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Code 41 and The Connection Between CERN O.J. Simpsons Death and Todays Meteor Strikes

By: Truth Mafia Podcast
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O.J. Simpson Dies on a Date with 38 Numerology: April 10, 2024 (4 + 10 + 24 = 38). Death Equals 38.

All the links can be found at the bottom of the blog. I spent four hours working on this detailed post and left a message for you all at the bottom.

His nickname was “The Juice.” “OJ the Juice” equals 38 in Chaldean Gematria, matching “CERN Stargate.” It also matches the dimensions in the thirty-eight cipher of Chaldean. He died on April TENTH = 38, in Chaldean Gematria as well.


 Oj Dead At 76

You can see his ritual was done by the numbers and is connected to CERN Stargate technology and the opening of other dimensions, as all of the sacrifices taking place on the world stage at this time are linked to ancient alchemical summoning rituals. The black magicians would have to offer up enormous sacrifices—a prominent figure within the community.

OJ Simpson is not only the most famous football player in human history but also one of the best. However, he got famous for the trial where he was accused of allegedly killing his wife and her lover but was found not guilty. That was the most extensive trial ever—everyone at that time was watching. It was bigger than the Super Bowl that year. I was about 13 years old, already a knucklehead out in the streets getting into trouble. In fact, about a year and a half after that trial, I bought my first car, a white Bronco—the same model that OJ Simpson had.

The headlines for OJ’s death said, “OJ Simpson dead at 76 after cancer battle.” “Cancer battle = 76” in Reverse Reduction Gematria, matching “CERN Stargate.” OJ died on April 10, written as 10/4 in most of the world (except America). “Cancer battle” equals 104 in English Ordinal Gematria.

Oj Simpson

OJ died on April 10, the 101st day of the year. 101 is the 26th prime number. “Cancer” equals 26 in Reduction Gematria, matching “chemo” and “cloned = 26.”

Many of these famous people have their characters killed off on the world stage, and they’re either cloned or reborn under a new identity. Yes, we have the technology to clone people; we’ve been cloning for quite some time. We also have the technology to transfer one consciousness to another. This technology goes back to the Anunnaki, and they are from Dimension X, which they are using the CERN Stargate technology to try to open!

It’s curious that the day OJ dies, meteors will fall from the sky, and crazy storms will occur worldwide. Major storms in North Carolina—well, “HAARP equals 26” in Reduction, matching “cancer,” “chemo,” and “cloned.”

Cern 41 Code Oj Dead At 76 And 1 Scaled -

The white Bronco chase was the most famous part of O.J. Simpson’s case. If you weren’t alive then, it was surreal—broadcast on every news channel worldwide and famously slow. We’ve uncovered an intriguing code connected to the white Bronco. 

During the Eclipse, the directive to wear red and green was part of an energy harvest ritual. During such world-stage rituals, it’s crucial to direct energy properly, so globally, people watched the Eclipse from specific ley lines and energy points in red and green, which equals 41 in Chaldean Gematria, matching Eye of CERN=41 and The Black Cube=41.

This Black Cube of Saturn is part of our simulated Saturn Moon Matrix. Initially organic and created by the Source, it has since been hijacked by the Archons, who have introduced an AI overlay. We’re trapped in a life-death-rebirth cycle to harvest our energy, maintaining a state of fear and terror to harvest LOOSH Energy—a pure energetic frequency. 

These entities, whether called aliens, reptiles, or, in ancient times, demons and the JINN, collaborate with the elites. Top secret=41 matches CERNUNNOS=41 in Chaldean Gematria, the Celtic lord of the underworld and namesake of CERN.

CERN’s covert mission is to build an interdimensional Stargate, a “stairway to heaven,” aiming to wage war against the Most High, akin to the Stargate technology of the Tower of Babel. Unlike a giant portal in the sky, they thin the veil separating our worlds—often referred to as the ‘Upside Down’ in popular culture—allowing these entities to manifest physically. They’ll claim these beings are benevolent aliens, but this is false. The term ‘alien’ decodes to A-LIE-N, simplifying a complex deception involving Archons once known as fallen angels or demons.

The White Bronco=41 in Chaldean Gematria links directly to A Freemason=41Masonic ritual=41, and God particle=41. CERN, constructed on the Temple of Apollo, is closely tied to apocalyptic figures. Revelation 9:11 states an angel named Abaddon rules them, a destroyer akin to Nibiru or Shiva, whose statue stands at CERN’s gates, heralding the opening of Dimension X and the release of Osiris and the destroyers of worlds.

Cern 41 Code Oj Dead At 76 And

Historically, figures like Edward Kelley and John Dee, who developed the Enochian language through dialogues with these beings, and Aleister Crowley’s work with Enochian magic further illustrate these connections. On April 8, 1904, Crowley contacted an entity he identified as Satan, culminating in a pivotal ritual on April 10—the same day earmarked as O.J. Simpson’s sacrifice.

In August, Aleister Crowley wed Gerald Kelly’s sister, Rose Edith Kelly, in a “marriage of convenience” to prevent her from an arranged marriage. This union shocked the Kelly family and strained Crowley’s friendship with Gerald. During their honeymoon across Paris, Cairo, and Ceylon, Crowley penned a series of love poems, Rosa Mundi and Other Love Songs (1906), and authored the religious satire Why Jesus Wept (1904). Rosa Mundi= 49 in Keypad Gematria. 

In February 1904, Crowley and Rose settled in Cairo, masquerading as royalty. There, Crowley established a temple room to invoke ancient Egyptian deities and study Islamic mysticism and Arabic. Rose, driven to delirium by the rituals, declared they were awaited by Horus and announced the “Equinox of the Gods” on March 20. She guided Crowley to a museum where he was drawn to the Stele of Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu, captivated by its exhibit number 666, the Number of the Beast.

The kid that was shot in Chicago 96 times in 41 seconds originally happened on March 21, just one day after Crowley went to the museum, and they waited until April 10 to release the news to the public, which was the day Crowley ended his three-day ritual that started on April 8. 

Chicago police shooting: 96 shots fired in a fatal traffic stop. Here’s what the bodycam footage shows | CNN

So, we see all of these events are connected to Crowley in one way or another and the opening of interdimensional gateways to release these entities.

On April 8, Crowley heard a voice he claimed was Aiwass, Horus’s messenger. Over three days, he transcribed Liber AL vel Legis or The Book of the Law, proclaiming a new Aeon and Crowley its prophet, dictating the moral law: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” This text became the foundation of Crowley’s Thelema religion. Despite his initial doubts and reluctance to follow its commands — such as removing the Stele from the museum — Crowley disseminated the text among occultists, then disregarded it.

As Rose and their daughter Lilith returned to Europe, Crowley ventured to Shanghai, meeting Elaine Simpson, who shared his fascination with The Book of the Law. Notice Elaine Simpson, Like O.J. Simpson? They attempted further contact with Aiwass in rituals. Crowley’s journeys took him to Japan, Canada, and finally, New York, where his efforts to garner support for another expedition proved futile.

Upon his return to Britain, Crowley learned of Lilith’s death from typhoid, a tragedy he attributed to Rose’s worsening alcoholism. This period marked the beginning of numerous transient romances and another daughter, Lola Zaza, born in February 1907.

Between 1907 and 1909, Crowley, alongside George Cecil Jones, engaged in the Abramelin rituals at the Ashdown Park Hotel, claiming they led to his spiritual enlightenment. During this time, he penned “The Psychology of Hashish,” advocating for the drug’s mystical benefits, and recorded more Thelemic Holy Books under supposed otherworldly guidance.

Crowley differentiated Aiwass from Lam, describing them as distinct entities contrary to popular belief. During the “Amalantrah Workings,” he believed he communicated with Lam, an entity resembling modern depictions of extraterrestrials. During this period, he also overlapped with Jack Parsons’s 1946 Babalon Working, a magical operation aiming to manifest the divine feminine essence, Babalon, influenced by Crowley’s teachings.

Parsons, alongside L. Ron Hubbard, conducted these rituals, believing they successfully invoked supernatural forces. Despite not having conceived a child, Parsons viewed his wife, Marjorie Cameron, as the ritual’s elemental embodiment. Their practices were steeped in sex magic and Crowley’s esoteric doctrines.

“Liber 49”, deemed a continuation of Crowley’s “Liber AL Vel Legis,” emerged from these rituals. This text further intertwined Crowley’s influences with Parsons’s magical ambitions, leading to significant occult developments and purportedly opening portals to other dimensions, reminiscent of the infamous Roswell incident shortly after.

Intriguingly, they wrote this book, LIBER forty-nine, and shortly after, Jack Parsons allegedly opened a portal that led to the events of Roswell the following year. The number 49 is significant, as this was the day they announced Peter Higgs’ death on 4/9, the man who discovered the Higgs boson. This date also marks the anniversaries of Prince Philip’s death and DMX’s death, falling on Lil Nas X’s birthday. The equation cern ritual =49 in Reduction Gematria and Liber =116 in Latin Gematria are notably resonant. Babalon=116 in Latin Gematria suggests significant esoteric relevance.

Crowley was a significant sacrifice in initiating an interdimensional gateway. This event was soon followed by President Eisenhower’s infamous meeting with extraterrestrial entities at an Air Force base under the guise of an emergency dentist appointment. This encounter signifies a longstanding collaboration between our governments and these entities, known as the Archons, who are not merely aliens but interdimensional beings. They have deceived humanity into unlocking gateways that free them from Dimension X, the lower astral plane, where they were bound by the deity Sophia.

Babalon = 47 in English Ordinal, and notably, Aleister Crowley died on December 1, 1947. The 12/1 CERN RITUAL = 121 in English Ordinal Gematria coincides with Antichrist=121, hinting at the resurrection of the Osiris archetype. From the Roswell incident until Crowley’s death, the period spanned 146 days, resonating with Babalon =146 and Molech=146 in Standard Gematria, alluding to the dark sacrifices made to these entities.

Now, let’s consider the timeline from when Jack Parsons opened the portal in 1946 until Crowley died in 1947. From March 1, 1946, to December 1, 1947, it was 640 days. This duration, one year, nine months, or 21 months, excluding the end date, emphasizes the profound temporal connection. Babalon =21 in Chaldean Gematria, and TWENTY ONE =846 in Sumerian Gematria, align with the Large Hadron Collider=846 in Satanic Gematria.

Remember, they kneeled on George Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds, a symbolically laden act paralleling other ritualistic elements in our society. The first woman vaccinated in the US, Sandra Lindsay, shares this numerical sequence, 846, in Sumerian Gematria, with the moment the first plane struck the Twin Towers at 8:46 AM on 9/11. This ritual purportedly opened a portal between the towers, as Max Spiers suggested. He was investigating a circle of black magicians before his mysterious death, marked by his throwing up black goo on a couch in Poland. open the eclipse star gate=911 in Fibonacci Gematria. 

Spiers’ work is critical; it unveils the truth behind the sorcery and child sacrifices used to open these portals. Like many of us, he was taken into the Super Soldier program as a child, revealing the traumatic realities behind programs like the Montauk Project, which inspired the series Stranger Things.

This detailed exploration aims to help you grasp the depths of these covert operations and their historical significance. Until next time, keep your eyes open and continue seeking the truths hidden in plain sight.

Tommy Truthful, signing out.

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Breaking the Veil: Ghostbusters Frozen Empire CERN and the Frozen Empires Ice Glass Code.

Freemasonic influence on Voodoo?

You can use the Gematria calculator below if you want to follow along with the Gematria decode.


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➡ In this episode of the Truth Mafia podcast, the host discusses various global events, including the death of OJ Simpson, meteors falling, and strange weather patterns. He also talks about the Large Hadron Collider (CERN) and its potential to open other dimensions, suggesting it’s not just for scientific experiments. The host also mentions the concept of predictive programming, where media is used to subtly prepare the public for future events. Lastly, he discusses the idea of staged events and psychological operations used to manipulate public opinion.
➡ The text talks about a series called “Fallout” where Los Angeles is destroyed by nuclear bombs. The author believes that movies often hint at future events and that this series might be hinting at a future nuclear event. The author also discusses various conspiracy theories, such as the idea that we live in a simulation and that nuclear bombs are fake. Lastly, the author mentions a product that protects against radiation and discusses various current events and their potential hidden meanings.
➡ This text talks about various conspiracy theories related to CERN, a large scientific research facility, and its supposed connections to aliens, secret codes, and potential world events. It suggests that CERN’s activities might be linked to a fake alien invasion or a major terrorist attack. The text also discusses the idea of a “King kill 33 ritual,” which involves the symbolic killing of a world leader. Lastly, it mentions a trend in China of painting roofs blue, supposedly to protect against direct energy weapons.
➡ The text discusses various conspiracy theories, including the idea that significant events are part of a grand ritual related to ancient Egyptian mythology, specifically the god Osiris. It also suggests that certain locations and numbers have special significance, and that there are connections between these theories and modern technology, such as particle accelerators and AI. The text also introduces the concept of “first player characters” and “non-player characters” in life, likening life to a game or simulation. Lastly, it promotes products and services related to these theories, such as readings to determine if you’re a “first player character” and products to block negative energy.
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Welcome to another episode of the Truth Mafia podcast. This is your host, Tommy Truthful of truthmafia. com and truthfultv. com. Today, we got some amazing information for you guys. A lot of crazy things are taking place around the world right now, from the death of of OJ Simpson the to meteors falling out of the sky. This gentleman was killed in Chicago, shot 96 times in 41 seconds. And that took place on.

Well, they released it to the public on 410, which was the last day of Aleister Crowley’s three day ritual where he contacted the entity named Aiawas. And the entity Ayahuas told him to draw an x on the last day of his ritual. Now, this lines up with CERN going back online, starting the day of the eclipse. And the gentleman here, he really died back in March, March 21, the day before three, two, two, when the Kate Middleton video went viral.

But they wait until that day to bring it out to the public. And now it’s a trending story. Before we get started, this is called fair use and is allowed for purposes of criticism, news reporting, teaching, and parody, which does infringe of copyright under 17 USC 107. So we have meteors falling out of the sky. This was in Wall Township, New Jersey. So they allege it was a meteor.

Who knows what it really is? But as this is happening, we have crazy weather events taking place all around the world. Just like last time, they cranked up CERN, we seen the skies turn green, and then all these weather phenomenon started taking place, blew up exactly 18 hours later. Well, this took place on April 11. Today, I’m recording this on April 12. It is now 09:30 p. m.

Eastern standard time on the east coast. And this was in North Carolina on April 11. 411. And remember, I told you, they really start these rituals on 411 through 522, which is known as the season of sacrifice. And yes, it involves the weather as well. There’s been tons of stories lately connected to the moon, too. Guys, it’s very weird, all these stories about the moon. They’re making fun of conspiracy theorists saying, oh, yeah, the conspiracy theorists said that it wasn’t the moon that caused the eclipse.

Well, no, it wasn’t. It’s called the black sun. Right. And I’ve noticed this. For weeks leading up to the eclipse, they’ve been talking about the moon. You see that story with Buzz Aldrin Punch, a conspiracy theorist who accused him of faking the moon landing 13 days ago? Well, ain’t that story old, guys? It’s like, are they recycling these stories? Because I believe they are. I believe the AI is creating the stories.

It’s creating a lot of these movies right now. And the government are already in bunkers underground. They know we’re coming to this cataclysm known as the plasma apocalypse, or the phoenix phenomenon, or pole shift. So they’re using CERN to try to open up other realities, other dimensions, to merge our timeline. Maybe in their crazy way, they think they’re saving us, right? Simple question is, if your agenda of CERN is to create and find all these scientific experiments when it comes to the colliding of these atoms, and you’ve achieved just about everything you could have possibly achieved in finding the things you spent billions and billions and billions of dollars to do this.

Why do you need another one? Why do you need a bigger one? Why do you need to go right back on top of Switzerland? CERN’s corporation released this was not made up by anybody else of the actual footprint of the new serum that’s going to be created. It almost touches Davos. It circles the entire nation of Switzerland. For what? To collide more atoms? Come on, use your simple mind and ask a simple question.

When you add up all the cerns around the world and all the ones that are planted, you’re talking trillions of dollars that are being spent underground for something that 99. 999% of human beings will never be able to see. Why? What are you really doing? And that’s why I believe that it’s not really about scientific experiments. It is about portals, it is about veils, it is about opening things up in predictive programming.

They begin to have to tell you what they’re going to do before they do it. So, to descend yourself, there’s an entire generation that’s open to portals. All they have to do is watch stranger things. Simple question is, if your agenda of CERN is 100%. So, we know that they’ve been doing predictive programming of the whole portal thing for quite some time now. And you guys, if you’ve been following me, you know, Tommy’s been talking about this before.

It was cool to talk about now, me and my brother donut from donut factory, we just did a video for the public the other day about Peter Hicks, and he dies at 94. Right, so 94. What’s the mirror reflection of the number 94, guys? 49, right. Well, in reduction Gamatria, CERN ritual equals 49. And the 94 number aliens are 94. NASA was established on a date with 94 numerology.

He dies in Edinburgh, Scotland. That he dies on April 8, the day of the eclipse. That’s the guy who found the Higgs boson. But they didn’t push the story to the public until April 9. Why? Well, that was the anniversary of Prince Philip’s death. Who was the Duke of Edinburgh? The Duke of Edinburgh. And then if you look into Edinburgh’s symbol, it’s an x. An x with a dragon on it.

And Prince Philip died on little Nas X’s birthday. Who else died on that day with Prince Philip? DMX. Starting to see a pattern here, guys. The x symbolism that has to do with what they’re trying to release. And I’ll get into that in just a second. Now, Peter Higgs equals 41 in pygmatria. Matching alien in the mall. Now, alien in the mall. Regardless if it happened or it didn’t happen, what was the narrative connected to the giant aliens at the Miami mall? It was that these giant entities came through a portal, a Stargate, and were causing havoc all around the mall.

Now, you know, fact check came out and said it wasn’t true. Blase blah. But we all know fact check lies anyways. I’m not saying that it was true. I’m just saying fact check are a bunch of compulsive liars, and they admitted in court that. That they are not facts, but are opinions. Now, Los Angeles is in that cipher 41, and this is very important because there’s a new movie out right now with predictive programming of Los Angeles guys, and it’s called Fallout.

Now, I started watching. Well, it’s not really a movie. It’s a series of. Called Fallout. And I started watching it last night. I want to see if you guys notice this. There’s a couple things that you’ll notice if you’re a decoder. You see it. Notice she got the 33 on her back, and the section she just came out of, it was on the wall right there, section 33.

Now, what most people didn’t see is the mailbox, which I believe is 727, maybe a date for July 27. You know, they make sure you see that she’s carrying the orange flowers. Orange is a warning in the occult. We had the orange with the kid that got shot 41 times. His mom, if you go watch the interview she did, she had orange hair as she fell out crying.

And, um, you know, orange equals 33. It equals 33 matching false flag. And I’m wondering, did that even happen in Chicago? And if you watch the video of me and donut decoding Peter Higgs, go watch that video. Guys, I clearly said in the video, as we were decoding civil war, which is terrible. That movie is so trash, don’t even bother watching it. But in my decode of Civil War, Chicago kept popping up.

And you’ll hear me in the podcast, I’m like, man, maybe they’re gonna pop off some civil war event in Chicago or something. And then the very next day, bam. This kid gets, well, he got shot a month prior, but they release it to us, the information. So it’s about harvesting the energy. Why did they wait until that day to release that information to the public? And remember, we’re in an election cycle, so they always do this during election cycles.

Say black people are shooting cops and cops are shooting black people. They want to divide and conquer. Now, my children are all mixed. Their mom’s jamaican, you know, in this type of stuff does happen in the hood, it does, but they amplify it and do staged events with crisis actors on certain days under certain astrological alignments to manipulate the masses, their psychological operations. And a matter of fact, if you go on instagram, my homegirl scripted dot world is her name.

Scripted dot world. She has a video of the interview of his mother. And you could clearly see it’s bad acting. Now, in this, the father just told that little girl when he was in the marines, they told him, if you’ve seen a bomb, stick your thumb up, and if the cloud was bigger than your thumb, don’t bother running. If the cloud was smaller than your thumb, run for the hills.

She now she’s saying, daddy, whose thumb, my thumb or your thumb? This is the series fallout, where Los Angeles gets hit with the nuclear detonation. I’m talking several of them, and it pretty much wipes out everything. And that’s why they’re down in them bunkers with the number 33 on them. If you remember Godzilla and King Kong, where was the advanced technology, level 33. Remember, down underground in level 33.

So they love to show us the truth, the predictive programming in movies, because it’s universal law, they have to tell us something before it happens. And there’s some connection here with nuclear detonations and opening up of portals. They’ve talked about it. When they first started splitting the atom, they were talking about how it would have an effect. Letting a bomb off like this would have an effect in our reality and other realities, because we live in a simulation.

We live in a multiverse. So it will not just affect our dimension, it’s affecting higher and lower dimensions. And that whole conspiracy that we don’t have nukes is the stupidest thing I ever heard. First of all, it was pushed out by the free masonic lodges. It’s a psyop. And you got to be careful what to believe in, guys. And I’m a person. I believe we live in an organic simulation with the firmament.

And I’m with you guys on the dinosaurs probably being fake, but I can’t get on board with nukes being fake. Yes, we split the atom. We literally have Stargate technology. We travel inter dimensionally. You don’t think we split the atom? You’re tripping. But there’s. There’s a big group that thinks we didn’t. Right. And that’s the new movie fallout. Predictive programming. So it’s right there in our face of an upcoming nuclear event.

219 years later. They’re down in these. Down in these little bunkers. That’s the bunkers they’re in. Look, they all got the number 33 on them. They’re all dressed in blue, right? Came out on April 10, the day Crowley finished his ritual with ayahuas. So, yeah, I would definitely recommend watching. It’s very good. I’m on episode three right now, guys, so I’m going to do a whole decode on it here in the future.

And then that blue and yellow code. Blue and yellow equals 1717, which was the year the mother lodge was founded in England in 1717. So, you know, they don’t accidentally have colors. Plus the blue and yellow code is connected to the fire code. I did a whole blog about it on truthmafia. com. Just type in the search bar, the fire code, and you’ll see it. Now we are 100% viewer funded.

So this video has been sponsored from body Align in the energy wellness bracelet. Use promo code truth mafia. That link is in the description and in the bio on Instagram. If you’re on YouTube, they’re stopping you from being able to click on links. So you’ll have to copy and paste the link and put it up in your search bar. It’ll take you right to it. I’ll also put the links in the comments, but they won’t let me pin it, so you have to look for it.

It’s crazy. The censorship is so bad right now, but this protects you from 5g, EMF, microwave, radio radiations. It’s got that shug night, the tourmaline, all that grounded up into the band. It’s got this holographic technology which is based on Nikola Tesla’s technology. Really good. And using promo code truth mafia, you save an extra 20% off so that’s that? Now, another thing with this guy here. His mom’s the one that is wearing the.

The orange wig. Guys, let me light this blonde back up. I did a members only video last night on him and another person. When it first happened, it was like under ten minutes. I’m gonna start doing these trending news stories for both members and non members. If you’re not a member, you can become a maid member. Click on the link in the bio, on Instagram or in the description below, and that’ll get you access to our members only content.

Our uploads, our videos, our movie decodes, our post. It gets you access to me on WhatsApp, our members only WhatsApp group, where you can talk to people, taught me truthful personally. So did you notice people were reporting being sick after the eclipse? And it’s still happening right now, so these symptoms haven’t went away. And we’re on the 12th right now. I was nauseous, had a bad headache, and remember I shot that video for you guys, which ended up going viral.

The video I shot of the eclipse outside here in Canton, Ohio. There are some definite weird things and anomalies we seen in the sky. People are sending me pictures all around the world. But the thing I noticed the most is that it was causing people to get sick, and it still is. And that’s because they’re manipulating things. They’re opening dimensions. They’re manipulating stuff that they should not be playing with.

And that dark energy that dark matter from CERN is seeping in. So it’s going to cause people to not feel so good now with this kid. Police fire 96 shots in 41 seconds, right? You’ll see. That’s the. The image they used on the media. And he’s in a white truck. Two guys. And they released this right before OJ dies. And it’s a black man shot in a white truck.

When you watch the video, I don’t know, man. It looks to me like it’s scripted. You know, like I said, scripted. Dot world has the interview of his mother, and you go watch it. You’ll see this is like a newer version of the whole OJ thing. It’s just. It’s. It’s a different narrative. But he’s still a black man in a white truck. Watch when they have them on the ground, they’re all, like, sitting around.

I’m like, oh, it’s gonna be okay. I grew up in the projects, guys, that’s not how it happens, okay? That is not how it happens in the hood. Then police would not do that. Like, look, the whole thing just is so. And like I said, we’re an election cycle. They got to divide and conquer. They got to get black verse, white, white versus black, 96 shots fired, 41 seconds.

That’s pretty interesting that they’re out there counting, too, right? Like, who. Who was the one counting? And now look, they got him laying on the ground, which. Who’s the person on the ground? Cause that looks like a different person that was in the car. Am I tripping? Oh, just. Just breathe, okay? Just. Just breathe. George Floyd, hashtag I can’t breathe as we’re going through a massive asphyxiation ritual.

So that’s interesting. Very interesting. And with OJ, he’s dead at 76 after a cancer battle. Shout out to my brother, see through the script. Because I wouldn’t even notice this if I didn’t see it from see through the script. And you. His, um, you can find him on Instagram or YouTube. It’s s e e t h r u through, spelled that way, t h e. And then script.

See through the script. He has some amazing information. But cancer battle, just like they spell it in the title that they put there, the mainstream media, OJ Simpson dead at 76 after cancer battle. And cancer battle equals what? 76. And reverse reduction, matching CeRN Stargate in the same cipher. OJ died on April 10, written ten four. That’s how most of the world writes it, except in America. We write it, you know, backwards, like we do everything.

Cancer battle in English, ordinal is 104, just like the day he died on. So then you have, okay, OJ, he dies on April 10, which is the hundred and first day of the year, guys. And 101 is the 26 prime number. Well, cancer is 26. That’s also the number of the archons. That 26 number, a source is 26. You know, and I found this one very interesting. OJ Simpson and Squares Gamatria equals 1974.

Well, 1974 was literally the year he made his big screen debut, right? And that’s what they did. They killed off his character on the world stage. These famous people like this, they don’t die like we do anymore. They have med beds. They can transfer their. Their consciousness to clones. And I’m not saying that is what OJ did, but they do have that capability and that type of technology.

You know, I believe a lot of these people will kill their character off on the world stage, and then they go underground because they have whole civilizations down there with free energy technology, an artificial sun, all kinds of crazy stuff. But OJ Simpson equals 1974 in Squares Gematria, matching the year he got his big screen debut as they killed off his character on the world stage. And London has fallen equals 1974.

Well, if you count from the day that movie came out on March 4, 2016, until his death, guys, April 10, that was exactly 422 weeks. Cern, Stargate, 422 Prime Scamatria. Now, this is a very important number. If you remember back in 2022, that was the big year. Everyone was talking about CERN. They were saying it was going back online, and then July 5, it went back online, and 18 hours later, the Georgia guide stones blew up, remember? Which is six plus six plus six matching dark matter 666.

But here’s the thing. That wasn’t the first day CERN went back online, guys. CERN went back online before that on April 22, 422. And that was the first time it went online after a three year hiatus. So why did that day stand out? What stood out to me? Because Greg Reese released a video a year prior to that on four two two warning about a fake alien invasion, and they kind of connect CERN with aliens.

All the movies that show predictive programming of portals show the same thing. Aliens, evil aliens coming through a portal in murdering humanity. Just watch Justice League by Zack Snyder. That’s literally what it’s showing you. And 422 is fallen angel reborn. They will be reborn from this alchemy machine. CERN, the large Hydron Collider. Blue origin is 422. And if you look at the code at CERN, it’s mostly all blue now, blue origin.

This little clip here came from my video that I released showing all the people in China are painting their roofs blue. Why? Well, the direct energy weapons don’t burn the blue. So go back and watch my video. It went viral on China rolling out these mats on their roof that have tar bottoms. And I’m not talking one or two houses. I’m talking whole cities, guys. And it ain’t just China.

There’s many different asian countries that are doing this right now. So what do they know that we don’t know? Well, I’ll tell you what they know, that 422 code. They’ve been telling us that aliens are going to come through this Stargate technology, which I believe they’re really fallen angels, right? And Greg Reese releasing that video on April 22 of 2021, warning of a fake alien invasion. And listen to how he says in the video, they’re going to wipe us out.

This is going to blow your mind. Rocket fuel scientists to form NASA prior to this, the invention Secrecy act of 1951 was enacted, which allowed the US government to suppress any new technology deemed a threat to the country. This led to the suppression of Stanley Meyers water fueled car, John Hutchinson’s mysterious Hutcheson effect. And as of 2010, over 5000 inventions have been rendered secret. Through all this time, UFO sightings became more common.

The entire alien UFO phenomena becomes a part of pop culture. The US military develops direct energy weapons. Inexplicable damage seen at the World Trade Center. 911 attacks and the California wildfires suggest some type of advanced weapon technology that has the ability to melt glass and steel and burns homes into a pulverized footprint of powdered ash. Whistleblowers with Stephen Greer’s ongoing disclosure project have witnessed government projects wherein civilians are abducted in fake alien abduction scenarios.

They have seen the top secret UFO type crafts that our military is developing, and they claim it would easily fool the public as being alien technology. If the cabal were to to deploy the fake alien invasion, it could be game over. The mask mandates have revealed how easily compliant the population is. They will believe whatever they are told and the rest of us could be wiped out within weeks with direct energy weapons and whatever else they have up their sleeve.

We are now seeing a sort of disclosure as if they are preparing us, continuing to warn us of the alien threat. We know the Cabal has the will to do this and it seems they have the means as well. Rocket fuel scientists. So, you know, that’s that video that he released on April 22 of 2021. And then a year later, CERN fires back up after that three year hiatus.

And we see CERN Stargate is four, two, two and prime Scamatria and fallen angel reborn is in that cipher now. London has fallen. Being that it released 422 weeks after well before Simpson dies, is very telling. What was that movie about, guys? London has Fallen was a 2016. It was an action thriller that served as a sequel of the 2013 movie olympus has fallen. The plot revolves around a major terrorist attack in London during the funeral of the british prime minister who has died under mysterious circumstances.

The attack is revealed to be a well coordinated effort to assassinate all attending leaders of the western world, drastically attempting to change the global power structure. So what I’m thinking is, are they getting ready finally to do the king kill 33 ritual and kill off Joe Biden’s character on the world stage to bring Kamala diva Harris forth as the first female president? So just like in house of cards, right, the 46th president died, Joe Biden’s the 46th.

And then his wife becomes the 47th 1st female. Well, Kamala would be the 47th if that takes place or is it tied to a major terrorist event taking place in London? It could be connected to either one of them things. And it doesn’t have to be Joe Biden. It could be another western world leader that is killed on the world stage, their characters killed off. This is called a King kill 33 ritual.

They did that with JFK. That’s a major, major ritual, guys. It’s a really big one. So I don’t know, what do you guys think? Are you leaning more towards a major terrorist attack or the King kill 33 ritual? That’s two that I see manifesting out of that scenario right there. 100%. And they even say the film is high stakes, action packed thriller that showcases themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and fight against terrorism.

So I thought that was pretty crazy that OJ has a connection to that film and being in the 1974 code and that being the year he did his screen debut in the movie industry. So it’s already connected to films, right? And that OJ Simpson 1974 matching London has fallen. So to me, I’m probably leaning more towards a terrorist type event, but I could see them doing the King kill 33 ritual, getting Biden out of the way.

And they’ll let Kamala be the president, like, right at the end, right before they elect another president for the 2024 election cycle. And why they have the female precedent. That’s when everything will go wrong. The economy will collapse, probably a nuclear detonation, because they’ll be like, look, we got a female president and everything just fell apart under her. You know, that’s how they do it. So even though most people say she’s got a bigger soft siege than Tommy truthful, which is not hard to do, but, um, yeah, hashtag big Mike.

Now, another pretty crazy connection with OJ. What did they call him? OJ. The juice. Right. The juice was OJ’s nickname. And the orange coat again. But OJ the juice equals 38 in chaldean, matching CerN, Stargate. And the date he dies for ten of 24 adds up to 38. So he dies on a date with 38. Numerology. Death is 38. Go take a look at the COVID of the movie murder by numbers.

38 is right on the COVID of it, guys. There’s a lot of things that equal 38 connected to death. Rip murder, you know, a lot of different things. And Sandra Bullock was the star in that film murder by numbers, and she was 38 years old when she filmed it. So everything they do is buy the numbers 100% and. Oops, sorry. And then we have another thing connected to OJ was the bronco, which white bronco equals 41 guys.

Matching masonic ritual, a freemason God particle, angel of Batadon. And CERN is built on the temple of Apollo, Apolloseum revelations 911 releasing Apollyon, aka Abatidon. Now, if you remember, during the eclipse, what color were they telling us to wear? Remember they were saying where red and green during the eclipse. That’s where we first started seeing this 41 code. Right before the eclipse. I said, hey, guys, that’s kind of weird.

Red and green equals 41. Matching Cer. Nunos I of Cern. Power cut, top secret in the black cube. And that’s the black cube of Saturn. Now, another 41 connection was this girl who recently died. The founder of a cybersecurity startup dies after being struck by an suv. There’s this whole suv thing going on, right, guys, so you have OJ with the suv. We have the kid that I just showed you.

He got shot while he was in a white suv. This kid, he was shot sitting inside that white suv. So there’s definitely something there to the whole thing. And this girl, guess where she worked. First of all, she worked for DARPA. She was working for a cybersecurity company that did work for DARPA, among other clients. And she also was the youngest, first female hacker in residence at Osiris Labs of New York.

So there’s Osiris, the resurrection of Osiris, the coming of the Antichrist. Why we keep seeing the x symbolism? Osiris Labs is 41, matching automobile actor agent, which is what I believe she is. They killed off her character on the world stage, just like they did with, um, Simpson and the other kid, 100%. Now, Big Apple is 41, and she died in the Big Apple in New York City.

She actually died, I believe, on the Upper east side. Yes, she did. Now, she died, guys, on April 2, and they waited to push this news to us. Why? Why do they keep doing that? What is going on there? Well, it’s about harvesting the energy. And we all know the grand finale is going to be on the west coast. The collapse of the golden gates, which represents the birthing of Osiris.

So we had 911, which represented the first 13 colonies, that represented the destruction of the silver gates that man reincarnates through was tied to Isis and the moon. And then they’ll do one on this opposite coast, which represents the coming of Osiris, the resurrection of the Antichrist. And in the middle, these two rituals will birth horrors. And look at that location. In the middle, it touches Illinois, it touches multiple different cities.

But where the red is is really where I’m keeping an eye out for a major, major ritual. And the Antichrist coming on the world stage. Could be St. Louis, could be Illinois, Tennessee on that 36 parallel. They have a collider there as well. They have one in Chicago as well. So there’s, there’s particle accelerators pretty much in that area where this is taking place. Hold on, guys, let me clean this off real quick.

Sorry. Put that down there. Got my mouse a little messed up. There we go. Sorry about that. And, um, speaking of Osiris family, we’ve been seeing a big narrative with him lately. Right, and who is Osiris? Osiris, the land of Kemets, God of fertility, agriculture, the afterlife, resurrection, life and vegetation. Wow, he kinda sounds like Jesus, but with green skin and the beard of a pharaoh. The color green, symbolizing rebirth.

The Nile river was said to be his bloodstream. With the help of his sister, Isis, Osiriss resurrection became one of the most important stories in the kemetic tradition. Many Egyptians make the pilgrimage to his temple, but Osiris, the land of Kemet, don’t forget, guys, puff daddy, his arrest. He had the x’s in the backyard, which is a symbol for Osiris. Right? And then you have generation x, planet x, Elon’s rocket, SpaceX, Twitter is now X, Tesla, Model X.

And the virus, the new virus is named disease X. And we just had the twin eclipses with the x over that new Madrid fault line, which will probably lead to major earthquakes. We also have all the famous people doing this Osiris pose, and it’s connected to romans one two, eight. Well, the bridge collapsed at 128. Remember, 120 08:00 a. m. In Baltimore. And CERN is 128, smart city 128.

It represents the bridge connecting to this other reality that they’re collapsing. And what do they want to do, roll out the smart cities? The bridge also symbolizes, it goes over the current, so it goes from one bank to another over the current, which is tied into currency, the collapse of the physical dollar to flip us to a digital currency. And then we have little old Osiris. Elon Musk, new company, the Aix company.

You see that symbol? That’s his new X AI, the company. He’s in pursuit of OpenAI. And X is an ancient symbol for change in transformation, long associated in the medieval and renaissance art with the coming of a messiah who shall make all things new. This is the Antichrist. And that was written by a 33rd degree Freemason scottish journalist. The Illuminatus. Masonic meaning of the X is simply this.

It is a sign of Osiris, the great egyptian sun God. Freemasonry early on, latched onto the letter exactly because of its paranormal significance as a sign of Lucifer, the solar sun God. The masonic lodge also uses X because of its sexual meaning and its sexual energy. I’m losing my voice, guys. Babylon, its ties to Babylon and that whole agenda there. Well, this writer, this scottish writer, this journalist, he said Jim Tresner discussed the use of the X and the ritual ceremony for 17 the knights of the east and West.

He said that the 33rd degree mason emphasized that the 17th degree ritual to be one of the most powerful and profound rituals. Well, 17 is what? Nibiru. Nibiru. Where Osiris comes from. Dimension X, Nibiru, wormwood, whatever you want to call it. My brothers and sisters. That’s what it is and that’s where it’s coming from. Now I’m gonna play you a real quick song that I made. Some of you might have heard it, others haven’t.

Stick around because I got a few other things after the song that I want to touch on real quick with you guys. Smash that like button. All links are in the bio and description digital dream puppet strings pulled by an unseen hand a super AI across the land. Are you an NPC or do you hold the key in the simulation we call life? Or will you be controlled by the AI or breaking free discovery take every move you make are you awake or just part of the fake energy siphon discerns deep laps or are you the hero? Taking jabs but not the COVID shots it’s time to question time to decode the matrix of life ahead below.

Are you an NPC or do you hold the key in the simulation we call life away will you be controlled by the pollen? No breaking free unlock your role on truthfultv. com let’s see find your script in this cosmic play on Instagram link in bio don’t delay across platforms the description holds the clue. Use promo code because the Matrix, it’s your cue. So are you an NPC? Are you a first player character? If you’re an NPC, a non player character, you’re connected to Saturn.

Saturn has one planet, 62 moons, which equals 63. Well, non player character in Chaldean equals 63. Matching black Cube of Saturn 666, which is what the black cube is all about. Now, 666 didn’t start out as bad, but they have perverted it and attached evil and negative energy to it. All the world’s established stage is 63 in Chaldean. And then if you’re a first player character, you’re connected to that number, 64, which is Zeus, Jupiter, one planet, 63 moons, a total of 64.

There’s 64 spaces on the chessboard, meaning you’re in control of your own destiny, of your own life. There’s only 169,001st player characters in this reality. All the rest of them are NPC’s. And through the decodes we do on truthfultv. com, link in the bio on Instagram and in the description on all other platforms. Again, if you are on YouTube, you’ll have to copy and paste the link and put it in your search bar or grab it down in the comments because they are censoring first player character 64.

Phoenix power is 64 planet x destroyer 64 which is Dimension X, and all the worlds a stage is 64. So we have all the worlds a stage in both ciphers, that them are the only two things that overlap. And Phoenix power. Certain first player characters report having certain abilities, like photographic memory. This is one I have. I’m able to spew off these equations and I don’t even need a calculator.

Only time I put them up here for you guys is for the visuals for the new people so they understand and see the connection. I know a lot of you know what it means, too, but, um, first player character 64 matching Phoenix power, matching Planet X Destroyer. And it’s also all the world’s a stage. So find out your role in the simulation we call life. Find out if you’re connected to Jupiter and that 64 energy, or Kronos, Saturn in the number 63.

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