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CERN Triggered Global Chaos 22 Tornadoes Japans Earthquake Indonesias Volcano Dubais Flood!

By: Truth Mafia Podcast
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10:56 I totally messed up. I misread the High electronegativity. It’s not used to predict whether! I totally misread that. My apologies. It is used to predict whether a bond between an atom Will be ionic or covalent. It can also indicate whether the resulting molecules will be polar or nonpolar. You can compare their electronegativities to predict whether a bond between two atoms will be ionic or covalent. Not predict the actual weather, lol. If the electronegativity difference is more significant than 1.7, the bond is typically considered ionic. If the electronegativity difference is less than 1.7, the bond is usually covalent. ionic=17 In Chaldean gematria matching, HAARP=17 So we still have the connection to the number 17 with 1.7, And HAARP, which proves that everything is an organic source code, including me messing up at precisely 10 minutes and 56 seconds in! 911 is 156th prime – And I messed up 10:56, Which is 156. In numerology, you drop the zero. A hurricane lurked offshore of New York on September 11th. It literally stopped right off the shore as the towers were falling in total connection to HAARP. Erin-17 in PI Gematria Matching Aiwass=17 in PI Gematria The entity Crowley was summoning April 8th through April 10th. bush=17 in PI Gematria. He was the president of the United States during Hurricane Erin and the collapse of the Twin Towers! killing=17 in PI Gematria 9/11 was definitely a significant killing ritual. At 10 minutes and 56 seconds into the video where I messed up into the video where I messed up, I was talking about the killing of the children that drowned in the bus; in speaking of weather and HAARP taiwan=17 in PI Gematria That just got hit with the major earthquake that was induced by this geoengineering technology. water=17 in PI Gematria. That’s where the hurricane took place off the coast of New York during 9/11 in water it’s also where the kids died. They drowned in the water. Hurricane played a role on September 11th 2001 | But yes, I’m a human; I make mistakes. I saw the word weather, and I got all excited. My dyslexia kicked in. But one thing about me is that I will always admit when I make a mistake. Sorry guys. The rest of the info was on point. I always watch my videos two or three times. I take notes so I can see how to better myself and see what little things I do that annoy me when I’m watching it that way, I can try to stop doing them, so I don’t annoy my followers I really take what I do very seriously. Still, I am only a human, and I will always make mistakes the thing I can promise you is that I will always be a man and admit my mistakes. I have no ego, so I have no problem emitting if I mess up; I’m beyond the ego. n the context of weather modification or geoengineering, electronegativity may not directly play a role. These fields typically involve manipulating atmospheric conditions to influence weather patterns, such as cloud seeding or solar radiation management. However, understanding the concept of electronegativity can be useful in understanding chemical reactions that may occur due to these interventions. “I find it fascinating how everything is connected through source code. It’s amazing that we can predict future events and see things manifest before they actually happen. At 10:56 into this video, I made a mistake that added an even crazier connection to geoengineering, weather control, and the source code. Sincerely, Tommy.”

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➡ The podcast discusses severe weather events happening globally, with a focus on tornadoes in the US and heavy rainfall in Dubai. The host suggests that these events might be linked to the reactivation of CERN, a European research organization. The podcast also covers a recent earthquake in Japan and anticipates more due to increased solar activity. The host criticizes media outlets for spreading misinformation and encourages listeners to stay informed about these events.
➡ The speaker discusses various conspiracy theories, including the idea that we live in a simulation, the significance of the number 17 and its connection to the element chlorine, and the potential influence of CERN (a European research organization) on global events. They also mention a tragic event where children drowned, and suggest it might be part of a larger, sinister plan. They believe that these events are all connected and can be predicted through patterns, symbols, and numbers. They also discuss the potential for a shift to digital currency and the collapse of the physical dollar.
➡ The speaker discusses a volcanic eruption in Indonesia and criticizes the use of AI-generated images in news reports. They also express frustration with fake videos circulating on the internet, particularly on TikTok. The speaker then delves into conspiracy theories about particle accelerators, ancient rituals, and interdimensional entities. They believe these theories are connected to events like the volcanic eruption and the creation of AI-generated images.
➡ This text talks about various conspiracy theories, including the idea of an ancient energy grid created by extraterrestrials, which is now being used by the military. It also discusses the belief in interdimensional entities, fallen angels, and a false reality created by these beings. The author suggests that these theories are often dismissed or hidden to keep people from understanding the true nature of our world.
➡ Truthful TV is a platform that offers merchandise and services like readings to help you understand your role in life. The creator, Tommy, uses AI to create music and lyrics, expressing himself artistically. He also talks about concepts like Dreamwalkers, people who can enter others’ dreams, and the idea of life being a simulation controlled by AI. He encourages people to discover their truth and understand their unique abilities.


Harp CERN storms 2024 what is going on all around the world right now? There’s severe weather taking place everywhere. Not just America, not just Dubai, everywhere. And it seems to me, guys, that this crazy weather started happening right after CERN fired up again. Did you guys notice that? I mean, that’s what it seems like to me. I don’t know. Did they open up another portal? Welcome to another episode of the Truth Mafia podcast with your host, Tommy Truthful of truth Mafia comm and truthful tV.

com. We’re going to get into it today. This is called fair use and is allowed for purposes of criticism, news reporting, teaching and parody, which doesn’t infringe of copyright under 17 USC 107. So strange anomalies all over the world’s taking place. I mean, it’s crazy, guys. The severe storms ripped across the plains with at least 22 reported tornadoes across four states, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri. Residents capturing these terrifying images as menacing funnel clouds approached the suspected tornadoes, leaving a trail of damage in their wake.

Scary moments for drivers in Iowa who filmed the moment, a possible twister crossed a highway. That’s a big old tornado. Near Smithville, Missouri. Several roofs were torn off, buildings, and this camper flipped over debris now scattered throughout the town. At least two people have been injured in the storms. The area was also hit by strong thunderstorms with golf ball sized hail and wind gusts of up to 60 miles an hour.

Tonight, the region bracing for more severe weather with millions still under tornado watches. Dubai is underwater. And essentially it all happened because they mainly rained in Dubai and now it just won’t stop raining. So, Habibi, do not come to Dubai because it is a literal ocean right now. Okay, here’s a look at the Dubai airport. This is not fate. This is not like the day after tomorrow, whatever that movie is called.

It cannot stop raining in Dubai right now. The entire city’s underwater, right? They’re just operating underwater. Nobody can leave. The cars barely work. Look at this. All flights and whatnot. It doesn’t look like this has changed anytime soon. And Dubai, to do this thing called cloud seating, I’m not gonna pretend to know much about that. To me, it sounds a lot like they’re just, you know, creating weather.

They know they’re controlling the water, but, you know, I’m not going to get into that plot of me. But essentially, they started to cloud seed something that was banned in Tennessee recently, and this only made things worse. Like, they manufactured rain because it’s so hot over there. And then it just. It just didn’t stop raining. Here’s a look at the mall. Look at this guy. Where are you pushing the water? It’s like, oh, all these guys.

This guy just walked through his life. No big deal. You know, I’m a Dubai. What am I supposed to do? Look at this. Like people are just operating as if it’s normal. Look, she’s. Ah, there’s some places to go. There’s a crypto convention going on in Dubai right now. It was a fella on the bar trying to. You’re not going to fix that, buddy. I feel bad for him.

The city of Dubai’s infrastructure is not meant to. To handle all this water. They are not prepared. So what I noticed, like his video, you notice he had sound effects added to it with people screaming. There’s a lot of fake videos going around, guys. Yes, a major storm happened in Dubai, a big one. But a lot of these mainstream media, a lot of these TikTok people, they’re putting out disinformation, right? And we had these kids all drowned in the bus.

Now, that is crazy. What’s going on with the kids as the new movie, they drowned in a location spelled Oman. And then there’s that new movie out, the first omen, which. It’s pretty much the same word for real when you look into it. And where do they show us the predictive programming of kids dying in a bus? Remember that movie back in 2007, guys? Trick or treat. Yeah, right.

There it is. Predictive programming. You know what I mean? Kids drowning in a bus. So if you want to listen to a real person, that’ll keep you up to date on the weather instead of these mainstream people, because a lot of them lie. And I’m going to go over all the videos where they were lying. There’s definitely something going on with CeRN. Dubai, the skies turned green, just like before when they had a shut cern down.

Me and Donut did a phone call. I’ll play that in a minute. But my boy into the thin air, he is phenomenal, guys, and he does weather and stuff like that. And you can trust this dude. He’s not into putting out fake stuff. That’s why I really like him. Welcome back, everyone. April 17, 2024. A fairly large 6. 4 downgraded to a six three earthquake struck the southern area of Japan today, and it took place while we were taking somewhat of a beating from our sun.

And that’s not over yet. The last 24 hours on our sun haven’t been that bad. But the last 48 hours takes us back to a specific point where the sun let off a flare, and we should be expecting that around tomorrow. That left on the 15th. And as you could see on the left side there, we have a lot of different sunspots coming in that are getting very active.

They are interacting with each other, with the positive and negative parts of the sunspot, which then, in turn, sometimes cause very large solar flares, or cmes. And on top of that, those are known to cause earthquakes. So between the sun activity and the Japan quake, I’m putting out a major earthquake watch specifically for the western Pacific. But the entire ring of fire is not out of question. When the earthquake first hit, people were expecting a significant amount of damage.

A six four is pretty large. Japan is used to earthquakes of this size. Of course we know that. But part of the New York Post article goes on to say an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6. 4 hit southern Japan late on Wednesday. This came without a tsunami warning. So that is very important. If you see otherwise, it is probably not true. The epicenter was the bungo Channel, a strait separating the japanese islands of Kyushu and Shikoku, according to officials.

This website right here, the Japanese Times is calling it a 6. 6. So a little bit bigger than the 6. 4 that the USGS is saying. Here’s a look of all the earthquakes we’ve had in the last two days, or at least reported earthquakes. If we go ahead and change that to six, take a look at that. The only one, at least in the last two days has been Japan.

And because this area is so prone to big earthquakes, we need to be aware that this could be a foreshock to a bigger quake like we saw in Taiwan within just the last few weeks. So this entire area of the Ring of Fire, the western Pacific, is very much on watch, not only because it’s been showing signs of activity, but because the sun is now expected to show a lot more activity based on those sunspots we were just talking about, once again, you can see those all moving in from the left limb of the sun.

The ones closer to the equator of the sun are the ones we need to watch out for the most. Those are considered earth facing, and when they erupt, it takes about 36 to 48 hours for that to arrive to earth. And whatever area of the earth is facing the sun at that time usually gets those instant radio blackouts, Internet outages, sometimes cell phone interruptions, not to mention many, many studies going on now talking about how the effects of solar flares affect us as humans.

I think it’s safe to say that if the earth is affected by the sun, we are certainly affected by the sun. The user reports and detailed info go on to say this. A very strong magnitude 6. 3 earthquakes. Now that’s three different magnitudes are being reported for this quake, which is very frustrating to me because all these companies are trying to juggle these numbers to keep their averages at a certain spot and not reporting the actual info.

Now, as far as what this quake did, obviously you could see the island of Japan completely covered in reports of people feeling this quake. It’s officially going down as a 25. 7 kilometer in depth quake. And if you want to, you can actually scroll down to the bottom of this website and it’ll show you all these individual user reports and tell you what they felt. Some of them are pretty detailed, some of them get graphic.

So there’s a little warning for you. And one more thing I wanted to point out was take a look at New Jersey. We are still getting aftershocks a week after that large earthquake struck. The state that we reported on here right away, actually, it was one of our bigger videos that day. And as you can see, right near the Ramapo fault line, still there’s multiple aftershocks here within the last 24 hours.

I’m going to go ahead and keep it short and sweet for this one. I have a lot of info to get out for you today. Please go over and check out the x channel as well as Instagram. We have a lot more content over on those platforms as well. And tell me your thoughts. Let me know if you heard anything weird about this quake and we will take it from there.

I appreciate you all. See you in the next one. Take care. Bye bye. Shout out to him. I actually reached out to him to get him up on truth mafia. com. See, he’s a real one. He keeps it real. So this is the place. See how it’s about oma n and the kids died in the bus, drowning. And then Oman is 17, matching heart. It’s also nibiru to guys and element 17 is chlorine.

Now, what I found interesting, you know me, I like to decode because we’re living in some type of a simulation. It’s the only thing that makes sense. That’s why all the numbers are encoded. If you look at cities from above, they are literally circuit boards. I mean, we are in a simulation. They argue with each other whether it’s flat or a spinning ball. It’s neither. It’s a simulation.

Now. It is an enclosed simulation. We do have some type of a dome over it with an world below it, and that’s. You can’t escape that. It’s called the soul net, so you’re not getting out of that. But this element right here, element 17, chlorine, guess what it’s used for besides cleaning your swimming pool? Well, you know me, I’m going to look into it. So chlorine has a high electro negative electronegativity, and electronegativity is used to predict weather, and I probably butchered that electronegativity.

I hope I said that right, but it’s used to predict whether a bond between an atom. So this. This element is used to predict whether the kids drowned in this event on the 15th, right? Well, that’s when the story breaks. I don’t know if it actually. They drowned it on the 15th, um, or the 16th, but the story’s breaking on the 16th, 17th. Everyone’s talking about it. And what’s in two days, guys? On the 19th, the 13 days of preparation going into Beltane, which is a 13 day festival of child sacrifices.

I told you to watch out for children dying, and now we have children drowning, which we seen the predictive programming of that event in the movie that I just showed you. They always like to show us in the movies. And now we have the first omen out, which is very similar to the location. It’s actually considered the same freaking word when you really break it down phonetically. And again, predictive programming.

Go back and watch. Trick or treat. The parents paid this bus driver to murder all these kids. I mean, it’s crazy. It’s crazy. I was reading about it this morning, and let’s not forget the last time all this crazy weather happened. CERN shut down and went on a three year hiatus. Well, they just broke, you know, the record and energy again. Back in 2022, they broke the world record in energy.

Now they did it again. And the day all this starts with Dubai and everything. That was Cern’s last day going online. Well, if you guys remember, this is around the same time back in 2017 when we had them crazy pictures. And this is off of Sun Media, mainstream publication now, of course, they were making fun of us all conspiracy theorists talking about portals opening above CERN. I know you guys remember them pictures.

They were, like, super famous. And that was due to the awake experiment. Remember that one when. What were they awaking? What are they awaking with all these crazy movies right now? Well, it’s the Antichrist, the coming of the fallen. They are trying to release these fallen entities and you. And. Guys, I’m not even religious. I tell you that all the time. And I know what they’re doing. They.

They believe in it, so you don’t have to believe in it. And you don’t have to be religious to believe in the creator. You understand what I’m saying? I just don’t believe in organized religion because it’s used to control us. And right as this was going on in Dubai, that’s when we had the blackout with the me with the weather. Remember, I warned you about this a couple days ago, on the 15th, the day the story broke.

I said, guys, there’s blackouts going out with the weather right now with the weather services. They’re up to something. And if you watch my last four decodes, they’ve suppressed the last two of them really bad. So make sure you go look and find them, because they’re trying to hide them. If you go watch the last couple ones, guys, you’ll see everything that’s happening right now. I predicted it.

I clearly told you what to watch out for, what was going to happen. And everything that I said was going to happen came true. And I’m surely not a psychic. You know, it’s just pattern recognition. I speak the language of the elite, which is symbols and numbers. Right? Just like that event we had with the collapse, this fire breaking out in the 40 zero year old stock exchange building.

Look what it says on the side. Fear nothing. And then it shows, just for a split second. Batman. You see that? The Batman symbolism is deep, guys. And that was with Matthew Perry, Matman. It’s all connected to. Look, there’s the x still there’s the X representing Osiris and fear nothing equals 117, matching a nuclear war and crash market which they’re going to collapse the currency. That’s why it was a 400 year old stock exchange when they killed Jacob Rothschild.

And he could have died of old age, but they still waited to bring that to the public on the day they did for a reason. That was a major ritual. And when the bridge went down. The bridge connects the banks over the current. It’s all connected to maritime law. This is major rituals bringing forth the collapse of the physical dollar to flip us into a digital currency. That that’s what it is.

And I had a phone call with me and my brother Donut. I’ll let you take a listen to this and then we’ll go over some of the fake news that’s going around right now. And I got a few more stories for you guys. Tommy truthful. Call me right now. Yo, I’m live. I’m live streaming right now. I’m live streaming about CERN. Can I put you. Put you on.

On speaker? Okay. Yo, we got Tommy truthful here with us. What up, Tommy? Smash that, like, button. Smash that, like, button. Smash that, like, button. Thank you, Tommy. What are you up to? You know, uh, just looking at the news, man. Seems like everything’s going crazy right now, seeing all this stuff going on in by all the weather, bro. And it’s right after CERN. Right. You know what I mean? Right.

Continue. CERN goes back online, and then the body floods. All these kids die on this bus, which I talked to you a little bit about that. That name is very similar to that new movie that came out. The omen. Yeah. Yes. And that was on April 15, right before, you know, we’re coming up to the 13 days of preparation. So, dude, I just believe they’re messing with stuff with CERN that is causing all this stuff to happen.

What are your thoughts on that? Absolutely, bro. That’s what I was talking about. So I’m happy that you brought that up. I was showing everybody that Dubai turned green when CERN is activated. Yesterday was the last day that CERN was activated, and Dubai turned green just like the last time it turned green in Sioux Falls. So I wonder what’s going on in Dubai. If they got any kind of dark matter there.

I don’t know. Do they? Got me. Um. Do they got any particle accelerators over there? Probably in Dubai, right? Super rich. Probably. Probably. They be Ballin there’s so many fake videos going around. Like, there’s all these videos on TikTok showing tornadoes in Dubai. There was not no tornadoes in Dubai. Just to let all audience know that. Really? No, dude, they got a fire tornado, and it’s like a giant tornado full of fire.

And it sounds like a damn Trex is in the background, so, you know, they’re good to come out with all the fake stuff. And you talked about that before, how they flood the truth or community with fake stuff, right? Right. Yeah. That is absolutely. Would be cracker lacking. Yep. So the. The skies turn green, just like last time me and donut had the conversation. Sorry the audio wasn’t the best.

Did they open some portal? Is that why we’re seeing the weather anomalies all over the world, you know, and. And now they have released a tsunami warning. Um, shout out to my boy in the air, because they did not release a tsunami warning with the japanese one, but they did with this indonesian one. And he’s talking about the ring of fire. Well, this is right there. You know what I mean? And volcanic eruption in Indonesia.

Alerts raised. They’re evacuating people out of here, guys. They’re getting people up out of here. But what I do notice is they keep changing the headlines, too. Like he said, though, they’ll change the magnitude of the quakes. And different companies, they. It’s something weird going on. I think it’s all AI. I think it’s a. I run in some of these stories. The. Because, you know, they’re using AI now, guys, and I’m just gonna tell you this.

I dropped that picture into the AI app detector. I’ll do a video on it tomorrow. I forgot to screenshot it, and it detected it as 90% created by AI. And that’s on a mainstream media source. So if. Okay, so. So I believe that a volcano blew up over there. But why would you morons use an AI generated image to. For a story? You know what I mean? At least if you’re gonna do that down here, put AI generated image so we know that it was just a thumbnail for clickbait.

You know what I mean? Like, on the intro, obviously, you guys can tell I created this, right? That’s not real. And when I was doing my intro part, this one I made. This one I made. But I’m always gonna tell you and be very transparent, this was just part of my intro as I was breaking it down. Like, this one, too. Created that. Now, the ones that are going viral on the Internet that are so fake, and it’s so annoying to me.

Here’s the first one. Look at this, guys. Fake. So, you guys know I use AI to create art all the time. I use it as a tool. Like, if I’m writing, I use it for Grammarly and spell check or to ask it questions, stuff like that. But all the videos with the fake tornadoes in them, they’ll all have this crazy sound effect over it, too. And it sounds like freaking, uh, t rex or something.

It’s over the video. Another, uh, here, let’s go to another fake one. I mean, there’s so many fake ones now. It’s crazy. Like, come on, dude. We know there’s no fire volcano or fire tornado in Dubai. Tornado and flood all over Dubai today. So what they’re doing is mixing images. Yeah, there was a flood, but that tornado wasn’t there. There was a flood, but the tornado wasn’t there.

You get what I’m saying, guys? And Tommy’s always gonna keep it real with you. I will never lie to you. Now, that’s very deceptive to do that. And you know how many views these two videos have? This one right here has almost a million views. And this one, I think, was at, like, 600,000. And you should read the comments on them, guys. I. You see the. I left the person’s TikTok name on there so you guys can go watch it, because the people in the comments, it shows how dumbed down society is.

Most of them believe it. I mean, TikTok is full of the most dumbest people in the world. Every time I put videos up on TikTok, they take my videos down. So they don’t let real content go up anyways. They censor it, but they let a bunch of fake stuff go up. And then when they took me down because I broke down the bridge ritual, they told me for misinformation because I said the bridge ritual was controlled.

And they let videos like that go around with freaking fire tornadoes and stuff. Well, that’s total misinformation. You know what I mean? I mean, and with my decodes, I’m giving my perspective all the time, which I happen to know. My perspective is 100% right, and. But I’m not perfect. Well, do I get things wrong? Of course I do. But I’m talking about the numbers and the symbols. I know what they mean.

You know, I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’m not just guessing. I’m not making something up. Gematria has been around for thousands of years. The chaldean cipher, you know, that? Based on one through eight. Then the sepentry cipher is based on one through seven. These cyphers have been around forever, man. Chaldean has been around since the beginning of time, you know, goes back to the Akkadians.

So this ain’t nothing new that someone just made up. It’s. It’s very real. But that just irritates me that they put this fake stuff out. It’s so annoying. And. And I asked AI, I’m like, okay, well, copilot, where are all the particle accelerators around the world? And first it tried to lie to me. I should have recorded that part, because it is very deceptive. So you got to be very specific on what you ask it.

And as you see here in this top corner, there’s the picture it gives me, because first it tried to tell me the only particle accelerator was CERN, which I knew that was a lie. I’m like, no, there’s multiple particle accelerators. I started naming the ones in America, the one in Tennessee, the one in Chicago. And then when it realized that, it’s like, oh, shit, you know, he knows.

And it gave me all the real information on where these particle accelerators are. And here’s a map, because people just think of CERN, but these. These particle accelerators, different type of accelerators, they’re all over the world, and they’re putting them on certain ley lines and energy points known as dragon lines, these energy grids. That’s what they’re putting them on. They’re doing an ancient alchemical summonsing ritual. And if you look back in the ancient times, when they summons the God Enlil, which is an anunnaki is a fallen angel, when they summons the God Enlil, it had to be done in every language known to man.

And this ties into the tower of Babel, which was Stargate technology. They were trying to build a stairway to heaven to take war to the creator. Now, they have these glass plates at CERN with every language known to man. I wrote a blog about it before every language on it. And it’s built on these ancient dragon lines, these ancient ley lines, because they’re summonsing something. They’re summoning something.

And let me just play a little something about ley lines. Now, there’s certain things in this video I don’t agree with as far as what they’re talking about with extraterrestrials. I think they’re inter. I do believe there are entities. I just don’t think they’re from a faraway star system. I think they’re coming interdimensionally. They were talked about in the Bible back in the egyptian times. The ogdo, the eight primordial creator deities with heads of frogs and serpents.

In the Bible, it talks about unclean spirits with the heads of frogs. Pretty much what Crowley was summonsing on April 10, the day CERN was running experiments. And then when we look at that story where they shut down back in 2017, what day was it? Oh, April 10. Yeah, April 10. That was the last day of Crowley’s ritual. And when. When Crowley passed on his knowledge to Jack Parsons, the rocket engineer for parsons, where we work for Parson, I forget the name of the laboratory, but he supposedly died in this lab accident.

But he was one of Crowley’s proteges, and he did this experiment called the Babylon workings, where they awoke something, and they opened an interdimensional gateway. And after they did that out west here in America, man, that’s going to drive me nuts. That rocket laboratory he worked at, I know someone in the comments will say it, and then it would drive me nuts because I’ll see it, but because it wasn’t NASA, it was something else.

But he did do. He did work with NASA as well, but it was like Parsons labs or something. I can’t remember. They say he dies in this lab experiment, which it doesn’t seem to be true. And they did this ritual birthing this moon child. Now they say the fetus was really born, and they took the fetus of that moon child and put it in the first nuclear bomb that was dropped over Hiroshima.

I’m not saying whether this is true or not, but this is what the, what the theory is on it. And it was an ancient alchemical ritual of a homunculus where they were raining hellfire on their enemies. So it took the fetus of this moon child. And you know, my brother Juan from the one on one podcast, he really gets into the homunculus and could get more into that for you guys.

Just ask him. Say, hey, Tommy was talking about they put the fetus in the first bomb that they let off over Hiroshima. And he told us to ask you about it. He’ll break it down for you guys. Juan from the one on one podcast, you can find him up on truth mafia. com. He has some phenomenal information on alchemy and homunculuses and what, they were creating these golems because they.

They’re still doing it today, creating these golems where they made the golems out of clay, and then they would put a sacred word on its head and it would animate and come to life, and they were trapping demons in these things. And Homunculus, that gets into some crazy thing because it ties into sodomy. And they were creating anal homunculi, which I’m not even going to get into that.

That’s a little too deep for this show. Put it some demonic possession type stuff. You know, that they were putting entities into these things and. Yeah, it’s next level. They’re still doing this today. Man. These people are out of their minds. But these dragon lines. Okay, let’s take a look at this. Oh, this is the wrong video. My bad. This one, let me show you this one first, though.

Then I’ll play the other one. Okay. This is going to show you mount Hermon. This is where the 200 fallen angels descended on the 33rd parallel. Watch, you’ll see this UN base. So this was a portal. This is where the fallen angels brought this forbidden knowledge to man that we were not supposed to have. See that un base right there? That is this. And it has an eight pointed star on it.

Look over to the. See that eight pointed star? Kind of looks like a flower. 1234-5678 what’s eight pointed star represent? It’s. It’s Nibiru. Dimension X. Anana’s name in cuneiform. Why? Meta changed their logo to the eight. All this eight symbolism. The shot shooting we just had in Chicago with the eight year old girl died. Count the bars inside Cern’s hydron collider, which also, look at it for real.

It represents. I’m not even going to go down that road because it’s too deep for some people. But it gets in. Into ancient sodomy. That’s all I’m gonna tell you. If you really look at it. I mean, you know what I’m saying? It’s supposed to represent Lucifer’s a noose. And how many bars are around there? 1234-5678 just like in front of the Vatican. There’s the eight spokes on the wheel, and the ogdoad, the eight primordial creator deities with the heads of frogs, heads of serpents that they’re trying to release.

They’ve been working with these inter dimensional reptonoid entities, man. That’s what they’re working with. And that’s a portal on Mount Hermon, which is on this ancient grid system, these ancient ley lines. Auckland, New Zealand, 1997. Retired military and commercial airline pilot, Bruce Cathy, publishes his book, the Energy Grid. In it, he details his experience observing UFO’s during his time working for the New Zealand military. He noted that these crafts were always following straight lines.

After mapping them, he discovered that they followed a distinctive grid pattern. Additionally, while flying over some of these zones, he also noticed that various structures were actively being built along the paths. Bruce Cathy maintained that the american military, starting in World War two, had also figured out this special grid that surrounded the entire planet, and that the military was using certain spots on the earth to build military bases and other structures.

Cathy suggested that the extraterrestrial craft may have been drawing power off the grid, and that after world War two and the Roswell incident, military personnel around the world had become aware of this UFO connection. So here we have an ancient grid structure, probably built by extraterrestrials, possibly to power their craft, that’s now being reconstructed today by the military. Could it be that ancient structures throughout the world were designed to function together as part of a massive energy grid? And did the architects intentionally leave behind information for us to find once we had the technological knowledge to recognize the system? Auckland.

Yeah, it was an energy grid, but it’s all holographic in nature. And it wasn’t aliens. You guys made that word up. A lie is literally in the word alien. You know, I’m saying they’re fallen angelic entities. They’re interdimensional. They’re. They’re reptilians. But the word alien is a new word. They weren’t called that, okay? That’s a new word they made for them. And this grid system is very real.

The tartarian empire. They had their whole cities and their all their technology set up, built on this grid system, pooling this free energy. Tesla perfected it, and we were pulling this energy out of the ether, which only works in a holographic simulation. So I’ve explained this before. What’s really spinning around us is the firmament. It’s the Taurus field. Everything’s electromagnetic. That’s what’s spinning. Then inside there, it’s a flat plane, like a circuit board.

And then there’s a whole another dimension below it. An underworld. Right? So it’s not like they show us. Everything they show us is a lie. They love the lie to us, too, because they don’t want us to know the true knowledge. But just like they built the base on Mount Hermon where the fallen angels descended and gave us this type of technology that they were just talking about that they call aliens.

Now, they’re not all bad, just like you have the reptilian ones. You have angelic ones, too, that have angelic technology. I mean, look at God source consciousness. He literally spoke us into existence with the spoken word. He created this whole matrix through speaking some type of angelic technology that he could speak. And it created, you know, it was some type of ancient technology. And in the organic grid, the organic matrix, there’s nothing wrong with it.

It’s a beautiful thing. It was for us to come down here and learn and educate ourselves, right? But they hijacked it. These interdimensional fallen angelic reptilian entities known as the Archons, they hijacked it and injected an AI overlay. So now they have. They created a copy of the original, the phantom matrix, as it’s known. And that’s what they’ve entrapped a lot of people in, especially all these NPC’s.

They’re completely controlled by this false grid system. But, you know, I had to cover this, guys, because there’s a lot of disinformation going on right now. And you know me, I got to keep it real with you guys. I just did a members only video that’s on Truth mafia. com and for all my members, you can go check it out. It’s almost 2 hours long. Decode the whole new series Fallout, which is predictive programming of an upcoming major nuclear event, genetic modification where they’re modifying these people.

You see the dude that looks like Freddy Cougar on the COVID He takes these inhalers and he’s been alive for several hundred years. But when they stop, when they run out of them, it’s some type of drug that they start to turn into like a zombie. They’re called ghouls. They start to tweak out and eat people and eat flesh. It’s crazy. So there’s that demonic element to it through life extension technology, us manipulating the human genome, which we know they do with their black goo, their nanotech, their graphene oxide, trying to live forever, live as gods.

And that’s what they’re gonna end up creating because it is a storehouse for demonic consciousness. So you get to watch the whole series with me. I decoded every episode and it’s not me just showing you slides or not. Nowhere watching it and showing you the movie. The series clips because it’s on Amazon prime. It was originally a video game. And if you’re not a member, you can become a made member of the truth Mafia.

The link is in my bio on Instagram. If you’re on YouTube, it’s down in the description which now you can click on. They were stopping people from being able to click on the link and on Facebook. It’s also in the description. I got a couple other things I want to show you before we go, but I just dropped a new song for this whole situation going into bot.

What’s going on in Dubai. I want you guys to take a listen and let me, you know, leave your thoughts in the comments. Let me know what you thought. And I will also offer this tomorrow up on truthfultv. com. So if you’re not a member and you don’t feel like paying $8. 88 a month to become a member, which gets you access to our whole back catalog, all of our members only videos, our members only WhatsApp group where you can talk to Tommy and all the first player characters.

We don’t let many NPC’s in there, you know, the few sneak in because they pay for membership I think come in and try to infiltrate. But uh, we get them up out of there quick. I just refund them and get them up out of there now. Um, I will have this up on truthfultv. com where I do my readings and my personal decodes to tell you whether you’re a first player character or an NPC and you’ll be able to buy it for like $3.

I’ll keep it real cheap so everyone can afford it because I put in hours and hours. This video took me over four days to create. And unfortunately, guys, it takes me a lot of money to run truthmafia. com and truthfultv. com. Truthmafia. com is over eight grand a month and no one helps me. You know, I pay for all that by myself. It costs me for each video that gets put up there is $2.

40. So you see how many videos are going up there a day. I don’t mind because I make money in other areas to pay for it. And I love doing it because it helps to get the truth out. So it doesn’t really matter, but it’s a great way for you guys to support. You can go over to our shop on truthful tv, grab some merchandise. We got some of the best merchandise that really protects you against black magic, dark energy, 5g, all of that.

We got all the best jewelry, metaphysical jewelry over there on truthful tv. com that links in the bio and in the description. Or you can book a reading and find out your role in the simulation. But let’s take a listen. Yeah we exposing the high angel tech weather on a stripe cloud seeding in Dubai flooding through the night they control in the skies yet so light falling energetic tag watch the storms multiply from the bright to the way see the earth’s cry wildfires blazing from Spain to La Netflix and chill while the world’s indicate tornadoes sweeping dreams all the way we sit on couches and bad days we stay my control yeah they dumbed us down like clowns in a circus we just go round and round operation marking birds youth nowhere to be found that we’re trolling they control in the sky there’s no light fallen energetic take watch the storms multiply from goodbye to the best hear the earth’s cry all believing in the final days open up your eyes vaccines to weather control so fast stargates return the die is cast mortals to chaos Tony got the truth holding fast all the truth and more yeah you know where to go truth truthful Tv wake up from the summer let the real truth wake a real truth yeah truthful under Mike.

I hope y’all like that. Yeah, I wrote the lyrics, did the beat by myself. And believe it or not, people are like, yo, Tommy, where you get all these artists? Oh, I create them. I create them. Artists. Don’t you ever notice the one video I said, tommy, truthful and little AI? Only, only my people caught on to it. Yes, I created the artists. I made my own artists.

I have several different artists. One that sounds like an english person, one that sounds like a west coast rapper. And I create it with AI. The lyrics I write myself, the music I create myself. I never been much of a singer or a rapper, but I’ve always loved to create beats and the music. You know, I’m a life path three. So I like to express myself artistically in many different fashions, but the singing part just is not me.

And I think it’s really cool to be able to do that. And for so long, people have never known, you know, I just am very transparent with you guys. I keep it real. I mean, I wrote many blogs about it, but anytime people ask in the comments, if you look in the comments, I always tell them, yeah, yeah, I created that person. I created that rapper, that little AI or one I called little IA 19.

And only my decoders knew, you know, because it’s AI and backwards, and 19 is off, obviously, AI. So, yeah, I hope you guys liked it. I thought it was pretty cool. And if you want to find out your role in this simulation we call life, you can come over on truthfultv. com, find out if you’re a first player character or a non player character connected to that 64 number.

Or maybe you got the rare neo code, the number 36. Are you controlled by the AI, or are you one of these first player characters that are breaking free? Because not all the first player characters are free@truthfultv. com. Comma, we decode your name using Gematria, and we give you the answers to this. We also cover your life path number, your destiny card, your birth cards. Did you never feel like you quite fit in? This is usually a first player character, and the dream state is most important.

Are you what is known as a dream walker? Have you ever heard of this? Many first player characters have certain abilities. So have you ever heard of Dreamwalkers? Dreamwalkers are able to enter other people’s dreams. Have you ever been in a dream and you were not really able to recognize faces and people or landscape in the situation, but you were kind of seeing it from another person? That’s because you really were you entered someone else’s body and you’re what’s known as a dream walker.

Telekinesis is 36, or telepathy is 36. Dreamwalker is 36. In the movie Doctor Sleep, that little black girl, that them evil archonic entities that kill the children and harvest their energy. Remember, they were scared of that little black girl because she was a telepathic dreamwalker. She was able to hurt them in the physical, in the astral plane, she could really hurt them. So really powerful dreamwalkers that carry the neocode, they usually have remote viewing capabilities.

They’re not able to just dream walk in the dream state. They can actually do it in the physical state, too, where they go into a meditative state and can take over certain people’s body, like in the physical. There’s many studies written on this. The CIA have declassified many documents, and they were actually stealing children with certain abilities. Stephen King wrote many books on it. I’ve talked about it a lot of times.

The institute, it. These children with the shine, that shine. Remember that in Doctor sleep, all the kids with the shine, that’s how Rose could find them, because she was a telepathic astral projector, dreamwalker. And she could go in the astral state and find their kind of glow. Because certain kids with certain abilities, they shine. And these entities call them archons, reptilians, whatever you want to call them, they’re attracted to these, these children, like a moth to a flame.

And once you’re aware of what you truly are, then these entities are aware of what you truly are. So it is a double edged sword. The elites know exactly who we are based on our star chart. Just like in the movie Jupiter ascending. They know exactly who you are, how many reincarnations you’ve had, who you were in your last reincarnation, if you have telepathy, if you’re a dream walker, they know whether or not to be scared of you.

You know what I’m saying? And most of them are scared of you. And especially when you realize what you truly are, then they’re really scared of you now. You ain’t the one running. They are. And with that being said, that link is in the bio on Instagram and in the description on all other platforms. Check us out. Book your decode. It’s ten to 14 days from your booking date, and you receive your full d code via email.

That’s just how long it takes, guys. We’re booked out, so it’s never gonna change. You know, it’s a little time you gotta wait for it. But it’s well worth the wait. And I promise you it’s the most detailed breakdown you will ever find out about yourself. With that being said, I love y’all walking through life like it’s all preset controlled by a force we need the mad e waste quantum leap in the shadows it creeps are we three or tethered in digital dream puppet strings pulled by an unseen hand a super AI across the land are you an NPC or do you hold the key in the simulation call life where will you be controlled by the AI or breaking free? Discover your truth untruthful tv.

com and see every step you take every move you make are you awake or just part of the fake energy siphon discerns deep laps or are you the hero taking jabs but not the COVID shots it’s time to question time to deal code the matrix of life ahead below with are you an NPC or do you hold the key in the simulation we call life or will you be controlled by the call and no breaking free unlock your role on truthfultv.

com let’s see find your script in this cosmic play on Instagram linking bio don’t delay across platforms the description holds the clue use promo code because the matrix it’s your jew. .

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3 thoughts on “CERN Triggered Global Chaos 22 Tornadoes Japans Earthquake Indonesias Volcano Dubais Flood!

  1. Hey Tommy I know you’re right. I have been under attack so bad you are totally right. I have neo code 36 and the neo code 49 and 112 telepathy and I don’t really know what else. 3 birth cards in tarot. I heard that’s really rare. I don’t know alot about this
    But it explains what has been happening to me. I pretty much was totally shunned by most of my family and was poisoned from occupational exposure aka shedding aka self spreading technology. Dude I thought I was going to die. It was unbelievable. Please Tommy 🙏 if I could buy some of your time I would greatly appreciate it. Nothing creepy just a phone call. Lol 😆 I’m trying to find my purpose in the simulation. But I’ve been so sick and distracted by severe spiritual attacks all over the place. But now I know what has been happening. Give me a text or email if you have any time?Thanks brother

    1. You just gotta start protecting yourself start working on your abilities I want you to take out at least 17 minutes every night 17 is a very powerful number with manifestation neo equals 17 in Chaldean use that 17 minutes to meditate and do visualization exercises if you want to work on remote viewing visualize yourself being able to remote view the more you practice on it and fine tune your skills the better you will become I’m working on a massive blog on dream walking.

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