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Chronos, The Secret Symbols of Saturn

By: Tommy Truthful
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5G Danger

Chronos, The Secret Symbols, and… The Cubes From Mecca to Thessaloniki…

I discovered an incredible blog that I highlighted during the podcast where I was interviewing Marco. The entire blog was in Greek. Fortunately for you, I speak the language. So, I thought, why not translate it for you? Here’s the translation into English so you all can enjoy it.

Chronos, The Secret Symbols

Dark forces have existed since the beginning of human history, hidden behind religions and priesthoods in every culture that has passed through the planet. Over the centuries, their names changed, but they have always been the same dark, underground forces…

CHRONOS The ancient god Chronos has been worshipped on Earth for thousands of years… and this has never stopped. It is believed that the Cronian era was the time when Hesiod’s “golden race” fell several ranks… it was the era when the Cronian priesthoods – eternal enemies of Hellenism – ruled Atlantis and Babylon, naturally resulting in the hostility of the Atlanteans and Persians against the Greeks.

Chronos, The Secret Symbols

As strange as it may seem to some, the worship and rituals dedicated to Chronos and what he represents continue to this day, with the majority of his “followers” belonging to the upper echelons, as their “philosophy” perfectly aligns with Chronos. Naturally, his “worshippers” use various “secret” symbols (some dating back to the distant past), among which are the cube, the hexagon, the 6-pointed star (hexagram), the rings (of the eponymous planet), the inverted 5-pointed star, the number 666, etc. We encounter these symbols everywhere… or rather, we are literally bombarded with them, whether in the entertainment industry, as corporate logos, in various forms of art… and of course, the limited number of these symbols in relation to their frequent appearance excludes the possibility of being random.

The “Cronians” have chosen these symbols with a “secret” meaning, using them as their insignia to show us that they possess and control everything, even if our ignorance often prevents us from realizing what these symbols represent and what is truly happening around us.

Chronos, The Secret Symbols

MYTHOLOGY In Greek Mythology, Chronos was the leader of the first generation of Titans who ruled during the “golden age” after he defeated and overthrew his father Uranus. Fearing a similar fate, he swallowed the children his wife Rhea gave birth to until she hid their last child, Zeus, from him and instead gave Chronos a rock to eat. When Zeus grew up, he freed his siblings by making Chronos drink poison. In the ensuing war between the Titans and the Olympians (Titanomachy), which lasted 10 years, Chronos and his Titan allies were defeated by Zeus and the Olympians and were chained up and imprisoned deep within the Earth (Tartarus).

Chronos, The Secret Symbols

The ancient god Cronus is essentially identified with evil today, whatever name each person gives to him (Devil, Eosphoros [1], Lucifer, Yahweh, etc.). Thus, this association of his by many with the “Devilish” forces of our time results in even some classic Satanic symbols being considered Cronian. Let’s see them…

    The rings that surround the planet Saturn (Κρόνος) naturally constitute a widely recognized symbol of him. Many, including Jordan Maxwell (as he mentions in his book “Matrix of Power”), believe that the ring people use when they get married was and continues to be a symbol of the god Cronus. In the same book, Maxwell mentions that the same Cronian symbolism was applied to the shaving of the heads of Catholic monks, who left only a “ring” around [2]. Similarly, the round cap “varmulke” of the Jews – known to most as kippah – seems to symbolize something similar, and we cannot overlook its “curious” resemblance to the zuccetto of the Popes…
  • Chronos, The Secret Symbols
  • A “prominent” position in the realm of symbolic hats is, of course, occupied by the “Saturno”, known as the “cappello romano” of the Catholic priests. Beyond its shape, as its name clearly suggests, it refers to the planet Saturn (Κρόνος). It is usually black in color and is adorned with ribbons of various colors, which correspond to their hierarchical ranks. The Pope’s hat is red with golden ornaments.Note: The “Saturno” or “cappello romano” is a type of hat often worn by Catholic clergy, and its design does indeed resemble the rings of the planet Saturn.
  • Chronos, The Secret Symbols
  • However, beyond these, the rings of Saturn appear (or are believed to appear) in various company logos, as indicated below…
  • Chronos, The Secret Symbols
  • Chronos, The Secret Symbols
  • but also are showcased (without any room for misinterpretation) through popular artists…
  • Saturn-Michael-JacksonThe HexagonSince 2004, when NASA’s Cassini spacecraft approached Saturn, it has been capturing images of, among other things, the planet’s North Pole. These series of photos reveal a mysterious and impressive regular hexagon, which scientists have yet to explain. This structure is almost four times the size of Earth. Strong cyclonic winds blow around it, and the enigmatic hexagon changes its colors over time. This color transformation may likely be attributed to the planet’s seasonal changes.However, what’s particularly intriguing is whether this represents ancient knowledge, the metaphysical, a “divine coincidence,” or anything else one might imagine. Both the six-pointed star and the hexagon were symbols associated with the worship of Saturn, centuries before NASA’s photos revealed the hexagon at the planet’s pole.
  • Saturn Voreios Polos 1 -


By extension of Saturn’s hexagons, the cube is also considered a symbol of it, since in a two-dimensional plane it forms a hexagon. Thus, if we look intently, we will see cubes (usually black) scattered everywhere that inevitably point us in the same direction…

Saturn Ejagwno Kyvos Polou -


The most well-known black cube is the Kaaba (Al-Kaaba = The Cube) located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the holy city of Muslims. Every year, millions of believers gather to perform the circular motion around it, representing (according to some) the motion of clouds around the hexagons of Saturn’s poles (you can see the similarity in the following video) or (according to others) the rings that surround Saturn, however, in both interpretations, giving their energy to the “dark” force.

This sacred facade has been linked to major mass tragedies. Thousands of Muslims have taken their last breath in Mecca (and its suburb Mina), with the climax on September 24, 2015, when more than 700 people were killed in a stampede. Many believe it was another sacrifice. A sacrifice was made on the most energetic cube of Saturn on Earth, a day after the Autumn Equinox, while during those days the Pope was in New York, where he conducted a “memorial prayer” at Ground Zero, the site of the Twin Towers, where another sacrifice had taken place in the past and where there are also two black cubes… At both sites, there are cube “monuments,” perhaps to remind the collective memory of who is the “lord of this world”…

Saturn Mecca Ground Zero -

In the Jewish religion, we encounter the black cube with the name “Tefillin”. The Tefillin, also called “phylacteries” (from the Greek word “φυλακτόν” meaning guard – protection), is a small leather cube containing a small parchment rolled in the form of a cylinder, with verses from the Torah. It is worn on the forehead or on the arm (bicep) by Jewish men during morning prayers. (Note: The word “tefillin” grammatically is in the plural form, while the singular (meaning the individual one) is “tefillah”).

Chronos, The Secret Symbols

When searching for cubes and taking a quick tour around the world, we can see indicatively… … in New York, the new entrance of the Apple store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan (left image: during its construction, right image: after its completion). It is noted that the store is located beneath the glass cube, to which the entrance is made from a staircase located on the cube’s floor.

Saturn Kybos Nea Yorki 1 -

Again, in New York… The sculpture is called “Alamo”, “Cooper Cube”, or simply “The Cube” and is situated in the middle of Astor Place in New York. It’s said that the name “Alamo” was given because the cube exhibited an “impenetrable strength” similar to that demonstrated during the last stand at the famous Texas fortress (no comment)…

Saturn Kybos Nea Yorki 2 -

… in Prague. In the black cube measuring 7x7x7 meters, a panoramic projection is held with optical signals emitting sound in a clean data environment. It was a gateway to both a virtual and very real world…

Saturn Kybos Praga -

Once again in the Czech Republic… The cube located in the city of Brno is constructed from black granite, has an edge of 3.14m and stands as a monument for the Jews and Roma, victims of World War II. There is a flow of water beneath the cube as a symbol of purification and forgiveness.


… in Hamburg, the “Cube Hamburg 2007” standing 46 feet tall, was constructed with fabric and placed in front of Hamburg’s oldest museum …

Saturn Kybos Germania -

… on the central freeway of Santa Ana in California, at the Discovery Science Center (DSC) which belongs to a non-profit organization (NGO). It’s an educational center dedicated to educating young minds (unarguable), assisting teachers, and enhancing public understanding of science, with almost 500,000 visitors a year …


.. in Thessaloniki (TIF), appeared in 2015 in the “World of Innovation” (sculptor Pavlos Kougioumtzis and constructor Nikos Yiantsis), a cube … and to be precise, a cubic earth (!) which was pinned with a rod (!) and all together balanced on top of a pyramid (!) in a multidimensional symbolism …

Saturn Kybos Ellas -

… in Barcaldine, Queensland, that covers the 200-year-old Tree of Knowledge, where the eponymous festival also takes place …

Saturn Kybos Australia -

… but also elsewhere …

Saturn Kybos Canada Australia Denmark -

… in the meditation room (!) in the United Nations building in New York, a black “altar” of 6.5 tons of iron alloy.

Saturn Kybos Un -

… at the memorial of Kurt Cobain, leader, composer, singer, and guitarist of the band NIRVANA, who was considered a representative of his generation (the so-called “Generation X”) and who faced drug addiction issues during the last years of his life…

Saturn Kybos Nirvana -

… at an art exhibition …

Saturn Kybos Glypto -

… in “groundbreaking” photographs …

Saturn Kybos Kefali -

… in cinema, from the nightmarish thriller “The Cube” featuring the trap cube …

Saturn The Cube -

… up to the cubic spaceship in Star Trek …

Saturn Kybos Startrek 1 -

“… and eventually also on Google …” in English.

Saturn Kybos Google -

… just as in the sky, since there have been reported appearances of cubic UFOs over time (with the most recent, albeit with every reservation, in Texas), as well as in space, where according to the blog “UFO Sightings Daily”, a black cube has been spotted in several photos of SOHO, about which Scott C. Waring says … “Sometimes we see it in three dimensions and other times like this, two”… Black cubic UFO or just a black square for something NASA (or otherwise “Never A Straight Answer”) wants to hide?

Soho Black Cube -

According to some views, Kronos may be associated with the number 666, but since this is a very “unique” number, we will not expand on it as it will be the subject of a special article. However, until then… why could Kronos be related to 666? The basis of the rationale that identifies them is simple.
Kronos is the 6th planet in order from the sun, symbolized by the star with 6 points, its day is the 6th day of the week, and it displays a huge hexagon at its north pole…

This refers to the well-known star with 6 points and the hexagon (in a two-dimensional plane) or the cube (in three-dimensional) at its center.
We encounter it from the Mayans and ancient Egypt where it was considered a symbol of the God Kronos, which was always worn as a badge by the Egyptian police of the time, and which was continued to be worn by the American sheriffs from the Wild West until today, as well as in the “charm of Kronos” which has been used for centuries by alchemists, astrologers, metaphysically oriented herbalists, and shamans…

Saturn Sheriff -

We see it as a symbol in Judaism, Hinduism, Islam (Sunni), Buddhism, Christianity (Catholicism), Jainism, among Mormons, in Satanism, but also in Mysticism, Freemasonry etc. Even if the “experts” consider the reason for the common appearance of the symbol in various religions of the East and West to be “unknown”, common sense dictates the interpretation of a common origin from something older than these.

Chronos, The Secret Symbols

In the more modern era, among other things, we distinguish it as a dominant element in the coat of arms of the Rothschild family, which is said to have imposed the star on the flag of Israel instead of the menorah (the “seven-branched lamp”), despite the strong reactions of the Jews. It is estimated that the title “Star of David” was added as a “cover” since the Hexagram does not seem to have any relation to David…


5-POINTED STAR (INVERTED PENTAGRAM) Many, within the broader identification of Cronus with evil and, by extension, with anything demonic in our era (as mentioned at the beginning of the article), also “attribute” to him the classic inverted five-pointed star, the classic satanic symbol of the hermaphroditic – goat-footed Baphomet.


Unveiling Shadows: A Reflection on The Hidden Realm of Symbols

Opinion Piece

In the unseen corners of our minds, myriad symbols and messages flutter like unseen moths, subtly shaping our thoughts and actions. Among these symbols, the archetype of Cronus, often emblematic of evil, tends to entangle us in a web of negative, low-frequency energies, unbeknownst to us.

In an era saturated with occult symbolism, it’s imperative for individuals to be able to discern these concealed signs amidst the daily deluge. By recognizing them, we can prevent their quiet, nefarious influences over our lives. This awareness is particularly critical for those who are oblivious to the silent conversations these symbols engage in, pulling the strings of the grander scheme orchestrated by dark forces.

The symbols and seemingly benign designs we encounter may have tendrils that stretch into the shadows, each one part of a grander narrative silently narrated by those who dwell in obscurity, trying to convince us of their dominion over the seen and unseen.

Despite their relentless endeavors—some conspicuous and others shrouded in secrecy—to ensnare the masses in a false reality, their control is not absolute. Their veil of dominance is but a mirage and it’s the inherent duty of each individual to challenge, to resist, and to unveil the truths that lay obscured.

Important Note: This discourse doesn’t aim to tarnish any religious faith, nor does it assert complete alignment with the discussed ideologies. It’s merely an endeavor to shed light on the enigmatic topic surrounding Cronus, navigating through a sea of beliefs, conjectures, and historical narratives to beckon awareness.


  1. A brief delve into the Christian narrative reveals “Eosphoros” (The Light Bringer) as the revered chief of Archangels, prior to his fall from grace. Post-apostasy, he descended from his lofty title, yet his followers continue to revere him as Eosphoros, shunning the dark epithets like Satan or Devil as rendered by the church.
  2. Unraveling another historical thread, it’s posited that the tonsured heads of monks symbolize their servitude to Christ, akin to the shaven heads of slaves of yore. Simultaneously, the circlet of hair left untouched mirrors the thorny crown borne by Christ, a somber yet poignant symbol of crucifixion and divine sacrifice.

In this tapestry of thoughts, it’s evident that symbols carry a silent power, and understanding their dark or divine narratives empowers us to navigate life with discerning eyes.


53:00 min into the video below is where I mention the Cube and Show the above Blog. 


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5 thoughts on “Chronos, The Secret Symbols of Saturn

  1. p.s. Is there the possibility it could Prince William? He was born on the summer solstice to Diana. Israel is still linked to U.K.

  2. “The ancient god Cronus is essentially identified with evil today, whatever name each person gives to him (Devil, Eosphoros [1], Lucifer, Yahweh, etc.)”

    I have not really heard Yahweh being identified with evil… All this is such a maze to me… Like whatever religion all leads back to the same evil King of this world who created us all (The God code YHVH in every human´s DNA). Why are we all not evil then, what do you think guys?

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