’ve been going down a rabbit hole on the whole non player character thing. Maybe one day we could do a decode on that, bro. Have you ever done anything on that yet, Logan? I haven’t.

Yeah, I would love to get into. I know you would find things that I didn’t even find. So, yeah, it fascinates me, bro, because there’s definitely a lot of non player characters in this reality. I believe that full heartedly. So we’re getting into the newest Aquaman today. And did all you guys see it, the new Aquaman? I have not. You haven’t yet? Nope. Well, but, you know, enough on Poseidon and Neptune and all that.

Well, it was pretty good. Jay just watched it last night. Everybody in here, I’m sure, has watched Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which had Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Aquaman. And now the new one is the last kingdom. And I thought it was phenomenal. What did you think, Jay? What did you think about it, man? I thought it was going to be corny and dumb. I mean, it was okay as a movie, but the symbolism, he put me up on the screen.

Oh, check it out, I got the cup. When I got the cup. Atlantis. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, we could probably all touch on Atlantis, you know what I mean? To say the least. But I’ve got so many screenshots because I was like, you know what, I’ll take a couple of screenshots, that way I can pitch in and talk about it with everybody. I couldn’t stop.

I could not stop. I’m like, oh, wait a minute, that too. Oh, that reminds me of this. This too. This too. There’s a lot of stuff in this movie. That many, huh? Oh yeah, dude, especially with what Jay covers, the whole plasma apocalypse stuff. There’s a lot of symbolism of this, or even just the regular, any apocalypse like them. The movie is basically all about the apocalypse. Yeah, I mean Atlantis is apocalypse too, right? I watched the first 15 minutes of it, because every Hollywood film goes through the same structure through the first 15 minutes, and then after that, that’s when they start using the programming.

So every single movie is pretty much the exact same movie where you got the superhero who you identify with through their trials and tribulations, and you would start liking them because they like a woman and child. So in the beginning of the film, the first thing you see is this Aquaman, who you relate to because save women and children first. Like with the Titanic, we all know that saying.

And this is the propaganda through films, which is the same propaganda you’ll see in your media or with a politician. And then once it hits that 15 minutes mark, that’s usually when the weird stuff starts creeping in. But 1st 15 minutes of this, and I took slides of that, you could see who sponsored the film, which goes into the alcohol companies, which is straight connected to Illuminati, 3 million deaths a year with alcohol.

So it’s part of that whole agenda of population management. And then it also goes into, just like every other Hollywood film, into how the world is heating up as well, that whole agenda. So there’s that programming in it as. And that’s funny you mentioned the alcohol agenda, because Aquaman is pretty much an alcoholic. He’s constantly drinking. Yeah, he’s always drinking. He goes in the bar, he’ll down a whole bottle of liquor.

Yeah, he’s always drinking liquor. So that’s kind of funny. It’s probably in his code, probably in that code. And that’s something you caught donut that’s pretty cool, man. You can see this in music videos. It’s the new Cardi B film. She opens the fridge and shows all the unhealthy products that are paying for the music videos. You can see the same thing in films as well. So this film, when they open the fridge, it’s sponsored by Guinness Beer.

And I haven’t looked into the roots of that family, but I’ve heard other researchers tied into some major players of illuminati type bloodlines. Fascinating. Yeah. What do you think? Paranoid. I always loved. He hates superhero movies. This one hasn’t broken the trend too much. Although I’ll say it was a spectacle, and I don’t not like spectacles. But I kept running through my mind. The angle I kept coming up with was far less to do with symbolism because there’s a lot in here.

But I was just thinking, like, why are there even actors in this movie? Because there’s so many scenes when there’s not, like, a human being anywhere on the scene. And when you do see a human, it’s almost just like a 2d plane of their face that they just kind of plop on front of whatever the 3d model is. And I kept going back to Amber. Heard had all this negative energy and bad press and everything surrounding her leading into this movie.

And all they did was just plastered her face on, what, like nine different scenes for just enough time to then stench together, like explosions and stuff. So why was she even in the movie? They could have had anyone’s face. They could have made a face. Would have been. But that aside, like, Jay was saying, the movie I wanted to not like. But it was hard to not like it.

I just kind of ignored all the Hollywood parts and all the actor parts, but it wasn’t hard because they were in ten minutes total of the movie, and the rest of it’s just badass underwater. Like biouminescent plasma battles. So what’s there not to like about that? Yeah, it was pretty cool. I enjoy Aquaman. I mean, people make fun of him. They say he’s like, the worst superhero. He started out in the movie.

He was like, people don’t give me credit or something. He was like, I’m always the butt of all the jokes. Or like, yeah, dude, him and Namor. Like, him and Namor got a bad rap because they’re both kind of lame. I don’t get how he can breathe underwater unless he has gills in his nose or something. I was, like, watching, like, how did he breathe under? I would assume the skin, like, he could probably just absorb the oxygen through his skin somehow, like an insect or maybe, I don’t know, like, breathing, maybe, you know, how dolphins.

I don’t know. Never mind. How does Superman breathe in outer space? Right? Why even ask? Because Wonder Woman logic is, like, every answer to any question in DC, and I’m a little bit fanboy of Marvel here, but the answer is always, like, because they come from another planet or because they come from the gods. And that’s the full stop answer. At Least in Marvel, it was, like, because the dude fell into toxic sludge, because Peter got bit by the radioactive spider.

And there’s always a good reason when it comes to DC. It’s like, the reason is because of magic and fairy dust. I love DC. Dude, you’re more of a Marvel guy than DC. Oh, 100%. I like Lobo big time in DC and Batman and everyone else is. I like Marvel more too, but I like DC. I think DC, it’s darker. It has, like, a darker element to it.

They’ve done better with the movies, I think, than Marvel has recently. They’re willing to. The Suicide Squad movies. I love that kind of over the top sort of stuff. The toxic avenger will take out all of. Yeah, yeah. Shout out, troma. Shout out to New Jersey. The best one, honestly, guys, was Zack Snyder’s Justice League. That was phenomenal. And they were opening up a portal, and it’s the same symbolism over and over.

Just like in this one, they were the trident that it kind of possessed this guy. Right? And it takes you back. I think it was the first aquaman or the second one where Aquaman had killed that dude on accident down in the submarine. Remember that? Yeah. Where they were trying to rob the submarine. He ends up killing him, and then his son comes back for vengeance. Well, it’s that dude that he gets a hold of this trident, that kind of possesses him and takes him over.

And it’s this other entity that has been banished to this shadow realm. And that entity is trying to come back into the real reality. Right? So he’s possessed. His eyes go green. And whenever I see the green, too, I instantly think of the green God CerN UNos, which is the celtic God of the underworld. Some say that’s who Cern was named after. And even when they were in their little underwater vehicles, it looked like little mini hydron colliders powering them.

Did you notice that? Yeah, it was like a little cern. Something about shapes is like, in the boring machines as well. CERN Collider, they all have that ishtar, a pointed star symbol. So there’s something with that symbol that they can do some wild stuff, whether that’s Elon digging the tunnels or if it’s cern opening up portals. Yes. And CeRN has the eight bars going around. Know, we see that eight symbolism over and over with the eight pointed star.

Wonder Woman has it on her forehead. Captain Marvel has it on her chest. Cat Williams got it on his chest, too. Yeah, Cat Williams is rocking it lately. But we see it when you go to Las Vegas. Logan, this was one of my main questions I wanted to ask you. What do you know about the eight pointed star, brother? Oh, it’s the octagon. Okay. But do you know any connections behind it as far as mythology and that goes? Oh, Ishtar is the one that is typically rendered to the eight pointed star.

But you have the octagon. So I just go to. For me, as a decoder, I like to look at sacred geometry, because that’s primarily where you’re going to find the letters, numbers, and symbols matching up to. So the octagon is the actual shape that the Large Hadron Collider is created through that octagon. So eight pointed star is also tied to the eight sided polygonal, which is the octagon.

So these are big markers. Octagon, octopus. There was an octopus in that movie, too. The whole movie had an octopus throughout it. Yeah. And that’s the booth. Yes. And I did a decode on this. Let me put it on full screen so that people can see in the comments. Full screen. Here we go. I did a decode on the eight pointed star, and one thing I noticed about it, brother Logan, is it seems to always be connected to entities with abilities.

Like I said, wonder Woman has it on her forehead. Captain Marvel has it on her chest. She got her powers through plasma. You have ring of power, which me and Jay dream are getting ready to do an episode on that. And you see she has the two eight pointed stars on her shoulders. And that’s what the elven race, they kind of worship the eight pointed star. It’s at the center of their society.

Right. And then in man of steel, which he represents, l. Man of steel. 45 minutes in, bro. It’s where Superman goes into that old spaceship that he finds. It’s like his family spaceship, and he finds his dad’s consciousness in there. And his father is telling him where he comes from, who he really is talking about the house of l on his chest. And at that scene, you see the eight pointed star.

On the screen right there. And 45 is man of steel. Fallen angels, fallen one. And they say the Anunnaki or the watchers, a lot of people think they are the fallen angels, right? And we have the chaos star, the eight points of the chaos star. We see it in the movie or the series called power book three, raising Canaan. It’s in there, too. And it’s right after she gets done having sexual relations with this gentleman.

It’s right behind her head, which that’s at 42 minutes and 29 seconds in 42 plus 29, 71. Horror, babylon, sudden destruction, weather, warfare. So that’s another connection I found with it. Cat Williams, I just did a video on that. His little. I mean, it’s a representation of the chaos star. It also means many other things, too, but it just has that now, other interesting one, because we’re going to get into this 19 and that’s the Aquaman code.

And right here, the new season one, episode nine of monarch Legacy of monsters at 1 minute and 2 seconds in. And remember, what did Cat Williams say in this interview? I was the 201st person to do the audition, remember? So 201 is the reflection of 102. And we see the eight pointed star on the wall there. Now, right after this scene, guys, he goes and gets into this device where he goes through a portal to enter Earth.

So the whole portal symbol connected to it. J dreams. Just watched Wonka. So I had to watch it first. I thought it was all in Spanish. There’s a couple of scenes that are in Spanish, but willing compass. Yeah. The first time you see it is four minutes and 4 seconds in. You see the eight pointed star. Then again, at 16 minutes and 42 seconds, people are flying because they eat chocolate.

That gives them the ability to fly. So there’s just more connections with people, with abilities. Right. And it’s all over the Mormon church. I mean, it’s crazy, but it really goes back to where. That’s where they say they point. A star originated from Anu, the sky. There’s a connection to Jupiter there as well, which I found fascinating. But, yeah, man, it’s all over. And it just blew my mind how ingrained it is in society, especially with what we call the elites, right? These nobility families where they wear the Iron Cross, and the Iron Cross is even a representation of it.

But what was Nibiru called? The planet of the crossing. Now, I think Nibiru is a dimension that they’re opening up. I don’t think it’s a planet. That’s my personal view on it, though. Murduduke has the eight pointed star all over him as well. And the cross of Chai Rio. But the craziest part, not the Order of dragon or the star card, which is the 17th card in the tarot deck.

What’s Nibiru equal? Oh, 17 in chaldean, so you know what I’m saying? And Vladimir, Paler, the Order of the dragon, they had the same representation. We see it on the pope’s coat of arms. But most importantly, let me get down here real quick. Yeah, you got the night of Malta. It looks like. Just like Epstein. His watch has that and red hot chili peppers logo. Is it as well? Yeah.

And on the UN, Mount Herman, where this is historically where the watchers allegedly descended on the 33rd parallel to Mount Herman, and they have the eight pointed star right on the UN outpost there. So we see it connected to fallen angels. Anunnaki Anu, the Catholic Church. I mean, it’s crazy how ingrained it is amongst the nobility and stuff. It blew my mind. And the chiro, it’s also pronounced hero because it’s more of a he instead of a ch.

It’s a hero. That’s why the heroes have it. Interesting. I didn’t know that part. And it’s the nautical star too. So it goes back to Phoenicians. Phoenicia. That’s why it’s on the compass, because the people would see this star in the center of the sky, this huge star, and they knew where they were. It was where the North Star is now. And the ancients would talk about an eight pointed star would open up in the sky and these gods would come through it with advanced technology.

So what is really going on there with that eight pointed star symbolism? We see it all throughout superhero movies like Wonder Woman and Aquaman. And you see how I had that 19 connection. What is that? Donut. The red hot chili preppers. Is that what that is? Let me see that. I like how donut just brings his slides, like, printed out so no one’s got to share screen or nothing.

He’s just like, bam, I’m sharing screen. Yeah, he always does. He’s good at that. He busts out all the evidence. I had my microphone mute the Economist magazine. You could just look at it similar to that. And I was just saying the red hot chili peppers logo. Got it right there. And in the middle they have that red flower, too. Notice that that red flower also, it makes a lot of appearances.

People wear, like, especially bad guys in movies. They’ll have like, a red carnation. It’s oftentimes like a carnation. Interesting. Yeah, that’s pretty cool. I didn’t know the red hot chili peppers had it. So the 19 connection. All right, guys, we see that’s connected to the chaos star, which chaos is 19, right? Well, Aquaman is 19 and that’s the number of the npcs to the non player characters that 19.

And the abbreviation for it. Anyways, 63 is the number if you spell it out. But the abbreviation is 19 and CRISPR equals 19, matching Aquaman and battery. Now what does a battery do? It animates something. It brings it to life. Right. And the 19th element is potassium. It has the atomic weight of 39, which is Lucifer, the light bearer. Now, potassium is essential for life. Potassium is crucial in numerous biological functions and is also extensively utilized in a range of industrial processes.

As a metal, it has distinct properties like electrical conductivity. And so pretty much it’s connected to that battery, which battery is also 19. And you see how it ties to CRISPR there. Who was the God that allegedly created humanity? Inky. Right? Inky was the master geneticist that they said created humanity. And Inky is represented by Poseidon, who is Aquaman. So, Logan, what do you think about that 19 connection, brother with genetics? Yeah, well, I just want to digress and go back to the eight pointed star and mention that mentioned through mathematics, 19 is the 8th prime number.

So there’s always going to be the prime connected to the composite number. Not the composite number, but the composite number. So the 19 being the 8th prime number tells you. And the 19th card in the tarot being that the sun, well, you now have the connecting point of the sun manifesting itself down through the number eight. Now, what is the number eight? It’s the infinity symbol. And infinity means the sine and cosine wave that the sun makes, which makes up our dna.

So the sun creates a pattern in the sky called ribonucleic acid. And the ribonucleic acid is going to be the messenger or the programmer of the deoxyribonucleic acid, which forms the infinity symbol as it moves through waves through the five layers of the stratosphere, ionosphere, et cetera, et cetera. So the eight pointed star is probably more linked to the number 19 in the sun than anything else. And so the number eight being the infinity symbol is the sine and cosine wave.

And that is what we are all trapped in. That’s called the sine wave. Now you had showed the potassium. Potassium has 39 as its isotope, and that can be linked to the element atrium, because itrium, being the 39th element on the periodic table, has the letter y for its abbreviation. And the letter y looks a hell of a lot like a snake’s tongue. Is itrium one with the satellite logo? That’s right, it is.

Yeah. Dude, that’s crazy. So you connect all these. And even potassium has 19 protons. Well, the element that has 19 for its isotope is fluorine, which is the 9th element. And nine is going to be tied to the sine wave, because the word sin equals the number nine. The word Adam, to the original hebrew numerology, is the number nine. And Adam is the sun. It’s the proton Adam.

And out of Adam came Eve. And how did Eve get created? Through the rib. And the rib is called ribonucleic acid. The rib. Ribonucleic acid. So that’s the messenger of the sun, the programmer. And then we get caught in the sine and cosine wave, which is the number eight, which is the infinity symbol. That’s why infinity equals 26, which reduces down to the number eight. And the reason why source equals 26, which reduces down to the number eight.

And that’s the number of the arcons. That 26 number arcons. Yodhevahe is 26. It’s the element iron. And iron is basically the gold that forms the creation for this reality through the lights, camera, action, because iron has an atomic weight of 56. And lights, camera, action, equals 56. So this all tells you that iron is tied to the sun, which is really the masculine form of the sun, because iron is tied to Mars, right.

Iron is tied to war. So the masculine testosterone push of the sun, wanting to become an avatar, uses the Mars energy, which is masculine, to chase after the vagina, which is the feminine estrogen. And that’s basically how it works. It’s testosterone chasing estrogen. And this is where you’re going to get all the stories of the male chasing the female, fallen angels, et cetera, et cetera. Wow. That’s where you’re going to get all that information from.

That was an amazing breakdown, dude. Also the plus and minus of the battery too, right? Yep. The anode and cathode. Absolutely. So you had talked about if you’re going to get into aquaman, Aquaman came from the character Arthur curry. Arthur Curry is the comic book name. And Arthur curry is 34. And there’s the 34th card in the cards of illumination. It’s the eight of diamonds. The eight. The infinity symbol.

So the sun is going to deliver the eight of diamonds, which is aquaman. So, aquaman, yes, it’s tied to the sun, but really, I think the big takeaway is Poseidon, Neptune, because it is very possible that is what’s running this entire reality, is the watery Neptune Poseidon. And keep in mind, guys and gals, Neptune just moved into its own domicile house of Pisces, just not too long ago.

So it is back in its own house after 164 years. It just came back into Pisces. What does that entail for people? Because I know that certain Pluto return, certain things that happen in the stars affect mercury retrograde. Right. Mix up technology. What does this mean if it’s been 160 plus years? Yeah. Well, I mean, that’s a good question, because it’s not just Neptune sitting in the sign of Pisces right now, the twelveth sign.

It’s also you have Rahu there as well, or the north node of the moon, which is kind of the drive of everything, and it’s in spirituality. So we’re having this massive influx of people questioning everything, and the spirituality is kind of getting elevated, and that’s why we’re beginning to see and things are being shown because of these positions right now. Neptune being in its own domicile house right now in that twelveth sign of Pisces.

And remember, Pisces is two fish, and the two fish in the zodiac represent your 2ft that stand on the ground. This is why Jesus was a fisher of men. So you can essentially say Jesus was Aquaman. Wow, that’s interesting. That’s very interesting. I mean, Pisces equals 23 in numerology, and so does crown blood history. All that is 23, and that 23rd letter is the trident. The w. Yeah.

Man, you guys get me so much more interested in numbers than I ever was. This was just a random tangent, but the number eight in particular has been the one that made me fascinated with gamatria. And just in general, because I found out that the letter h and the number eight, they sound and look so similar because they used to be the exact same thing, that the numbers and letters were interchangeable.

And the fact that we still have a remnant of that today through the phoenician language, it blows my mind, because there’s so many things where it’s like, okay, yeah, those two things sound alike. Okay, yeah, those two things look alike. No, this is legitimately a direct link to something we’re using right now every day in the computer, which we’re looking at right now. Right. They all have this interconnection between the letter and the number of eight and h.

So it feels like there’s a reason why those things are paired together, and it’s not just happenstance. I have a slide and pictures of that letter, too, to share. And the top og cipher, Chaldean, is based on one through eight, which that’s why I’m so in love. I used to think the number 36 was bad because it was connected to six six six. Now I love it. It’s my favorite number that I’ve researched, and I know what it really represents, because certain people within the Gamatria community, they were just teaching the wrong way when I was coming up, and they were teaching us a lot of stuff that wasn’t true, and I just had to re educate myself with it.

But, yeah, man, that 36 is actually a very powerful number. Homer Simpson, it’s kind of just going back, but I want to notate since it’s on my screen. But Homer Simpson to Simpsons in their kitchen, their clock is the eight pointed star. But I think it goes even deeper as well than just that one symbol. No, it is the Simpsons clock. And even, like, the United nations, too, got all over the place, but the Simpsons connection.

Thanks for reminding me that, donna, because I need to add that my eight pointed star blog, I’m constantly going back and adding stuff to it because there’s certain blogs that I do that I write at the bottom. Check back, because I’ll be updating this one, because you always find new stuff, and it doesn’t make sense to redo a whole new blog. I just update it. But, yeah, man, the eight pointed star, it fascinates me so much.

And a lot of people that are very religious, they believe that it’s the star of the fallen angels, but there is a connection there with Anu and the watchers and all that. But, yeah, man, it’s just a symbol that’s fascinated me for a long time. And me and donut, when we first got together doing our little decode and stuff, that was one. We were heavily entrenched in the eight point star.

We were obsessed with it. Yeah, we were obsessed with it for, like, six months straight, dude. I’m curious not to put anyone on the spot, but, logan, you were talking about Cartagena a little bit earlier, before we started recording, and my understanding is that it basically went from canon to phoenicia, which was, like, everything. And then it got concentrated in Carthage, and then Cartagena is basically new Carthage.

So is there any modern day remnants of ishtar and astarte and tenit? And this eight pointed star, like in modern day Cartagena tenet. Yes. It’s got the eight pointed star in it, though. Yeah, I mean, look, guys, I’ll just be straight up like. It’s tied right to Lucifer. I mean, you could tie right to Jesus, because the word eight in numerology equals 18. Jesus and Christ both equal 18.

This is all Lucifer reference, which is the light bringer, which is just the sun coming down and working through water. Because if you really look at the sun and the makeup of the sun through the periodic table, it’s the element hydrogen and helium. Those two elements, one and two, are basically the makeup of the sun. They first measure the sun with helium. So helium being the number two element, it goes and gets its origins from the number one element, which is hydrogen.

And hydrogen comes from the greek words hydro and genes. Water, genes. So what is our body made up of? Primarily water. And the physical part is going to be calcium, which is going to be in your bones and teeth. So hydrogen and helium are the makeup of the sun. That’s really what it comes down to. And it’s light and water. That’s our entire reality, is water and light.

That’s what makes up our entire reality. If you think about it, it’s water and light. You need both of those to form life, to give life to things. You need water and you need light to do that. Yes, that is true. Definitely is true. What do you think about the whole tridet symbolism? So we see the Tridet connected to the whole nuclear program. The nuclear tridet. Right. And then you have, with 911, the memorial was, they had the little trident, big trident.

We’ve seen that same symbolism on flight mh 370, the malaysian flight that went missing on the tailwing. It had the big trident. The little trident in front of CeRN is Shiva, who has the trident that destroyed the three worlds. So what’s your view on that, brother Logan? And we got our boy Aniya soru up in the house right now. Yo, yo, yo, what up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s happening? Yeah, there it is.

That’s a representation of the big trident, little trident. Well, I mean, just go to the w, like J or Donut said. The W, being the 23rd letter, is the letter that represents the trident. And that w can be flipped upside down and it forms the letter m. And that’s the actual pattern the sun makes as it moves and zigzags across the sky like a pendulum so it can form the letter s, the letter w, the letter m, the number five.

So the w being the 23rd letter, which is tied to the words crown, blood, history, all in chaldean numerology, being the royal star of the lion in numerology, which is considered the luck. When I started studying numerology, 23 was, like, the luckiest number. I know there’s no such thing as luck, but it was considered the luckiest number. So you’re going to see a lot of tie ins to that.

The number 23, and it’s tied to the magic wand of the tarot. This is the 23rd card in the deck. This is Abracadabra. This is the Hollywood card. This is how they make their movies through. This is the Harry Potter wand right in the hand of the card there. And this is the 23rd card in the deck. And this is tied right to Poseidon. Right to it. And the letter h, what paranoid was saying how it’s eight and it looks like an 820 w.

The 23rd letter, it has two points, then three points. So it’s 23 right there, too, which I thought was crazy when I heard that. Nice catch. That’s a good catch. Yeah. You mentioned last night, I was watching on instagram, Gary, the numbers guy, he was doing this interview, and he said they asked him, what number runs this reality? And, dude, I want to jump in on that interview so bad.

He said the number 13. And he’s breaking down why he thinks 13 is the number of the matrix. And I just want to tell him, dude, talk about the reflection of 1331 being the matrix. But of course, he never got into that. He was talking about the twelve disciples plus one. Jesus, 13. I forget what he connected with the twelve zodiacs. Plus one is 13. It might have been the sun, but you have the twelve jurors plus one, the judge of 13.

So he just kept tying it and saying the 13 bloodlines, which. It’s funny when he does talk about that, though, because he mentions families like the Rothschilds and the Kennedys and like, dude, them people ain’t no one. You know what? Ain’t no. The real families that are in power, you never hear their name. So it has nothing to do with no Rothschild or them are just front people.

But, yeah, that 13 connection I thought was fascinating. And the 13th card in the tarot deck is what? Death card. But keep in mind the word anc equals the number 13. The trident in Greek is called the triana. That’s 13. Triana is 13. And then the reason why 13 is probably the most powerful number is because it is the makeup of the golden ratio. And PI, which is 1.

61 one, and then 3. 143. So one and three are the makeup of the 13. And that’s why these numbers are very powerful. And there’s the water connection too, to 13 because m, I believe, m is 13th letter. Right? Exactly. And m is mem, or the water waves. So he was right, the opposite of the w when he said 13 is the number of the matrix. He was kind of right on that, I think.

So shout out to Gary, the numbers guy. I wanted to jump in on it so bad and just say, what about the 31 connection? Because that literally is the matrix. 31. And that’s another number I’m fascinated with 31. If I had to pick my favorite number, I would say it’s 36. But 31 is another one I’m super fascinated with any of Soru, my brother. What’s up? Did you get a chance to watch Aquaman, the last kingdom? I was supposed to watch it last night and I wasn’t able to watch it, but I was talking about it with someone.

The first one, they were explaining, my friend was explaining it to me yesterday, what was going on with it, but no, I wasn’t able to watch it. Have you watched other Aquaman? Yeah, I saw the first one. Okay. And do you know anything about the mythology of Neptune or Poseidon or you got any knowledge like that for us? Yeah. The main thing is the symbol of the trident that know circulating right now in esoteric circles, especially connected with the ukrainian situation.

I don’t know if y’all went over, uh, that association also, Biden, his name means Bident, which is a two sided trident. So he represents Neptune. Actually, he’s a form of Neptune and he’s a form of saturn because he’s older. I thought the bydad was set’s weapon. The Bydad ain’t that connected to set. Well, hades. I’m sorry, hades. My apologies. Yeah, hades. Yeah. But hades, there’s archetypes with the trident and the Biden that plays on the underworld theme.

And Neptune is connected to all of those archetypes. And it’s connected to the dream realm and the color blue. Mainly the color blue. And the reason why it’s blue, because he represents the democratic party, which is blue. And the blue is also associated with Israel in their flag, which the conflict in Ukraine connects to the situation going on in Israel. And there is a kabbalistic association with Neptune to the third sphere of the upper triad of the kabbalah, which is hokma and Hokma really? When reality see the Kabbalah is ten diagrammical glyphs telling us how reality is formed.

There’s a cascade of white light that comes out of Keter, and when it hits hokma, which is the blue cephal rope, is what they call it. The circular diagram. The blue, or the neptunian energy of the blue is what differentiates the quantum chromodynamics of color and makes it the rainbow, so we can get all of the colors that cascade down. So the association with blue, in mythologies, especially associated with Israel, in the Talmud, the blue is representative of Lilith, which she is also associated with dreams, because the shekhanah, the female feminine form of God.

What we’re studying right now on my patreon, she represents what the blue is to Israel. So they cloak themselves. The flag is what cloaks themselves, and it wraps themselves around it, because Giselain Maxwell, in this Epstein situation, she had a submarine. Nobody’s talking about speaking of Neptune. And the list is a distraction. The real list is who was on that submarine with her. Teramar project, nonprofit organization that she had that was funded through Epstein.

And Epstein island has a submarine based tunnel. And Biden’s brother, James Biden, owned an island right next to Epstein island, called Water island, associated with Neptune. So the Biden family owns the island right next door to little St. James, because there’s big St. James and there’s little St. James, and then there’s water island. And guess what? In the 1940s, water island was a submarine base. Oh, wow. What was you talking about with how on that island, they were trying to mirror the flat earth and hell and all that? Could you break that down real quick? Well, what we’re going into in my Underworld tunnel series, what I’m understanding in classified military documents is that we have underwater bases.

I didn’t believe it. Donut sent me the book. One of the guys is funny. Guy name is Richard Salter. Yeah, show him a book real quick. The guy name is Richard Salter. His name equals 201 in Gematria. That’s what I’m working on right now. Oni video on underground tunnels. The last one I did, it got 10,000 shares in 24 hours, bro. People are on that right now. Hold that up again.

Yeah. That is one of the vehicles they use to tunnel right there. Looks like an eight point star too. It also looks like it’s a phallic. It’s phallic. But the underworld in underwater is feminine, because what they’re preparing, the kabbalistic wizards, the association with Gematria, they’re creating their own reality, of course. And that’s a lydiaism. And what they’re trying to do is go up underground. And it’s really related to the Talmud.

The Talmud speaks about seven heavens and it speaks about these seven hells connected to sheila. S-H-E-O-L. That’s their form of hell. It’s also called Gehenna. Epstein’s island represented a model of the Talmud’s flat earth because he has the seven blue stripes on the side of his temple, if you remember. And it has the golden dome above represents the eyelid of God. But it also is associated with the underworld because people aren’t speaking about Epstein island having a bunker and tunnel right underneath it.

And the submarine base that’s connected to Epstein island to water island is one of the biggest uncovering mysteries that is classified right now for you to find information. But the point is he’s recreating the Talmud, flat earth. I’m going to do a video this week to break it down esoterically. But basically in the Talmud God punishes Lilith when she doesn’t want to get on top of Adam, if you know what I mean.

Get on top. And I don’t know that’s the only reason why she’s punished. So it has something to do with sex. But anyways he punishes her to go into the sea and she says, I will kill 100 of your children because she makes with Samael God’s upper half. His feminine half is the shekinah. His satanic half is Lilith. And Lilith is the archetype that Giselaine Maxwell represents in her submarine because Lilith can’t be killed because she’s associated with the water.

And you have just Lane Maxwell, whose father was in the Mossad which is the CIA equivalent to America over there in also her NFC is connected with Maasad. But they gave her this submarine and they were collecting women around. Well, we’re not going to get into the children have. Let’s stick on the women. And the women were becoming Lilith surrogates for them to take these women up underground.

I’m about to interview a woman who was a victim. Her name is. What is her name? Is she the one from Arizona? I think she’s not from Arizona. I think she’s from Texas. I got to remember her name is Juliet Bryant. Once you guys follow this woman and she got these, all of these art. She was saying when she woke up she was under in a bunker or somewhere underground at Zald Row ranch in New Mexico.

That’s 30 miles from Dolce, three acres ranch. They love that 33, don’t they, Hillary? 33 acres ranch. That was by Dolce. That was 30 miles from Dolce. Not only that. Hold on. Did you see the video, though, that the temple is fake? What temple? On Epstein island. It’s fake. There’s the doors painted on. It’s a movie set. I heard that. That I have the wrong. See this other guy named Steven Deck off, who is worth 3.

3 billion, go figure. 33 billion. Bought the island like, two years ago, and he destroyed the temple. And now they got this fake model up there. The temple is real. Now they got a fake model because he’s worth 3. 3 billion. All I know is the one we’ve been led to believe that there’s stuff under. It’s not there no more. It’s not real. It was real, but it’s not there no more.

That’s the narrative. Me and you don’t know if it’s real. We never seen it. We’re coming up on the 33rd Summer Olympics as well. So that’s going to play a huge role in the rituals coming up for 2024. And you brought up Dulce from that underground tunnel and bases book. It brought up Paul Benoitz, who was under MkUltra mind control, and a lot of the alien stories of aliens hijacking people and putting them in there or whatever.

Yeah, that dulce base was the underground alien type story in ufology. So Zoro Ranch, where Epstein was seeding his dna, they were like using cow uteruses and stuff to put the elite’s body parts in so they can live long. We really went left on Poseidon to Epstein, didn’t we? The connection is the submarine Neptune, the symbol of Ukraine. And Biden, who owns his family, owns his name, water island.

We didn’t go nowhere. We’re right here. It’s called Water island. Look it up right now. It’s called Water island. Type in James Biden. They’re still playing on the archetype of Poseidon, is what I’m saying. And it’s connected to Epstein because there’s a submarine base connected for. Water island is 30 miles from goddamn Epstein island. It’s not far from it. It’s right there. And there’s an underwater submarine base that nobody’s talking about in that book that he gave me.

It proves that there’s a bunch of submarine underground facilities that the military has. It even proves where the budget comes from with this stuff. How do they get the budget he has from people talking about this new budget? That they’re sucking out of the american economy and other economies and stuff to fund this type stuff. Epstein, he represents Samael, Giselle, Maxwell, Lilith. When they make. They create these demons.

Now, this woman, Juliet Bryant, she is saying that the women were collected so they can get their eggs, so they can grow the transhuman bodies for the elite to transfer their conscience. And guess what? Church of Scientology has a church right next to Zorro ranch in Dolce base. And the people in the church said that Elron Hubbard, Lafayette Ron Hubbard would be resurrected at this church of Scientology.

It’s called. What is the name of that church they have? Well, you think they’re going to clone. It’s already. They’re called the thetans. It’s like Satan, the Scientologist. Their nickname is thetans, is representative to Theta, which is a brainwave. The theta brainwave is where the creativity and the deep subconscious is. Right. And that’s associated with the color blue and quantum chromodynamics. But the point is, it all relates to what’s going on with Aquaman.

Because you got these submarine. I don’t know. They got these elites in these submarines going from base to base and we know nothing about it. But I remember adult swim. I don’t know if you remember this, Thomas. You remember the show Sea lab 2021? Yeah, that was actually right when I had my music was being placed on adult swim. Was that same exact time that C Lab was big.

I love C lab 2021, but I’m starting to believe that it was something esoteric and true about C lab 2021. And also, Tommy, you were talking about on truth mafia website, the facility, right? There’s crazy story. But looking at that town, this town is full of mystery that Tommy can explain. But it’s connected to what Ani saying with the water and the underground bases. Something with water, Felicity.

Yeah, this is connected to Felicity as well. So these underground bases, they’re using water. So they’ll have all these private citizens purchase stuff on rivers or oceans. So all these private citizens purchasing all this land so they can build underground bases connected to water. It’s super wild. And it makes me think of blackrock. Like how they’re buying all these different places. Because there’s two ways to build these tunnels.

And that’s like going down directly or going into a mountain. Now, if you look at this town’s emblem, the emblem to this town, and you can explain this town to everybody, but look at their emblem, you see a mountain, kind of like NOrAD. That’s where they put the underground bases. And you see a stream of water because this town’s right next to river. As I was looking at it on the maps and whatnot, reading this book.

Interesting. Yeah, I think there’s a connection. Got a depiction of Adam and Eve, too, etched in the town’s granite slab. Adam and Eve is 26. Like Felicity. That number of the arcons right there. And. Yeah, they got a pyramid. They say it’s the center of the world here. And, dude, it is weird, though, when you go into the church, bro. The freaking church. Look at this. The church got these chairs in there.

They say they do, like, mockery type rituals at the church, but it kind of looks like it’s blood stained and that’s coming out of the bottom area. Now, there’s also three tombstones behind that church and Ani. This town is so bizarre, brother. So this sheriff went here to investigate it. He left his family, never went home again, and now he never left the town. A reporter goes to investigate the town, guess what? He leaves his family, never comes back.

So there’s rumors that there’s an underground city under this town, and the guy that built the town is a rock. Okay, so there you go right there. Yeah. And if you look at the emblem. So the emblem is crazy, though, because it’s all the symbols of what takes to build the underground cities. It’s wild. I’m trying to look for it. I’ll send you the link. Well, that’s what’s happening.

What we don’t realize, the secret is underground, man. And what it is, it’s a hebrew word called La Avo. La avo means to flip the world. And what they’re doing is they’re going underground. And when they start off the nuclear wars, they’re already about to start off. I see Jay Dreamers covering the plasma aspect to it. There’s going to be a transference of the Judah Heights underground. And they believe that they’re going to destroy the Gentiles with this nuclear war.

They’re going to be underground for like 100 years, thousand years. And they think that the black sun underground is going to give them something called a morphogenetic field, change to their dna. They call it shining darkness. It’s connected to the black sun. And they think when the nuclear debris subsides, when they come back to the surface, they’re going to be the androgyne angels, the nephilim of the Bible.

And they had inherited the earth from destroying the gentile nations. And I got a lot of information covering that. Remember that episode we did Ani on the angelic DNA and all that. Did that episode. I found so many more connections, brother. And there’s a lot of connections to what you just mentioned, the black sun. Right. Well, that’s fascinating that you just said that, bro. Tommy, can you pull me up when you had a chance, too? Can I what, brother? Pull up my.

Me. I’m sorry. I had some of this up when Ani was talking because I got a crazy deep sink that I’ve never heard anybody talk about on any channel in a while. But, yeah, here’s the water island he’s talking about. And they’ve got this underwater base, the only picture of it. This is Fort Seguera. And they make it sound like they only started on it. Right. Can you go back up? What’s that? Three one four.

The army construct a battery. Three one four. Look at that pie number, Logan. Wow. That is pie. Check out. Check the latitude longitude. Look at the antimotor 818. What’s the latitude and longitude? 18. Latitude, bro. That’s water. Water equals 18. Really the crazy thing that I had in store, because what Ani was saying, I’m 100% on board with the gaze. Maxwell. Like, the deep water excavations. And if you think about this for just a split second, the amount of resources it takes to do something, to basically go all the way underwater.

All the way underground. It’s like, you’d have to be rich enough to be a country, right? And there’s only been a few people in the world. Look at the boring company, right? Elon Musk. He’s as rich as a country would be. The last rich person to try to do this was Howard Hughes. And the reason they did this is because they figure, okay, we want to dig as far deep as we can into the earth.

But it would be so much easier if we just went to the bottom of the ocean, because the ocean’s already kind of done some of that work for us. It’s already trying to get down into the earth. So if we go down as far as we can to the deepest part, and then start drilling there, then we kind of get a head start. Don’t forget the shamir. Don’t forget the billionaires that died on the water.

Yeah. Part of the bohemian Club. Marine. Yes. That’s connected to all they’re trying to tell you, bro. Go ahead, Thomas. So this was the last time that someone tried before the shamir, the little Titanic explorer. This is the Glomar explorer. And this is a boat that got repurposed by Howard Hughes. And he spent a lot of money working with the government, the CIA in particular, because it was, you know, the US needs to get into the center of the earth before the Soviets get to the center of the earth or before the Chinese get to the center of the earth.

So they had this joint project, and this one you can also look up, deep sea drilling project, DSDP, from 1968 to 1983. And I’m sure they just magically stopped at 83. They were like, you know what? We’ve invested 20 years of this. Let’s just walk away. Let’s try something else. Now, this is getting boring, but if you look into this, I think that there’s a lot of evidence that the government did get somewhere.

They did get to drill all the way down and found something, and then it was like, okay. Nothing else to see here for the last 40 years. Wow. Yeah. Plus, Howard Hughes is hh, which is 88, which is like. There’s a lot of symbolism connecting. I really think Explorer has a lot going on with it. Remember, we have the Lionsgate portal on 88, and then we had a lahaina fire happen in the eight.

There’s a ton of symbolism connected. Would you remember the blue Tommy? The blue Tommy on the houses in Lahaina? Yeah. The blue didn’t burn. Right. But the blue is connected. What I just told you. It’s Hokma of the kabbalah. It’s kabbalistic magic, and it’s connected to Neptune. It’s connected to everything that we’re talking about on here. It’s definitely Gematria based because we got the numbers. Remember, I gave you the one two seven polynesian connection.

They were talking about the rock, master of symbolism, which is honestly how I did a prediction that I was right on, was based on that one two seven information you gave me. So that led me down a crazy rabbit hole, which I gave you credit in my blog. Like I always. Man, it’s fascinating how it’s all connected to Poseidon and Neptune. And I heard this. She. I forget her channel now.

It’s very similar to Logan. Something she does. Gamatria. She’s like a. I know you’re talking about. I’m going to bring her on. And she calls. Yeah. She says it’s like, false. Tunes out this false frequency of this reality. I love that lady. Yeah, she has a plasma Apocalypse group that I’m a part of, but she gets deep in it. I got to get her and Logan hip to her because she has to be a fan of Logan’s, because she connects a lot of things that he does as far as on the periodic table.

I never see no one doing that until Logan. And she does that. Logan. Yeah, Logan, you do good work with the chaldean cipher. I figured out a lot of stuff with the Chaldeans, studying what you uncovered with the gematri on the chaldean side. Appreciate it. Yeah, we’re all just trying to chip away at all this kind of stuff. I don’t know, Caldean, obviously, you guys know it’s been my foundation.

But personally, as a decoder, when you know how to use these ciphers, they have their own foundations to them. So if you don’t mix and match them, that’s where you’ll find the magic. If you start mixing and matching in them, it waters down the results. So, like the pythagorean cipher, which uses the numbers one through nine, if you know how to use that, it’s like using the saw when you’re supposed to saw the wood.

So it’s very important as a decoder to use these ciphers when their proper moments arise. And that takes a lot of practice. Yeah, because there’s people out there that they’ll use seven different ciphers. Yeah, you can’t do that. You can because there’s a lot of numbers that match a lot of the numbers, words that match a lot of numbers. So as a decoder, I’ve said to my audience, just use one and get your vocabulary down with one.

And then when you get it all memorized, then move on to the next one, and you’ll see how it just all falls into place, especially with the periodic table. That, to me, is the bridge. It’s the golden bridge. Everything’s through alchemy. I mean, there’s neptuniums on the periodic table. The destiny cards in there, too, bro, with the. And it’s just a whole nother level. Well, that shows the picture.

That shows the picture. So you get alchemy to show the bridge of the numbers through the spoken word, through the mathematics. And then you get into sine of cosine waves, PI, phi. All these are very important measures, but the periodic table has been the biggest, probably game changer. And there is an element called neptunium on the periodic table, and it has 93 protons. And they say the sun is 93 million mile away.

So is there any merit to this neptunian? Yes, of course. Where does it sit? And when you add its electrons, protons and neutrons together, 93 and 237, it gives you 330. So that’s that. 33 and why the 33? Why is it so special? Well, you go to the 33rd element on the periodic table, which is called arsenic, and the sublimation of arsenic, which means it goes right to a gas it doesn’t have to go through the three stages, is 616 degrees celsius.

And 616 is the great beast, which is the portal, the Stargate. It’s the zodiac symbol. It’s the twelve signs with the Jesus Christ in the middle, which. That is the great beast above, which is harvesting energy. That’s what harvests all our energy, and it runs. This entire reality is the celestials with the sun, with the moon. That’s how I have it pegged personally myself. But the 6116 being tied to arsenic, arsenic being poisonous, the isotope of arsenic is 75.

75 is Lucifer. They say that’s the true number of the beast on papyrus 115, too. Yeah, six one six. And then ritual sacrifice, I think, is six one six. So that’s definitely fascinating. The only time I use multiple ciphers, Logan, is if I’m doing a reading and I’m just trying to look at numbers with the person’s know. If I’m looking at a name decode. That’s the only time I use multiple ciphers.

When I’m decoding a movie or something, my people will tell you I’m always mostly on Chaldean once in a while. I like English or Nordina or Latin. I like English, too. Latin is, like, the only one that really is technically gamatria, right? Hebrew. Yeah. I mean, I like doing the foreign languages, especially. If you’re going to decode the Bible, you got to go to the original Hebrew and Greek.

That’s how you’re really going to find out the nitty gritty on all the biblical stuff. I mean, I just did a decode on my last one I put out called God. I can’t even think of the name of decode. But anyway, I decoded the 50th book of the Bible because that’s Ephesians. Ephesians is the 50th book of the Bible, and there’s a scripture in there, ephesians six, verses 13, which talks about putting on the full suit of armor of God to protect you.

And the 50th card in the cards of illumination is the jack of spades. The jack of spades converts to the knight of swords, and that’s going to be the knight of armor that the knight of swords is going to be there. The neocode is 50 in Chaldean. That 50 number is huge, too, bro. Dude, it’s the 50 bitcoin mine. 50 is the Tin man. It is the tin.

It’s the Tin man of the wizard of Oz who is looking for his heart. And that converts to the king of hearts, which is the 13th card in the deck. And guess whose birth card that is? Joe Biden. Joe Biden has the king of hearts. Wow. 50 represents Maui, guys. That was in the 50th state in the 50 year anniversary of hip hop monument brought that up, which just happened to be on harp’s anniversary, too.

That’s kind of weird to me, but, yeah, there was a whole connection to 50 said and donut. Remember when we decoded 50 and he had that star card connection? I think it was connected to maybe his first project or something. Or it might have been his birthday. No, the name of the tv production company is stars. Yeah, but he actually has the star card in the tarot deck connected to him.

That’s what I’m saying. That’s probably why he’s connected. Which is the 17th card, right? One plus seven is eight. It has the eight pointed star on it. And then Nibaru is 17, which is a representation of that eight pointed star. It’s all connected, dude. It’s so fascinating. But, Jay, I’m going to let you do your breakdown on precise or this movie, brother. All right, cool, thanks. Make sure I let everybody get their party.

And, Ani, that was fascinating, bro. And me and you could do a podcast if you want, on that subject. We’ll have to do it on my facebook because I’m scared to get into that. Too deep on YouTube. You know how they are. Yeah. Right now, bro, is jumping. So we got 540 people in here. Make sure you smash them likes. All right, so just to preface, I got a whole bunch of screenshots from the movie, so if you guys haven’t seen it, you’re about to.

Basically, lots of stuff to cover. And feel free to jump in. Damn. Ready, brother? All right. Stretch it in. Everything. This is going to get serious. It’s going to get damn deep right now. I don’t even need to watch the movie now. That’s good. I could just watch it through your lens, bro. All right, sweet. Let’s do it. So this is one of the things they went down into Antarctica, right? And they’re showing you this weird creature that they found down in, you know, also has like a little star thing I talk about, know, specifically those that come up and rise up from inside the hollow parts of the earth and then those that float down from above.

I call them phantazoids. So for me. This is phantazoid reference. These are some actual creatures that are found in Antarctica. This is, like, a 20 armed weird creature. I don’t even know what it is. They call this, like, some strawberry monster or something because it looks like it’s got a strawberry in the middle. Look at the color. Right? A lot of these monsters or even aliens are depicted with this type of an off white sort of a color.

This one I posted on my channel in the community section. Some weird new creature they just found, too. Look at the teeth on that. That thing freaks me out, dude. That whole. These are. These are scary, right? These are monsters, and a lot of them, they don’t have eyes or stuff like that, which is a lot of modern movie monsters are starting to be portrayed this way, too.

What are the things on it, Jay? Is them hairs? Yeah, there’s some kind of, like, hairs frills. Yeah. This one’s actually really tiny compared to, like, this one right here. This one’s pretty gigantic. The tardigrade. The tardigrade. They make a really big deal about tardigrades in the news, how they can survive any type of atmosphere or conditions, and they always talk about tardigrades being able to survive extreme conditions, like being in space, which is a weird thing to say.

For me, that just implies alien. You know what I mean? For me, there’s this one called the ninja. This is more of a japanese cryptid. People say. They cited this strange. It’s also white in Antarctica. I heard about that, dude. And they said that people down there that were fishing seen it a lot, and there’s, like, stories of it, sailors going missing, connected to that damn thing. Yeah, Antarctica.

The connection with the portals and to the North Pole as well. You know what it looks like? A dolphin with. Or, uh. You know what I was thinking? It looks, um. What are those legendary humanoids that don’t have their heads on their chest? That’s what it looks like. Yeah. You know what I mean? What are you talking about? I can’t remember the name of them. Juan talked about it.

I can’t remember the name either. Yeah, I don’t know. Somebody look it up and let me know. So check this out on my channel. Talk about omens of the apocalypse and getting all the omens from everybody. This is one of them, too. There’s blood falls in Antarctica. There’s a waterfall of what looks like blood just pouring. Not. I don’t think it’s actual blood, but it matters not if it’s an omen, but it has a lot to do with alchemy, chemistry, and the elements and how the elements are changing in the world that we live in today.

Right? Not only that, but life coming out of the ice, specifically alien life, as portrayed in so many movies where they either go to the North Pole or to Antarctica, and there are some kind of alien life. This is a shot from the movie. They fall down into the, like, the ice cracks open. They fall down into the inner part of Antarctica. And this reminded me of this sort of a scene from ipet goat two, right? Where they kind of start off.

It looks like they’re inside of the ice or, like, underground in Antarctica or something. And then he goes down even further, and you can see some megastructures or superstructure. Those are starting to pop up in the news. They’re talking about superstructures being found deep at the bottoms of the oceans, just like we’ve seen in Japan, right? There’s these ancient structures that are clearly there, giving evidence of a worldwide flood or deluge.

And the civilizations that came before during the quote, unquote, age of stone, or the Stone Age, where they built many of their cities out of stone. This one’s in Cuba. This is a Cuba underwater city right here. This is that spot right here where the news report, where it’s tying into the whole, the world’s heating up agenda. Yes. You see this in all the movies. It’s always the same story.

If it’s. And look at the time code, 1124. That’s how long the movie is, 1 hour and 24 minutes. I see the blue. All I’ve seen. I promise you, it’s connected. I also think it’s connected, too. So as a part of the plasma apocalypse theory that I talk about, I talk about a color spectrum shift and the sun changing colors and going through its own spectrum shift, and that it seems to me that it’s going into a blue shift right now.

And blue, when you’re talking about light, means hotter, especially if you focus the light more, which would give you less daytime. And that brings us to the shortening of the days, et cetera, and all the symbolism of the sun destroying the earth, et cetera. So when Aquaman goes down into his little underwater city, there’s like a council, right? There’s like this council of Atlanteans, and the council is talking about how the earth is on the verge of being destroyed.

They would blame it on humanity. I lean more towards nature and stuff like that. Not that we don’t play a part of it, but we’re part of humanity. I mean, we’re part of nature. So one of the things they talked about was they asked this council what’s wrong? And they said, well, the acidification of the ocean is one. So here’s an example of the ocean water becoming more acidic.

And this is seen in news stories across the world, where waters are turning red all over the place. Red rivers, red lakes, and the ocean itself eventually, too, which I’ll make a point with here in just a second. But you can see it says that carbon dioxide, right? And then plus water, plus co carbonate, iron or whatever, anyways, it’s the acidification of the ocean, right? Because when it becomes.

Well, let me show you. I’ll show you right here. This says, I typed in, heat releases oxygen from the water. So let’s say that the atmosphere is heating up. But more specifically, I’m going to say that the sun is heating up and that the light from the sun is becoming more potent. So if that were true, and the sun itself is actually heating up the surface of the water, and on top of that, gases that are being released from inside of the earth as it gets ready to give birth once more, are also being released, which is giving us potholes and sinkholes and earthquake lights and all these things.

As the gases become ionized, when water heats up, the temperature of the water increases. The amount of oxygen that the water can hold decreases, so it starts to release all of its oxygen, and that results in less oxygen available for aquatic organisms, which give you dead fish and animals dying left and right in the ocean. Also, it makes for a much better situation, a living condition for bacteria in the ocean, specifically cyanobacteria, which is something I’m studying, which is like that blue green color.

We were talking about that earlier, that blue green color for cyanobacteria. I don’t know if people know this, but more than 50% of the entire world’s ocean are now green. They’re not blue. So the oceans are changing color. They’re going to their own spectrum shift, or color spectrum shift. Now, the problem with this is that the green bacteria in the ocean, which it’s turning, more than 50% of the ocean is already turning green or has already turned green if it gets too bright, that bacteria has a defense mechanism, and it will turn red in order to protect itself, which leads to toxic algae or red tide, basically.

And red tide is, I believe, one of the prophecies, biblically, where it talks about the oceans turning blood red. That would be one of the huge signs to look for. And that would have a domino effect, killing off so many things, releasing these toxins into the air and into the atmosphere of the world across, causing respiratory sicknesses and stuff. The water is all turning red. So many of them are turning red for the past few years.

There’s unlimited numbers of examples on the Internet right now. Gigantic lakes, places that are unheard. Know the waters are all turning red and stuff like that. These are just know how it would look like blood, et cetera. And this makes it, by the way, because I’ve grown up in south Florida for a long period of time, too, and this red tide makes it unbearable to just exist. Like, you can’t breathe, you’re coughing, it’ll stay with you.

You can smell it. And it basically shuts down the entire city. Like, no one’s going there and spending money or going to restaurants or none of that. So just the mere presence of this will kill the city itself. Not just the fish in an obvious way, but metaphorically, it will kill that entire region, and people will go around and swim in it and stuff, too. There’s a huge rise, I’ve noticed you’ll see videos of people swimming around in the waters that light up.

Right. That they light up. That sort of a blue color. It looks really pretty and stuff. However, that can be extremely dangerous, too, because that’s basically red tide. It’s just not red. It lights up, you know what I mean? Whenever you move it and stuff. But another byproduct of the water heating up is that it expands. And I feel like this is something that a lot of people sort of have either overlooked or haven’t considered, which would make there appear to be more water.

So imagine the ocean’s water levels from the top and the bottom are becoming hotter. They would expand, which would raise the levels of the ocean or the ocean levels. Right. So not just ice melting, basically, and it could possibly be an actual expansion of the water. This right here. Oh, man. This is when I was, like. I’m getting. Was they brought up Auric alchem, which has come up so many times in my studies.

Oracalcum is. It’s related to Atlantis and the stories of Atlantis, historic records from Plato and others. They’ve spoken on Atlantis, as a matter of fact. Yeah. Was the Auric alchem, was that the stuff that was the energy source they were using? Yes. That was killing everything. Yes. Okay. Yes. Right. So the legends say this is ancient atlantean, a rare medal that we are unaware of today or that we don’t have today, but they had it during the time of the Atlanteans, and the Atlanteans would dig it up, and it was holy to them.

It was a holy medal. It was special, and it was worth more than gold because it was extremely rare. But more than its rarity. Its rarity was sort of besides the point. It’s what it did, and it did so many different things. So I have here, according to Cretius of Plato, the inner wall surrounding the citadel of Atlantis with the temple of Poseidon flashed with the red light of oricalcum.

So they decked everything. This was a holy substance, but it’s because of the effect it had on the people as well. Not just because it was pretty, not just because it was rare, but because of what it did. It had an effect on people. I also found that there’s a connection to inner John. This aura calcum is the exact same cartoonified substance if we look at, like, through motifs across fiction.

The transformers also had their version of aura calcum, which glows red. They called it inner John. Right. So here’s a little clip I took from rise of the beast, transformers, rise of the beast. In the middle here, you basically have, and I broke this movie down my channel, too. But up here, this would be a type of Mount Maru symbolism, or rupus negra. You’ll have to excuse the train.

I’m sorry, I can’t do anything about the train. And then right here, you see how the rocks are turning blue. That’s because this mountain, basically, which is, to me, a type of plasma volcano, it erupted, and all of that energy shoots up from the earth. Terrestrial energy, a terrestrial energetic charge reverses once we go to this polarity shift, and it comes up through cavernous systems inside of the earth.

And all that energy charges and activates certain metals or makes them radioactive. Now, radioactive doesn’t always have to mean know or it’s going to kill us. I know that’s sort of a stigma that radioactive substances have. You can see it over here, too. But that’s another thing that it does, is it makes the metals glow. In rise of the beast, Bumblebee died. They put him on top of this, which for all intents and purposes, is an aura calcum bed.

Right? Which this is. Man, there’s so many connections with this type of stuff, especially when you research stories about people who’ve gone into the earth, into the hollows of the earth. You put him on this energon bed, and it brings him back to life. It has life giving properties, at least throughout fiction. When it’s represented. So once it charges up, which is after an apocalyptic scenario, the energy emanates from this metal and it has an effect on humans.

And, Tommy, we’re going to talk about this more, too. But it also has a connection to the Lord of the Rings and the Rings of power, Mithril. Remember that? The dwarves. Yeah. Yes. So this is basically also a type of mithril right here. You can see it in the Lord of the Rings. They briefly sort of brought it up in the first movie, Gandalf. It talks about mithril because Frodo had that fancy armor that the elves gave to him or whatnot, because the elves kind of use mithril as decorative.

Right. Here’s. Here’s the actual clip from the show. This is what it looks like. They called it, what they call it gray metal or gray. They have different names for it, right? The different races or whatever. And it’s just an extremely rare stone. Now, when they refine it in the Lord of the rings, it’s called ethildin. And when it’s etheldin in this state, it actually glows under the light of the moon.

And this is what you see under this moon gate where they had to read this elvish right here. They had to read that. And it’s all glowing because it’s made of ithildin, which is aka mithril, aka energon, aka what was that first? Aka oracalcum. These are all tropes of the same type, right? Not only that, right? Check this out. These are all different types of radioactive elements. Oh, my God, this is so crazy.

I’m about to make a Superman connection right here. Plutonium glows red to orange. Curium glows pink or purple. Einsteinium glows blue. Radon grows orange red. Technium, which I never even heard of, ionizes with the air, glows blue. Tritium, not luminous, but glows colors. What does this say? Hold on. I don’t know what that says, but that one usually put on your sites, like gun sites. Oh, that’s right.

Radium. This one, I’ve been looking into radium a lot lately. This one they used to put into, like, watches and stuff to make it have that neon glow and then actinium. Look at these colors of all of these radioactive elements. Metals, right? They are in this day and age when energy is being siphoned from the surface world where we live down into the heart of the earth. Imagine when that energy rushes back through and goes through these different types of metals, right? This is krypton now, krypton has different colors to it.

I had no idea tyler was doing this study. There’s green Krypton. There’s red krypton. I mean, kryptonite. My bad. There’s red kryptonite. The green one’s the one we see most often. Right? There’s blue kryptonite. There’s yellow kryptonite, there’s purple kryptonite, all the exact same colors of these radioactive substances or metals. Right. It’s basically reflecting our actual world back to us. So that brings up for me the question.

I have to re examine this whole story of the anunnaki mining for gold. I know we say gold. I know it’s been translated as gold. But what is gold to technologically advanced beings who live forever? Like, where you can go anywhere you want, get gold or whatever. It’s not as rare as these. These are more rare, and these can affect you physically, possibly extending your lifespan or regenerating your cellular structure or adding health if you know how to use them properly.

Right. Just like fire can be bad or good, which also reminded me of the dark crystal. Right? So the dark crystal where these alien creatures basically landed on this world and took hold of this dark crystal because it extended their lifespans. Being around this dark crystal extended these vultures or reptilians, whatever you want to see them as symbolically dressed like nobility, extended their lifespans, and it was really rare.

Now, this is. I’m going to make a connection to the movie real quick. And petroglyphs. Right? Take a look at these petroglyphs and then take a look. These are the ant men as depicted in America on rock, right? The ant man of the hopi, et cetera. Different native american tribes. Look at that weird squiggly thing right next to it. Look at this one. There’s another depiction. And again, compare these right here to the actual clips from the movie of black manta and those weird things that they were, those little scuba things that they had found atlantean technology that they were walking around in, right? Wow, it looks just like.

Right? It’s pretty. All right. So then I wanted to get to this one, too. Aquaman. They had all these atlantean symbols in the background, but they predominantly showed this one right next to Aquaman, who is a type, know the ancient gods, et cetera, Atlanteans. This symbol right here represents for me, and in my research, right, you have sort of a dome shape going up and a dome shape going down.

Right? So this would in my plasma apocalypse research, I talk about terrestrial energy that shoots up from entrances, from the underworld. Okay, so this would be like a beam of energy that shoots up, and then what it does is it manipulates the energetic field around it and creates a toroidal field, basically. And this right here is a z pinch. They call this a z pinch right in the middle.

So it sort of follows its own magnetic field. Plasma follows its own magnetic field. Waterman, right there. Yeah. So this is an example of the exact same thing. This is some artist rendition or whatnot. This would be a toroidal field in the middle. It actually would wrap around like a doughnut, shout out to donut. This is your bagel symbolism, too. I’ll show you. Thanks. That’s the squatter man right there.

Yes. So this is a type of image that I believe people saw in the sky. The larger openings would create. They would have beams of light that were much stronger, much brighter, and extended much further high up into the sky before eventually separating towards the top. These are some petroglyphs of the exact same image that we’ve seen time and time again across the world of the quote unquote stick man, squatter man, et cetera.

But what you can see is there’s this toroidal field, and we copied this. We learned this technology. We learned, I mean, not we, but some Humans who, Scientists and whatnot, learned these images. This right here is the traditional vav shape. This right here, the vav is the 6th letter of the hebrew Alphabet. Right? And Phoenician and some others, too. Right? So this right here is the traditional y.

It’s the beam that shoots up, splits out, and branches up at the top as it gets close to the firmament, if you believe in a firmament or whatnot, because there’s an electromagnetic field up there, and the plasma is opposed to it, so it shoots up, it creates this tent peg that connects the sky or the canopy and the earth. This is the great letter vov, basically, or the great nail, the nail of Jesus, et cetera.

And this right here in the Middle is what they call the z pinch. This is where the plasma, it pinches in on itself because it’s following its own magnetism. PlaSMA is actually repelled by a Magnet. So because it creates its own magnetic force, it will follow what’s called Berkeley currents, and it will eventually collapse in towards the places where it has created the strongest magnetic force. Right. And we copied this.

Like I said, like I was talking about, we copied this exact. I mean, I’m not saying we did it purposefully or that humans did it purposefully. But this is a nuclear reactor. And there’s plasma that wraps around the middle of this. And they spin it around and they draw energy. It’s most powerful thing. This is another image from inside of a nuclear reactor they had in the movie.

The part where they went to where the bad guy was hiding. Black manta. Where he was basically hiding. Was underneath the volcano, which I’m going to come back to that because of the symbolism. But they symbolically stumbled into the center of the world, which is the hidden island. This is Kong Island, Skull island. All these different mythic and legendary lost tribes, lost islands, et cetera. And they were talking about how this substance.

Or a, you know, maybe akin to a radioactive material. Caused things to mutate and to grow. And right here, you actually have. It’s hard to see without because it’s a still image. But this is a gigantic butterfly. Huge. It lands on this plant right here. And this plant gobbles it up. I’m so glad you got that. And it’s a monarch butterfly. It’s a giant monarch butterfly. Yeah. The monarch is connected to mind control.

What’s the color code there? Orange and blue. Orange and blue, 56. Like mind control. And we got into that in our decode we did on leave the world behind. So. Great catch, tay. I’m glad you caught that one, because I forgot to screenshot it. Yeah, no, about. I talk about this a lot when gigantism returns to our world. Right now, we’re getting more oxygen. Because the ocean itself, which is freaking gigantic.

Is releasing all of this oxygen. It’s losing oxygen. So those creatures inside of the ocean don’t benefit, but we do in that we get more oxygen. Up until the time of atmospheric depressurization, basically. But whenever we went through a period. Even academics talks about a time when we had two or three times more oxygen. And they have no idea, really, where it came from. They don’t have, really, a good explanation for where all this oxygen came from.

But it comes up, and it helps to contribute to things like gigantic growth, giant plants. The plants will be altogether different. Even the ones that we’re used to. They’re like little baby infant stages of plants right now. But whenever the conditions in our world and our atmosphere change, they will go into full bloom, and they’ll be gigantic. And those of us who survive. And keep our stature as small people.

Will feel like we’re in. Honey, I shrunk the kids. And many common plants. Will just all of a sudden become danger. Just because they’re gigantic, basically, and they grow fast and move quick, et cetera. Here’s that giant rat. They encountered this giant rat, so this gigantism once more, and then these locusts, giant locusts jump up from the rat, and they’re being chased. There’s this whole chase scene with these giant locusts, which reminds me of the book of revelation when it talks about the locusts that come up from the bottomless pit, aka a hole that goes down into the hollow recesses of the world, right? All these locusts jump up.

Insects are going to grow extremely huge. I don’t know if you guys knew this, but insects breathe through their skin, so the more oxygen content in the air around the insects, many of them like arthropods and stuff like that, they can’t help it. They’ll grow bigger and bigger and bigger. Like putting a goldfish in a bigger tank. A small goldfish in a big tank. It’ll grow bigger. This is where they go to, to find Manta, who’s hiding on this mysterious island full of gigantic creatures.

Might as well be like a magical island. And you could see the black rock, right? I mean, it sort of has some color to it so that you can see them for the movie or whatever. But these are those base salt columns, and they move. You see how this one’s kind of, like, at an angle and you can see it smoothly goes straight up like that, right? I know a lot of people on the Internet, there’s talk of the giant trees and stuff like that, and I love that theory.

But I also have another theory, especially for these basalt columns, is that electricity pulls them up, that this was liquid form at some point in time. And then they were electrified, which gave them shape specific shapes through cymatics, which is also the whole opening to the rings of power, the whole cymatics thing, and the angels singing things into existence, et cetera. But this is your black rock. This is Mount Maru symbolism and magnetic rock as well.

Hey, Jay, can I show you something real quick? Element. So that thing you were talking about, which kind of was, like, the power that was killing everybody, right? It was very similar to nuclear power. This. I can’t pronounce it. Pronounce it, Jay. Oracalcum. Yeah, oracalcum. So aura calcum is 35, matching a nuclear war, which, if you watch the movie, guys, it is totally a representation of nuclear energy.

Very similar. Anyways, atomic bomb is 35. Inner Earth 35. That’s Agent Smith’s number, too. Wow. And the God Saturn. Now, element 35, is called bromine which bromine purifies water and it’s also connected to radioactive isotopes. So I found that quite fascinating. I’m sure Logan would probably see more connections to the oracalcum. Did you notice anything, Logan? Yeah, Tanya. Simulation equals 35. Oh, is it? That’s good. I need to add that to my.

Yeah. And it’s tied to chlorine. Nice. The 17th element, which is a star card. Wow. So it mentions that here. Hold on. It says the mass of bromine in the ocean is about 1300. That of chlorine. Chlorine is tied to the first blood types, the old blood types. That actually makes a lot of sense because I believe that during this plasma apocalypse, as I talk about it with the depressurization of the atmosphere, that there’s different gases that are created in an alchemical wedding.

If you want to look at it that way, it’s the merging of the different gases and stuff like that that create more different types of chemicals basically. And chlorine is one of those from sodium chloride. It’s just pulled right out of the ocean when you run electricity through it. Well, I got the theory too, Jay, that what they’re doing with nuclear bombs, dude, I think it’s connected to opening portals too, brother.

Yeah, I really mean people told me I was crazy for thinking that, but there’s so many connections to portals. And how do we know? We don’t know what it does when they blow one of these damn things up? They say it’s felt through all the other dimensions or all the other worlds throughout the multiverse. So I think there’s something there happening. We also see the connection to nuclear with gin.

If you look into the gin, you’ll see a connection to nuclear, which is fascinating. And there’s got to be something going on there where they’re opening these other realities with this type of weapon system. Nuclear weapon? Yeah. And the gin being smokeless fire, possibly plasma. And look dude, there’s a story about the Babylon workings. Okay? So they said they created this baby, right? The moon child. They said it was actually really born.

It was. Marjorie Cameron was part of that theory. Okay, so you know what? I’m about to go down, don’t you? Paranoid. And they said they took the moon child and put it in the first nuclear explosion that they blew up over in Japan. And it was like this ancient ritual to bring hellfire. And that fetus was in the original freaking nuclear bomb. So that to me is just fascinating.

Whether it’s true or not. I don’t know, but it’s a fascinating theory. And moonchild, when you do your never ending story breakdown, you’ll probably talk about moonchild as well because that was the name of Atreo had to give to the childlike princess. Yeah, but that’s all I really wanted. And the number eight. So 35 is eight, right? Yeah. Check this out. Can I go back? Yeah. All right, I’m going to show you.

Let’s see, because eight comes right into play, too here. Remember the number eight? Actually paranoid, I think, brought it up earlier. A couple of you guys brought it up. The number eight as well, earlier, too. So here’s a couple more screenshots. What was that we were talking about the eight and the h when we were talking about Aquaman. The eight star. Yeah. And what was that element? Keta? What was the k one that you guys brought up earlier? Potassium.

Calcium. Potassium. Potassium, right. So potassium. 19. Right. The 19 fallen angels that are listed in the Book of Enoch, chapter three. And then k is the number eleven. Or it’s the 11th letter in the english Alphabet at the very least, which is elven. It’s an elven connection. Or eleven, the 19, the elven, the l, the elu, the angel race or whatever, if you want to call them. Oh, that’s fascinating.

Yeah. That chaos number, also genetic modification. What do they say about the fallen angels? That they manipulated the genome. Right. And then you got the story of inky and Enlo. It’s all ties into that dna modification, creating chimeras and on or Anu. So fascinating how everything’s connected, man. Yes. And the eight pointed star also falls in there, too, right, for the portals, the portal. Symbolism or whatnot. Yeah.

And it’s directly connected to the number 19 with the chaos star. And, Logan, what did you say was prime numbers? 19 is the 8th prime number. That’s right. I didn’t even think of that. So that’s crazy. Watch, I’m going to show you how 836 connected to eight two. Ain’t it, Logan? In primes or something? I can’t. No, 23 is the 9th. Fibonacci is the 9th prime number. No, let me see.

36 is. 151 is the 36th prime. Or 151 is tied to the 36. Through the europium. It was Zach talking about 36 connected to eight. So he’s probably lying anyway. 151 is the 36 prime. And 151 is tied to the operating system. This is all operating system now, 151 tied to the pyramids. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of his. It’s so interesting when you Guys say prime I keep thinking of the transformers, like, every time.

Prime numbers and the primes of the transformers. Then this next image is just basically just going to be another picture of the Mount Maru, volcanic plasma volcano symbolism with the green energy. So they show a lot of this green stuff, which a lot of gases can turn green, too. Keep that in mind, which is dangerous. It can be dangerous during the apocalypse, depending on what gases they are, obviously.

But this is also the green color from the north pole. They say there’s a green gas, too, like with the whole Nibaru theory, that there’s some green gas that comes and kills everybody. And if you look into the reptilian catacombs under California, they said they built this underground city out there, and it was in the 1934 newspaper talking about these reptilian catacombs, right. And they said that they were trying to escape this meteor shower.

Well, they escaped the meteor shower, but some green gas seeped in and killed them all. Yeah, it’s a joker gas, too. It’s a joker gas. It’s got to be connected to something real, or why is it keep repeating itself throughout different stories? You know what I mean? Yeah. Check this out. So let’s just say that this is a type of rupus negra, which exists at the center of the world at the north pole.

This is directly beneath the moon, the real moon. I talk about. I don’t want to get too deep into it right now just because that would be time consuming. But there is the projection, which is the light in the sky that we call the moon, and then there is the reality behind it, where the image actually physically comes from, which is always in the same place at the middle of the world, at the apex of the sky.

And rupus negra is the mountain of the moon. It’s the moon Mountain, which is the moon child, basically. Here’s an example. They just kind of flashed. The mountain itself. Mount Maru kind of reminds me of the yellow brick road and then the green. Yes, definitely. This is a type of oz or emerald. When I seen the mountain, that’s when I called you, remember? After I watched it, I called you, I was like, dude, you got to watch this shit.

Yeah, sorry, go ahead. No, there was a lot of symbolism connected to stuff you talk about. Yes. This mountain right here, you’ll see this when you do the never ending story. I know you said you wanted to break down the never ending story, too, so this is basically the ivory tower. Also, it’s split just like this, right in the middle. Mount Maru has a lot of split mountain symbolism, rupus negra.

I found a lot of split mountain symbolism to it because this beam of energy shoots up out of it, and then the earth grows and stuff like that, too, splitting the mountain. But this is all green aurora borealis symbolism. We have the auroras now that are green now under the conditions we now live in, which is a fallen state, which is, for me, exponential entropy, represented by whoever owns or whoever lives at or whatever energy sits on the throne of God.

Let’s say that this is a symbolic example of the throne of God. That energy reciprocates throughout the entire rest of the world. So there’s this sort of fight for Mount Maru or Atlantis or rupus negra, et cetera. Now, this right here is a type of the mysterious island at the middle of the world that’s depicted on so many ancient maps. And it’s also the Septon trio, which basically means seven towers or seven trees.

That’s all symbolic, et cetera. But that’s indicative of the north. Now, I love the intro that you played. We wanted to talk about the symbolism of the flip it. What do you call that? The trident. Yes. But what did you think about anybody that touched that trident? It will possess them. Yes. Like plasma possession, right? Yeah, definitely. Okay, so basically, this trident, I’m going to give you the short version first.

This trident, for me, represents these energetic mountains, or plasma volcanoes, as I like to call them. Right? And because there is so much terrestrial energy running up through these cavernous systems, and it actually energizes the rocks and the metals inside of them, those who touch it, it’s able to transfer, especially due to an increase in electricity in the atmosphere itself. And therefore, our own auras and chakras become amplified.

Those who touch them, the energy rushes through them, and they tap into the quote, unquote, mysteries of the world, or the mother goddess or whatever the energy is, it almost overpowers them. You know what I mean? You have to have a very strong willed so that you’re not completely taken over by it. So if it’s negatively. I’m going to say negative, as in a bad sense. Right. If it’s negatively charged, you can become what I call plasma, possessed, or you become possessed by a negative entity or energy that flows throughout your body.

If it’s positively charged, the opposite happens. So that’s why you see these people touching this. And then let me just show you the symbolism of this right here. Paranoid made reference to this earlier, too. I love studying the different alphabets throughout history and the different alphabets of the world. This one right here comes from the old south arabian script. This right here is the letter het or hay.

It branched off into two separate letters. Initially, it was the same. It all depends on your pronunciation. You can get a better, hard, guttural sound, which over time, people couldn’t really do that, so they said ch. So if you see ch or Chet or, like a character named Chet in a movie or something like that, it’s this letter, and it represents this letter right here. Shout out to weird science.

Yeah, right. Chet and weird science turned into the frog, the giant frog. So here’s a better example of it, basically. And you can see it’s that trident shape. These shapes are not just random. The letters or glyphs that we use for what we call letters today were pictures hands down. For me, they were pictures across the board. Originally, they started changing because people would draw them differently or they didn’t know how to draw them, or there were times whenever we went through electromagnetic shifts which affected our brainwaves and which sides of the brain that we use and whether or not we’re left handed or right handed and things like that, letters became flipped upside down.

The whole pictures started to change. So you can put this sideways from just the thought process of the right brain. Left brain. Right. So in some societies, we might be get more right brain and then other societies, more left brain. Yes. There’s clear points throughout time, whenever our writing shifted or seemed to shift from writing left handed from right to left. So you don’t smudge your own marker to right handed writing from left to right.

And that is indicative of the side of the brain that we’re predominantly using. I think that was the illuminati agenda, because I think when you read from the opposite direction, I think pineal activity increases. So to have everyone start to read from left to right kind of change the electromagnetic auric field and how we disseminate information, and that dumbed everything down. Wow. I agree with that. Nice. Because when I was in school, they forced me to write with my right hand, even though I’m left handed.

Why? Because it’s connected to the left brain. Right brain. I can write with both hands, and they didn’t force me to do that. They did for me, at least. And so it’s always been my philosophy that they wanted me more in my left brain. This would be like the neptunian equivalent. You guys mentioned that earlier, how Neptune is represented by the Biden instead of the trident. Right here.

This is the exact same. Just it’s just pronounced differently, that’s all. And I believe that this represents different beams that erupt from different parts of the world. Neptune’s the Biden, bro. I think Neptune is the trident, right? Well, it’s the same thing. The Biden and the trident was just an evolution. And even the biden evolved itself from the axe, like the minotaur. And going into that maze of the minotaur, the axe, if you look at it, it’s basically the same concept as a Biden.

If you were to just take the metal and twist it upwards a little bit. Wow. Fascinating. Interesting, right? Yeah. All right, so check this out. Remember this psi shape, this trident shape? Right? Here’s another one. This is the h, the same type of letter, but this is an egyptian glyph, right? They would say that this is like a wick, right? Because it’s like a twisted wick, but what it really represents is light, right? Because the wick represents light, basically.

How do you draw light? Right? So you draw wick. So it’s twisted as it goes up, spiraling, following Berkeley currents, electricity, dna. Yes, dna. This is exactly what dna probably is. Light form. And then here’s one of my favorite alphabets to study is the Paleo Hebrew or the Phoenician. This is that same letter. This is the Trident letter. But this was a later adaptation of it. Right? So this is where we get the number eight from.

It’s the 8th letter. You can see the eight in there, right? Wow. It represents a. I mean, I’ll show you right here. It represents walls, fences, boundaries, perimeters. And specifically, it implies walls and boundaries and markers that are outside. Outside markers, outside boundaries, outside things that divide one side from another. Outside fences. Right. So originally this was actually sideways. It didn’t look like a ladder at first. It actually was sideways.

It looked like more like a fence. And to me, of the whole portal connection with eight two. With the boundaries. Yes. And you’ll see this glyph too. I don’t know if you guys ever see, like, the 21 pilots, but the 21 pilots have this really weird, enigmatic. All their last three albums at least are super esoteric. And they show you so much of this stuff. They have what they call Nico and the Niners was this one of their songs? They have where they have this sort of government entity that they created or made up called Dima.

And Dima are these ones that worship these neon lights. And they show you this in their music video. And these dima world controllers hold up this neon figure eight that looks exactly like this, in this video, I didn’t take a picture of it, but here’s some other forms that the het or the eight or the trident took. Right. Originally it could be hay or it could be het.

Okay. It all depends on your pronunciation of it, but it looks like a spirit or a ghost, right? Kind of like that. You know what I mean? Looks like paranoid american. Yeah. Yeah, big time. Tenet kind of represents that wicker man looking symbol. Well, and Tenette’s the consort of ball Hammond, and ball Hammond is essentially the green man. And you were talking about another version of the green man when we started this out.

So in my mind, it all really does connect. Maybe it’s in a number 23, shut out Jim Carrey way, but it all freaking connects. Like, this is the ANC. The ANC itself is somewhat of a Biden, especially if you look at the concept of the battle axe and then the ANC with the part in the middle that loops around, which is probably, like electromagnetic property, but that altogether also becomes not just a trident, but again, the symbol of tenet.

That’s right. You even have go back to the hebrew one, the slide before. Hey, guys, you want to know what I learned today about birthdays? That one right there. Coming up, somebody there was this video going viral that said the happy birthday song is an ancient chant or some type of spell that the fallen angels put on us to grow old. You guys ever hear anything about that? I mean, it’s kind of weird.

We light candles, we turn out the lights, go in the dark. Everybody stands around you chanting this happy birthday song. Yeah. Really depressing sounding. Yeah. They said we lived way longer, and that that’s some type of a spell. It was definitely fascinating. Yeah, well, they would. Okay, so this goes back to various religions and ancient belief systems, not just pagan or witchcraft or whatever, but that’s why they would light fire and make wishes to the fire, because the fire represented it’s plasma, basically, and it represented, like, the gin and stuff like that.

And they would make wishes because they could speak to the fire, and the fire would carry their prayer, their wishes, et cetera, up to the gods into the heavens. Not so much the smoke, but it was actually the fire itself or the burning bush. Yeah, burning bush symbolism. That early hebrew symbol on the far left that looks a lot like a roll of film. You’re right. Oh, it does, dude.

And that means house. Right? So it’s a wall. So that’s a builder. That’s film. And back then, they wouldn’t even have known about film or would they? No, but of course it’s all connected because it’s predestined. But, yeah, that’s how I see it. I don’t know if you guys. What you guys see, but Hebrew is called the language of light and the language of fire. So a lot of our existence, the holographic reality that they’re shaping their world or this world into has a lot to do with the hebraic Alphabet and probably the shapes of it, because light has the bend and that’s how form happens.

So it’s interesting you brought that up. So I think whoever invented the film, whoever gets the credit for that, probably was looking at hebraic letters. I was always funny you pointed that out because if you share my screen, I want to see if I can make this picture bigger. But it kind of goes into what I’ve always looked at because I’m jewish, so I always look at jewish stuff growing up, and every time I’ve seen this picture, I always.

Video camera. It totally does. Wow. And then going back to Polaris, I have, like, a theory that the menorah, which is eight, this one is seven. But maybe you knew about camera back then, donut. Yeah. Every time I look at it, I always thought I looked like a video camera. But Polaris, the eight pointed star, is also the menorah or the eight reindeer. And I feel like there could be a Polaris connection to that as well, I think.

So that squatter man picture that we looked at earlier, the stick man image of what I believe is a terrestrial plasma discharge, it was drawn as a menorah oftentimes, or a stick figure that had a menorah for, like, a head. I don’t know. Well, it’s probably if we looked enough, we would find that they drew it as a menorah as it branched out, because it was the burning bush.

It was the tree of life. It was a tree that was a tree of light, just like they show in the Lord of the Rings, how they had their two, their silver tree and their gold trees that gave light to the world. They were pillars. I even heard that there’s a story of Christopher Columbus seeing a menorah UFO. Yeah, I’ve read. Could I could see that, especially if it’s ionized gases or whatnot branching out.

Have you guys seen images of sprites? The phenomenon. Electromagnetic phenomenon. Sprites. That’s the form they take. They look like fish. Yeah, there’s different kinds. They can take on different shapes or whatever, depending upon the electromagnetic currents in the air and how much gases they’re dealing with or whatever. But the sprites are basically a type of, I mean, it’s interesting. They’re called sprites, right, but they’re a type of covering angels or peru beam.

The coolest video I’ve seen on this was Logan, when you were with Ken Willer and you were doing the magnetic stuff with the television. That was what introduced me to the symbol that’s tied to the Titans, the fallen angel story. Because if you go look at the element titanium on the periodic table, you’re going to see that symbol. And when leave the world behind came out, which is produced by Barack Obama’s film company, you’ll know that the sprite, they just gave some of the first pictures of a close up image of what a sprite would look like.

They look like entities. But it’s interesting that Barack’s film company comes out with this movie, and the word Barack itself means lightning. And it’s talking about how the fallen angel comes. Lightning drops look like a light bulb went off. And then on Obama’s birthday, people were electrocuted at the White House by a lightning strike, too. And I thought that was. Yeah, his name is Hebrew for lightning. You know what? This all proves that we live in a simulation.

That’s why it’s all connected like that. I want to say, too, these little dudes that we’re looking at, these little sprites, I don’t know if anyone knows, but in game design, since going back to 70s, whatever, that’s what you call the little dudes on the screen. That’s what a character is when you’re playing mortal Kombat or Mario. Mario is a sprite. That is the technical term for what he is.

Right. I never knew that. Yeah, I covered that like a year ago, that there’s particular people that are really in the simulation, like their souls. They’re either participating with the simulation, but esoterically, the sprite is the person that’s outside of the simulation they’re just experiencing. Then everybody else are npcs. They’re attached to the simulation. Right. And there’s a lot of these npcs, dude, I think there’s more npcs than there are first player characters by far.

The NPCs are the ones that you can hit with your car and take their money and then go to the strip club. Right, right, yeah. Shout out to GTA. Hit them with a. Yeah, yeah. Be careful. They’re making them a bit out, those npcs. Metaverse is coming, too. Don’t forget that. Oh, that’s right. I will. Never make a digital version of myself because I truthfully believe you’re feeding that phantom timeline.

They’re creating a matrix within a matrix. And that’s the last thing you want to do, is feed that timeline. Devil’s advocate, though, don’t you want to create your digital counterpart before they do so that you train yours up the way you want it to? Because at some point, they’re like the Mormons, right? That baptize them after you die. They’re just going to make the digital you whether you want it there or not.

No. Paranoid. Where you have to give your permission like anything else in this reality. I don’t think they can do that. I don’t know, man. I think when you bought your phone or your computer, there was like that fine print it. Probably. That’s definitely, probably true. I think we already sold it. Matter of fact, the Netflix Black mirror, the new series, was talking about that we already sold our.

What was that? Everybody hates Jane or whatever. Everybody hates awful. Joan is awful. Yeah, Joan is awful. And there was something that. I know all the pieces that went into that, right? Because everyone hates. Chris, check this out. Think of all the movies, right? Especially. You guys have probably seen the one with Jet Lee, right? Yeah, the one. Okay, think about the concept of the multiverse that they keep on showing to us, where there’s another version of you out there somewhere.

And if it’s all a simulation, that’s a copy of you. So what do the people normally do in these situations? They go kill that copy of themselves. They go off. And either they team up and they try to get together, like in Loki, as is portrayed in the new Loki series. Either the rebellious ones try to put all those versions of them together so that they can be more powerful and disrupt reality, or they try to erase them and take them out.

I would team up with the other tommies. I would team up with this. You know what I’m saying? You think all the Tommies would trust all the other tommies? It’d be the. That’s what the new Chucky’s about. On television show. Yeah, the new Chucky television show. I’m a huge Chucky fan. Child’s play fan. But that’s what happens, is Jennifer Tilly clones the Chucky. So there’s a bunch of different ones, and they all want to rise the power.

So they’re all, like, screwing each other. I mean, that harkens back to the ancient Brahmin creation story, where Brahma, the original God or whatnot, was all there was. So in order to create, he had to split himself, which he can’t do. So he just casts a spell on himself to deceive himself, which is Maya or deception or illusion, basically that there is more than one when there isn’t more than one.

So the more we make of one, the more we contribute to deception or illusion or Maya, basically. So there’s two paths. There’s continuing the illusion of separation and then there’s the return to the source or unity, true unity. That has a lot to do with the building. I think the third temple is the AI digital universe. I think it is a new aonic from a gnostic sense. It’s a new aonic reality that they want us in.

And it’s going to contribute to the Maya the illusion that they’re going to give people a choice. You can be whoever you want to be. If you go into this metaverse, you could be any race you want, you could be any sex you want, you do whatever you want to do, commit as many crimes you want to. Because they just reported the other day a woman was, I can’t say the word on his platform, please, I’m self conscious of it, bro.

But they reported that. I’m just kidding. Please stop. So this is the new thing. And the third temple is going to be well, Ani without getting in trouble. But the whole third strand dna, the black goo, that’s what that’s all tied into. They’re creating a quantum copy, a digital copy of our, like maybe when we die here in the physical we’ll wake up in their reality where they’re ruling over it.

What I mean, you can transfer your consciousness to that place. You go back to the Matrix. Speaking of the one, Jay, the NEO is a acronym for the one. You see what I’m saying? And going back to the tunnels because I’m just on the tunnels for this month or at least next couple of months. They were on the ship in the know. When you plug up to the Matrix, you’re on a ship and you’re down on the ground in these tunnels and these anti rabbitic propulsion ships are driving around these tunnels while the machines rule from above and the machines blacken out the sky to cut the humans off from the source of energy of radiation from the sun.

So that makes me think that that’s in the plan. But the point Tommy’s making, they plug you up to the machine. They’re going to give people a choice. Red pill, blue pill, you can just upload and transfer your consciousness and they put you in these little artificial wounds, where they plug your body up and you can just live out your whole life over there. And the machine will catch a defecation and all of it.

And it’ll feed you, too, while you’re in this digital universe, but you’re not in the physical form. Real quick, paranoid 15. To get 15% off one of your death pods. By the way, if you want one of those things that Ani was talking. What’s what, Chucky, that’s what he does. He transfers his consciousness into the doll, right? Yeah, he’s a voodoo doll. Shout out to Dambala again. And speaking of Epstein in the tunnels, let me show you a little something paranoid America made.

Real quick. Check this out, y’all. This is FD west drive by, lowly town express calling Jeff. We are just Jeff. This is f. In Epstein’s quest. You get to travel the world, see the sights, and take part in unspeakable pleasures. Blackmail your friends for fun and profit. Featuring all your favorite characters of the dark underworld and beyond, Bill and Hillary, Trump and Melania, with guest appearances by Chris Tucker, Bill Gates, and more.

To find out, just search for Epstein’s island online and play the all new game, Epstein’s quest from developer paranoid American. For more details, visit paranoidamerican. com. Yo, that’s the craziest thing. I didn’t know who that was until you guys talked about it last time, because I don’t watch the news or anything. Everyone talks about it. I had no idea who this dude was, okay? I didn’t know. I didn’t like, so when you first played that, it just, whatever.

It was, like some guy. But then I researched, right? And I’m a bit more caught up on the whole thing, and I’m like, oh, that’s the dude. How long did it take you to make that? Ain’t that sunny, though. Maybe afternoon. I’d say, like three or 4 hours. It’s really good. I really like. What’d you use to make it? A combination of stable diffusion, suno AI for the music, adobe after effects, and premiere to tie it all together.

Cool. And look, when we first shared it, so he shared it on his page, and then I shared it to my instagram, and it went viral, like, crazy viral on my page. And you should have seen all the dummies in the comments that thought it was a real game. You know what? So many people got so mad about it that, you know what? Now I think it might be a real challenge.

Accepted. I’m going to do a real game. Honestly, if I get enough people on Patreon to fund it. I’ll do a real Epstein’s quest game, just like me and Jay were talking about doing a plasma apocalypse organ trail game. Yeah, we’re going to totally do an organ trail plasma apocalypse. Paranoid’s new dolphin rap is the dopest track. With the Epstein game, you have a guy that goes in, he saves the kids, takes out the politicians.

You got to have the hero was. I was thinking of having it be twofold. So you start out and what you’re doing is you’re like investigating. You’re trying to find, like, you find out they knock down the temple and there’s a fake temple up there. And you’re doing your best to uncover everything. But then it’ll switch over to unlockable character. And then Tommy truthful comes in. I’m like Liu Kang in it.

You know what should have, you should just have like blade or somebody in it. Just like cutting everybody down. Slaughterhouse. Remember that slaughterhouse video game? You put some real characters in there, some truth mafia characters. That’d be funner. Oh, that would be fire. Yeah, that’d be fire. Why get other people promotion? We need to build our some. I have some slides real quick. I could go through not many.

Just like. Okay, before Donut gets into his slides, guys, make sure you check the links down in the description. Check out my brother Logan. He’s got his cosmicsugar. org, all his links to his YouTube channel, his Patreon, donuts, Anis, paranoid J’s. All their links are down below in the description. And if you want to get a personal decode. And I just did a dream interpretation last night. That’s my favorite thing to do.

You can get that done too. A custom picture based on your dream. If the person’s in the comments right now that I did the dream interpretation on, I would love to share your dream because it was very fascinating. Let me know if I can just email me back. And then if you want a personal reading, that link is down below as well. So check that out. You can find out if you are one of these npcs or these first player characters.

And I find it so fascinating that the npcs are connected to Saturn and the first player characters are connected to Zeus, Jupiter, Jesus, that whole connection. When also there’s certain areas that I found out that have a higher demographic of npcs. Like Portland, Oregon. Everybody I decode from Portland, Oregon, I swear to God, they’re all npcs. Guess what Portland, Oregon equals, dude? 63, like NPC non player character.

And then Washington, or it’s actually district of Columbia, is 64. And look, where is everybody that runs America in the District of Columbia? So it’s kind of fascinating. I’ve been finding all kinds of weird connections, but them links are down below. Guys in the description get your personal decode today. That’s too bad, because the coolest people I ever met are from Portland, or Oregon and Washington area. Back up.

And I got more slides, too. Once we’re all done and stuff, I’ll come back to some of the other pictures if you want. Okay. What did you want to. I was. These are just a couple of slides of. I was looking at the movie, and I was looking at the weaponry that they were carrying, and I was trying to see. Oh, man. Is it connected to any of the assassin order? Because I’ve been doing a big deep dive on secret societies for a while now, and I hooked up the assassin’s blade.

How was your secret societal meeting? Sorry I couldn’t make it. It’s okay. It was very secretive. It was good. You can’t tell me about it. It was a secret. It was a secret meeting. I didn’t even know about it. No other Roger tips to describe. It went. It went very well, and it was good. Shout out to Pukey Pete. Was he there? Pukey Pete was there. And he actually led off the secret meeting in his robe.

And it was, oh, my. Got. I love Pukey Pete. Yeah, it was. So I was just looking at. Because something I’ve been looking into is the assassin order. And I was like, oh, it kind of looks like an assassin blade. And when I looked it up, there was a book, assassin Blade. And right there is the deer, the buck. The buck stops here. This is a huge symbol with leave the world behind.

And I know real quick it’s in leave the world behind. It’s in Rebel Moon. It’s in ani. What’s that new one I told you to watch? The salt burn. Salt burn? It’s in salt burn. Which I told paranoid American and Jay to watch it, too. I’ve seen it. Ain’t it crazy paranoid? And this is just something that happens when we’re decoding. I’m sure everybody here can relate that.

You just start looking at stuff. You see, it’s all connected in this web of stuff. But she gave a dolphin type ocean birth to the bed. That’s actually a picture of amber Heard pooping on a bed. Sorry. Yeah. So that’s Amber Heard, who was psychologically dead while she was banging Elon. And those were the reports in the news. But I’ve been looking into the Illuminati dolphins and how connected this goes into the ocean, into ancient agricultural gods and all that, especially with the UFO agenda.

But the way the baby communicates to the goldfish is the same way the dolphins communicate as well. So it’s a dolphin type birth baby. And when I’m just looking at it, the first 15 minutes, all I watched was the 15 minutes, and the baby was the key to everything. That’s what they were going to sacrifice, the baby, remember? Oh, yeah. The real baby. It looked like Lum, but I don’t know.

That’s terrible. They had to have that element in there. Thank God. It looked like the Paris Hilton baby a little bit, but like a little Illuminati meeting with the. There’s eleven, but he’s included in it, though, so it’s twelve. There’s only one more. My bad. Go ahead. Yeah, it just reminded me of Illuminati meeting. But this is what I was talking about in the beginning, how this Movie is sponsored by alcohol company Guinness.

This is a product placement. Guinness paid a lot of money to have this in there. And the families to alcohol brands. You could see the connection to Bud light with the CIA and all know it’s all there. And I’m sure there’s a weird baby milk connection. I don’t know about, for sure. Milk and the beer and the wheat. But this was on the fridge and I just screenshot it.

You got six. There’s. What is the six star symbolism? I don’t know, but I just looked up what it could be and Subaru popped up. And Subaru is for Taurus, constellation Palladi. So I’m sure there’s a connection there that you guys can connect that I don’t really know, but thought that was interesting, having the six star on the fridge. Anybody know anything about the six stars? Ani, it doesn’t have to be six stars.

That’s just probably what he put there. It could be the six sided star. Yeah, it could be the six sided star. Yeah. Right. Semiotics. It’s a language of symbols. What are we actually looking at, though? What is that thing that’s black and has the little white stars on it? What is it? It’s a magnet on the fridge. Yeah, but what is it supposed to be? I have no idea.

It looks like a messed up domino or something. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Yeah. And the only reason to ask is because it almost looks like there’s a grid. Right. It almost looks like it goes one. There’s like a four x three grid in here. So they could almost be coordinates of something where the first one’s at eleven and the last one’s at 114 and so on.

Interesting. I see. Semiotic. Yeah. And guys, we apologize for the images, but we had the bootleg copy of the movie because it’s still in movie theaters. Yeah, I know this is a bootleg copy. Yeah, but the baby communicating with the dolphin, with the sonar, with the five fish, and he might be like, the six fish, so I don’t know if there’s a connection there. This is just stuff that I looked up.

Aqua comes from the hettites. I guess the word going back where the double headed Eagle also comes from. What, the head tight empire? Yeah. I already kind of talked about the global temperatures and how they put this propaganda and all the different movies on the screen too. Donut. It was 1124. Yeah. So the time on the screen is how long the movie is as well. 1 hour and 24 minutes.

But if you share, you know how you can make my video screen right here bigger? Yeah. A lot of the trident imagery I can just go through really quickly since it’s on the topic. Okay. And then I could show off my new Illuminatis trilogy, books of the Leviathan, which kind of goes into the octopus in the submarines in the ocean. In each one of his books. It’s the same book, but there’s different covers, but they’re all connected.

So this is the one version of this book. It’s a peaceful yellow submarine, and then the next one is the octopus, and then the last one, it’s eating it. So I don’t know. We’re talking about under the ocean, and I wanted to flex a little bit, but you got the world. WTC, it’s built with the, you know, says signs, assembles, rules the world. And looking at the ukrainian, the USB port, I think the USB port is going to play a huge role in this upcoming year with the cyber incidences happening.

Donut, look at this. I had Confucius right down here, too. Oh, yeah, I’m pretty sure. Did you know about Confucius before me, though? Well, yeah, because he said, man who stand on toilet is high on pot. Oh, I never knew that one. He who fart an elevator laughed longest. He who fart in elevator. So I’ve been covering, just documenting a lot of the symbols. May 1, the Illuminati day.

Operation Neptune Spear is when Osama bin Laden. That’s when they celebrate the fake capturing of him and throwing him into the ocean, which I’m sure there’s something there. The whole devil with the pitchfork, all the fireworks. Having a symbiotic relationship with the devil I always find interesting, but just more symbolism of that. Where JFK was taken out was on Elm street on a giant trident as well. And I’m sure a lot of people already know all this stuff, but I think it all connects.

And we’re in the year of the rabbit right now. We’re in 2023. Well, we’re about to be in the year of the dragon. Yes. So 2024 will be the Omega. And we’ve been in this in 2023, the year of the rabbit, connected to the whole UFO thing. And going into the 2024 is the Omega. And shout out to Jordan waters above. He really helped me with this research a few years ago.

And shout out to Shelley as well. She did a super chat. But the malaysian airlines as well as the Osama bin Laden day, May 1 is when they founded the same year as the Illuminati and they got the missing flights with the double trident that you’re bringing up. But I think what’s very important this year is the USB port connected to Spiders. Spiderman. Kristen Dunst does the Spiderman kiss in the new civil war movie with a 24.

A 24 is one two four and this movie ran for one two four. I think there’s a connection there because it goes into the World Wide web. So spiders webs. And we’re surfing the Internet. The Internet is streaming video, just like maritime law with banking, it goes into the Internet. And the USB port is the trident with the squid games, PlayStation symbols on there as well. So I think there will be a ritual for the omega event to lead into the digital currency as the 23rd letter is PSi, which is the trident.

And here’s Biden Pluto. He was born and he’s known for the Pluto return. The two, two two. So the whole Biden thing is, we kind of talked about it, but with this 33rd Summer Olympics that is happening in Paris for 2024, 24 is x but the logo to it. And this is where I got from waters above. So shout out to Jordan is the Paris logo was the 24 of Jupiter and they changed it.

And I think this looks a lot like the Omega and the Omega is the 24 as well. So I think there’s a connection there. We’ve been covering this for a while. Oh, they’re attacking my stream. Look at this now. It went down on both facebooks. The stream. Shelley, thank you for that $200 donation, honey. Yeah. Amber Heard’s in this movie, and she was dating Elon. They were having their sexual intercourse while her soul was dead.

This was what was in the news. And he is. X is the 24th letter. We got the american eclipse doing the x over America. And this is all connected to Jupiter as. Yeah. The rest of these slides echo the dolphin. I thought that looked the e look like a trident. They erased it on my Facebook donut. Yeah, I wasn’t. Because of what? It went down. They’re on some bullshit right now.

Yeah, that’s some bullshit. But something that Ani brought up to me yesterday I thought was very important with Saturn going into a certain thing, that it’s connected to somebody getting took and out. Now, the black hand, the secret society that took out Franz Ferdinand, which kicked off World War I, the same birthday, June 20 eigth is Elon’s birthday. So I think Elon is also someone to look out for Ani as well.

On top of everything. Yes. Saturn Jupiter conjunction. Can you tell us a little bit about that? Because there could be a connection to. We’re going to wrap before it gets taken down on my YouTube, too. Yeah. Every election that there was a Saturn Jupiter election year, when there was a conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter, there was an assassination attempt on every president that was in Saturn and Jupiter.

So if you go through history, you’ll figure out JFK, he was murdered during a Saturn Jupiter conjunction. There’s another president, can’t remember who it was, but it was assassination attempt on his life. So we have a Saturn and Jupiter conjunction with the elections between Trump and Biden, and now we are about to have the fruition of that bearing. So look for something to happen to someone. I won’t put it up on here since they’re taking Tommy’s videos down.

Yeah, they’re systematically taking them down. So something’s weird is going on right now. It’s still on one of my facebooks, but two of them went down, and it’s just like the whole video is gone. Just gone. I don’t have no strike or nothing like that. I mean, that’s just bizarre to me how that happens, though. I definitely didn’t erase the video, so why is it gone? But I’ll download it and upload it to the facebook.

That just really irritates me, though, bro, real bad. Well, as long as you don’t have a strike, bro, it’ll be okay. They’ll be able to get it. I’m pretty sure who was watching the live. If you post it back for them, they’ll appreciate it. Yeah, you post it again, it could get more views, too. I’m on the main screen. Had so many shares already. Anyways. All right. Yeah.

That’s about what will. Hey, Logan, what do you got for me for my birthday, bro? As far as my numbers and my reading, I want to hear some good things. Jeremy, I got to look up your charts and all that. The basic fundamentals is that you have that ten of diamonds card, which is. That card actually is not only connected to Michael Jackson, Prince, Jim Carrey, but it’s also tied to the created the Simpsons.

Matthew Graning, born on February 15, has the ten of diamonds card as well. I can’t believe Shelley donated $200. Thank you, Shelley. So Jim Carrey, the Simpsons, Matthew graning has it. Michael Jackson, Prince, Michael Pence, the former vice president. So Tom Brady, ten of diamonds, the fortunes and blessings card. That’s my card. Yeah. And it’s converted into the 74th card in the tarot, which is. 74 is tied to illumination.

So it’s a very big deal card. It’s one of Jupiter’s main cards as well. So it’s tied right to Jupiter, which Jupiter is known in astrology to be tied to fortunes, stuff like that. That’s fascinating. They say I was born in 1983, which is the year of the pig. The pig, the goat, the monkey and the rat are supposed to have good years in the year of the dragon.

This year, well, as a collective, it’s a wood dragon, too. If we do have, like, fire and shit like that, it’s a wood dragon. So, I mean, you’re talking fire and wood. And what does that create? Sounds like reminded me of a DMX song I used to rock out to. Yeah. The snake, the rat, the cat, the. Yeah, yeah. Dude, how you going to see him if you live in.

That’s Damien, right? That is rat. But I got a few slides to show you on the Poseidon, if you want. Yes, sir, I do. I got, like, maybe six or seven. Not too many song, though. Everybody got it. That’s a great Damien. Let me just share my screen. Hold on. There’s, like three different. Hold on. Let me see if it lets me do it. Dark man go to present.

Hold on. Yeah, I’m going to have to come back and come back in. I’ll be right back, guys, because I have to quit this. I’ll be right back. Yeah. Is it. The computer screen is not showing up when you share it. Like the image? Yeah, I don’t have it saved in my settings, so it’s going to make me quit the browser. I’ll be right back. I’ll be right back.

Yeah, it’s no big deal. That happens to me all the time. I got Damien. We should talk about that. This is the greatest thing. You need to come on to sound science, and we’ll talk about some rap albums. I wish I made it to paranoid and Ani’s breakdown. Everyone here is invited for the next one because I got a big book of cds to go through still. Yeah, I like that you brought up nonfiction.

I saw nonfiction in a tent in Vegas. There must have been, like, 1015 people. It might have a knackle, bro, because it could have been, like, a ritual going on in there. No, it wasn’t. It was at a skate park, and they didn’t get performed on the major stage because it was so underground. You know what I mean? So there was little tents all over for underground. Did you ever hear of liquid? Here’s Logan’s liquid.

Yeah, I know. Liquid swords, but that’s it. That used to be my rat. All right, guys, I’ll keep it brief, man. So, Neptune obviously tied to Pisces and the two fish. And when you look at Neptune right now, this is the current chart of. Right now, we have Neptune being in its own sign of Pisces. Right? Just. It’s. It’s at one degrees, and I’m using sidereal. Now, I want to make this clear to everybody that are fans of astrology.

Sidereal is the only astrological map that is the true placement of the planets. If you’re using tropical, it has its merit. It has its say in everything, but it does not have the exact placement of the planets, which is why people say Pluto just is in Aquarius. It is not in Aquarius. Pluto is in Capricorn, and it will be in Capricorn till 2039. So you got to know the difference.

And I’m not going to get into the definitions of tropical, and I’m not here to try to prove anybody wrong, but if you go to stellarium, which is the true map of the stars, this is Neptune right here. Neptune just came into Pisces. Okay, so Saturn’s in Aquarius right now. So that is the true map of the stars. Right? I just want to make that clear because this is important, why Pluto is in Capricorn, because leave the world behind.

See, Pluto, this is the 21st Nashakra, and this is tied to the world. So Pluto is coming into Capricorn, which is Earth to destroy the deadwood to remove the deadwood. And it’s in Capricorn’s sign. So we have to look to where Saturn is. And Saturn is in Aquarius right now. And so this is what it’s all about, is Capricorn, Aquarius right now, and Neptune getting in its own sign right now with the wound of Chiron and Rahu here.

This is going to be a monumental change in the way our dna is being charged up right now because Poseidon is home. He’s finally home. And there’s a lot of say in Neptune running this. Know the last sign, Pisces, the two fish representing the 2ft. And everybody has piscean energy. You don’t have to be born in the month of March or April to be a Pisces. Everybody has all twelve signs.

If I pull up anybody’s astrological chart, you will be all twelve. It’s just that we have certain celestials that are in these zodiac signs. So keep that in mind is that you’re all twelve signs, which makes you part Neptunian Piscean. Okay, but I’m going to get into question. Logan, is the atma carca. In vedic astrology, your soul planet tied to the position, know is connected to life events or something like that? No, the Atman Karkarka is going to be the planetary ruler and that’s decided upon which planet is at the highest degree.

So in this chart right here, which is. This is actually the first observation of Neptune in 1846. When it was first observed on the 23 September, it was Jupiter. Actually, that was the chart ruler here. And Jupiter was in conjunct, pretty much in conjunct with Neptune right here in the sign of Virgo, he was in Leo. But this is the Atman Karkarka for the discovery of, or the first observation of Neptune.

But if you’re talking know, the chart ruler Atman Karkarka, for anybody here, it’s going to be whichever planet is at the highest degree. Now, in Vedic, they only go to Saturn because that is the last planet you can see with the naked eye. But as an observer of astrology, as a fan of astrology, I go all the way to Pluto. Personally, I do. So it depends on who’s got the highest degree.

Does that answer your question for you? Yeah, it does. Thank you, bro. Yeah, you’re welcome. Hey, guys, you know what they took the post out for? They said for nudity and adult sex. What did we share on that the whole time? Oh, those stick figures of Tenet, bro. She might not have been dressed in those little stick figures. You know what I’m talking about? Or the sprites. Sprites might have been.

Dude, weird stuff. AI is using its imagination. It is. Dan. Those sprites are thick, bro. We’re going to have to censor this. Yeah, right. All right, so I just want to do the numerology real quick on Neptune, the romanized spelling, which you could even get into the Latin. I didn’t even look at the case. Sensitive all capital, maybe. Tommy, you can look that up. What? The all capital letters of Neptune is in the Francis Bacon.

But the 38 is big because this is the binary system. One in zero is 38. So now we’re talking about maybe being inside this computer system here with the 38. What’s really fascinating about it, besides it reducing down to the number two, which is duality, is that, you see, the eight is going to be into the number three. The number three is a broken eight. So the eight, of course, represents the tours field and the three is going to represent the sun because that’s the patterns that the sun makes.

There’s the letter m and the w and all that kind of stuff. So really interesting. But that 38 is tied to the zero, and the 10 and one in chaldean equal 38. The card of illumination through the tarot to give us the picture is the two of cups, and this two of cups, which is the second card in the cards of illumination, is tied to the contract. This card represents contracts.

The two of cups is the DNA card. So this represents the contract with God, so to speak. And it has its placement in, of course, in the sun. And again, the sun is hydrogen and helium. And hydrogen comes from the word hydrogenes, which is water, and the gene splicing and all that kind of stuff. So there’s this merit here with this contract we’ve got. And this card in the cards of illumination is tied to the ace of wands, which is the ace of clubs, which is the 23rd card in the deck.

And we know how big that 23 is. And this is the magic wand, the Harry Potter wand, which is abracadabra. So I try to have this drawn up with the Pisces, the waters of the sea here, and these two cards using the card system. If I show all of you the cards of illumination, the ace of clubs here, which is the ace of wands, is going to be paired up with the two of hearts, which is the two of cups.

And these two cards, they are only in sequence with each other. When these cards move around every year, these two cards just exchange places and what’s worth noting here is the current pope of the Vatican. This is his birth card right now. So this is a pretty big deal that these two cards are the cards of the current pope of the Vatican. And we know that the Vatican wears the fish hats and they’re representing the piscean age.

The dagon. Exactly. We know that this card, being the 23rd card in a deck, is tied to Pisces in a numerology. And this is a pretty big word and number outcome, because that is going to be tied to crown and blood. So is Pisces. Is Neptune the crown? Well, it’s the twelveth sign. Pisces is the twelveth sign. Neptune being tied to that. And is this the stick of the devil? Is the trident the stick of the pitchfork of the devil? Right.

And alchemy, of course, there’s the 93 million mile to the sun. And 93 and 237 is going to give you 330. So this is a pretty big marker here as well. This is going to be not naturally found in nature either. Like uranium is supposed to be the last one. But this can be found when plutonium is ignited, so to speak. And Logan, that’s the number that was on the shining, remember, in the number.

Hey, doesn’t inky was the first to have the trident? Are you going to go into that, Logan? No, but I know there’s merit to that story. Okay? I know there’s merit to that. Anki and Enlil equal 30 and demiurge equals 30. Ank and Enlil, to me represents the demiurge because they both equal 30 in numerology, same as Demiurge does. But anyways, which we’ve already talked about that w being the 23rd letter.

And that’s as we’re going to get the www. Dot website and the birthing of the Internet, which I do have a geeko coming out on. You have the triple crown winner, which is the www, which is tied to the trident. And then you have the 23rd element tied to vanadium, which is tied to Pisces and vanadium. When you go study it, it’s vanadius, and that comes from freya, which is the norse goddess, and that’s going to be tied to Jesus.

And the water, which is tied to the wave, equals 18. Baptized in water, which is going to be tied to the sin God of the moon because the moon card is 18 in the cards of the tarot as well. From Friday, right? Like where we get the word Friday. Yes, Friday. And this is going to get Venus in there, right? So there’s a lot of, obviously, chasing ass.

Like, this is where you’re going to get the testosterone chasing the estrogen. 51 tied to the slope of the pyramid, 51 tied to the element antimony. And antimony, when you go to the periodic table, it’s going to be tied to the all seeing eye. And that’s like the makeup. They got the makeup for the Egyptians they wore from that chemical. That’s right. Antimony sulfide. So, I mean, you study this.

It means not alone. This is like if you cut your brain and have this, you’re going to see right here. So this antimony, which is called stibnite, this is going to be tied to vanadium here. This is why they’re tied together right here. And Freya being tied to Friday, which is Venus’s day. You see, antimony, when you do, the numerology of. That’s going to be 28, just like Lucifer.

So this is where you’re going to get the tie in from Lucifer into Venus, because Venus is all about making love, procreation, and you need the water to do that. This is why you’re going to get the birthing. This is where you’re going to get into maritime law, because Neptune is tied to maritime law because it’s tied to water. All this reference and this poseidon being with the origination of it, from the greek, that’s 40.

I don’t know if you guys use the medicine cards, but there’s the dolphin card tied right into it. And then I just thought this was kind of interesting. I threw this in there where the deer. Remember, man, the skull and bones, their little place they go to is called dear lion. Right? Isn’t Mariga Shira the dear Nachatra in the month of leave the world behind? Isn’t it around that time, I’m kind of, I think, ignorant in that area.

But keep in mind, leave the world behind in numerology is 78 in Chaldean. So I covered this in my leave the world behind. So Chaldean, 78. And this 78 is the last card in the tarot, which is the king of pentacles, which is money. So what they were trying to tell you is that money is going to go bye bye. Right? So leave the world in the movie at the end where they’re bartering, right? Yeah.

So money is going to go bye bye because they’re going to introduce cryptocurrency. So 78 is going to convert to the king of diamonds, which is the 39th card in the deck. And that is going to be tied to celebration because you’re getting the changeover now. You’re getting the transition into a different currency. But 39 is tied to Apollon. Apollon in the Greek is 39, which is tied to abaddon the destroyer.

So these are all referencing the deer and that’s the hunter. And this is sulfur. 16 is sulfur and that’s the tower card. So this is what they were referencing, a deer representing the hunting. You get the Hunger games. I just think we have an ugly. A lot of people ask me, what’s coming, Logan, what’s coming. It’s not going to be pretty. I know that’s not what everybody wants to hear, but it’s not going to be pretty.

I personally think that the aquarian age may just be very dystopian. And personally myself, I’m looking to get out of this reality. I’m looking to escape this reality. My whole focus is to relieve myself, to get out of this reality. And I think there is a way to get out of this reality and to not have to. Logan’s like, my name is Logan, I go by Logan. Well, it’s Logan’s run.

And that whole thing is escaping outside from under the dome. And a lot of the dome is neptunian. It’s all this neptunian stuff. Outside of being a human being, a fish. Fish is 17, matrix is 17, life is 17, story is 17, all in chaldean numerology. So this is tied to our blood. And do you want to be here anymore? That’s the question. And is there a way out of this reality? That’s my focal point and that’s tied to revelation, three, verses 16, and being lukewarm.

And that’s a very tall order because playing the game means that you’re a fish. So playing a game to me is the hot and cold. That’s the whole revelation, three, verses 16, which is going to be tied to the Jesus Christ character. That’s why you have the birthing of John 316, which is one of the most famous scriptures of putting your faith in the Christ having everlasting life.

But your everlasting life is going to be on the world stage. So if you don’t want to be on the world stage anymore because it’s going to just be a repeat, I mean, you’re going to get maybe this paradise, but it may not be a paradise in the age of Aquarius. Age of Aquarius. It says in revelation, the sun’s going to go out, man. That’s what it says in revelation.

Now, I don’t know if that’s true. But it says the sun will be no more. Oh, that don’t sound good. No, it, you know, if that’s the way it, like, Jay, I know you talk a lot about how, and I love that story about the things getting bigger, even archaics talks about the vapor canopy. But there is this aspect of astrology, and astrology, if we are moving into the age of Aquarius, yeah, it’s the age of wisdom, but it is an electrical age, and this electrical age and what they’re pushing in the narrative, I mean, if they’re really wanting you to go into the metaverse, well, why would that be? Well, maybe because the real world will look really ugly and it will be dystopian world until the age of Capricorn comes back, where you’re going to have the return of the golden age, which is more Saturn based.

And there’s a lot of merit to that. So I’m purely giving a theory here. I’m not saying this is true as well with the aquarian age, but this whole contract with the neptunian and maybe the neptunian energy, Poseidon actually being the ruler of this reality and being the devil because he’s got the pitchfork, may actually be the way this whole thing works. So in this whole fish and the dagon and the fish hats and the Vatican may have some things to take into consideration.

And fishes don’t close their eyes, so it represents the evil eye as well. Yeah. And they’re only one sided when you look at a fish, unless we look at square. So that’s a good point. So it’s a good point. But I really think that this 38 now, 38, when you see 38, it means the binary system. It’s the one and the zero and Tron. I’m a huge fan of the move.

Tron Legacy and Tron legacy. There was a scene in Jeff Bridges. He says the way to win is not to know. And he, of course, his son goes down into the game to rescue his father, and there’s a portal. So, like, the way to win is not to play. And I did the whole timestamp of that, and it was really crazy, the timestamp. I don’t know how Disney would get this so perfect.

That’s why I just can’t think man’s running the show down here, because it’s just so perfect. When you start bringing these scenes in and you look at the timestamps, it just gets really too overwhelming for me to kind of think that man’s running anything down here. So for me, as a decoder, I’m more into looking for the way out and not coming back anymore. I think being a human being is a lot of fun.

I’m a fan of life, yes, but I’m not a fan of suffering. I’m not a fan of getting old, that kind of stuff. So I think that if there’s a way out, I’m going to find it, and I’m on the search for that. And that’s kind of what I got, guys. Yeah, I’m with you on that, brother. I’m definitely trying to get up out of here, too. I do not want to reincarnate again, so I appreciate all you guys coming.

You know, the funny thing is, with that video Facebook took down, they won’t even let me appeal it. When I click on appeal, it says, post gone doesn’t exist. So I know for a fact we shared no adult nudity. Like, nothing. What did we share? That was adult nudity? That just blows my mind that they did that. But, bro, that’s what happens, man. The last four videos I put up are the one already.

Three days ago, I put it up. It’s at, like, 700,000 views. So when your shit starts to go viral like that, they look for any way they can to take you down. And this is why I honestly hate doing lives. You guys notice I don’t do them anymore because they always get you in trouble in these damn lives. Anytime. I know that. I’m telling you, dude, it’s, like, unreal, and it drives me nuts.

You know what the craziest thing about it, though, is that we’re on 3 hours, right? You could do 3 hours of content, and if someone says the wrong thing for 4 seconds, that 4 seconds weighs against the whole 3 hours, as if it were, like, a five minute video, a ten minute video, a ten hour video. All someone’s got to say is the word. No. I’m just kidding.

But if you said just the wrong word, it’s like, bam. You get nuked out of orbit. Wow. Yeah. Only thing I could think of was Epstein game. Could that have caused it? Oh, don’t bring Epstein game into this. Absolutely. No, I shared that birthing picture, too. That I shared. Like, it could have been anything. It could have been anything, man. Remember was the birthing picture. Because it’s an algorithm.

It’s not human. Right. It could also be a combination of different triggers. You know what I mean? Different things altogether that build a weight for it to consider. But did that birthing picture. Show any nudity? No. You’re going to get taken out just for talking about the birthing picture. Now they’re going to be like, dude, don’t even sweat it, man. It’s over and done with. Nothing you can do about it.

No, it just one of the best ways the CIA figured out to program people. This was basically Ted Kaczynski, was that you just arbitrarily punish them. You do it for no reason, and then you wait and give someone a reward for no reason. And you just wait to see their brain try to figure out what their pattern is. And if you never give it a pattern to figure out, at a certain point it just gives up.

And it’s like, all right, I give up trying to figure out what’s going on. You just tell me, I’ll be your puppet. And that was, like, one of the most effective ways outside of sleep deprivation. Wow, there’s. Guys, it’s grooming, man. That’s why there’s groom lake over area 51. It’s grooming, dude. Everybody’s getting groomed right now. What you can do, what you can show. YouTube is way worse, and it’s still up on YouTube.

Facebook is usually the one that don’t take you down. You know what I mean? So that’s just so bizarre, dude. Good cop, bad cop, bro. They sent YouTube out of the room and they brought Facebook in. This is my last live video I’ll ever do. It’ll never happen again because from now on, everything will be pre recorded. Well, happy birthday. Well, you’re present from Facebook. Yeah. I was told, my son, there’s always a way, and there’s usually more than one way.

So we’re learning at the same time that the algorithm is learning, too, so we could rise up and learn better ways. True. Well, I appreciate all you guys coming on, and that kind of dampened my mood, but it is what it is. I could do. They won’t even let me appeal it, so I just got to take it. And that’s it. That’s a story of my life. But thank you.

Close out, or I still have some pictures to share if you want. Or we could wait another time. Yeah, we were at 3 hours now. Okay. No worries. But I appreciate all you guys coming on, and I’ll check out all their channels. Guys, all their links are down in the description of this video. And I love you. From now on, guys, you’ll be getting uploads from Tommy. So if I do it live, it’ll be on Rumble and my rumble channel is truth mafia tv.

That will be the only place I’ll be streaming live. Hey, are you still want to do the live on my website? Yeah, we could do it on there. Because, I mean, it’s on the website. We could do what we want to. Yeah, we’re still going to do that. But just, like, I got to be careful, dude. It’s crazy. I got to go back out and figure what caused that.

So thank you guys for coming on. And we’re out. Awesome. .

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