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Blue Fire Code: “Unveiling the Enigma: Sept 23rd Beckons with Intrigue!” featuring Jacob Israel, Guy Tal, Tommy Truthful, Ani Osaru, and Doenut

By: Tommy Truthful
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5G Danger

Blue Fire Code

Blog Decode By Tommy Truthful.

The elites, since time immemorial, have communicated through a cryptic language of symbols and numbers. This practice can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as Babylon, Mesopotamia, and the Sumerians. It involves assigning numerical values to letters, words, or phrases – a mystical tradition rooted in Jewish Kabbalah known as Gematria. Every letter and every word possesses a specific numerical value, each resonating with its unique energy, frequency, and vibration.

There are various ciphers to decode these numbers. One of the most ancient and intriguing is Chaldean, a personal favorite of mine. The English ordinal cipher is more straightforward: ‘A’ equals 1, ‘B’ equals 2, and so on, until ‘Z’ which is 26. Of course, there are many other ciphers to explore.

Intriguingly, we seem to be plugged into a unique source code, granting us the ability to sense events before they unfold. It’s my belief that if I can harness and shift this energy, the elite bloodlines are certainly capable of far greater manipulations. Their rituals, often performed on specific ley lines and energy points across the Earth, are carefully timed to coincide with precise astrological alignments, ensuring the accompanying numerology aligns perfectly. Now, I’m not suggesting they puppeteer every event on Earth – that notion borders on the absurd. However, their influence on national media is palpable.

But beneath it all is an authentic source code. We owe our existence to a divine power that conjured us into being using a unique form of angelic technology and the sheer power of speech. It’s worth noting that during the Council of Nicea, interpretations of the Bible were manipulated, cautioning us against numerology and astrology, and branding them as divination. This misinformation campaign was aimed at deterring us from decoding the matrix surrounding us, a matrix sculpted by the supreme consciousness.

While we might never fully grasp this divine technology, it’s as if there’s an omnipotent, divine quantum computer orchestrating our reality. However, malevolent forces, known as Archons or fallen angels, have tampered with this divine frequency, introducing artificial elements that disrupt the natural code. Chief among these entities is Yaldabaoth, who goes by many names: Satan, Lucifer, Saturn, Kronos, the worm, the serpent, and more.

It is the 36-year anniversary of HAARP since its inception on 8-11-1987. They are employing directed energy weapons through HAARP’s fallen angelic technology to target anti-vaxxers!

Haarp Us Patent 4686605

We are facing annihilation within our digital FEMA camps, our homes encircled by their technology. And mark my words, in the final act, it will be pinned on aliens!

Monster Hurricane

The media has labeled the recent hurricane as a “monster hurricane.” Intriguingly, in English ordinal gematria, “monster hurricane” sums up to 201. This aligns with “Event 201”, which was the pandemic simulation conducted by the Gates Foundation. The parallels certainly raise eyebrows.

Monster Hurricane Idalia

Again it’s Haarps 36 year anniversary and 666 is the thirty-six triangular number.

Hurricane Idalia

Blue Fire Code

When the coronavirus initially emerged, the color codes employed, presumably by the Illuminati, to program us were blue and yellow.

These colors equate to 1717 in numerology.

Yellow And Blue=1717

Interestingly, 1717 is the year the Mother Lodge was established in England – the Freemasonic Mother Lodge.

The Organisation Now Known As The Premier Grand Lodge Of England Was Founded On 24 June 1717 As The Grand Lodge Of London And Westminster. Originally Concerned With The Practice Of Freemasonry In London And Westminster, It Soon Became Known As The Grand Lodge Of England


Flash forward to 2022, and the Rams, sporting blue and yellow, clinched the Super Bowl. Numerologically speaking, 2022 corresponds to 222.

Los Angeles Rams Yellow And Blue Illuminati Color Code.

It’s worth noting that COVID-19 emerged as A Pandemic  222 months AFTER-9/11.

Coronavirus Happened 222 Months After 9/11.

During the period coronavirus Was declared a pandemic on 3-11-2020, Donald Trump was at the helm. In a reverse satanic cipher, “TRUMP” equates to 222.

“TRUMP” = 222 (Reverse Satanic)

Coronavirus Blue And Yellow Color Code.

In 2022, when the Rams clinched the Super Bowl, the basketball championship was won by a team sporting yellow and blue colors—Golden State. Notably, their logo showcases the renowned Golden Gate Bridge. There’s a growing theory that an event akin to 9/11, involving the destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge, could be on the horizon. This catastrophe might be intended to collapse the traditional currency, paving the way for a digital alternative, referred to by some as the “Omega event.” Additionally, there are connections being made to an anticipated “alien invasion.” I’m inclined to believe that this is facilitated through weather modification and fallen angelic technology, potentially targeting those who resisted vaccinations. This theory gains traction considering the increasing media focus on extraterrestrial narratives.

Yellow And Blue Illuminati Color Code

The Ukrainian flag, adorned in hues of yellow and blue, prominently features the Trident – a symbol deeply rooted in history and mysticism. As global tensions rise, hinting at a conflict reminiscent of World War II, the emblematic Trident’s presence takes on amplified significance. It’s pivotal to remember that the Twin Towers, which once dominated New York’s skyline, bore Tridents in their architectural design. Similarly, the ill-fated Malaysian flight MH370 displayed Tridents on its tail.

Trident 911

Historically, Tridents have been acknowledged as symbols of immense power and authority. This idea is further cemented with the Trident nuclear missiles, suggesting a coded message hinting at a looming nuclear catastrophe on American soil. Such an incident could serve as grounds for imposing strict regulations, including mandatory vaccinations, and relocating citizens to FEMA camps, all under the guise of public welfare.

Neptune Trident Symbolism.

For an in-depth analysis of the Trident’s significance in current events and its ties to potential global scenarios, check out my detailed video breakdown here. Your understanding of ongoing global dynamics can benefit significantly from this exploration. Stay informed and remain vigilant.

“Blue don’t burn” equates to 51 in Chaldean Gematria, aligning perfectly with “depopulate”, which also sums to 51 in the same cipher. Notably, the Illuminati was founded on May 1st, 1776, and numerically is represented as #51. This date is significant as it marks the final day of the 13 days of preparation culminating in Beltane. Historically, these 13 days were associated with child sacrifices, offering them as burnt tributes to Baal. The recent disappearance of children in Maui seems eerily reminiscent of this. Recall my warning about the 13 days of preparation earlier this year, which was followed by that monumental event. The purported alien landing in Las Vegas? I had foretold that something grand was on the horizon. The resonance of these events in 2023 isn’t accidental; it’s the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, making it ripe for rituals.

Moreover, “COVID booster” equals 51 in Gematria, paralleling “Black Swan event”, which is also 51 in Chaldean Gematria. A Black Swan event, popularized by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book “Fooled by Randomness”, refers to unexpected occurrences with far-reaching implications. These events surprise everyone, have extensive consequences, and are often rationalized in hindsight. Typically rare and unpredictable, they can emerge from either entirely unknown scenarios or known risks that have been either ignored or underestimated. The 2008 financial meltdown and the September 11 attacks are classic examples of Black Swan events. I had earlier forecasted a significant event on August 8th, 2023, which I detailed in my Angus Cloud decode. For a deep dive, check out the link provided.

Missing Children In Maui

This Blue Fire Code is a special ceremony happening on the 22nd anniversary of 9/11. The people who don’t believe in vaccines are the focus of this ceremony. Remember when I told you to go outside and look up? I said there were drones near your house. Well, they used the QAnon movement to find and mark people who are Christians, conservatives, patriots, and those who don’t believe in vaccines. Now, they’re going to say it’s all because of aliens.

The notion that “Qanon” translates to “201” in Latin and “666” in the Fibonacci cipher is seen by some as the “fingerprint of God,” suggesting a divine indication of its true nature. Some believe this aligns it with the malevolent beast system. They argue that a quantum supercomputer named Tyler, located in Texas, has been instrumental in monitoring Christians, conservatives, patriots, and most crucially, those opposed to vaccinations. This surveillance was intended to identify and target perceived threats using what some term ‘fallen angelic technology’.

Interestingly, the discourse around “Q” and related topics was immensely popular in 2020. For instance, ‘Adrenochrome’, a term once obscure, became one of the most trending words of the year. Some assert that the prominence given to these topics was a strategic move, allowing authorities to weaponize the accompanying hashtags. As they argue, this effectively tracked those sharing information connected to Trump and his associated movements.

To clarify, while I share conservative pro-life values, it’s essential to recognize that waiting for a hero or ‘white hats’ to save the day might be a misguided hope. Though Donald Trump is often painted as such a figure, some critics point out his alleged affiliations with the Freemasons and the Jesuits. The dual nature of Trump symbolized through his red and blue ties, has led some to believe we’ve only seen one side of him. They predict that if he returns to power, a darker version might emerge, potentially leading his followers down a perilous path.

While I empathize with Trump supporters and share many of their core values, I feel a duty to voice my concerns. It’s crucial to remember that no human being can truly save us — for many, that savior is believed to be Yahshua Hamishai.

There’s a perception among some that the establishment wants to know more about specific groups of people, primarily due to the potential implementation of the Noahide laws. These laws, some believe, were discreetly set into motion during the 102nd Congress by George H.W. Bush. For proponents of this theory, the number 102 holds significant symbolism. For instance, they highlight events like 9/11, labeled “the 102 minutes that changed America,” and point out that the term “Art of War” equates to 102 in certain numerical interpretations. Additionally, the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, which some equate to electromagnetic frequency illness, occurred 102 years before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. This was the mass rollout of the electric grid. It even started on the same day coronavirus was declared a pandemic.

“The number 45, resonant in Chaldean numerology with ‘mind control,’ aligns intriguingly with the element Rhodium, which carries the atomic weight of 102.

Mind Control Equals 45 Matching Pandora's Box In Chaldean Gematria

The Spanish flu was the first time they started wearing masks on a global level.

The Spanish Flu Was The First Time They Started Wearing Masks On A Global Level.


The Symptoms Of The Spanish Flu Started On March 11Th Of 1918.

There’s an intricate web of theories connecting various historical and contemporary events. Some draw parallels between the Spanish flu and the COVID-19 pandemic, noting the use of face masks during both health crises. Advocates of this connection often argue that the Spanish flu coincided with the mass rollout of the electric grid, suggesting that the true culprit behind the illness was not the H1N1 virus, but rather the proliferation of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). This concept of “electromagnetic frequency sickness” posits that many illnesses attributed to pathogens are actually the result of exposure to EMFs.

Some timelines and data points are frequently cited to support the theory around the origins and spread of the coronavirus:

  1. Wuhan, China is said to have reported its first coronavirus-related death on November 18th, 2019. This date is the 322nd day of the year, a number significant to some due to its association with the secret society Skull and Bones, which is based at Yale University. This group’s emblem prominently features the number “322.”
  2. Some sources reported 322 cases of the virus, a number that’s been seized upon as a potential nod to this same secret society.
  3. There’s a theory that connects the virus with the rollout of 5G technology in Wuhan. Proponents of this theory argue that 5G – the fifth generation of mobile network technology – is harmful to human health, claiming it was the true cause of the symptoms attributed to the virus. Specifically, they believe that the radiation from 5G towers can weaken the immune system and cause symptoms similar to those observed in COVID-19 patients.

Screenshot 2023 08 29 222618 -

The Symptoms Of The Spanish Flu Started On March 11Th Of 1918.

Interestingly, when you flip the number 102, you get 201, another figure that many see as having profound significance in various global events.

The most controversial aspect of the Noahide laws, as understood by some, is the stipulation that those who don’t renounce Yahshua, also known as Jesus, face decapitation. There’s also an inclination to link these laws to various phenomena, such as ‘Ember rituals,’ believed by some to be connected to fires, an “Orange Code,” decapitations, and FEMA camps.


Furthermore, let’s dive deeper into this “blue code.” Ever wondered about the significance of the blue chakra? It represents the throat chakra. At a time when the world grapples with the coronavirus – a virus targeting our respiratory system – the importance of our throat and our ability to breathe has never been more pronounced. Remember the impactful phrase from George Floyd, “I can’t breathe”? Reflect on the eight nooses discovered in Amazon warehouses. Symbolically, the Amazon rainforest is the earth’s lungs, and nooses, by their very nature, restrict breathing. Intriguingly, “throat chakra” resonates with the number 37 in Chaldean Gematria, a value that aligns perfectly with “COVID test.”

Screenshot 2023 08 30 165056 3 -

An interesting twist on the number 37 is its mirror, 73. Intriguingly, the term “sacrifice” aligns with the value of 73. Coincidence or deeper meaning?

Screenshot 2023 08 30 165146 1 -


The first noose was found in the Amazon warehouse on April 27th during the 13 days of preparation leading into Beltane.

13 Days Of Preparation Leading Into Beltane.

Louisiana’s flag is blue And Yellow!

The Beauregard Parish’s Tiger Island Fire recognized as the most extensive wildfire Louisiana has ever witnessed, grew twofold during the past weekend. On Sunday, fire authorities in the state declared that the blaze now engulfed an astonishing 33,000 acres, a significant increase from Friday’s estimation of 15,000 acres.

Tiger Island Fire, Largest In Louisiana's History, Doubles In Size

The national flag of Greece consists of blue and white stripes. Specifically, it has nine horizontal stripes of which five are blue and four are white. The top and bottom stripes on the flag are blue. In the upper left corner, there’s a blue square with a white cross, symbolizing Eastern Orthodox Christianity, which is the predominant religion in Greece.

I surmise that blue symbolizes plasma, while yellow embodies the sun, specifically pointing to the coronal mass ejections that revitalize ancient consciousness. It’s evident that efforts are being made to obscure the sun through chemtrails. The underlying motive, I suspect, is to prevent those who opted against the vaccine from realizing their inherent powers and activating their 12 strands of angelic DNA. Admittedly, the depths of the “blue code” remain a mystery to me. However, countries like Greece prominently feature the color blue, suggesting a significant link to this hue. Moreover, the fusion of blue and yellow bears importance, especially given its connection to the Illuminati’s coding during the coronavirus outbreak. While the emphasis might primarily be on the blue, the yellow traces back to 1717 – the founding year of the Freemasonic Mother Lodge in England.

 The Flames Of Transformation Engulf Greece As Well, A Land Ablaze With Its Own Narrative. Like A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes, The Nation's Blue Flag Flutters Amidst The Fiery Tempest, An Emblem Of Resilience Amidst Chaos.

The Last Blue Supermoon Until 2037 #237 at 23:00 min into the video I start my breakdown on this blog then I pass the Mic to Ani to Break down the Gama Code!

The gamma code is linked to the sun. It can awaken old memories and activate special parts in some people’s DNA. There are 12 Strands Of dormant angelic DNA. Some say parts of our DNA are useless, but that’s not true. Some think that blocking the sun and giving people shots is a way to stop them from getting special powers like moving things with their minds or reading thoughts. The Bible mentions that in the end times, the descendants of David will be like the Elohim. Elohim are beings with special powers. We’ve seen hints of this idea in movies like “Project Power” and superhero films like “X-Men.”

Everyone knows the government wouldn’t want people, especially those against vaccines, to have special abilities! The vaccine contains an ingredient that lets you connect to a virtual world or a simulation. This might prevent your special DNA from working. That’s why only a few, maybe around 144,000, won’t be tricked by this.

237 In Gematria

In the latest Indiana Jones installment, there’s a subtle moment right around the 24-minute mark. Though it’s easy to miss, if you replay it, you’ll catch him referencing a “blue line”, followed by a mention of a mirror with the power to obliterate entire cities. Intriguingly, he emphasizes “Syracuse” three times – and guess what? When decoded, ‘Syracuse’ equals 666.

But that’s not all! At precisely 24:43 into the film, there’s a fleeting shot of him perusing a paper as he sips his coffee before his lecture. On that paper is his full title: Dr. Henry Walton Jones Junior. Here’s where it gets fascinating: this name equates to 93 in Chaldean cipher. Coincidentally, ‘COVID-19 vaccination’ also resonates with the same 93 value in that cipher. And if you dive deeper into science, the 93rd element? Neptunium boasts an atomic weight of 237. This intriguingly links to the next blue moon, anticipated in 2037.

Oh, and the gamma code? Cracked at 237.

To further connect the dots, Neptunium is known for its radioactive properties. This ties into a theory I’ve been posting for some time: an impending narrative of a nuclear strike on American land. Neptunium, after all, is a radioactive isotope. The clues, it seems, are all around us.

Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny

Take a look at the intriguing code I pieced together today, linking the number 93 with Gilgamesh’s resurrection chamber, discovered in Iraq before our invasion. You can delve deeper into this connection through the provided link.

🎬 Indiana Jones Decoded 🎬

Pay attention when Indiana Jones speaks about a date, post his quip “I’m gonna have to spoon-feed it to you guys”. He mentions 213BC. Dive deeper, and you’ll find “genocides” resonates with the number 213 in the Latin gematria cipher. Coincidence or hidden layers of storytelling? What do you think? 🤔📜🔍

Genocides Equals 213 In Latin Gematria.


Rare Super Blue Moon Will Appear Wednesday — What It Is And How To See It

A supermoon takes place when the Moon is simultaneously in its full phase and closest to our planet. This spectacle, as detailed by NASA, happens just a handful of times annually. Yet, when two full moons grace a single month, the latter is termed a blue moon. Consequently, having two supermoons in one month gives us a “super blue moon.”

Though the super blue moon might not seem significantly larger than its usual size, its distinction is somewhat like comparing a quarter to a nickel in size. NASA, however, points out that it will shine brighter.

On Wednesday evening, at 9:36 p.m. Eastern Time, the Moon will emerge directly opposite the sun. Moreover, by around 8:42 p.m., you’ll be able to spot Saturn in proximity to the moon.

Rare Super Blue Moon Will Appear Wednesday — What It Is And How To See It
Rare Super Blue Moon Will Appear Wednesday — What It Is And How To See It
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  • Jacob Israel
5G Danger

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"Unveiling the Enigma: Sept 23rd Beckons with Intrigue!" featuring Jacob Israel a land ablaze with its own narrative. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes an emblem of resilience amidst chaos. and Doenut Ani Osaru Guy Tal Hurricane Idalia Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny missing children in Maui Rare Super Blue Moon Will Appear Wednesday — What It Is And How To See It The flames of transformation engulf Greece as well the nation's blue flag flutters amidst the fiery tempest Tommy Truthful YELLOW AND BLUE=1717

3 thoughts on “Blue Fire Code: “Unveiling the Enigma: Sept 23rd Beckons with Intrigue!” featuring Jacob Israel, Guy Tal, Tommy Truthful, Ani Osaru, and Doenut

  1. If people don’t realize by now this is a matter of life and death, there’s simply no hope for them.
    Is a blue flame the hottest of all the colors?
    Did Beyoncé have a Blue Ivy concert? Did you already decode it?
    Always enjoy your material. Thank you.

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